The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on July 3, 1919 · Page 18
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 18

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1919
Page 18
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1 T f - r 1 LAC TK hrot Pi I Ad vet rected trough y si me r n-qui: car raiih Abiv reks ( S'QUIi r. ft -lod. . THK ! r mot rertll ciom vat Ot Adve t th 1 i3 rr OTK t 1 ent I 11 U , lKE ' ! rom : f rrltin artlc ICHO ! ihutei j , . OBi' i . con am. I 'am fi lrg-ln.,; 11 bout rut v ater.rt art , at InJ. i. w. "( 1. lo. j. nd f iead .: Ill bfi (t.lor'. I rou C ' the I he t it M. ji! gt 4. HI r ' pre fe ?ln K - El w. 1 fl ui rl l! 1 in In. El 1 I n R1 r E rj E El CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS I THE ENQUIRER ' 1 IS THE MEDIUM Through Which the .Genera! ! Public Can Always Have I Its Wants Supplied. I Advertiser, should remember that letter. Wed to Initial. ONLY are not delivered trough th. po.tofflee. If Initial. iJ.ey .hould b. addre-ed to th car. of ?om. person, firm or poatofflc box. THE tSXQUIRER will forward mail addressed In iZ car. when postage for that purpoM 1. furnished. , , for adv.rf.8-r. will ''VhE Weeks sfter d of laat insert m KNQUIRER rannnt rMpoI,?J.i' lhIt . ii.. uitrn after inn for uncalled-for letter, after "THE ENQUIRER will not be responsible 1'or more than one Incorrect insertion of an idvertisement in these colurr.nii. .,.,. Closing time for classified advertisement.. Saturday. f; "' v- 1 J utnr oar. - , -,-. I Advertisements can he left at our oKice or 617 Vine Street, u:nnnn.i. Phone Canal 2700. COVINGTON OFFICE. 7 W. Sixth St. Phone .South 2400. NEWPORT OFFICE. 339 York St. phone South 2401. PERSONAL t'LOTH I NT, order, on fash .Ifi cent for time. XI a wee. L-z 311 W. Fifth. MISCELLANEOUS. CARVING KNIVES sharpened. ISc. table knives, lie hr-lf dozen; 1 upeeiaiize .un (illlette blade Bharpnini?. AI.BERT I . i ri'fir ..nA fm.llv nffpnev. 41ol liil.l.n. i . iili i " ..... j --it - . , Lakeman t.. Northaide. . ; I. rom i l r - II nvui i ' i - . i. i lf . I writing howcard; quickly and easily learned: no canvassir-K: we ira'-u J''" and nell vour work: write U-day for full particulars. AMERICAN SHOWCARP KrHiKii. ?4t Rvrie Hid?.. onK and I Shuter- Btn.. Toronto. Canada. lyll HELP WANTED MALE. 030YS Wanted, busboys or: dish carries, at Zoo Ciuo , House. Apply to-day at 1 ; p. m. I ;BOO KKKKPtk Vouii mnn. with mcrraii- j tile experience; tnuxr be quirK on ngure: . to act a.4 baokteper and c-ahir; good chance for advancement ; utate aff. ex- ; perience, . reference aud nalary expected: J position out of city. J, 51-. Knauirr. 5 1 tALL-ROUNI broom man to take foreman- .liip of a factory running 12 power machines: must have, references. LAMAR BROOM WORKS, Lamar. Mo. ?. JjliARBER At once; steady Jo j week ; ovormoncv. O. K. BAR I Washlntcon C. H.. Chio. i.' 'j-' y b; 120 ! f RUEIi SHOP, iuORl.NO-MAi'HINE operator 'In furniture factory. THK c t. sfUEir aifu. CO.. 1050 Kenner st. 3 . i . U lll l' M ii.l . ft 7-m 1 a mm Job worth J : more than 125 every week. O. H CHENo- WETH. l-clnon. Ohtrf. BARBER White, at once: 118 and per cent, with privilege of buying. O. W. TEli-RICK. Hillsboro. Ohio.' 3 Uolorcfl: 117 guaranteed. rc. j C. 6. UROWN. ! cth it I over 124: si ter. y J Connersville. BEH ' viARBER Col. short hours. Ind. lorel : S15 per week guarantee I and per cent over. 217 Central av. " Call! early. 4 vliARTENL'EIi-j Vine St. -Steady 'work. Apply 512 j ifaEI.LBOY HOTEL SAVOY. Sixth, near 3 j Vln.. . ' BUSBOY QUEEN CITY CLUB. ' . 1 and Elm st. Seventh i 1 BOOKKEEPER. -Young man. with garage experience preferred. K 44, Enquirer. ' - 1 BARBER First-class, colored, at 143 E. a - Vaii f h mt . t i EARBER for Saturday ; pay is J7 J i 3492 Reading road. Appiy 1 BUSH ELM AN First-class. steady good wages. 639 Walnut st. . tiLACKSM ITIi--On wagon work. j Second st. 1 WOK to make himself useful in litho ti graphic establishment 1029 York et. 3 ARTENDER Ftrst-clas.; steady. HUB i 3 : AFK. 42 E. Fifth St. 1 IT JBUSHEI.M AN Steady work; gooU wages. No. 42S Vine St. , BOY WANTED Building. Barber shop. Union Trust No. jbARBER For to-day and Saturday. f ewo .Munmoiiin sr. Jour n in.a 1,. .1 l CARPENTERS ALL-ROUND MACHINISTS GENERAL REPAIR MEN PIPEFITTERS AND SHEET-METAL WORKERS SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY o earn rates in accordance; with -your ability. Steady; work assured. No labor trou-; ble. Bonus paid 00 second; and third shifts. ' i Apply in person or communi-l cate with ractory Employ- j ment Office. i , THE GOODYEAR i TIRE AND RUBBER CO., j Akron, Ohio. . j COOK, SECOND, at 912 E. McMillan st. Good position. Call at one.. f!3 'CLEVER, experienced solicitors; salary $3 i'J a day guaranteed ; H hours a day. Call ti. j Koom n-i vvainut. t to oniv. 3! -.4 COMPOSITORS Permanent Jobs for tls- ; sol- i , j f factory men: good pay; discharged sol- ..M crier, prererreq; state ag ge, wages expected : t "re efnemna FPnn"u,rerP- AdUre"' G Ui ! iJt care t Incinnatl Knquirer. z , icnMprisiTnna .-,tii,ii nn nv. 1 - .Ill 1 li K .VIK rk ; steady position with good pay. : COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND I X -CO.. Akron. Ohio. 4 I 1 . :ie i THE .(r LITHO, .t .CANDY MAKER On retol . goods, with1 lrJ soma experience on ice cream. N J. En- ' qulrer. I. steady Job for ; .COMPOSITOR Job: good. the right man. EBBERT & RICHARD-1 SON. Fifth and Sycamore. '"carpenters ste.Hv ,i.., ,. j ' E'r- Apply at THE WILLIAMSON FOUN-j ' DRY CO., end of Oakley car line. 8 I imuPHRlTflR ROHVVTT & CO.. -Third i 1 and Vine. :n (COOPER Experienced on tight work. Call ,1 1 at 919 Martin st. 3 J ' O II I I A I I r. UlLMAKtnb :P. o On sheet metal, blanking, forming and com- irr r ti . piuauun (lies. EAGLE MFG. CO., Blue Rock and Turrill Sts. DISHWASHER To work at night In cluh- oper wn-n, no etunuay worK. Apply to . STEWARD. 34 Opera place. , DIAMOND setter and Jeweler: good wages-..V steady work. WAGENLENDER BROS . f ,' Sixth and Race. j "x '.DISHWASHER and porter at once. R. n i " 'i Y. M. C. A.. Fifth and Baymlller. city. 3 I DISHWASHER AVE. HOTEL, 4902' Main ,' av.. Norwood. Ohio. 3 'EMPLOYMENT FURNISHED,! honorably discharged sol-! : diers, sailors and marines wiMI k ! , ill UO glVCU UlCIC'CHUt;. : Call 8-9-10, Mitchell Bldg., 9: o'clock this. morning. ' EXPERIENCED OPERATOR on steel die embossing machine; steady- work; best wages. HENDERSON LITHOGRAPHING CO., Norwood. JeJ.-4tSuTuThS BRINGING U oh: lets CO HOME-WHAT'S THE. OtE OF tlTT!M" 3 RCOND HERE o HELP WANTED MALE. Carpenters needed at Youngstown, Ohio. Steady work; no labor trouble. Scale being paid 85c per hour. Apply to CARPENTER CONTRACTORS' ASSOCIATION, j .Park Theater Buildirfg, Youngstown, Ohio, ' EMBOSSING PliESfcMAN Younir man experienced on Carver pre... who desire, to mnk. a chan.e; permanent connection witft concern In Indianapolis, Ind.; must be i-xpert workman; mate wages expected end rive reference; open shop. Addrea. C 13. rincinnati Enquirer. 3 EXPERIENCEO COLORED COOK J. O. MILLS'S RESTAURANT. 113 E. Fifth St. " 3 LI,KCf hical workers Hih-cina. men for permanent work In an industrial plant In .a near-uy city; one experienced in installation and maintenance work ; either t:Tilon or nonunion ; state age and experience. J f.rt, Ktifpjf rer. ENGRAVER POSTER WORK. THE ENQUIRER J'B PTH. CO. 3 EXI'EIiIEN-EI AUTO MECHANIC Slate salarv exDected and previous experience; stonily employment. W 34. care En-'lutrer. ; 3 EXPERIKNCEI. bookkeeper to take cluirse of set of books. THE CINCINNATI ART PI'HI.IS.MINO CO. Opera place. 3 EXPERIENCE!, shippinc clerk. I. 61. Cincinnati. Ohio. Box S EXPERIENCED vulcaniier. MAIN ST. 3 TIRE SHOP. 720 Main St. -J.r. ....f on iron furniture. ? X WOCHER fiXS ').. 23 W-. Sixth st. 3 FITTER in wholesale clothing. Apply ABE BLOjCK L CO., 810 Main st. FIHHf-1'LASS HOUSEMAN To go to Michigan; reference required. Telephone Avon 2315, or call 3707 Washington av., Avon-dale. ' Car fare paid, 3 ! FORWARDER And finisher for general i bindery work: good pay and desirable, . . ... , 1. FTIl I.- I) 11 11 11 iTil X.- I VI -"J J""- liwtThMn I . - . i FIREMAN for steam shovel: 19" month. ; THE STAR EMPLOYMENT CO , 6i7 VINE ST., SECOND FIX50R. or"; FLORIST With experience In greenhouse I work: wages 120 per week. Call 3132 He-407 E. 1 Henry av.. Westwood. g 4 ; FARM HANI Good wages. Call 3132 Mc- Henry av., Westwood. 8 poop. nrst-class candy foreman, capable of handling negro candy makers; state experience and salary. Address N 45, care Enquirer. 9 GOOD, reliable cabinet maker; must be good mechanic: sood wages: steady work. Call I 20 V- Canal. 10 a. m. 4 GARDENER MRS. - low av.. Clifton. MORRISON. 784 Lud- ifUl i UT Kl 0 For permanent position in Planning Department of large rubber manufacturing company at Akron, Ohio; must be experienced, with good business record; give full details and "submit photo; applications, confidential. Address G 74, Enquirer. HOUSEMAN At HOTEL EMERY, to Housekeeper. Apply . 3 ' IRON WORKERS Helpers, experienced, for S I shop work. SOUTHERN OrttlJ IKU. W'OKKS. 468 K. Becona St. JOB PRINTER To take charge of three platen presses ana nanaie loo composi- iton. i ne .evening xiepuuucan, v"iiw. Indiana. Monotype maltVup: unlin ; $30 per wee THE jjOYLF. AND WALTZ PRTG. CO.. Cleveland. Ohio. T . tuc- n.rt. L fr;"d'r, nand." 1d14 First Na 3 Milling machine hands. and vise nanas. Apply at atlonal Bank Bldg, Fourth and Walnut sts.. between and II a. m. 3 LINOTYPE MACHINIST-OPERATOR Per- manent. day work: one machine .nop. -Write and tell u. what you want. Dally citizen. Linton. LATHE HANDS Milling machine hands, grinder hand, and vise hands. 120 Opera place, seventh floor. 3 LABORERS Steady employment: good nay. Apply at THE WILLIAMSON FOUNDRY CO., end of Oakley car line. MAN Who can do some watch re pairing; steady position. RICHTER & PHILLIPS, 114 W. Sixth St. ' 3 J ' I ' r. rto WANTED Several first -class reliable men for floor and bench; state references and experience; exceptional op portunity .to make big wages. jox N 00. Enquirer. 4 MAN To run an electric Ic. machine and do auto repairing; state previous experi ence and salary expected: steady employ ment. X 39, earn Enquirer. 3 HEN Learn barberlnc: wages earned; clean work: big money, call or writ. OLD RJ LIABLE COLLEGE. 241 E. 3d St.. On. tf MAN EXPERIENCED, TO WORK IN WAREROOM. LUTH CARRIAGE CO.. 1275 BUDD 8T. 4 MAN to do general work about hou. saw 1383 R. . W'ar-4 MEN Slngl. rooms, with . bath. 30o night: weekly ra rates. Tfroma Hotel. &H Vina st. tf MAN For suburban place. Room 26, Bly myer Kuiifting1. MAN wanted: cook for short order. Main St., city. 905 3 NIGHT WATCHMAN Steady position: reference, required. Apply N 61. car. Enquirer. 4 OPTICAL A good surface grinder and X first-class -bench hands for Cleveland; good wage, for good men; must be highly recommended; correspondence strictly confidential. , J 65, care Enquirer. jy3-3tThfiaStt BOTE 111 UP FATHER FOR OODNES'b SAKE - HUT (JP-1VE THE OCEAN ! VuZ. ! HONE.! A CHANCE TO , . roar: HELP WANTED MALE. POSITIONS FOR ALL. PEE US THIS MORNING. Hotel clerks; experienced: wages right. V.'Jndow trimmer, arid card writers, wanted. Night watchman; must have license. workers; highest wages. Furnace setters: 50c-55c ,er hour. Top trimmers; 45c-5rtc hour; 2 openings. Machinists; 1100-1240 per month; i opening;. Carpenters for form building; $6 day.!er stackers: best wages paid. Molders; out of city: 5 openings. Stone cutters: out of city; IS day. Sausage makers; 50c hour tart. Counter man; 120 week and board. Chef for small hotel; 1125 month. Cooks; 20 openings; isn-$l2a month. Cooks; man and wife; fi good opening.. Porters; also, kitchen helpers: wace. o. k. : Cold meat man: 160-1SO month and meals. Walter, (colored) for first-class hotel. Farm and dairy hands; lest wnge. paid. -THE STAR EMPLOYMENT COMPANY, 1" VINE ST.. SECOND rlX10RJ 3 PRESSMEN Permanent position, for flrt.t-clans cylinder union iiressnien at union scale of wages, 137 per week; applv at once, giving particulars. BRINK PRINTING CO.. 130 Great Northern Bids.. Chicago. Je2-t-oM PIANO MAKERS Fly finishers, regulators.' tone regulator, and player installer. THE HOWARD PIANO CO., a. c. cor. Third and Eggl.ston av. Jy2-3tWThSu PRINTERS. Competent nonunion compositors and lino typ operators for Joh work. Highest v ngm - paid in C incinnati. Addresa Kn.uirr. PKESSMAN For cylinder presses running o half-tone and commercial work: steady position: flood pay. THE COMMERCIAL, I'Kivn.NU AND I-ITriO. CO.. Akron Ohio. PACKER. Apply st once. THE I. .T. COOPER RUB HER CO.. Eighth and Main sts. PRINTING PRESSMAN Feeder and com positor. Apply to THE WEBB-BIDDI.E COMPANY. Jy3-3tThFSu PR ESS FEEDER For lithographic cylinder prets. 1029 lork st. PORTER White. 2'i."0 Vine st. MEIDEL'S GARDEN PRE?-KR For machine; steady work. Ap ply ut i.-r walnut st. PORTER Colored,, in barber shop. 1015 Main st. No PORTER COLORED. STREET. NO. 11 E. FIFTH RAILWAY MAIL CLERKS NEEDE1 11.100-12.000: work IS days monthly, paid tun time: ranroaa pass; notel allowance. write 11..11KM. 115. St. .Louis, ite con ducts examination. STICKER HANDS. First-class; come ready for work. NORWOOD SASH & DOOR MFG. CO., Norwood. SALESMAN Manufacturer of steel ceilings, roofing. Ac. want. ..teaman for Ken tucky and Tenneasee; preferably expert enced in general sheet metal line mid buildmg materials; straight salary; good proposition for man who can produce: describe yourself fully In first letter. I. 63. Knquirer. STENOGRAPHER To begin in a business urflce; state experience, salary desired Apply in own handwriting. H 52. En quirer. 4 SALESMEN WANTED Specialty salesmen in mechanicals; experience preferred: tl'i per day to right man. See H. it. STRONG. 627 Union Trust Bldg. 3 SHEET METAL PATTERN CUTTER First-class. BREESE BROS. CO.. 2347 Reading road. 4 SECOND cook and vegetable man. at 239 W. Sixth st. .1 STABLEMAN 2137 COLERAIN AV. SHINE BOY 1430 Vine sr. TAILOR WANTED Bushelman. on men's clothe, ana maKe pants and vests, for ltan, a . va..; good loo.- j. M AO l. IRK 133 E. Fifth sr. 3 TIGHT COOPERS for new work. THE JACOB LAPP COOPERAGE CO., Colum bus. Ohio. 9 TYPEWRITER OPERATOR No steno graphic work: reference required. Address r'IKK KANl K, Hot 870. TWO white men, a. dishwashers, and one vegetable man. at CHESTER PARK. 3 TINNER For inside work; permanent posi tion. .17.2 Montgomery nv., Norwood. TYPESETTER One who can also run Job press. 1029 York st. VARNISH RUBBERS In our new daylight factory, s. e. cor. Third and Eggleston av. THE HOWARD PIANO COMPANY. 1V3-3tWThSu Salay $25 to $35 weekly, -To sell line of 100 items-soaps, drugs and food productsdirect to the home, on permanent -'routes in Cincinnati and suburbs. Apply to W.'& H. WALKER, 1228 Vine St. WANTED Tool designer -for permanent position who can design a production fixture to be furnished as equipment for the OHIO TILTED ROTARY machine.. Apply at once. THE 0ESTERLEIN MACHINE CO., . .3301 Colerain Av. WANTED Competent foreman for R..F. concrete construction, Apply THE H. .R. BLAGG CO., 1229 E. Third street, Dayton, Ohio. ' - yOO CATfT APPRECIATE. I AhTYTHVM'. -. M Wl- THAT OCEAN - I WT NATURE HELP 'WMWJMXE. WANTED SEVERAL BODY AND SEAT BUILDERS FOR PERMANENT STEADY JOBS. PREFER MEN WITH EXPERIENCE ON BUGGY BODIES AND SEATS. G R E S H A M MFG. CO., GRIFFIN, GA. - WANTED --Buyer and Inspector of oak and I hardwood bend In e stock: prefer man also1 mli bTwSa'arS -SS? ducmg re.uu. in ohm. Michigan, or posi- 'goods guaranteed; best wages. bly Southern territory if desired; plendldw i ni r r XI! TIO P Of"M opening for right man. Apply in own handwriting, stating age. experience and salary expected- Address promptly. Box 1.1, care rue r-mcinnati inquirer. Je30-10t-Je30.JyltoS-10-12-13 WANTED Experienced first- class TOOL, DIE and GAUGE MAKERS. Good wages; steady work, N 24, care Enquirer. .WANTED TRACER With some experience; one who can do neat lettering; splendid chance for ad vancement. Apply at once. THE OS TERLEIN MACHINE CO., 3301 Colerain avenue. WANTED First-class electrician who un derstands upkeep arid repair of a. c. and d. c. motors and accessories; good wage. and ateadv employment to the right man Apply SHEA & DONNELLY CO.. Bedford ' Indiana. WANTED Several first-class mechanical draftsmen; experienced In crane, hoist and material handling bridge work: good opportunity for the right men. Address CHIEF DRAFTSMAN. The Champion En glneerlng Co.. Kenton. Ohio. WANTED A first-class woodworker or body builder, for auto truck and carriage work; good wage, and steady m-ork to right man. Address R. L. HOLLAND. Or lando, r Is. WANTED Toung man. I or 3 years expe rlence In retail confectionery store, to make candies and attend soda fountain good position for the right man. 219 N Main St.. Dayton. Ohio. WANTED Framcrs. door hangers and sol- derers; steady work and good wages: no labor troubles. write or apply at CEN TRAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Connersville. Ind. WANTED A high-clafes automobile sales mm; must he a hu.tler; w. will consider none but hlgh-clsss men with wide experience. THE C'HILLICOTHE MOTORS CO.. Chllllcothe. Ohio. WANTED A first-class, all-round grinder for barber supply house: steady work for good man. Address RITCHIE-CARTAN ft TUKNtn. xiarbcr Supply Co.. Ft. Worth, Texas. Jy3-4tTh8uW8u WANTED Asphalt street paving men. col ored men preferred: smoothers, rakers and tampers; good wages; also, some good la borers. GARY NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Gary. Ind. I WANTED Registered and assistant regis tered pharmacist; good wages, good hours and steady work. THE KAUFMANN DRUG CO., Akron. Ohio. WOODWORKING machine hnnds wanted for all kinds of machines; also, first-class man. cnpable of taking charge of mill, HARVARD PIANO CO.. Dayton. Ky. 3 WANTED Two first-class auto painters at once; none put nrst-ciasa need apply good hours and pav. CORDELE Mo-- TOR CAR COMPANY. Cordele. Ga. WANTED Layerouts. fitters and sparing punch operatr-r. THE BURGER IRON .. Akron, omo. WANTED Machinists, also holler makers. LEXINGTON ENGINE AND BOILER works, ixington. Ky. WANTED Single man for farm work. Ad ply 4662 Listen av.. below Anderson's herry. opp. Htop - or traction line. WANTED Tailor and bushelman: steady year-rouna joi to irooa man. 14a w. Main sr.. Lexington. Ky. v ANTED An experienced, waiter; a good job ior tne ngnt man. Apply 429 Wal nut st. WANTED At once, all-round sheet metal worker and furnace man; 72 He per hour. !. K. PKEP1.E. Elyria. Ohio. 2 WAITER 11 E. FIFTH 8T. WANTED Fifty (50) cafe and bar waiters' for July 4. CHESTER PARK. 4 WANTED Cylinder preua feeder. 121. W. i-ourtn St. 3 WAITER Colored: highest wages. HAWE'S 4 HOTEL. 13ZZ E. McMillan. WHITE man for porter work. at 618 Vine street. 3 WA ITERS White. MEIDEL'S GARDEN. 3 230 Vine st. YOUNG MEN - Handy with tools, to learn Piano making. i n cm iiuAKif i ia.u w. . a. e. cor. Third and Eggleston av. 1y2-3tWTh8u YOUNG MAN Are you making more this year than last?' See me; I have helped hundreds to double pay; writ, for appointment; (five address and phone. L 64. Enqulrir. j YOUNG MAN- Over Is. to sell cigars and soda water- In evenings only. DR. MAR- IN. h ourtn and Central av. 3 OUNO man to work in drugstore. HERO'S. 3501 Reading rosd. FRIE- YOUNG MAN To repair tar and felt roofs ann painting. zv . r tftn St. 3 45c to 50c" per hour. 75c to 80c per hour. Free bunkhouse and cook fur nished. Apply ' THE HUNKIN-C0NKEY CONSTRUCTION CO. . Goodyear Clubhouse, ' Akron, Ohio. SOI- GMPEITElfSS REGISTERED TX & PATENT OTTICE. OOPTRIOHT. I til. INTERN ATTON AX. HEWS SKRVZCB.' " .t-tk f fVr -.oi i v - COME OM : At LOrVt xTv 'Hit BMO'b V II ' 7-31111 - I HELP WANTED FEMALE. ALTERATION WOMEN, who understand fitting and altering ladle.' garments; all-year-round position; .tat. experience, reference; position out of town. J 45. Enquirer. ft ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER Must be rapid and accurate and well versed in installment work. 3 W. f ifth st. 5 Bookkeeper-Stenographer Prefer line. one with experience in mechanical Address II 54. care Enquirer. i BINDERY GIRL Experienced on blank books, aewing, paging. Ac: steady position; 48 hours per week; salary SIS. H. WESTERBECK, 15 W. Sixth st. fifth floor. f 3 CIGAR ROLLERS AND BUNCHBREAKERS. , Steady work on 7 high-grade AnlNULU NEI1U Ot OUIM, 413 and 415 E. Fifth St. CLERICAL WORK High school graduate, commercial course, with pne year's business experience preferred: must be good typist and accurate at figures. H 55. care Enquirer. 3 COOK For small family in Avondale: pleasant home, with bath: good wagea Call at 2R13 Spring Grove av. or phoue West 1002. . 3 COOK White. exicrienced. with city reference: tio laundry or dining-room work. MRS. CARL F. ALLEN. 3571 Washington av.. Avondale. Phone Avon 2312. COOK Experienced, white, for suiree only, to go to Michigan. MRS. ROBERT SENIOR. Mitchell and Rosebud avs. Avon bo. a COOK ' Wlnto girl. In small family; ne laundry; good wagea No. 7 1 5 - S. Crescent av.. Avondale. COOK And housework. tu family of 2 adults: no laundry work. No. 2226 Park av.. Walnut Hllla. ' COOK White, experienced, with reference. 2167 Grandin road. Phone Wdb. 9S. COOK For plain cooking, st. nnd Central av. 8. e. cor. Third COOK 'Assistant. In kitchen. HOWE'S HO TEL, 1322 E. McMillan. COUNTER GIRL Experienced. 416 Vine. COOK For family of 2: plain cooking. IIS Glenwood av., Avondale. DINING-ROOM AND HALL GIRL CIN CINNATI SANITARIUM. Park 135. DISH WAS HER-ton. Ohio. -HOTEL HOWALD. Hamil EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER. Apply STATE-CITY FREE LABOR EXCHANGE.. 136 W. Seventh St.. 2d Floor, EXPERIENCED woman to cook In road house: best of wages and good home. Ridge 117. EXPERIENCED film inspector., or girl, to learn. P. O. Box sfl. Cincinnati. Ohio. ELLIOTT-FISHER bill clerk; Fairmount. No. 510 Carr st. factory in FIRST-CLASS housemaid, to go to Michigan for summer; reference required. Telephone Avon 2315 or call 3707 Washington av. Avondale. Car fare paid. GIRLS CRISCO DEPT. The Procter & Gamble Co. Ivorydale. Ideal working conditions; good wages; bus ervlce from end of Clark t. car line to factory and return. Apply MISS ECKERT. GIRLS Of neat appearance, t. serve Orange Drink at the "FLORIDA." Keith's The ater Building. 625 Walnut: salary 110 per week; experience unnecessary. Call to day. GIRL or woman for upstair, work. HOME FOR THE JEWISH AGED AND INFIRM, 1,'nlon and Burnet avs.. Avondale. Jy3-2tTh8a GIRI8 for factory work; clean work; good pay. DIEM ft WING PAPER CO., Ull- bert-sr. Viaduct. GIRLS in paper "box factory; good pay. DIEM ft WING PAPER CO.. Gilbert -a. Viaduct. I GIRLS wanted T good wages: experience un nerrmanr. AMERICAN LAU.MIKI uo. Cullert and Pioneer. 3 GIRL To do general housework. In small family; no washing; will p.y 110 a week, Apply 321 Northern ay., second floor. 4 GIRLS To work at games at Coney Island. Apply MR, HARRIS, 334 Main t. 4 GIRL For offlce work; on. living in Corry- yiiie or w.innt nuts, rs so. Enquirer. 3 GIRL to help In the kitchen. 6. w. cor. Seventh and Main. 3 GIRLS To serve light lunches, ice creams. rc. i an at rttriKl. 5 GIRI' Experienced operator on power ma cnine. ivij 1 n-or... 1 e . ... .is .lain St. 3 HOUSEKEEPER WANTED Experienced housekeeper wanted for a 1 00-room American plan hotel. Address, with references, GEO. W. EVANS. Manager. Southern Hotel, jacason. Tenn. 4 housework. uiri, in small family; no washing: IS per week. No. 647 Hutchln. av.. Avonnaie. HEAD WAITRESS HOTEL HOWALD, Hamilton. Ohio. HOUSEWORK Colored girl. No. 3491 Wil- son av.. Avondale, KITCHEN woman Mum p. quick; no ex perience requirea; gooa ooara and wages no Sunday work. Ill W. Fifth st. 4 - LADIES Interested In the' NuBone corset. or NuBone corset work write state manager, 2446 W. Broad, Columbus, Ohio. ' Jy3-3tThF8u LADY or girl to press dresses; good iron- era can nil position. . Apply at ir,Aa-DALE'S. 8'J5 Walnut St. 6 LAUNDRESS White, for 2 half days. No. 3004 jeirerson av.. crryviri.. MACHINE OPERATORS and girls on spe- ciai maenmes n pant, xactory; also. girl. to learn; aieaay -worn ana gooa pay; 44 hour, a week. LEVY ft SCH1LD. Pugh Building. 3 MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN who would like a good home, cooking and assist In housework. Call at 6328 Mound av.. Pleasant Ridge. Ridge 1876 Y. Call at once. 3 MASSEUSE for ladies' Turkish bath. Call 6 t MUNRO HOTEL OFICE GIRL That can operate Elliott- Fisher machine. No. 610 Carr st. 3 PLAIN cooking and light downstair, work In small family; pleasant surroundings; near car Una: no laundry work; white; reference. Tel. Hlland 889 R. t SALESLADIES of long experience, in ready. ivwear ana miiiinery. xor out or city permanent position to those capable; only energetic persona with referencV need apply; state age. axperienc and reference In first letter. L 61, Enquirer. STENOGRAPHER Tonne lady who I. familiar with clerical work; must b. accurate at figure.; .tat. axperienc and salary expected, Addrea. N 74, Kn- qulrer. . 3 SALESLADIES Millinery, dresses, skirta ftc. THE SALE STORE, 1J4 W. Fifth st. ' . ' ' Jy3-3tTh Su STENOGRAPHER -r- Must have experience. nuuaxiu. j. wa. fiinui ana JTrswraan. 3 HELP WANTED FEMALE; POSITIONS GUARANTEED FREE TRAINING Why pay to obtain valuable business education? The Western Union Telegraph Company offers an excellent three months course of instruction, " free, in a well-ecuipped training depart- , ment. After finishing each student is placed immediately in a permanent position paying a graduated scale 575 end of first year, to SlOo end of second year. APPLY CHIEF OPERATOR, Room 37, Ingalls Building. STENOGRAPHER And to do clerical work 824 Main st. TYPIST, experienced. . for billing work, must .be speedy and accurate, n 64, Inquirer. THREE intelligent young ladies to travel; salary and commission; pleasant and comfort able position to those who quajify. See C. W. MARCUS, 8-9-10, Mitchell Bldg., 10 o'clock this morning. TYPEWRITER OPERATOR No eteno- ', graphic work ; reference required. Address ' FIKE INSURANCE. Box 870. city. 3 UPSTAIRS WORK and assist with children, whit, preferred. 621 Mann place. Avon , . 600 X. 6 WANTED GIRLS To cover wood heels; good wages and ideal working conditions. DAY WOOD HEEL CO., Wade and John Sts. WE NEED TO-DAY:-Head waitress; 175 per month, room & bd. Waitresses: commercial hotels. $25 mo. Pantry girls, kitchen hel tiers and maid..; Girls for factory work: good wages. j Laundresses and cleaners: day workers, r THE STAR EMPLOYMENT COMPANJ, 607 VINE ST.. SECOND FLOOR. ; 3 WANTED Several intelligent girls about 25 years of age to work In an out-of-town machine shop: best of wages and an .exceptional opportunity; state age and:'ex-perience. N 44. care Enquirer. 6 WANTED Chambermaid, white. NON PAREIL HOTEL. 115 E. Fifth. 89- per week; hours 8:30 a. m. to 3 p. m. ; -ay work. r 3 WANTED Five laundry girls; good wagea I1U 1 r. 1j X.W L.M 'IVl V, . HV. 1 UI H Bl., second floor. Take Colerain car, get off at Y'ork St. and walk one block west. E 3 WOMEN To operate light grinder. : and milling machinea Apply at 1514 First National Bank Bldg.. Fourth and Walnut at... bet. 9 and 11a. m. 3 WANTED Middle-aged women for :light factory work. Apply at 1514 First National Bank Bldg.. Fourth and Walnut sts.. between 9 and 11 a. m. S WANTED Woman to help In boarding house; good home for some lady. 321 E. Fifth St.. city. S WANTED Women- to operate light grinders and milling machinea. 1:0 opera place, seventh floor. 3 WANTED Girl for general housework In 1 1 ramllw r.9 9 '! rt 1 1. . ton. Jel3-tt WHITE GIRL To assist with housework in flat. Phone Warsaw 1709 R. 715 Purcell avenue. 3 WOMAN For cleaning store and offlce. Ap ply The a. Aif.i.. CO., zri w. Fourth street. 3 WANTED At one., competent housekeeper ror nospltal. Address F 71. care Knquirer. 7 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE. ADDRESSOGRAFH Foot power: in excel lent conaition; o; win demonstrate. J. A. FAY EGA.N CO Front cud John str. ets. tf . BARGAIN In good sole leather at 60c 10., in 35-lb. pka 25 w. Third st. AWNING Sleeping porch awning. No. 6118 Madison roau. Madisonvtiie. BAKERY For sale; with or without prop yl ?. n i " i nna-gias. man; owner wants to retire; investigate. Address WM. KREUZMAN. Bateaville. Indiana. 7 BARBER SHOP, cigar and magazine stand: iww cnau-s. v.. v . liAlvr.l. car ronton. Ky. - 4 atTCHERS and grocery fixtures, disnlav i-uuiiien, marni. counters: cnean. W. Third st. . t COVINGTON, KY. Grocery and nroueitv: good stand; in good neighborhood; all cash trade: no delivery; no fresh meats. D 69. Enquirer. 6 CHOICE Jersey sweet potato plants: pre paid anywnere until July 15: 50c for 100: 300. II 36. T. O. BROSIU8. Tiffin. Ohio. 3 CASH REGISTERS Comn. scalea elec. Third coffe and meat grlndeia 26 E. street. counters and aheivlnga all sixes, new ana used; cheap. 25 w. Third st. 6 DESKS Iron safe, adding machine, and of- "v ngiw z w. Third st. c FOR SALE Standing timber of pine, cy- " - .! iiuu o.k on lw.utro acres of Isnd In North Carolina, accessible to railroad and navigable water; will cut around 176,000.000 or more of original growth. Ao-ply to D. C. FOREMAN. Room 319. Dick-son Bldg.. Norfolk. Va . 5 FOR 8ALE, or trade for few acre, of land rooming house. 433 W. Seventh st. Price 8460. . j FOR HALE ONE FERTILIZER DRIER Xj D T " t, . I." 1- n T ,-. 1 .M . z3xwo. Deinia, Lia.rx County, FLAG United State, bunting. 4 by 7. with poie. jo. Z3I3 Kenton st.. Walnut Hills. FINE white two-carat diamond: will "sell for 6600: L 62. Enquirer. . 3 GENERAL STORE : located 16 miles north or uayton on Dixie highway; handling groceries dry goods, paint, hardware shoea, notions, soda fountain; located In new brick building, and doing from 8800 to 900 per weak; all new fixtures and as clean a stock aa you can find-in Ohio: good -reason for sailing; term, cash; ln-voica about f 1.000. D ti. .Enquirer. Bv McManus. JrtlSCEJ;LA GRAIN BAGS Cotton seamless and burlaps; new and secondhand. CINCINNATI BAG CO.. Fifth and Eggleston av. 12 GROCERY OUTFITS Complete: oak or mahogany; new and secondhand, li Y. Third street. KNITTING MACHINE Box 14. Cincinnati. 213. K. R. R- MARBLE SLAB Four feet long and two feet wide. No. 1 Greenwood court, Avon-dale, r NEW system rotary jvens; no royalty, dress W 100. Eng. Trer. I Ad- PIANO Dresser, dishes, cabinet wa.hstand. 137 W. McMicken av. 4 STORE, office, restaurant, bakery, confec tionery outfits and fixtures bought and sold. Vitrolite glass-top tables, all kind, and sizes; coffee urns, steam tables, ranges, lunch counter stools; chairs, wire and lent wood, folding: counters, all size.; .how c-asea wall cases, ail kinds: ice cream freezers, crushers and combination freezer crusher; desks, flat, roll-top, standing, sanitary, double; check protectors; bake ovens. dough mixers, proof boxes: scales, wagon, platform. Computing: safes, fire and burglar - proof, all aizes; cash registers, all kinds bought, sold and exchanged; White washing machine: lockers. 12 E. Pearl st. 6 SEWING MACHINES Nice drop-heads, 11: fine drop-head Domestic, genuine, 112: -1, , . f 1 mn-Kes4 White rntarv ttem..! White Standard No. D Wheeler- -ilon with boxes. 85 to 18: tailor Singer. 110 to 118: brand-new drop-head lKmes-j tic. with 6 drawers, automatic lift. 124: brand-new drop-head Singers; prices snd I terms to suit. iie.ur.rc. lam iiacc. established 1871. 3 STOCK in an old established printing oTlce; office and school supply business: good ideation and doing a good business; desirable position and good salary for right party. If Interested address P. O. Box 66. Huntington. W. Va. 4 SAFES New and secondhand, fire and bur- i glar proof: all make, ana sixes; cheap, l OHIO HOWE, SCALE CO.. 221-323 Man st. Phone Main 670. 7 SP1KE SHOES. 7V,; fine fielders' glove and; Al bat. cheap; answer quick. 20 E. . Twelfth St.. Covington. Ky. ' 3 : SODA FOUNTAIN Complete. with back ' bar; in good condition. 25 WV Third st. 6 j SAFES ches p. nd scales, new and. secondhand: 305 Main st. - Jy30 TRUNKS. A few more high-grade Wardrobe ana Steamer Trunks t- i j- . "l o....".jr ""i ..i smoKe rrora spear a vurenoun; an sizes. Wardrobe and Steamer, a ereat saen- fice. ABE LEVINE. Licensed pawnbroker. 335 W. Sixth st TIMBER FOR SALE. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ACRES OF OAK. NEAR COLUMBUS. ADDRESS OWNER. W. R. KOCH. HOTEL SIN-TON. 6 TENTS! TENTS! TENTS' 7x7 and 9x9 wall, tents; 16x14 pyramidal j tents: all made of 12 ox army duck and - guaranteed to be in good conditio..; Kholtr 'dog'" tents: army tent stoves. JACOB hikm rt. 3iz Plum st.. Macon. ia. 4 WIRE CHAIRS ana fables for restaurant and confectionery use. 25 W. Third St. 2.000 FEET machinery belting, all sizes; will : sacrifice. 25 W. Third St. HO USEHp LD GOO DS. For. Sale. ABSOLUTELY HIGHEST PRICES PAID For furniture, house furnishing: foods, rugs, store nxtures. THE EFFR0N CO., Phone Mln 1368. BE CONVINCED tur ana store fixtures by calling up 2460 Valentine Mercantile Co.,,: 423 ELM ST. iEPKOOM SUITE Three pieces. 365; also. 1 pictures, 32 each: ornaments, 25c up, and I commofle. No. 2267 Vine st. I BABY RUGGY cheap. at 2143 St. James av.. Walnut Hill.. BARDES GAS RANG E- -Six boles. Apply I : :4! Heading road. BED Diiiing-4-oom furniture, combination ' -ol and gas No. 203 Moormr.n nv. ! DAVENPOI -No. l.:37 Ixcust st. FURNITURE Dining-room table, quartered oak, nt 4:29 Thirty-first-at.. Oakley. H'RXITl'RE Books and miscellaneous. No. ! 127 E. Twelfth St.. Flat 327. FURNITURE Walnut parlor set of pieces. No. 178 Dreman av. GAS STOVE And Ice box: 510. No. 408 Laurel st.. t lat : v HOUSEHOLDS GOODS Books and miscel- laneous. Flat 327 E. Twelfth st. LINOLEUM REMNANTS, rura and carpet sweepers: below cost. 1414) Main st.' 3 PARI.OR SI'ITE Heven pieces 1788 I 'reman av. N'o. RUG Brussels rug. 9 y 12 85. No. 1213 Republic st. slightly worn; STOVE Cost 135. lawn bench and coal vase: .11 for 815. No. 409 Arch st. , WILTON RUG. 9 by 12. No. 18 Crescent Apartments. Oil Avon 2339 Y. 3 Wanted. BEST PRICES I Will Pay the Highest Price For secondhand furnitue, house furnishings, rugs, carpets, bric-a-brac, etc. Call MR. FREY, Phone Main lOOl ' . MISCELUNEOUS WANTS. AN EVENIVO COURSE building construction la H 71. Enquirer. In carpentry and desired. Address 6 STOCK OF GROCERIES AND FIXTURES. Phone Main 1368. av0-tf WEARING APPAREL For Sale. CLOTHING White asyl blue serg. dresses and vollaa, sis. 38. at 852 Oak St.. Walnut CLOTHING Gents' suits and ladies' shoes. a" n., aiii.ii, at z.i. . icinview av. t-uMt-a uuiyi wnite canvaa. size - rr' black sued, shoes. 1267 Vina st. . 82 50; Flat 2. JSITUATION )y'JEDMALE. BAKER Second hand; .country only: day worii. aii Bell phone 870 R 3. Hamilton. Ohio.- OWEN J. GARDNER. """"""" BOOKKEEPER By a -middle-aged man- .: sonahl. salary. W C. Enquirer. BARBER By a yaurtg man with a ttw years' tiA K&.R First or second hand on brearf e : rolls. No. 118 Monmouth s:.. NewporL- BAKER Second or third hand, on bread and rakes: country- or oi iimn i , iJRUKER. 1125 Via. at. SITUATION WAITEDMALE, BARTEVDKR Or manager; No. Ill t'olernin av. union man. BWKKEEPlNii r clerical v-c. elderly man: .iprtirwi. H M IHAIFKEIK Private, by vaunt wl: ri f1 man or nc aT1'nritnrt. nn hahita: jroo.i rrfrn-e. K1"H r: KHAI.L, HZ Meliall av.. Avonlalc 303 V. I 11 li 1. U w m r ..lKa M-k.... 1 w . 1 t n Mil n.- V. 1 111 ... . S niBD ci.a i ii 1 1 1 k. v 1 1 . u Cl-ERK "rice. jhlwlnr or r-. enced. y. GRIhK, si". Ta ini;r . vHAlrr'Et R By a reliable r,!or,-i n SAM KOWKV. 31 McForland nt. CIXRICAL WORK Or coll. ct !ti ; ex prnce. AV o M. Emjuirr. CLERK Or any kind of worX. charired aoUller; bo 32. Wit. No. Til Armory a. liATZio. COST CLERK And timekwir, by n-.aa c - i a , irtrrtnrr. n r.. r-1 1 j n 1 1 r - CITY SALESMAN S G. Enquirer. DRUG CLERK Keaintered: country or relief only. F A Enquiivr. DRIVER Packer or shipping cierk: enced. GEO. W. BURv.tR. 1 xi: .V: rear. DRUGGIST Relief work. II F J. F.r. ; DRIVER Janitor or repair man: 1 with tools. J Engineer By" ith tools. J B. 124 W. SIcMK-irr. ; reliable muii. LN'ji. NEER, 261 Pike at. ENGINEER By an exrrienei" 1 engineer: all or part time. J H ?. ENGINEER First -class: good repair experience In large .team k; S. Enquirer. 4 FARM WORK By man and wife, f.r, -or for wages. A. H. care Wra. O'NV;: Hetts sr. GARDEN EH Bv a sinxle man.' BERGEN. IX". Vine st. NIGHT WATCHMAN Rv-license; reference. M P. a marri-M; Enquirer. OUTSIDE WORK iiy Enquirer. a man of 2$. A V 4 PlrfvXTE SECRETARY or corresponrtr-ri: : years' business and legal experien -e: expert stenographer, know ledge of bnnkk.c: -lug, costs and all offlce detail work: r-r,. -tiort with opportunity to be iti th.- c-i, n some preferred, but will tackle anv Ko I Job. and can deliver the goo-ls. A-i,re J 6ti. Enquirer. t PAINTER Good work; low price; contract. West 1514 I. clay PORTER White: referemv. FRHLi 31K Central av.. fourth floor. .SMH PORTER Bv Rinfcrle white man: refertn-S. WARD. 2039 Center St.. Covtlim-ii STENOGRAPH KR By a young rrn: ,xi:ri-eneed :. will sub for summer. J 4.'1. Eno-nr.-r. STENOGRAPHER Or clerical work, fey man: sales ability. A L, Enqilrcr. SALESMAN-with good -By local a young man oC ah-'.i house. W D. Enquirer. SALESMAN By a young man ef 23: ra! estate or automobiles preferred. J E S Inquirer. -'. - SALESMAN And solicitor, by ml.M I man: experienced; reference. W 1 Emjuirer. SOLDERING t a young man. r miliw-ripht. in lactory, R L. Enquirer. l.y STOCKKEEPER By high-grade ma.-lm.e tool man; by married mau of 27. T E 1 Enquirer. TIMEKEEPER By a young man wieh cellent education: experienced, reft-rehi-c. Tt R 28. Enquirer. WORK Traffic and etenogra"bio w irk. youtu man of 24. F S G. Enquirer. WATCHMAN Bv a steady married -man; j ereme and security. L M. Enquirer. ref- WORK Bv a married man; would -tike to learn to run Ford truck or car. A M, 1932 Auburn av. "WORK For musical comedy company, by a young man of 21. A F. Enquirer. j WORK Of anv kind. j a S. Enquirer. bv an elderly man. j WORK By a boy of 13 good education, j C P. Enquirer. ! WORK Oi anv kind, by an old man. M. D. 1123 Vino St. i WORK Of any kind, by a oung man of -0. . . tinmsi IV 4T1 Dale av. WtTt- .rk 4t M . . . . bln.l 1-aae u fniina- "waiati rf r,,,; s HAMER. 716 Wade st. 1 WORK In private family, by a young man. j No. 1404 Central av.. second floor. - j WORK Eveninss and Saturday afternoons, i W C. Knquirer. WORK By young man; rice. .1 M. Enquirer. prefer auto tire o: Y'OI'NG MAN. senior at Harvard College, wishes position as tutor or companion for the summer: can coach in all high school studies, tncludinu mathematics, French, history. c. J 4 . rare Enquirer. 3 1 12 YEARS' pi-actical general office work; bookkeeper, stenographer, salesman, for- ; respondent. c. : references: desire f"! i tion """ reliable company. L 5 qmrer. En- J. SITUATION WANTED FEMALE. BOOKKEEPER And ?rcountant: run take 1 complete fharpt?. I AV 42. Kn-;Urpr. I ..EAMN'1 For - rta tv-k. l y a re- ItM rman. No. 2119 Winhell. ; COOK And jreneral work. Iv a m .ddle-ftd' j widow: Walnut Hills preferred. A C II, i Enquirer. 1 MCTAPHOXK OPERATOR Kxperienced ; reffftic. MISS J O. Knquirer. ' I HOl'SKKEtPER By a white woman witl a. : child: will fro to country. VtS. A. PTI-j GEON. cre A. Fox, Fifth and Scott ats., 9 j nvin?ton. . i HOC8EKKEPER For elderly man or wf.l-j ower. by a widow of 27: have a child , of 8 months. No. 505 W. Iilxrtv nt. 1 . l-jv.-o . r A.,.,mi,j-. i day and uv-'tipwlnys; r. fer. ncr. Tues-ADA OHISHOI.M. 319 Smith st. LAUXDRES. MRS. j st.. third floor, rear. SMI LEU, U Allison LAUNDRESS Bv the I,FB. 2614 Eastern av. day. ALUERT1E MFR. AND BUSINESS MEN. ! We are in a position to furnish yon ,.,, nf I cliarire competent stenogi-apliers. book keepers. tpists and clerical n-ip or good character, .'all Cuml 599J. Ql'JZEN City KMI'LOYMENT AGENCY. No. 1 llulbrt Block. th and ir- PRACTICAL Nl'RSB Reference f.i'.i after C p. l- on GERTRUDE TEMI'LE, 113 E. ' lj,sl1i2!'. fcTEN'XlRAPHER Experienced; reference; w ages 515: X Y 7., Enquirer. STENOGRAPHER' Se era! ears, experi ence. K A r.nqutrer. ( . TELEPHONE OPERATOR R M S. c : u 1 rer. I UPSTAIRS WORK Ry . German girl. Enquirer. ' American family. ML WASMINCi A-u'l clesning by the .lav. bv a white woman. L. WALTER, lt'60 John St. To take home. Mf. A.tlMirn. No. 1968 N. ! Nlam at ' WASHINC By the bundle for men only. N'o. ls E. Clifton nv.. fourth floor. WORK By than 810. a middle-aced woman: not less H'CY MARSHALL. 840 Clinton. WORK By .1 Hirer. a. ueat colored girl. M R. En- W ASHING Or cleaniMK by .he day. by a colored woman. MATTIE WATKINS. 41J W. Sixth st WORK By elder.y lady, lo take care tf child or invalid. No. 604 Walnut st. HfjRSES AND VEHICLES. . fur Sale. i Kf IT.f. nonv nihher.tireA vlelree ei,rt ri harness: been ridden and driven by little girl: also, riding saddle arid bridle; -i-e 1125. A. X. BOYD. 209 York st., New-port. Ky. ' 6 BADL'LE MARE City broken: cms a;l gait: 13 year. old. Tel. Ridge 305C' j TWO-HtRSE PLATFORM SPRING WAU-ON Cheap: good condition. INDEFENi"-ENT COAL CO.. Twelfth and Monmouth sts., Newriort. je::- ?.Tr-u WAGONS FOR SALE. One, two, three and four .hdrse; also,- two. and i three horse bottle roll wagons. .2019 Elm St. Canal 2400. 100 NEW AND REBUILT express, huckster, grocery, laundry, milk. Iiakery. -cai t arter, butcher, let, furniture, market and pleasure wagons; bug.ies. pony vehicles. .c-AMERICAN WAGON AND TRUCK CO.. Eighth and 'Sycamore sts.- no2S-tr PIANOS. For Sale. UPRIGHT PIANO, in splendid condition, and other furniture for sale. Call even:ngs 3211 Fairfield av. Woodburn 1893 X.- PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED With 3 or 5 ton truck; big proposition; no money needed. Phon. Canal 128 J R. ,hr-br N i rotn mak. 5 A. J 3 - I T T 1-

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