The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1955
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Grandma and T V Seen as Indirect Causes of Colds By FRANK CAREY HOUSTON (AP) — Television and grandmothers could be indirect and innocent causes of recurrent "colds" in some lergic" type cold in children sensitive to such material. Dr. Aimon F Halpern of Dallas told the group's 49th annual convention. He said chemicals are available for spraying rugs and overstuffed furniture in the TV room, and these can "quite effectively control" harmful airborne materials. "Healthy Carrier" As for grandma, he said while she might be up and around and apparently ••healthy/ 1 she might also have chronic bronchitis which could make her a "healthy carrier" of germs which her grandchild could catch. Halpern. sj.-'nking of certain children of preschool age who get dividual In the child's environment may be the sole cause oi a recurring acme respiratory mvecuon. May He .Mother "This person may be a mother with a 'chronic sinus,' a grandmother with a chronic bronchitis. or an older sibling (brother or sister) who attends schools and who has frequent colds. "Tn some instances we have had to treat the entire family with vaccine or sulfadiazine prophylactic-ally before successfully controlling the child's infection." He said the "vaccine" referred to is the so-called "cold shot" vaccine which includes various types of bacteria. CROWNING GLORY — Eye- catching is the word for this "crown" entered in an abstract hairdo contest in Berlin, Germany. The crazy coiffure was created by a hairdresser from the Soviet zone in just one hour. Nixon ond Family In Florida Sun WEST PALM BEACH. Pla. ifl — Vice President Richard M. Nixon arrived at Palm Beach International Airport last night and went at once to Delray Beach where, he said, he hopes to get in five days in the sun. He and his wife came here from Washington. They will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. Earl Wallace Jr. Nixon said he was here on no particular mission but that he merely took advantage of an opportunity to get away from his official duties and would spend much of the time on the beach with "perhaps a little golf." Books Given To Library A list of memorial volumes available to the public has been announced by the Blythevule Public Library. | Those honored, donors and titles i are: i In memory of Mr. Sam Barnes: I Mr.. Mrs. B. A. Bugg. Woman's 1 Home Companion Garden Book. I In memory of Mrs. Thomas C. 1 Boasiey: Mr.. Mrs. W. W. Shaver, Wilderness Pioneer, Judson; Mrs. J. L. Ashcraft, Lady Be Lovely. McLeod: Mr., Mrs. John Caudill, A i View From the Bridge, Miller. i in memory 'of Mr. Paul Berry: : .Mr., Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon, American I Scientists. Hylander. i In memory of Mrs. Prentiss Webb i Berry. Sr.: Mr., Mrs. Oscar Fend- 1 ler & Mrs. A. Pendler, The .World We Live In. Life; Mr., Mrs. W. W. i Shaver. The Mighty Soo, Judson; I Mrs.. Mrs. Joe P. Pride. Jr.. Best 1 American Short Stories, 1955, Foley; Mr.. Mrs. Floyd L. Harelson, Great Folktales of Wit and Humor. Foster. In memory of Mr. Robert E. Blay- I leek: Mr.. Mrs. G. M. Abbott, Rec- u tnonil Leaders' Handbook, Kraus; The Miple Grove Cemetery Assn Mrs. M. A. Middleton, Mrs. B. A. Bugg, Miss Sunshine Swift, Satt Francisco Boy, Lenskl; Sing a Song of Seasons. Brewton; Mr., Mrs. Robert Kirshner, American Indians, Fletcher; Zeta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma, Seven Grandmothers. Mirsky; Mr., Mrs. Frank Whitworth Makers of the Modern World, Utermeyer; Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Reichel, The Duke decides, Tunis; Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Lunsford, Top O'Christmas Morning, Seymour; Mr. -Mrs. B. D. Featherston, The French Foreign Legion. Blassingame. In memory of Mrs. Mary Cisco Gridley: Mr., Mrs. Bill Stovall, Jr. In memory of Mr. Virgl' F. Hammonds. Miss Alice Marie Ross, Robert E. Lee and the Road of Humor. Carter. In memory of Mr. William Crawford Higglnson: Mr.. Mrs. Ernest Roe, Inside Africa, Gunther, Mr., Mrs. F. G. Reichel. More All-Of-A- Kind-family. Taylor. Mr..Mrs. Chester Gladwcll. The Measure of Man, Krutch; Mrs. S. J. Cohen & Mr. Mrs. Jerry Cohen, Party of One. Fadiman; Mr. .Mrs. W. W. Shaver, Songs for Sixpence, Blackstock; Mr. Mrs. Frank Whitworlh, Mexico Re. visited. Ferguson. Roe, Tornado Jones, Dick: Mr., Mrs. J. C. Klnningharn. Adventures in Paradise, Price; Mr., Mrs. R. -C. Edwards, Poems and Plays of Robert Browning; Mrs. C. II. Whistle, An Anthology of Famous English and American Poetry; Mr., Mrs. Blall Heath, 30 famous one-act plays. Mr., Mrs. H. G. Partlow. Crime Causes and Conditions, Bentig: Miss Eunice Brogdon & Miss Irene Crowder, Big Woods, Faulkner; Mr. Eddie Saliba. The Wise Fisherman's Encyclopedia; McClane; Cub Scouts, Pack 4. Den 8, Scattergunning, Holland. In memory of Mr. Jessy Miles: Mr., Mrs. Alvin Huffman Jr.. Mr.. Mrs.. E. H. Brown, A Treasury of Mississippi River Folklore: Botkin. In memory of Mr. N. E. Parks: Mr., Mrs. J. C. Leggett. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. In memory of Mr. Joe P. Pride Sr: Country Club Duplicate Bridge League. Engineering and Western Civilization, Finch; . The Ciuidill Family, Nine Men Rodell; Mr. Mrs. Neal Gessell, Building and Engineering Career, Williams, Mr.. Mrs. , , .. Blan Heath. Essays Today, Ludwig; WKPNKSDAT, NOVEMBER 16, 1958 Magazine Sued For $2 Million In The Leory .Huddleston family, The American Annual, 1955; Mr., Mrs. memory of Mr. Elijah Sher-1 Bryon Moore & Bryon Jr.. Th SANTA MONICA, Calif. W) — A two-mlllion-dollar libel suit line bem; filed against Rave magazine be screen actress Terry Moore. An article concerning the aclreia and the opening of the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul. Turkey, in the October issue of the magazine waj "malicious, false, libelous and degrading." the complaint alleged. Miss Moore's attorney Jerry Geisler said the actress took exception to a reference about a picture taken of her by a Turkish cameraman. ^i. What a Bourbon! man Krutz: 'Mr. .Mrs.. J. D. Hemby, The Complete Book of Home Decoration. Mayabb; Mr., Mrs, Alvin, Huffman Jr., Handbook of Active Games, Hindimm. , In memory of Mrs. Ethel Powell The M.ple Grove Cemetery Assn.. Lam ilr ' ^. s . Bill young, Geat 3 nms Book's 1 Edwfn^obnSn Conductors, Blaukopf. Pictures.~CaIm; Mr., Mrs. W. inns Boo,. M,s. Edum Robinson, Tn memory of Mrs KiUy Lan . I ^ ^ ^ & .. Fifty Best Historic American Hou- LOOK AT THE BIRDIE—Not exactly a dirty bird, but kind of earthy is this potato sculptured by nature to look like a bird. It was found by Jesse Beclwcll. above, while digging potatoes on his grandmother's farm outside Shclburn. Ind. The only thing Bedwell. 25. added to complete the similarity was the paper win's. Tear Gas Bomb Breaks Up School Integration Meeting CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. <tfi — A: was temporarily overcome by the tear -as bomb has added to the rac- < fumes and had to be helped out- ia! tension over school integration side. He said an elderly Negro woman dropped the bomb. . , So Neai and Yet So Far, Kimbrough. In memory of Mr. Clinton CLad- ll Mrs. E. P. Blomeyer. How to ses, Hamilton: Mr.. Mrs. Harry W. Haines. Zachary Taylor: Soldier in the White House; Mr.. Mrs. Harry A. Haines. Good Taste jn Home Decoration. MacMillan; Mr., Mrs. C. W. Carrigan. Einstein: His Life and W. Splendored ;r i: Live 365 Days a Yea^ SchinLr! j ^ m ^^' ™ a ide. Miss ~,, rt ..,,,, UM,~ nn,,i^ , caster: Mrs. Elizabeth Moore. Gar- 1 Thing . Dr . f Mrs . M L . skalle dening in Color; Clark, Mr.. Mrs. JOVi Highway Design and Construc- the Court Says Five Wives too Many FAR&1INGTON. Utah tfPt— Carl E. Jentzsch, M, Parmington electrician accused of having five wives and "at least" 20 children, pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful cohabitation, yesterday. Dist. Judge Charles A. Cowley set sentencing Nov. 22. Jentzsch is one of four men recently arrested in Utahs new crackdown on plural marriage. Her Own Boss LOUISVILLE. Ky. Wl — The University of Louisville homecoming queen is arranging' her own coronation. Miss Doris Goodknight, 19, named queen Monday, happens to be chairman in charge of iirrange- inents for halftime ceremonies at Saturday's game with Toledo University. "1 had no idea I was or-1 dering flowers for myself," she j said. , Central School Sixth Gra | Kelly. Holding In memory of Tony Clements: . W. S. C. S. of Lake Street Method] ist Church, Twelve Men of God, ' Van Zeller. i In memoir of Mrs. Ida Cornish: | Miss Frances Bowen. Rachel Jackson, Tennessee girl, Govan. In memory of Mr. Welch Foster: Salads for _. ids: Mrs. M. i George, Who Could Ask for Any-j thing More. Merman. Mr., Mrs. [ Floyd Haroldson, America is Myj Country, Brown. I In memory of Mr. Arch Lindsay: Mrs. C. B. Lunsford, Old Sam. Thoroughbred Trotter, Taylor. M., Mrs. T. A. Folge. Juvenile Delinquency. Reckless; Mr., Mrs. Oscar Fendler & Mrs. Cecil Shane, The j tion, Bruce; Mrs. Joe Ferguson. In memory of Roy Edward Sipes & Jerry Ktaowland Sipes: Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. When Jesus Was j a Little Boy, Eberling. { In memory of Mrs. James Thcdford: Mr., Mrs. Jesse Taylor, Handbook of Indoor Games and stunts. Country Club duplicate Bridge Lea- Forsyte Saga, Galsworthy; .... ""» Speechmaker's Complete Han- j Mrs. Harry A Haines, Caves Beyond. 1 -' ' •' ™ " "-* Lawrence; Mr.. Mrs. Paul Mahan. here. The bomb was dropped by an unknown person at a meeting last night of the Chattanooga School Board and its new interracial advisory committee, composed of 28 white persons and 16 Negroes. The meeting was scheduled to consider procedure for conducting public hearings on the Supreme Court's decision banning racial discrimination in public education. The School Board announced in October that it would comply with the decree bu' said Integration would not come this year. More than 150 persons at las' night's meeting became so emotional that Committee Chairman Raymond Witt called for acljournmem before any plans could be made. After the motion to adjourn, ar unknown spectator broke a tear gas bomb, forcing evacuation of the room and leaving virtually everyone present with smarting eyes. Richard Stanfield, a spectator, Favorite materials used in ski- making are hickory, ash. oak beech, birch, or spruce, all ol which have the qualities of toughness, flexibility, and hardness. Your Clothes are SAFE-DRYED not BAKED DRY! WITH SAFE IOW-HEAT AND HIGH AIRFLOW! 1^* ^ «« M! i DrV er TWICE AS FAST AS ORDINARY DRYERS! DRYS 18 IBS. OF WET CLOTHES IN HALF THE USUAL TIME! At last you can dry clothes as fast as you can wash them! • BIG CAPACITY — dryi 18 poundu of wet clothea • CIEAR-VIEW PORTHOLE DOO* — Automatically slops RCtion when opened. Drying ro- «umen automatically when door » closed. • HIGH AIRFLOW — Lnw-Hcat drys even most delicate fabric* safely —DOM NOT Bake clothoa! • fXCLUSIVE CRISS-CROSS BAFFLES-tumble, •nfokt evttry garment for f*ntor, more evwi frying. Natural Gas SAFE Mil fabrics Ark-Mo Power Co. Friedman . Mrs s s Pat . [erson Oaptain Cook Exp i ores the , gouth Sea5> Spe n-y; The Mississippi > Police were sent to the school to Bubble. Costain; Mr., Mrs. L. E. investigate the incident. . ., i Old, Vocations for Boys, Kitson; .. . , Popular Mechanic Guide to Good Hunting and Trapping, Godfrey; Mr., Mrs. Conny Modinger. Winter Journey, Falk; Mr., Mrs. Ernest-1 bloom yesterdy. Mixed Up Tree COVINGTON, Ky. if Coggins may have a confused pear tree. She said weather in the 70s prompted the tree to burst into . Hope Don't you miss out another day on the astonishing power benefits of CONOCO Super Gasoline V \ \ \ PROVE IT YOURSELF, MR. BAKER! AFTER TWO TANKFULS OF CONOCO SUPER WITH TCP,* SEE IF YOU AREN'T SETTING BETTER GAS MILEAGE, INCREASED ENGINE POWER, LONGER SPARKPLUG LIFE, AND ALL THE BENEFITS OF AN ENGINE TUNE-UP! REGARDLESS OF MAKE OR YEAR, YOUR CAR DESERVES THIS NEW KIND OF FUEL. YOU SEE, BY NEUTRALIZING LEAD AND CARBON DEPOSITS WHICH FORM ON CRITICAL ENGINE PARTS, TCP GIVES 'NEW CAR' PERFORMANCE TO OLDER ENGINES ! One ride sold roe on Conoco £u|>er Gasoline with TCP! WOW {M GETTING A GOOD THREE MILES MORE PER GALLON... AND, EVEN IN TFWFFrC, TWE ENGINE DOESN'T WONDER IF IT'LL HELP MY NEW CAR AT ALL WHiTS HAPPENED TO TWI5 CAR. FRED? NEVER SHOWED SUCH POWER AND PICK- UP I LAST WEEK. I STAGED USING COMOCO SUPER WITH TCP...AND WHAT A 'POft£Rr=l/L DIFFERENCE ITS MADE | YOU BETITWIUi MY CONOCO DEALER TELLS ME IT'S THE FUEL DESIGNED FO.R HI-COMPRESSION AS FOR TODAY'S NEW Rl- COMPRESS/OW ENGINES, WELL, TCP KEEPS 'EM DELIVERING TOP POWER, EVEN IN LOW TEMPERA- TURE, STOP-AND- GO DRIVING. IT'S THE BEST THERE [S... FOR YOU AND YOUR CAR! G. O. POETZ OIL CO.

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