The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on September 17, 1899 · Page 19
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 19

Chicago, Illinois
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Sunday, September 17, 1899
Page 19
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10 A-M-fflaDTrfflMIIlLlW t Opening- Sale Opening Sale' THE SUNDAY IXTEH OCEAN, SEPTEMBER 17, 1899. (TDrnFmnRfm This year's . : French Serires. floe French All. Wool CheTiota Granites, ate. no price Ladies' Tailor Made Suits and Jackets. Greatest advance presentation of Ladies' ready-to-wear garments ever made Fashionable Tailor- Made Suits and the very popular Jackets modeled after selected Parisian patterns and made to wear well and fit like gloves an immense collection of bargains, such as Rothschild's is famous for. Tailor-Made Suits: made ot the famous Venetian cloth, cut In irtrlct accord with the latest (dentine principle and regarded by ua aa the beat . . . .1 r ua I V. nwlaid ever onerea in our orpinium. w w . -1 This suit hi been on of our strongest sellers so far this season. We have them In all colors, with silk revers, velvet collars, full sllk-llned Jacket, and habit or plaited back skirt. To persuade early buying we will aell these suits Monday for - place these magnificent The best Kersey h -;. .i rki.m one of the leading makers of the world to retail for 115.U0-It Is a copy of the most sensible French -4. g (( model we have seen this fall. It Is full silk I I I.UU lined, and comes In blues, tans, browns, and M 7 blacks. This Jacket we will sell Monday tor IP Provisions. Nelson Morris Supreme 2c Bacon, lb S.000 Armotir's Star J Qc Hams, lb vw 4.900 Fancy California elc Hama. lb Swift's Premium Hams Qq Lcai Strips of Sweet Atf, Pickled Salt Pork, lb V2V Rock Fall Creamery Butter (no better on earth), f f 5-lb. pall a 1 M Qerman Full Cream Brick jc Cteeas (wholesale price), lb: New York State Full 1 3C Cream Cheeae. lb II JL (extra slse), ecl ILLINOIS STATE FAIR This Year's Exposition Will Excel All Previous Ones. IMPROVEMENTS ARE MADE Grounds at Springfield Are Chanced Beyond Recognition. Carnival Will Add Its Dells-ts to Attractive Pregrsmaie-World'i Fastest Horses to Appear. Bpeclal Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. SPRINGFIELD. IM.. Sept. 16. Never before in the history of tho Hllnol State Fair association have such extensive preparation been made for the annual exposition. Nature and art have combined their force harmoniously and made a paradise of the beautiful Illinois state fair ground, and nothing has been left undone that could add to the entertainment provided for the visitors during the week Sept. 25 to 30, inclusive. In addition to the great tate fair, which will oe-tupy the attention of the vlltor In the day time, the citlien ot Sprrngfleld have arranged a carnival pageant of bewildering beauty that will furnish entertainment at night during the week. The unprecedented demand for apace by exhibitor chows how the wind la blowing, and the coming fair will set a new atandard. The great hall of the massive fair-ground build-- logs will be filled to overflowing with the finest displays, and this, together with the attractive programme of races. In which the king of the turf will etrlve for honors, supremacy, and rich punea. makes the coming fair the meat promising ot any In the history of the state board of agriculture. '. vast Improvements have been made at the fair ground lnco last year. In fact, the change I so great that persons who visited the fair a year ago will hardly recognise the place thl year. The many acre are covered with beautiful grass, kept Ilk that of a fine lawn. Ixvely flower beds have been put In at various places, and the plant are now In full bloom. Race Trweli l Fle Comltloau Cement walk cover 'the remotest cexner. snd the driveway are In excellent condition. The race track was never In better condition end the best horsemen who have been here recently predict record-breaking apeed on the course thl year. Ample preparation have been made for transporting the large crowd to and from the grounds, and thl will maa greatly to the comfort of all visitor. Secretary W. C. Garrard of the stats board of agriculture, who keeps In doe touch with very detail ot the big fair, and who la always reliable la hi prediction, talk In glowing period of the coming exhibition. HI prognostications bear out the statement that the (air will be the most successful In point of attendance and exhibits In the history ot the association. Secretary Garrard says: "The machinery exhibit will cover twelve or fifteen acres of ground outside of machinery hall, and the vehicle exhibit will be twice aa large a that of last year. This fact ha necessitated calling a special meeting of the board to determine what shall be done with these exhibits. The farms' 1 products will embrace displays of a special character from Oregon, Canada. Florida, and New Mexico, in addition to the ssrg exhibits of ' produce from the sail of the great state ot Ullnoia." - - , ; J-.; Ktw Balldlaga Kreetea. : "The horse department has been obliged to erect temporary quarter for the Increased New Fall Dress Fabrics. formal exposition of Dress Goods for ladies fall dresses is one : a tt.-- ' - i it.: a i i .1 si r : J r Cinailug ever auuuuDixu. .iiwuipnscscveryiuiDg uctrccu uy iuc icauiug lasuwuuraiucnui u r w. .v. as Mixed Novelty Suitings, Reversible Plaids, both Scotch and golf, and a magnificent assortment of blacks. . .., m au . a wmm - &r a a. f Af 1 . 1 IVf 9 ana jsc are our special prices ior 9-incn xiixea noveity aumng, wi,u iww, f Tailor Cloths, in the popular fall shades; Silk and Wool French Novelties; 46-inch Two Toned Cov- erts: 44-inch English Whipcord, etc ... - " - Monday will buy some of the season's most dependable Fabrics,, heavy All-Wool Scotch Cheviots. 54-inch Tailor Mixtures, 44-inch Two-Toned Coating Tweeds, 52-inch A O Habit Cloths in plain colors and new mixtures, 50-inch Storm Serges, Imported India ifot. 1 wijis, cmc enects in new sue ana Reversible Plaids- 54-tnch "West of Knirland" Tailor Broadcloths, la every conceivable shade, 68-inca and HomesDuna. 46-tncl. Two-Toned .f-v C such, values ever shown tor the yQQ - strongest aellen 10 I so ir init .00 at 18.00 when K reached our receiving room, snd later la . the season we expect to re-ct-ive this amount, but our advance price for Monday one ault to a customer will be We Have Another Tailor-Made Suit that Is a positive S2S.0O value. It is full braid trimmed or very plain, to suit the taste of the wearer tight-fitting or fly front Jackets, after the late French models the pride of our DODular Cloak Department. It seems ridiculous Jfor us to do It, but we have decided to gsrments on sale Monday at. Jacket ever placed on saje We have Tlii lacket was manufactured or made of the vers, latest The Great Pure Food Show Opens Monday: Beginning Then Pure Groceries at Cost After three months of studious planning after three weeks spent in decorating our expansive fifth floor grocery department (the greatest in Chicago), erecting booths, engaging exhibitors and adding facilities for the convenience of professional demonstrators from every part of the world, we will open our fourth annual fooi show Monday morning. Admission is free to everybody. Come and load yourself up with samples of cooked and uncooked pure foods free concerts-daily. Prompt deliyery. Tel. 750 Harrison. Cereal Dept. 500 bbls. Pillsbury's Flour, per bbl. bbl , H.20; 400 bbls. Washburn's Superlative Floor, per bbl.. $4.15; QQ 400 bb!s. Ceresota Patent Floor, per bbl., $4.10; J QQ 350 bbts. "Red Shield" Pat-eat Flour (milled from the Terr best fasrd wheat), per bbl., $3.95; f C bw yoc l.OOO Loaves Fresh Baked Bread (made from our "Red Shield" patent flour), loaf 6t 1,000 bbls. Rolled Oats 1Cr (ground fresh dally,10 lbs. for'?' Fine Oranulated Yellow Cr Meal. 10 lbs. for 1 vk number of animals, and the cattle barns and sheep and swine pavilions and poultry building will be filled to overflowing. "A. permanent addition on the grounds which ought to attract attention this year I the huge piece of armor plate, weighing several tons, which has been placed between the Sangamo club house and the amphitheater. The fragment of plat 1 fifteen feet long, six feet high, and ten Inches thick. It has been pierced twice by fifteen-Inch shells.- and has holes In It large enough for a small-sized man to crawl through. "The display In the Exposition building will be far In excess of any previous year. Application have been received for apace from Minnesota, Michigan. Wisconsin, Ohio. Missouri.- Indiana, and many other states. The privileges are In the hands of James K Dickerson of Lawrencevllle. No liquor privilege will be granted to any one, and the ole Midway will be a thing of the past. Unusual interest Is being taken In the art department, and the display will not only be larger, but of a finer quality than heretofore." Star Pointer ass Joe Patehea. Each day's racing programme will be a feature that will be well worth the price of admission to the fair. The fast horses will be here .'n full force. Star Pointer and Joe Patchen are both under contract to appear on Friday, but this may be brokeo. owing to the fact that the famous Star Pointer has been withdrawn from the track since the making of the coo-tract. Star Pointer's world race record of 2:00 was made on the state fair ground track two year ago. The principal race of the week will be on Friday. This will be a 2:03 pace for a purse of $2,500. Among the entries for this are Joe Patchen, John K. Gentry, Searchlight, Bogash, and others. The programme for the week a outlined briefly will be a follows: Monday, Sept. 23. Children' Day All children will be admitted free. Three harness races and) two running races during the after-, noon. Tuesday, Sept 26, Springfield Carnival Day In the afternoon three harneea races and two running race. Carnival pagAnt will etart at S p. m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, Woman's Day Magnificent floral parade at I o'clock In the morning, after which the handsome new Woman's building at the fair grounds will be dedicated. Abo Soldiers' day. when veteran of the civil and Spanish-American war will be admitted free. Three harness andi two running race. Grand reception in the evening at the executive mansion. Confetti night and a time of open-air revelry. Sept. 28 Is Governor's Day. Thursday, Sept. 28. Governor' Day Governor Tanner and his entire staff, together with the state officers, will be the guests of tte state board) of agriculture on the grounds. Three harness and two running race In the afternoon. Marvrfouely exciting fire run la the evening. In which the entire fire department of Springfield will participate in a run of one mile, prises to be awarded the winners. Friday. Sept. 29, Springfield Day All but!-eesa houses will close. The great harness king will have a speed contest. "Three harness and two running races in addition. Grand cobcert and reception at the statchouse in the evening. Saturday. Sept. SO. Pay Day Th great fair close and ail premhinM will be paid in cash at 4 p. m. ' Without doubt there will be more mustc thl year than ever before. Five bands, in addition to the Symphony orchestra, composed ot ladles, have been secured. These are: Watch Factory of Springfield, Second Regiment ot Chicago. Parlln at Orendorff of Canton. Goodman's of Decatur, and the Jacksonville Juvenile of Jacksonville, 111. , Tke Carnival Paareaat. On Tuesday night the genii of mirth, melody, and electricity will touch Into enchantment the splendid carnival pageant of symbolic floats. Th bewildering beauty will be such aa ha never before been attempted outside the largest cities of the country. ,The city will be luminous with electric light during the week, and especially gorgeous alone th route which the carnival pageant will take Tuesday night When th limit of the business portion of th city are reached; w oo. riaias, cic mirreioui vsiuc iji Scotch Reversible Golf Plaids S-St oeadabte eomblnationa and moat stylish patterns for fashionable skirts and tailor gowns strictly all-wool. M Inches . r wide the best alue In all Chicago for the money ZD 1.31 1 Monday at S2.00 snd V Tailor-Made Garments the most attractive in our stock Is full silk stitched, has silk lined jscket and habit or French back skirt, finished with a flaw quality of percaline lining, and portraying the moat exquisite new style. This suit is one we had marked 1552 a special lot of Misses' Jackets extremely popular golf cloth, with fancy re- style collar, and Is looked upon sa a new idea in misses Jackets. The Jacket Is actually worth (15, to make our regular percentage of profit we should get that amount, but to bring business Monday w will aell It for.... lO-oo H. & E. Fine Oranulated A.7r Sugar. 10 lbs. for....- ' Lenfesty's Entire Wheat and Grsham Flour. 10-lb. sacks, Best .1.00 Best Macaroni and Spa- 9c Khetu, package. ...... Best Japan Rice, same others charge 10c for. lb 7c Very Bright Broken Rice, 5c lb 5,000 packages drape Nuts, each..., 11c Nelson florris' Supreme 67c 67c 60c Lra. lo-iD. pan Swift's SUverieaf Lard, 10-lb. pall Swift's Cotosuet. 10 lb. P4Ui....Av-. f ,O00 p'kmges Beat Cora 10c 6Urch, I packages for.... and the carnival float pass through the residence district, the softer glow of Chinese lanterns will shed a dimmer radiance on the picture from each side of the street There will be innumerable thousand of these lanterns stretching away for miles like a chain of half-concealed fire. Accentuating the Illusory effect of the lanterns will be colored fire brand, burned by the carnival attendant aa the pageant ot beauty move along. Th twenty float have arrived, and are being decorated In the den arranged on the outskirts of the city. A flower parade will occur on Tuesday morning. In the evening Confetti night or "All Fools' night" the carnival spirit will run riot There will be such high revelry and open-door fun on that night as Springfield hss never known before. Ropes will be stretched along the sidewalks on two of the principal business street of the city and only the gay maskers will be allowed Inside of these. A grand cake walk will conclude the show on Confetti night, only masked persons being allowed to take part SHIPS SCUTTLED BY CAPTAINS. Claims for latarsse Ansae Saspleloa ssd Arrests Are Made. Bpeclal Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. HALIFAX. N. S., Sept 15. A case of crime on the high seas is now before the courts of tkls province. In June last the schooner Ju-vent sailed from Whitehead for HaUfax with a load of canned lobsters. On the coast the Juventa met the schooner St. Thomas from the same port, and the lobsters were passed over to her. Then the Juventa was scuttled. In order to make it possible to put in a claim lor Insurance on vessel and cargo. The St. Thomas sailed with the lobsters to St Pierre. Mlquelon, where they were sold to tL-e French. Then this schooner put out co sea and she was ccuttled also, covered by a good Insurance policy. The Insurance com- paulea were asked for the amounts of the pol icies on both craft, but the facta became talked about, and. instead ot paying over the money, the captains of the vessel and member of the crew were arrested, charged with conspiracy to defraud, and now all hands are In prison. In the examination before the magistrate It appears that one of the captains was to. receive $600 for hi share of the enterprise. COLORED MAN LOSES HIS SUIT. Uaasaa-es Asked fron a Tew a for tke Aetloa of a Mob. Special Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. ' GUTHRIE. Ok., Sept Id. Negroes are not allowed to live or work In the town of Norman, containing 2,000 population. Last winter a negro went there to pot a tin roof on a building. - He was attacked by a mob and cruelly beatesu ' He brought salt for $24,000 against the town, claiming that the police officers failed to protect him. Today Judge Burwell luitalned the demurrer to the plain ti ft" s petition and threw the case out of court, holding that a municipality could not be held responsible for Its police officers" doing, or falling to do. their duty. .4 Do Kalkt Csssty Ploaeers Meet. , . . Bpeclal Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. ' SYCAMORE. 111., Sept II. The annual reunion and old settlers' picnic of De Kalb county was"held in Kingston today, and 1,600 were In attendance. Wallace Peckman of Chicago delivered the address. The following officers were elected: President, M. F. Cole; secretary. A- E. Hlx; treasurer, H. F. Branch. Seetioa Haael Killed. - . F. Holm, fit years old. a section hand on the Chicago asd Northwestern - railroad. . was struck by a passenger train at Clyboura place yesterday and Instantly killed. Holm lived at No. Hi Townaend street 1 ....... , 0 RAND TRUNK to DETROIT mmd Ratorw 7.2 ' . aoctaswertbaa Aay OtberUne. " ' Good going Sept 15. 1C, 17; returning till Sept SO. 'Tickets. No. 14 Clark, corner Jackson, and Dearborn station. . of the most fas-J . v. n.,-1,4 -...-V. I uuduij New "show them ' cities in the city . Fall Fruits & Vegetables. New crop, large, fancy 1 'Jr- Evnporated Peaches, lb, New crop, large, fancy Evaporated Apricots... ........ 13c French Prunes, extra f Ar Ue. lb ivri Choice Stewing Prunes, lb 6c tract. Fancy California Peach:, In heavj sirup. S-Ib. cans-each Perry & Brooks Orated Pineapple, t-lb. cans, each...., 15c 10c Oreen QMge Plums, la Ar hfesry alrap. J-lb. cana, each... V Strictly Pure Spices juid,. Extracts at special price. " PureOround Cmaamon, f20c 7U lb aU, Pure Qround Ginger, lb. 15c AMONGTHERAILWAYS Western Lines Will Reduoe Number ot Animal Passea BETTER FOR THE PUBLIC With No Deadheads Rates Might Be a Cent a Mile. I11ia.ola Ceatral Gets Blr Eavla Traveling: Passesgcr Ageats . Coaveae la Denver. Executive officers of Western railroads will meet here next Tuesday to discuss terms of an agreement aa to the Issuance of annual passes for next year. About this time every year the' executive officers meet and agree'not to issue annual passes "to Influence trafflc." or. In plain words, not to give passe to big chipper. Th Interstate commerce law forbids the Issuance of passe to shippers, as that is equivalent in many case to paying rebate which small shipper do not secure. A regularly aa the agreement ha been mad in past year it has been broken, but it is only fair to say that every year the number of passe improperly Issued is growing less. "If no passe or half-rat tickets were issued except to the official of each Individual road the railroad could almost afford to make a rate of I cent a mile to the general public." aid the vice president of one ot the Western roads yesterday. "I think the time will come, within ten years," when each railroad will limit free transportation to Its own officials and employe. There 1 no good reason why we shoull issue annual to freight and passenger agent of rival roads,- to enable them to come into our territory and handle traffic which should be handled. ty as. There Is no business reason why the President of the New York Central railroad, for example, should not pay his fare when b travel over the Pennsylvania or Burlington road. It Is courtesy, but not business. The idea Is constantly . growing that the railroad ahouM be run on a strictly business policy, and that transportation 1 the sole stock. In trade of a railroad company and should be exchanged only for cash or Its equlvlaent The hardest tblng for us to stop is giving passes to politician. ' If we refuse to give them on demand we can expect bills and ordinances to be passed to reduce our revenue or restrict our operation. Some state have passed laws prohibiting anybody holding a political post" tlon from accepting railway passes. When ail states pass similar law the rates of fare for the general public can and will be. reduced.' I Krle's Better Freight Facilities. Th Krle Railroad company 1 to move It freight transfer business in Chicago farther south, and I Just finishing n Immense building between Fifty-First and Fifty-Second street, where all transfer business with other road will be transacted. The new warehouse Is located about th center of th Fifty-First street yard. It i'4bD feet long, and will accommodate over-forty cars on each aide. After Oct -1 th Fourteenth - street frelghthou of the Erie will be used for city business only. - ' Hew Poller of GesU Llaes. . The Gould line la Texas are .rapidly arranging to test bualneaa grounds with th Huntington system. They propose to do this by paralleling th latter line a mock as possible through North Texas and thence to the gulf port at Galveston. Their proposition a developed today 1 to make extensions of soma short Uses ther now owa or New Fall Silks and Velvets. fTbe lady who comes down town shopping' Monday and takes the tronble -inspect our showing of new fall Silks, Satins, and Velvets, will pronounce them equal to in any State street store, no matter how pretentious. ,. , 10 pieces of All-Silk Black Satin Ouchesse, full 24 inches wide, very brilliant fln- . LTi cannot be duplicated anywhere in Chicago at the price of ........ .. . 'Also a 24-1 nch Black Swiss Taffeta, the correct finish and weight a fortunate purchase enables us to offer 50 pieces of this silk at the low price of. 10 pieces 20 In. White Taffeta, regular 75c quality, finish, luster, and weight the same as sold here and elsewhere for 75c...... t. I...... MnvTP! tv I IfC are coming in every cay; styles are so varied that it is impossible to nUVCUV aJIIIXO go into details: all marked at popular prices. We will cheerfully whether you are prepared to bay or not. We are satisfied we have the best medium priced line of hot- I I fT and we are anxious to prove it to you prices ranee up to SI. 25 from............ ..T... prove : i you prices Millinery: To forcibly emphasize our reputation as the leading popular millinery house of Chicago we will display Monday a most exquisite conception in imported Fall Round Hats and Toques. These creations are by the best modistes of Paris, London, and New York. We gathered the models at an enormous expenditure of time and money, and the copies, while being exact and very chic, will be sold at prices far below those quoted by any other organization in Chicago. i 1.95 and 2.45 4.75 to 8.00 New and Stylishly Trimmed Fall Dress Shapes, very proper In every respect, ea-h constructed ot beautiful and lubstaa-tial materials; we have 600 patterns from which to ebooss and yon csn take your choice Monday for ft.ii snd $1.95. 1.69 for Silk Velvet and Jet are pretty enough, to be worth $3.00 Long Curled Black Pelican Quills, equai to those offer- J for 25c by any other bouse on the street Monday tor... Black Breasts, the fashionable side trimming for the new fall hats they ought to bring 60c each go Monday for Black Ostrich Plumes, positively 10 Inches in length, g'onr. full, sad attractive, sell regularly for ISe sach Monday Pure nixed Spices, lb... Pure Whole Cloves,' lb.. Pure Nutmegs, lb ... Qarden City Lemon Ex- 17c 18c 10c o Tomorrow only, Straight? nr Aiikola Coffe for. lb Our new crop of Basket Fired Oolong. English Breakfast and Toung Hyson Teas, regular price , f 6-os. bottle 1 Ot Arbuckle's Coffee, pack-1 Q Rockford '& Ca's Pure Oround Chocolate, 1-lb. can. worth 1(1. 40c, for OUC Best Bird Seed, E l-lto. package. . ......... ........... Teas and Coffees. " . Our trade Is steadily increasing with the A. 1. C. Coffee e., trj a pound at S5c Soc, or........aV?l Rich-Old Ooldea Santos Cof-"feo, t lbs. for ILOO, or, . per lb 1 OH Rothschild's High OraQe Javav-. and Mocha Ooffe (roasted - H " freah da Or), lb S.OOO gala. Whits Wine and Vinegar, gal 4.000 gals. Honey- Drip Olr Table Sirup .Ww Laundry Supplies. I. OOO boxes Swift's ilohawk Usgdrf Soap, box at 106 bars. C II. 7. c U bar tor ....OC 800 boxes Thompson's Cham- ploa Laundry 8os, bos of 1M F- $t. ILtCer ll bars for Lenox Family Soap, 15-3 tSf. bar for ' lease In the southern and central parts of the state, so a to form a through line from Fort Worth to Galveston via Waco, by which they hope to divide the trade of North Texas not only with the Huntington system, but with the lfissouri, Kansas and Texas road also. It is announced that the Goulds will have completed all the connecting line within the next twelve month, and will then be prepared to compete for North Texas business vis the Galveston port aa agslnst the Huntington and "Katy" systems. The system of roads mapped out will thread the center of the state In one of the richest portions. ' Illinois Ceafral Gets Bla EasTlaes. The Illinois Central received yesterday two of the largest locomotives ever built Each weighs, with tender, S2S.0OO pounds, or forty-three tons more than the largest engine on the Burlington system, and sixty tons more than the big engines of the Northern Pacific and Great Northern. Tb Illinois Central will test 'Its engine next week between Carbondale. III., and Fulton. Ky. At places between these points th grade run a high aa forty-three feet to the mile. Interspersed with live-degree curve. Over these places th best engines heretofore of the Illinois Central could put only sixty cars when operating as double-headers. The new engine are guaranteed to have a hauling capacity of 2.000 ton, or 100 car load of 40,000 pounds, to the car. Hew Ralls Cheaper tkaa Ole. It 1 a remarkable tact that two railroads nave Just sold a lot of old rails for a higher price than had to pay for new one Just delivered to them. In other words, the steel companies gave new rails and $1 in cash per ton for every ton of old rail, The explanation is that several m oaths ago, before the advance in Iron and ateel. the Wabash and Santa Fe railroads contracted for new steel rails. Before the time for delivery of the rails the price of steel advanced so that the manufacturers were glad to buy old rails from th railroad companies at a rate of $1 more per ton than several months ago they contracted to furnish new rails for. Will Coa-veao lax Dearer. Th twenty-seventh annual convention of the American Association of Traveling Passenger Agents will be held In Denver, next Tuesday and Wednesday. ' A special train, tendered by the Rock Island road to the members of the association, will leave here at t o'clock this afternoon for Denver. Charles Kennedy, assistant general passenger agent of th Rock Island, will be In charge of the train, which I equivalent to raying that everybody on It will have a pleasant time. ; RlSht f Way teesrel. ; Bpeclal Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. i TERRS HAUTE, Ind.. Sept II. John U. Walsh of Chicago today concluded the-purchase of the right of way Into this city for his railroad, too Indiana Southern. The track will parallel the Bvaasvill and Terre Haute road Into this city and will have aa entrance into the Union depot Th purchase of the right of .way represents a large outlay of money. Work will begin on the line Into Terre Haute next spring. . Bervlee Stripe for B. a ad O. mte. .Servlc stripes will be added to the uniform of employes of tb Baltimore and Ohio Tall-road: - A gold rtrfpe will Indicate Ave yean of service, and a silver stripe two years. Some of -the Baltimore aad Ohio conductors wilt 'be entitled to nine gold stripe. . No other railroad ha conductors la continuous servlc q long. .- . .. - - nwsrclsf Wlski, ' Experiment have been going on' with aa Ingenious machine which shuts over a man's eye ao that the eyelid as It works open aad closes a chronograph. ' So far th quickest wink on record Is about a sixth of a second. i : 1 1 type Ossposltlaa. : f Estimate furnished for linotype composition, either In agate, nonpareil, minion, or brevier, any width up to 2? ems pica. Terms reasonable. Address Composition, box 125, Th later Ocean. range up Fascinating Beautiful Fall Hats trimmed with silk velvet, taffeta silk, elegant ostrich plumes, new pastel or-namenla. Imported birds and breasts hats mads up special for our opening at from ft-75 to $8.00. Hats, three stylish shapes, that Monday for........... f, Iv Q-, Qr Gray Seal Quills, appropriate for trlmi fall Golf Hats, worth $1.00 Monday for Children's Tams and Felt ment, worth fully double our Monday Choice of 24 shapes of Black Silk Velvet Hats,' ready to trim, sell regularly for $1.50 our Monday pries is to be.' Wines and Liquors. NeverMn history have euch low price been quoted for strictly pure goods. Everr package fully guaranteed as to its purity and value. l.OOO gals, of Old Port Wine. gal..... Strictly Cider Pure ;15c 1 ,000 gals, of Old Sweet Catawba Wine, sal Catawba Wine. gal. 300 gals, of Old Califor nia St. Julien Claret Win, gal, 1.000 bots. Cld Qucken-helmer Wh'.iky. full at. bottle. 800 bots. Old Blue Ores WhUky. fun et. bottle ; 60O bottles Old Crow Whisky, fall qt. botUe ...... Old Rlpy WhUky bot- (M la wood), bottle.... IX Sacb & Sou' Pure Malt Whlaky. bottle..... INSURANCE CIRCLES Varying Opinions as of the Union's to the Eflect Action. ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS ' Mr. Rothermel of the Traders' Handsomely Remembei ed- asetr Case Before Iawstlaratloar ' Coaaasittee Chssxrs' Aatsag th Specials Iasaraaee Xotes. . Opinions on the street yesterday were divided aa to th result af th new mor ot th union In adopting graded commissions. Union managers said that th beauties of the, plan and it probable results grew upon them the more they wr considered. 'and. that the word they received from th agents was all (favorable, they being delighted with the plan and allowing It to bo inferred, that they would get rid of their nocv-unlon companies. The non-union force had got their second wind- and were talking even, more hopefully of outcome to be expected than on the day before. They claimed to be gettlnc Just as good and Just a many promise a th untoa managers, said that the union had weakened Itself by It action, aatt that th net result would be that the union companies had Increased their expenses, and that what they would .gain by It would oot offset what it bad cost them. The fact la that everyone 1 theorising, and probably allowing hi hope to Influence hi Judgment. - No one can tell what the result will be till the scheme has been actually tried tor a time. It Is up to th agent now. and he is the man who will decide tb successor failure of th experiment Opinion of Chicago 'agent do not cut so much flgur. as they are in an excepted, city, but many of them. even, those representing; anion companies, doubt the result. On of them drew, attention, yesterday to th remarkable comparison between the convention of th agent and the manager, the former at Buffalo last month and the latter at Niagara last week. The agents, who dope nd upon their commission for their livelihood, declared that under existing condition they believed a lower rate of commls-aion would be for th best Interest of tb Insurance business and, therefore to their best Interest, amt declared- their willingness to accept a lower commission in order to put tb business as a wool oa a better footing. On the other hand th manager.' who have been declaring that expenses were too hsgk and) that it would be absolutely necessary to reduce them, answered the agents'- offer by Increasing commissions and expense. A on of the most lar-seeins; underwriter on tb street said yesterday, the change Is poor principle but good policy. It Is a war measure, anA so la not to be Judged, perhaps, by ordinary standard. Further detail of the unioa meeting are coming out Annexe of unioa companies cannot remain outside hereafter. A compaa-cannot bo la th union tor on part of the Held and not for another. Th graded) commissions will apply after Oct. 1 on tb following classifications: . . ' Dwellings and contents, barn when written in connection with dwellings, public buildings (except almbouse. penitentiaries; and Insane asylums), schools, church, te XS per cent . , ; Strictly mercantile buildings.' 20 per cent Special haaards, mercantile stocks, etc, IS percent.. ' - ''-A Queer Cao.'- - Th lavesttgatlng committee Is puztllog ever a" eass which or eats same naesoal cetaalica- to Y those displayed x ' Pfrggr it is impossible to ; v1 Exhibit, 1.69 king the new 69c 39c 79c Hats, a very large assort pries, which, will Tte. 50c Sfn sJVfW 50c 65c AC .Or "V" 7c- - Tfir ' tU ticna. which readers It doubtful as to what la the best course te pursue. - A Arm formerly in part-j acrship has dissolved, aad its two members are I now members of other nannerahlna. (Tharo I have been brought against them -for offense committed daring the timejof their partnership. 1 neir lormer naemDerrnip waa inoividaaL. boa new H is a Irm membership, so that if taey were proceeded against in their present roa section it would involve men who had nothing whatever to do with their o ft cose. The committf will take another try at the question st its acxt meeting. Mr. Rslkerael's Aaalversarr. Anniversaries are plenty about the Trader office Just now. A short time see Secretarr soma celebrates his silver anniversary la that pMttlon. and last week Assistant Secretary Rothermel -completed tweaty-flvs years of service with the company. Mention hss beea made of th presentation te him by his fellow employes of s beautiful repeater, with chain and diamond-set charm, but that has beea outdone by the action of the board ot directors. At taair raeetln- Friday .ther adopted a rwolatioa eoaa mending hta good Jadgrawnt. energy, and devotion to the Interest of the company, which have contributed so much to its success. This was all very well, and Mr. Rothermel is having a signed copy of the resolution framed for his cciMren. nut money talks, and the Traders' directors showed that they meant what they eaid by giving atr. Rotbeiiael a check for aa amount which shows that his employers appreciate him as well as 4 his friend. . - - Matthew at th Cales, keenag. ! Insurance managers st the Niagara Falls meeting were, very much surprised to meet Insurance Commissioner Matthews of Okie la the corridor Of the hotel dnrine their aeutAna T-. . Mr. Matthews statement In connection with la Duslap ease at Columbus that he would have to look late the Western Untoa it complaint was mads te him. his presence there was regarded by torn as rather ominous. It was recalled, too. -that the insurance me stayed away rather ostea- tatioualy from the insurance commissioners' eon. ference at Detroit this month, which made It alt eh more strange that a commissioner shoult eome to a tows where a meeting was ia preeresa. hedged about by such remarkable and supposedly awe-inspiring precautious to insure secrecy. Mr. K ft h. w. ..nialnaJ eh. Ia b. J . i i ----" - ..piirun iv m aa Buffalo and ran over to see the falls, apparently not being ready te concede the assumption of some of the managers that they owned th place, and that ths presence of say en else waa aa unwarranted intrusion. Wsst Kefos tat Cleerev Chleaaa Inanrmae wmmm . aiaMMi. . form ia the Cicero Ar department. Its efficiency hss beea impaired by Internal dissension, and Its record at th Cody flat are at Austin last week has not Improved Its standing ia th estimation of insurance aea. They declare that the local department did not seem to know what to do, aad Anally had to scad for th Chicago department to put the fir oat for them. Th Cicero department is supposed to protect a territory la which a great deal of insurance has bees written, aad there will be either aa Improvement ia the servico or aa increase ia rates. special Ages! Cu as sal a- ; Charles A. Cummings. of the firm of Cum-mlngs Hadneld of Peoria, ha beea appointed special aa-eat aad adjuster for Illinois for th Banal Ceasmeietal. He has already placed hla eompaay ia Rockford. Joliet. Quiacy. Springs aid. aad fiieomiagtoa. . . . , ; """a". 1 Sk Overhead. Writ las; Still Coatlaoea. A large Mock of Insurance oa the stock ot Penberthy. Cook A Co.. wholesale grocer at Meaomlae. Mich., ha beea writtea through a Grand Rapids iMlch.) agency at Se per. cent One Urga foreign company took a line of lS.40d. Overhead writing has not ceased yet la spite of premiss aad agree meets, it remain t be tringent rule ' against overhead writing adopted by the unloa at it recent BMotiag wiii have any bettor .Hoc" " Retire froau th RoosL. - ' John U ; Boer has resigned his position aa special agent st th Insurance Company of th But of Pennsylvania to engage t Ue local Ire trsuranc business ta ' Grand Bapida, Mica. Through a eombiaatioa of circa ma Lance la coa-acetloa with hla local interests Mr. Boer is compelled to retire from th road, which he doe with a great deal of regret Th new firm will be known aa Boer a Hardy, succeeding Perkins a, tim. . . . T. sri n ... a - - v . t 4 Special Dispatch t Th later Ocean. ' MrLIVAtXKEE. Wis., Sept. 1C Fire this after-uooa damaged th plant ot tb Milwaukee Har-rosier company to the extent of Htoi. The km is cowod bv iosurauoa. i .....i.

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