The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLtf, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ur^ who has been, visiting her sister. Mrs. j. w. Bailer, went to C-'iu- tilhcm-lllc tcclny lor a Ijrier sluy. Bhc plaiib to 'return home Sunday. Milton Allenberg, of Memphis, returned Dome tcday after u short «|ay with Mrs. Altentjere'B at the Memphis Bapii Mrs. c. fi. Stevens, is ine after an Illness 1 emu. Mr*. M. 11. Yowell licnt at the MeinpF hospital. . . Miss Gladys Waters FRIDAY, of Ttt H«e ".. ., . The Utnaiy Department the Woman's Club Mil hoW icgulav monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon, January 33, 2 30 o'clock, in the ho'ne of the chairman, Mrs Jas Hill, Ji, 1021 ChjckasavibJ A?e. An Interesting piogram Inisi Utn arranged based ,on literary! trends In Russia Mis Ol!S Blic|i- haVd «l!l discus* M»i!o UfiClit books shoeing ho*, they reflect the jifc and thought of the Bui- sijm people Mil Ki Finesse Unnecessary When End Play Can Be Used Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV'WM. K. Secretary, American Brldte- Uague Uwl pluy uiilll ncc'e'wairy? instead. lake another round of spades and you will find thut there is wily one trump outstanding. Now die club should be led and trumped with (he Jock of spades. Tills '1 lie strip and end-play is one of cleal ' s "P the club suit. Iniquity,".by .Pntmon will be ix;Mewed by" MrS ~ V C ButicinQitl. • All members of tlie .club tire Invited <o be piescnl " • « * ' Yirbrp '\\ ill U Meek The yarbro Woinan'h Millenary Society met T^ul^as nt, the home of ^to, Lowell f Enmham ulth l\5is r Chestci Biirnhatn Co- llie most useful weapons of the declarer. There's notliiiig difficult nboul [he play,-and the opi>ortun- |ty 1<» use it often presents Itseif, The reason a great many play- , ,' Ovo\'ei Sutherland, who used as heir-fopto^'Seiylccb, Gifts, ?nd Piajcrs ' Mrs A Uolllngnttorth, Mr6',.'0,"B. Johnson, and Mrs. T, } Jackson participated lu the "" ' 1 -The hostess served a p|nlc luncli rtb-thc 18 members present. -X -4 ' * ,*-• -To H.»e pingi I'lrty , | The ]fomc Demonstration tiul) ,bf 40 antl 8 Mill haio a bingo i.parly this evening. »l, the school .the -proceeds of-which will be used for the pin thaw of cqmpnicnl foi the coinnVmity-'^Mtchcn jC|ub Has Guest-'Mrs. J. .Ernest H-isson enter i.lSlned the. Thursday Contract clul) i-.oiid- Mrs. 'Russell <Forr and Mrs, In the A 10 I K S 3 4 Q 10 31 4. A K Q 0" -Fred •Sinrfsfm'.Vtliis week- _ .card games Mrs. O. O. CiuidtH bidding, r.wop the high..Ecore prize, an Ivy Mase, and the guest award, u [.double deck of cards, went to .,'Mrs. Sandcfur, \ ,The hastcEs- served. chicken salad, '.pickles, n"fruit' dessert, wafeis and .'coffee. 'Entertains Club ; Members of th,e Mitt-tytGk Brid"? i oliib and x Mmcs, Af-B.'rnJifi^kl,- J ; H Elkln;, and Bakei Wilson Had JJunch and played c.nds at, Ine j-,home of Mi 1 - J Louis Cherry •-fuesday -, , - •"*" Tlie luncheon was s^nsd- }ii .buffet style,from a table, decorated ^wlth a lowl of narcksiises foi Ihc ;.centerpiece. t Prizes «ent to Mrs B A Lynch i^and utrs \VilEcin t >v - , ^ Club Metis ^frs J A Leech had inembers -of His Thursday Luncheon 0«b 'as her guests tin's week for -\ ,luncheon, and bridge giunc al hei vlioinc A lirp.collrsa menu v.a -sened In (he dining room v,]t|| a '<;novel decoration for the ccnlcl^ rplece. i The ptiie_i\cnl lo Mi-s Hua§?!\ \Pliilhps. / i~ cis m|ss out on tills stralcey Is. (jo- cause they have a tendency to lokb loo mahy llhcsses. Why not iiliin the play ol the hand BO as ix& to lake u. llncKc unless Iliero is no oilier .way out? • .. ' : South opens tiic biddinc in j,o- rtoy's hiiiid . with a. spade. We'sl has ii defense type hnnd nnd, 1 ' being vulnerable, shouldn't enter '(lie ' ' Has Hook Club !,' ^frs Charles Thursdaj Rook Em ' :'. Wood club Ihd el S«!l'!;. ft .:?<>« today's Ciiiitratt Problem South Is nlaylaj; tho cuii- traet nt six no frum)i. ,R lookis jis if He v|ll h'a'vo to lose » ^lub and a illaraonrt but Ihire is a- ^»v u to miKe Hi f onlljict ui'nlhst fcnso tA«lutlon in next Itsu pass a IK\\ of this yom opponent '•inns phce Hie «ccs nnd kings \fy| c h jou hold tn melt other's luiii'ds and (hcrcbs s;cl loo high. KJ; North's bid i'.ijf Uo spudcs is simply a chafifb-givln;; bid South lakes the strain off the ms'Buiitcj, p E Coolcy tRam- '"" i() bjf Eoi) 'S."to four. This Is In Duncan, M G aood«irf w no Jvny a Slal ? ''.?• b LangdMi mid \y ,11 Burl!s i|S hei guests till-; week lor the '"ice a momli parh twic >• Pineapple «hip \\as seivcd -angel food cake and coffee with * "as Club Mrs L 'U Meorc won llir ,VTKe, a compact, m the bridge - K, mc ° !1lc Tlu 'tsda> Bridge club ,1)15 «ec5- when Mrs Joel Chaiid- ei was Hostess The only yicsl «as MIT,, o H Willey _ The hostess served n luna fish 5 " Sar C °° UCS The I'lay West, cashes the Hrsl t\vo ivlcks Ilic king.-, ami ace ol clubs,' aUi then continues with Ilic qiiccn which South trumps with llv Uircc of,-spadcs. A sninll trump.Is cd uiul'vwon In cluintny,.wil)i< llv Many players thc'inbtnfce - f Miss Willie Dean Barnes ' Heads Club at 40 and 8 Tlic'-e officers of (0 ami g jj,,\r K rild'on Is 4H clul, Have been ceri- cd MW WHIIc Dean B, n) «. „, > loeiit. Mia Opil HcnsolT,- B captain, MI K Maie j rto jrartcr ' . • In A meeting yesterday it : ;oted lo Invite Mrs R L AdWs- son nnd Wnlltr Biincs lo become It was also decided lo liiu 'lure meetings in the lommunltj Kitchen everj l«o v^eeks _ Five nes merabcn,, H n Hoon- ,cr, MJSS Bcrnicc RubieiJ MtVl Evblyu Kirk, Miss Annie M»j Williams and Roy Harrison were enrolled The ncc o! spades slioukl lie which picks up nil the trump. .ie dcclnrcr Ural cashes his KM ol lamomls mid (hen leads (he deuce Bits oj Mostly Personal Mrs. John ll. Boiirlitmi In Uttlc Hock. Mr. and Mrs. J. have returned from in Little Hock. Lori!! (.pent rid MIT. yesterday father, B. H. Levy, Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Cute arc in points of Texas mid Oklahoma (or a seven vvecte ttay. T|icy we're In Tulsft with Mr. Dates' mother before going to Houston ami Mount Pleasant, Texas, and will also visit in Dallas. J, A. Leech is In Louisville, [Ky., for a district meeting of the Cpcii Coin Bottling comnniw. He will return Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Max D. Miller Jock. f diamonds, nncssiiig (lie »sl shows out, discarding a cart. The king of diamonds is ashed nnrt this leaves West with he high diamond. Now isn't it simple? All you avu lo do is lend tlie diamond, nit- West In the lead mid, as he ia.s nothing hut hearts Ictl. lie Hist piny Into your acc-rmccii. This end-play climlmilco what 'oilld have proved to Ijc ti losing curl finesse. al the Methodist hospital, re Improving;. I weeks stay, ! C. S. Stev Mell Brooksj f 'P«> ( ' last week-end In Marmnnu. a brief visit Dr ' »"'t Mra. M. o. Usrcy have _____ i" 5 'heir guests Mrs. Usrcy's sls- ,-v.._, „,„„,,. L. Loggins has returned lro:u l|(;l ; Mrs. Brooks Flowers, and ilau- - the dlamoml lincsse is goini: to Memphis where he wus with Mis.]?' lllcr . of Birmingliam, Alu., who e (iikcii through the kltiB-Ja"k L °t'l! llls »'«' '"fant son who uiv i Arrived tins morning for several ° *••"- iiiij-, jii^ni,^ ,i._ ^j^.t n..i i . ji . , „. ,. I n-r-nl-t; * tjlV ' Stevens and daiigliter, .Mr;;. W. M. Scruggs has as his guests | Li C -- B . Young, of Osccola, went Mr. mid Mrs. Jim McKnlghl aiuii to Kulcvlllc, Mi-ss., for the funeral Jim Bolton, of Memphis,. ! 0! '''• H. Edmondton, 72. pitsl- 1 111V ,, <icnt-of the Bunk of' Rulevlllc, ch-ll trader of that (own. wlig died yesterday. The deceased was a long-time friend of tlie, Stevens Mrs. Richard Dickinson ami Mr;;, i family and had IrcqncnUy visited " here. They will 'return tomorrow niglil. Shirley Kulh Asliby is a patient, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. J. Cox rolmned from St. Louis on :i buying trip for (he New Economy shop. 'lyde Davis Married to Miss Alice Yick Earl Buckley lire in Memphis to •luy. Mrs. ti'JlUc Bnder, of 81. Louis, Iroin influ- a pa- Baptist . assistant director of food conservation, and Miss Mena Ho^aii, district, hp'mc demonstration agent,, . of Little HOck, and Mrs. E, L. Sawyers, home economist at the Dyess colony, and Mrs, John w. Edring- (on, of Osccola, aie the guests of Miss Cora Lee Coleman and are Attending the comity council ol home demonstration clubs. Miss Ola, Hoi) Harris, who has been at .the Memphis .Methodist hospital where she. underwent an operation, is to return home today. Mrs. Mary .Phillips Robinson went down for her. lending their cooperation lo this project, donating u w)r M 1Tlccs (0 ' Uis part of the school program. Will Hold Conference at Promised Land Sunday Tile Ret'.-. Sam B: Wiggins, of Jonesboro, presiding elder, will preside at a service at'2:30 Sunday afternoon at the Promised Laud Methodist, church, This will uc the First, Quarterly conference lor Promised Land and' Yarbrb churches. Ucad Courier News Want Acts. Promised Land Farmers Build "Road and Ditch Tiic Evening school class is work- ins on a drainage project at tho colored school. A new road Is under construction leading west from the school, making u more passable wiiy for those living,In this section. The ditching project will aid in draining water from the- school campus. : • ^fj' if J'? ln l cougli or cold Is not All faiiners of the vicinity arc 1 ^f™_" Children's Coughs Need Creomulsion Always gel. the best, fastest ana surest treatment (or your child's cough or cold. • Prudent mothers more ami more are turning to CreomuLsion for any cough or cold that starts. Creomulsion emulsifies creosote with six other important medicinal elements—il is truly nn elegant prescription. 11 is not n cheap remedy, but contains no narcotics and your own druggist Is authorized to refund your money on the ' Creorniilslo'h. --Adv. !0 For rcfreshlngr jeijef j r stlpatlon. lake purely metallic Third's . Dlack;.prausl,t 8 T „ good it has. done lias. ^ (l the most popular laxative of it- kind. And it costs:, lew u lal) others—only Ic a dose. • ' "I like Blsck-Driti'ght because it, is easy to lake, no!, cjsp?iuive ana acts quickly," writes Mrs. Susie Sayles, of Belton, Texas. "J lake |t for headache; .constipation; a tired,,dull, aclilng feeling ami to rid myself of excess bile. ,l have found it splendid." Get a 25c package, today. IliEIlFCfKU'S BLACK-DRADOUT ..,...'.., —MV' -BP33 LKPANTO, ' Ark.—Aimou'nccmciit o" been made of Ihe marriage Sunday of Mfcs Alice Vlck, popu- ar Lc'piinto school teacher. 10 -/lycie Homircl Oavls, of Lc|inn;o. The ceremony was performed at lie Methodist parsonage here will) Ilie Rev. 0. H. Gray, pastor, ol- ficlall'ng. The bride Is |he dauglittr ol vira. J. H.- vick. member ol the LepQhto iilgh rcliool faculcy, anri s lit present tcnclilns school near Lepanto. 'She Is a .gradual'., rt Stilly Teijcjier-j college, M,eir:p_-ii!,, Tlie groom' Is Ihe son ol Mr!.. 3orit JP. Ravis, of Btylhevlllr. He s 8ssucinl«'d with Ilie fmn ol J. E. Murphy and company PJ u- ianto. ARE YOU RUN DOWN? Bine Sta. 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PURATONE, through its remarkable tonic properties, gently stimulates the vital organs of digestion and assimulatioii, lo \voik as nntine intended, thus roliovinr stomach miseiy and helping- convert foods into firm flesh, strength and energy. PURATONE helps increase rcsisUincc against disease by building up the body into its> bturUy former self and helping keep it there. Scores of persons, who .were run down — giouchy — ncnons — ' " ' "~ TONE. THE SPECIAL FREE OFFER We arc making it easy for JTIU to try PURA- TONK, by this extraordinary FREE BOTTLK OFFKU. Just buy ONE full size bottle of PURA- TONE {rcRiiliir price S1.25) Wr only and you will be given n full size bottle ABSOl.UTKLY J'REE. This way you get TWO regular ? liottlcs for only 51.00. ; YOUK MONEY UACtf—Because PUlfATONB lia.s helped so many thousands, t we arc certain il «ill liclp you—so ccrlnin that we make this ,vcn- falional offer nbovc. \'ou o\vo il to yourself (o ninlfe the PURATONE Test.. 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Robinson Phorunuv til. Francis Drug SI'OIE Manila, .Sik. People's Drug atuir I Oil SAIL UV Owcoh, Ail-. ll t>r«g store U'-lhoni Drug stoic l->avis Uiug store Litxou. ,\ik. n'v IJiug Blolc ft". Aid. el Dru s store , Ark. Ebliii's Drug Stoic i Annorcl, Ark. Arinorel Driig Stoic Sleek, ,Mo. lltglvwoy Unig Sloie City Drug Store Cooler. ^Ic•. Coopers Pliannacy (toll.nul, 3Io. Cooper's Pharmacy FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, INSDKANCE DEFT. ' W V . - *' " • - " ' " "You Are Invited to Visit the New Home of Mr. and Mrs. C. M.Abbott (One mile east of Blytheville on the Barfield Road) Sunday, Jan. 20 This 7 room rock ; -Jbungtilow : built by H. C. Hatsfeilj-'eQttt and the furnishings supplied by Charles S. Lemons. '

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