The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1954 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 3, 1954
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. L—NO. 190 BlythevUle Dally Newi Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllla Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1954 FOURTEEN PAGES Published Dally Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS Demos Win House Still Battle For Senate; Faubus Victorious Voting Surge Remmel Concedes After Strong Race Topples Seven GOP Governors By JACK BELL Of The Associated Press Republicans battled desperately today to hold the Senate as a surging tide of votes from yesterday's midterm election gave Democrats control of the House and toppled seven GOP governors. Republican hopes of retaining the Senate in the battle over Congress focused on New Jersey, Montana and Oregon. Democrats won four GOP seats and the Republicans took three from their opponents. With three races undecided, the senate count stood: Republicans 46, including 13 just elected and 33 holdovers; Democrats 46, including 1 22 elected yesterday and 24 holdovers; 1 independent, Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon. Republican Rep. George Bender of Ohio crashed through to defo&t Democrat Sen. Thomas A. Burke and bring the Republicans abreast of the Democrats after Democratic former Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney had taken a GOP seat in Wyoming. The situation in the three remaining critical races was this: New Jersey — With all of the state's 3,998 precincts counted. Republican Clifford P. Case had 856,826 votes and Democratic Rep. Charles R. Howell 856,162. Some clerks were revising their figures and some absentee ballots remained uncounted. Montana ,— In 886 of 1,094 precincts, Democratic Sen. James E. j Murray had 95,556 votes; Repub- j lican Rsp. Wesley A. D'Ewart had 62,904. Oregon— Republican Sen. Guy Cordon had 185,308 votes to 175,570 for Democrat Richard L. Neuberger, but about half of Multnomah LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Pratt C. Remmel this morning conceded his defeat to Democrat Orval E. Faubus. The 39-year-old Little Rock mayor told his victorious opponent, "You have an opportunity to make Arkansas, a great governor." Remmel, making his first race for state office, said he was disappointed in his defeat, and had thought that the race' would be much closer. "I did the best I could, and I'm really elated that I got as many votes as I did; even though I am disappointed," he said. "Magnificent" Support My supporters were magnificent; you just had more of them," he told Faubus. Unofficial returns from 2,040 of Arkansas' 2,339 precincts gave Faubus 186,825 votes to 113,943 for Remmel. While losing, Remmel had at least two consolation prizes: 1. He made the Democrats work to win this one. They didn't take t by default as they have other jovernor's elections since at least ;he turn of the century.. 2. He piled up the biggest vote ever amassed by a Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas. Remmel led in five counties— Pulaski, his home county; Arkansas, the home county of his cam- paign manager, Verne L. Tlndall; Sebastian, Newton and Garland, Faubus led in all the others, but in some Remmel wasn't too far behind. 3 Rough Campaigns Faubus, finally assured of two years as Arkansas governor, after three rough campaigns, issued a victory statement, praised his defeated opponent and said his immediate plans didn't go beyond getting out of doors and talcing some pictures. The statement: "In this hour of victory, any feeling of personal triumph is inconsequential because of the realization that a tremendous responsibility rests upon me and those whom I shall ask to share with General Assembly the obligation attendant upon leadership and citizenship. "I am grateful to the people of Arkansas for their confidence in me, thankful to those who through their effort carried the Democratic banner and humbly seek divine guidance to unite all people in an effort to improve and expand our culture and economy." Then Faubus added: "I want to express my personal gratification See FAUBUS on Page 5 Incumbents Prevail in City Faubus Carries County Orval E. Faubus Arkansas Voters Kill Amendments LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The already-dead property tax amendment officially was laid to rest yesterday by Arkansas County's vote, where Reuborgcr had been running strongly, remained untabulated. Either party could take senate control by winning two of the three remaining races. Vice Presideni Nixon could break a tie for the Republican s if they turned up with 48 members and Morse has promised to vote with the Democrats. Although the Republicans lost the House by what may be a margin of 25 or more members, President Eisenhower told a news con- erence he does not see in this result any repudiation or disapproval of his administration's policies. In a give-and-take, Democrats took, away Republican senate seats in Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada and Wyoming, while the Republicans retaliated by grabbing Democratic seats in Ohio, Colorado and Iowa. Bender's victory was preceded by a successful comeback by former Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney for the Democrats in Wyoming. O'Mahoney beat Republican Rep. William Henry Harrison. Sen. Homer Ferguson, head of the Senate GOP Policy Committee, went down under an avalanche of Wayne County (Detroit) ballots. The winner was Democrat Patrick V. McNamara. Sen. Leverett Saltonstall, assistant majority leader, rallied to defeat Democrat Foster Furcolo in Massachusetts. voters, who also rejected a four-year governor's term two other proposed measures. There were three proposed constitutional amendments and one referred act on the statewide ballol All four were rejected by sizeable majorities. The vote from 164 of the state's 2,339 precincts gave: Amendment 43 (assessment)— For 40,12; against 14,929. Amendment 44 (four-year term) —For 82,93; against 11,941. Amendment 45 (to raise official salaries, reduce number of ju; tices of the peace, etc.)—For 47,912; against 139,624. Act 285 (new liquor tax for benefit %f livestock shows and county fairs)—For 77,734; against 114,319. Over Bumps Proposed amendment 43 had been taken over the bumps ever since — and even before — it was submitted to popular vote by the 1953 General Assembly. It was made an issue in last summer's Democratic primary when Orval Faubus, the successful candidate and now governor- elect, charged that if Gov. Fran- Is Cherry were renominated, the governor wouled lead a campaign for adoption of the proposal. Cherry replied he had done his. duty in getting the proposal submitted to popular vote. Its adoption or rejection strictly was up to .he people, he said. It generally was considered that Faubus' nomination killed any possible chance of the plan's adopt- ion. Sought Equali/ation Proposed amendment 43 looked toward eventual equalization of property assessment for tax purposes at market value under supervision of a three-member State Equ, ization Board. With assessment increased from the present variable percentage value, the tux would have been set at rates necessary to support public budgets ap- Rraved by popular vote. Maximum taxing rates would have been mod- -ified, and the state permanently removed from the property tax field. Under the four-year term proposal, which would have become effective at the 1956 general elect, the governor would have been ineligible to succeed himself and would have been prohibited, under threat of criminal prosecution and removal from office, from interfer- ring in the political campaign of another. Failed Previously Four-year term proposals have failed before in Arkansas. The final proposed amendment, . No. 45, among other things, would ' ve changed the time of the yov- j ernor's inauguration and convening of the legislature; would have increased official salaries', would have removed constitutional limi- atlons from salaries of judges, county officials and some others and placed the pay under legisla- See AMENDMENT on Page 5 Ike Sees Ho Butting Of Heads He'll Confer With Democrat SoEons, Too WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower said t day he sees no repudiation disapproval of his administr lion's policies in Republica loss of the House to the Den ocrats. The President also said, In to a question, tha^t so fa as he can see at this .time tl election outcome will have no ef feet one way or the other ijn whcth er he seeks a second term in 1956. Eisenhower said there was plent time for that decision. The President told a news con ference he plans to consult wit Ihe Democratic congressional lend era — as well as Republican — o both domestic and Intcnmtionn matters during the new session Congress convening in January. A Smile With a trace of a smile, th point in butting his head agains stone wall. At the time of the conference Democrats had clinched control o the House. Party control of th Senate still was in doubt. The first, question put to th President was whether he saw an disapproval of administration poll cies in Republican loss of th House. Eisenhower hesitated momenta:- ily, then said no. He added that sc tar he had not attempted to make any analysis of the results, bu wlil do so when complete return; are available. Srore-By-Store Roundup NY Win Leads Turn to Demos NEW YORK tfi — New Dealer Averell Harriman wrested the governorship of New York from the Republicans today by probably the squeakiest margin in the state's history. With 29 of the state's 10,436 election districts still to be counted, the former ambassador to Moscow and secretary of commerce led Sen. Irving M. Ive.s, his GOP opponent, by 11,671 votes. Harriman will have to deal with a Legislature still firmly in control of the GOP in both houses as the result of the election. Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., the Democratic-Liberal candidate for attorney general, went down to defeat before Rep. Jacob K. Javits, the GOP nominee. With 30 of the state's 10,436 districts missing, the tally was: Jarvis 2,588,396 and Roosevelt 2,412,304. Westchester and Nassau counties, wealthy suburbs of New York City, came in with heavy Republican majorities after It appealed Harriman had been elected by a comfortable margin. Tight Race in Jersey NEWARK, N. J. tfl — Republican Clifford P. Case led by » few hundred votes today In New Jersey's race for the U. S. Senate, with unofficial returns in from all voting districts. Uncounted absentee ballots left the election in doubt. The battle was so tight that Democratic Gov. Robert B. Meyner warned all election officials to adhere closely to the law or be "held strictly accountable." Only 520 votes separated Case from Democrat Charles R. Howell, and both men were claiming victory by less than 200 votes. Unofficial returns compiled by the Associated Press from the state's 3,998 voting districts gave Case 856,822 votes to 856,302 for Howell. However, the Newark Evening News—a supporter of Case —published an independent tabulation, giving Howell a 151-vote edge. GOP Sweeps California SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2 UP)— Republicans Gov. Goodwin J. Knight and Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel swept California's big contests today, sizeable .returns pointed to victories for all other Republicans seeking reelection to statewide office. Democrat James Roosevelt appeared headed for a seat ai representative from California's 26th longresslonal District on the basis James Roosevelt Wins LOS ANGELES ifl — James Roosevelt was assured of a seat in Congress today as he continued to pile up a lead in a surprisingly close race In California's heavily Democratic 26th District. With 721 of 914 precincts counted, the eldest son of the late P.D.R. led Republican Theodore Owings 72,198 to 50,206. However, Owings. city clerk of Culver City, has not conceded. Political observers had expected 46-year-old Roosevelt to win by at least a 2-1 majority. Old Campaigner Wins Negro Elected As Councilman In Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS. Ark. llPi — A Negro candidate defeated two white -men, including the veteran incumbent, today to win a .seat on the Hot Springs City Council. Independent Fved W. Martin wil be the first Negro to sit on the council in modern political history. On the basis of complete, unofficial returns from yesterday's election in the Second Ward. Martin got li,834 votes to 2,559 for | cmnbent Alderman O. O. Mil'-s, and 2,284 for Ralph Wright. All three men ran as independents. Another Negro. Raymond Tweed- Ifc, lost by more than 2-to-l to Al! derman Lonnie Freeman in the Fifth Wartl. Freeman got 5,282 votes; Twccdle 2,350. Negro residents predominate ir both the Second and Fifth Wards CHARLESTON, W. Va. W>(—Old campaigner Matthew M. Neely won re-election to a fifth U.S. Senate term In yesterday's West Virgin],, O'Mahoney Winner balloting as did five fellow Demo- ' crals in the state's congressional Jury Hearing Larceny Case Testimony in the case of Oscar Lee . Rogers, charged with grand larceny, was ended before Blythe- vUle Circuit Court was recessed for lunch today. Rogers is charged with taking $50 from Sam Johns Liquor Store on Highway 61 on Oct. 25. Only two other cases are scheduled to come to court during this term after a majority of the defendants entered guilty pleas during arraignment last Saturday. delegation. The soundly beaten Republicans were even In danger of losing their lone foothold In the delegation ,the 4th district seat Held by Rep. Will Heal of Huntlngton. In a halrhrcath race, former Rep nvuuu ot Incomplete return! tonight. | gee STATE-BV-STATE on P»»e 2 I Henry Harrison, 40,103 to 38.886. CHEYENNE, Wyo. (/P ( —Democrat Joseph C. O'Mahoney apparently has been successful by a narrow margin In his bid to return to the United States, Senate. With 556 precincts reporting of the states' 672, O'Mahoney led his Rep Three-Mill Road Tax Gets Okay Leachville, Joiner Name New Mayors Mississippi County voters yesterday, turning out with a respectable 7,000 firjurc, gave Democrat Orval Faubus a nearly 3-1 majority, okayed the county three-mill road lax and did-its bit in defeating practically everything else on the ballot. The total vote was not for off the 8.200 figure of this summer's Democratic primary runoff when Faubus and Francis Cherry were providing the fireworks. With a sen tiering of about eight Mississippi County boxes yet to be heard from, Faubus held a 4,805 to 1.755 lead. County three-mill road tax, considered a vital measure by county officials, received n whopping 4,253 to 1,639 endorsement from county voters. 43 Gets Whipped Amendment 43. the controversial net which would have tipped assessment to 100 percent of market value, took a drubbing 5,010 to 739. Amendment -M, provided a alight surprise in getting past county voters. The measure provides that a tour-year term for governor noes r. with the next governor mot Fau- biifi). Forty-four passed 3,554 to 2,208 Amendment 45, which was a catch-all measure, raising salaries some officers and providing for split term of the Legislature, was defeated 3,414 to 1,924. Referred Act 285. which would •aise liquor tax and use the revenue for fair associations, was whipped 3,305 to 2,305. Slow Reports One characteristic of the election n this county was Liu; slowness of arious boxes in reporUiif;. At 10:30 last night, only a little better than half of the county's 58 irecincts had reported to County Clerk's offices in Blytlu'ville mid Osceola. Blytheville's Ward Three was still nisily counting ballots at 10 o'clock ast, night. Other boxes were slow in being eported, both in Dlytheville and cr the county. Wilson, one of the larger boxes, vafi among the very lirst, reporting, New Leachville Mayor Voters in Leachville si:nL a new mayor, recorder and three new al- ermen into office. Fred Alexander defeated B. C. vleadows, 140-131 for mayor; W. A. 3ew ousted incumbent. Donald Wheeler for recorder by 140 to Kili. In Ward One, Junior Boardcn won ver L. C. Pearce, 167 to !,8, and illy Steed won over Perry L)efrii:s. 48 to 118- In Ward Two. J. W. Clark dffeut- d T. A. KcnneU by 105 to 05. Joiner Elects Dean Joiner chose a new mayor, Joe Ran, defining H. F. Howerton, flu Bruton Crafton Johnson Booker Trial Set for Dec. 7 Charged with Murder Of Thurman Norrid lly SONX.Y SANDKltS CAttlJTHERKVIM-K — Circuit Court trial for Moyd Hooker. Holland lirjuor stow operMor rhai'KRd with fir^rcf mimler, wa.s set Monday for I>o. 7. Hnokpr l.s rhar»pd with the fatal shooliMK of Thurinnii Norrid, Hayti truck oporntor, in front of Little's Pool Room in Holland Sept. 3. In" the constable race. -Sadler i Norrid mod in Wj.lls HospUal in on with 77 votes urer C. R. Mask- I »>yj f »'«»« ™'^ hm<i ^ »wrmn K . tt who received 66 while Cherry ' hp ' 11 ' v , , yrd defeated the incumbent. How-1 ^^Sr^X t^i" • was bound over to- Circuit Court and released on a $10,000 security ;bond. j Oilier Cases AmonK other cases set for the /November term of Circuit Court were those for Hershel Mallett, O. 7.. .Tohnson, Charles Howel], and Elbert Goodrich. T rial for Hcrshcl Mallett, j chared with manslaughter, is Weather ARKANSAS — Cloudy with occasional rain tonight and in the west portion this afternoon, warmer tonight; Thursday ncnUcrcd showers and thundcrshowL-rs, turning colder Thursday night. Minimum thin morn Inn-—25. Maximum j p twin-day—411. Hunrt;fc tomorrow--«;23. Hiinmjt t(Klny-A:05. Menu tr/imrnmin- (mklwiiy between lil^li »nil low)—:i«.5. I'rcdpltiiUnn liibt 2 j l hour* to 7 n.m — hone. I'li-clpltiitlon .fun, 1 to tlilt; (Into — riooa. Tills itnn- |.;isl Year laxlmmn y<;lcn!iti' -'/!). llutmiim thl« mornliu; -17. TfirlpltHtlon .Innnary 1 L Bruton Only Newcomer To Council Johnson Wins Attorney's Race Handily BIytheville's voters selected one new alderman, but returned all other incumbents to office in municipal elections yesterday when 2,300 votes were cast. This total vote figure compared favorably with, this summer's Democratic gubernatorial runoff when 2,100 votes were cast in the city. Races for altermanlc posts in each ward brought voters out In a representative number. Kemper Bruton was the only newcomer named to the Council. Running against incumbent Jodie Nabers in Ward Two, he pulled ahead by n 469-308 margin. In Ward One, Incumbent Jesse White defeated Harold Wright, SOB to 352. In Ward Three, Incumbent Rupert Crafton topped challenger Jimmy Lentz 264 to 200 and out in Ward Pour, Charles Llpford, also an incumbent, defeated O. W. Coppeilge 153 to 89. Incumbent City Attorney Elbert Johnson got his post back over a challenge from Bill Steinsiek by 1,258 to 544. Here's a breakdown of voting in the city attorney race: W. I. City Hall 344 158 Seay Mir 218 W. 2 Water Co 344 Gill 238 W. 3 343 W. 4 114 Blytlmville also lent its endorsement to Orval Faubus as the Democratic nominee gathered 1,528 votes to 807 for Republican Pratt Remmel. At that, the vote of Remmel was a heavy one for a Republican gubernatorial nominee. President Dwlght Elsenhower In 11)52 got 1,(!00 of 3,800 votes cast In the general election and that represented an unsurpassed Republican vote for BlythevUle. Elsenhower got 42 percent of the city's vote whle Remmel got 35 percent. Dlythovllle voters also lent a hand toward passage of the county throe-mill road tax, giving it an okay of 1,255 to 750. 12 142 66 92 74 3 JJ - f rd Felts, 110 to 67 The aldermon winners tallied up s follows: Ward I — Murphy Geary. 123' harlle Brad.shov.', 81. Ward II — Walter Glover. 119. ecil Sherwood. 118. Ward III — Hubert Seymour, 144, ialhews, 126. Ward IV — Bill Landrum, 06; C. Lowrencc, 84. No contest occured in the Mayor; scheduled for Dec:. 13, Also .sched- r city clerk race at Manila. The ne contestant for alderman, Char s Carter, lost while the eight in- umbents were re-elected for anoth- term. arkley Back in Senate LOUISVILLE, Ky. lit'i— Kentucky- ns have picked 76-year-old Al)n W. Barkley, the former vice esldent, to represent them for < more years In the U. S. Senate. The Democratic senator-elect al- ady has served 47 years as their bile servant, 22 of them In the nate. e left the Senate In 1049 become the "Veep." Voters of the traditionally Dem- ralic commonwealth chose Hark- over Republican Sen. John Shcr- an Cooper. 53. They nlso elected five Demo- ats and one Republican to the S. House of Representatives. In o other contests, to fill out the .te's new delegation 01 eight con- :spmen, a Democrfttl was leading In one and a Republican in the other, uled for that day is the trial of O. Z. Johnson, charged with manslaughter. Charles Howell Is to be brought before the court on a charge of murder Dec. 21. Elbert Goodrich, charged with manslaughter, is to be brought before the court. Jan. 31. Previously set for Nov. 15 is the trial of James McCrary. Haytl farmer charged with first degree murder. He Is accused of fatally shooting hip wife, Dixie, on a Hayti street Sept. 13, 1053. Gettysburg Votes Demo YORK, Pa. M'I—A Democrat won the congressional seat In the 19th District, which Includes President Eisenhower's farm at Gettysburg. Republican incumbent S. Walter Stauffer ronrecleri defeat today to Democrat James M. Quiiiley, Stauffer won the scat from a Democrat in 1952, President Elsenhower made a •;pe n ia! plea to voters of the district 10 days ago to re-elect Stauffer, lily. Ward 1 City Hull Bly. Wartl 1 Seay Motor Bly. Ward 2 Water Co. : ily. Ward 2 Gill Motor Bly. Ward 3 31y. Ward 4 3!y. Absentee Wilson Monroe Twp. Carson Lake Cliiek Twp. .. Prom. Land Clear Lake .. Half Moon .. i Lowranee .... I Osc. Absentee Kei.scr Ciiy .. j West Ridge .. j Burdclte j Roseland No. Nine Yarbro Gosncll Home Gin ... Dell icityi ... Dell (Twp.I Osc. Ward 3 Ose. Ward 1 Victoria L. River, Laney 40 & 8 Er. Bayou .... Whitton Bassett Luxora City Luxora Twp. Manila City Manila Twp. Brown Spur Lost Cane ... Shnriy Grave Tomato Osc. Ward 2 Bondsvllle ... Leachville City Leaehvllle Twp. Hox Elder Joiner Mllllgan Ridge Kelser. Twp. Total II 337 1115 11 328 203 190 170 20Qi 235; 197-; 242 204 i - - i . I !i I j' i I 242 104 61 217 124 142 1I6 : 140; 160; 128 148' 137 272 231 I!.'! .14.1 234' 198 157; 239; 168; 252; 340 117 | 199 | 325 ; 153 ! 14 i 413 ! 12 t US • 41 1 15 i 19 35' 317 15 ; 57 34; 33 1 23 i 78, 99 - 66 ! 185' ! 70 : i 40 : i 30 ! 106 I H. i 230. I 167; ! 82: | 16 195 ! 43, l 10, 37; I 36 | 17 : 74 120 151 Hifi: 14 5 7 37 9 2 7 1 ': 27 10" 9 27 9' rj 11 ii" 23' 10 8 10 74 181 62 313 28 122 5 ! Iti 8 419 2 13 II 88 13 57 154i 110 180; 68' 91 0 344 3 6: 6 2,; 5111 10; i 57 ll;, 3 ; ] 10' 1 7'; 0 59 101; 04 23 16, 16 58 38: 38; 23 79 39 122 92; 89! 51 59 207, 13, 55' 3 39, 3; 30.; 5, 102 0, 20 6, 223 3, 167;i 19, 100, 1| 23, 196 :: 49; H 0| 20' 102,. 81; 0 107'i 107; 3 3 89 4(1 13 19, 28 40 3: 20; 33 19i 13: 47 ! 14, 91, 72j 24 Hi 109' 16|' 25 10 3 IGi, 13 e, 100': 7 2. 19" 3\ 23 207 ; . 170< 149 77| 21 105JI 28ji 9j 161 2| 35|| 5| 10; 1 13| 95; 130i 150: 216': 54 78,; 4; 3; 1 12 415 2: 13. 13 19': 123: 125; 164i 203; 90i 671, 101 9" 23: 404; 4 1 11-: 101 51' 304: 21 41. 19 1 16' 8 32 20; 27 20 64 i 491 155, S2 34, 20 31! 4, 4; 303; 12; 35 25! 2' 10 4: 9; 22; (i 26,' 15' 36" n,: 13; 26" 41 : ' 10; 2lij 33;; 34: 16'! 75| : 28 95;i 84, 52;; 39,: 41|; 35j! 20. 10; 40'; 115; 20 li •I 33, 40' 93; 28| 34i 17| llj 14j 5j| 14 35j 193;, 198J 11| 153, 168| 82|| 54[ 58|; 78| 111 15| 9|| 142|| 108| 109i| 91; 771 49; 203, 59 13; 157|j 29; 22i 64 j 72 134 86 5 9 3 6 18 8 5 8 2 19 39 0 17| 1 73, 8 3! 14 21 14 16 10 52 13 1 18 85 3 19 il "3, i! 55. il 34; II 101; «;, II 29, 81 " 43 13 ||4805jl755|| 58 160 5 58 8J 35, i 443, 28, 17] I U[ 34 ! "l 37,: 'Oil 81|| 37ii 28,| II 221 40|l Oj 107|! 107, 73, 16; i 12 44' M| 51 26|i 33| "II 1| 74|| 98| 0|| 107| 94|j 133] 22j| 35| 22|| 24; II 59| 0|| 26| 30|! 5| 31 24! 2 89: 156 25; 20 15| 3 24j 10 33j 10 1| 17 29 0 74 28 20 54 8 24

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