The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 104S Stassen to Seek Votes in Oregon Lost-Minute Plans £» Delay Tour of Dixie; Promises to Return By WlMUm Sexton WINSTON-SALKM, N'oTlay"!') -<un-Harold E. Stassen left R" promise to return to the South • nd strong support among North Carolina delegates to the Republican National Convention today as nt toterupled Ills Dixie drive wilh » last-mlmile flight to Oregon. The Minnesota ex-governor barely voiced his stand for "Immediate enactment" of federal anti-poll lax »nd anil-lynching laws before taking of( tor a week's campaigning m the Oregon preferential primary He put olf his delegate-htmliin! swing across the Southland to combat the West Coast vole-seeking of Thomas B. Dewey. Nevertheless. Stassen told a Republican rally here. »r shall finish the trip. I intend lo speak in all the states of the South before the national convention." He opened his Dixie campaign with » bid for North Carolina's 26 ^»» 8ates at " stat ewide rally yes- fjmvday. The person-to-person approach so successful in Wisconsin and Nebraska plus his plea for "gradual progress" In solving civil rights won quick recognition of his • presidential strength. Only after delegates pressed him to state his stand on the rights program in concrete terms did Stassen state a desire for quick passage of the two federal laws. Progress Made But, he added in an outdoor speech Jast night, 'the best of progress has been made and will be With the Courts | Lions Nominate BLYTHRVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ThreC For C. iSX'7r. vs. LavenJ Manley.sutt^divo,,, | Magnolia Comis, Inc.. vs. Clyde! Wood and Rachel Wood. Judgment' Mp Sman for posseslon of property and $100 Joe Bp:lsle y wi damages. president of th Said 'Hey!' He Says 'Huh?' Read Courier News Want Ads. attained through the more forward looking lead/rs of the South itself.' The statement brought applause from the crowd of some 2,500 persons. He told North Carolina GOP leaders that civil rights were entirely a matter of states' rights" bill must be balanced with human righls. "I don't claim to know the answer." Stassen said. In his outdoor address, he said: "I would place very high the necessity of increased educational oiiorlunltles and medical care, of better housing, of equal pay for equal work, of fairness In the exercise of franchise without poll taxes, and for just oporlunities in accordance wilh ablllly and mnbi- tion.' Neither the youthful presidential hopeful nor state GOP leaders mentioned segregation. Stassen announced appointment of Alex Akerman. Jr.. Orlando, FJa., attorney, as campaign chairman for the South and said he would open a headquarters In Atlanta. OK., this week. Akerman, sole GO! 1 legislator in Florida, polled highest vole as delegate at large to the National convention. Urging leaders to create their own Republican party of the South Stassen labeled the 1948 election the "best opportunity m 80 years J""T , IV to build a two-party system inthc' ts Southland." He criticized the GOP for its past attitude of considering Dixie "hopeless." M. Smart, R. A. Nelson. an:l .'ill be candidates for , ... .he Lions Club at the annual election scheduled tor Iheir luiu'lteon meeting next Tuesday. " These men were selected at the luncheon meetinc, at the Hotel Noble yesterday. Secret ballots were cast ar.d the top three named candidate.-; for president. The one re- "eivitiR the most votes next IVCSK will be president, Ihe others first and second vice-president, Recording to the number of voles received. Other candldate-'i nominated for oflicers are Worth D. Holder and Eddie- Old, Jr.. .secrelary-lreasuret; raid E. M. "Buddy" Terry and Wll- :atd Pease, lion taiiier. Two directors will be elected from the following lisi of candidates: Gene Still. Dr. F. E. Utley. Ralel^v Sylvester, Joe B. Evans, Earl Buckley, and L. H. Autry. Present direc- 'ois aie Max lagan and Bryan Miley. who have one more term to serve, W. L, Homer. C. M. Smart, and the two whose terms expire. Sam Morris and James Terry. Three trustees win be elected rom six candidates. E. P. Boruin, . . . oruin C. M. Smart, W. J. Pollard, Chester Caldwcll. C. P Tompkins and Paal 1'ryor Mr Boruin, Mr Smart, ana Mr Pollard have served as trustees ihis year. /us/ as Jr... we like to "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURI • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private Service . P.nonoliied Attention Com* is »r Itltphon* 3938 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Klansman Given 3 Years For Whipping Two Vets ATLANTA, Ga., May 12. (Up)_ P. B. Ellison, identified m a Ku lux Klnn&man by other dcfen- series of "Black Raider" — ., . loday was senlenced to three years imprisonment for his part in the whipping of l«-o tvar veterans. Ellison claimed he was only 'trying to do good" as he pleaded guilty to assault and battery chr.rges .in the flogging of Joe C. Berry and Roy Gravitl. He. accused both flogging victims of failing to support their families and asked leniency "to show the women and children of this state that someone Is interested In their welfare." Judge Bond Almond gav* him the sliffest lenience allowed for the charge. Manila Man's Truck /itvo/ved ih Fatal Crash J. A. HeinnndF/., a?, ol Manila «c»j»d Injury In an nulomoblle- truck acldenl near Parma, Mo In which one m«n win killed nild , child seriously Injured, according to Information received frail Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mr. Hcriuindt'/ was drlv- || 8 the truck. Waller William |-,, W - ler, it. of Parma, driver of Ihe cur was killed and his nephew, Gerald fowler, aged six, suffered severe Injuries. PAGE "gEvfat, STREETS i'mitlnurd from Holt States Opposition To Civil Rights Program LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May 13. • UPI — Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Holt of Little Rock was on the anti-civil rights bandwagon today with a statement in which he declared he was "diametrically" opposed to any such legislation. The former attorney general ex- | plained that his statement was prompted by requests urging him | lo clarify his position toward the civil rights program. "A victory lor u,e civil rights bill." Kolt replied, "would be • feat for the bill of rights." | He said the backers of the bill are using it as a "brazen attempt icvcn-month-oM Danny Vcpke, of Freepoil, L 1 wn , nulellv othmg in hi, enameled pm, bnlhliib when someone si.W " rv » Us response provided Ihis unusual porlrait oTbU?-e,il wonder. Blytheyille, Steeh Men Aboard, Cruiser Atlanta Returning from Orient Seaman Charles W. Hill of Route 1, BlvUievtllc, and Second Class Boatswain's Mate J. p. Taylor of Route I, Sleele. Mo., will lelnm lo the United States (his month aboard the USS Atlanta after serving eight months In Ihe Orient. Harriman Soys Soviets Distort ERP Objectives PARIS. May 12—(UP)—W. Averell Harriman. I. S. ambassador al- large for the European Hecorery Plan, charged last night that the Soviet Union has distorted completely ERP objectives. The Uniled States, Harriman said at his first press conference In Europe since taking his new assignment, wants only lo make "Europe , self-sustaining and then gel and tend lo our own business." out CARTON OF COCA-COLA EASY TO CARRY HOME , He said thai the last nine montlis da- i had seen a marked boost in Euro- 1 pean morale, and in production and he expressed complete confidence in the prospects for European recovery with ERP aid. Asked by one of the large number of newspapermen who saw him at the U. S. Embassy to comment on Russian attacks on ERP, he said"I haven's seen any statements from the Soviet, representation of the recovery program is distorted and has no relation to the objec- ives and intentions of the American government. "The United states wants to make Europe self-sustaining and then get out ami tend to our ou-n home." He said almost nothing was being «ent to Europe under ERP that was not urgently needed in the United States. "The sooner we cnn push program through and get out Editorial Hits . Democratic . Revolt in Dixie UTTLE ROCK. Ark.. May 13 'UP)_The "negallve quality" of he Southern Democratic rebellion • s its greatest liability, the Arkan*as auaelte said editorially here today. The newspaper iepcaled Us ea:-her belief that "polllic.1 succession leads nowhere." Commenting upon the election pt Gov. Ben Laney ot Arkansas as Bender in an effort lo defeat President Truman and his civil rights proposals, the editorial iald In part: "We do not question lh« right o ( C.OV. Lnney and his colleagues to stage any sort of rebellion they see nt. We do seriously question the wisdom of the course upon which they have embarked. "The rebellion, as' defined al. JacKson, Miss., comes down to a questuie of political rtellnnce designed to dcleal Hairy Truman an,-| lorce the Democratic party to recant a.i Its original espousal ot and Ihroe and which the Kent uric Avenue properly owners, through , Hie petition, turned over to Ihp i city (or this purpose. T | 1( . re fn nr i,, WIN iimount to appmxlinalcly $j,. IKNJ. If any [uuds remnln ,,f[. c ,. completion of this work, thcv will be used lo pay [or paving 0 ( 111/- n shaped drive passing Ihrougl, Walker Park and connecting Ihe Kentucky Avenue and Davis Slri-el entrances. Mayor Jnckaon sulii. .. Several owners of business linns innilfrt Iwtneon Firsl Sli-rni nn,t Hrnnkllii nrc secklnu to huve the ivlle.v iiinnltiK benvepii these Mrci>u paved, the mnyor i cportcil, Tills "lsi> *lll be flnanceil by the properly owners mul business firm heads. Nrw Toiler Cur rurrllitsrri No action was taken on this project and It wns turned over io the Street Committee. Other developments from the Council meeting follow: Police Car-It was voted to pur- ctmsc a JIMS routine fotn-iloor sedan lo be used as n police car. The car will be purchased Irom Smith Pontlno Co.. tor »1.187. Mayor Jackson Mid. n will replace Die Mercury sedan which hns been In use lor Hie past year. The cliy last week also ptircliased » HHS Chevrolet xcrinn for tltc Police Department. Neither ot the new car s will be put Into active service until Ihe new thriic-wny KM police radio equipment Is received and installed In them. Hie mavor said. The cars now In will then Ue sold, he said, ] I Lease—The council adopted « rc.i-1 j oluilon to authorize Mayor Jack- I son lo negotiate a lease with the Department oj 'the Army tor rental of a tanner past exchange building at the air bnse. The building In not now In use. Thf lease will run for not mort than 30 year rental the A .mine icsuonsibll'lly for maintenance and upkeep of the building and will cany insurance on H. The bul t in will I* used for reserve training purposes. . Bulletin, rermll IfenM ' Office Switch — Mayor Jackson announced that when the new police radio equipment Is installed he wll trade offices In City Hall with Chief of p 0 il ce Charles W. Short. Die iiniyar's office Is now adjoining liie Police Station. The radio equipment will be Installed In this off Ire and n door to the Pollen Station will be constructed, lie said Building Permit _ The Council voted lo deny Mrs. Nola A. Lewi* a penult In build a two-room real estate office on the Southeast corner ol Ihe Intersection of Walnut ami Division Slrecl.s. The denial was voted aller a |iclllion protcsl- ing erection of the structure on this .ilte. H was signed |, y property owners of ihtil seclion. Bus Slo|is—Tlic Council brtcflv discussed the "skip.jlop" pl, ln recommended by an engineer who conducted a .survey In connmlon wilh installation of parking tnelcr, on Main Street. The plan, which calls for husfj to stop every olhi-r blnck Instead of al each Inlmccllon met with objections Irom Ihe aldermen. No nctlon was laken on the recom- mendmion. Strct Widening—Second \v nrd A j; drnuau Jno. o. Mcllnney brou«ht up the subject ol widening Muln OFFER TIMER CANNED AND FROZENFRU|TS 1948 EDITION OF BOOK IS FREE! , b« widened. No action Tells How to Gat Better Flavor, Color, Texture Make one cosy change In pveptirlnic your canning nnd frce/.lng syrups— and ft Uner flnvor, color mul lexlure thun ever In fritlU you put up. The secret, tiled and proved by thodimml.1 of women, Is (ully dracrilxxl In tin big. FRKK 1(H8 edlllon ot "Muer Ciinned «nd Frown KrulLi." Tlw f«MHts bMk atot &K: Canning »iid iretrir* directions for frlilta,' barrier, niarniftlKH«M, eon- •«TVM, pmm nnd J«||[MI. Hoili>cs tor t<xn>to Julc«, |r»p« lM, plckk, MM| cMH -%«uc«. IntereaHnc Mid rMITerent w*r* ia rtrt the trnH.i you pnt ^v. In (art, eyarythlnc » beginner •houW know. PLUS btp. JOT e »pert«. t;'or mm].TII, luxurious farm Jiviiif!, tliiahig/humlsnmefreezer IB flu; /icrfnl iinswcr. You crm cupiuro all of Uio Koodnr-sn of viiRi'tiiblos mul fruits in their iirniH) IIIH! KUI-VO thinn monitor Inter willi nil of tho uirpelile- Hjppivil Mother Nnluro put into Ilium! Yon cnn have nil kinds of In-all niimtHiind poultry tlioycnr '"round. Thero'nnmplo space for . bulk BtoniRe bcnentli the wira Htnrii||i! hankct.1. Anil, when jou liny » C'oolmilor Free/.cr, yon' get M compreiKmxivc food insurance policy—without added coat—thai protects the buyer ncainnt any mechanical or power fnlhire over n 5-year period. Se* tt yournelf, TODAY! ; FREEZERS LEE WILSON p«|M-r Askjor it either way . . . hrilh trade-marks mean the same thing. • otrtio UNOE, AJIHOHTV or THI COCA-COI* COMPANY IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHKVtl.LR appier the American be." he said. people this the will to capture the vote of the misguided anJ misled rank-and-file Negro vote in the l»4g elections." vll rights legislation," the f-aid. 'Mast Southerners would accept lhal a.< a desirable goal, but political realists . . ; regard lf<u ifnpossible one. From the be- ginning the slates rightcrs have -. placed the issue on an all-or-noth- mg basis, and have ten themselvei no room for compromise. . . ." "At no point In the Jackson deliberations was there any discuslon of what the South may expect after November," the editorial continued. "Yet lhat, we believe. U Ihe crux of the mailer. The South cannot defeat a Democratic nominee wil/ioiit at Hie same time electing a Republican _ and the Republican Party u firmly anil traditionally committed to the enactment ol federal civil rlgbUs legislation." The paper said R is "proper and inevitable" that the South should i light Mr. Truman's civil rights pro- i Rram, "yet It must also be recox- ' nized that the South'j choice of weapons is limited." iTHE TOT SHOP! IFOR AM, . Closed Wednesday after- n»«n - He«d Courier Want Ad«. STEEL BUILDINGS ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR . .. NO WASTED SPACE BUTLER^BUILT t rr.rfucl ,1 IUIIH MFG. COMPANY • Law Coil pii K) ft. • Cosl Lesi lo buy ins 1 mnt\- Inn. • Convenient Sizes — 40' Hidlh. Itnelli in mullipltl ol 20'. 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