The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1935
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO, 2(iO BLTTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn ROm^T*,',?,^* **~ *-»-• V? k-/ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevlllc Courier Elylhevllle Dally News * ~ ~~~ ' * " niyihevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley leader lUATIIRVIU.R," ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 10,% HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS -YOU'RF UING", CHES MRS. (WUPTMANN Honkins Threatens End of Federal Aid by March 1 If State Fails , . - .illKOTOH, Jim. 18 IIJI'J — Prcs'ucnt and Mrs. rtoor.cvell today announced the marriage of Utclr -daughter. Mrs. Anna -.0,111, .1°, JQlni BoeUlger, former ; Wii.h- |iiiKlon JieK J .sp,ip(?niian. ••''•• >;> i. The ceremony look place lii'Nowl York. - 'I Mrs. nail, who was divorced some lime ago from 'curllss Dall, New York broker, became Hoe't- ligcr's'bride in Ihe Roosevelt iiome al 49- East C5th street- Judge > Frederick Knmoclmn, ah old film-1 LITTLE ROOK, 'Ark.^-Arkamas 1Iy ' M ^: performed Ulio ceremonj is expected "to laise $1,500,000 is ^".^W* '^reaftei-. Mr. .and a ''minimum amount' for unem- , - Boeul , 8er departed for an ploy-mom relief in 1935 "as a con-] " n »nn°».jicKl destination, dltlon of_fii]ther gianls" by the .."?..: »<w : is connected with ihe • federal 'government, limning March l. Harry L. Hopkins, national relief administrator, telegraphed Governor Fulrell yeslerday. This Is.-three times the'amount corilrlbuled. .by -slate and local -governments of Arkansas in the last 21 months. .The implication of. Hie message was that Arkansas may not expect federal grants for unemployment relief after March 1 until It "makes available its Fair chare of the cost," Mr. Hopkins' JHessaje The message read:; "During tlic 21 'months endin 0 September 30, 1934, the federal government has contributed $13,087,567 toward the financing of unemployment in Arkansas, cx- clustvo .of expjnditures by the CWA. "The state government of Arkansas has-'contributed 5)07,950. and the local governments S4BO.- ,„ ., nL . IBSl -,„.„, 318, largely for materials on work disclosed today prajncts - ' Not a shot was fired .in the „ v ,iCharges Heir , New York o i j j T T Scalded Her Motion Picture Producers and Dis tributors of, America and with his bride;.: Is expected to .make his home in New.:York city • ffillR jm Robert Mai's, WalterjLe- genza and Three Others Nabbed in New York NEW YORK. Jan. 18 (UP) .Robert Mate, one of the east's most, desperate outlaws, and his entire gang of live desperadoes have been captured in .New York iu the last'48 hours, federal agon (a . "As a condilion of further grants beginning March l, it will )>c necessary that Arkansas make available its fair .share of the cost of imcniploj incnt regard «i 500 000 the iclitf minunum . captures. , : Mais, 29 yea rs_ old and un'der i murder. sentence 'in Virginia Walter Lcgenza; 41, nnl, and three Amount vihich Arkinsns should make : available from slalc and iccal-ruuds as its annual share. Sees Safes T-iv as Onl» Hope lutrell expressed lils chief lieuteh in tlio gang raids Those captured besides Mali' and TaireU, ,28 mil unless ' done ttllh the s I am convinced iles lav in mj mind that the sales ta\ is unconstitutional he added Hoft"Cr if such n measme is pass»d m the legislalure it jnnj he held \alld ]>\ (.lie* courts' One thing I^nlll sa\ emphat- icalli Tile properly tat" will not be raLsed for relief 01 vehement protest and without •nipporl or signatuie. And n the ncir amendment, it will IcgenVi Martin caught nt 0 A M jeste'rday' in mid town Fdnm Gale fugitue McKeexer, 34 who called on Le.- airested Both of Legenza s legs are Lioken Nfiis the desperate paii^stei with a rteith sentence Changing ov»i him v,vs arrested b\ agents and detec(l\es filto suuounded his apartment He ftas in bed asleep a plslol bv his side Fiirell and Gale neie arrcstrrt n ° Manha!tnn The governor . $912.722 lomted out that or Hopkins' fcon- haye lo raise : money'':'for- iihem' 1 er Treated , " hele . . . .; .Floymenl v i-eliet . in 1035 than contributed during almost two yoora previouslj-. Speaker Thorn Perturbed Harvc Thorn, .speaker of "t!ie house, was aghast at the amount expected by the national administrator from .Arkansas, arid ' : was even more perturbed- at. the : implied liu-cal that Arkansas' would nol share tn federal unemployment grants unless t'.ie condilion is met "Tlic sales 'lax' appears to be our only hope," he said. He said he will bring the ad- ministraloi'o'i message to She attention of the house al the 'earliest possible moment and urge thai serious consideration be given to the problem by the members. m OFIJpW Coach al Southwestern Drops Dead in Memphis Hotel . Youthful Freight Gar Robbers Sentenced Three youths who parilcipalcd m recent, burglaries of freight cars here waived indictment and en- lercd pleas of gu iu y to " g,.,,,, j «hy charges on inlorna on of Prosecuting Attorney Denve, ° Dudley in circuit court here yes- They were sentenced to Icons m Ihe state boys' industrhl sctaal by Judge Nell Klllough. n£*££ Aaron Anderson, one year- "L V Weaver, 18 months, and' corlie Davidson, 2 years. 11-Year-Old Will Hav, Chance to Attend School "Buddy" wont have to about hot getting to go to x:iiooi He. has been adopted by Mr. and Mrs. D .Lawrence, who have nl- . ready placed ihe n-year old cha In .school and Sunday school Mrs .rolili If. Loi.g |, ns ' !iad custody of tho child rcoentlv. were broke legs m Vera Reeil, above, Chicago night club beauty,'doesn't want to be a bathing girl—certainly not in a-iub of scalding; water. She charges that George . Eastman Dryden, kodak million!) heir, pushed her, fully clothed, Into his bathroom tub at a party, after striking her and her slsler, and that slie was ^severely burned Drydeu denies charges. tha Easi Main Stieet Meichant Will Make Formal Announcement Soon amateiu^ Ihey He came lo|tbj will be a-candidalc ' foi A yiuyt-iij rin came io| i ""i- m:. win ue a -candiualc loi aml cntcr «I n hospital ""501 of BlUhoxill'p it the Apnl hn enmiml record was un Federal agent-s watched until;'Miss McKe'ever, said (b be an important member of th« oan? called. That was last night. °Bolh were seized. : ueiience. his interest in public af-1 fairs, and his known honesty nnd fairness. Formal announcement of - his candidacy .will be forthcoming in a few days, it was said by friends who have been urging him -to make 1 ,the race, and hi the mcnn- 'iine a'; petition lo place his name on : l.he ballot will be filed wild the election commission. - sudden a hotel room here Memphis, died heart altack in today.' Haygood. an alumnus and former .quarterback for Vandcrbilt university, was freshman football and varsity track coach 'at Ihe University of Alabama from 1928 until 1031, when he came to South- Tcslern as coach and athletic director. Haygood. n native of Waverly, Tcnn.. is survived .by Ills wife, three chil- municipal election. Mr.' Great-, who lias for been - . Attempt lo Use $2,000 in School Money Brings Heated Protests j^ Ll'mjS HOOK, ,;u».. 1!) fU|>)-- The house of representatives iid- Jonfncd ,at 2 P. M.. todny uiitll ItfoiKlay after a short tut filoiiny mornliig session. | The turmoil cnme when Hep. II. Moffett Confinned As Housing Administrator WASHINGTON. Jun. II) ,UPl- The .sfiim,, i,,,,.,,. ,. on)ln)u , l( , (1C . noiiitiinilon of jlimvs MulliHt New Vnrx as IV.u'-,,!] hdii'.ln.; nd- inliiLslini.')!-. Senator llni- r., ID,.;,,,. l.i.) wlio had inillcaii-d l!i»i i« Ihc nimni Iron N«»rws Near Breaking K. Toney, of Ululf, hit: duced a $105.000 appropriation to pay legislators' salaries. Incli ed In Iho money sought-placed to the credit of llu fiftieth ; genVnl assembly was-some $2,000 of school money recovered from closed ban is. R«p, Den Carter," of Texi r- of of kana, and Rep. l.ulhcr Wllkes, Phillips county, led (ho slorm protest ayaln-,1 ihe bill. The .- gumcnt closed with "no progress'' rejx)i-led on the measure. • . .. f A 3-milI lax on bank dapos was asked in a bill introduced by Rep. O. G. Richardson, of Magnolia. Bill Would Cripple Audit Work A long expected move lo abolish, or cripple ihe .stale comptroller's office was seen today in senate bill 45, Introduced Oils week by Senator. J. W. Livingstone of crim- den. The 1)111 asked thai the '.net giving the auditorial fund JI20 of collections on each- million dql- lar evaluation be repealed olid that the county judge ,be given authority lo ask audits on" county officers as lie-df-sirrs. The prcj- posed . \\onld give the dj reclor —presumably the comptroller—the right to name the uc countants or audilorn:al a fee not to exceed $10 per daj in county s.fiip s~ The re\euuc Huts available uould practlcallj abolish the present comptroller s force majnig It impossible:-to -retain trained ac counlants on regular dnlles nn adminLslratlon leader (old the United Pr.°ss. Admmistr.ifioii Will Fight Under the wtpipictallon made todn\ the bill ftoiild ene counts judges complete political pov>er lo or per-,eculc en protect filcnd cmlcs It has been no s»«et for some lime that an eftoit would be made lo hampci or iLoijsh ihe comp'-"-- office Smral stale o. Comptroller Griffin Smith dog of the public funds 1 Administration leaders me wal- '» ching Uvingslone's bill and'indlca- J. F. Tompkins Reelecled Seed Growers President i _ _ LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— All pffi- - OKIE-HI fttffl Go to Electric Chair February 21 Unless Stay Is Obtained .Bill Barnes will die on Pebru- , r.— All pffi- .""' unriifs sill die on Pebru- cei-s of the Arkansas Seed Grow- "'">' 21 for the murder of c. A. crs Association were re-elected at. Mni "u unless n-'sto'y of execution (he annual meeting at., the Holel is grah(e<l hi the meantime. n yesterday. They are J. P. Barnes' execution date was sel by Ma LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 18 (UP)_ co?c7al Ha S«/ tl ' Cnd , tOClbt>11 Manrn >' cstc «iay. They are J. P. ™rnes' execution date was set by Men ph°s died Zm unlvc ™ Il >'' T^W™ "t Burdelte, president; J«d« Nell Killough yesterday in Memphis, died from a sudden HowaM N. Thomas of Alexander, P^t"? -sentence on the condemn- vicc president, and D. J. Burleson ei ' " mn of Fayetlevllle, secretary and- Ircas-1 Tn '»e event that Barnes pcr- urer. . .. [feels an appeal lo Ihe slale sup- i. Ifarlz of Stiiltgorl and Em- ,mnf cpm-f, a course counsel has melt Williams of Garland were announced will be taken, Ihc cxe- elccled lo Ihe Executive Committee culion will be postponed pending succeeding Mr. Thomas and Glen review by the high court. K. Alter of DeWitt, other mem-; Frank Barnes, Bill's falhcr. is bcrs of (he Executive Committee llow awaiting re-.sctting of his day are Earl Kilpatrick of Marianna, to die. Also convicted and sen- Ben C. Isjrig of Lltlle Rock, H. tcnced In the death of Jvfartin, his K, Thatcher of Roland and Mr, appeal to Ihc supreme court was Bill Barnes will be rcmoivd fioin the county Jail here lo Tucker farm nils week-end, Thatcjier was re-. Plant Board by the assoclallon Firemen Snum Traffic Bear and Hunter Mrs. Lillian Haygood, students" at ~ ,„. 5fn, and Tommy Hnygood, a student at Snon-den, and his father, T. P. Haygood, of Arkadelphla, Ark. Haygood lefl his hotel early today lo drive to Hot Springs. He suffered the heart attack and returned lo his holel where he died in a few minutes. Mrs. iTaygood was en route here from Memphis. F\meral plans -- • ••"* w > ^mi awaited her arrival although wr- ^frf! crossin e B^rds for school. £0 , employe of a OnlTed" States vices tire expected to be Wcl Sun- i,,,,, ' „ A , , , ..governmeht .surveying crew on the day at Aikadelp'.ua. -• suc1 , 1 was thc Im !»rt of a mes- i«i»-j I sage Jaid before (he .school board Guarding of Children j to the Death CLEVELAND lUP)-Men who RELSO, Wash. (UP)-The ISO- r<> 1\r»H Irt rlcL- tKfttv- lli-nc In l_»_ > _ . ^ \w Ore paid to risk , s. ( their lives in latcd Barinof islanH ™* ' was , - sa «« « «rta» treody is neath their dignity to be employed covered by Curtis Barber of Kel ' c he LAwreiuwi n.i,^ i,^,,^ ...... The Lawrences, who had children of v P ' n here fossil in a ^ flower - iiinvn h"~<377"^-'" .""'r;' T"";' Barbel- came upon the fkelclons -!,-ii --:-!» r FT "" s " - sUr.'^sr.r^u r.i.»ii M ? .', ,, '*'' on °' ' 9 ' :01 ''| been rnlallv wounded bv iliv ninn, i»ir n ?M' • bo ?' ld !"",' I,", 0 butl sl111 Had strength to kit! him. lew flrengMers' union liad cW->The skeletons evidently had lain fded the school duties assigned to | beneath a dense forest foi many Producers of 13 States 1'orin Organization at Memphis Today MEMPHIS, Jan. in (up)— Seventy roilon producers, reprcsbnt- .mg 13 slates, today organlxod Ihe National FedM-allon of Cotlon Producers aj)d drinandcd n.: long- compulsoiy procliiclion con- tilllQ Irol program. The proflucers clcclcd B. A. SUiIflebcmc, Dallas, Tex., as chairman. A board of directors wns to be immed this afternoon. Three federal extension board members will be advisors. BtumebeiiiB said the „.„ „,lion planned lo adopt n platform this aflcnioon endorsing "the purposr;; for which the agricultural adjustment administration was created and favoiing its cbn- llnualion as a permanent p.iri of our governmenl." The organization, Intended lo pip fmmers get fair prices for cotton and Its products, will try to keep cotton from going loo high as well an loo low. tlus chairman- continued. : "A radical price raise would jur ..JnreI B n mnrkeLs auft idr min should not .subscribe lo ..„,,„ of Ihat sort," slcfflctene .said. Condition Is Imoroying and Eyes Are Believed Out of Darker Sheriff Clarence if. Wilson, who I c s I i mony llanplinaim 1 imped ] ollovving Kid- naping Rcgaided Vilal (W>) N J, lin 111 First evidence of strain under which Bruno Richard Hauplmnnn's supposedly Iron nerves have tec,, MUtaln B came 'yesterday wl.on he hope,! to his- feet and cried, "You stop 'lying;- <iurtn| tesllmony by,; ; n dcpm-lmcnt or, 'justice ago^t. Tills photosrnpl,, taken in the l.lm. noticeably pale and wan alt-i courtroom nt lesllmony lliril niuno nichaid Hai.jitnmiin hnd'-i rprairi- i:d nnklL Uo clays afliVUit l Ind- kldniiplng IKK! n j)a.vtl(iimlu oiHhm t liy Mis Alum llaiiDf- miinn wife of the accused man, caused a sensllion to )ny u Hiupt- miiniis lilal foi mm del • Mis DAuplmnhii•, (julbiii',t «i)Ji a tiy of Ijliie diijilkalwl yei- | Icrdaj s oulbieal by llauptmanii Ins wllncsst-i conlinucd to pile \ip dnmnlnt, ivldoiue agalnsL Uio Rrenx carpenter, Mii Ilauplmnnns ansi • hhout Vou lie lying nt .1 fouuci hl-oi Mr> Lila Ai-Ii>nbaoh, :iime when the laltei tesliricd * I—Ihat Mil Hauplmann \\sK- »K her dhcctly aftci the 'ddnap iii, said she and hci In'sbind had jiiit came back fiom a trip'' 2—That llauiitmann, untieing with a limp, said he hid snralncd his ankle Hauplmann's limp' uas consld- cvcd of great significance ft, [s thf stales solemn usserlion thaC when he kldnapul the child ana canled hi; 'bundle down tho home made laddci the laddei broi>c, piccl»ltntmg him to the ground probably killing the child n the fal) and undoubtedly (n Jin ing the kldmpei •iestcrdny vsh»n Pedeial Agent Stsk descilted, Sion stand trim , Prepares for Launching of Four 'Billion Dollar Re- employm'ent Drive WASHINGTON. Jan.' 18 IUT>>- ............... „.„ „„„ i!t:!ic Wovlr.s Aflmliil3,iir,inr ir.irald lias :l)cen undergoing treatment in ' L - Ickcs totll> -V begun pvro.-irfition a Memphis liospilal for Injury tn President Roosevelt's new 34,- am MO,00<l re-employment tirlvc by ' Memphis liospilal for Injury his eyes, received wlien , negro , bandit fired Into his car Satur- • callins fo1 ' a notional Inventory ' - • dny nlglit, will probably return to' 0 - 1 I 1 ?" 111 ! 0 constvuctlon projects. bis liome liere Sunday I Questionnaires were sent to all Sheriff Wilson's condition Is im- !rWA '• stnlc engineers lo list In- proved : and thc possibility of impairment of. tho sight of ellhcr eye is now believed to be dclln- nllt-ly over. on new protects which could Ix; launched under the new of Ihc survey," oblaln before program. "Tlic purpose Ickes said, "Is Tho Injury of Wilson, struck by !, . --"- ^ flying ylass when'a bullet shatter '' ' " p to ctato Informnllon ed a car window, resulted '•• "'•"* lo ' n .™ l![lb le in -projects • which manhunt thai led lo ihc,' 1 ,* ,, and confession of iwo necrocs ' ? - pvcsWc " l ' s P ro Srnm and dc- "Bubbcr Clayton and Jim x'.i ; ™!"" cnt . _ of ."ntural resources." Cniuthers, who admillcd. officci-s say, not lo Wil ., __. _ .._._ „. robberies ami mlstrcalmeni of.lf!^', 5 yllllo \VA,TIA>* rrl,n ..«^- _^: iQirECiS, - u.'orul In coniiEdion with sources . !<1 c '"- v * s of Prefects ers, who admitted, ameers ,. - s o Pre ot only Ihe shooting leadin- I C J 1St . ct wcre: lson's inlury, but a seite'of', Munlc " ral utllitirs - sc ™' ics and 'mlstrcatmen f 15 slrse ™ llwfl y inipvovc white women. The nteroes arc now I Held In a dislanl Jail. Wilson and a deputy. Arch Llnd- sey, were nUemplbig to trap the "parked car" bandils when Wlisori was liurl, Closinff Stock Prices 104 7-8 10 7-8 31 1-8 1 3-8 M 3-8 111 1-2 37 A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Beth. Slcel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tnnk Gen. Eleclric 23 Gen. Motors 31 3-4 Int. Harvester 403-8 McKesson-Rbbbins 77-8 Montgomeiy Word .... 277-8 Packard 5 Phillips Pet 14 3-4 Radio 51-8 St. Ij.-s. P. Simmons Beds 9 !•<! Standard of N. J. ..... -11 3-1 Texas Co 19 5-8 V. S. Smelting 110 1-2 U- S. Steel 37 3-4 Zonlto 11-2 •cmcnts, . -..„ ys and bridges, new public buildings nnd repair work, shipping and terminal facilities recrealion facitilles. irrigation ays-' Ictus, drainage piojecls. flood pro- leclion nnd control, reforestation toll erosion control, and fish hatcheries. l;SFE|[fll Slayer of ; Batesyillc'., Deputy. -Sheviff '•Sentenced to Electric. Ghai BATESV1LLE. Ark.,. Jan. 18 (U PI— Robert fioje most", die in (7iT! electric chair for. the 'murder of Everett . Whectav a .jury decided this atterncon alter .deliberating kss than an hour. The entire trial, which began l 11:30 this morning, required less limn fcur hours. Rose, 27, pleaded eullly to a charge of fivit degree murder lo- day when arraigned before Cir- Judge Marais L. Bone for the slayinj of Wheeler, a' deputy sheriff, near here January 2. Heavily - ,>, irvicitl - nnd BiMidcd Roso sat Iwhlnct lite attorneys, In- 'enlly uitcliln; c-ach fr.vor. Tho jurors wein tricdcd ti>"fix n pen- nily of death or lif; iinprison- n-.enl. Hasp «-,'is b,"ct:ght here from Tucker pris.f.n farm where he was lushed for s.ifc keepir.i; following liLs c-ijituro '.i:e shoo! in j. I've clays afler Tn-fns. a Habit BOSTON <UP>-Thc stork two-timed thc Benham has Memphis Ford Plant Thomas H • M ( * l> ) ( - s Hiding place f ur SUOOO m » m i 1,1 Jlls I0r ,, ^t H , ir f p t -,, ul |,r, his clenched, bacl ' lnt ° Hci cradling nou," sold 6oun- ty Prosecutor Anthony M Hauck Tlieie ivlll i, e ,,o sessfon of the Haiinmonn trial tomairon i u ^- llcc lienchard announced this cJ- lernoon Hear Paul King Address Grippjed Children's Soclet£ . frs Jnin^s B of Ihe Micsi'Wlppl County unit "ot J|; cn Aikaasns Sccietj for Crippled Children and Mrs James Hill ir' attended the meeting of the soe- ctv In Little Rock \esteiday Paul V King of Detroit, Mich' vas the principal s^IaJ'.i foi the program attended b> 2oO Rotarians and Msitore from all paits ot thc itnte As a result of jestcidays nffau the stale group adopted a pfo- gram which calls for a survey "of all counties to obtain the names and hlsion of crlDples and thb will be followed by a- niimbar'of clinics where the most, urgent coses will be treated Services Wednesday for r Old Lepanto Resident DEARBORN. Mich., Jan. 18 (UP) , ., i— Resumption within a few weeks again. Mrs. wnilam""J3cHham- wife °J . n5stlnbl >' Ford of n policeman, has given blrlli in company plants in Memphis, her. third set of twins Tl,cre\re' TC ""- m!d S( ' P " 1 "' Miml " *™ now .seven chlklrcn In tl e fam»y nn " oll " ced ™Wu,e lamnj. Approximately 1.800 men will te employed at Ihc Memphis plant. Local, men will first be hired. The Memphis brunch will jeri-c pans of Arkansas. Tennessee nnd Mississippi. IEPANTO Ark -Funeral sen- ices foi J o noval 83 one of Lcpauto's oldest citizens, were held M/.II n n • : Wc(lnestl!1 > ttith '«v j I Owens, V?ill Kesume Uperation pnstor of the Fi«t Baptist church conducting the senlcejs Interment was at City cemetery: : He Is survived by one son WTieat July high low !18 S7 60 1-4 88 1-1 Chicnno Corn close 97 1-2 panto, Jiome. east Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 18 (UP) - Coltoii closed barely steady. open high tow close Jan Mai- May Jill Oct Dec 1249 1249 12« 1258 125D 1239 1204 '1265 1248 12GC 126G 1243 12o7 1251 1238 1203 1265" 1215 1244 1241 1248' 12-18 1238 1245 ..... Spots closed quiet at 1280. off •July 81 3-4 82 3-8 low close &S !-•! 85 1-2 81 6-8 82 Cotton NEW . ORLKANS, Jan. 18 IUP) -Cotton closed barely steady. open high low' 12261) 1255 1255 1340 1240 12S3 1263 1247 1250 1205 126S 1248 1251 1252 1253 1330 1239 1257 1257 1241 1244 ! Jan |i\far May Jill Oct Dec 11. Spots closed steady at 1201, oft ned of Le- With' whom he made his and a brother in South- A. S. Barboro Employes Attend Annual Meeting ^ . . j-iu PemiSCOt CountV Convict '" M Employes of the local branch of '(lie A. S. Barboro & Co., whole- jsale fruit and produce firm, are today for the annual C 11 n ' r» snlcjl mwtmg. rreed by UOVeniOr Park J - A - Waterman, general manager, Is conducting the meeting JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—Anun- bcll Spears, serving n 18-year fen- attended by 35 salesmen who will v-'so hear plans for 1935 dlseuss- bcll Spears, sen-Ing n 18-year ten- v ' so lleor - 1)lfl - ns for , !935 dlscuss- tcnco in the state neultentlnry for j" *" Milcolm G Birboro presl- 1ttAtt£lni)Dhtal> U*Qe nv mi I A/I n itfiT-- M€!H manslaughter, \\-as grained a parole yesterday by Gov. Guy Park. She was sentenced from Pr-miscot county on December 12, 1930. Nature's Sculpture VIRGIN'S ISLAND. N. S. IUP)~- WEATHER noarly jiericcl with Ihc figure of Hie , ARKANfSAS-Probably rain to- l night and Saturday. Colder Sat' urday, here. The rock cannot be re The maximum temperature here ,».n.. iin.- AUI;K uuiinui. m; r^acn«i. J IIP maxluium lemperaturc nerc Tlie etching, believed made by Na- yesterday VBS 68, minimum 42, turc itself, can be wen only on (clear, according to Samuel P Nor- clcnr days from a'distance. ''Is official neather observer,

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