The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 8
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't'AGE EIGHT OF TESI 48 Major Leaguers Hm- Iwrk This Season On Ciilfcal Test RV flAftRV GnAVS'ON' Kpcils Kilitor, KEA Sorvlcir This is. perhaps the mast important bisccill sloiy of ihe year, lii- c'udlni; Ihe world series next fall -lo "young P.'HJ\TO. H Illitsliales low tov-h It Ls to make the grade in ihc bl» show! It's n 'iO 50 pioposiUon. Alwayii IMS brrn. alnajs will bo. • Of 48 joung men who nunle Uielr bows In tup miijor tangiics tasi fiwon, just unc-half nf limn are fffiictdcd ,» chance -or sticking iiromifl. With forauin'ii .systems' ,ui- 1 ira'Ielleil, thus ihe best owners, foicvci on ihc Ifxikout for new inlenl, can do. ,'This season, Paul Dean and nil! DcLaiiccj. pil/c battery of the ,,, „>.,„,;„„-, ,,, 114 , JRil wase . El. -ujiils Cardinab, will have to man. will fcc, .wut uwi.y from there <\ltllri^ni> x,.l,^ u i__i , . I n_,l. . ._ . •* "'"'* HJtn,. lo he gofng places, and' ft third Ctepman, Is an unknown qyun- Illy. Ray BCITM Is n fair kind of a, but I enii't under- .ml what Casey Stengel wnntei when he took fnt Gordon Plielp from the Cubs on, waivers. Johnny nnblcli can pilch, Miuis 1'rcy ear play shortstop, and Buchcr .shoiilc fjel , »y at second base, provided ho ran r.tny well long munch lo fJ of iitiy .si'Tvfci 1 . Don't te Mirprlwd If tin: laleiu cd Stengel slleiirf.s l))t>se who luiv been lauRhlnu nl the nuirnrtlls. Senntors; A srent boy in Tliiv,, fjascman Cecil Ti:u'h, but he must r.olish up" ht>. fii'ldin«. Phillies: Curt Davis, F.iifl Moore ami Joe llowman can eel tlio oilier fellows out, bin nef:l help. A hired hnni! shunted around like Third UaM'inan Wallers Isn't likely to be lOO t'WXl. 33COIH1 JJllSI'imilt l.Otl Chlowtn tiasn'L Knocked HIM trade <;nl of srau, omi I'm womlcrliif; how lifi'ii un without nick liaiu-n' told Lo t|ie Giants, nt lih jliihi side. • t. * AAA's: Catcher Prank'Hayes was little short uf being phenomenal" BLYT7JEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Just mil, of school. AS a . pilcher. Joe Cnscarelln Is „ «oort - tinner. -n>f bcim, ncnlon and . , has soiiii-thliu,' more tlmn his );lnvc prayer. Johnny Marcum Is r more Ihun n llnoww. ixin 1-imiwr, outfieldet- and Ilrst tasc- , fool athletes who have looked at Ibeli «l»/f toi ^x months. Itesl assured, iheyn do it., they would not be on !he St f.ouls p-iynll rrequcnily >,! men Mispcd flaws In a ptnyci 'which they tan- not sre Hill Leo. Imac rlBht- hander of the Clubs, I 5 pliicrf under this hlgh-powcrod 'looklng- The Nationals pal< lied 1 ;: K;un|io:nls, ihe Grecluii 'Columbus, a Cardinal form.-$.30.00 for . Leo. 'Lees prcllv good," say basebnl iJi°n, 'but something must Ix. ' uiong Branch Rickey sold him.' nitkey f, (he guiding hand at the cirdlmLs—the ma, in the time, Iwyond any ques lion The second year In n majoi leaguers life is the toughest, for obvious rensons. A pitcher may cheat for six months, .and believe., he has ili<i wwld bj the cms on n downhill pull Yet list siirliiif. the Clevir land Indlnns ttpprd Hal Sehumiich- ei of the Giants to a fault in his chinge of p.icc Numerous players have enjoyed one icmarkable season only lo lin'd IhemseUes babes In (he woods the ne\t jear onf T\vo recent examples are Cart Liud, u second baseman 'shorn the Cleveland Indlnns could have peddled for $10,000 four jenrs ago nnd Johnny Verges, the thlid biseman shipped 10 the Phu's by the Giants lids winter, The sophonmie year Is move Irving for pltcheis, but mnny u blind tpot Is found on hitters—yon know, low and outside, which" is elemental, and a cracklinit curve oii the o itsjde, '•lioulder-hlyh. The taller sohed (he Hunk Gieenbers piobleni for Ihe Deans, who some »aj or nnotliM mnkc discoveries llml other pitchers fnll to reveal m years of eninest eftort, Those tijm? to prove thai they wcic not momentarily flames in (ho kitchen vessel last lerin areCards: pitcher, ..... _.. __. t>i two of the finest ball players you e\c> sav, Tteos jjldcn Aukcr, submarine rlghl-hantlei, and Plea Clifton, a dimlr.alne inflcldcr who to dale has had no opportunity to prove himself ns inching m 0re than a Jockey" Giants Catchei Harry Danulng. who is cvpccteJ to supplant Gus Mnncuso. Outfielder Hank Lciber whom Bill Terry isn't likely to give_ up on; and Al Smith, n eft-hander who hns yet to prove his worth Phil Weintranb a left- Hear. J clit ip to the "hitler! C) You Paul Demi, rlght-hami nnd Del,ai\ccy, catcher, vood (2).TLstadt . can't chnsc all is hand little, the flips one in his position •supposed to do, won't do. Yankees- The two college John "iss, Murphj of Fordlmm. nnd Broaca. the spectacled product ot Yale, Red Rolfc and Don llcilrier n\- fiVl Uo really were phenomenal as first-jear pitchers. Rolfe might do nt thlid or second base put cannot throw well enough to pla> shortstop, and I don't care nliat Joe McCarthy says about it Hcffner, second bascmnn, docsn' belong. Cubs In addition lo Pilcher Lcc Charley Gilmm has TufStninback »'io litf, u in hi,,, lo bp n gri o.itneldei, and Phil cavaretta- n Jo inny.Come-Lalcly Dm .baseman. UmchoplcQ as he is. if Cavarr.tta emit plas fust base for the Wrl2- le> oiitat lieoiiglu.lo be arrested Indians Hal Trosky. run- barman, car, wt like blazes." but cnii't 'on°ttm 0f h n " i '™ cks ' °'"" p " r before he'll be a standout There is no place tor Milt Galatztr In n, i3 kin ,f company, and Kit Carson, nnoth garener, must nrst learn Pirates Ralph Birkoff is a wd L t ±!', a , nder ' »» l Cy Blantou u »! in nniK Second Baseman LimgMto ihould come along. ftcd Sex Outfielder Julius Eol- icrs, handicapped by a broken' hand early in thc/going, wound up hitting 299 Sollers had his slumps The Baltimore Blade can «. Pilched lo oud those in pcsi- tlon lo know icll m c that he can't n>l a ball as it. is curvcd-by Tommy Bridge?, for Ir-stance Dodgers This club will cnpitnl- be on the Giants'.mistake on Leu Koenecte, the outfielder for whom Ilia late John J McGraw paid Ind unapolts « 5 .COO three years ago Another,Brooklyn outnclder, Ralph eojlc, has been around too long second liaswiian. Wll ' s I'cporllni! from .Sacrunicnlo to K. veal whatever iimde crai .siifh ;in InexpcrleiHipd hand as l.-in-y Mo- I'halltno cdiiiih up a milwlnntliil iimouiit 1'ar Mm. oilier first-year UccJs will return, but who earns? Browns: Hire's an old-fashioned bloke who develops his own players oil • coffee and sinkers. Rngm Hornsby. (,, irnrlari cilft 'nnct Strange, he hns two of the finest yoims inllelders In u, L . |,,, S |nwis Buck Newsnm, a rieht-liiinded left- hnnder with a crn/yo.uilL windup Locals Anxious To Regain Winning Stride Afler Loss To Weiner .1. i', tr0m , hcimrncd ovor Ulcir deleat .- liay nil-lit, by th L . jxiwcrful WHni-r Ki'liool ((Hljiitl, district cham. ». Couch Carney l.aslle'.s Chlrk- •saws will have an opportunity to vt-nt to their Mllniis hy ponr- It on Cojicli Scliwartx's fjixora :ro»' wlji'ii ttiey jneel tojiluht at tha onarcl nvni'o'ry. A pruihn- nary gnine featnrhi B Coanh .Jaino.s •AW I'ltdcctt's proiiilsliiij Juniur ilgii f.chool l«nni will im'OTle. Hie si;nloi- Dmlf, l;.:gliinlii|! nt 7 nm No ulibLs wri'i- Dlfoml i by the 1'rllir: over tl,L' vvciner loss. .They said they were Jjeiiicn by (l '(.•i,i V |. r • .'•iim, bli!, and rangy, nnd ng plcnly of Ouy .Vl,v , - • •• !• - , ••• v >iiy ,vji." Jiillsy they.bnasi one of the nlftl- cst pieces o[ B o'al shootlni; llmbL-r n (he stute. |||. WHS "lint" minimi Ihe chicks mi:l apparently 'there was )jo Out; brluhl feature, 'however, wn .lit- miinner In which Herman K-rii- C'r look am: of Jonc:i. Wi-liu-r ri-n- It'i'. Aenlnsl Joncsboro tills yoims nun was the whole .slioH' mul tij-.r 1 leally trimmed llio Golden rtuni- caile by hlmsell'. nut , with Ui- Clilek tip-off ace guardin- him I'llCMlay iiljfht |t W! ,.s n black horse of n different color. lie just sium- y cnuldiri gel loose. . l-ocnl fans who accompanied Ihc iiiirsnld tin, Mnioon ami WiiH' , nnchlnc fiinctlonrd in low j-cur ;I,K k '' Domim Clln llU ' wa ' s f1 "' fmm tl1e r »™ exhibit- i " ' tlle "' '~ ml {am victories. 11V " ' ins us mild) .stuff as ,,,, y lMche ^ 'i Ihe pjamc. White Sox: It Cail't field I r>r Tim I., UP™,, i •-,. JI "IJe, jiiivncr «'cu urai iour victories. Hi'mliel -well. 1 wish i ., mt , , )Inl| (ll)(i ao Mos i ey . s fKlll|1 . c U) ; '' [tui.s t!very miuiDrri 1 in ti/it>i --••- ^ r |1 "- i--.-i--' ' -- • - ui^i. *""i>* ' 'II iKllll ™« down, yon ...ophomore pit- then- play was decidedly beiow'Jwr, '" . i,!° , |lrolllcl " <H>'ccHy It wns stated. ' '' """' The Chlckasiiws, liowe.vcr •«•• Iliiiinliiff lor .them in the retiin cnn't. B i!i u i,u u , i at on your K|KIU|||PI-I • Eyes wide oiieji now, un,| pie,, wly This i, ,„„ yPlll . „ t t , tho stnry] Charleston Teams Beat Caruthersville Twice CAUUTHEliKVfLLE. Mo. _ Al- lipwgli defeated n, bulh games hero >sl, night with Charleston, the Cn- riiloei-svllle hoop tennis s ho«- = d great improvemeiil. to hold the * rone vlsllors- teams to a lot; ,uar- Blii of vlclory. Charleston girls won -.I 'lo-IV. and Charleston boys won '" l ° '•'• 'Swank, forwavil on the Charlcsto iigiil,' ( Cnill> was hig ^ r of that jnmo with i(i [joints, uost in the boys' game " ' SCmct The lineups:' , ' ' QIi'ls: Chin-lesion cin «. V nni- JJWj SmitK, i^Otnnli PM« Uoyd, ,.n* r ) n . * *• (It), Clllt- Clitt- (i:i), 'IVivis, cor- belt, Taylor, cbrroil. Hoys: Clmrlcslon (in), Bill,,, (7 i (15). .1. »ni>; ',- •• •f), K. Ashci- fj), N. Ol . fcch (2) 'lie Cnriillicrsvllle Icam.s will m o blccto Prirtny „[,.,„. f0l . , W KtrtK C.ohl Knilinrgft O'iTAWA. Out. lUP)_Cnnwln' s n (in the export of K ol t [ l,, )s } xcn cMended for another your n n tn Dec 31, 1035. The embargo wns originally MtnljUshcd In Mny 1ST' QDTz) Thursday & Friday Hint. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:.J5—10-35c Last Time Today MAT. & KITE—IQc - 2!ic A UoEreriftl I'iclurc w CLAIRE DODD ALICE WHITE OSGOOI) PERKINS GEOUGE E. STONE » , J.A.CK LA HUE F'.cj iiiHiliiiiiE^f^la Fox 7\'e\vs I'liriinuuini No Friday & Saturday He never knew wne n death and disastei were lurking around the corner! iiere. Tliey tellevo they can nnrt tnemttlves In their own balll- «'lck anil take the eliomps for n cbonlng. - -. ' In nil" probability the five who have boon darling will lnkc tin- floor agalnsit Luxora lonljjht. They are: llerahcl Moslcy and J. v/. I'ur- Uc, forwards; Herman Koehlcr, cen- l<-r; nick Tlploii and Rnytue lllack- *''•]), (/iiai'tls, Rtiken ncixlr-r itu-- '•'!» Mosley, ,, m t Kddle Kalllih will \x-. on hand fi, r r ,.||,,f ,) ( , Ly „„,, ,| X ... ly will ;;er! pk-nty nf action. Cooler Teams In Wins Over Braj^aiWio Cagers COO'frat, MO.-TWO of the fnsi- ost isame.s eftr played on the in- cut court wera played Tucsdny hl »'he« tlic Cooler teams woii a Ooiible-hi'iiiler ovor thi^ Hrni'K'i- docir> teams. It was/tile first d<<- 'ent the ])mi[K«!l<jclo Blrls have harl Cooler won, 60 lo u. Nnomi Wel<- -l«r. Cooler i-iiard, /nude some mi- isually K n,»\ I ,i nySi i u ,i ( n n|; n ,. |1( ,.. locloVt star forward ilown iiiuil e only made it | ( . v , j,,,j n ( s , local team wn s (n Ihe lead throughout 110 game. • m the boys gnme The Braggadocio.boys took an early lend, the score being c-0 In favor of Braggadocio and then ihe Cooler toys not down to real business nnd brought ihc score up 10 13-5 at end of hair and at end | of Uilrrt (|iiarter Diey had brouglil " Uiflr seoi-e iij) ahead of the Brawv i Mm. 11-8. in the last ,|iiarter I'a ill :.r!(llllona| poln't,s makliii! the total <J tile Kfliue 10 to i] in fivrt,. nf CVtoltr. " """ of Tiic lineups: •' coster iBlrls), norj'is Boraett (,'tet wuuon U4), c. nanuHl, Brooks, McKay an,! Webster, Rubs: Viniehn Mid Crlce. nraggadoeio. II. Bryant ifi). A. Parrls (12), Coppngc (;jj v lii'yant, lluckiibn. Ciwy finite' D'-nton, Ilatley, Davis ,, < ^! W " J, no1 ™' «' f «''K .'»), Rll- Ccslrlng (5). lil-aijgadooio, J Holmes ft). N. Crowe <2t, Holmes' K. Crowe (a», c. Webb, (lallnhcr' ciiwn (2). IV-. Ciiiirlcr Jtov^ v/ant Ads Pays V.otfi To Enlarge Little Six-GfbnjV? Add Three; Schools CAHUTHERSVILLE, W-Al n mcntlng of Ultle Six Athletic con- fctence ruprfsriMllvex, Roscoe M Pleiw, siipwinlemlenl of' vllle schools, was axain w-kpuiil its president of (lie conference for an- ottier year. I,. J. selnm*. Caps OI- rmdeau, was unmcd (Ui.vlce-nrest- denl,.ninlfrc<wi narhlmi't; CaHilh- ersvllle, .wcreiary-treasiire'r. . ; . At iiic meeting, a wa,v vblei'l to enlarge the conference tnklii" In ihree more tennis. The .new •ones are Perryvllle, Kc'imett' nnd Farm- int'ton. The Ultlc'" six .heretofore 1'os comprised Poplar Bluff, Charleston, Cupe Olrardeau, ncxtcr Jaek•W), mid Cimilliersvlllr'. , TJin new association will be known as the southeast Missouri MhMlc. conference, since addition of th« low teams, it was deddcd. to hold Hie conference htiBkttbali : tournament at QIIJX; Ciiranloau 2nd, and Ihe irack meet v.'lll be held May 10, sko at capa Qlrar nurlng - 193!), •'- each 'conference « j arn is to play four other conference teams to bo eleglble f ov fool- ball championship of the conference,, .. ," Carnihersvvllle has arranged lh« .oltowlne gamps: Ocl.-17, Charleston, there; Ocl, 2.1, Poplar Bliilf, here; Nov. 1C, IV-xler, hw Nav -''I KeniK'lt, there. ' ^THURSDAY,' JANUAUY 17,. mg Oniurlo Poo-Knh .STREOTSVILLE,: Out. (UP)-In Uies« days of general. ,unemp!oy- ; meiit ptetl J. Elderfleld, Slrects- vllle, is .one ot ihc fow persons W)ID caji Jay claim lo having loo many jobs. Elderneld Is 'pqllco chief, flre : chief, weed Inspector, provincial -road overseer, bread inspector' sanitary Inspccior, road maintenance jiian, water niid. drain inspector und installer,--repair man Jailer, poimdkceper, dog catcher' carelnker of municipal offices tax' collector, weight inspector, govli- ige collecloi-, nnd "n i cw . other things" 'which he can't-finite re memlxir, elected & senator _o£ 7Va,nce, WH/PU& t-ifft touch, as T\&.-J model cars come out. Novelty Reel—"DOR Show 11 Serial i Must Sell to the Walls Saturday WILL FOLLOW WITH SALE of FIXTURES MONDAY All Merchandise remaining from our recent Fire Sale MUST BE SOLD by Saturday Night, Not one stitch of Men's Clothing will be left.,. all will be cleaned out to the bate walls for whatever price it wiU bring. Profits Mean Nothing! stock Must GO Doors Open 8:30 A. M. First Customer Gets Freellajt Stock Bostonian Shoes $6.95, $8.95, $10 Shoes Must Go Sizes 5 to 12 A to D and 7 to 12 in AA Widths Suits, Hats, Shirts Socks, Ties, Underwear ALL PRICED TO SELL IN ONE DAY ES MEN'S SH All Sales Final and For Cash No Refunds 4

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