The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1956 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1956
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MARCH !, 1956 (ARK.) COURIER NEW« OUR BOARDING HOUSI — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY NELL, COME OM THEM .' VOU"Je \ TRY»J'TO PUT \ SLAMOR INTO I SHOP V*3RK BT / AWOW'THEM \ TK FIRST ONB TH» SAW M A PICTURE PUWCHW A TIME CLOCK TMETP THROW THB SUIT AVUAV--AMP IF iwey KNEW COWBO>* GET UP AT -ID PUNCH TH6 FIRST ONE THAT MAKES A < PASS, T'u OTHER WILL BE A I FAMCY OVERALLS \ IM HOPES THgy'LL \ GET POPULAR AU. I OVER TH' COUNTRY LIKE ccweoy (?LAY TUE AUSSOURl WALTZ, POP = 3 .i TALL QM A MOUKEV WgEIJCH ™J'Jj/^g. — * I 1 SAID f lt> W6R. MEET YOU OH THE STREET ID I6MORS THE THAT fOU WEBE EV£M AUVt — Buf, HILPA.TDu SAIP YOU'P NEVER.SPEAK T6 ME A6AIN AS LON6 AS YOU LIVE / •-Bur I DIDN'T MEAN YOU COULDNT Bf POL[T» AMD CALL t*E NOW AMP THEM-IOU INCONSIP- t ERATE BEAST.'.'.' "My psychology book says to ignore such performanei* —Jimmy's ust trin to attract attent" Y»», Mom does hold her age pretty well for an elderly woman!" MISS VAIL7 CLINT MARSHALL CALLING HEIGHTS W AREN'T SDK SCWJMG I MAKE ME THE BALCONY OF CENTER-. / DIZZY. VILLE seAUT/MAirrHA .rrtfc icrsLEAve WAYNETjmwnrrtillll rr AT THAT.' AFtECTJOON KNEW weir. NIGHT AND YOU CHA-CMA-CHA-ED DMNELY. Continued from preceding page We Will Train Salesman Wanted FOR THE BEST IN FARM LAND - FARM LOANS See EARL'S FARM & LOAN CO. L. Earls 2-2416—J. Marsh 2-2720 Blytbevllle-^Ph 3-4052 3j30 ck tt WANTED — SALESMAN Have opening for full time salesman to sell International Harvester tractors, farm equipment and. cotton pickers, and International trucks. Experience preferred but not necessary. BEN F. BUTLER Co., Osceola. 3J2 ck 6 the man we need. No experience Is necewary. If chosen, you will be sent to our National Sales Training School with salary and expenses paid. Upon return; you will receive practical experience with help from a successful PRISCILLA! COME IN THE HOUSE THIS INSTANT/ For'Sale or Leas* field trainer for a 13 week period. Cafe In'Steele, Low down payment, WAIT FOR ME, GIRLS) I'LL BE easy terms. Inquire Central Hotel. Ph. 172. 2|2S. pk Progressive training will remove the celling from your earnings. Our average successful man earns a- minimum of $7,500 a year. This Is not a 'get-rlch- qulck" proposition but. an opportunity for you to earn a substantial Income from the start and then you advance according to the effort you put forth. LOST—Female black and tan bound lost Wednesday night. Reward. Elmer Green,. Ph. 3-9726. . 2]28 pic 3(2 Offlct mite and one business building. Mrs Hollipeter. Ph 3-3255. 4;4 ck tf Situation Wanted We are searching for a man with ability, sincerity, good mentality, and one who man manage his time well. Must have a car. We rent floor sanders, edgers end Ushers. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO- on* 2-2015 29 ok tf Housekeaping or baby sitting. Call between 4:00 & 6:00 p.m. Ph. 3-6259. 2124 pk 3|3 WANTED 1,000 used tires* for recapping. Will allow up to $7:50 per tire on purchase of U.S. Royal "8" Tires. 'Must be recappable' BURNETTS Royal Tire Service So Hlway «1 Ph. 3-8662 2|29 clt The man selected must be able to leave city for Initial weeks training school on March 12, 19 or 26. Nicely furnished apartment/ also unfurnished apartments and houses available. 'For Information phone Os- caola 681. D, 3, Laney. S\Q ck « Baby sitting. Ph. 2-2920. 2J28 pis Phone Web 2-7211 after 9:00 ajn. Wed., Thura. or Prl for your confidential Interview appointment. Ask for Mr. Parker, or write 210 Citizens Bank Bldg., JoneBboro, Ark. Bookkeeping, secretarial' or general office work by woman In early 30'g. Can take short hand, accurate typut. 15 years experience. Can handle most all types of office machines. Available after Mar. 3. Call 3-4214 after 5 p. m. 2:24 ck tf 2 room unf. house, screened porch, garden spot. Ph 2-2334 2J11 etc tf WNTHB3F? XDUR MOTHER SAID tDU WERE TO STAY IN BEP UNTIL PIP YOU HEAR THAT? HE'S FINALLY TAKIN6 AKI INTEREST IN HIS VIOLIN/ HE'S ALWAYSHATEP HIS MUSIC LESSONS/ 4 room unf. bouse, bath, gas Hear £16 Lake. 2;24 pk 313 Mutual of Omaha 2;29 ck 3.3 USED REFRIGERATOR $69.95 up HALSELL & WHITS S|24 ck It Ironings wanted. Ph. 3-8653. 5 room house, bath, piped for gas. Automatic water beater. Ph. 3-3815. Apply 301 S. Lake. White woman to baby sit, by hour, day or week. Ph. 3-8891. 3|l,pl 3|5 Rotten cotton hulls" and filling dl fur yards. S2.50 per load. Call Sbai Ph. 3-B493. 3|1 pk 4 Help Wanted, Female Salesman. 8 years experience. Excellent references Age 26, owns car CaL 2-2188. 3|1 pk 3|5 AGES 17-38 For this area wanted at once to train for Railroad Operator-Agents. Railroads pay §300.00 to "5455.00 per month, plus pensions, free transportation, hospltalteatlon. etc. Placement In Arkansas or other states upon completion. We have 100% placement and assure your placement by written contract. Calls for our graduates are several times over the amount we can train. Your training will not Interfere 1th you making a living. If sincerely Interested In securing a better, lob SPECIAL ' BLYTHEVILLE CURB MET. Grapefruits pink seedless 2 fo Bananas . 5 pounds Waitress wanted. Apply In person at Simpson's Cafe. Ark-Mo State Line. 12114 ck tt Waitress, over 21. under 30. Apply in person. Chatter Box. 3!28 pk 3j7 Three families for sharecrops. W. A Lewis, Hlway 61 South,, Ph. 3-3801. 2j25 pk 3; Egys. fresh country Sweet potatoes Open Sundays Mai* H»lp Wanted Application of liquid, seed and f lllzer. Planters Flying Service Ph. 3-3721 32 ck t Tractor driver, fttter 6 p.m. 2663.. Luxora. 2116 pk 3J16 Ws buy used furniture. Harrison'* Furniture Exchange. 517 W Ash Ph 3-B105. 1]25 ck W BY THEN SHE'D HME SOLD OUT 10 M<*6E FOR (TUSH. WWLMERWERE'D BE MO PROOF THAT 5HEU KNOWN KEUOM W&S, WORTHLESS! IF W SWISS BEEN FOUWD TIIL TOMORROW, THERE WOULPM'T HfWE BEEN ENOII6H WOTiTION LEFT TO eil'E AWV HSR SECRET! SHE COULD'Ve LEFT THRU THE COOP POOR PROBABLY LBT HERSELF PDWM HEK6'. POUSLI10S TUB ROPB WWUNP THIS PIPe SHE COULD PULL IT. AFTER HER'. Courier News has city paper and you have good health see Mr. Morrison at Noble Hotel, Friday 9th. Hours route which is adaptable to 10 a .m. to 1 p. m. and 3 p. m. to 9 p. m. If married bring wife. If under We buy and sell used furniture Bec- khams' Moving & storage Pn. 3-8928 2;11 ck 3;U - handling • by an adult, either. 21 bring parents, NO PHONE CALLS by car or bicycle. Route will pay minimum of $10 per week, with excellent chance for increased earnings. See or write WATER TO PROTECT 'EH FROM WiDIMlON... Army barracks windows or'somethlng similar. Any quantity. Ph. Po. 2-2701 or PO 3-8884. 2128 pk 317 Delta Tourist Court Special rate« b eek or month Ph 3-6984 1(4 pk 3i BOBCAT BOUNTIES Bounties for the scalps of bobcats were offered as early as 1727 Wanted to Rent Ted Brown at. Courier News in Massachusetts, with the reward Bedroom, kitchen privileges. Ph. Church youth group desirec to rent one acre of cotton land in or near city limit*. Must be in cotton allotment. Will pay cash to crop rent. Contact Clark, 3-4481 or 3-4214. 3;2 dh being 1 30 shillings for each adult. YEHH..JH' WMCKIAMJ COULWJ'T VtUS 6631 HSR FROM TH' STREET! "I am glad for you," I said. "Yes, but I can't .see that tt concerns you. I knew of course that my brother-in-law was disabled with — with silicosis? — but I also knew that his death was caused by a heart attack. The attending physician has assured me of that" "Dr. Jarrett?" "Yes. He and Mr. Cornwallis Just i Corpse at Twilight Read Courier New? Classified Ads AN' BV GOSH, I DGNT THINK THAT'S AU. HE MISSED NEITHER... I'VE (SOT A FEEUN' THIS \ AINT XXIV I LEFT my car, walked b«d was neatly made. The top of is our Foremost Concern YEZ2IR, O. DCC MISSED TH' TARGET THIS TIME! THIS SURE .AIN'T NO PACT OF TEXAS.' a high old-fashioned dresser bore cosmetics and toilet articles came to" see me together." jars and tubes arranged in a nea 1 entered the Winchester Inn. Mrs BURIAL INSURANCE Dom smiled pleasantly from be- Jarrett oppose the autopsy?" man clad only in pnjama trousers "Frankly, yes. He said it was appeared in the bathroom door LOGAN Funeral Home unnecessary, a needless sacrilege. There was lather on his face anc I am a religious woman, Mr. Bennett and I have respect for he held a safety razor. "Dear," the woman him, "this is Mr, Bennett, from "There will be no disrespect." "No," she said coldly. "Mr. Tweed has also advised me not the Welfare Commission." "Howdy." He nodded at me. I nodded back and he disap- He pointed out that peared into the bathroom. due to public opinion and I'm sorry to intrude at a time possible adverse effect locally on RADIATOR WORK I said, annoyed at the his — his profession, he has re- unctuous tones of my voice, "but fused you the use of his facilities IT DOfsf T PAY T'AEGUE WITH [ATPEE, PETUNIA i t - -—, for the autopsy. Mr. Tweed feels as I do, that it is needless and— WASN'T IT LUCKY 1 60T THE "If it's about the autopsy on and loathsome, and I respect htf poor Frank," sh« said "the answer is No"" Boiltd Out Repaired Flo TtiUd Rt-cortd I said carefully, "The law provides that the $10,000 indemnity for death due to industrial causes be paid to the spouse or direct I LOOKED at her. "Mrs. Wood rufl, please'let me explain." "It has ail been explained to Even though you kin, I assume that by Mr.— Mr.— I ctn't recall his name. He's the sheriff here I knocked on the door of you are not a dependent and would therefore not be eligible »Ll WORK GUARANTEED "Yes. He talked to me yester- for the death payment — if we day, right after we arrived. find that Mr. Osbom's death was GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS SM Cl Lake Are. Ph. 1-CM1 said that you wanted to exhume poor Frank's body and do an un- money would be held in escrow necessary post mortem examina- for five years in the event that a tion. It will »!>•* no good pur- claimant appeared in the future, pose that I can see. I are merely trying to protect the certain that my sister would not possible claimants. It is my duty "But she did," I said. Na n ftswi%t> THEM to tell you this." "I understand that. Mr. Tweed WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 sighed a release before she— be- TVWf su&mw STOUT explained it I would gain noth- "Mr. Cornwallis explained that, ing, regardless of the result too," she said in the same crisp but he also explained that "That's right," I said gently. 'But we would know for certain as next of kin, and as the execu- rtx of my sister's estate. I have what caused Mr. Osborn's death the right to prohibit the autopsy." Mrs. Woodruff, I wonder if youi differ* nt itomi in stock! "Yes. Mr. Cornwallis found it among her effects at the house. would receive the payment? I have read it and it's leiil. For Htr thin nostrils dilated. rour Information, she l«ft every- Bennett, you are being off HUIBARD HARDWARI [ must ask you to leave." account— evw^thifli. Wnd the desk. Mr. Bennett." "Good morning." I showed her my teeth, which are still 'good except for a few fillings in some bicuspids. "Do you ha>'e any registered from Fort Wayne? 1 "Yes , we do — Mr. and Mrs Louis Woodruff. She's Alice Osborn's sister." adjusted her nose glasses. "They came for the funeral." "I wonder if I could see Mrs. Woodruff?" "They're to 210. tor you?" • "If you will." "Just a moment." She turned, plugged in a cord, spoke briefly and turned back to me. "You can go right up. I thanked her, went out Into the hall and stairs. 210 and it was opened immediately by a tall thin woman wearing a pink quilted robe and pink tufted slippers. She had a thin handsome face and her eyes were dark and intense. Metal curlers, clamped around tufts of brownish hair, studded her head. appeared older than Alice Osborn. and I thought sadly that there was little resemblance between the sisters. run?" I asked, removing my hat She nodded. "You're Mr. Bennett?" "Yes May 1 offer my deepest sympathy?" It was trite, but I afri never very clear on luch occasions. "I'm very ' sorry about your sister." Her thin lips quivered a little, but her stony expression never changed. "Thank you. PlMte come in." She stepped asid*. I mover! Into n brlRht sun- »Uc4,.ed Juuju,' [an bj£ double

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