The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 23, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TWP rVMITM a M*r» XWt»0n t TMHI-I <>«.vt >VA.«._» . . __ ^^M^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Or NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOU VOI,. XLVIII—NO. 32 Blytheville Daily New Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevlll* Herald MISSOURI BLYTHEVIIXR, A {{KANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1952 WU Strike Near End with Two If s In Agreement Basis U.S. Must Okay Telegraph Rate Boost; AFL Approval WASHINGTON (AP) _ An agreement was reached today providing a basis for ending ;i 51-day strike by AFL telegraphers against the Western Union Company. But there were two big it's in the agreement renched today after a week of intensive negotiations. The ifs: 1. Western Union must, get federal j, authority to telegraph rates. 2. The pact must be ratified by the membership of the AFL Commercial Telegraphers Union. A union spokesman said such ratiflqa- tioii is in doubt. The company said the workers would be back on the job Mon- k day, W. L. Allen, international / president of (lie CUT. said, how- TWELVE PAGES Rebel Red Prisoners Are Isolated at Koje By ROBKHT KUNSOX TOKYO M>j—Gen. Mark Clark said today he had given orders to the U.S. Eighth Army "to obtain uncontented control" of the United Nations prisoner of war camps at Pusan and Koje Island. "The hard core of the rebellious leaders at Pusan already have been isolated from the other prisoners," the United Nations commander said in his llr.n interview since taking over from Gen. Matthew B. Rlds'A-ay. "The prisoners' flagrant disregard of our instructions will not be I tolerated any longer," Clark said. 1 "H was an intolerable situation. Dodd, former camp commander, a 'The prisoners of war have cor- hostage 18 hours. His successor '" obligations and we expect "••- •'• — - them to comply. It was in furtherance of this policy that I ordered the 187th Airborne Regiment to Ko.fe Island." ever, that such a return would be! what the contingent on approval of the terms; Korean War • by the union membership. ' The basic terms of the contract involve these tilings: 1. A shift from the 48-hour work week to one of" 40 hours, with no change in pay. for those hired before Nov. 1, 1911. 2. A flat 10-cent-an-hour increase for workers hired after that date. Those hired after the 1941 date u-ere employed on the basis of a 40-hour week, receiving 40 hours pay- 3. Abandonment of the union shop among W. U. employes but establishment of what a mediation pokesman colled an "a g e n c£l>5 7hop.' Allied Planes Ruin Reds Industrial Site SEOUL, Korea (.-Tj—United Rations warplanes smashed a huge industrial complex southwest of Pyongyang today in the culmination of Air Force called (he greatest saturation bombing attack of the . 4. Employes working 35 hours a Truce Talks Put In 3-Day Recess Nam II Gets Mad As New UN Delegate Won't Enter Debate MUNSAN, Korea, W—Red delegates today agreed to a Ihree day recess in the tightly deadlocked Korea Allies' them armistice after the . week would gel a flat $2 2- a -month Increase. 5- Messengers would receive on Increase of five cents an hour. W. U. workers would not have 1 sions.' to. join the union as heretofore , it North Korean G N , was explained, but those who de- has becn demanding dailv meet- l ° be Uni0n melnbers lll ss at Panimmjom. agreed to ,lhe chief delegate told stand is unshakable— we will make no furlher conces- Won't Say How Much Company spokesmen would recess. But The attack near the North Korean capital begun yesterday morning and ended at 4 p. m. today. Nearly 800 /ighter-bomber sorties were flown against the fat target. Burned and blasted in the assault were a Communist hand grenade arsenal, the surface works of a coal mine, storehouses and nearly a half mile of machine shops and wire houses. They were along the north bank of the Taedong River between Pyongyang and its port city, Chinnampo. Kain Shrouds Target Rain Squalls sweeping down from Manchuria blotted out the target area late this afternoon. Nearly 500 sorties were flown yesterday and 300 today. Thc Fifth Air Force said it threw every type of plane it had into the strike. The burden of the attack was carried by F-S-4 Thunderjets of the 19th and 136th fighter-b o m b e r wings. They splashed the area with bombs, rochets, napalm (jellied The new contract would not be- The famed paratrooper unit went lo Kojc last week after Red POWs bad held Brig. Gen. Francis T. Brig. Gen. Charles Colson, won his release by promising concessions. First Dodd. then Colson was relieved as Koje commandant'and assigned to other posts with the Eighth Army. Clark repudiated Colson's promises to the fled POWs. Clark expressed hope the POWs woutd "comply with our instructions so that force won't be necessary." Tactics Are Outlined But if they do not. he added, Gen. James A. Van Fleet, Eighth Army commander, hae ordered guards to use concu3*ion grenades, tear gas and riot squad tactics. A concussion grenade is a cardboard and tin covered explosive containing TNT. It is designed to give shock, but not to wound or kill. Riot squad tactics refer to the flying wedge antf other formations used by police the world around in breaking up mobs. In obtaining control of the Koje camps, Clark said he hoped to break the contact Red prisoners have had with the outside. U.S. officers say all of the riots presumably have been instigated by a small group under directions from North Korea. Correspondents on Koje said the prisoners might liave had radios Prisoners also might be able to contact their leaders by way of messages taken in by work deta or from nearby villages. Colsou's promises to the Reds created a furor in Washington. A lull investigation of the Incident was demanded in Congress. : Asked if he had considered no releasing.Colson's note. Clark said. "There were so many conjectur- ,based on lack of Informa Jfj^tcicled the best thing — <\ii nuui alter ine nieetui 0 ' ad- grants the company a rate increase. io urned. Vice Adm. C Turner Thn llnl/ln l\i,l nfl'nj) ...» 10 -__t "".. ^x*. iwlljl,! Joy, former chief Allied delegate, The union had asked ail 18-cent- Hn-hour pay increase, a shift from the 48 to -10 hour work week and maintenance of the union shop. Allen said the contract increases average earnings of the union members to $1.54 for all employes except messengers'and 83 cents aJi hour for messengers. Company officials said that under the new contract the workers would average SI.73 an hour. Picketing to Continue Allen said the union will maintain picket lines around W. U. of- Sce TELEGRAPH on I'age 5 S. Missco Scout Camp Planned South Mississippi County Boy Scouts are scheduled to hold a r:-mp-o-ree at Victoria June 6 and Plans for the camp were made "It's a little hell up there all from the Communists " right." said Capt. Lynwood Clark, Clark said he intended lo "tell of Delhi, NY. He fl«v both days.) all the facia so long BS It does not 'We went ' - —' -—f "v*... uu.i.3. ^ .in nit: liiui-s so long BJ - ^.^...m, ' We went in an <i got their flak j jeopardize our position, left the United Nations Command! yesterday morning." he related.! Ridgway had ordered an invcsti- advance camp here. He expressed! ' Tncn we came down on ihe build-1 gallon before he left, Clark said and lion-|'" ss - It j Was 1 renlly_R fat target! "In fact Gen. Van Fleet was '"" " "" '" " ' conducting the investigation when confidence "an equitable'ancfhon-i illss ' II was really a fat tsrg... orable armistice" will be achieved i COI upared to some of the rail missions we've been getting hilely. They had no warning and they must have been caught by surprise." After the Reds' ground guns were SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Ray burn Warn sof Strength Lost To Russia, Hits Foreign Aid Cuts TIIEY'1,1, HE CALLING ON YOU — Courier News carrier boys v,ill be out this week and next In an effort to sign tip blood donors for the Red Cross- The Red bloodmuiile'Will be back in town Jifrie 4 «Ra 200 donors will' he needed to get the city's quota of 150 pints, a goal barely reached on the last trip. Carrier boys will be equipped with pledge cards. Shown above (seated, from the left) are carriers Bobby Sweet and Ivan Bell, and Liland- ln?v aferin. I-n''cl and James Richa;H-: 0 ,, (Courier News' Photo). Truman Leaders Move to Head Further Slash In Foreign Aid Joy will become superintendent of the ' U.S. Naval Academy nt Annapolis. 7. Ing and activities committee. Four new units were ailnounc- ed last night by Bob Morrow, organization and extension chairman. Troops have been organized at Wilson, Keiser. and Dyess p. it d a cub pack has been set up at Joiner. 3 Girls In Manila Area Officers Searching For Youngsters Who Disappeared in Car MANILA — West Mississippi County peace officers today were searching the Manila-Milligan Ridge area for three children who have I assumed command." Clark denied that he had called Colson and Dodd to Tokyo to "reprimand them." "I needed more information and WASHINGTON (AP) —Administration leaders moved " ••-*...»,,! *..( IL^tHII 1-MUl.lUl Ul tJISi to prevent anv further cuts in the mulli-billiou-tlolliu- foreign aid pro E ram I 1 VOl\' dlvi t-linrl U,. O-l ro/' OrtA An A * * «»«J T --' D- ,•-,-*. . ..v-^.Ji,!.! IILUI t iiuiji 1*1(11 tun aiiu i -"«» Mm v\ UN Al JlCilli JCC1 (,o De rC' tighter-bombers dropped • I wanted to talk with them. There i sumed at 10 a.m. lEST) with ait 1 COO HO tint Is hrmih« rnflrtit. : *i»ic t ,..*,..*..,.:,.. 11. _, »i ...»._,_ *.-.,. .._...... . ... silenced, _ ^ 500 and 1.000 pounds bombs, rocket-i was a necessity th eel the area and splashed it with I matter be clarified napalm. ' | possible." the whole soon as Man Plays Santa Clous with Boss' Bank Roll But It Ends in Trouble CHICAGO (/Pi—Playing the role* — of a good Samaritan came easy for Anthony C. Adams, a S42-a-week messenger-handyman whose heart was as big as his boss' bank roll. When Adams appeared at his favorite saloon on Archer Avenue the - ....... .... ..... ..t.n,,, .M:JC m.iiit: <u<:tt IKJ iiuet; Limuii'i! wno nave' vori at a regular meeting of the district been missing since yesterday after- ! bov council at O.sceola last night. W. Tlnn " ' ! . :' T. Crews is chairman of tiie camp- n i|a said Joan Ellen Briley.Vand aprced Adams was a'^cxi-tim, "uy her sister. Virginia Kay, B. have not | And. it was disclosed ,--.. would siart whooping it up. [Adams 'The Coloncli always would City Marshall Lee Baker of Ma- ' P^k up the tab. His tavern pals . — • •- --I.* niivl, LL «<i,-j LNM lo.HCl lit TVIrlll'." been seen since they disappeared, Co'irt vcsterdav. Adim- was ov,-l"v! from the home of their father. Tal- ! generous " away from the bar—with Weather his employer's funds—to his friends. Prosecutors James somr of; A. Brown and Arkansas forecast: Cloudy with scattered thmidershowers this afl- madge Briley. in a car reported driven by a 16-year-old girl. Mr. Baker indicated the girl faces arrest for taking the c * r j Wiliinm" Brumlik'toid Jud"e"ci'-,r]'c" and in connection with the disap- s. Dougherty that Adam" over a pearancc of the younger girls. | two-year period had spent and <>iv- The car. which belonged to Mr.: en nway S34.300. THe total mav be Briley's brother Walter, is a black j higher, they said. 1937 four-door sedan, Mr. Baker j Adams, 43 and » bachelor, was in court ot] a lorgc y charge. He worked In the office of William Wood Prince Jr., president of the Union Stock Yards and Transit Company. lie took c.ire of many of Prince's personal matters ar.d had Inside Today's Courier News • . . Demornits could do much worse than pick fulhrighl editorials . . Page fi. . . Six loams rnCcrcd in Hlv- ,,ii,l S ol baseball h;l , m • . . sports . . . fugf 7 • . . F.irm news anil review . . . I---- -...J I 1.1 L 1.11 L.I l^ln..^ lil L already tentatively slashed by 51,020,200,000. Consideration of the comrovcr- lory for supporters of Sen. Robert sial bill was scheduled to be re-, Toft of Ohio who are pushing for -sub.slautial cuts, as compared with moderate reductions proposed by backers of Gen. Dweight Elsen- hower. Taft and Eisenhower are leading contender!! for the Republican presidential nomination. to ain control of the in Missco Churches . Sunday I'asc 3. • Society . . . page 4. • Markets . . . rajrc 5. • Arkansas News Briefs . Ctounv crnoon, tonight and tomorrow: cooler in the extreme northwest tomorrow. Missouri forerast: Mostly cloudy with occasional showers and thunderstorms Friday night and Saturday: little change In temperature. Minimum this morninc—63. Maximum yesterday—90. Sunset today—7:01. Sunrise tomorrow—4:52. Precipitation 2-1 hours to 7 a m —.17. Total precipitation since Jan i— 183.1. Mean temperature 'midway between high and low)—75,5. Normal mean temperature for May—61. This Dale Lasl Year Minimum this moni!ns--S5. Mixirmitn vc--h-nl:<y &',. Frrripitation January -i to tiatc He said witnesses residing near the Bcilcy home told him they saw a girl place the Briley girls In the! car and drive off in the direction of Mi!lit;an Ridge. The Briley girls had been left alone in their home while their parents were chopping cotton a quarter of a mile away, Mr. Baker said. The Briley home is located accc,'.s lo company vouchers to draw the money. would make out a voucher to a two miles south "of Manila! "" j name" on"1t. T'clmium- cmpTov^ Searchers combed the Ploodway t then would make out the check and and Buffalo Ditch areas yesterday i give it to Adams. but found no sign of the car or its! Adams, the prosecutors said apparently spent lime of the rrionfv on himself. He turned over his M2 weekly pay check to his mother and she gave him Slo a week sppndins money. t "F playrd Kanta Clan.- with the money." Adnms was quoted by HIO-MI HIK! Brunilik I They .laid lie had ti>l<! hi- drmk: Ins companions hr uas a *'.' MO- n-iiionth cni;mror and held the rank of colonel in the Air Force three-quarters of the world still to he decided. It was possible the Senate would begin debate today on Jus companion foreign legislation, Republicans won temporary control of (he House during a tumultuous 10-hour session yesterday. When voting ended, thc president's $7,9110,000,000 program had been pruned tentatively to Sli 273 800.000. Cuts Are Listed were the cuts: 1. A tolal of S707,200.000 was.- tailored trom economic himls for Europe, leaviiig the now total at i 1* Of thc reductions. I | S615.300.000 approved on the llour | ] was added to a SIM.tHlO.OO cut! j previously made by Die roreii;ii' Affairs Committee. ', A committee slice of 829 mil-! lion dollars off military aid lo En-' rope was approved, making tin, • new total 53,316.00,000. I The day's big vote came on the} the contractor, ordered the project amendment cutting 615 million] shut down until the strike is set- from economic funds. H was pro- tlixi. N'o negotiations have begun. posed by Rep. Vorys (R-Ohioi j /-- , ^'^ Hutson was elected presidc-nt leader of a drive for heavy slashes' : v - l "P cnI<! ' 1( are asking a S'2 20 per I „( niythevlltc's Ti.aslmjsier- Cl'ib The sianrtine vote was Ili3 to 116. " our "" Ke scalc an<1 thc Contractor i at a meeting ot ihe dub in the Tafl Group \Vins j is paying 52. Union officials say thc I Chamber of Commerce office last The vote marked an Initial vie- $220 fieurc Is "scale for this area" Ill2ht ' Other officers eOeciri! «erc Li^-ton Necly. vice president; Karnrst I M<:Kcnzio. .^p* rctary; Krrd Snmlr- j fur. treasurer; nnd Bob I'cier.-on Strike Here 'Unchanged' Picketing Continues At County Hospital Site The strike situation at the site ol Blythcvillc's new county hospital sifr i.s "the Mini? as yesterday," union and company spokesmen said this morning. I'iekC'ts continue to walk at the -Ho but there has been no trouble. Baldwin Construction Company, Alert Cleveland Police Spot 'Suspicious Man ' CLEVELAND (/I-, _ A 30-year- old man walked down busy Euclid Avenue last night in tlie following nttire: Coonskin cap with a red visor, white dinner jacket, zebra-striped shirt, luminous green tie. red plaid pants and blue end white tennis shoes. His accessories included a fal«c note, a white pipe and a red, Krcen and blue luminous bag filled with trick |?iid«ets. His haircut was of the Indian type—shaved alnnp the sides with a brush down the middle. Police arrested him on a MIS- picinus person charge. Hutson Elected Toastmasters Club President Aviation Gas Shortage Gets Worse I Ji"-<^ V Ctfi i,|*,—Evpn thniirrli a t^i>» i .<__.. i = I occupants, i — City Council To Meet Tonight An adjourned session of C 1 t Council is to be hold tonight 7;30 o'clock. Mayor Dan said this morning-. though MI-JKC of oil industry pipeline and rotinci y workers neared an end im ,n ,shortn<Te of aviation gaso- imc ufcamr more .serious. Commercial airlines announced I™!!, 10 L cc1uctions in Bights. They thc Interior latltncnl of op^'ations include Pan American World Airways and American Airlines. American canceled V2 f hunts ye.slcrtiay. On Saturday it plans to c a nccl from 101 lo I -JO ol hr r olinc to 6.1 per cent of what they used in Mnrch — if they can get it. On tho bright skin, restrictions >n the use of automobile gasoline. »n i . , , „ . , C ' « nf " ra<:d head of the tion for DMcns , , Merdny to . , C. R. Smith. American prcsi- f elation luel | dent, said thai unless thc PAD i ig contract* order is modified, other f llght.s! miRlu be canceled Sunriay. re-1 the line's national service The Toaslmasicrs club was organized only recently \viih its oh- ject to better familiarize iis members with public speuklne. •' — i Our ing the bu.sir.'je.c ic^ion t>io '„ " nd mls w £'; e removed rli.b »dor>lcd a propo^rt'con t! u the fiovcrnmcm. This bccnmc tion nll( , by-lnws a,, d provided for rfRular the second nnri fourth Thursdays of each month. Speakers at la-'-t nii:lit'.s mef'int; iiicluflrd Joe Wnrren. nil! Farrimond aiirt Kcnrtcth HU'haulson Chapman, by 15 per 'leum Administr^-! PAD). There was] replv. knock run nl THf o!l:ciiil s.Kd he brlu-vcd'thn Air Force.-which also has trimmed ... ,. ,„ ...iraining flights and some other Legal work hns IK. n cmnlcted : ^ H , ' Adams ' however,; operations both al home and -n cmpieted has bccn cm p, OJ . ctl at the stock j "broad, is opposed to decontrol be .. ... ,. lcl , so the Council may now discuss bond ordinance, an election ordinance, and a notification of sale ol boliils - lit] necr--r.,:l7 |u-'' "rn- , aiies to p'>;..;ii!e pmrli^e of Civ- 1 Useville Water Ccmpany. yards (or 25 years. '_Crie pio.-cc.utnrs s&ul thsl once rivivv ?,'ii(> nc.ii-]'. ftoffa to a I'OVl.r-Pfl- •')>,.«:,,,. „,.„„. kid , "":'! ''•' " i< ninrh :>-•!(-]• IT SM SANTA cstise of Its own need for the fuel f: <" '. Clmpmaii ialil re> trlc- lluii? on Bvi.ilion fuel would have >" fiinl:iiiip for potnc lime M <?a<.: uiilil June 3. . . four Ill* 1 SIl |H-II .Kill'-. .'ill si-ivin- ill M in ;uj<f out i>j Cliirj^ik iiui) Illi: I'ilil.ui'-lphiit HH-;i. Pall Aiiu-ririin (lioppt^d cichl more rcijulnr fsif I lights to London. Paris flnri Frankfurt yesterday. Thc weekly schedule of ao regular fare flights hns been 'Hie F'All hir- li.intiril it],-,, in.- - EST ,. Settlement. 1 ; nt .several rcftneries. inciiKlniv tlie nntion's largest, put nl>ou» 3,3,001) nl the 00.000 strikers on tho lob today. Settlements included the Gulf refiner'.- M Port Arthur. Tex., sm- !>!')•, ir-.a 5.1W. Wurkci.s there Vot-Td to ir'.uu: td \vork a! 7 R in . Cs'i'. tocliiv Tins i:< (In- n.iiign'x largest c;ip,M'i:-. i i'fiiu,-r-\-. 'I'hr .-ttUenient mrhidcti a 15- ccnt l.otirly wage hike, six and 12-cem infill ditferenlial p.iy hikes and seven cents per hour back pay to life. 1, plus n wapc re..])<• 'Afom-BombLead Is Disappearing With Each Day' House Speaker Lashes 'Criminal Negligence In War Production' By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON (AP) — Speaker Hayburii told the JIousc today "we have lost air superiority" to Russia and 'the margin of our atomic superiority ... is daily disappearing." He said that clogged American war production lines resulted from "criminal negligence" which should be investigated. Rayburn left the speaker's chair o deliver one of his rare speeches In support of a $6.889.100.000 foreign aid program for next year which the House Is considering. Opposition Attacked Haybnrn attacked opposition demands for foreign aid cute up to one billion dollars and opposed a partisan approach to the bill. This "Is not election year In Soviet' Russia," he said in his prepared speech. "Every time we reduce the defense program of our Allies, by so much we reduce our security " Rnyburn said. "If the price of freedom Is eating hoecake and molasses I'm for that." Freedom Comes High At another point he said tha price of freedom haa always been high, "but the price of defeat is death ami slavery." The speaker, mentioned as «. possible Democratic presidential caurJ'..-'-.te, sjjd;. "I'd rather see my party go down In defeat and never arise if it should .attempt to deceive tha American people by holding out to See KAYnURN on Pa B e 5 Red Cross Drive Officially Ended But Contributions Still to Be Accepted, Fund Chairman Says Still ^inrt of Its tornado-increased quota, the annual lund campaign of the Chicknsnwba Chapter of the Fieri Cross \vns declared officially ended today, but Drive Chairman E. J. Cure said contributions will still he accepted In hopes the goal can be met. As of yesterday, n total of SI8- 45^.20 of (he SJO.OOO quota had been collected. Originally, the quota was S16.COO but it was raised 2S per cent I following (lie March 21 tornado that struck this nrea. Ot the totnl on hand. Sll.520.fi3 I was contributed by Blytheville resi- I dents and SO.031.51 was received I from outlying communities. | An additional IU of contributors released yesterday includes the folknvinu: Hl.vlbevillc 510-J. C. Raines. Dr F. L. Husband (additional;. S3—B. J. Allen, j. L, Kins-. Johnson Block Co.. Kp^loii sumi Alpha. 54.10-C.irter Temple collection. S2—Ayre E. F.c.sf:r. SI — 'Mike Buchanan, Earl Mc, Gresor. Willie .Mac Robinson Al-na | Erby Wiley. Carrie B. White M J Shivers. E. E. Bnssey. Jiinmic M| Hobni-';ii. G. D. Holhs. 1. T. Ycninir. H. C. 1-a!|.cio-,vi:e. A. C. Home. Liz- OT Brinklcy. Willie On. Clayton 'limes. H, I., cook. Snmmic MJC Johnson, Biictje Turner. Dlj-styne Andrr-on. I,-na I.;>n« c.iHi? w»- ken^. Lin-Ha Rubens. Le.-i-.-a Wat- sr.n, K'.hel Brown. Vt: :i Bl'jvirn. il<!fl—Dr... R'ltlon & Craie, Mc- Kintmns. i S7S--N'e-.i Thcati-r. 550-Grover Snirtcr. E C Flee: num. Osborn-McKlnnon Lumber ! Co. Manila Lumber Co. !!0—Ticcr-Ltvine Co. • ilr,- ..^rl--M-i l'."vcr Co.. Dr. V B. Sec RED OKOSS on rage 1Z LITTLE LIZ— troni $2 to « 1. the Senate Okays Housing Funds WASHINGTON i,lv -The ,S< l:nlc today p.-wixl a new l' : billion dol- tnr federal housing bill. The voice vote action, sending the measure to the House. was taken a few minutes after Die <-cs>lor; began. MlM l.f I hi- il!.-,Ul.ttn,' Rlld lo.lll (units woulJ !*• • •..tnm-k,',! for Imii,..- iny in dt'Vr-i- I.ICM? ami t'.,' :,]•••;,>- ,ure is reported to havt -,VKI C Sil p. port. If o cnu.i gnus in when he'i ngilt, he's axirrieti. ftHlA

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