The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 7
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THURSDAY; JANUAHY' vf,'^m' PAG13 SEVEN''"' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line. for.. cbnsccu' live insertions:' "' .:. (Five average words To a'line) One,lime per line ..;..:.'. Too Twoi times per jjne per day .. OSe' Three limes per line per day ".. otic- Six times per line pur day •, 1 05c Month rate per'line'-.«"..' 60c Minimum charge SDc,'.' . Ads ordered tor Uirec or six times and • stopped before expiration" will be charged for the' nu'm- berof times Ihc ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. A)l Classified Advertising • copy' submitted by. persoiis, residing-outside .ot .the city must be ac'coin-' panied .t>j ; ,.c.a?h. •Rut&.iWy ... .easily "computed from above, table. No responsibility will - bo taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising, ordered for irregular ingenious laKe.tirc one, time' raie. PHILLIPSI _;• USiiD CARS-. WE NKEU.KOOAl—EVERY CAR I'itlC'ED RIGHT '3d I-OR1) CAUIUOLET 5155 '33 CHEVROLET COACH .'. S345 '33 FOKD TtDOlt ; 5305 '31 -FORD I'/. TON/I'ltUCK, Large: Italy ........\ ... 5 79 '32 NAIJOHS THAILIHI, Urge liodj- 3125 Mum* Others To Choose From IPS' USED CM LOT Corner Walnut & FUsl Sis. riionc' 813 Real Estate FOR SALE-' -'•' DUPLEX on-West Main St. Bath, garage, ' etc. ' Rents' for in.50 monthly. •' •' • ' - • . r '••' . -5750 CASH '• : '''• •or will tnake" term price. ,, Thpiips Liincl Co. ., .'-.FOB SA.LE 40 acres all in cultivation,", 7, miles west, house aiicl barn.*-, 1 . .- '. - I'rice 545_ per acrti !SW(l tasli 15 acres all in cuitivaliori) 2 houses und uarii, four ni'Jcs frbni B)ythe : Vllle. ' ' ' • ' ; •' - -." : '- "••• '• - ' Price S65.00 per acre. S1000 eash 40 acres cut 'over land ivell located, no clown payment.' .-'-•-. ?35.0& per .acre.- ConVyay . , FARM—Bargain '-Mississippi Conn 1 ly (southeast • Missouri) ,320 vicres sandy loam-'3 rnijcs^west Charleston on U.-S.-.ulg!nvay.SO at junction of 55. QopU".house and barn; 'air tenant •Jipusei .-r--- . Price $8500 • 1-4 • cosh; balance".'terins. 'Oliier larger ahri Smaller' farms.' ' ! '' Recce 13. Olliooly,'oiiarleslon, Mo. Coal & Wbbd Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years in business! 2-Quality of -coal-handled. 3—Prompt service., 4—Courteous treatment. 5—Yoii get all you pay for. "Quality Group" distributed uy Gay & Billings ; I'hone 10 ' ' Exclusive Agents lor' the original genuine ' Montavallo Coal We. also sell Brilliant, •" Arfc Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phono 477 WONDER-CITY COAL CO. BATTERIES RECHARGED -ISO 'GUARANTEED Starter & GciwaLor Scrvico '• Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric • Service i Mile from Gateway Slurp on Highway 18. : This' art is worth liSc on battery service. AUfO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 BUY THU BEST FAMOUS MA'RNJ; HED ASH COAL Once:;YOu; Try.;it, You Will .' . : . ."Always Bny,';il^. iij' Coma High Qualify Feeds-It Pays To Feed the Best, U;T us wo YOUK XVKI.DINU AND MACHIiS't; «'OI!K BOILER - URAGLINB TRAILER "REPAIRING We Carry' A Full Line of Shafting 1'HONE 80S- ;JBli\"l'HEVItLE MACHINK WORKS Operated rjy B. I'. Kiger ituy 1'acc pviccs on Aiilo Accessorle- 1 !, Tlrcj & 'Hikes, oiinraniced Batteries $3,15 exc., Auto Tops & Side Curtains 51,50 up, Alcohol 75c en>» Car Heaters $1.50 up, Cylinder Heads, .floor rmits Wolf Avian 128 IS. Main et, We Buy Corn & -Soy Beans ' i'HONE 127 • Farmers Cash Feed & : Seed Co. J. W. .PARKER, Prop. ' We Can't',-Sell All tile Coal, So We 'Just SelU'tlie Best. St. Benard, 1,000 Lbs. ;..... 53.DO Black Diamond, 1,000 'Lbs.,.'. $3.75 Sahara, 1,000 Lbs. .'54.00 Acton Red Ash, 1,000 Lbs.'.. 55.00 Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, Sly Coal Is Black But I Treat You \Vliilr, 1'ill Up Now JOHN BUCHANAN - J'HONB Sec Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. •"iiadiant A.Inbania" "Premium Kentucky" CALL' 214 PARKS BROS. COAL CO PHONE an FOB "Hi-Lu Alabama" "Energy Illinois"' .'"Black KOya) Kuntucky" ,'CLEAN COAl^-LO\V PRICED Business Directory BUY FUHMTURE NOW PAY THIS FALL • .-, ..«. , Gel Oiir Terms : HUBUMID FUUNIXUHt: CO- HAKNESS: HARNESS! ' Full Line High Grade Harness. 1 Best Prices in Blytheville All 'makes turning plows and middU justers, points, trace chains, col- .ar pads,- back bands, etc. - TEED! SEED! -. . ins you will need lor -• -Spring -Plantins • Oberst Store Co. Remodel Your Home Witli a geuiline RUBBEKOIK KOOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 29 FAKMS FOK SALE! Ternis Reasonable ETHEli B. THOMPSON Carulliersville, Mo.. Small fa mi v JUST WHAT YOU WANT 28 acre.s, good four room house, good barn both new, good land, well located, near Gin Town,-Postoffice & School: •' '-'• ,-'.-. .Price ?1750.pO. T^ - ' Payable, casli'-'.SSOO'' -' Payable next fall' 1035. $aso iihd S200 each year thereafter, can give possession now;: lowest price farm to be found "iiear- Blytheville today. i :;•;'•'. ' W. M. Butrtst Agency Phone 243 or 212. Slice Repairiiig TOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOr. SANDED ARKMO LUMBER CO. Largest & Most Complete Slock of HARNESS in Norlneast' Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. ' WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY 32 years in tne "siineTncpalMngj business; when others fail, try SI. I Simon P. Lee, j .••,ni- ; Sou»^Hallroacl St. ; W. J.'"KNffij h ' " Having made nil kinds of shoes Jor ABNORMAL feel, caii rcOTir shoes to correct ABNORMAL fee;.' HARNESS Our Stuck Is Cumpkle IMPLEMENTS.. Antl tlc|);iirs .['or AVERY, MOLINE VULGAN & BLOUNT Pay L's A Visit And lie Convinced Progressive Shoe Shon WE THANK YOU! For your 1934 patronage and hone to serve you in 1835. 104 S. 2nd Street Position ..Wanted t night. Reasonable rates, call 30« 120 East Main Painting and •; • Auto Painting Furniture Rcfuiislijivg A1J Work Guaranteed. Frceihan & Wheat' Phone 749 for. Estimates COPPER WEATHElTiTRlP Saves fuel at small cost Avknio Lumber Co. Funiilurc BUY FURNITURE NOW : PAY THIS FALL Get Our 1 Terms co. Lost KEYS .'IN POSTOFFICE. REWARD FOR RETURN TO L. L. 'WINTEIt AUTO I'reslone, Alcohol, Ikater*. (rosters, \Vlllor.i naileries, LEC US PREPARE YOU WINTER Hubbad Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE OEPT Phone '47G Phone ' De or UNFUKNJSI1ED • Jc house. Musi 'be modern. Jesse H. Webb. Cnl! 248 or Hotel Nobh>. TOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 200 W. Ash—piiono 8. 1'URNIBIIED niinrlmcnl or CL10AN WHITE RAGS, free oi billions.- 5c per pound. tN'o overalls wnnlcd Courier ^ s: __ dli SERVANT Ro"oAl iienr Clilckasawbu, Phone '->56W. room FUKN16IIW "modern apurtmcul, newly.. < lieconUt'd, Must be seen to be ° JSggs, Poultry For bale YOUTH'S 13HD, sligii Ihaii baby bed. New mattress. lurgrr . . Will sell CHEAP. Mrs. Steve II. Brooks, 510 W. Mnln. dh tf BUY FURNITURE NOW . PAY THIS FALL Gel Oiir Terms HUllltAKl) FUKNrrUKE CO. BABY CHICKS" ALL VAK1ETIK8 iB Done foi- th« Publlo MARILYN UATClltiltV "lylhcvlllc, Ark. Hatchery code No. liG '. Shops' SJ'EC'IAM PKRMANHNTH fo r $10 Through January. SO A 1' LESS Shampoos |o soften the linlr. Victoria-Laylc. Beauty Siiop - Ark. Personal ixt.yuo lainiiy, wiints;t« . <W }'«"'• i'jvo iiwp' liiici (n lainiiy.. kscelk'iu : recomiia'niui tion. ueorgc wnt'itn, ntia tiearn tn. uooinsoii udditwn. . '•: ' 3 room N1CELV ,„,„!,„ apartment »t ai'( S. "Lnkd.""cilii ^ 15-ck-U Six room FUKMSlIliU iToUSU Close in. Phono 2, lo-pk-lO STEAMJ1BATKD bedroom 'in mocl- ern home lo [icvmaiiciil business couple or men, Phone oe< .or m. TO W, Kentucky. Call Hli. •fl-ck-lf 101 or 571. COUR'l, CHICKABAWBA IMSTIUCl' 1 , MISSISSIPPI COUNTY,, AR~- KAN8Afa If. II. Wollcnkolter, I'lalntlil, No 5875 us Cdiin Wollonkollei, Uefemlanl I no uefi'iulanl, LMna Wollen- koltn, l s \\uined to appeal niihlu - . (la>s In Die "court ittimed > Uic cnptloti hereof and ansvicr ^We'ffik 0 ' | h ° ^ tollff ' «• led this Iplli dity of Jan, 1335 H. M. ORAIO, Olerfc, Nell Reed, Ally. Ad • wteni. 17-24-31-7 heiiliiig system, Phone IGc kl-10 FARMALL TRACTOR <.-.,uiij|n:u with disc harrow, 2 BOTTOM ' C J'' S Juicy Dad. I've resolved not to cut between, meals. A stick of Wriy- . Is just as good' »JII\LJ VUll Jl£>i UiHV IV Lj, ll. , , .-^.... -..-. WARD'S OFFICE IC-ek-lD' CI11 pmont n vcil1 ^"'Kain; machine just overhauled with S100 in new parts. Will sell _or trade for $350, Will take 'i CASH. Jesse H. ..mi sc rrow, - s us as goo PLOW, a POWER MOWER. This " lul (|OT S not spoil my dinner. Uud LOST—'dark red knitted purse, zipper lop, containing glasses. Ire, S. P: Martin, Phone 160. 16-pk-10 , . Webb, Call 248 or Holel Noble. IG-p-k-lU Salesmen Wanted WANTED—Man with car. . : ' Ronlc experience .'preferred .But not accessary. Opening- now in' Mississippi, Central Poiiisett Counties, Osceola. Raleigh, Dept. AKA-27- MVY, Memphis, Tenn. Write or «ee Everett Wallace, Monetle, Ark. R. 1. BOOTfTANn HER For Kale tir Kvclinncc V 4 MU LliS.Uor ; sale CHEAP. WilI v '-e.\'chiiiigc' crry.'pftopEBTY for farm land. E. E. Hawkins, Bos 71,.Route 1, Steclc, Mo. 12p kia CHEAP — '20 Circulators and Stralglil Heaters. Other second hand furniture. DOCK DAVIS 408 E. TO TllK TAXPAYERS IN PAVING DISTRICTS NUM BEU TWO AND THHEK: For ii short, tlnio the books wllK, remain open for (lie imymfiii;, or law puvii] li .,ta,xesSJ';ji[sl. •• hosv MiiithVi'llliii"• \vlil .'• nl- i lowed hits il6l' yet l:<-en (Ict'cr- nlineil. bill It can not be very Ions. It is Impossible to keep Uic books ns ivc hiive hereto-fore. • Better j>'ay 115 ioon tin possible if you wish to avoid penulllcs and costs. C. J. EVRARD, . 1WO nicely FURNISHED TIKD- ROOMS, moderately jirlccd, Mrs.' E^iflshcr, lUt B. URVIS. ai-pk-'Jl) Modern Three Rooir7~nplu : tim'nt l iurjilshcd or unfiinilsliccl. F. Simon, phone 701. c (;tf Two Fnmlslictl ned~Roorns ion Wiilnut. Phone 103. ai-c-tl Coiurortnblc upOM with bath 405 K. llroadway, C»ll 203-J. 20c kit .'.',' ,. ^' ^-' i", ^'"- H C VSf ^ ,l)luclc holder lit btiskctUiiil uniiin Ki-lduy nielli nl armol-y. Owner may have anmc ijy identlfyhiB '«t Cornier News oflce and p:iylii|. for Taken tip BIO RED COW~witli lip oTrShl car off. WILL . LED!3BTI'I!I< ROSELAND, ARK. IB-p-k-IO FOR SAL 2300 Acre Plantation S One of finest in Mississippi Delta' ^ 1500 Acres In Cultivation s' ':</-• ^Tliciroughly equipped ' foi 1 - : ; hig'h'. class farmer to take h'tilcV ihihifidi-- f ately; 80 mulefe. . -'.,.:'.-'- •^^ You need not lapply iinless 'you'-.' have ip'15,000 CASH. The personal property i^worth more than that: JESStfl | Phone 248 or HOTEL NOBLE' Wanted To\Uiiy I COTTON CORN aurt SO^' liliANS Sec us for Best Prices. Harold Stcrnborg at STERXDERG COTTON UG. Lnrsest & Sfost Complete Stock of CHINAWARE in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. ' Hubbad Hdw. Co. | Cobb Undertakinff Co., Inc ••, SERVICE 'ft QUALITY ... AMHULANBE ' riioiie 26' A D1KKKIU3NCB OF OPINION!.- - . A WOM'S -\\ ir WAS WE(1E AW, WHY DON'TCHA QUIT SqUHWklN',N'GWE BOOTS A HAND? WOT'HE YUH LAYIN' YEC. EARS BACK. re-a? B'CAIISE THt WHOLE. IDEA OP HER. TMINK.IN 1 ABOUT A CAUEER. IS 'SILLY- WAT'S WHY' WATS WOT YOU .TROUBLE WITH YOU YAPS is YDH DON'T UNDERSTAND TH' GALS J INJUNS , - . .-.'AtiOUND ni' YA^D - BUT 1935, KIOOO —QUITE A yyl FEty YEARS LATER ..... _________ ....... __ _ 1 _ i _YOUR. IDEAS WERE "HOT" STUFF if, > ir OUT i • «v HEL« ANY HELPLESS, DOLL-FACED YES ABTI'STS THEY GOT WOT IT TAKES I 'N'TIIEY I(/OMT STAMD PER. YOUR, COVERED THEY t^ANT 'Action, 'F VVANHA BE SOMEBODy /N RIGHT — H MOEE POKIER. .' CKAWi. OUTTA 'N' BRUSH UP? A'ASH TURRS /: l'HE..WUECK! •N SPIES DASH P85TRUCTWM WASH ANOEASy HIT 7O MILES AN HOUR IN ARMY TRUCK. (oOV40UT, POVSl HEBE DEV 'C ic - THE ROAD , BLOCKED.' SCREECH! mow AND— BY NEA SERVICE. !HC. t.M. REC, 0, S. PAT. Off KIND FATE . STEf'S I.\! ALLEV- ICAM'T GO ANOTHER STEP-— YOU'LL HAVE TOf OOOJ-A-VA Go - ou — /CAN'T QUIT. ALONE — I NOW- WE'VE r ? «t 1J^ FRKCKLKS AND HIS FKIENUS WELI-! WBtL! 1 DOM'j" KMOV/ V/HAT ABOUT ME, BUT I'M S!oT < A CFZIMIWAL^AKO CERTA1WUY . 'MOT A V/OULD-B& T-!.rT SEEME T^ .-'NgjSti !; TJ35PLACSOCW x;r::--Ifc\-' r 'i3e EiViOKi IM cup. F^XCDS ^jpi-'C'Jr CASE couecTib;^ OP —• ' .'- I' -•^,. -•;•-•' . . - J - ; ' Ti:::*r'>TRioGEswERiE ; ir* r ; ; WHO F1SHO COME Or TllE WP.Sl HISTORY.' TritSU !;;!ELLS E GH&wiJ ME.AF-3 /f.

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