The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX JANUARY 17. TO^ 1935 NEA ''SERVICE, INC. CHAPTER . QAI,E UENDEHSON looked up at the whirling, silken spindles. White and lustrous nnd beautiful, (hey whirled In their, rond dance,' Round and round, round and round. 1 There v,n a nothing about the Jang, gray room with Its noisy ma. chines, Its 60 women workers hands moving up and down, clamp- Jrig on bobbins, snapping them off, nothing about lite afternoon slowly drawing to a close (o hint to Gale Henderson that this was to be the most eventful, exciting day of tier 23 years. Gale bent v licr head , as eho snapped off a bobbin, s'ho was OilnMng that licr purse contained pactly SU3, with pay day still five days nw'ay. Maybe her brother PJiH could spare her a little como- thlng— The rinsing ot the bell 'cuMn sharply—tlie bell (lint was reless for the day shift. Machines slowe Into t.u« corridor trooped men nn women, talkie^ now, hurrying, Jo .tling. Eora« of lliern laughing. Ga found herself pressed telde sron: gamin-faced Josle Grldlcy. "nosh, am I glad Hilj day over!" Josle said fervently. "Col, to tho dance tonight?" Unle shook her head. "1 thought you and Stere— Joslo begun, Interrupting herse to tool: g.uestlonl;>gly at tho othe Elrl I'M got a dozen things to do ti night," Gale said. ".Maybe Stev vttl go, though. _ Josla laushed scornfully. "Fa eliniKe of steie gotn' anynher without sou! I wish It was mo Mcies the best-looking fellow 1 the spinning room." They turned a corner and wer separated, 8 s others pushed for ward. Galo went Into Iho cloa room. took her hat and coat fro; • a locker. It was a v*irn coat, rtari blue originally and only a trlf! faded Her hat waa Mm,, loo brlmless. allowing llgbt Caving hair. Rale's gray eye looked, nt the world beneath dark wlde-curvlng brows. She had'Hi. '!>" were generous, oppressive Henderson, lacking rea that Gale- heaiity, t , la , rnrer .. linl'M; • S H fnlerest - "r, •Illy Ute called usually, for wan of a repre definite term. A- minute later she : W!1 s outside " S ^\ eM '- • Tin «")' air *£..<*"'«• dale breathed She saw R fom "Sieve!" she callei. Stev. Meyers' square shoulders large In Ihe short. ricoce "it. "Lute, aren't you!" • • gTEVE'S eye, were blue and his , cheeks ruddy. His was no face d ™ lloa p' e twiCB |B h's K but ; . ey fffl3 not '5 cons| tolng him -good- ln to to his *«!*«! In silence for a let out tiva more from tho spin- ulng room tonight." "Two more! Oh, Stcve-wliat's going to happen?" , 'Don't ask me." "" '"""''" 'But they can't Jual keep cutting down all Ihe tlmo—turning pooplo offl What iitiout the real of usl low do nny of us l;uow It won't he us tomorrow?" "You don't need to worry about Ill-t." "I'm not so sure. Ilul It wnnn'l myself I was thinking of. Jt ' a 'hil—'' ' "Phil's all rlghl." "Of course lie ia. But he's so •oimg-only 19. lie-well, I cnn't el|> worrying about him. There's 0 much Phil bns mlssed-dropplng uLqt school, the way ho had,to •lien hs was so nnxloiis to go on " 'Everybody can't havo what His? vant In the world," Slevo Mevor. aid Grimly. _Tiio girl looked at him quickly. 1 know,' she said. "You cave up cnool. (oo, didn't, you? But you're o-so strong and able to tako care r yourself. Y<ra always know just Hat to do and how to do It Phil's ot -like. that. Besides, you did nish high Echopl. Phil bad to quit n.lils second.year." • "What's got you so worried about all? Anything special?" Gale Bhook her head. "No," sbo W. "Only the way he talks. H 0 ics nround with Joe Glllasple and rilz Moon and tbat crowd nnd lie's tting a lot of wild Ideas. About ery blng being against people ho haven't got any money, »nd getting even with tho rich. Wher . happens at tho mill— lib people setting flrcd or eetting paj cuts— it makes him worse: I cnn 1 mako him listen to me. Jlnybe yoi could lalk to him, Steve." "See what I can do," he promised They walked In silence for sev cral moments. Then Gale said hesl — "Stove, do you , ra ,i, think things are going to keep on Ihfs way? f s (t Localise- tho com pany Isn't making any money that Iliey'ro letting oo many go?" The man laugheil harshly, "fan ilon't think Thatcher's missing nny of his three meals a day, do j-oii?" 'No, of colirse not. It's just the last six months—while Mr. Westmore was sick and since lie died— that they've been tuJttne cloivn so." "Sure: since then "Thatcher's lieen-rimhlns-'things'; to suit himself. Before, ho'took'orders from Mr. Westmore. Thatcher's' atll! general manager but ho might as "•ell, own tli«;plsce. I don't suppose Mrs. Westmoro knows any- thins about what's going on—" "There's Brian Weslmore," Galo "rted. "Ho doesn't kuow anything about'It 'either. Over In Paris- supposed to ho learning to he an artist. Wouldn't you tblnk - - - -...w.. » j isii Ltuun. utm "avo come home when his father was so sick?" ,.•••* gTEVE'dlci not answer Hie qhea- tlon. "I used to see Brian Westmore," ho said; "when I was a kid —Brian Westmore, son o! the rich James Westmore, wearing bis little blue, sailor suit and riding on LIs Pony. All I hnd to rlda ou waa Iho backs of delivery wagons- when the drive™ didn't we me and mnko mo get off!" "Jlrlui Westmoro ivns at State when I waa there," t) a i e BIl!( | lHouslilfiilly. "Wo were In tho same history class. Of ra>ur.«o 1 ,)|<l n '. know Mm-biit ho snt three seni» In front of me, ncross tbo nlsle" "Anil now do's fn pnrln •• BI OV , reminded her. "and you'ro In the "Vcs—I'm In the mill." ngo Gnlo had forbidden herself thoughts of self-pity for t),« sudden ending of her college course, two years earlier. There , vaB „, uBO pretending n hadn't been henrt- breaking, equally cerlnln that tliers «as nothing e| fio that could ho [lone. Tho money Aunt Adelaide hnd let for her niece's education so that Cale could become a teacher had to «o for doctor's bills and inedlclno wlion )ier fnlljcr-hearty strapping Tom Henderson — was loken IJJ. nai-cr to work again. Galo bad come liomo at 'once, lorn Henderson's salary as a nie- clmnln In the silk mill ), a d hecn a i;oo.l one. The Henderson chll- dren wcro among the- few | n ' t |, a mill vlll.-iKo to continue schonllou lip>oml ihe upper «rji ( Jcs. Their homo was one ot tho brat In tha neighborhood. Their mother liad ten fed since shortly after Phil's hlrlh. butVom Henderson had in- sisleil on keeping his children with him. There was always somo woman in t|, c vlllll(!8 g , a(1 (() () ° ho Ilcnilerson'g cooking, clcanln K ind washing for a feu- dollars each Thus Galo had grown up, „ hjt noro nrndiro, with moro ot a sen K » of responsibility than most young* (era her ago. The dream of cot "go. of life away from iho ra ||| »ai;e, had always been before her lljo realization of tbat dream, tho wo years at Slate, had been "citing ones. Exciting, challenging, swiftly eventful, delightful .Memories of those , Iaya i m ,f bM n I>«1 away nlong with dale's ten IIOOKS, S quickly as school days bail ended camo the disillusionment vlrcn she tried to find work At drat Gale would not hear of her irofher leaving high school. Her •wo years' college training made ier confident that there was work- He could do. work that would earn noueh to keep up the Hendersons'- iome. Her college fund would tint hem over In tlio meantime But Cabs was Inexperienced 1 nnrt' hero were no lobs-even for thosa ; with experience. Trying times. t^t , 3 ' - ?>lon oul ot *'<>**•• tiding In bread lines. Women " 'ing for charity f a K- ecp the , r , dren fed and warm. A few' weeks' searching brought a desperate awakening to the serious.-i of tho slliiatlon. Gale waj ' to become a mm girl. Slio' icdjSU a week In the mill and •as siire^thnt In time It would-bu The $H did not stretch as' Gale ad hoped. .One- day when Phh' hnounced with determination that» was not going back to school,' he did not oppose, him. Brother, and sister had worked' n tho Bilk mill ever since. Their " nin s» paid the bills for their: ling, their father's and for his- edlcul treatment. Gale- took on : he duties of cook and houaewlfa ; " well as those of mill girl. > CHAPTEn J-A JyO on»ttd done more to help Gale top )itr courage, to face each day ns it ciims, than Stevo Meyers. .Steve's story wan different. Two years oMer (|, aa cla | er thcy , m(J hnown each other In grndo Mliool. Steve's mother waa a widow. At 37 lie tar! KnnK to , vcrk ns ft (|0|> "In lioy. Now ho was In the aplu. nine room, considered one ot tho f.teiuntat,' matt rellalilo worltors, fitiTo and his 'mother lived t. Wocfe down the street from the Hendersons. O.'tcn )ie and (,'ale walked homo .together In the lam afternoons. Some times In winter they skated on tho river. Some- Mines they went In movies. When | I here wore festivities among t)i young people of Uio mill village I was Sieve who.accompanied . Tlio girl Jtncw he cared for her— rarcit deeply. And her feelings fo Steve? Gale's heart heat a lltll faster when sho asked herself Hie 'incstlon. She felt warm, slowing lint she put off answering; Bh thought she had no right to glv iho answer. There wero her own resiioaslbllities and thero were Steve's. Sho was totally unprepared tha c winter afternoon when slio fel Steve's hand on her arm, halting her. She looked up, heard, In a voice not at nil tike Steve's natural ly. "Msten. Gale, I want to talk to you. You know I'm crazy about you—I've been crazy about you for a long time. Before you wen' away to school. I didn't think I'd have a chanco tlieu—tot you camo hack. Since then, when we've hcen Kolng around together—well, sometimes I've hoped—listen, Gale, will yon marry me?" Fortunate Opening for Slam Contract Affords Big Thrill Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge League We used to say thai the thrill in contract was the bidding and making of a small slam, but i be- Th^ ,l h m J 1UVe l ° C0rrect ' th »t- hiHrti r ln conlract l «iay Is the lng of a si am anll 4 Q 5.0 6 VK73 *AQJ4 GB3 *7C VS6 » 98«52 *Q J10S *AKJ 93 VAQ4 2 »VoId + A712 Duplicate—E..and w. vul. '"Oi West North FM* i »• Pass 44' p*^ 5 * Pass 04 pg B , lead—v 3. .17 .. recf:lve a or through S0 me tricky Today* hand somewhat reminds me of a fodbaU game, where a fum- 4bout the l6 -y*r<i line grab it and run today's, puy over, doesn't fumble when U* *• Ills cppo- Today's Contract Problem South has the contract for Tour spades. West cashes the king and ace of club's, then leads Ihe nuecn, which South Inimps. llow should South, proceed lo play the hand? *KQS ¥9 C * KJG1 J (Blind) k7 G t 2 N * E S D«il.r (Blind) A A J 9 73 VAQ * A 7 C 2 A. C t T Solution • *> & in nmi I sane. 17 wnts win a trick urn he could ™vc trumped? First let,us consider the bidding. ° r ' hs b!rt ° [ two no (rump is ]us- fiKl because-he has the position lor the no trump contract and, vhen south bids three hearts, Jie s justitkd in bidding four spades WH S w a fit - Then - when S"" 111 t»u il spades ' hc ls corrccl '» taUng the bid to slv spades, as he has a nt in hearts also. The Fby West makes a natural opening of the jack of hearts. The trick is £ j" t1r^ y Wlt , h the kln *' Of ?^ '«, , ^ a to '«nal« open;. »f fa . c ' u ^ would immediately !" f cf eat «or the contract. Declarer's next play should be the BO* of diamonds from dummy up- r SALESMAN SAM sea, •WIMG-S seen Fuwu-y OUT TO «v House^sftM^v WIFE. HiXSM'T SpOKeW To C\F- PER TU)O CUR frowned. Her oyes, shadowed by ihe Into afternoon llglil, looked almost black. She falil sorily, tremulously, "l!ut, Steve—" "iJoos lhat menn you won't? That you ilon't care anything about me?" "Oh, Sieve, I didn't say Hint It's only—" (" ' "it that's what S'ou nier.n, I want to Isnow It." The man's voice was harsh now. "I'd rattier you'd lei) me. 1 ' ."Stove!" Sho touched his arm. "I couldn't marry nnyone-not light now. I do care for you. A lot. Voii've done so much for me —for all of us. 1 don't know how I could have 6M along without you! But we can't get married. 1 mean, even if 1 was sure—" "Then you're not sure? You don't know whether or not you want to marry me?" "1 couldn't marry nnyono. Stevo. Ion know Ihat. I've KOI Fnlhei 10 Ihink about. And Pliil. 1 coutiln't leave them." "I'm. not asking you to leave them. I mean, we could Hud some way. Phil's ohl enough to look after himself, and we'd manage about yosr Fatuer some how." "iud tliere'3 your Jlollier," the glvl Interrupted. "Don't you see, Stove, we can't—can't, talk about Steve Meyers getting married?" "No." Steve sal.l. "I don't sec iiiythiug of the l;Ind. I—1 love , Gale. I want io marry yon. That's all there is to think about. You and me. We've both been work- HE for others, thi.,klng about others for a long time. Aren't we entitled to some happiness? Don't •on see that 'If' we keep putting Milngs off—waiting .for times' to ;et better or for this or that to appen—we'll always he walling? Oh, Gale—" Ills arms were around her now. 'ho, Bivl drew;back... "No, SleVe," he said. ' "You .mean you don't-want to inrry me?" - . ' ' • "I mean we -mustn't eveu think bout it." .•.-.•'' "1 guess that's nnother way of ying you don't care enough." Is hero somebody else. Galo? Someno you met when yoii-were nway? v She stiook liet- head.' "There's obody elsp." : 7 . "On the level?" ••''i;: : •• ."On the level." He looked at her silently for a loment, then said slowly, "Then C (here's nobody else, won't you t Irast to engaged to mo? Won't on promise Hint some day you'll larry me!" Her lips moved but ihe words id not como. "Well," ho s.iid roughly. "I guess' mt's the nuswer. You don't, need o Iry'lo make it e«x tor me!" Slio turned quickly. "Stove, 1 can't say I'll marry you. 1 do care for you! You've been the beat Mend I've had. But there's no use, pretending things aren't the way they are. We couldn't bo married—" "Yon could say whether or not you want to marry ma—whether you love me." Tliera -was an'Instant's silence; then tlio girl said softly, "Wait a few days, sieve. You'll let me have n few days to think about It won't you? I'll tell you then." "Why, sure—If that's what you want," ho agreed. ; .. hours later Gals closed tho ilopr of the house softly behind her. ami-, stood for a moment on tho top step. .' . : : Tho winter-moonlight feJi over the little patch of-yard,-over'the street wllh-its' rows'of box-like houses" It was almost as . brlKht. as ; dayllebt, -and yet. there .was, magic In the n|ght that.hid-the ugliness of : lhe street: The cracked'paint that was [e'ellng away, the broken steps of.the Din- wfddie place;w'ere lost In shadows Vanished was the litter perpetually about, the O'Connors'. The slrqet was quiet.' lifeless except for tho glowing lights of windows here and there. ' • -Gale was .wearing a Jacket ql. eather—a relic of college days- over her short, dark skirt, and on ier head was a scarlet tarn. She carried a pair of Ice skates. ; She went down tho steps, walking briskly. It was altogether too perfect a nlehc Mi remain Indoors Phil hud left the nouse- Ihiincdlaicjl ly after dinner, as usual. Her r a . ther was reading. There wns nn reason, Gale told herself, why 5 h 9 should not spend an hour on IMS river, skating. She turned a corner and. ahead, could see figures moving across iho' Ice. The- street went down in (tnj old txMt donee. A tew ya.rds uwny near the edge of the Ice, a lionnro' was Imrnlnjr. Jfalf a dozen hoy» and girls stood near It ami (Jala recognized among them Joey Din. wlddle and ono of the O'Connor hoys. She eat'down on a loe and began puttln£ on her skates, A girl In a bright red sweater went swinging past. It was Kalf« Shantz from the mill, skating 'hanrl In liand with a boy from the ship, ping room. ' .' "Hello, Gale!" Jfatlo waved ;• "Hello." ' " Someone tlireiv a piece of wood on tho fire and It blazed higher. A group of youngsters, laughing, Playing a game, romped past. "Where's Steve?" Katie called, coming nearer : "Home, I guess." ' Someone caught Katie's arm, whirling her around. There wa» general laughter, and Gale BWIIJIB river° U ' " 18 Ice '-' Ueai!lll E "P tho was . Elorlous-siltling wl(!l sure, swift strokes, feeling u,. wind against her face, silver and was the river. A silver rib. boa winding between ebony Iranks Gale skated faster. She wanu-n io (?et away from the others— to iiava the silvery, moonlit river to tier- self. Out here she- could thlnl:— ' Katie's Question about Steve. Jt was partly because of Steve iliat Galo had come to the river tonight, alone. She hadn't wanted'Stcve to come with her. Steve was walking for the .answer to his question— and Gale dlan't know the answer. Sometimes, when things weni as badly as they had been lately. sn« thought ot marriage as a refuge. Steve's strength to rely on. Steve's kindness. Oh, yes, he was kind And. strong, too. Steve had so many fine, qualities. She re'oo*- nJzed them all. And yet, vaguely, Gale knew that Steve wasn't the man she had pictured |n romautlc dreams. Wen what of It? Did any girl ever realize those dreams— really? -\nd what business did she have, wasting her.tlma oil dreama? : Dreums were"for people'who "dl'dn'ti-wiirk-- all day In a Bilk mill/wbo riiiln't have tired 'shoulders and 'achlnz ' arms, who 'dian't; face tie „,„.„„ problems of;grocery; bills' and doc- torching' and. rent. .."'..; . Steve wasn't asking her to injury liim DOW. ,0f;course, they couldn't lo that. It would have to Iw a long time IB the future. There vvaj her father and Phil— -Gale had .been skating swiftly. Sue .had rounded'the .bend, tailing 'ier out ot sight of the crowd near. he boat house.'. The shimmering.' iilver river callci! her. and Cala leaned. njialnst the wind, skallng with longer, faster strokes. Sh« saw the black outline : of a siu/iip 'rozen In tho'lce ahead, swerved o avoid It— : and suddenly felt ids surface beneath -her. Uemble. Gale bearij the craek. screamed. She knew-what had happened. Sha cried out.again, lern'fied, helpless, i (To lie Continued) , OOU'T YOU TR-/ ro B&1 FUMMYI nk BECAUSE suet HftD <S«X)LLEM T&WSILS UP IT'S 'ALI> HIS FAULT! iYjTH' OocToq \ ft MUD HfWE rjeeM / "TH I SHE cOftS SOUWDS MS IF XHE>/'Re in PR&TT-/ BAD S»UM>E on which he should discard a losing club. Then the queen of diamonds uM be played and, when East ys low, declarer shoiild discord another losing club. West will win the trick wilh the king and will return the ten of hearts, which South will win willi the queen. The ace and king of spactes should then be cashed and then ;he ace of hearts played. East fortunately is out of Irunip anil will discard the eight of clubs. The lour of hearts should now be played. West will play (he nine and dummy will trump with the queen East, discarding another cluK The good Jack of diamonds should be played and another los- ng club discarded from declarer's hand. Then a small club from dummy is won by declarer with ; he ace, tile jack ot spades played -o pick up west's eight spot, and the rest of the tricks arc the de- cj»rert giving him )u, contract oi six odd. Holland News Notes were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl j Mrs.- Walter Holly, ol ami a rKiidf. fert^M 111 '' , |siccle."who"precc<!c ( rilmn" -?_??'. ^* rdSl . °f.. st - Louis,'ngo. , . ous spent (he week end with his fam- ly. E. E. Smith, local station agent, Thompson and visited Mr. and . _-.-. ..V,,, ,,£1.-,,^ ,"ijviii, Saturaay night at Warden o "j "" with his family, returning sundav *' : afternoon. Tom Edw.irtts, who is 111 from ' mc tleci «• ••" heart trouble wiiich bcgr.n follow-' Mctll P nls - Mississippi, nnrt West . . ^omrviiis ulncft f^hrlcliNiic Mrs. Thclmn daughter, Beth, llu Mrs. Workman Saturday and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Elevens, who friends in. Mrs. Sain Edwnrds, Mrs. J. W. Bess, nnd Miss Juaniia Edwards were hostesses lo n miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Wlllnrd Jackson, the former Miss Rosa Pearl Bess' at the home ot.Mrs. Sam Edwards' Saturday evening at eight o'clock Rcfrcslnlients consisted of a variety of sandwiches, cake, and hoi drinks nnd were served to npprox- Imntcly thlrty-nvc guests. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Cohoou an<l children, Joe and Helen nw '" ' xlc " 1 ,'"" s &i >i«rclay to accora- Berry, Mrs. Genevicve Holly, and! Sucsls of Mr. and Mrs. Ruiol Dc-^. I ! any « I! 00 Ut - !<>y ' ° c Cooler, I Miss Mary Virginia CnpehsrtJ vorc of Flvin^ \Tn c\ i ''Otne from llic ciitii^ u*iinrn ii« i. __ w^w t»i \f ^ni^niii^ urnrii-mp-^^,. _u..- i week end. Thcy were nlso joined by Miss Hazel Cohoon in c apo Qirardcau, who accompanied them Mrs. Devore returned with Mr and Mrs. Cohoon and will spend the week with them. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Little Mr n2 ^ s - Sa !j i ward and <|a "^if nd Br. and Mrs. Olrlic Cohoou Public Service ATLANTA, an. (UP)—Georgia's public service commission claims to Imve saved Georgians "not less than $6,000.000" i,, I93 4 b y order- Ing reductions in gas, electric telephone, express and freight nnd paweuger railroad rates ---- ,, -._., --- -..>.i,i, uvgnii luilOw- ing nn Illness from blood poison ing. Ls slowly improving. Wr. nnd Mrs. Virgil utley drove 1 to Memphis Saturday to 'accom 1 mny Clarence Ut!(- y , O f Cooler home from the clinic where he has been undergoing treatment ' Azi'bil nnd Mr. and Mrs. Jolv it!' i-! wee Mr. J. I. Azibl). s. Byron Holly and Mrs Memphis since Christinas, are expected lo arrive home soon. Mrs. Noble Cnpehart, Mrs. iJ Berry, Mrs. Genevicve Holly, and Miss Mary Virginia Cnriehnrt, were in Memphis Wednesday shopping. i , Mr. nnd Mrs. Leo Hinton and , ,_ . -—• -T"- «n>; dnughler were Buosts ol Mrs. Hinn..: , , BS Bllwls of i ton's mollier, Mrs. Allie Morrow porcnw, Mr. and Mrs. and other .relatives, last week. Miss Monefc Devaiiglm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Devaughn, who has been suffering for several montlis with heart ' " Mr.nd CROQUIGNOLE Oil, GUARANTKED WAVES SI Up - - None Better Kiiieer Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop '•ast House on No. 5th CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL <i MINING CO. Phone 700 Ml Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor — P»ri»— Elblwiu

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