The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 14, 1937
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BLTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS.AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 2i! Blytheville Courier BlythevH!e Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTIIKVH.UV ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, lfl:}7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ROOSEVELT ORDERS EXPENDITURES CUT 3,000,000 Chinese Are FacingDeath ! SHANGHAI. Apr.' 14 (UP)^Tlie I worst sand and dust storm In 20 ~ i years howled through western New Mayor Withholds Ap-| chlna Ioda 5'. n(ial "S lo "* misery . ,-,. ~ l I of millions of destitute peasants, poinlmeilt Ol Lily Lll-j facing starvation In the famine gmeer for Present Marion Williams assumed the provinces. Reliable advices from Honan province, heart of the storm and famine area. rEported that 3.COD, rdns of city government last night 000 Chinese will die for lack of at n session of the city council at' which two newly elected aldermen look their seals. : The new mayor immediately re- lood ' unjess aided from the outside Immediately. . Normally this area is the richest farming district In China—the "granary of dimmed the sun. appointed heads of two depart-[ Asia." inenls, announced that their forces i Their plight was made worse by would not be disturbed, and In-1 thc sand storm driving across cticnted that appointment of a-JTIonan province Irom the Yellow third department head would pro-1 river foiibly be made at a special council meeting next Thursday night. Ed Rice was re-appointed cnlef of police and Roy Head chief., of Ihe file department. John ' p. Lent! was re-appointed city auditor. No city engineer was appointed and Joe Carney ~will serveVns holdover engineer until the appointment Is made. FlobinfOM Declines Oath Jack Pinley Robinson, elected to a third term as. city treasurer, declined to be inducted Into office last night when the new aldermen, John C. McHaney jr. and Jesse White. Estes Lunsford. re-elected third ward alderman, J. L. Guard; re-elected first ward alderman, Just BacM-scralcliing, Thai's All ll Is! London Government Iiv J forms Commons of Stand ! on Bilbao Blockade government, April 14. I UP>—The defending itself against opposition attacks, inform- ! ed the House of Commons today that It had just warned Gen. Francisco Franco. Spanish rebel chief, that It would not tolerate inter- The debate was on a motion of I censure presented by Clement R. Many Hurt Attending Mexico City Ceremony MKXICO CITY, Apr. 14 <UP)~ About 200 pcr.sons fell 18 feel to- iluy- when (he wooden floor collapsed dwliis u ceremony near the principal altnr 'of Ihe cnthe- ilrul. Many were Injured. The (loor gave, way. under the weight of a treat throng gathered to scj the Installation of Magrnlls Mnr- llnen as archbishop ot Mexico to succeed the lute Archbishop 1'ns- ual pint: y llarreto. ground, his plane upside down. Coi; ference with British shipping.' last year . s international air stunting competillon, tries out n new one m®wmms^®m. n r unt von Hagenburg, who won'[If guaranteed to send shudders up •Iver valley: and raging with In- Atllee, Labor parly leader, dc- •reaslng intensity. Dust and sand mandlng protection of British shlp- and Mr. Williams subscribed to the oath. Robinson apparently was fearful that if he was inducted into office before an anticipated raise in his dollar-a- ycar salary was granted he might he barred from accepting it. Thc meeting was brief. Former ,Mayor Cecil Shane delivered a prepared statement, discussing his four-year administration of the city government. Tom W. Jackson, .second ward alderman who did not seek re-election, was on hand for his final session and to welcome hi$ successor,. Mr.,-McHaney. "°~~ Fin'a'rirlal 'SiVu-itfoir.BHler. ''"' In his statement Mr. Shane recalled that the city.,was approximately $13.000 beh'lnrt In payment of its bills when he assumed office four years ago and tliit some $6,622 was owed bondholders because of an expendilure of funds for an unauthorized purpose by ad artminis'lralion about and down the spine of nny Judge of madcap air pranks. .The Count In his swastika-decorated hlpln gives his demonstration of how to plow an .airfield'at Rangsdorf airdrome In Germany eight years before. ' He also said that the change in payment of state and rouhtv taxes, making taxes payable in installments, :had meant the equivalent of a loss of $12,000, or one- half the city's millage tax" income lor a year. , , ; He said that all old bills were paid and that only about $«0 In current bills remained to be paid ,.„.,„„„,„„. •ien he retired and that about {only' ones present S500 had been paid on the $6,622 bond debt the city must pay under a federal court order. He urged a continuance of an economical administration by the incoming mayor, and wished him success. '\sks Latin-American Diplomats to Examine Administration Record WASHINGTON, Apr. 14 (UP) — President Roosevelt supplemented lis prepared address to the board )f governors of the Pan-American Union'today with a strongly worded ; pledge of this country's good faith in her foreign po'licies. In an unusual procedure, the United Press learned, the president remained standing after concluding his i formal speech, made sure that microphones had been deadened, and then launched into an informal,; orT-'the-record supplementary statement. No reporters were present :• • ..' . II' was learned that the presi-' dent, outlined, the t prom lies' "by .-his administration 'four, years ago and compared' them ' with 'accomplishments in an evident attempt to prove good -faith. " ... Proniises have .been made by others, lie told the diplomats,; but ours have been . carried out. As a- further' demonstration of good faith , the •" president recalled that;.soon after ills inauguration he called hi diplomatic representatives arid assured them that this country, would . not. intervene . hi Cuba—and we :did not, he said. ;'The diplomats who heard the remarks regarded them of much greater significance 'than the formal remarks of' the chief -executive. ! •-•;.' ; • . .•• . .',- Representatives. of - the 21" western hemisphere republics were'.tl- in the small ping In Spanish waters and accusing (he governnm-| of assisting Franco in his blockade of the northern Spanish port of Bilbao. In reply to Attlee's attack Sir John Simon, home secretary, speak- ' ing for the government, disclosed; that despite the government's de-1 clslon to warn British ships not to Jeopardize themselves by risking the mined approaches to Bilbao, "the government within the last lew hours has, communicated rii- rectly with Franco, intimating that we refused to recognize the belligerent rights (of the rebels) nr lol- •rale interference with British shipping." Aew Loyalist -Victories MADRID, April 14. (UP)—The loyalist forces cl<iim:d a iic-v victory-against rebels oh the Guadalajara front, northeast of Madrid, today. Military dispatches Irom the Brihragn sector reported they had pushed the iasurgents back ten miles. : ; The loyalists reported they had pressed on to the right ot the Ara- Wi highway on the Br|huega : sector. .,.•'. ..- - .,.. of the lynching the countryside London's growth Is so rapid that, it has been 'estimated, there are 'a half million people living on its borders for/whom there are no church accommodations. LWfLfc; III T€LL ™ BY ~ Z BOB — BURKS _ It looks like every time you git room where the president-spoke. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 14. (UP) — Stocks: loday made their third consecutive advance since the supreme court upheld the Wagner labor act Trading was dull. A. T. and T. : Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel'-....: Chrysler .....' Cities Service '.'. Coc'a Cola Gen. Electric Gen. Motors McKesson-Robins ... Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio Corp 107-8 St. Louis S. F. '.'. 37-8 Simmons Bed 54 Stand. Oil N. J. ..'.','.'.'.'.'.". n 7-g Texas Corp ; 401-2 U. S. Smelting 94 3-4 ". S, Steel 117 3-8 To the northwest" of Madrid they claimed to have advanced- nearly 7 five miles toward- Nru'Hs'>'deK : Mar- mies in Ihe Sierra Guararrama. Oiie dispatch said-'the loyalists had jccupieu the railway station of the town. . ' Capture Palace . In south central Spain on the Cordoba front the loyalists reported, they had captured the palace of .the Cayo .del Rey. where 100 civil guards and -several score of Phalangists from Jaen had held out since the beginning of the civil war.. Rebels at the palace abandoned their positions when they realized the loyalists were advancing In earnest nnd the government troops entered without firing a .•diot - On the .outskirts of M-drid Gen. Jose Mlaja's 'defense forces, composed of French and Polish vilun- teer shock trooos, turned back all attempts to relieve 10,000 insurgents, ' isolated In university Cily. Make Attempt On Madrid Thc Insurgents, made a new attempt late today to pierce Madrid's steel ring of defense, making a mass attack on loyalist lines between Casn del Campo and University City In Ihe western environs. Negroes • Reported Tortured by Mob Which Took | Them from Officers DUCK HILL, - Miss,. Apr. 14 UP)— A grand Jury investigation'. nto thc lynching of two negroes vas promlscjd today after Sheriff E. E. Wright anil two deputies announced that they had not recognized any member of the mob vhieh tortured the prisoners with blow torches before killing , them. Full details spread over :hough it was witnessed only by members of the mob. While it .vas taking place the news was conveyed to Qov. Hugh White at the. Capitol at Jackson, about 30 miles 'from thc scene. He called Adjt. . .Gen. John O'Keefe into conference : lu.'.t:.. -did. .not. call iiut lrob~ps/He 'was' 'quoted '-as having 'ild to the adjutant general: ' • "It's too late." Seized • at Courthouse The details revealed indicated that the negroes had died slowly under frightful torture. They -were Roosevelt Towncs, 25, and "Bootjack" McDaniel, 26, amused of murdering^ George S. Windham, operator of a crossroads store near here on "December 30. Since their arrest they had been held • •• - - Former Officer Freed in Hot Springs Robbery HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Apr. 15 (UP)—Charles .Sellers, former city policeman, was acquitted today In circuit court on charges of having participated in thc robbing of a bookmaker's safe here on July 18, 1936. . ' ; ' Sellers was charged with nltl- ing In Ihe robbery after Robert DeMarr, who was arrested in connection with the looting of the safe In thc Blue Ribbon handbook establishment, had confess; cd and Implicated the officer. DeMarr aiid another convict. "Shorty" Price, In testifying a). Sellers' trial, repudiated the coni fession and said they never had known Sellers. The two convicts charged thai they were tortured by local officers to make them confess to the robbery and Implicate Sellers. MinoMy Reports Criticize Denianc I in Ihe mob-proof, jail at Jackson. Yeslcrday. they were taken to Winona, Miss., the county seat, for arraignment. They pleaded not guilty and Sheriff Wright and his deputies were about to take them .back to Jackson when thc mob Tot approximately 300 men surrounded them. Deputy Sheriff A. J. Curtis said the prisoners were being led from the courthouse to the Jail when men milling about the courtyard closed in and seized them. "Two men pinned inu .from behind, and they grabbed the'other officers in the same way." Curtis said. "It was all done very quickly, [quietly and orderly." Loan Plan, Civil-Service Willie Lawson Tells School Advises Farmers lo Liquidate Their CCC Obligations WASHINGTON, April H. '<UP> —Thc Agricultural Adjustment Ad- mlnlstrntlon today urged farmers who have cotton loans outstanding with Ihc Coivnudlty Credit Corporation lo sell their holdings Im- mcdlalcly. Cully A, Cobb, southern division Heads 1 nw .Slinnlrl A<;-' A AA director, said the object of iu!cib L,a\\ onoviid AS th(! miu . kcl(ng pl . OBram , 3 ^ mnkc available to thc trade cotton which will supply current requirements, sure Adequate Pay.' KEISER, Ark.—A slate mluln wage law for public school teachi both domestic and export. "Farmers who have borrowed 12 was urged by Miss Willie Lawson,' f, cnls " 1X>U " d °" thclr e ° Uo " r '' om -• •• - - It'e Commodity Credit Corporation now have an opportunity'to llqul- dale thclr loans nml at the same 59 3-8 93 117 1-2 - 4 160 54 3-4 59 14 7-8 107 1-2 60 3-4 48 1-2 10 5-8 57 g. They shelled the government de-! fenses as well as the center of' the city whfre six shells fell. A furious combat went on for 15 minutes, both sides using trench mortars, machine guns and hand hand grenades. Then It died down without material change of posl- "on. An hour and a half later, after intermittent shelling, the rebels renewed their attack In .full force and the battle was still raging was telephoned around a bunch of older people, [ pretty soon you'll 'hear a lot of| talk about the fast pace of the younger generation. I never could make up my mind whether the younger generation Is really "wild" or if the older ones are a bunch of old "fogies." The other night I went to see a spicy show and I happened to be .'iittln' right back of a father and his young daughter. I knew they were from out of town by their looks and I could tell from the way thc father squirmed around in embarrassment after the show got under way that he hadn't known. what kind of a show It was. Finally he turned to his daughter anci he says "I'm, sorry I brought you to this show and I don't think it's the kind of entertainment for a girl your age." The daughter says "Oh, don't worry. Pop. don't git so restless— the shown probably liven up to- hards the end!" Zonlte Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 14 (UP) Cotton closed steady. was asked if the men were .. "No, they wercni masked." Did you recognize any of them?" "No, they were behind me, and I couldn't tell who they were." At the scsnc of the" murder, seven miles east of Duck Hill, the mob lashed Townes to a tree with chains. McDanieLs was the first to feel thc scaring blow torch. He quickly confessed his part in the slaying, saying, that he slood guard whils Townes fired through the window and killed Mr. Wyndham McDanfels was then riddled with bullets. The torch was next applied to Townes and he repjated thc c< fession he gave when arrested in Memphis last week. After mutilating him with the blow torch for Mrs. George Prentiss, 35, of nUt^X^frrafr,^^ K^^^^^is^"- <™ • «!* * atler receiving emergency treat- Before dying, the nc«rocs implicated "Shorty" -Doroh. another re- as this dispatch to London. Cooler Woman Recovers From Dose of Poison open high low 1378 1388 1376 1366 1378 1365 1323 1333 1321 1317 1326 1315 1317 1328 1317 1325 1325 1324 May July Oot Dec Jan March Spots closed steady at 1436 off four. close 1376 1377 1322 1316 1318 1326 ment Monday night for poisoning. Mrs. Prentiss was said to have I swallowed the contents of a hot-, tie of iodine at her home. No j . gro of near Duck Hill, and h she h time. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 137 5-8 137 7-8 136 |37 5-8 Jul 123 3-4 124 5-8 122 3-4 124 3-8 Chicago Corn ben in in health for some New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 14. (UP) —Cotton futures closed 1 to 4 points lower today »er » bullish period (olowing goiwnfnental consumption and weather, reports. withdrew and was not at the murder scene. He admitted, however, receiving some of the money stolen from the store. Tile mobsters released him after / e u erc norse - w hipplng and warned him to leave the state. Dorroh never had been arrested in connection with the murder. WASHINGTON, Apr. 14 (UP) — Publication of three conflicting rer ports today revealed sharp dlfr ferenccs among members of the house agriculture committee over the administration's revised $470,000,000 prograiii to aid low income farm classes. The majority report, written by Chairman Marvin Jones (Dem^, Tex.), demanded passage of the bill which would provide loans of $5l/,000,000 in each of the next ive years lo worthy tenant farmers, $75,000,000 In each of thc next two years for rehabilitation loans, arid a total of $70,000,000 spread over the next four years for federal purchase of sub-marginal lands. • The majority 'report asserted that the bill would alleviate thc tenant situation and demanded a reduction in taxes on farm lands as a means of Improving farm Income. A minority report, filed by Rep. Fred Blermann (Dem., Iowa), demanded that the five-year $250,r 000,000 tenant loan provisions be slrlcken out or drastically amend od. Another mlnorily report, signed by six Republicans and Rep. Gerald J. Bol|eau (Prog,, Wls.), attacked the* bill for empowering the secretary of agriculture to moke agpobitments to carry out the program without civil service requirements. Blytheville Woman Held as Mann Act Witness LEPANTO, Ark. — Two women, Settle Hopper of Blytheville and [rls Campbell ol Lcpanto, were .aken into custody here Tuesday by City Marshal Jay May at. the orders of Wash Burgess, deputy U. S. marshal, of Jonesboro, The two were placed under $1000 bond each for failure to appear when summoned by a U. S. court In Springfield. III., to appear as material witnesses in a Mann act case. If the women fall to make bond they will remain In the Little Rock jail until federal court convenes in Springfield, officers stated. executive secretary of, the Arkansas Education Association. In n talk at (lie monthly meeting of thc Mississippi County Superintendents anil Principals Association- here Monday night. "Thc teachers of Arkansas," she declared, "have bought practically all ol thc school ^improvements In thc stale. Money "thai should have been paid lo them as salnr|cs has been diverted lo-biiltd gymnasiums and home economics buildings.'It's up to the legislature lo pass a minimum .wage law for teachers an:l Iwri'.P that they do'It.". .''Trends.of Education In a .Democracy" was Miss Lawson's subr jccl. The object of high school eriu-l cation today, she said, (<; not (0 prepare students for college,- ns it was at thc beginning of thc present century, but to prepare them for life. ' ' ." Thirty-five superintendents and principals attended the meeting. They were served dinner In tin liome economic!! collage to music by the Kelser -High Harmonlzcrs. W. D. McGTurk'ln, superintendent of thc Blytheville schools nnd president, of the group, presided. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner, discussed the situation in the negro schools of the county. Would End Publicity {or Large Salaries . WASHINGTON,. April 14. (UP) — The house ways and means committee favorably reported today n resolution repealing publicity of corporation salary lists of Individuals, making more than $15,000 a year. No record vote was taken on,reporting the repealer. Chairman Robert L.'Doughton (Dem., N. C.) said. The resolution probably will be. brought up in the house for ac- llmc to, realize a smalt sum, about $1.25 a bale on the average on the transaction," Cobb .said, The government held approximately 3,000.001) bales of loan cotton at the start of the Reason. Tho loan stocks now have been reduced •to approximately ' 1,850,000 bales. When this amount, Is Liquidated govcrnmcnl-hckl cotton will nri loilger bo a market lactor, Cobb said. ... Heads of Goveinmenl Bu- rcnus Told lo Act Before May i WASHINGTON, Apr! 14 (UP) — President Roosevelt's attempt. lo avoid u grepler 1031 deficit 'Diaii jntlclpated today spuircd an~ Intensive economy dilvc In the two nnd one-half months icmalnlng In '.he present fiscal year. Heads of government bureau 1 ;, directed by Mr. Roosevelt to le- port by May 1 on s'tcps taken to reduce spending and thc amount of estimate savings pioparecj to retrench mote drastically than at any time since the New/Deal's accession to power. Announcement of thc piesl- dent'j; economy dihe \\iis followed by n statement fiom the Agricultural Adjustment AdmlnkUa- tlon that appioxhnalely 8Su em- iloyes will be "furloughed" May Lay-offs were Anticipated.', in ither government dcpaitmenU, and agencies, In demanding a curtailment - of ipcndlng. the piesldent followed he same procedmc as last May out on that occasion he sought o prevent bureaus from engaging n a last month bpluiBc. with their unexpended balances This year he president acted earlier because of positive Indications , that revenues for the fiscal ycai would be "materially less". Ihan• • .lllii. S. r ),828,150,11S - originally antlclniit- cd. A. C. ^Spellings Named to Flood Control Body H/nls Wagner Act Decision May Necessitate Furthei 1 Legislation ; ; WASHINGTON, Apr. 14 (IIP) — Secretary ol Commerce Daniel C. Roper indicated belief loday that the supreme court's validation of thc Wagner 'labor act might make some new action desirable lo provide "balance" jii ,caplla!-labor rc- 1 a lions. - ' He would nol say, however | whether he believed legislation was necessary to provide Hits "bait ance." i "It is loo early to make a: LITTLE ROCK-A. C. Spellings of;Marked Tree will represent the nrst'.cpnjresslonal distiict, comprising 'northeast "Aikansas counties, on the Arkansas flood control commission, personnel of l whlch was ammounced Tuesday by Gomnni Bailey: •'•' Mr. Spellings recently was appointed .to. the St. Francis leveo district board He is manager of the Clmpman-Dcwcy farm Interests In Poinsett .and Mississippi counties. Other members of thc commission and the districts tt'cy repre- »ent are: Joe P. Morrow, Bates- •illc, second district; Layton Coffman. Harrison, third; T..L. Gerc'n, Port Smith, fourth; Mayor R. E. Overman. Little Rock, fifth; Lamar Williamson, Monticello, sixth, and M. w. Grecson, Prescott, 'the seventh. Sponsors 1 o.f the bill say that in event of creation of an Arkansas' Valley Authority Ihe cqmmissipn would work with the [edcral qo'v- ernment In carrying out. the plijns. - ..ny conclusions as to what Is necessary for balance," Roocr said, adding that: "Both employer and employe should be provided with Instrumentalities for cmial consideration. This court decision carries forward In principle the ideal of thc responsibility of the em- ploye tlon within a few days, lie added. The 1938 tax act provision re- council quiring thc treasury io submit'to congress the names and salaries of more than 30.000 Individuals has been the subject of extended controversy. Charges have bean made that it was used as a "sucker list," looks to the settlement ough May oneu high low July Ocl Dec ,Tan close I March eather- reports. [ open higli low close 1368 1380 1368 1369 1360 1373 1360 1362 1319 1332. 1318 1320 1 1322 1323 1322 1326 1322 1323 1324 1326 n up to- MJVL2G 1-4 127 1-2 123 5-8 126 1-2| Spots closed steady ai -_:j_J.ljll '"I 1 "' 3-* 11H 5-8 116 1-8*118 3-8 four, 1330 1338 1330 1332 I 1401, olt CLEVELAND (UP)—The latest Mi^ in bicycles has been invented by , two high school boys, Howard Miller and John Nielson. The fr9nt wheel of John's bicycle was broken in an accident, so he coupled the wishbone -to the rear of Howard's vehicle. The resul was n three-wheeled, double-jointed bike. Students Are Commuters BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) — The modern university olfers liltlc advantage over the little red school house asVegards the distance necessary for 'pupils t(3 reach it. The University of California has numerous adujt students who travel from 5 to.%0 miles daily to attend their classes. by various soliciting firms. Five Divorces Granted by Chancellor Gautney Five divorce decrees were granted by Chancellor J. F. Gautney at -—- -- ,---• an injourned session of chancery | & P° ns °»> of the measure express- Kills School Board Aid : for Missouri Pensions JEFFKRSON CITY, Mo.—The house of representatives* by a decisive, vote Tuesday, adopted an amendment to the proposed teachers' pension bill to eliminate n provision calling for contributions from tile Various school boards to be used in creating a fund from.which the retirement benefits would be paid court hero today. Several interventions were filed in the state tax confirmation. Part of the morning session was devoted to the hearing of oral testimony in the citation of Dr. H. D. Robinson of Lcachvillc for failure to pay money to his former wife. Mrs. Ann Robinson for Ihe support of their children. The court ordered Dr. Robinson to pay $417.50 by Sept. 27 or face mprisonment. This afternoon was being submitted In ed the opinion that passage of the amendment virtually killed tho bill for this session of the legislature The amendment, introduced bj Representative William B. Wcaklej of Pike county, cut out the schoo Little Rock Man Accepts Cooler Baptist Pastorate COOTE^i. Mo.—The Rev. C:"E. Hunt of Little Rock. Ark., has'a'c- ccpted the pastorate of the local Baptist church and will move his family here the latter part of the ,vcek. He has n wife and three children.- * The Cooler church has not had a pastor since last fall, when: Rev. J, Crocker resigned to take his wife, who was In very bad .health, to another climate. The Rev. Mr. Hunt will preach every .first aikl third: Sunday at cooler, and ^m probably preach at Tyler the .other two Sundays. John;B 4 " Howse Buys 1 Marianna Newspaper .MARIANNA,. Ark. (UP)— The board contributions, which would rh ' have amounOd to 3 per cent of the teachers' annual salaries. The bill, which was designed to provide benefits for more tlian 25,000 public school teachers and olllcials. now sale • of the Marianna Courier- Index to John B. Howse of Clarksdale, Miss., was announced today by Mrs. H. M. Jackson, owner. Howse former employe of . , a Little Rock publication assumed . only .'.he provision for the suit to ret conveyance to his former brought by B.- H. Secoy aside wife. Divorces granted were: May Caples from Elmer Caples. indignities; s. W. Holman from Louise Holman, Indignities; Irene K. Hyatt from Beryl W. Hyatt, indignities; Nellie Smith from Matt Smith, indignitcs: Carlois Martin from William B. Martin desertion. ' : tcacfier contributions of 4 per cent .... '« tlmoll >'iof their annual wages. $25 for Reckless Driving v . . Ot ' thc Courier-Index.. ""V r I l" M "* ^ P Ihis, WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Slightly cooler in northwest portion tonight and in north nnd central portions Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy and warmer tonight and Thursday. Probably scattered showers. Arlle French was fined $25 for reckless driving by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson this morning but $10 of the fine was suspended.! *. R. Shelby was fined $10 for I The maximum temperature hero overloading. (yesterday was 70, minimum 54. Jessie Buchanan was fined $25 i partly cloudy with .60 of an inch for operating a-car without II-1 rainfall; according to : Snmuei F. Cl>nse ' p ' '•'-.' :'. Norris. oftlcial weather observer.

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