The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY -17, 1935 JLYTI1EV1LLE (AUK.) COUfllBIl NEWS CrC . Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS Bingo party at social hull ol church of (he Imijaculatc Conception, 8 p. jn. Di'll Missionary Society Meets The Ladle's Mtsslonovy Society of the Dell Methodist church met at the home ot Mrs. Jim Gills Monday, with eight members present. Following n lirief business meeting there was a social hour, in which the hostess served refreshments. ! Thc next in ectinu will lie held at the home ol Mrs. Olio Koch- ilT. W. M. U. Metis Mis, J. E. critz led Hie program on "Prayer and Praise" si veil at the regular meeting of (lie Woman's Missionary Society of (he First Methodist church at the church Monday afternoon. Other numbers on the program were: I'ocal trio. Mis. P. L. Tipton, Mrs. liiisscll Parr, and Mrs. G. M. Lee; :i talk, "Litjhl Ahead" by Mrs. A. O. Hudson; Reports in Missionary Work-, Mrs. Rilcy Jones; and a Missionary' Biillelm, by Mrs. A o Haley. Dining the business session Pledges for the coming year were "?"? d _.'!!]" . n _'";"fioii was forniu- Hostesses were: M,- s . j. E Cl1t Mrs. A. O. Iludhon, Mrs. Ri| cy B Jones, Mrs. w. M. Taylor Mrs' - Lay Welch. Mrs. Wvati Hcnlcv' «'« Mrs. Lee Armstrong '° J ' * 9 t niiirrb/rc Licenses Issued These marriage licenses have rc- '•cntly been issued r ram u, 0 B j-- S V""* "' " 10 comilj ' ^ iluk. Miss Cnrcy Woodburn; Sylvester Crow of Lake City and M* Gertrude stertbi of'Uc Mile Joe c. Magcttra and Miss Faine Jordan, both O f Osccola- Raymond Wells and MiJ », '•' B»>'cl.Hollir,eld, both or here by an church; Bufovd botl or 1 '! an<1 MiM M "V H «'Ph. uotli or here, by the Rei- J V Henrro, E ,,,, jMles an(] ^'^ inn ~ Stcm)son ' »oth uf Hufr- n«n Carey Eason and Miss Ver'; &l °w, .both of Leachvllle, by Justice Oscar Alexander; E „ ° 5r Lane and Miss Metba ft a ' k e s , both "f Slcclc, Mo., by 'the Rcv . Stuart. If. Salmon; " Thomas n ciniim™ hm. m K H N ° b ™. ^" ,£'„•• 5* " e Hel '- J - T - Renfro- Lev Shipley and Miss Pauline W, ,a,,,s, both of here, b/S Ark'- » ' Wom »<* of Benlon ':,'• " c »»»» Heart and Miss Pay v v W or " C1 ' c ' bj ' thc R ^- of u, 0 aipcncr, pastor I'irst Methodist church. ilclplmiiUj Havu Study of Modern Music Modern music ami its compos«= were studied 'by memoes or Uslplmm Fine Arts club in , M ClHi n K ^ slcrdi 'i' «l the home of Mis. o. w. McCiilchcn when Miss Margaret Merrill was leader. A neu- member was Mrs j W Park cr. ami there were also 'several Kiiests including Mrs. T. G Sciil IM1 call was v answered ii-liii '-•riet facts of 'inodarn music and cpcra. .Miss Merritt aivl Mrs Af JUck gave talks concerning u, 0 •'.iiojcct and modern operas in whJSli it was brousM nut' llml • )e«rs Caylor was the first to write on American oucra in 1D25 rictiircs of modern musicians were displayed. Musical numbers included Die piano SO[O| .. Hha tody in Blue," Gershman, Mr; ivlmray Smart; violin solo "Tema C-ronadino," Muardt, Mrs. Stuart It. Salmon, who studied under Hubert. J'enili, to S'tiom this num- Jicr was dcdicntcd. and a vocal irio of Mmcs. Uussell F»rr. George M. LCD and Paul L. Tiplyn. who ••M\K "By l.fic Bend ol the River" • '.nil "Allnti's Holiday. 1 ' A soidier termite will not release iti grip, oncc it |,., s closc(( us jaws on a victim, even though the termite's dead be severed fiom the body. of Neas Mostly Personal Mr. and Mis. Jesse H. Webb and son, Richard Jesse, who )mvc been in the city for a visit, huvo returned to Earlc, Ark., for a short lime. They plan to return here to make their home. Mrs. j. Nick Thomas Is spending this week in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. O, W. Lewis plan lo leave Monday for Hot Springs for nn extended slay. S. D. Carpentoiv formerly auri- •ulliiral 'agent for south Mississip- pl j county with headquarters at Osceola and now • district agent with headquarters' at Little Rock, is in the county, for several days. Mrs. James Hill jr., is in Little Rock today for the meeting of the crippled children's society. Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Badcr have as their guests Mrs., Barter's iris-ter, Mrs. Sallic' Badcr, of St Louis. ~'\ Mrs. ROSS Stevens wilt return today from Memphis where she has been spending a week with her brother .in law, A. E. Erdman, of Columbus City, Ind., and her niece, Miss Winifred Goodrich, who are at the Baptist hospital. Dwight Bovren attended to business in Memphis the first of the week. Mrs. O. C. Ganskc spent Tuesday in Memphis ivilh Mr and Mrs. Hubert Fly. Mrs. Fly, her niece, who has been In bed' eight, weeks from pleurisy, is slowly Improving. The Rev. and Mrs. w. V Wo- inack " were in Memphis Tuesday where Mrs. Womack consulted her physician. Mrs Emma Bnnicy was in Memphis Tuesday with A. E. Erdman, of Columbus City, Ind and Miss Winifred Goodrich, who are ill at ,lhe Baptist hospital Mrs. Dwight BOWCH has returned from several days slay in Helena, where she visited her parents, and Newport. Jtiiunie Willtams was called to Memphis by the serious illness of her mother. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hayncs and son have returned from a brief visit in Chicago. Mrs. R, L.-Dailies has returned from Memphis where she under M 51 "" s opcration »t the Ear o'i ^?, nlUl T11roat Hospital. ie is daily improving. Mr. Gaincs accompanied her. "".ncs Jimmic Wilkinson, of Memphis was guest of Mr. : ,,id Mrs Leslie Hooper yesterday en route to Batcsvillc, Ark. Honeymoon Under the Sun instead of leaning over thc brink of Niagara Falls, many modern ncwlywcds spend.their honeymoons as,do Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ammidown of New York, who are shown above lolling in the coinfoi-l of'a rolling chair at Palm Beach, Fla. The former Beatrice Hudson became Mrs. Ammidown in a Christmas Eve elopement. Mattress Demonstration ly home demonstration agent, are . . [| t Dycss (CKlay for n demonstra- ... _, ' !ion In mattress makinB to wo- Miss Mena Hogan of Little Rock, -men of that community. \\ dislrict home demonstration ajjjnt, and Mi SB Cora Lee Coleman. coun- Rend Courier News Waul Ails. rii: :< ews want Ads. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin CooIinB -111(1 snolhinK Blue Star Ointment nu-Hsonthc skin, send! nr Icstcd medicines deeply into norcs wliere it quickly kills Kch, tetter rash, eczema, foot ilcll, ringworm! etc. LOOK! FREE! 2 Permanents •MONDAY antl TUKSOAY '. -•Wo ;\ve here with', thc rc.'il. work ami; rciil, ; <| . .price lo please L-vbvypnfr" Miss Lois ( Rii?i!3 : ". ''*\ of Joiicnboro is an cxperl. on'linger wayiiiK'- Mrs. Barrett nnd Miss Riggs will'give yoti your money's worth on all kinds'of work. We have just received new supplies', from Little Kock. • BARRETT'S Beauty Shop GOK i\. Stii St. AHENTION PAGE FIVE Slcde-Cooter Society — Personal Tl\c Woman's Missionary society iet :ii ihe home of Mrs. p. K j'cn- der Monday aftenioon. Mrs, J. P. liogc was'elected to he in elmruo of Hie liiole study ll,ai will bo held •W" sfcaiKl Monday throwglioiil his your. The meeting next Mon«"y will be with Mrs, J. R. MW- * • 4 '''111' W. M, u. o( the stecle Unp- tisl cluirch wns liosless to the COD"I' W. M.^u. Monday afternoon. -•. rtllie Jones, J'loyd'wiieste'r, Clcs- "'Ing. and l?n!j)ii umis attended oin Cooler. Mi's., J. 11. Workman wn.s Hie Peiuloi 1 and Mrs. asorgo Burnett, nil of Sleds, ,Mr, anil Mrs. {"ranlc prcncU and Daughter, Mrs, Opal Durham, and son, Thomas, Jclt over Iho week end to iniiko their homo In. St, Louis, Mrs. ,11, A. bpciK'c ullrt Mis. II, U. Spcnco wore hostesses at a dinner Wednesday [n honor ot Mv mid Mrs. George W, cook, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. V. 1-Vrrell mid (laughters, Niulluc mid Unriinm Sno, of Slkcslon, iverc guesls of Mr. mid Mrs. B. M. Bcbiikcy and fnmlly Tucsdny. . pai'ly in romplimciiL to Mrs, rSi"" 1 "-V, 11 Mls ' A - »• ullollL ' s ul Unilhersvillc. •[•In- «u, M . B , lc .slii ' eMrs, J. N. Harries of 1-ortiiBc- . Mrs. II. A. spfiice. Mrs. 1' IS. . 'oimlaUtm Up OTTAWA, Onl. (U[>)-GniwUn's iwpululkm Incrctisi'd by approximately 185,000 (luring 1031, Hie Dominion nurcnu o[ Slutlsllcs reports. The dominion's population "I tli<! beginning of Jiuiunry Js lilnced m lO.SM.OOO. SHORTE COLDS IIHlii Buy Furniture How Pay in the Fall A new special payment plan for your benefit—buy your Furniture, Stoves, Rugs and Radio now; pay only half down and the balance this fall. THIS ONLY APPLIES ON PURCHflSES OF $40 OR OVER ( " ' ' " T ^^^^^™^^^^***, "-*' - '•"-^'.•'l ^1 I I..III .,_,, ^ !•. ^^•i^^^i j| ,,,. ,.,| Furniture has been constantly advancing and it is our belief that you will SAVE MONEY BY MAKING YOUR PURCHASES THIS SPRING. Hubbard Furniture BLVTHEVILLE, ARK, The friends we have made while in the dqiru business here for 17 years will always be remembered. HecauM we can not see all of you we lake this method of saying Thank You Mr. & Mrs. 0. W.Lewis Hotel test proves the amazing quality of Penco SHEETS 'Washed_292 times! Still good" says otic! 'I'licsc ;\rc the STx 99 sixc—for ;i.generous tuck-in, if you've used Hcncu, you know how good they ;ire' —if not, get nct)i.i;uiuctl aiu! learn how good a sheet' .an lie this price! Lciitling hotels the country over giivc. Peuco^cretlit f for, exceptional wenr! lxp9 Nation Widc"q,,alHy SHEETS White Goods feature Value! What a bargain (his is! Fnmoiis smooth - fmislicd. .luratlc Nation Wide sheets! -l-.vonr IMI ni World's Kair iirnved llu-h excoi^ lional ivsislann- lo wear! 36 in. wide! Good Brown SHEETING Household stand-by! Get it joi This unbleached sheeting is the strong, sturdy fabric Oiat honwwivcs know and prefer! Make it into shtcU, pillow slips, mattress covers, other things! January whit* goods price!; Soft, smooth finished Belle hlc MUSLIN Sleac/ieJ—nr unbleached at jVmi c»n makr a lot of thtngs'with'' this muslin— shceL-;, mattress covers, hlankct covers — nnd sine* we'vcj price<l it. so low you'll want to buy) jots! 35 inches wide— Values! LINT FREE! All U,,cn CRASH LUNCH Attractive Woven n<irrf'eii! ALL LIS'MN CHASM! In n cotm- "icnl ,VJx52 inch size! These lunch- caon cloths so hnndy for informnl mealo! Wash bosulfully nnd seem lo "oar forever '. iN'apiijnv K for 4 3el_ On Display Thu (Icnenil GK Klcclric iloine J.;itui(lry tisad in the .). C, ioy LVimiiany's Luiinilry Tt'sl Quality CRETONNES I'o/lK Price J! Bic f plash y pit- (erna ' or more conservative dc& i sr n ». Good weight! 36-in, 42 inches wide! Nation Wide Pillow Tubing Sojt, smooth finish, durable! e yd. It's a pleasure lo make your own pillow .flips when you get x muslin like Nation Wide for so little! Soft', smooth—yet strong, so that it withstands a lot of hard wear! A buy! •12 x 36 Belle Isle Muslin SLIPS /! chance to save an jjood slips' 1/iok how low we've (iriced these well, known pillow s!i,, s _ am | u, cy - rc „, tnc_ feature of our annusil Janu.iry while Rooils event at this price! Buy 1 n whole iupply-you'll s^e more! TERRY TOWELS nj7£p>p «™ :r. . : t .• ^ If you prefer thc soft" alisorb- ency of lerry for face towels you want these! Irish Linen Napkins JacgiiarJ florals! Irish linen flam- ask! All white, 20" square, un- hcmmcd! Dam- ">t Id match, 70.ix. fl.l) yj : White Damaak Colorcd'tiorJtrs! ytf. •Kxccllcnt wMr- Ing. tncrcerized dainask Jac- qusrd design! Colored bonfers! NU-TONE>ERCALE l : atl .colon! 10* yd: >t's fully 36 in.! widc^s-n Tango of better-than-' usual patterns •'mil colors! Avenue Dress Print* yd. They're vat- dyed, we-ir and vvashvs'ondeiful- ly New Spring patterns! •MAHQyiSETTES l Fine yd. Colored dots and squares, cross-' bars, other nov-l cities! Whiu,' cream, ecru.'

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