The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Wiiter Says It Does Move Good Than Haim Foi Playei By UlCIIARI) MiO.VNN NEA Service Spoils Wrller -N EW YORK. — .Rciiressii'.ativi! Raymond J, Cannon Isn't, by any 'means, the' lend-off man In Hie attack on baseball's reserve clause. Long before the'Wisconsin legls- In tor ever hurled an adjective, In- tiigiiant citizens were stepping ui> to the plate nnd taking swloos at the stipulation In nnlor I-KJII- platyers', contracts uHch prevents open bidding ror their scivices nt tlje end of cich sci'-on Arid it maj dl«coii i <e tlij <?oVl .congressman to: know llial'^ach of Ihese fellows who hatted before him went down swinging. Take, ror 'Instance, Mr. Henry V. Lucas, a wealthy sportsman of SL. .Louis who was somctiiino of a Tom Yawkey of Ills day. well, 51 ysar.s a<jo. in 1883. Mr. Lucas uniicd a'H declared the reserve clause to be "an: outrageous nnd unjustifiable chain on the freedom of nlayers,' and he went out and formed a league of his own. called the Union Association which on-rate.1 without the reserve clause Mr Lucas' league InHcd one jeir Mr Lucas, himself dilnt list ninth longer He died a pmpor Admitted Ills Mistake Too late, lie learned the necessity :nnd - justice of the reserve clause And he freely admitted his mistake "Any player who thinks (lie re- °ervc rule is a liardsliln." said Mr. Lucas, 'bctravi his fcltoiv plnycis I Med to organise a league with no reserve clans; and 1 nm binkrupt for my association and mjsslf ney- er knew whether we had a ball team or not. "I am out of baseball because I am hnrjovoi'Ishcd and I may ncld that I nm thoroughly dlspossed of any antagonism I may liirve had to the resene rule it Is nil there Is lo the game from Us side as a professional pastime ' Of course, the rescue uilc may' net lo the disadvantage of some plajers sum West for instance the reserve clause no gratitude POI several jcirs, 5011 wc Sam has played champlonshlu ball for second division money vulh the SI Louis Browns PemmU-cou- tcndlng dub? such as the Yankees. Red Sox nnd Tigeii, with fat, pai- rolls and winners' s|»ils, wanted West but couldnt agree with the Browns management on anj dial Now If there had been no reserve clause in his contract Wen could have gone urcmy the baseball shops peddling himself to the highest bidder His Income vvonH have been doubled, perhaps Ircbl-cl Thus, in his case, an-i in 'the ca>e of others like hurt the rcsenc rule has bsen about as helpful n- nanciallj n s a bad check Helps More Than Hurls But on the other hand it has helped the plavers In general mure lhan it has hurt them IJr example, there s Mr LOU GJhrlg who has signed to nlnv baseball with the Nctt York Yankees this year for 536000 and who n 1925 got about $3500 for doing the same thing with the same club if the-e had been no reserve rule when the Yankees signed Mr doling ui 1925 they would have, In all probability, sl-ncd him to sal a 10-year contract to make sure' of having him m their employ from »h?V?v. J , ear Wel1 ' "<>"• <"> 50" think that the Yankees would have signed Mr Gehrig n t $35000 per year then o r would thej h£e signed him for 53500, or slight j What n Fight! Uhawai'o of the . photographer (for uncc), Mnx finer puts up & swell llfiht as a spectator at the Tommy'FaiT-licn Foord scrap in London. The former world heavyweight champion Is to nl- tcinpt a comeback against'the. winner—Farr. better? .- • ' Yes, Annabcllc. you're right—Miv Ochrlg would have signed for $3500 ami felt:,very happy about It.and he prolmbly would be playing for that figure, or a scant thousand 'or l, more, today. Mr. Gcarig, as yon SC2. has been xnefited by the reserve clause. Anrt so have the vast majority of the players. Has Saved llnscball Tile success of organized basc- aall can be traced back lo Ihe birth of the reserve clause. : UJitll II was adopted (he owners were cohllmially fl|ihtlng 'among themselves, raiding each other's rosters and gobbling iip-lbe smaller fry b?fore they got started. Things got so bad nnnlly that many ball club backers were turn-, ing their backs on the game. It was too risky. They would have a team one! yenr, nnd wouldn't, have It- the 'next. : ; Trjen, In 1819, a St. rani baseball fan, complaining about a wealthy rival ^manager coming to town ami. raiding the home club of its;atnr players, suggested lo William A. Hulbcrt, a Chicago lavc- ver [and president of the old National League, thai the owners get together' iinri agree to leave their hands olf each other's players until llie'y were offered for snle ' or Irade or rclensid. ' ' 'Hie weary iiulbjrt and Ihe rrri'n- Itc owners saw the wisdoni of such an agreement and placed the reserve • rub in their players' cou- liacls. It Is Section D in every. plavcr's contract today, without this nine, as wo have said before, no'club- owner ever would be certain of his nine. . "Wildcat" Comes' Back Strong; Slrangler Adds Another Victim TUESDAY, APRIL IS, 1937 A Gongresswoman Ily J. I'. I'llIKNI) To ni'fo liaker tile strangle is nil'ihtlor than science, 1. Par Ihs second consecutive w<">k (lir- Radii 1 ;, wls.,: strangle!- last. nMit overcome superior wrestling skill. I!•> defeated n».\ Moblcv In (he ineiln event of the American ],?»io>i I'i'applln? show In two sli-nlghl falls, lust as he trli»ni)W<| over .French/ Loavltt last Monday Will!" IVikOT's H'rwc-'laii' hack break olflcjallv i>c^ credit fo" Ihr* falls. It was Dirt sli-->.i-i« <' 7 ;u s -.t • Hi" •.•laKe for hoMi of them/'. Unkcr methortlrplly, ; """it -al)ou> l'"i I'isk of rntlliio'Mohlev down fbortly afler l.ha ni)'nnln<('ooiv;.'Tie Irlcd nructicaliv nothing but arm bars and stranales nnlll the <ln\v. «-ns rln- for the b'lck breaker. Moli- Icv made nn r;[foH,' lo —„••>• f rce for fear of Injury to his back. The f^coirl w<Vs n m*^™ ,.^,-, nt (he flrst "xc'ii 1 llinl. iM"t)hv tirod "f HP fi'iii'ill"" un-l l.brcvv <•!<"- IIrn to i ho vvlr-1. nakcr wisely nludr-d him when the golnu vvas tOUSh lly I'HtllV' OUtSl'le f'^l'TieS r.nd eVnrlix! his head. He Ivied three Norvvc-'lan jmnk. h-»pi'"rs h--- forp r^iordln-r |»;c fill. \\t.^ >wns i'ini-li! I- ^'i|.i his f-et for fully » hnlf lion'' i^n 1 "^^ n( L>m nr^ssin'e niknr rtW'i'l l'-li« np.i »ltln!»""ivetin he .|iini»-l ouin his bark while, ho ""s clown nnd Hie matcli was over. 'H'? fin iL " hioc'i him tnstilv. (idy Welch.Hi., banndiaii, wiM- ••nt... co'»lii'n|?d Ms return j to- the 16-al r 1 "-' liy dcfcdM'i'i'.los Orn- .nr»r, poh'i'i hvo fulls lo oiic in Ihe •seinl-nnal: In a spectacular match. The pole ii«-,<><i his nowrVrul arms to Rain the first fall In 18 minutes, cnniloyhig n hnlf Met"-iM nm| Deadlock. Welch anil Or'nwlpc used (ho flying Incklc. Welch was (he ontv one lo connect, however. "Oh- 1 'vice cnmc near plunging head first Ihroiioh Ihe ropes to Ihe floor several limes. ' i , - . . A well directed kick lo Ihe point otlhf! chin saved Welch's hide and enabled him to even Hie count In hut six iiilnutcs. ,)oe liad Roy Hat on his back and in i>real -pain vith a leu hold, uc attempted lo change Ills slnnce and it proved his iindoimr. Welch kicked him across Hi? ring aiul'anlck as a flush- was on him. lie crabber) his leas nnd turned him over with a crab hold. Roy brought the flying butt Into play for the finale. Four In a row weakened Orawiep, nnd three front crotch slams finished the dhiy work. The time was tl minutes. For the preliminaries Carl Lee Plllcy (75) punched his .way to a clcjin cut decision'Over John Crlbbs HORIZONTAL J, 0 Picttirca *U. 8, A. con. urcssvvoniai). 12'To occur again. 13 To unknit. HBad. 10 To impose a lax. 17 Heavy l)lov/. 19 Goddess of peace. 21 Excavale<t. '22 Toward. 23 To attempt. 25 Right. 26 S molding. 29 House cats. 31 Southeast. 32 She served •. overseas vvith - the lied '33 Praying / llgl're. .'i* 35 To vow, 37 Light brown. 33 Morn painful. 41 Earth. 42 Peels. 44 Fence rails. Answer to Previous Pli77le 18 Austerity. '20 Instruments. '. 21 Dregs. 24 She has " served over- 10 — ;. 28 Verbal. 45 Ell. 46 nights for ..owning inventions. •18 Italian river. 49 Like. ' • ' 50 Not speaking. M Pedal digits. 53 Street „ S3 Type ol fruit. 50 To praise. 58 She replaced lici- laic -;—-. 59 She was 'federal repre- sentative for disabled a . VERTICAL 1 Before. 2 Pious. 3 .Fro'stlnR. 4 Uulrtisli. 5 Hour. 7 Either. 8 Wind.' 9Occurrence. 10 Coat'Japels. 11 Sneaky. 15 Priest's headdress. . . 28 Fortune. ; , 29 Western. 30 One who snubs. 32 To line a vessel. 34 Snare. 36 Griefs. 38 Common verb. 40 God of love. 42 Ecclesiastical plate. 43 Hobbed. 46 Cougar. 47 Chair. 4!) Tree. 50 Crowd. 52 To woo. 54 To sunburn, 55 Postscript. 57 Doctor. " FOR SALE , SOY REAN HAY PLANTING SEED ' STONEVILLE 5A STONEVILLE 4 A 1st jcar from Stonevillc Station 8.DOZ. PURE BRED WHITE ROCK PULLETS Fresh Heifers with Small Calves H. C. Knappenberger- Soiled playing car:ls can be cleaned by rubbing them with a cloth dipped in spirits of camphor. Phonfv J 886 or 888 .24; Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work lioily ' & Fenders A Specialty BARNETT AUTO SALES 80), taking two of three rounds, 1 Sweet polalocs were cnltivalcd nd tying the other. • (, , , Junior William, a curly headed '" ' lnctc " t Ohma - Idsnell youngster, niid Walter owry battled on even terms_ in lircc rounds. ''iiiakcrs Sleep In Offices'''' : JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (UP) — Tv/o Missouri state senators sleep In their Capitol offices, "it's cheaper and we hove a $4,000,000 mansion to rest In," explained'Sen. 'A. N. Lindsay, a mlnisler. nohiilts Tionliy; M'In.s 11 • PITTSBURGH. (UP)-Althur B. Slielgrey doiratcd a trophy for n mixed ,. pair, • bridge tournament. Then, with Jvfrs. H, i). stahl, he won the loiii'iiainenl — ami the Town l« Have Trailer Park GULFPORT, Miss. (U p) -Work j hits slarled on a trailer-park fcV Oulfport. Th? psrk is planned lo be one of the most attractive of lls kind on th? MlM|«|pp| gulf TF you Eirijipcd the iievi- I.a So'lle'V'-A' nf its grealer Iraiily - 1 and cainforl—flno'fuclor w?uij it'iil make it wonli more lhan iilhcr cars of similar msi . : . LjSAI.lJS SAFETY! Ln Snllc, of course, is Iiuiit'b^ Cadillac-. ' ll bus Cailillao Blrei'igtll, Cadillac fnclnrancf, Cadillac roaciaiiitiiy. , lU! Sallo'a lirokcs arc.liig anclljxjwcrfiil. '113 steering is easy anil dcjicniialite. Itliistlie famous Fislier Uiiisleel body. In fai:l, I.a Salle is worth tli'c jirice in ,• SAFETY.': ALONE; ItenitmlxT this when you buy ,-oiu- next car. Slep ori iip to La Salle— ami lie eafe in ALL ways. Look al La Salle today! 1 • i .-. . -' •IMimrtl-prUt at Remit, AfiV/i., $1095 iiml up, si,l,jm a .rhungf u'llhoia naicf. ']'!,;, pnca im-luilf't all ,l,w,lar,l accto- ' suriKi.-lnuupnrtalinnrSlate.tuiti lj:rul Sales Tii.vrj,'Opiiiiiinl' ' .. : _ Acrfssoriej and I-'tiitipntPnt— Kt/rr;. c.Aniij«ic-nun:r 1095 AN!) II!' W. 7. BARNETT AUTO SALES ; i . BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Pemiscot County Track'4 Meet "at Stecle This WeBt STBELB, Mo.—The 'Pemlscot county track meet will be''held'at Steele Thurs<lay and Friday afternoons of this week. All Pemlscot. counly except Cnrutiicrs- yjlle vvlll compete. Coach Jack Hopke of Caruthcrs- ville will be in charge. Drs. Wert & Wert OrTOBfETRISTS Over Joe fsaacs' Store "WK MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 640 TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abslracls, . Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, Pris. and Mgr. 1'honc 617 Blythcvltle, Ar*. 55,000 PERSONS OWN SWllT & COMPANY fllOIIR 111 'l'INO CO., DISTRIBUTOKS:; ' Osocpla. Ark. : Hisliwny 61 WATCH , FOR JUMBO 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales - , Call 1000 ---&> Storage, THIS TASTY SAYS EARL FO YN (with the • light hat): "All your tongue remembers about Prince Albert is the full tasly'body of those grand tobaccos. Each 'makin's' costs solittlc that 1 say, 'Why not enjoy the best?'— meaning Prince Albert, of course!" STAN MONTZ knows what roll-your-ovvners want in his town. He sells lots of Princo Albert and smokes this prime "makin's" tobacco himself. Mike Ferrer (he's the fellow smiling at Stan's loft) says: "Boy, P. A. has rich, appetizing flavor that makes a man realize it's tops forroll-yourTOwns." THANKS to the special "no-bite" process, Prince Albert smokes MILD, MELLOW, with plenty of good, RICH; HIPE FRAGRANCE. It's "crimp cut" to stay put without spilling or blow ing around. Kollsfn^t and firm. Draws easy, burns slow and COOL. I'RINCE ALBERT IS MIGHTY COOL AND TASTY FOR PIPES TOO! THY IT. ,.,-v^ , H13T, K. J. !UjT»l,U TOacro C HERE'S THAT MONEY-BACK OFFER! Roll youricH 30 twcll cigarellci from Prince Albert. If you don't* find them the fincat, taitieat roll-your.pwn cigarcltct you ever unokcd, return tha pocket tin wilh the rcit of the tobacco in it to ui il any lime witKin a montli from Ihii date, and we will refund full purchstc price, plui poitnge. (Signed) R. J. rVvnolda Tobitto Co.; Winitoh-Salthii N. C: BtDtJN 70 fine roll-four- owncigareitci in tvery 2-oi. tin of Prince Albert _ - '' " r" 55,000 men, and worsen ere pwners of Swift & Company. These \ shareholders, and their families, are larger innun)ber than the total imputation of many a large and well-known American city. ^Of these tens, of thousands'of shareholders, about 25,000 are women. Approximately I ;i ...1Q.QOO iM;e:Swift.& Company emplpyes. Many are farmers and livestock raisers. Among the revderliSj Doctors, :steno|raphers, dentists/ merchants, mechanics, and persons in Vf^t^ fact, anyone Can become a shareholder. ' The controlling interest in Swift.* Company is not owned by a few but by many. So ividsly distributed is ownership in the company that it takes J,500 of the largest shareholders to vote a majority of the stock. Anything which affects the welfare of this Company likewise affects 55,000 shareholders and approximately 60,000 employes who depend upon Swift & Company for a way in which to earn their living. There are also more than 200,000 producers who sell therr livestock and dairy and poultry products to Swift. Trie interests of these 315,000 persons, in addition to the thousands of consumers who purchase its products, are linked with the interests of Swift & Company. -TOR iQform&lioa oa tho sorricD Factored by tha neat packing iodiulzy, Tead ourmiscellaaBoat publications. Those JmliucIivQ. bocVlels will b« mail«d you lice, upoa raquett. Addceis Swift & Company 4249 Pact.t. Av.ouo Swift & Company In cfa/7y fouc/i with every meat, poultry, and dairy consuming city, town, and hamlet in the United States

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