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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 4

The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 4

Atlanta, Georgia
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LINGERIE DRESSES here in such a profusion of remarkable beauty that it would require pages of space to describe them all and so elegant, dainty and exquisite are they, that we can find no words to do them justice. They must be SEEN! There are, indeed, a great many to select from but in the better grades, youll find no two alike. That and the woman who wears one of these LINGERIE DRESSES' will have the only one of its kind in Atlanta. A very charming model is one that's embroidered all HAND EMBROIDERED and trimmed with HAND MADE LACE. Daintily set off with a pink satin girdle.

The price is $39.75. Another delightfully pretty and very Frenchy LINGERIE DRESS is of white Crepe Voile, trimmed with heavy lace. The cuffs, girdle and a 24 inch underdrop are all of black satin, creating a strikingly elegant effect. It's $37.75. W.

Edwards. Mrs F. R. Smith. I Fred J.

Clark. Mrs T. L. Simp awn, Mrs. P.

Suttlea. Mrs. a. Mc Saw. Mrs G.

H. Waggoner. Mlaa yyonla Brooks, Miss Louise Conaway and Mlases Bertha and Myrtle Smith. Uncle r. J.

C. Lewie and Mr. J. with pleasure that Remus Memorial announce a second program to be given by Mrs. Janet A.

Talcott, of Cleveland, Ohio. The first program given two weeks ago created so much favorable Interest that the Georgian Terrace, where she entertainment was Sd to bear Mrs. Talcott In her and beautiful work lnj eipreS 1 The coming program will an reauing or Victor Hugo's rplece, the entire story con Talcstt's dignified snd finished on the platform stamps her as a of ability and rare charm. At Conservatory Recital. Friday.

March fh Cable hall. p. students of the Atlanta I ratory of Music will give re who will part is ted by pupils violin depart The devotional le Bast Point Southern ducted by the president, Mrs a. Trimble. Mrs.

Alfred Jarvla and Mrs W. H. Caldwell, whs are In charge of the literary department, had for the subject, Stewardship." A program of Slender and Beautiful How Stout People Regain a Perfect Shape. i recsmmseeatiM to be borne In ao notn teg. take notblna.

that mlsat pssstbtr be I attrlRKnLal hesltb sue strength. That 1 rnsretslss; tat lake pleats rest and enjey I tks fell tbe reesuaa I baaatje vhlch to sew la esres veerywrW; oa. Mnrmoto. m. FlaM Sstnet Caseara Aro ana osi.

Peppermlat Water. I KleatlSs remedy uta beasaeaalir en Uw MRS. DOUGLAS GORMAN, OF BALTIMORE. Mrs. Gorman waa Miss Gwendolen Nash, ot Savannah.

Her marriage took February 10. and she and Mr, Gorman have been spending at Hantaan, retnrnlng to Savannah to visit Mrs. Naans parents. Mr. and Mrs.

G. Edmund Nash, this month. They left this week for Baltimore Artistic Flower Vases Beautiful designs in Flower Vases in etched crystal and Dorflinger cut glass are among the new arrivals here. We think you'll be pleased with the showing. Come and look.

Many other new things in Glass, China and Art Wares. Dobbs Wey Co. 57 N. Pryor St, Next to the Equitable Building Spring Hat Modes Tailored Hats for Early Spring The modes of Spring have now crystallized into their definite form. Straw styles have developed into most charming shapes and are worthy of note.

The large, flat Shepherdess Shapes, and the equally large "Lamp shade" styles are brought out in soft, fancy straws, and are oddly turned up, tilted and draped into wondrous artistic and becoming results, with the little nooks and crannies filled in with little knots of roses and heliotrope or forget me nots. And here are many very smart medium shapes, setting low on the head, with high crowns of silk, straw or flowers, and a towering spray of flowers tops it off and finishes perfectly this Spring Hat of startling smartness: Plumes and flowers work together in rare harmony this season, and ribbon bows, too, have a strong lead. Busy as the veritable bee is our Hat Section, where such things have their being, and so fascinating that one would think from a "peep in" that this was the place where hats were and, indeed, many of them if having their origin means the same thing. Tailored Hats are the thing for early Spring wear, and they are very simply made of elegant straw and very scant decorations. We show these from KNOX, BURGESSER, PHIPPS, FISK and CASTLE.

J. P. ALLEN CO. 51 and 53 Whitehall SSTP! I. the' opening recital of" the' new pljM I organ syhfch la being meted In the GEORGIA GENERA Bens Hope, of No Central Baptist church, corner Oarjiett Hall Brant am, or Oxford.

ana Forsyth i took place. fee ualeteil by Miss tela Lowe, violin Georgia; Brown Was Not Only The library, In which acquisition Given Her by the Leg waa performed, waa decorated, yellow and white being the prevailing color. to Mia musical circles of la raining much favor with the public islature, Hut Also Pre rae becomingly gowned Ja jar. tuieioon needs no In The program follows: sented With Saver Cup: Lingerie Dresses tier bouquet was of bride i Bridal Chorua Wa Vlrlyn Moore played ding march, and during the waa lmpreeaively performed by Methodlat Epiaeopal churotj. "Meditation" was softly played.

After the breakfast wa At Frohsin's AWayofMsite CTURE Or BABTNAMED ASSEM BLY ''mirrijrtf I Plournoy Hall Braohaxn, of ceremony Lroauction. I With Magnificent 1. Offertolre In Minor Satiate I I Violin solo. Borowsk 1 I I 5. Largo (from Xerxea) Handel 1 tHP iM I morla Variations on "Suwanee I nnnTWsimr I I Wagner I I Mrr charming; aura 9.

Nuptial March Barnard I bar of the social set at Noonday, and 10. Violin solo, "Souvenir" Drdla. I a young lady of beautiful character. 11. Toccata (sixth orgsn symphony) I 1 Mr.

Branham Is prosperous young I A. I were jeu .1 1 (H I I' TTlli JPPTfa Hope, Hope, Hope and Thomas Shoes than "Arte and for which IsMtBMalaarsiaaarsftaaji saussi PCFS For won.bMsrcny25,'<:u""d after Much of it depends on the "iiaoh member of tho art committee audience, and Atlanta won I fP "Jil ItOmtinnX "'t Mrs. George Brown and infant daughter named by Georgia legislature 911 how tn do their SkA 1 'ffhl portance. The ladles on Lhla committee pal't. In Otfler WOrflS, tDCV lawu SS MMraHsam 8cott' du i th i know how to wear l)ia irjSgVv Ufai rv Sheridan.

Mrs P. J. McGovern. lira, legislature last summer the general chased a magnificent silver loving 'cup mnnrls i Si Harry Osgood. Linton Hopkins, assembly by formal reaolutlon named almoat as tall aa the baby which was frflflMyll 1 rf Mrs.

Julian Harris. Mrs J. Hamar. girl baby of Dr and Mrs. formally presented to It and on which ai'P COnSldlTC'd Ml Virginia worle, SUCCeBBful in the designing 1 VWmtiWPi finest daSS of Stones.

A "T08 Mrs. Samuel F. and formally enrolled aa an act of the leglslature a lov fl ssj, iL I Evlns. state. Not satisfied with aceordlnrr lnK CUP conspicuously In the fore VI IfCCfllall PilVSlfflES from Schools" this tllMlnctlon T.

the rhnd The baby Is about floe a ..7 I popular memberi the ItWtlttS, HI Whitehall St. "Redemption" at St. Luke's. tellect. and in giving maeter June rih.

Eqnipmant the lN 8unday night, April 7. the piece Location sinons loothHls Other LINGERIE DRESSES range in I priee from $50 down to $5. I AUCTM'C 1 1 Heart Dice Party. Baked Cabbage served was pretty In its decorations of Miss Mary Lou Garrison delichtful ferns and daffodils The centerpiece the'r attractive. SWeJt childhood passed.

The little hostess ffi The score cards were hearts, with a Eggs (to order.) Cold Boiled Ham. received quite a number of very hand EiAJ (SL 1 1 1 hat pln holder was the prize; and low Sfe'roenTrS we vrlffapUcuU I ,1, ,1 "A who was given a bonbon dish. Mlss gymnasium ha. been i Garrison was pretty In a gown of pale I repalnteJ new piano, shower baths. Xx AsOS black cloth.

Mil ho served punch In the din trimmed with lace and fringe. At the; conclusion of the game a luncheon was! aerved, and each guest was presented 1 pink carnations. Those invited were Mrs. Guy Mrs N. J.

Grlxzard. I Davla. Mrs Burnley. the Y. A.

gymnasium, heKlnri1ns Monday afternoon. It is desired that AHhII ertort to Da present: tnia weex, as jr flHM I CFn preparation! are being made for a large exhibition at the close of the yH year, and the help of all la needed. Gymnasium schedule for Monday: Voting: Women's class. bus! I ness claso, 5:20, evening I The literary meeting of the Woman's I literary meeting Addle McUanlel entertained a I Methodist church met at the home of Methodist party one day last week. Those pres.

Mrs J. a McKensle on last Monday af rot were Miss Amanda Davis. Mlaa! teraoon. were Miss Mrs J. O.

McKensle on last Monday afternoon. I.

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