The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1955
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER "t«, 199S BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRCT Push-Button Age to Aid Wayworn Travelers, Too By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (APj — The pushbutton era is just dawning in the hotel industry — but what a glorious'dawn! . It promises a golden lime a-coming when the weary wayworn traveler will be less dependent <m the sometimes frigid hospitality of an officious desk clerk, or the tired courtesy of an overworked bellhop. In the electronic age now coining to flower, a hotel guest will be able to lie In bed and by pushing a series of buttons in a panel accomplish the following things Summon a valet without having to go through the switchboard downstairs. Order fresh ice and glasses or the morning newspaper, which will pop into the room via a pneumatic tube. Lock or unlock the door. Turn the lights off or on thr—gh-. out the room. Dictate business letters at night and find them typed and ready for signatun at his beside in the morning. Control the temperature and humidity in the room—and determine what the weather is like outside. fMose Shades Open or close the window shades. Get the latest radio news or watch a television program in the panel 01' one of the walls. Set a clock that will waken him with soft chimes at any hour he chooses. Protect him or any other guest against fire. An automatic alarm will detect and signal the 1 cation of fire any where in the hotel. pushbutton servants on a bedside console are just a few of the revolutionary gimmicks designed by the Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Co. and shown here at the recent convention of the American Hotel Assn. Another time-saving idea was an electronic brain device called •'i'ie computer center-registration desk." Some of its possible functions: automatic registration of guests, assignment of rooms, transmission of mail and messages to guests, and computing of bills. Can Make Change The machine can even make change. It probably could be taught to say "thank you," too— except who even dreams anymore today of being thanked when he pays a bill? Most people today are grateful if they get all their fingers back. But desk clerks and bellhops need have no fear that the spread of automation to the hotel field •trill wipe out tlieir jobs. The completely automatic hotel might be a technical possibility, but it isn't in the cards now. "Hotel men tell us the personal touch is a big factor in their business, and they don't want to lose it." saH W. T. Grove, an official of the regulator firm who helped pioneer many of the new gadgets. "The guests like the per sonal touch, too." Liquor Conviction Taken To Supreme Court LITTLE ROCK Wl—The Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday was asked to set aside a liquor law conviction because a juror allegedly was "prejudiced" against use of intoxicants. An appeal from Benton County Circuit Court said that because of his views on liquor John E. Brown Jr., president of John E. Brown University at Siloam Springs, should have been excused from the jury which tried Irene Thompson of Siloam Springs. This was one of the grounds raised for reversal of conviction of Mrs. Thompson for possessing 13 half-pints of whiskey in a dry county. Hot Natured Thief SALT LAKE CUT ^Pi—Temperatures were below freezing and the city was wallowing in its first veal ,sno\v of the season Monday when ? local house trailer firm called police to report a theft. The item stolen: an air conditioner. Inspections of homes and stores for fire hazards frequently reduced the number oi' fires in a city by as much as 50 per cent within a few WEST BUYS Christmas Cards Personalized with Name - for Samuel F. Norris Across From City Hall Watch Cleaning $3.50 3 day Scrvict Mr. A. B. Ford, registered chren- ntrapher technician with 22 fears natchmaMng experience, is now associated with our ftnn. We are now orTerinf 3-dai watch repair nervlce. O'STEENS 111 W. Main But there may be fewer opportunities for bellhops to make so many personal touches in the hotel of the future. Can Ferry BaRgage A guest often has to cross three palms with silver now just to get into his hotel room—the hotel doorman, who unloads the bag from a cab; the bellhop who carries it to the registration desk; and the bellhop who ferries il from i'.ere to the room. Grove thinks moving belts will ferry t>. gage upstairs automat- ically—nnd before very lorry. /'There were fe-.ver than IOC hotels bUjilt in America—or the whole world, for that matter — between the depression and the end oi" the second world war," he said. "That doesn't include motels, of course. "But a hotel building boom is on the way now. M any of the pushbutton improvements already developed be found in new hotels now on the drawing boards, and a lot more are coming. All a veteran traveler hopes is, they'll improve everything but the Gideon Bible. It's fine as it stands. OSCEOLA NEWS By Bel lye Nelle Starr Mrs. Tinsley Driver was hostess Mrs. Dwight Blackwood. Mrs. R. C. . Thursday night to the Widows Pitch Club. All members were present. Mrs. Ii. J. LevensuJin won high score. At the conclusion of the games, the hostess served a salad plate. Miss Bobby Lou Nailling was hostess Sunday night to the high school group members of the First Christian Church. Following a business session presided over by Mary Carol Kendrick, Logan Young had charge of the program. His topic was "Armor of Christ." The young people were served supper oy the hostess' mother, Mrs. B. L. Nailling. Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Bostick and Mrs. A. L. Webb were weekend visitors in Collierville, Tenn. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Silverblalt are spending a week in Houston, Tex. They will return home Thursday night. Mrs. J. R. Cullom, Sr., was dismissed Friday from the Methodist Hospital where she had been a surgical patient for four weeks. Her condition is greatly improved and she is now recuperating at her home. Mrs. Spencer Driver and Mrs. C. E. Sullenger returned home Sunday from Little Rock where they vis'ited several days with Mrs. Driver's daughter, Mrs. Marshal Kline and family. Those from South Mississippi County in 'Memphis Friday to attend the DAR luncheon at Hotel Peabody were Mrs. George Florida, Mrs. Maggie Barbiers. Mrs. J. H. Hook, Mrs. Horace Moore. Jr., Mrs. T. F. Hudson, Mrs. J. T. Polk, Mrs. E R. Bogan, Mrs. Joe Peterson and . Bryan was a guest of Mrs. Hook. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wiseman and Mrs. Bettye Nelle Starr will drive to Houston, Tex., Saturday where they will spend Thanksgiving with their sons and families, Mi-, and Mrs. Jere Wiseman and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beall and three sons. They will be back Friday afternoon. Mrs. L. C. B. Young complimented her son, Logan, Thursday evening with a dinner party in honor of his 15th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shippen and children Charme and Eddie left Monday for Yuma, .Ariz., to make their home. Mrs. Shippen visited her sister. Mrs. Ben Mac White in BlytheviUe Sunday. If You Catch More Than One Cold A Waiter Here's how to relieve suffering fast! Use Vicks VapoRub* -the proved, medication that works two ways at once. When you rub it on, Vapo- Rub quickly relieves muscular soreness. At the same time. VapoRub's medicated vapors bring relief with every breath. Soothing medication travels deep into the nose, throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Warming relief comes, lasts for hours. So when colds strike, always depend on Vicks VapoRub! Save, -firne- Savevvbr-l^witfi GE Appliances NO MONEY DOWN 6-1 AUTOMATIC TOASTtt $1 WEEKLY $1 WEEKLY $1 WEEKLY $1 WEEKLY $1 WEEKLY $1 WEEKLY Men! Drnifus W. Wear Uiamnnik STARR GAZING B? BETTXB NELLE STABR • The Baptists, I'm sure, are proud of the fact that the hymn "America," was written by one of their clergymen, Samuel Francis Smith. Dr. Smith died on this date in 1895. America was first sung in Park Street Church. Boston, on July 4, 1832, at a Children's Fourth of July celebration. The music of America was borrowed from England. The melody in it's present form is attributed to Henry Carey, the author of "God Save the King.' Thought I'd pass this along with the suggestion, that Sunday morn- Ing would be a nice time to let the LjUIe Sunbeams in on this information and too, a nice time for the Sunday School teachers, not only in the Baptist Churches, but others as well, to teach the song to your little wards, suve the school teacher a lot of time. Gurrls! Do you have a hunter or fisherman in your family? Do you arise long before daylight, to prepare a hearty he-man breakfast for your sportsman husband? (Ed. Note: You're not serious?) Well if "yes" is your answer, don't let this golden opportunity slip through, your liltle cotton picking hands to get that mink stole or and wall-to-wall carpeting. This is going to be a long season for ducks this year and since four- a-day is the limit, figure it this way —begin first with the new gun, somebody borrowed the old one and forgot to return it then a full regalia of hip boots, camping outfit, shelis galore, extra pair of long drawers and what have you now figure the cost of four ducks pel- day and multiply it by the number of days between now and Jan. 5. Ain't it ornery? But it'll bring results. TVo Cargo S/i/'ps Beg/n Long TVefc to Antarctic Regions It's getting about that time ot year, AGAIN, to be thinking about such things as plum puddings, fruit cakes, electric trains and there are only 33 more shopping days 'til Christmas. Every woman living thinks her mother excelled all others in Christ- f mas yoodies and has worn herself out on trying to make her cakes like the kind "mother used to bake." Remember, your children will think the same thing about yours when they have a family of their own— if that is any consolation. Our trouble now-a-days is, we are too busy and have too many irons in the lire to get up before daylight just so the family can smack their lips over a platter of fried chicken, sweet milk gravy and not biscuits. That was an average breakfast When I came along, now it's either toast and coffee, instant that is, or a bow! of breakfast food, and even thai is eaten on the run. The founder of the Mormons or Latter Day Saints, as some prefer, Joseph Smith, was born in Sharon, Vermont,. He announced in 830 that he had discovered and translated certain gold plates hidden in a hill in New York siate bv the Angel Moroni, NORFOLK, Va. W — Two cargo ships bound for the antarctic headed southward along the Atlantic coast yesterday on the first leg of an expedition whose leader. Rear Adm, Richard E. Byrd. called "an important milestone in history." The ships Wyitndot f and Arnes, the latter the flagship of Rear Adm. George Dufek, were wished god- speed by Byrd and other naval and government dignitaries yesterday as, they left here to beton. this nation's permanent occupation of and on the basis of the revelations 1 contained in these plates founded the Mormon community. After attempts at settlement in Ohio and Missouri the infant church, under Smith's, guidance, settled at Namvoo, 111., where Smith was assassinated in a popular rising on Nov. 19, 1918. Famous last words of Barbara Hutton, "I am very v,ery happy," seems like this is the sixth time I've read those words from Barbara. The next thing to expect is headlines where the "poor little rich girl" says it was all a mistake, her latest marriage.-Guess she holds a record on royalty titles, if that means anything. bases at the bottom of the world. Dufek is commander of the task force. The five other ships in the expedition sailed last week. Byrd, America's foremost polar explorer, came to Norfolk to see the vessels off. He will jojn the convoy later in New Zealand. He plans to remain in the antarctic for two years, except for an occasional trip back to the United States to "have legislation enacted" for benefit of the proiect known as Operation Deepfreeze. Seven stations will be established Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight and Finn Stomach; n nUproar Get fast, soothing relief with PERCY MEDICINE StiuR*' brand Denture Cushions area Iri- Rml irritation of loose, badly iitting false teeth. Si;UK easos sore, irritated gums due lo loobe !iUi:iK dcnturas. Applied in a few minute.-;, makes the wobbliest plates stay firmly in pl.irt—yives perfect comfort. Eat any thing-talk. Uwsh-ulatea "auy put." Snug rc-3iners can last from 2 to S munths. Stnys soft and pliable-does not hardt'n and ruin plate. Pee!a rJKht out whtn rcjilatenient is needed. No daily bother with mihesives. Get Snue brand Denture Cwfihions today! 2 liners for upper or lower plates (i.50. Money back if not satisfied, At all drusglsta. Israel Battln Locusts TEL AVIV, Israel W1—lirael WM using pliuies and land lorcet yesterday to battle onslaught of red tocu* swarms from the Slnni Dwert. ntnrn experts said •. damngt *o onnf* groves and winter crop* has already run Into hundreds of thouundi at dollars. on tne antarctic continent by th« expedition and 70 American scientists will conduct geophysical stud- In? at those stations in 1967 tat 1958. What to do for *TV Stomach (Acid Indi9*M>** «****d fef lote-howr - If you Jike to "nibble" and driofc while watching TV, look and Don't overdo ii! Too often h may lead to acid stomach *od hours at nighi-iime tossing. But not if yo* take 2 Turns as a "nightcap" when ever distress occurs. Turns neutralize excess acid fast/ You sleep better— feel fresher. Always keep Turns handy to counteract gat, heartburn. Get a roH now*. So »«>OO*MCO|—onty 10$ o Refreshing New angle on refreshment! Coke is the answer when you have just a little minute and feel you need a big rest. It's simply magic— how Coke brings you back so refreshed, so quickly . , , and with as few calories as half an average juicy grapefruit Have a Coke! Footnote! Coca-Cola is by far the-most asked-for ICTTlfB OMOtl 4UIKOIITT Of tMI COCA-COIX tOMf*MT It COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE "CoU" 1* o r-sgiitered if S4. T« COCA-COIA COMWPff

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