The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1931
Page 3
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. TUESDAY, APHIL 1931 <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREt. 1F CUTER Out lo Clean-Up Chicago jp[(]P[[(|[J(||(J[ Managua's Walls Crumble From New Quakes Jovial GWl-Haiulev's Arn- l>ili«:i May Make Him j Fcckle Job In KiM'iiest. Anlor. J. the city's NK.-l Srrvire Writer j CHICAGO-Tlie L'nuk- of Chicago is ,,ii. /,nd il Is a battle I r.up -.vhosr- siL'nifiraneo ti'.-iy not j be fully und'rstcud until the history of our liim-s is written. Anaycd on one side is gaii't- dcni, bai-kcd by machine i-uns, i nietin/ out death lo its cr.c-mi-s ns noiiclinlunilv as nn ordiiw y I mortal would eritili an insect. It, is inthlss. hc-:mlc;ss. 11 bumps j oir n man. lights a charc-t and j .siioils on. AntcKS J. C'ennak, Isliicky. milling, ronnd-fuf i (1. 1-^ sieirral of Uie oprosm ; f t r.-es. He assumed !i'id?i>lni) Hi'.- moment he- was sv, orn \:\ as mayor, even m IJciiKleious Mill Thomson, se-lf- 1 slyled "builder." whom Ccrnnik def'ated. M:irled down the river —Mississippi. An aroused citizenry :;, bjhind and with Cermak. CU-umin Is Promised "We're going to clean up Clii- cu^o in lime for the world's fair," asserts Cermak. And gangdom shrugs its heavy shoulder. 1 ;. smirks :nul utters a skeptical "Oh. yeah?" Cr.n Cermak carry out, his premises? Is he sincere? These arc the ciucstions IXMIIC aski'd. Cermak is n politician. He glad-hnmis evorybcxly, from obscure negro cleanrr to dignified millionaire. The smile srldom leaves his face. He- never los^s his comr.csiirr- nor gcniulity. He is a type. But he is morn than that. He is di-termined. Make no mistake about that. II is shown in evcrv siaue of h's carrer. u[i from a coal miner's son to mayor of the second largest city in ihs United Slates. He is known as a driver, one who cxpccls and demands tlml men under him work. He has not always been popular wilh eome of his mrn—fnr that rear.on. Fires "Bis- ISill's" Aids He savs he will wipe- dishonesty out of the police department, clean oul the eilv hall bv svmmarily fir|' hi2 Bl» Rill Thompson's favorites; he will i:nt in honest, competent men. He believes firmly that (he only wuy to wipe out civic dishonesty and ils vicious-spirited child, t'ansdoni. fa [o start at tlie bottom and clcnn house. . Cermak-isn't nn idealist. He's a prsc!t-al man. 1'erfecllon Isn't his uoal. He understands the frailities of humanity nnd makes allowances. He compromises on belter government :MK! less crime. Here's Ihe situation In Chicago; No trains E° through Chicago. They all slot). The east and the west and Ihe smith converge nn their scores of railroads. The stick- tip man from the west, the south oti'J the east gets off in Chicago. He remains because lv- finds his own kind. Its reputation for gangsters iiltracls more pansier 1 ;. CarMtue Heads Rivals Al Caponc, clever, powerful, rich —and yet nobody ever found his bank account—:s tho rennteri hca.-l of this merged underworld. He has political connections, all his cne- inifs say. Ho says he's in the racket lo Hitisfy n ilcmand—for liquor. Capcnc's money hacked Bill Thompson, it has been generally reported, although he hns duiied il. Nearly 500.COO voters declared they wanted I he kind of Ernvc-rn- ment. Thompson represented. That has been forgotten in the ecneral elation which followed election ol Cfrmak. Why was Ccrmak elected? Be: cause, a r.r-rlrin nercont nf voter's decree! they didn't want Thompson. It wasn't a pro-Ccrmak swing. It j nm] redum . thc;n to Mac _ n Ol Selma, Ala., Indianapolis. Iiid., and Boston. Old and new rates on colton from Blythcville to the paints r.amo'l above follow: OW Now To Rat? Rate Ccrmak. Chicago's new mayor who Is out to clean up yanzs, is shown here in his first [josod pit-lure at his desk after latin-' office. '(."rmtlinicd f'-nm Pa<-« n ">'l hit tl-<? royal escort of Cnlras- Novemlx-r 7. 1905—Cartridges r-x- iilojril In the Church of San Ped-^ Madrid, near Ihc- royal t>cw- while Alfonso was attending; services. l-'si's|!.'«i llr-ml> nn Wrddillif May I MI- MI. inns-Following the $10.!'.rnu w-'diilnt; cere-molly of ICing 1 Alfonso lo Princess Victoria Ku- j »ni!c EIIH. of li'altenbuiB and while i I'M- ro-T.l rouulc were proceeding 'unn Ilk-- ancient church of Saint r.rronimo lo the palace hi Mad- -'cl i Ijoiiib was ihrown from a Iliird storv window by hiding anarchists. H was alined for Ihe rcyr-l coach but v.'us deflected by slriHiw ;i teioui'aph wire. The royal ccuulc cwaiKil injury tun 24 -"i?clators were kiled nnd 80 wounded. July U, 1908—A bomb WHS hurled -.1 Alfonso while lie was on n visit Barcelona but he escaped Injury. January 5, 1911—Tlie explosion of a bomb in a crowd surrounding Ihe king at. Malaca killed nnd wounded a number of persons but Alfonso was unharmed. April 13. 1913—An assassin fired Ihree shots at the king as he rode on horseback through the capital nftcr u public ceremony. One of Ihe bullets wci:miecl his horse. Lofl precariously perched on the edge of Ciftter tial:c. Hie palace of 1'icsldenl Moncada of Nicaiagna Is shown In this unusual Courier News-NBA Service pholo ns it npucared nlUr Ihe recent Managua carlhmiakc bad caused the liintl lo slide away trom Its foundation. Sevcinl iwrsons were killed when parts of tile palace crumbled during the intake. In (he midst of rehabllitnlini; the city alt;r th3 llrst disaster, new earth shocks destroyed many of the walls that had remained standing. loover and Stimsnn A-l- drcss Lalin-Arncrican Diplomatic Corps. BY PMlt, It. MAI.I.ON llnlt-il I'rcss Staff Corrrspflnrlcnl) . WARHINOTON, Apr. 14 (UPI-- 'vsldent Hcovcr and SecreUirv cf >l:ilc Sllmson Joined todav before • .he dlploiiiallc coriw of Latln-Anl- •rlca in iivi;ln^ continued ci-opern-.. >ifin anion-i the North, South and : Cuilral American Republics. Mr. Hoover and his llrst Secre- ' tsiry si»h-> In the Pnn-AinFi'lcim Union hullilhvj. They ii]i|wnred In ' ceinuonles Incident to the first celiural'ou of Pan-American nay anllioilMd recently in a 1'reslrtm- llnl iirnclinnallon. Mr- Hoover and Sltmson extolled" tl;c Union which bcsan as a commercial clearing house for the Am- iileus and has bccorco ft ccnU'r of • their mutual culture, commercial Itnci-dependence and ' good uill. The lrlendlliies.s of the Americas as lyplfiod In this organization Is an example to the rcmalnedcr of a wur weary world, Mr. Hoover tolii I lie gathering. New 'Chute Allows 100-Foot Jump r,y iticHAiin MCMILLAN United 1'rcss Staff Corrcsponden 1 PARIS, April 14 (UP)—Telephoned from royal palace. Madrid— Uuring the dramatic hist moments of Ihe full of the Bourbons li Spain the United Press talked will the royal palace at Madrid by telephone today. Palace officials said Ihe excitement there «as intense. "The queen is too worried to answer (UHstions." it was said. Both (he king and queen were described as "busily occupied". Hasty preparations for departure aiHl frenzied packing apparently were proceeding, although those the pulnce refused to admit the royal family was getting out. Com- pletr calm reigned In the city Itself, it wa< said at the palace. From other quarters it was dis: closed the royal family intended ! to leave Madrid tonight. One pra- . posal was they should board a | warship and go direct to England ' by sea under a republican guaran- | ty of protecticn, or they miglil go | to Paris by train. And hue is Cermak takin Edmund K. Jarecki, left, is the oath that made him mayor. Judge adminicle! ms the oath to Cerinak, right. he knows thai if h? can even • make progress in straightening things oul in Chleajo he is made a • national figure—yes, even as a world figure." lohnnis Copeland Wins Coiinfy Oratory Event ' (UP) — Alfonso Buses for Cairo Nearing Completion 1IAMPTON-OM-T1IAMKS. En g., (UP! — One hundred Thornycrofl saloon omnibuses to be used In Cairo are Hearing completion here. I'ho buses will be oiwrnted by the Overseas Motor Transport Com>any under a conci'S&lon granted L)y Ihe Fgypllnn dovcrninetU. '1'hc'S provide accommodations for 12 first-class passengers. and 15 second-class passengers. The vehicle arc llnlshed with the bright green of the Egyptian Hag predominating. l)n£ Saved I'rlir llnrsrs WKSTPORT, Connecticut. CUP) —Whai fin: destroyed the FairlleUI Riding Academy. "Zip," stable doB, chased 21 horses utul a cow lo salely nnd led'his muster lo n lockid stall conlnlnlna a prized hnrje. Granny Htnurury Flrcwuman i HARTFORD, Connecticut, ,<UP) —Mrs. Mary M. Hooker, grandmother. Is brlluved to be the only honorary tirewoman In the United ( States. She was elected a mem- 1 , bcr of the Veteran Fireman's Association and presented ' witli n handsome helmet. Her Piles Healed After 20 Years Mrs. U. E. Mast, 817 Sotilh 1lh SI.. Cioshc-n, Ind., who wos entirely healed of Piles and other Rectal Trouble niter suffering 20 yean,, urges nil sufferers to write The-. Thornton ft Minor Clinic. Suite 719, D26 McGec St., Kansas City,, Mo., for u new free copyrighted book which tells nil about hemorrhoids (piles), flstuln and other forms of rectal diseases and which fully explains n safe, sure, mild treatment that has restored mors than 40,000 aillicted people to renewed health. There Is nu cost/or obligation. —Adv. :>!ylhcvi!lc Rates Going Up lo Some Points, Down To Oshers. COOTER, Mo. —AL the Pcmiscol co:mty aninicl literary and currl- cular meet at Braggadocio Friday and Saturday, COD'.cr W3:i iourlh place. Johnnie Copeland, senier in the local Wgli schorjl. won first place in lt:c toys' oration contest. He IE 1 a V3ry ncp'.ilar sti:dent and his ' splendid musical talents. Nellie Simmons and Ha?/el DeBakey won first nnd second in penmanship. The Cooler "The Wild Cat Special," won . 1'eseta Drops NEW YORK, April 14 The resisiialion of King Alfonso i XIII caused a further wide break in Spanish ''exchange today. Pesetas \ver-: quoted at .Oa9S for the cables. a loss of .0045 from last night's close. Par is .1930. Little business was done in the currency. Impending changes in railroad taritls on cotton will give 131yth3- ville la'.vcr rates on cotton to some points, and higher to others, according (o n bulletin issued Monday by W. S. Turner, vice-prcs: | s J ' dent nnd secretary ol th; Arkan sas Cotlon Trade association^ Tne New 13ooks Are Now Available at Library Here There were 1-191 books circulated by Ihe local library in March with 48 ol these rent books, aecordhr high school paper. | to Jvfrs. H. A. Smith, librarian. Among the new books just received for the rent shelf is: "The Education of a Princess," by Grand Duchess Marie. The Grand Duchess is a first cousin of the late czar of Russia and the mother of Prince first place. Miss Nellie Simmons is edi- tcr-iu-chief of the paper. Miss Simmons writes able editorials on various topics of the day. She will probably be valedictorian ol the proposed schedule baosts ratos from Blvtiievllls to Charlotte JN. C.. and Gre:nvil!e. S. C.. New Orleans, Houston an:i U::ca. N. Y.. was -?.:i'.l-Thomp?on. And that over- | turnln;. nf Bij Fill's regime was based on one thing—hope. Thc-y hoped by getting Thompson out they would at least have a chance to sec what sonic body elsf could do-all except the 590,000! And that minority ol vo!ers may dclcrmine success or failure Cermrik. Crrniak Very Wcl Tlie new mayor is dripping wet. graduating class, and will cnUr the j Lennert ol Sweden who has 'jeen Southern Illinois Normal Univcr- | in print of lale because ot his con lemplateel marriage with a commoner. A criticism of the book say, that it is worth reading, not only because of its picture of Russia: court life by one of its member; Absolute safety In leaps from Trillins; plane at less Hum 100 feet 1 from the Brn'.nul, heretofore almosi ; certain death, Is promised In n new j silk parachulo which Is shown above being tested ni Oakland, Cat-1 ifornia, airport. The parachute j jumper stepped from the plane, | fMne near the ground, tml Ihe; illk bag prformed perleclly. as you, can see The new 'chute Is of cs-i peclnl value when an airplane "folds up" at low altitude. j Taxation Threatens British Millionaires LONDON, (UP)—British millionaires are threatened with extinction cs a result of heavy taxation and declining Iradc. There were 487 millionaires in Great Britain and Northern Ireland last year, according to the statistics of the Commissioners ol Little Wilson News Misses Edilh Morris an:l Ilelln Ltiwhorii were guests ol Mrs. D Pclly Sunday. Lloyd Hnikcy visited Miss Evon McKnight lasl weak-end. Mrs. Wade Simpson entertained a number of her friends wilh an i Easter egg hunt Sunday. I The big barn on Ix>wden planta- Pesan Grove News Miss Louise Emmra entertained a number of her Iriends with a d.inco Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Will Thompson of Promise Lane! were dinner guests [ or ! Charlotte and Greenville loa.i M.icon n Selma 87.5 New Orleans 83 He has sairi so. He will advocate repeal of the Volstead act and even ils falh'r. t\ie 18th amendment. This will win lor Ch;ca3o wants its liquor. The Irjolle-pgers found It orl soon nfter prohibition came. But that minority is hovering in the background. In It. are disgruntled office-holders teissrd oul when Cfrmak came- in. They are of Mr. and Mr. Hodge Sunday. Mrs. R. B. Hodge nrd Mrs. l\ Hodge were guests ol Mrs. Ociie Taylor Saturday. i Mrs. Minerva Phil-ley, of GosncH last week-end here with and the true insijht il gives one o the seething turmoil of Russia, that finally breaks Into the Revolutio: bul also because of trie interesting' - = stud? of a soul's finding itself. and Mrs. D. J. Those who have read Axel Munthls 1 San Michcle will find another rea- L, ison for interest in this most un- 102 ! spent . friends and relatives. tlcuston 93 Indianapolis 90 Ulica 1015 Bcslon 120.5 German Publishers Report Book Slump BERLIN. (UP) -Publishers here day. Mrs. S. E. Auslin was a Blylhe- '-. ville visilor Saturday. I Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Hodiie were -dinner gueits ol Mr. and Mrs. Jake Richardson Sunday. Miss Ha7el Walker spent Saturday night wilh Mrs. I.. F. Hodge. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Jackson were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Brittain Sunday. Miss Mildred Lucius attended Sunday school at Ume Oak Sun- The PONT is a car of unusual grace and beauty... economical... powerful . <.» selling at only $TO/I50 DELIVERED 784 s EQUIPPED by Michael Arl;n. In romance the author goiiw to hob-nob with the backers, ire worried, because Germans are Mrs. I>aura Archer was the gues; of Thompson and they nre going to hamper the new mayor. If he reading less and btiytng fewer of Mrs. W. H. Hoggard Sunday. fulfills his promises hci Is going to take away seme ol Ih; th'.nistln they want. in Do the gangs'.ers fear Cermak? lie; h«s been a political figure In 'jeoks than formerly. | Mrs. Tommte Belts was called lo The number of books appearing plat River. Mo., Saturday to be Germany dropped from 30,000 wll lihcr daughter, Mrs. H. H. D.i- usual book. A new notion book is "Men Dui- like Women," this modern handles American Idiom ns never known for another Englishman to ito. It is a goDd story with smart dialogue, the critics say. -The Bridge of Dosire," Warwick Dccplng, is regarded by many as Keeping's best, never published before in America. "The Everlasinj Struggle," by Bojan Bojer, author of "Great Hunger," a story of Norway, Is for those who like out and out romance. Ethel Dell's "Storm Drift," Faith Baldwin's "Toiny's Virtue," "Strangers May Kiss: Norma Shearer's latest photoplay. "White Face," a mystery story by Edgnr Wallace, are also for rent to anyone whether or not they are regular library subscribers. Inland Revenue. This was 24 row-; t!on burned Thursday night. er than Ihe previous year. If this! Charley Lowery of Hijhlowcr was decline continues, there will be no on Lowden Monday. more millionaires in Britain by | Mrs . Martha McKnight is visit- 1SM - I Ing her son. Huston McKnight nn.l A millionaire, according to the Mrs. McKnight. British definition. Is a man with Miss Bettie Bird ol Rosclar.d was mi income of nt lenst $250.000 a the guest of MLss Edith Moore Sal- year. Thcrj were 130 persons in urday nljht. Britain last year with incomes over; MUs Flossie Adams was Ihegiies; $500,000. Four years ago there were of Mrs. Dorothy Petty Sunday. 114 such persons. | Dick Htghtowcr attended to bnsi- Super-tax is the bane of large ness at Lowden plantation Monday. [ fortunes In Britain. Persons wilh an Income of $750.000 must pay 48 per cent to the government. Fifty thousand morn person.-; paid income tax in Great Britain Motorists like Ponttac because It enables them to enjoy fine-car driving at moderate cost. Let your knowledge check these unusual values. SO-nOHSEI'OWER MOTOR-fu above old ideas of quality performance possible at this price. Smooth, flexible, dependable— and economical with all its power. 1S27 to 27.000 In 1930. Most of, vis. who Is seriously ill. these were of a technical nature,' Mrs. J. W. Williamson was nnd the number cf specialized Blvlhevillc visitor Saturday. Chicago fcr years. Almost any • cooks of this sorl has been Increas-1 ' person connected with politics has ;ni. I known him, especially since he , Economic hardship Is said lo ac- EATS 2 POUNDS OF SPAGHETTI Other new books for general ci. nlculatlon arc: "Skyward" by Admiral Byrd, "The Glorious Adventure by Richard Halllburlon. and the following Juvenile bewks: "Big Aviation Books for Hoys." introductii became bora of Ccofc county. He j r CL . n i f or part of Ihe reduced book 13ERESCIA. (UP)—At a spaghct- by Byrd, "Dora" by Johana Spyri. has had contacts with all strata! sn'cs; 0:1 the other hand, experts ti-ealin gcompelition organized at|"I Know a Secret," ChrUtophc-; of rocietv. Gangdom apparently' point, out that in limes of stress San Fausllno ten competitors lin-1 Morley, "Swiss Family Robinson, 1 has concluded it's the old. old readers are more inclined to delve ] cd up at the table covered with Wyss, and these for small children into lighter literature and shun ' ten plates of spaghetti. from 2 lo 8 years of heavier treatises. The "serious , tors were obliged lo keep their ; Cruise of Noah's Ark," "Magiv Um- story of rampalR" promises — which won't ue carried oul. "Gets What lie Wants- such , . „ .... . . .. the" statements of tllosc closc to j growing interest In athletics are' spaRhcttl—nearly two pounds—In Cermak. "You know Tony." they "If lie wants rome-thinr;. he it. He's ambiliu'.is and right in 1029-30 than In the previous fiscal year. Read Courier News want ads. Corn, Callous, Roots and All Come Oul—Pain Gone Instantly. SHOKS DON'T HURT RESULTS GUARANTEED GOOD ! BY GOS-H AND GOOD£OR age: "Tht Hiat sensational newspapers, inov-l hands In their pockets. The winner Apnlnsl such a belief is arrayed, ios. radio broadcasting and tho i ate four-fiftr.s of a kilogram of ,n athletics are' spaRhcttl—nearly two pounds—In away from the tlie record time of nine minutes. ,He offered lo eat another pound i' anyone would buy him n quarl ot wine. say. I pels now Germans .-cadint habit. Courier News Want Arts Pay. brella," "The Iceberg Express." "Talc of Solomon," "Tale o( Rusty Wren" nnd "Tak- of Belsy Butler- fly." Courier News Wnnl Acts Pay. Manv a man and woman hns exclaimed O-Joy when they found their corns nnd callouses ROIIC— pain gone—and shoes hurting no more. Pay a dime for an envelope ol six O-Joy Corn Wafers. Press a water, thin as paper, on the corn, slip on shoes, pain is gene. Later perl oft wsfer and out comes corn, callous, roots and all. Absolutely guaranteed, No bulky dough- hut pads or burning acids. Just a a wafer, thin as paper, on the priced substitutes. O-Joys ore newest, best rtmcdy yet. Six for dime at druggists. —Adv. 1 table beauty of design and styling which contribute* so much to motoring pleasure. Upholstering is fine, durable whipcord or mohiir. Cushions are form-fitting. There U plenty of room for the comfort of all in the car. RtianF.n-cvsmoxKO CBASSIS-\ distinctly fine-car feature adding to riding ease. Road shocks are absorbed by rubber insulation at more than 40 chassis points. Rubber-cushioned shackles promote comfort and stability and eliminate lubrication at 12 points. l\SVI.ATKIt COXSTRVCTi OiV— A notable advance in body structure which »hut» out heat, cold, dampness and noise. Cowl and windshield pillars art built u a iingl* piece, preventing teaks and rattle*. LAROK, POSITIVE IHtAKES that evenly grip all wheels with a positive power which gives every member of ^ie family new confidence in driving. Teat Pontiac's unusual value for yourself. A demonstration K-ill be arranged -at your convenience, free of obligation. __ - — A OINHAL MOTOM VAIUI ' *This is the price of the 2-door Sedan or Coupe delivered to you in Hlytheville and equipped ready for use. Equipment includes front and rear bumpers, shock absorbers, 5 wire wheels, extra tire, tube, and tire lock. Other models priced as follows: Sport Coupe ?82<l.50. <!-door Sudan or Convevtable Coupe ?85-1.00. Ctislom Sedan ?S9-1.50. Lee Motor Co. ' 108 E.'Mairi SI Hlytheville, Ark.

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