The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 27, 1887 · Page 14
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 14

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 27, 1887
Page 14
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THE gONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, GA„ SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1887. - SIXTEKN PAGl ■ K Kcc> K y m . SOCIETY SALAD. fEvontsof the Week on the Social Side of Life. ^NUMBER OFPLEASANTHAPPEfflNGS At tho Clul>«. and in tbe Ferlors - Eieui - tbepast ueek, Iterlng been K1 aeption to President am) Ma Cleveland, and In - jDludiu* ih« ladloi' reception* irtven t ta the land, bai been the en yes< an< jaUe ever known in Miaul*. Ami th ' have been more la; gely reprewnted fetto neighboring cit!< - s will »i«ud several aeek* Mr. John W. Gra The yotiLg people met at ti e residence of Captain the opera and partook of slight refresh menu. they then proceeded to tbe opera house where "Emlnle" wus presented by the Carte ton troupe. The ladle* were In full evening drea and the gentlemen wore the regulation suit After the opera a magnificent supper wai served at Mr, Grant s home. Among those present were Mr*. Thompson. Misses Frank Jones, Harwood, Crane, Pleasant!, Selden of Memphis, Annie Reid, Willie lleU, the gentlemen were Messrs. John Grant, Tom Paine Pete Grant. Jos. Eddlenuu, Sam Hall, Tom One of the prettiest weddings seen in Atlanta, was that of Mr. Dan B. Hsrris and Mia Bessie Hammo id. at the First Me'.hodlsl church, YYednes - ants marched down the aisle in couple*, the ! bridesmaid leaning upm the arm of thegn The E. T. German club pave most enjoyable and elegsn: iea»on, Fnda; .nHlver. Tbebeaut - .ru j to the happy couples ( i* evening refreshmtnts residence of Mr. }urs passed quick - Mr*. Piano, Mrs. Barm, ' F:e:.. e - Ml^esi.htfy.Mili Xleualf, Dei.iraff*iireid,DoU7huny Lucy Dougherty, Ryan 1/iyd, Stephens, Annie Stephen*, Sanders, Reid, Moire, Goldsmith, Lillie ool.lsmfth, TJeknor, Ealnev, Cox, and R. - IL The gentlemon present »i:t Me^ars. Weal, Malone, Black, Mitche 1, Meador, tUtkey . QuJui, Taliaferro, liookf BardUni Prescott, M - iOly, 81ms. Hlgt.Wer, Clond, Stephens, Routi, Colville and Bushing. ntertained Friday m<* de Leon circle, oclety people, nit - nt given eompli - ciety people w ind Mrs E C. Pet 6urp,s% .:. elegance and al een In the city, and society is 00 the <,u e the new and pleasant surprise* that are lr. store for tb - ^e w bo are fortunate enough ted. The Cotillion is the most thoroughly l and perhaps the most perfect social 01 i! the city has ever had. and It promise* to e in a great degTee to the pleasure of eode - erforniances of the Carleton Opera pie than was ever Ken in the opera house .ve been the best dressed audience that n old DeGives. >st Thursday afternoon at half - past ock, me residence of Mr W J Hobertaon ntr&cting paxtie: retty , f. Roberts, 1 ociety event'of the past giv. n Mia George Penrose >, last Monday afternoon, Hill. M le Bullock, Mis* i ie tendered 1 reception c The Emersonian* Friday evening at the residence a Calhoun street The genial hostess and her accom - plkhed daughter* did the honors with a grace that ■bed a pleasurable Influence on all present The meeting was called to order at 830 by the honor - . n.rauan, - eaa navtog read daud warmly applauded, and as the aw notes or iheow, yet e»er new, "B Trova - tore"mei away under Mian Mamie Mote** fingers, an orchestra from an adjoining parlor tent a tangling through the feel of ail, and soon a dozen couple* wore gilding through the maty wait a Dancing was continued till a late hoar, and, be lore leav - lng, the guests alt congratulated Mr*. Mauley and ' dau«hM upon the success Wd pleasure of the OWh^"^Wb,w Friday night the E.Yclub gave a moat delightful dance at tbe residence <X Mr. Jno. sjlTe, - . The house was hriUlantlr illuminated fmm ton id the whole first fio^wae thrown Into one Were served during the evening. The host and *Me* assisted tjjfceir charming daughter, entertained the young fottt royally. And the dance wa* one of the most enjoyable ever given by the dub. Among those pxosent were: Mm Wai >** lnman. Mm Handy, ' Mrs, WeOa. 14 - »nd Mrs. W. T. Mrs. ItoLJZ,' Mrs. Harris, Mime* Terry, .of Richmond' Vsughn. of Richmond. U*m &1U4 tandem Ma H »1* K> c i. Willie hail, Mamie MetoaUt UHl* Oram, Aaule Reiue. Chime hells While, Lucy Ztoogneny, Deem Dougherty, Eton Stephen*, Ida Hsrru, Halite lnman, Anne Stephen*, Maud Gold South, hssrl Muudy. Lulu Goldsmith, May Lord, Id* Ryan, Beru WaUord, Laura CoiquiU, Emma Btevaa Oorts Colquitt, and Miriam Anr1 - Tf»r din.John Utile, Tom Poeples, *e Rushing. Oria Xunnally, Ike Lorejoy.WUl PreaooM, Louu uea*. Henry Hynds, WU1 Martin, Mr. Kouti, and Mr Two week* ago the members of the senior society with the follow ing officers: Prtddent, Mi** Kate r. Bprenger vlce - prorident, Mis* rusieBattk; • ■crelary, MM* Lole Water*; traisurcr, Miss Bertha MllUcan, On Friday last they again nut and decided, unaniraou«iy, to accept tbe name. "Hespeilan •octetj," premtted by a cominttMof tMep »p minted by the trident, as tie name for their or - ganlmttan. Atthe«g - ««li»»of their pretident. a n - kty pafer was established, styled "The Hesperian Qasette." Owing to mat'ers attendant open a first meeting, there was hut one reettetion. whl. - h was rendered by Miss Laura sWU, wh - > entertained th* memhem wita a w'ectio't imm Me> d th's poema Tbe - Hesperian rocfety" is a separate organisation fem the "Mallon society," a* it Is composed of memhers of tbe seuior clam only, lor their Initruc - ti. n and benefit, Tbe members are, each one, heart and soul In the new society, end tluir weekly meeting* will, doubtless, be greatly enjoyed by all The North Side German club will give a German next Tuesday erentng, 29th intt, at the Kimball. The gcrman will be lead by Mr. Charles Invitations are oat tor the marriage of Mr. Will P. Flanders, one of Athn aS best known young business meu, anl a social favorite, and Miss Maggie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 8haw, ot Highlands, Ky. The ceremony will be performed at the residence of the bride * parents at Highlands, which Is virtually a suburb Of Cincinnati, on Wednesday evening, the 30th Inst, at half past seven o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Flanders wlH make Atlanta their home, residing at 39 North For - young ladies of Memphis. Tenn.,aie visiting their brother, Colon ! Walter Gregory, at 120 S juth Pryor r. Joan Ficklm, has decid.d 10 U_Lucy Tu^wt iflnAtfeltaf4 a delightful vl b 6anday - *chool will, Miss Grace Fowler, one ofXtlai home^from visiting ( ailed ' Catching Kris Kuigle," T.;e chor^stonvfli su. - < esg. The proceeds will go the Sunday - school Miss Cnrpjntcr, one of 8outt speat 'I hautsgiving day with AtL Rev. George R. Turk, the 1 r, Mrs. E. Lamar Rlcl eir home, No ^Ch'urch street.*** Ziegler, of Philadelphia, will ihard. ning young lady, for - ruesday for Thomson, n.l bride, of Philadel - ad.Mrs. E. Lav/she, 150 Miss Lizzie Cooper, president of the rohibltion clnb, of Bolton, is visit «laMff*»theeitT. ™&mL<* Ne" Orleans, Is ^ ^0ifI^ieerP*eB^t^ne«1 J?01"® y^terday from ( Mr. and M^Geotge CricUton hare returned THBATEICALS NEXT WBEK. Two Attraction* Will Occupy the Opera House Next #«f k. will reappear in our city and will display its spectacular splendor in more magnificent style than ^The t h cago Herald thus appreciated this fine The crowded audience presented at McVicker's last night at the opening performance of "The Devil's Auction " was fully as lar^e as the attendance at this fashionable and favorite theatre during the two great political conventions. The production is one of the richest ^spectacular eitravlganzas which scenos are of ringtilar^rigin^ ballet divertisements are more complete and varied ctntij' by the K^11*1' •fld lt waTnot *urr*Uing ti vp. applause. All thatlpertains to°"ThemDevi?8 Auction'' Is rmply grand. The cast is 'made up of very good people, and the »pechtltles Introduced the With such a wealth of resources and^bew^ring' succession of novelties and surprises, and the more than cordial reception extended to the company "The Uevii* Auction" bids lair to enjoy a popular This delightful little bundle of bow and kick to an Atlanta audience next Friday and Saturday, at night and at matinee. She invites all her friends for the occasion, and surely they will be there to offer her an ovation. Pattl Rosa is the most perfect type of soubrette which ever pranced upon the American stage. She sines like a nightingale, and her voice is exceedingly well sweet and trained. Sne dances with the grace and finish of a 'prima assoluta," having inherited of the talent of her mother, tbe famous ^da C'erito," ior her acting, nothing can surpass It ghe is at the someone a gcioi^ekwuttonbtt, a ^good com - shTplays^^iaU^now LoW?i* reportfJu^)* Y - ip/' "Bob,' and otherplayi of the same kind, and she makes us forget Lotta when we see her in the roles of tbe latter. She obtained a great success at her last visit to the gate Icity. and there Is no doubt that she will increase still her popularity this time. Out of the many hundred dramatic papers now being published, none has ever stepped beyond that attained by the New York Dramatic News. iced, gone beyond the ordinarv limit < tic raiue. and walks In She light of Iti own domain. Tor, indeed, the Dn rs is, as ha* been said, one of the lan< A has yet done. m malic pajiers certainly have reason to THROUGH THE STATE. Miss Alice Lae is *4«irJ„» twi^.A. 1 - ui. "r0^1"™ u rating relatives la Monroe. Mr i R^GjW of Covin gtoa. visited his parents Colonel J. A ilbert, of Atlanta, wa* in the city baif^ksrsstln^Mu^^ p™rnh,w the Ell erton* dtKrict. pSsormffl tiseesrernow The wedding was a brilliant affair end was attended by the elite of the town. Tte bride was bcaatifullv *»«V. J*wk Wees. Val Talia - rrtSTelttsSS iST^ auiTtt too. Rob Farrar, Ed. P«*pi^ JU» Riley, WOl fUnd Mr. and fe tTCair,»7,S take, ttere Hook. Jim Hickey. I. Frank Maader, * /• Arneld, lamp and rfngltoos Tat?, <*JErlH entertalueJ Wednesday rUfht Thanksgiving day. which resulted in splendid >u« - OplwieI(BeoigetC. Orogan won the celebrated Culler luedsL he having made the largest number °fMr!'np''ul Brewer won the seeoodprim, being a J au»rti*t Of Ihl* place, will be given ngt of the game kaied far of tbe Elbarton Uiht Infantry. Ihechlbl.y Mr. ThAUSry^n?«^W„ef^ Dr. and Mrs. Edmunds, which was highly enjoyed by the large party present - A moat charming, dainty and unique luncheon was criveu by the young ladles of Oainet - tnlle on Thankwlving day, at the retidmceof Mrs. Siark.onMainrtee. Theyoune men of the U.S. day, to which nil bachelor* between the age* of I m m edia tel y'lt^vltatlonV^re Issued by the "young ladies of tbe club for an "Old Maid . Lunch," to take place on the same day; and urxm the bachelors declaiming that not a young 'ady would be present, with such an admission as that wooM irapty. the maids rallied in greater numbers than ever, and t was next announced that not a single meld count in - It sj summers than thirty should be admitted. Si on Thanksgiving moxnlag. at twelve o'clock, twentyof ( ainesvllle's moat charmk ( and popular youn^ indies, suddenly transformed into so - called •'old maid* of thirty." assembled in Mrs. Stark's patl ir*. With not a f:n;le bachelor present, these maids passed a very delightful afternoon, and many I from lip to iif>. ' Cne strict nUe observe 1 by ;: so should b: mentioned among them. At three o'clock the "old tri di" lunched. Their menu wee most dainty and inviting. Tout* were proposed and responded to in a truly knightly fashion. Among others, the writer laamed of tbe following: "To our hostess, Mrs. Stark:" "To our bachelor friends;" "To ouriown sweet selves," eta After finishing their lunch, and while stflflinrer - ing at the table In merry chat and gay repartee, four of the forlorn old bachelors, unable to longer "howedThemsclves a? SiTdining Ru^*|^oniously «1 s gentlemen were most charmingly and I'clock the party was broken op, with the andness of their heart, in a moment of weakness, ie known to take compassion upon some forlorn bachelor that her remaining sisters «honld give her , farewell lunch, and then with sorrow and deep ommisseration erase her name forever from among Among the "old maids" were numbered : Misses ;enie Cauiier, Kate Moreno, Fanny Jackson, Mat - ie Banks, Alice Daniel, Emma Daniel, Sallie Kim - rmiph T/virie I^eVanHnn.* . MaesrbrVtaA tflnnla Moreno, Dora Moreno, Ida Dean, Claud Daniel, Ida Moss. Addle Comer, Nettle Wright, end Kate Jack - Messrs. Brown and Black, of Griffin, are L. the city. Mrs. Mattle Fields, of Atlanta, accompanied by her charming sister, Mia Hattie Taompson, are the guests of Judge Ben P. Thompson's frmhv. Mr T. L. Sutton Is spending a few days ln'the ATLANTA ENTERPRISE Sending a Representative to Europe to Purchase Goods. "OUR FACTS GET THERE I" M. IUch * Bra's Foreign, Buyer Interviewed By A Constitution Man - Atlanta's Thrift • and Enterprise. •'Gcod morning. Can I see Mr. E. Rich f queried our reporter, as be wedged Ms way thr .ugh the crowd of customers at M. Rich A Bro s store on Saturday morning. wThe polite floor - walker of the establishment ushered the news man into tbe comfortable office of the firm, where he introduced htm ta the pleamnt and modest gentleman who has been "Mr. Blch," said the newsgatherer, "I've called to get such information concerning your European trip at may be of interest to our readers." "1 shall be very glad," said Mr. Rich, "to furnish any information to Tug Oojwrrrcriox in my power, although I had no idea of making my departure known at this time, but It Is hard to keep anything tram the yigi'anco of your wide - awake paper. However, to the point It ha* been our intention, for some time past, to give personal attention and supervision to our importations, which are increasing largely from year to year. We have, heretofore. foreign orders with buyers abroad who s, who - e fine ta age, we wi Lin a few w to the factories and markets of the old world. "Of course, we Incur a heavy expense in accomplishing this purpose, but we have always made It a rule to obtain what will give pleasure to and gratify the exauiiite tastes of O or customers without consid ering the cost and trouble to ourselves, and for our efforts to please them our customers hare rewarded Hanip on's loveliest belles, attended a ball at Lo ve in - . K. P. Overy, of our city, was married to Miss Julia H'Ullamson, of Griffin, last Monday night The marriage was witnessed by only a select number of friends. They were the redpffnte of many lovely and handsome presents. May theirs' be a life of un - Misses Cleveland, Brown, Simpson and Walker, Mrs. Hawkins is visiting friends in Jonesboro this Miss Vickie E. Thompson spent Monday in Griffin. Another marriage is expected to take place in owelty very soon, and we will lose one of our most pop ular society young ladles. Mow is a good time to %r° T. L. Sutton gave a most delightful dance at her residence Friday night Mrs. Sutton Is unequalled, as a hostess, in giving pleasure to her guests. West Point. The cotillion party at Wright's hall last Thursday successes of the week. 6 Music was'fhrnlshed by Prof. James and lady, piano and violin, accompanied by cornet in the hands of car fellow - townsman, Lerby Harris. The coterie of ladies pre - seuted a picture of loveliness seldom surpassed on any occasion of the kind. Miss Pauline Long wore a b jcom:ng blaok silk with whlte^ehryaaatbamnms Carrie Craft looked quite jaunty in a o:nk color. ss Mary Craft, a blue surah. Mis* Miss £mma Hagador^alovely black Bertha Heyman, a stylish serge. Mrs. Jlmie Lee Bater, of Opelika, Invisible green tricot The gen others: W. D. Woodysxd, Lewellen Shingteer, Columbus, Mr. Dowdy, of Augusta; W. T. Sheppard, Baltimore; Henry dmlth, Hogansvllle; W. T. Hugn ley, Frank Lanier, Jr.. Novatus Barker, Phil Lanier, will Hagadorn, Fred Shaefer, Tom Barker, W. T. Cox, Isaac Frohsin, Lewis Mers, Lee Heyman, Levi Sheppard. Among the spectators and chaperons were Mrs. E. F. Lanier, Mrs. L. & Turner, Mrs. Rob Ciark. Mr. and Mrs. Cumby, Mrs. Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Johnson and pr. J. W. Griggs. Miss Mary Ryan, 45 Whitehall, has the greatest bargains in all kinds of Millinery Goods to be found in the city. Ryan's Sons offer 500 pieces Plaid and Diagonal Dress Goods at 18 cents yard; price elsewhere 35. TAKE DINNER SftS cial dinner provided for ail who may come. Bp Read P, H. Snook's furniture advertisement In lntoday '« paper. His stock is immense. His prices rae^down, down, down— look our for rstrgains— this D0NTFAIL To call at THE PLACE and make your selection of Holiday goods while the stock is complete. Recollect the number is 10 Marietta street SEE OUR SHOE STOCK AND REMEMBER That the best is the cheapest. Chamberlin, Johnson &Co. See the giganticbar* grains in Carnets offer. ed by M. Rich & Bros. onirontpage today. JOHN A. MILLER, argestoak cm hand at ail times. a»Iryst tt JoiisMMrjLwtt Marietta street Dolls and Toys of all kinds'at Ryan's Sons at about half the usual "What disss of goods will you Imoort ?" "PrmdnaUT carnets. eurtahn and dratieriea.iflks. dress goods, laces, linens, hosiery, fancy household goods, and many articles of dress that can be bought wg saving 01 money. lucUon In cost will, of course, redound to the benefit of our customers, who will, then, be able to buy such goods cheaper than they now da We will buy direct from the factories and will not have the cost of the goods and charged to the customer." 'Where will your headquarters ber' 'At Frankfort on the Main, one of the principal manufacturing cities of Europe, and perhaps the greatest banking city in Germany, It being, as yon may know, the cradle of tbe Rothschilds. Thence 1 can go by quick transportation to the manufactur ing enters of England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland and Ireland, which countries I will find It necessary to visit in search of such goods as we need. I tell you, sir, that next spring and fall we will surprise the people of Atlanta and perhap* the entire south by this exhibition of Atlanta enterprise, and I feel that our efforts will be so appreciated by our customers that we will feel amply repaid for our trouble." "When dcryou start?" "On January first I will leave Atlanta. I shanihare to remain In New York about ten days to make the usual purchases of carpets for our earl v spring trade. While there I will be joined by Mrs. Eif - h with our two children and by Mr. Morris Adler, of this city, with his family. C u - party will tale by the steamer Werra, of the Korddeutscher Lloyd Steamrhip line, on January 13th. Barring accidents - we expect to reach our destination in about nine days," "How long will you be abroad? "About six months* 1 hope, by hard work, to get through in that time, a* I want to be home in time for the fall trade and the Piedmont exposition. By the - way. I have requested mv brother to send me CowTmmoii regularly. You know I can't get THE "BEE HIVE; The Event of the Season J x^wnuiy una u ever ue/ure . near a of \n litis r/iu. Mir onnnrTunim wnii'h s»i„i>4 .«*" - jtjt - — - - - - a — - "^yiii k; be improved by every lady of Atlanta and \ vicinity. READ! READ! READ!] What We Have Done along without that' The reporter expressed his thanks to and after bidding him "bon voyage," took his departure, reflecting on the marvellous success at>aln - od by this enterprising firm which, starting from, such a small beginning in 1367, has, by excellent business qualification, Integrity and fair dealing, built up a great business, seeond to none, a source of ...11 Chattahoochee.. WHAT WE SHALL DO!] To Whom it May Concern! BOSTON, Mass,, November 10, 1887, - This is to certify that we hare this day sold to Karia ' 8 ton Bros., of Atlanta. Oa.. the entire stork of InAlp* Ornta »mi rhiM»n>. v. a 01 TtT - J C. Danah, tbe well known eastern gloviar, of fine quality goods recently seized by foreclosure "\ Importers of Olovw, Boston, Mass. ineae ran were oonrni >t leas rnsa 00 cents on tte dollar, which will enable uj the public the m o pnrcase fires - class goods at normal prices. Thai j entirely new eoods, bought by Mr. Damh for his own fall trade, and are thee fore n once see that these Gloves are the same grade a res will oe pat on sale Monday morntnz promr Customers wishing to order by mail can easily do so by sending sue and price ot g OUR GOODS. OUR PRICES.] LOT 1.— 100 dozen of undressed Swede and Kid Gloves in black and heantifnl sh. - uiM <* brown, slate and tan, with fancy welts and embroidered backs at 25c. pet pair; really worth j LOT 2. - 75 dozen Ladies' Black Kids. This lot is in very finequality, being made of real LOT 3.— 200 dozen Four Button celebrated Brabent Suedes— one of the handsomest best gloves ever seen. Darrah's price $1 per pair ; our price, 50c. LOT 4.— 130 dozen of Jouvin's celebrated make of real Kid Gloves, with fancy welt, elegant colored and plain embroidered backs— the most astounding bargain. Dauah's S1.25 ner nair : our nrioe Kc. day's paper. ?e down, do» >wn, down— look out for bargains— this THE GRANT HOUSE ner toaay. The best that can be served. (Jo round and try them. ip Wanted— To buy Georgia Improvement Co. stock. The Tolleson Commission Co. The Very Beat - House are as good as e&n ba had in the city. tf YELLOWSTONE KIT'S Japanese Eemediesfor sale escltislvely by MAGNUS & HALTWANGER, dtfTp Cor. Pryor and Decatur Sts. Edward P. Roe. nouncedby all to be one of his Trembled," is pre finest works. Boon M. Miller, si Marietta street. DOLLS I DOLLS! Now is the time to buy Dolls, while you can get a good selection at half price at The Place, 10 Marietta street M. RICH & BROS Astonishing reductions in every department, for the* great 30 days bargain sale. Come in time and avoid the rash. ASkinof Beauty isaJoyForeyer DR.T. FELIX GOURAUD'S Oriental Cream, or Magical Beauier. ef|p£ eryblemist mm trprioe75or of the latest c prion $1.76 per pair, our price tl. LOT 8—25 dozen of puffed fingers, cne Is LOT ft— Will include a large line of very fine grade Swedes and kids at $1.50 t Darrah's nrioa S2JS0. LOT 10—28 dozen of gents' dogskin gloves, for si A latest, the nobbiest, aha finest quail!/; Danah'a >r driving, an elegant quality, SI pst I LOT 12— 30 dozen of very fine quality Simpson's best opera The above goods an without doubt the largest singlo purchase of gloves ty. They need no comments, but we advise an early call. made in tai* I dolmans, newmarkets, dren's nnnanrji. Wa desire Our garments will be marked at prices regardless of cost as we jackets, dol raglans, v nd to do walking jackets, and < ROOM WE MUST HAVE Ladies' newmarkets. srvlish nlaida. with hoods, at 84. reimlar srion JM.7.V • ■ Ladies' newmarkets, elegant styles, strictly all wool tailor finished, 86.50, regular price i Ladies' newmarkets and raglans, regular prices $13.50, $10, and $17.50, all marked dowa $8.50, $10 and $12.50. They are positively great bargains and we only make this sacrifice tk CMdgtfs Garments From $2.76 upwards. Remember they must be sold. We must have room for Xssfl Silks! - Silks I Silks Last week we advertised a mannnytarer*' stock of reaanaas* of Black Silks sad Rhadamas dress patterns in each piece st $1.19 per yard, fully worth $1.75 to $8.75 per We *J?* vte*/^1^^ snt^thssWkaddtwn svedsi vahMS, Black Gro Grain Silk, very heavy, 75c per yard. Black Gro Grain Silk, extra qnaflty, 92c per yard, actual value $1.25. Dress Goods. Dress Goo 28 Fancy Plaid and Stripe Suits which we have sold all the season at$12.W, mart at »£h™ if1107 6m^S^ ^ ^r™** "d ^ 8*ylM m thia city 501(1 M *• Two fancy ernbroidered^sulto regnkr price |1TJ0, marked down to' 112 to ck« daily 1 Amas, Tjati oar art department ; novp;uta (rain^m'^n?^1 Bwf5EhrSI ^••ttlt"»«««»»1>«U»eimWie ^Jj^^^^fk^^ »J1 *ool Plaid Drea. Goods, 1%.. worth Sic. i«$S;foruv>rprioe,$6and»7A>. fSj^f" n«w Rnsnes, thsuejtonsite, wid* food* QMta»«nU today at$lJ0; ow EAGLE3T0N BRO FOURTH DAY. The Georgia MethOdlsft Conference at Work. msfxtxm of nrnkmr $ session, The conference was of esjed jestwsVip morri': Inf with religions setrices, eotsMettd fry Rev. /.L. Fowler. 9r*velfng Deswrma P.T. CmrbU sad 3. K Wlikfca* wereeUscted elders. B4WS. B. W. Hockabee and T. L. CoAn J f were advanced to the second yes/. Rev. R. P.I^rsskfcsi ■ m Li*l»ssstssls»ssrpcr - 1 atUDerary. TBS vasts* til* vnveWT. J Bar. J. Efkk+m Hi D^Skrssajssiira^ A !*»^1rrrrf xtart sswssnsfcsssii 1 . I will ^s&ese kx * eUid's ssrdie tans a drink ol the uectar of the Gods. When y t win a boy, yoa have tot the man. .'ssn»sass»ssss,sr' tiers && arorlivp Y ttM the preacher in ohe hour* ' *° . I Itsto Tot's father and mother. I Th man who studies God's word is ar, •donated man. Saturate yourself with ir. Make it your hrtatL. your heart - beak Spur - feon is one of the most remarkable of men Although lacking in early advantages he has snade the Bible his book of stodyTaad never f ^the^^teflsT f Ho called attention u t ■ lng Circle, of which R< Bev.T. C. Cartes sddressed the conference I fa advocacy of a revival on the subject of read - I fast. There were too many bookless homes. I JThere should be a correct standard of rpi,'. n Uk sad wholesome Hteratnre taed. Bev. Dr. Ttnee&t admitted a nun aged 88 into the ■eWHiland Readms; drcle and told hu I and carve a fortune ft L Bishop Walden said that he had karned U , perb address on proLibition, was taken sick to tte cause he had ovaitasked8 hkHwV. He called npostRsr. James Mitchell to off. - Special prayer for the restoration to health oi this eloquent defender ol ike Right, of C and Humanity. After singing "What r.«erea a special prayer that AU. Gradv mudtt be soared to do for the nadrm mh.t V, C " . done in Atlanta. Special Driver was also offered for hi. •ry at the prayer meeting in the FirBt Baptist f Specialties For Monday 100 pieces all silk Mikado veilings, in all colors, Including pink and cream , at (ft) per yi 200 dozen ladies' all linen collars, without capes, at 15c per dozen. Any lady purchaa these goods will do so at 4 the actual cost of manufacture. 10 dozen lonsr Docket books, fancv oxodized silver mountines. at 25c. 50 gross fine quality, finished white pearl buttons, all sizes, two dozen*on card, too per 61 Outside Garmenta I ' I EXPKLLZD fBOX TBS CHTBTa. Tte committee appointed to try the charjr< a^ftBe^J. H^Bunn^r^Sd Ittitri^ mmA ftm rbniihs swsswiii jrWil lL motion » ; was expelleti from the church and the mini.,, ot tte M. E. eharch. jS'i. SJIsrgAIi BTSTTJTSCI, tte folhiwln«;0facU H*f*t*ry stewed Tte. Atlanta district has tlurtv - sune churc1 tMrUdfMW. - v^nHl atS - MVt'ts - <M_— v, local nwachers: twentv - e jmlM teaeters and snails; $f,iw ha - ! In tteDalton district ttere were thirty - five iv« caurcneat vaiaed at >1 : - Jj!jjf0OaieKaa> '«»*sembled at 7:30 last ^ne Ion owing were admitted on trial : At H. R. Davies; Dalton district t. J. Turner and P. P. Carroil, jr. r' Zton, in Carrol] county, and Ellrj t for the next place oi **aM? to • rescind,:, j^^^sssja^t, change «e»cnonf tatasiva ta representation m that The MfcsTnw mm »u - *mA v i , I MWb^ sr^ft^ftfsddent, R. H. E Bllington r trea^ jTirTJ,u7nXy' Piratyear - A. P. EUrngton, B. T. Dean. fi»wdj*«r - R - H. Waters T. G. Chase. Thlrd>enr - R. H. Kofi. J. A TtunoW. TourtE year - L. D. KUingten, J. H..Har - T^rjrdara - H. Boyd. P. P. CssttaJL T^. Chase, J. L. Pbwkw, W. H. The commute* "on^aiaperana*) laksniissl J no. ou Whitehall street. WHOLESALE AHPJ RETAILES price. decU dly sa so« p - ^oow^wVsisi •■ SJi^ ^'wTOTwetSttto. ' 'I

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