The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 3
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, JANUARY-17, 1935 Vlcfe. Flower.girls W ere Helm V!ck and Bchrader, mid three grandchildren, Eugene awl VIrgie, of steole, and Mi's. Peed Faught, of DlythevllW. Hold Funeral Services (or Young Cooler Woman I'CIl' day fa'i ami 'Continued From Page One) and acting in such capacity for the l la first lliiie, unfolded R in lcii» si- nl lence. He, read clearly and unmistakably the verdict of first degree murder and tlie -punishment of "death by electrocution." : F'Or a moment there was 110 sound. Then a sister of Hie defendant started forward from a xe/il several rij^.s back in the "sjicclii tors' b^nch- ••• r-s. Halted by a deputy sheriff us '° .she reached the ratling she'nilo-mpl- ko. ed vainly to slip l>y ami, losing her self control, began hurling vHllli- catlon at the court and jury as she was led from tlie courtroom. Bariifts' middle-aged mother, who liar] 'sat almost, constantly al his side during the trial, apparently did not realize UK- full Impart, of the verdict umll 'her daii|;ht;r sUirLcil forward.:.' Then she .sLuinhli'il into an aisle, sobbing and liy.sltrU'al. She »-us also led from Hie cmirt- room. Mrs. Barnes fainted last fall when a jury returned a death verdict, against her husband! Defendant Calm When-quiet, was restored Judge . KUIough o'rdcrcd .the jury polled, each juror being required when his name was called to stale whether the verdict returned was Ills verdict. It required hul'a minute to complete the poll, each juror conflrm- in» the written verdict, llurti-; Connelly, husky young farmer, added "by God's will" to his "Yes, sir." as he solemnly raised his rialit hand. As the jury broke rank relatives of 'the slain tnxi driver came forward to shake their hands. Some one back in the courtroom contin- -ued to sob brokenly us Martin's relatives expresW their gratitude at the verdict. Some of the juror.s silently nodded acknowledgement, others looked straight ahead and immediately left' the courtroom. There was no noticeable reaction on the part of the young defendant, unless il was a seeming tightening of the muscles around the eyes as he pulled a cigarette just Ixrfore he was led from the 'courtroom, back to jail. The verdict, while not an unexpected one, was surprising to some extent. The slowness of Die (rial, the handicap thrust upon the state by the absence of material witnesses, and difficulties encountered in gainoing admission or the defendant's confession, refusal of the defense to give an inch in comparison to the relatively smooth procedure of the first trial, all had tended-to .'create a belief Unit the death perinlfy. might not'te Imposed, ••-- •-•-."-•" •- — Services Held at Steele for Mrs. Fannie Schrader STEELE. Mo—Funeral services were held .wednesdsy 'ifternu,;: -;.--r Mrs. Fannie V. Schrader. .70, at the home If her son. c. W. Schrader, on Main street, by Rev. W. M. Duncan, retired .minister of the Methodist church. Interment was at, the Holly cemetery, v. ; < Mrs.: Schrader hiid been iii' 'bad health for some .timeV' She came to Steele in. 1026.from Memphis. Term. Pallbearers,were' P."'n:'plinn, o: A. Dunlvant,-warren 1 Pierce, Henry Howe", W. 11. Rilchie, nnd Dean "IT'S WISE TO TAKE TEA AT LUNCH TJME" Drink a piping h'ot cup of good tea nt noontime. It staves off "P.M.- fatiit.c"- lliat feeling of.rirednc.« l),a( soVten overtakes you luncheon. Good i« mnkes you feel frcjh aiul fit-more alert. And (M: sure V ou drink ten from India. India Pp, in packages .tispliivins tl.emJemarkbclow.isbcuerte;,-price for pi m l ra le for e ra,ie-ll, 3n ten., riot conloinin" India Ten. To-Nighl's delivered while it's FRESH in lime for your CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 - Jonnle WUllems. Survivors arc one son, 0. W. COOTEK, Mo,—Mrs, Jessie If,le Perry, 18, died early Wednes- morning at the home of her Mr. and Mrs. George H. ul Wright, James Terry, Tom Bums, Chester Geslrlng add L- E. Cooper Jr. Flower girts will b« Ml«- es Elizabeth Hney, Rosle Wright, Dorrls nnd olirlsttnp Burnett, aticl Oleo Vntighn o[ cooler, ami Allene Pollard ot Gideon. She leaves her pnreiil.s, Mr. and Mrs. George Glllllniul, her husband, ono brother, Rnbprl aillllnnd, nnd four st'.Wts, Mrs. Ruth Miclile, Mrs. Nells 'hicker, Miss I'enrl Olllllnii'.l anil Mr.s, fjliulte Pnrry, nlj of Cnn- lor. BLYTHBV1LLB, (ARK,) COURIER, NEWS funeral irraiigements. He li survived by his ivldor, MM; Lulu Williams, |\vo brothers, ono sister, and his mother, Mrs. Sara Francis Williams. Olllllahri, after a lengthy Illness of "•'Ight.'i disease. She had been bed-, it slneo Dec. 28 and dangerously j since last Friday. ** r si Perry was born nl Cooler lived here all her life. Her family is unions Hie oldest and nost prominent m tills vicinity. On Jovember n, 1932 S \, K u ,,i s married Bernard Perry. No children were irn to ibis union. Funeral service;; v. 1 ))) IX liclil this afternoon at Cooler by Kev. .1. u. Copeland, assisted by Rev. II. li '"-giior, .interment will te at Ml. Pneumonia Claims Life PAGE THREE Flush Poisons From Kidneys and Stop Getting Up Nights cemetery. When you ran tet for 35 cents ft supremely efficient nnd harmless - - stimulant iintl diuretic that will of George W. Williams r^^^Sa 1 ^ . j now doiiii? you harm, why con- Osorse Wesley Williams, K> i tlnuc to break your restful .sleep years old, died at tlie family home I by ficuhm uji llirouuli tin; nighC. in Ihi! l>rldc addition at !>:20Uusl, »sk your (Iruaglst, for CioM oVlork yesterday (illciviorai. > . or yesteray (illciviorai. Ills; Medal Jlimrlrin oil Cn|K][lK;-biil death wr.s lutrlbuted to pnoinnonln. ike sure, nnd get rioij) MEDAL— Piinc-rui rites will IK: held nl 8 1 rlfilil from llmirl.Mu in Holland. In .i|«! morning lit (he 'Oilier symptoms n f ,.t .1,.- f ......... ...,.,.. „„.. Church of the Immaculate Con cepllon. Ash. and Division streets, Interment will be made at Munle tjravif er'inetei-y. .lames Kt id, I Inking company 'J'li(-.Col)l) Under iS ili ClKUge Of How Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad Cold of colds. They take one or two tablets the first night' and repeat the third or fifth night If needed. How do Catolnbs help Nature throw off a.cold? First, Calolabs arc one of tin; most thorough and iln- pwidnbln o! all Inlcstfnr! ull'ninanl-i thus clcansiiii; lh n Intcalinul tract of Hie germ-laden mucus and to.xlncs. Second, Calotabs are diuretic to the 'kidneys, promoting the elimination of cold poisons from tlie blood Thus Calotabs serve the double purpose of a purgative and diuretic, both of which arc needed In the treatment of colds, Calotabs are quite economical- only twenty-five cents for the family package, ten cents for the trial package, (Adv.) irriiuted bladder kidneys ache, pully eyes. lv« cramps, moist palms, taming or scanty passngc 'Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General Insurance WEEK Pepsodent Tooth Paste 38c Antiseptic 25c Size '.....1..19c SOc Size ......39c $1.00-Size ..79c Ipana Wampole89c VICKS Nose Drops 30-5C Vapo Rub _...29c SPECIALS For Cold Prevention and Cure Use Campho Lyptus Nose Drops 39c Salve 25c Syrup 2Sc - 50c Hectrjc Heat Pad Bathing Alcohol Hkoflagjiesia, Italian Balm Dispenser Deal Insure Against Colds Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Pint 59c Super D 39-79-$1.29 Cod Liver Tablets 49c With Dreskin 35c French Bird Seed 15c Mineral Oil, pint Pinkham Veg. Com. 99c Glovers Mange Rem, 69c Fletchers Castoria 34c Drakes Glessco 44c Groves Chill Tonic 39c Fitch Shampoo 59c Creomulsion Bromo Quinine Groves Nose Drops 39c Hijids Honey Almond 19c Fountain Pens TISSUES BAYER ASPIRIN 12s-Jlc, 24s-22c, l(tfls---59c "C'^IP THIS COUPON- CDCfT <f not-delighted • l»tiCi toeainNewYoutfi I geis | New Youth Quick i New Ojster Tonic ] E*sy-1o-la]it Tplilets "lam I I Ml lit.* TO. Tl:. n I I'i-tl OSTItCX. . IVH nriv vJjtor nl- I Irirnl r B l,l I Weak Men Lose Out ' ,'j, 1 nl " f^jf^ • lUhllMk.aSlOrotanlTrirVJoli JV I I N'onrrd Irtlin oMal4[)i>rW You jhnui-i !«• ynunB nnlil 70. Take OSTI1KX: ctl 1 rlrn.rnt (oun<) in rm- n> lliis rlcnirnl 13 qui.-krji known. 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