The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 6, 1887 · Page 7
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 7

Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, November 6, 1887
Page 7
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THE OON8T1T0' SOCIETY SALAD. Naahvilte, are visiting relative* at 858 Peachtree matte or a handsome Etruscan lock bresefet diamond In lock, to klku Davia end of a bean told and diamond pin to Mrs. Hayes ea beheK djtf eoop.i, CAnrmti, ate. Powell, of beeatur. Events of the Week on th« Social Side of Life. lOTH , «■ oajMi d. Bivlngs, of St Augustine, Florida, Tft"ISSteli*Wnl,Bt ^ ** *** veneim wot gracefully presented by rrofeseor MfmMateeB'd*mnndHttteMimJ*rrnie McOriff M. RIGH I BROS; tetwne.1 from Atlanta. thiBsmplenta The fesUvittMwsee at tw 'weemaH'' honrofS a. m, and A NUMBER OF PLEASANT HAPPENINGS. pcrjed. The event was remarkable for the earn with whtoa thehSe mimber <*mm m wed for. The tout ensemble ef the whole ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK A. The Misses Dei hi entertained a number of spring street, the occasion Mng ' compJlmentary to Hisses Kite and Nora McM ahon, of Savannah, Ge. Biegwsts wen the recipients oi a geasrotsrW pitality, bestowed with a graceful eat* which chancad white tt welcomed them. At a late hoot the party dispersed after having part a delightful Oliver Jelks has gone to Florida to to* after bn m™. j, v. Buice. on conn iueet.' oiiora, u tae graH cs oeto Dorteh. MOST STUPENDOUS STOGI lte,J9ienailO»sJenatoW>ite, Baltimore; M*. »«ed tt.rrmghthe Grove Friday morningTen Lieutenant Oscar Mrs. Sylvia St^tMt fa^MsSned to Wb^tt apteasantvtert with fritnU in Atlanta. . .Mrs. c. A. Davte. Jr., is entertainin tr as her ircest. XL^I^tjafetf jSl1^^^ ****** ** — OF - — EE ST., ariety. Oiir buyer to replece j sat isfy the best taste lies and Ingrains as OS. ry goods. You can - lit y, both stylish and order, and have re - exas, Tennessee and 1 by our close atten - lers, and our trade is & SON. KJIOKEKB AST) BAJTKM&B. IPUAI CITY BAft OF ATLANTA, GA., . WHITEHALL AND mi Mviw Profits, m,m. \ kebal ■ business of correspondenta Tt» so.iciteO. bpecMU learare m ■HE GATE Cin NATIONAL BANK Of Atlanta, Ga. K' KITED STATES DEPOSITORY.—— [Capital and Undivided Profits* Certificate of Drpoat Payable « fc» Dituid Willi Interest Iaur per cent per umum if left six month* r p« cent per annum if left tret* tths. BE T0LLBOI C0MMISSIQ1 CO., lOKERS IN STOCKS & BONOS 7, GATE CITY RATIONAL BANK. otly occupied by P JMPHREYSCASTLEMAN Bfi.jK.EE AND DEALER Df )NDS AND STOCKS JONES & PRATT, [an leers .^Brokers LBeULoetKCurttltt Ko. I* Alabama stress. W. H. PATTL&SON, bnd and Stock Broker, A SOITH PRYOB 8TEMT. FOR SALE. A MioUmd and Itulf Bsf'T*'' im H^sssje sBiml Kailroed Debentures. iJJereeciuitlm bought and sold _ BANK CAPITAL S100.0M. ALLOW li.icre« i*yabW on demand Ao" ««o<yy ag f, A, BRADLEY a tin Mill! ■ACTIONAL LOTS, STOW, i Pike's Opera Mini. €!•••■•«» lag in her efforts to make the evening enjoyable for all It was quite k:e when the party dispersed, after havtag spent the pleaaaatest evening within The marriage of Mr. William Crawford Bibb, Jr.. to Mi* Dike Shepherd, both of Jfcratgom - ery. wiU occur on the 9th of this month atSt. John's chuicutntfcatciir. Both parties are well known in this city, and tieir man) - frieims here send con - gratulationt in advance. Mr. Charles Sciplcs'wTll, on the 9th of this month, we<l Miss Katie Murphy, daughter of Mr. Anthony slurplry, of West End. Both an favorably and well known in^this city. One of the most pleasant events oi the sea - sou was the marriage on last Sabbath, October 30th at 10 a, m., of Mr. J. Bheon Miller, of Atlanta, and Mb* Mary Kate Havis, of Ooate, fla. The marriage tooK place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilier, t: E. Simpson street, who were relatives of the bride. The ceremony was impressively performed by Dr. H. C. Morrison, and loving congratulates and good wish,, s followed and will follow the young couple in their liie - journey. Miss Havis has been visiting Atlanta >r nearly a year, and here permanent resl tent Mr. Miller was formerly a res. kient of I rbtaa, Ohio, a gentleman of starling wa;h, who has already won a warm place In the bean* of his southern file ads. Two of Montgomery's fairest and moat love - lv daughters, Mia Lillian Leake and Miss Mattie Ryan, ie e v - d a b/mitiful ovation on Thursday evening at the residence of Mrs. Manley, Calhoun itre . - i. It was tendered by the Misses Maiuey, com - pkmentary to their old lriends and schoolmates, and although an impromptu affair was unique in every detail. An interesting programme was im pr vis - d and happily rendered, of which the foilow - lnf. M i=ic! - VreainLind Faces," Miss Emma Manley. t Recitation, "runmie Barloe," Mr. J. P. Shirley. 1 rioug, "Shall 1 Tell Her, " Miss Lillian Leake. 4. Music, "Songs Without Words," Miss Mattie 6. liejitition, "Material Evolution," Mr. John - 7 .Song, "For Thee," Miss Spence. Tlif fU'.owiug were present: Mrs. Manley, Miss Ryan, Miss Josie Manley, Miss Spence. Mr. R. Man ley, Mr. C. Uubner, Mr. Johnson, Mr. J. F. Shirley. An exceedingly pleasant entertainment was given Friday night by the Fortnightly club of the central rri - sbvteriau church in the parlors of the residence of Miv Richards, in Capitol avenue. The attendance was Tery large and a good sum of money was raised. This will ie used for a charataile object. Judge Hmvarl Van Epps was in charge of the en - teit .ininent, which proved a brilliant and success - Beiow is the programme which was given; Duet— Liszt's Ranpsodie, arranged byBendel; Mrs. Boykin and Miss Bon k:n. Song - Listen to the Water Bells; Miss Morgan. *Tuc i.rasshopper Sat on the Sweet 1 Delivery of Prizes for Uuotations 01 Supper. ^ Miss Mamie "Walker gave a progresaiv Thursday evening, in honor of her friend, Miss AUi Pughe, a lovely young lady of Augusta, who bi been spending a few weeks wiih her. It was a me enjoyable affair. A very pleasant party was given by Miss street, jn Friday night. Among those preset Mi;sKate .Brunette and Marcus Ferryman, Miss Ethel Gallaher and Master G - "orge Lowman, Miss Eva Whuiley and Master Edward Estes, Flynn and Master Wessie Ennls, Miss Lena McCoy and Master Harry Flynn. A brilliant musical attended by several hundred of the elite of the city, did Mr. C jnstauun Sternberg hold the eicluaive a teutic n of every person present He rendered pro:ramuie made up of a sterling sonata of Beetho ven and a variety of attractive novelties of the modem school. In deference to the wishes of some of his lady admiie - s, Mr. Sternberg gave several 0/ his lighter compositions. Little Miss Bertha Slatter entertaintd her friends last Friday afternoon, from 8 to 6 o'clock, at a tea party, at her rctllence, 209 Crew street, in honor of the third anniversary of her birth. The little lady did the honors ot the occasion gracefully, and it was with sadness that the children saw n gtitfall approaching, such a fine rollicking time they didjhave. One of the most enjoyable entertainments of the last week was the afternoon reception given by Mrs A. B. Steele at 10.! Peachtree. she was assisted by Mrs. W. B. Lowe, Sirs. A E. Thornton. Mra Robert Barrett, Miss Jule Culpepper and Miss Frank Jones. The spacious and elegant parlor were dre*s»d in evergreen and palms with the choicest flowers, placed here and there with the most pleasing effect. It was a very select affair, there being in all only about one hundred iavtsa The Phi!'.; One of the most enjoyable events of the sea - ;epuon given oy Mr. ana Mra H. r. Lmentary to Mr. and Mra Eugene on last Wednesday evening. Mr. and eciveu me guests 01 tne evening, Sell and Miss Hummer, of Nash 11 Jackson and Mrs. William Dick. large number of invitations had been isaued br ..)c, i spacious parlors wer r^vl^Tde^v0f^r* E C. Morrison the iUiuhwt ot the late Hon. Hugh U&*Tm* Kuri.ia. wiiere they will remain untHwrintafltw ▼hlchuey wiU safl «m JsvpsajT 'MrV? Mr. Henry C Mitchell is viiOing Augusta. M, Bi. a Hook ha. r.tumed irom Augusta. The Hon. Ira E. toith. o/OiW te in aotX Jhj^w. a D. t>. Twlggaef tatm^lTrma, «i« Kate Morris has returwd to the dty from m. m, mi mm fm tUmmm, of CMias Minnie Hunt, of Commbus, who has hem yj^y Ailanu,^has gone home, accompanied by part of the winter here. MiraLula Lmton, of Thomasrllle. who baa been Mra S. J. Miw Julia Bllat, a charming yorrnjr lady of Co - lumbus, who has been visiting Miss Bertha Waoh - endorft; of this city, has returned home. ****** soeiety yonng man of Raleigh, N. C. has been spending the past three weeks in Atlanta and Decatur. He returned home Friday night. Cards are out for the wedding of Mr. Bun Wylie and Miss Marlon Ammlnette Sibley. The ceremony wiU teperibrmedat^he First Baptist church on Thursday evening next at 8:30 o'clock. A party of six or eight Atlantians will go over to Columbia, to attend Q» SoutbOawUna state bait an^ve^^or^Ten^^Sffl have receive a special Invitation and will probably Mr*. C D. Horn has taken up ter abode at fit Joseph's Infirmary that she and her little daughter may receive the care needed In her affliction. Mra Horn was called to Mt de Bales convent a abort time ago to bring home liule babelle, who had gone with her sitter m accordance with arrangements which her father had made on the day of his tragic death, when he sat for tie last time with hla 6e - w York, t his duthu ( to the, marriasw of Mfia Dril Thompson to Mr. R. J. Hitscn. The marriage will take place at the residence of Mrs. Hutchins, the bride's mother. 35 Boulevard, on Wednesday morning. November 16th. « Mr. Hitson Is a member of the Atlanta police force, and by faithful work bee won the confidence and esteem of the members of the commission as well as the officers and members of the force. Mrs. Thompson, his intended bride, is one of tl e most beautiful and attractive of Atlanta's ladies ami ia every way deserves the good wishes her. friends give her. An enjoyable entertainment was given by Miss Bertha Wachendorft on Tuesday evening in honor of her visiting friends. Miss Josie Brewer and Miss Julia Silas, of Columbus. The evening was very pleasantly spent. Among those present were Misses Julia Silas, Jessie E. Brewer, of Columbus; Susie Jihuson, of Macon; Leila Tibbs. Josie Seltzer, Rosa Nbrria, Harvey Mays, Belle Speirs, MissesJ Young , Misses Walls and Fow - ler.ofMilledgeviUe, and Mra Paul Botsai; Messrs. B. Fuller, 8. C. Glass, J. Johnson, C, DUleshaw, Dr. Charles J. Ramsey, Dr. Stinson, Lee Walker, C. Wachendorff and others. Friday evening at the residence of Mr. J. 0. White on Davis streot a rainbow party was given in honor of Miss Mattie Scott, a beautiful and accom - plisLeJ be'.le of Canton, Ga, who has for the past several weeks been visiting Miss Mamie White. Miss Mattie will return to her home Monday much to the regret of her many new friebdf,9ome of whom have become ardent admirers. Among those present were; Misses Mattie acott, Mamie White, Pauline Dunlap, Maggie Baldwin, EUa Matthews. Annie Baisden, Lola Balsden. Gertrude Jerdan, Cora Jordan, Ida Peacock, Be l Lowman, Messrs, Joe Robins, Lawrence Kihg, L. W. Arnold, Eugene White, A U Dunlap, James Robins, Starlin Belcher, A S. QuUlian, David Seaborn, Charles Robins, A. V. Baisden, W. Dr Crowley. The social quietude which si pleasant emergency of entertaining Miss Davis and her sister Mrs. Hayes in a manner which would do honor to them and justice to the feeling which Athena bean towards the "lost cause." The brilliancy of the entertainments and^ the^enthusiasm of the in hteh apMeeiaiion of her Athens trip and the de - terminat'o'n to visit there again as soon as possible. of the stay of the distinguished guests. the time and attention ef the sottal world was turned to the three receptions giren by Mrs. J. W. Nevitt, Mrs. Sarah Rucker and Mr. J. H. Rucker, on Monday afternoon and evening, and that of the Athenspum on Tuesday night. The reception at Mrs. NiVltt's embraced the hours from 5 till 8 p. m. of Monday. It was a most enjoyable "high tea5' to which the invitations were very general and at which society first became introduced to the ladies. The handsome parlors of Mrs. Nevitt 's home were tilled from the beginning to the end of the hours named and every - one was accorded an opportunity of saying a word to Miss Winnie and of receiving her entire stay tronSlM durinu guests departed from Mrs. Nevttt's to prepare tor the full dress reception tendered by Mrs. Sara Sucker and her son, Mr. J. H. Rucker, from nine to twelve, at bis residence on Milledge avenue. The invitations to Captain Rocker's were very generously given and the guests numbered all of in which he had recently remodelled his home, and as well aware of the superb style in which he knows how to entertain. It is saying much, in view of the expectations of the guests, to state that no one was disappointed In the magnificent reception which was furnished The appointments of the house Itself, the bounty and teUcacy of the refreshments, and above all the courtesy and attentions of the host and hostess conspired to make the occasion perfect. In the midst of a most brilliant assemblage, Miss Davis and Mra Hayes were the objects of unceasing attcntionsand)tbe dispensers of Lright smiles and witty remarks. The music of Worm's orchestra floated above the din of voices throughout the evening and gave much pleasure to all. With reluctance the gav company begat) dispersing - shortly after midnight, and the distinguished ladies returned to Mrs. Howell Cobb's to seek the rest and strength which was to be utilized at the Athenatnm German on Tuesday night. The Athenaeum club in preparing for their entertainment of Miss Davis, have considered her a to their invitation exl pains to make the occasion met Miss Davis on the «?' cosy sitting rooms Rucker, as Miss fin - party due ecial com - sparedno ladies who Which had I !Os\Ha» AwwhowMeoaai eonvmevtne wmrieiiMifet ttomgtoeljTbe SiJar'^m* ba^ds^c^&d^ate'fli^m silk! Theiavors wn* PIP!! paaM,a^kf^b^in ^ whkh ^ramftptj I A most pimmat treat of the eventae ■ Bacon, Macon; Mr. W. B. Briton, N. % Miss Ogles - bv, Cincinnati; Mr. George T. Hodgson, Athene; Min Daisy Willcox, Athens, T. M. Cunningham, |a. ven^^^Br^c^e^AS^^ eus, Mr. G. A. Whitehead. Jr.. Savannah; Miss Lib lie Morton, Athens, Mr. 6. W. Lamar, Jr^ Savaa nab; Mlsaidajchaller, Athens, mT V. L. Smith, ^ We SChaller, Athens, Mr. L D. siedie, Athens; Savannah bonnier, Athena, Among the non - daacuur guests were: Senator A, H. Cotouitt, Colonel J. A. BQlups, Mks M. Rutherford, Jtrs. Timberlake, August*; Judge and Mra W. B. Thomas, Mr. and Mra A H. Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hodgson, Mrs. Anna Putnam, Mrs. A. E. Grady, Mr. and Mrs. George D. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Trainor, Mrs. Bsmeheupseomb,^ Dr^H. A. Lowrance, and many others whose names The main social events here this week were as follows: m A most eharmimj paw? and dance given early in the week at Tift's hall, by Misses WeT« and Wcsso tow^v, ^The attendance was large, and the affair A pk^sant reception vu given to a few friends by Miss Florence SnackelfordOT Tuesday evening, in honor of Miss Bessie Daniel, who has recently arrived from Mt Airy, and who wiU spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Lumpkin, of this city.! Among the visitors already here for the coming winter season are Mra J. A. Yancey and two daughters from Btchmond, Va., who are the guests of Mr. L - E Welch. Our city will doubtless be fiUed wUh tourists this season u Albany is rapidly becoming "a winter city" - * favorite health resort for led dents of the north sma west Mra E. C. Davis has returned from Atlanta. Miss Ella Roberts is home again after a summer spent in Atlanta and among tie mountains of North Caro> home at Mystic Bridge, Ct. Mi Adairs villa. On the 3rd inst., there was a select sociable at the residence of Mr. Isaac Branch which was a Mr. Robert Martin and family will Eimble house as soon as it is finished. Mr. J, A. Toney, who has been quite ill for some reeks, is able to be with the Sabbath school again. The many friends of Mra T. A. McColnm will be glad to know that she is rapidly recovering from her MissEchols, of Chattooga county, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. M. Veach. Misses Mattie Lou Hatcher and Clandine Heard are visiting Mrs. J. A. Hunt, of this citv. - Professor F. L. Freyer, of Atlanta, paid us a flying ^Mr.^oJterBd8mtthandMia WUlie Hunt, both of this city, were united in the holy bonds ot matrimony last Wednesday, Rev. G. E. Gardner officiating: The couple at once left on a bridal trip to Jacksonville and other Florida points. Their presents were numerous and costly. Miss Maybelle Powell end Dr. R. D. Cotter were married at the residence of Mr. R. J. Powell, the for their future 1 Mr. John Danleliy was married to Miss Crowder Flynt - both of the Cross Roads, Georgia - last Thursday morning. Quite a number of Barnesville people went out to witness the ceremony. Judge W. A. Proutand Mrs. Seamans were married last Sunday at Jackson, Ga. They at once returned tot ur town, where they assumed the management ot the "Matthews hotel" Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Prout tendered the "Barnes - viiie nrass nana" an eiegani reception last rrmay knew how to make "the boys" night. The supper w the host and hostess km foel perfectiy^at home. ^ night if elegant viands and hospitable treatin count for anything. sick for several weeks, iaahle tobe up in his room. Messrs. R. A. White and W. F.,Glass are both im - Hev!w. T. Bene filled his appointment at Mountain Hill last Saturday and Sunday. Eev. Q. T. Chandler, of Juniper, preached at the Methodist church on Tuesday night He preached a most excellent sermon. Mr. W. L. Hutchinson, who is connected with Professor Stubs, the state chemist, at Kenner, La., was on t visit to relative s here last week. On Wednesday. November 2nd, in this county, Miss Annie Jenkins was united in marriage to Professor a Phillips, of this pla e, Bev. G. T. Chandler officiating. It was a quiet affair, only the relatives and friends of the contracting parties being present T. C. Vickery and W. J. Hayes, of Toceoa, ^N. King and vV, B. Little visited Athens during the week; B. E. Bryant, W. A Eoyston and J. W. Osbom, of B^jnD*Ke^erie^ was here Tufts - B°MeKntir»end J. A. Manley visited Bowers - ^p6 P °Prorntt attended Hart superior court during Hiss Mary Dairs has resumed her school near panied home by Miss Gertrude Miss Ella Pool, of Greenville, a C, visited friends aU(l^!VwlleyIBarb^rWa^d William Williams, of ^ffi^Mrot'onavisittoher to»i^;wasTerymiiehea)(ryedbyaU the par - li?Xd Callahan visited friends in Borne this Mist Dora Adams is still lingering with — yw. ..... yr? - ' .»Tr . and one of moat attmettve young iames,VMiwa manu^r Cterk'i} ^^J^A^e^^^ymtog ls»^»»sjis hm wfiBsi •e»*«MHera>s> n£&tou»mj Oiure brsas band gave several of and all seem wcU pleased with the mlf. ^ne ^C*n&rr$?e avenw Sst* lion day1 night sprightly conversation and pleasant games. At a late hour the guests dejsutedT all deeiarinstiiat ther : a most delightful evemn - indeed. Mrs. T. F. Ganrieon, of FayettaviHe, visited her mother, Mrs. W. W. Tnrnipseed, Qua week. Mra Thomas L Sutton, who has been visiting her *^Mr^ Henry - L. Hunter, of the gate diy, has Dr. J. c. Tnrnipseed took In Griffin this week. Miss Jones, of Griffin, spent Sunday m the city, the guest of Miss Carrie GreerT ' Watke^ofGrtmn ^ BrU°k' ^ Goolsny *n4 W' H - aunda^ ^ P' Ti^*°n ^tedtheaa^ city last Mr. Phil Morris, of Griffin, came up but Sunday night and returned hoineHonday. Dr. Wood Arnold, who has been ■n*aifth»» Ska I Vickie E Thompson, one of Hampton's lovft last Smday'ln Grim? the guesTof8 Miss lluyt. C.8eymour. •Marmture tie Hampton and Griffin together. We Ma^o? SIT* ^ ^ J' T" Miss Nellie Curry is the guest of trends in Barnes Dr. R. C. Mc Daniel and famil v, of Carrol ton, are Vlrittngrelatives.inpar town. JgffisyintasSt GtstwlbrdV h vmtlng Uau Hamntnn. Bev. J. L. Adams is very 01; not expected to live Dr. M. B. Began has been in "town several days. Mrs. Robert Rnshton of Atlanta, is visiting her mother, Mrs. 8. B. Wight, ofthls city. Mr. Ruahton is accompanied by her charming little family. Jones boro. Colonel T. V. Lester, of Fayettevffle, was here last Wednesday. Miss Odessa Murphy, of Morrow's station, is visit - ing her sister, Mrs. C. E. Barksdale. Mr. St. T. BUdock, of FayettevOle, was in town Wednesday. is Jennie Morris, I Miss Alexander, of Augusta, is spending ome time with Mrs. Mary Penticost Miss Ada Winn, of Noreross, visited here this veek. Mr. Jackson Brooks and family, of Texas, are on 1 visit to friends in old Gwinnett. Mm Amelia Hutchins. oi with the famUy of Judge H Mr, S. Monchief and wife, of Prescott, Axk,, are visiting relatives near LaUrange. Miss Let* Btokely, one ef our accomplished young ladles, is visiting her brother at Charleston, S. C. Mr. Henry Banks, Jr., spent last Sunday with his family here. Misses Battle Barker, of Oregon, Tenn., Grace Johnson, Marshal, Texas, and Mattie Magruder, of White Sulphur spring!', three beautiful young ladles, have recently entered LaGrange Female college. Bev. D. D. Cox filled the pulpit here last Sabbath, Bev. A. J. Jarrel having gone to Cedartown to attend tin Holiness convention, Dr. H. H. Cary has been appointed by Governor Gordon a delegate to the Farmer's National convention, which convenes at Chicago November lOdt Dr. C. B. Eidlev was summoned by telegram on Monday to visit Mrs. J. B, Strong, of Cornelia, Ga; who was very ill. Mra H. M. Witcher, of Athens, is visiting relatives Judge Blgham attended the Grand lodge at Macon last week. Colonel John L. Tye, of Atlanta, spent hut Tuesday in town. Miss Carrie Chambers, of Carrollton, Ga, is vlstt BB Carmlchael spent last Wednesday In spent sever Mrs. E. J. I went down to Griffin hut Wednesv ie delightofhis many friends. Marshallville. Married at the residence of Dr. W. M. Dykes, Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. Miss Mary Ware and Bev. N. A. Bailey, pastor of the Baptist Church at Orlando, Fla. After the ceremony by Bev. A. L. Moncrief, the bride and groom took the down passenger train to«Jaekaoaville and other noted resorts of the land of flowers, and will make The ladies of the M. E. church at Puckett's Station gave a supper Thursday night to raise funds to help build them a new and handsome chorea at tfe.trTaXTi tKav »r»l fflrsten. tarkev. eta. lathe moonlight at the school house to a large number of LslivTailatnsandLora^ others from Faufturn and adioining towns. It was anelexant affatr and lmeiaqr patronised by the elite ol that section, wbtebjHnfisV to none for ivmnTOitont, - wealth and coltBre. • • pain should ioSsafv DR. T. FELIX GOURAUD'S ariental Cream, or Magical Beautifier. ^^^^^^^^ ^u^ im. Hi ™i Carpets, Draperies, Etc. : Which they had the good fortune to buy on their fourth trip east at* orices far lower than the cost of imDOrtatiorL 7 Ladies and Misses Cloaks and Wraps At all prices. Money saved here. Be snse to inspect their unrivalled stock of DRESS GOODS WITH TRIMMINGS TO MATCH. A most elegant selection , the best in Atlanta, at the most attractive prices. Don't forget that they are offering Blankets and Comforts So low that your interests will suffer if yon neglect them. DT LADIES', MISSE8 and CHILDREN'S HOSE, —AND— ins ill Hose; —In COTTON MERINO and SILK—, . They offer such bargains as should he eagerly is teeming with evervthmg new and tasteful, theVerylatest in styles and kawst js^fts everybody, ladles sad misses, children and men! Don't pass them without stopping. Just here you wiU find tho best assortment HANDKERCHIEFS in the city. Everything new, ejerjrUring good, and worth more than they ask for them In TABLE CLOTHS* TOWELS, TOWLIHG, NAPKINS, DOILIES, ETC. In ^^aT^Sa? SSifs ****** CsTl lessjrsrtsst tt» fcwroji tttsl'sft, sni mrt Carpets Ckirpefe TfflRD STOCK!. FOR THIS SBASON i Received by us during the last two days. No such assortment of fine Carpets has ever been seen in Atlan - $1 ta. The styles are $M The Goods are New And they were bought in the midst of the dull season in New York by i our carpet buyer, "ft Scooped Them ¥ AT BARGAIN PRICES" If you want Carpets now is your dhSstosj We wiU run them off »t cat prices. For a special we have en rnlU nf Tarv»sfrv Rrrtfi«<s1« >a at 50 cents per yar4) ? veiling eisewnere at - r - ^s^mmm 65 to 75 cent*' 15 rolls Extra Super Ingrains at 50 cents per yardl Selling elsewhere at 70 cents; Also 20 patterns Alex Smith t & Sons 10 WfreTapttfcy Brussels at 75 cents per yard, worth 90 cental A BEAUTIFUL LINE OF CROSSLEY & SONS DOUBLE WIDTH Engi Carpets I At lower prices than say other bases. We invite the special attention «f the ladies to our exhibit et ; Japanese' Noveltiw' IN OUR ■ Lovely tl JAPANESE, SHADOW CURTAINS? PORTIERS, MAGNIFICENT I JAPANESE SCREENS} JAPANESE SCARFS, JAPANESE BANNERS. Etc., Etc. OaUandseethebeaataaiato 1 highly decorative articles. We are Jwtt recai vine s vary h "b— msa 1 ■ nesnen Java and ■saatehaavr tssaseleii ssso a» In fact every department abounds in variety and quality any house this aide of New York, at prices greatly ft. make room for another stock being bought by our Mr. M. Rich, now in the market, Don t delay, but call, see and price for yourselt M.RICH|&BR<

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