The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on June 22, 1902 · Page 30
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 30

Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, June 22, 1902
Page 30
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PHI •or THE ^ONSTITUTiOK: ATLiAKTA* GA., SUNDAY. «J ttNJi 1W 190* SOCIAL LIFE THROUGHOUT GEORGIA r SOCIAL LIFE IN MACON 3 Uacon. Oa., June a. - (Special Correspondence. > - The marriage of Mr. Henry J. Lamar. Jr.. an Miss Lena. Pltner will b« solemnised Wednesday at noon at the residence of the bride'* parents in Athens, and will be an event of unusual In - tssest In aoclety circles all over Georgia. Ida* Pltner U a beauty of the moat aristocratic type and la not only a belle in Athene, but It admired wherever she la known. Mr. Lamar U the eldest grand S*s of the late Colonel Henry J. Lamar ud haa tnherHed many of the splendid qualities which made his grandfather one t the f Dr. : popular sd upon couple will of the mast succt mesa men Oeorrl: la remarkably hands among a large cirri, coegratulstkms are t fat*, this fortunate iseve soon after the wedding for an extended trip through California and other parts of the west. The marriage will be a quiet home affair and will be solemnit •fin the presence of the nearest relatives and most intimate friends of the bride and groom. Miss Pltner s bridesmaids will to Mlsa Camllle Lamar and Miss Sarah Cobb, and Mr. Lamar will be attended by fall uncle, Mr. Henry J Lamar, as beat nan. Mrs. Jack Lamar, Miss Camllle by Mrs. Toole and graceful hostesses at a tea given Friday afternoon In compliment to their gut - st. Miss Marlln. Jf Ohio, and Miss Reynolds. calving by Miss Kate Williams. Miss Eunice Williams, Miss Lucille Flanders. Miss Marian Lane, Mlas Nancy Winchester, Mlaa Johnnie Logan. Mrs. Maury M. Stapler. Mrs. Charles Bannon. Mrs. Rm - mett Small, Mrs. John Shlnbolaer, Mrs. Hlllyer Rudlslll. Mlsa Carrllu Richards cards Thursday afternoo The muslcale given un Of the 'ladles of the SI Stapler. Thursday night, was a brilliant affair. Miss Martha Wilson, the gifted daughter of Mr. Edgar Wilson, .had a, prominent place on the programme,, and the audience was charmed with her beautiful voice. Mlaa Wilson baa agent several years studying music m New York, and Is now engaged tn sing In ona of the leading churches of the metropolis. The card party at which Mr. and Mrs. W niter Lamar entertained Wednesday evening in honor of Mrs. William Prltch - ard Coleman, of New Tors, was a pleasant occasion. The tables were arranged on the veranda. Mrs. George Duncan won the ladles' prlae, a sHver pen staff. and also the lone - hand prize, "Cap and a coiiecrion or aociety verse, air. L/uncan won me gentleman! oook or stones ny George Howard CTianier Christy's picture, "Ready for the Ball," was the pretty souvenir of the occasion, which was given to Mrs. Coleman, the guest of honor. Mr. and Mrs. George Duncan entertained a few congenial friends at an evening. Mrs. William the guest of bonor. Miss Camllle Lamar and Mrs. Ferdinand Guttenberger are at Indian Spring. Miss Rosalind Davis. Mies Hennle Lou lies Maybeth Taylor and Miss ngham have returned from tertained at a house party given by Mrs. Miss Davis will leave on the 10th of Julv for an extended trip, going first to and New York. *en to Ruth Med berry i Fond du Lao. Wls - Log Cabin ■ night. Hlckey, of Lynchburg, Va. next season's popular debutantes. dlsses Margaret and Mary Callaway (ertained the Young Ladles' Card Club Friday morning. The prise, a cut - lett Barnes will entertain at lay evening in compliment to , of Texas, who la the guest AUGUSTA'S SOCIAL SIDE Augusta. Ga.. June 21.— <9pVI spondence.)— The engagement of Sie Maria. May and" Mr Fred 1 rlage to take place on the evenln J8. The bride is the daughter ol Mrs. James T. May and a granc On Tuesdny even and Mr. P. J.' Hard. Father O'Shannaha Mlas Julia Bralle ■ rranddaughter ita. Mr. >red the Sacred tlmore, Philadelphia, Atlantic City ew York. JJcoBson, of Atlanta; •flsses Llllle osa Eevine, of Atlantfi, and Miss Jacobson. ot CamBen,' S. 0., are of the STTssF - s BurTies. »? Nina and Salsy Verdftfy Have re in Verdery, ih Atlanta. ', M'.n of Mrs. T f Charleston, . McAuliffe ( f Mobile. Ah I Dr. and A?rs. 1 ] Saratoga and Nei fri^ro^ Ing her motffer. Mrs Bur Annie Adele Belrman 3 Klempt. of New York. \ palms for the occasion a Clifford Oliver and Pea Mr. Piatt Is superintendent of t The Summervllle circle of King tars and Sons held a delightful and dime tea at the home of M Dawson on the Hill Tuesday from 6:S0 to 8 p. m The eve played for their amusement. F U o'clock the older folks enjoye Andonegui. the glffed violinist. The Hussa the river larK - Indulged In and supper wag served on the boat. Mlas Vera Foster", of Jonesville. S. C. and Mr. C. A. Pender, of Augusta, were married In Columbia at 1 o'clock Tuesday and are now at .home to their friends at ot her marriage Miss Foster was the Miss raille Mae Doughty Is the guest of the MTsses Toombs, in Washington. Ga. Miss Annie Srhwelgert has gone to Amerleus, Ga., where she will be an attendant at the Glover - Ma ssee marriage. Mlas Laura Ba tertian has gone to Sullivan's Island for two weeks. Mlaa Jenna Garrett has returned from a pleaaant visit fb relatives In South asroitaa. Miss Louise WrigTit has gone to Chautauqua for the summer. Mrs. McLaughlin knd Miss Mclaughlin. The < t Is need < Mis C. tJ. Dahlgren, of this city, the marrli to take place on the 25th at Staunt The people of Augusta, among whom ] Dahlgren la highly esteemed, regret know that his future home Is to be Atlanta, where he will go with his bi after am Cotton c has Just bee of assistant ^Conlpany' i promoted the position with hefad - aa his successor re - rtmv. him Here. lira. James RutlSdge. of Atlanta, fot tnerly Miss Maude page, .o Mrs. R. t. Fuller and ehll •one to Sullivan's island. w» and Mrs. C H. Howard. fast ' returned from a three weeks' trip It yon want cannot take a bet - •ba ter medicine ^fi - v V4 than the B.t - Wta^lfJMA ten. It U the ^Wkw^^^F^\. M>t beaith re - — fSMK^MMti^, storer known a*tg^fl£VfeI^^*B 10 ^leoce, and Head0 he! 1^* BEES* , A uJZ Fever Williams have gone l , Miss Emma*l /ester, < Sullivan's •:ia Lester '. Ben Les and Miss CoUngton, Ga, ROME SOCIETY, Rome, Ga.. June 21— < Special Corre - •Poh}lence.) - Mrs. F. W. Dixon, of Blr - S4rs. Walter Cbeyney, at her pretty home.' : - VHenaJra," Just outside of East Kome. Mrs. Dixon wiH be pleasantly remembered as Mlaa Cora Holmes, daughter of the lafe wr. u. w. Holmes, ana ner nss« »re most welcome to Romans. Rev,_Chasles B. Hudglns, rector of St. Peters ohuroh. Is In Birmingham, the guest of Mr. Julian Hume. Miss Lilly Hnropsrare nas murnw irum New York, where she (haa been on an extended visit to her brother. Mr. Ralph Shropshire. Miss RMtftttn Noble., of Annlston, Ala.. Is In «ie city, the guest ot her sister. Mrs. I. A, Smith, on East First street. Miss Leila Mooney has gone to Knox - Hon. Henry R. Ooetchlus and Mlsa [ary McKlnley are In the city visiting Ir. Charles B. Goetchlua. chapter, Daughter t. B. Forrest Confederacy, with the following officers: President, Mrs. Ida Nevin Patton; vice president. Mrs. Jessie We** Hlne; treasurer. BJrs Stella Corput Dean; recording secretary. (Mrs. J. D. Campbell; corresponding [ secretary Miss Nannie Flemming; rlan Mrs Helen Underwood Nevin. The chapter organised with twenty - three CM™%^r?b8™roT*hlre and her grand daughter. :th4*l8*,a A w^dingfOf£pec^al jnter< well known and \ \ being congratulated by h ^aMrs.W Rober MUch'elf, of I Henrdy.lnM^.r ang others.^ son U?ft' Frli at Cumberlaj Mr. and I 5C' Fouche gave a musical at Jecond avenue on Thursday nor of her niece. Miss Mary aehvllle. Tenn. Miss Mitch - Mr. and Mrs. J. C. formerly of the sunrmer at the Signal hotel. Bluff - t0Mrs. Llla Ward Hamilton has gone to Johnson and fcfr°two weeks' and Mrs D St. West Point Ga, Savannah, Ga., June tb— {Special Corre spondence.)— This haa been a week of con - been going on tn society was chiefly the me of this fact The most preten - affalr of the week was. the reception and dance given Tuesday evening at the Desoto in honor of the visiting bankers :he ladles who accompanied them. The ladles of the reception committee were - aseaaames Horace A. crane, Wil liam M. Da/vant, "5. H. to till. W. W. Gordon, Jr., F. D. Blood worth, George J. Mills. J. J. Dale. LeRov Myers. John M. Bryan. J. G. Grady. W. F. McCauley, Charles a. Bills and Leopold Adler. >r spending about an hour In the re ception room the guests were invited to go Into the dining room, which was area for dancing, and here for their sasure had been arranged a delightful programme. There was music by Leon's orchestra and a procession of little folks tancy areas entered through tne our doors and passed up the long room. The s Mildred Jerger, Eloise Grady, Vel - lelson. Sara Bacon. Lamar Baker* im Harty, Jerome Sullivan and Car) Stulte, all vary cunning figures. The ■boj - s were In knee breeches, and long - .talled coaU. the girls In flowered gowns and wearing very imposing white wigs. on as these little people disappeared, 11 Crane and Alan McDonell, dressed alte and blue middy suits, did the Seller's hornpipe most cleverly. The last special dance was the sextette from "Flo - by Agnes Simmons, Alan McDonell, ! Jones. Averill Crane, Cornelia Vaughn, Lawrence Semen, Edith Thorn Richard Jewett. Isabel Jones ana ?tt Bishop. As the last curtesy was made and the last note sung, there ap d two very tiny Florodora people, Mildred Jerger and Cart Stults, who were captivating in their grown - up parte. made their entrance, Mr. Llewellyn Hlll of Macon, wag induced to give a cou ple of recitations, which added something dancing later In the evening and the ' *whe*» "to dettclou* supper was The home of Mr. and Mi Knight on Park avenue was tne scene Tujesday evening of the pretty wedding of Mlsa Ellen Knight and Mr. William George Thompson, Jr. Mlas Gertrude Cushman, of Gainesville, presided at the piano, and Just before Mendelssohn's Knight, the bride's brother, sane; "Be little ribbon bearers, Misses Julia Thompson and Margaret Crawford, in i frocks with blue sashes, men en - I by the flower gtrl. Mlas Nellie Thompson, who wore write and pink and nor, Miss Luella H. Clark, of Jack lie, preceding the *r1d«, who walked her father.' The groom and his best aldomeonftaAtl' 3»t delightful i Mrs. Slgnor Misses Mary and. C « Lanier entertained nds on Monday even :o her guest. Miss 3a: inta. The affair wai one, and enjoyed by ev Miss Addle Adams, of Opellka, Is vis UMfseell3Martta "and* MoHI^I - eila Hors ley. charmingly entertained on Wednes day evening >n honor of their visitors Misses Danief and Markham. of Colum E!tntfed wW* iety people of , Miss Mary Willis Anita Peeples. o mer Slmme. ; delightful entei home. Porterdale. t miles from Covin ton. In honor of Miss Marion McKa of Tampa. Fla.. Thursday evening. Th rated with Japanese lanterns, and wi the moonlight rejected in the river t low the effect was beautiful, making t - onercaie an weal Place for such « party. Hon. O. 8. Porter presided ovei the punch bowl. Miss Porter was assist ed In receiving by Miss Marlon McKay Mrs. John Porter and Miss Bradley. ?h< large veranda was cleared and dancing Major and Mrs. John B. Davie. Mrs. Katie Gray, of Atlanta guest of Mrs. Dunlap. Mrs. C. E. Dunlap has ae 1 Misses Eltle and Hat tie Dunlai lanta; Mrs Kate Gray, of At la Miss Maggie Drtvet The younger set was entertained delightfully Wednesday afternoon by Mlaa Eltxa Davis Is compliment to Miss Anita Peeples, of Atlanta. Miss Davis was assisted In receiving by Miss Emmie Davis and Mrs. R. F. Davis. Ae a diversion a greatly enjoyed. ber of friends Thursday evening complimentary to her guest, Mlsa Laurie Harrison, of Atlanta. The parlors, dining room and hall were all thrown oaen and fbr a abort while a series of games were greatly enjoyed, alter Which delightful ices ware served and then the guests paired off and enjoyed the remainder of tne evening on the fawn Ladies' Club Friday morning from 16 to n ta. a number or young at end the morning wee) llclous refreshments were served. day afternoon from 5 to I o'clock by Mrs. James F. Rogers at her beautiful home on Floyd street, and from * to 1 o'clock she entertained the young people In honor ?™e Mouata5inUsprlng Social Circle, Social Circle, Correspondence. Gunter entertati ihonor of Miss Lollie Green, of Mrs. Turnipseed. of Hamp - e Blaslngame. of Jersey, vl Miss Valla Walke aj>rotracted visit I Harrleon/pf Rosa Belle Knoa. of Covington. with saafa and benches and the. affair ' wee infh. - nature of a lawn party ' Buffalo— Chicago Palatial Steamships NORTH WEST and NORTH LAND. bI^ - Vy. SAVANNAH'S SOCIAL NEWS l Clarence R. Mrs. Ciu The c . P. McCorkle. as held after t m. Gertrude Cush - ie Misses Maclean Miss Clarke, of . Jacksonvjlte, and Mr. H. R. Knight, of ferae Haute. Mr. Mrs. Thompson lelt Tuesday nigni and upon their return elll" reside at MB The Pleasure Gin* held one of its de - ligthfui meetings Tuesday afternoon et a plaque, was won by Mrs. Aaron Fsrst. Mrs. Ferdinand Well received the See - a hand - painted Inkstand. The guest's prise, a pretty picture, waa awarded to Mrs. Joseph, jr., ot axjsu*" Judge and Mrs. Atkinson and Mlas Nell Atkinson, of Brunswick, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. E - Moynelo. A small number of eongenial friends. island, returned to, the city Wednesday. Mrs. Pape chaperoned and the others in the party were Misses Nan duBlgnon, ■N1na Crane, May duBlgnon, Leonora Gabbett, Mrs. Louie Morgan, Pierre Hoist, Robert Waller ana Kicnara sa. Charlton. Mr. T. Lloyd Owens took a party out this morning for a week'e cruise. His guests were Misses Ethel Taylor, Nina Crane, Clifford Munnerlyn. Jeanle Haines. Messrs. A. Pratt Adams. Pierre Hoist and Tyrel Morgan. Mrs. Munnerlyn chaperoned. Mr. Alonxo Srbrondt left Tuesday for New York, from where he sailed Thurs day for Europe to spend the summer. Other Savannahans sailing oh the earn* steamer were Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Haskell and Miss Sallle Haskell. Miss Leonora Swift, of Columbus. Is Uft <n.«.t nf MIm r^onora Gabbett. Mr*. John L. Hammond end MTss Marion Hammond left for 'New York Wednesday. The7 expect to sail ror Europe on the 1st of July to spend several months abroad. Miss Ceclle Woods, who has been visiting Miss Pansy Boyd in Oxford, Ga.. haa Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Guerard have re moved to their cottage at the Isle Hope for the summer. ^ Ing Mrs. Stoney at Plneopolls, returned home during the week. Mrs. James G. Mills Is spending time at Hotel Tybee. Mrs. James L. Staton, Misses Emma Griffin and Virginia Hamilton Staton are guests of Mrs. S. P. Hamilton. Mrs. W. C. Dennis and the Misses Dennis, who formerly lived here, but aire re siding now In Kansas City, are visiting Mr. and I ; 71;:: Fred E. Mustln arrived la visiting relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B and their children, of Mtraphii Ing Mr. and Mrs. Benjf M*e James Fursd officiated. Mr. Stepher Mrs. Thomson left on tl tries H. Strom ■mony Mr. am r wedding tour Griffin, Ga. Griffin, Ga., Jupne 21.— <Spe< spondence.)— Mrs. O. J. Howi of the Social ClrcK church. A large nu the benefit ladles and ad Mrs. Gus Redding and chll - obert and Augustus, of Atlanta, ■sts of Oolbnel and Mrs. R. 3 rent of 'the week was the recep - , - en by Mrs. B. R. Blakely in r her niece. Miss Louise Johnson, Mrs. Will Searcy received the the hall, while in the dining Joseph Thomas, Mrs. Joseph Boyd, Miss Mattle Rivers, Mies Gena Prltchard. Miss Susanna Grantland, Miss Rosalyn Blakely. More than two hundred guests carted during the afternoon and evening. On Wednesday afternoon between 6 and 7 o'clock Mrs. A. J. - Burr entertained deiigntrui Miss Mary Neel, of - Cartersville, is t uest of Miss Mary Banks Mills. ^ young hostess Tuesday evening to a nut Ashburn, Ga, Ashburn, Ga.. June n.— (Special CorYe - spoTHlence 1 - The wedding of Mlas Ethel Scarborough and Mr. /. B. Tyler, which Episcopal church, was one of church to theetrainaof Mendelssohn's wedding march, which was order: - Flower girls. little Joeie ana Eudora Henderson; ushers. J. B. Bose man, W. L. Harvey, F. E. Hudson. E. C. Harrell; bridesmaids. Misses Amma Evans Lillian Gllmore, Ella May Evans, Evelvn Rutherford. The bride end maid of honor. MUs Eula Pirer, bar cousin, - was performed by In a verv beautiful impressive manner, after wklch a *as rendered by Mrs. O. 8. Evans, the ceremony a reception was held AVe^Mr^nTMrTTV Horeland, Ga. Moreland. Oa.. June ». - <Speclal Cor - Tespendence.)— Tne mem age or mi** Grace Couch, of Mocajsnd. and Mr. Wn - at the Baptist church at Moreland last Wednesday evening. The ushers entered first. Mr. E. C. Powers, Mr. J. Claude Arna'l followed by the sWendente. who enter 1 In couples down the side aisles Miss, s Eunice Hand. Llxaie Belle Couch, Mai Belle Couch. Mattle Camp, Messrs. George Hatcher. John Camp, Warner Can^^ J - J - Oatswood^^ Couch, They were met a* the altar by glnbotham. After the ceremony a de - Mr word f:fm Atlanta, were Messrs. J. J. Getewood. Hlgalnbotham, E. C. Powers and George O. Hatcher. LaGrange, Ga. I>aGrange. renpondence.)— On Friday - (Special Cor - evenlng Miss . of Atlanta; Nell Johnston, of Pal 3; Maude I>emon, of Macon, and Marrie Head, of College PaTk. The ICial 'r e of h for the occasion and the function ,wa garden, one of the most beautlfi of western Georgia, had been protecte for the occasion and presemed great wav Ing beds of blossoms, roses In tihelr man colors and hues oredomlnatlng. Elegan lends. die*. Bad Sunday school class departed with their f re nds and more n love with their teacher Miss N«n Nell, a beautiful young lady r Atlanta, la spending a most dellght il time with Miss Annie Lou Hood. On Thursday evening at her home on tain street. Mrs. Martha Hill entertained Club and a number of other InvKted guests. The club was out In full force and u pieasanter occasion has never been enjoyed by Its members. The popular game of carrom was participated In around ten boards. Mrs. Robert Parham Abrahams being the lucky winner of the first prise, a very handsome tin. After ngntrul refreshments w*re assisted in serving Cumming - Roberts. GOOD COMPLEXIONS. Margaret L Briers' talk With Giris - Thls Time About Their Faces and The Way to Take Care of Them. tne bride's sister, Miss Carrie Poole, maid of honor. The other »attend were Miss Flora Baxley, of Talla l, and Mr. DeWItt Poole, i bride made a lovely picture In her ing gown of white chiffon over taffeta trimmed with lace and pearls. Her veil was of tulle caught up lilies of the valley. The maid of and bridesmaids were lovely In gowns of embroidered chiffon trimmed ouquete of asparagus ferns. After the r\he br daughter marriage of Miss Mall le Roberts and Mr. Howard <Ju naming waa solemnised at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning at the homo of the bride s parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Roberta, Rev. T. J. Holmes, of Ten - nllle. officiating. The spacious parlors were unusually attractive In decorations of white and green, foliage plants, smilax and choice blossoms being freely and a - - tlstically arranged Mlas Susie Yar - brough played the wedding march and the bridal party entered In the following order: Miss Beulah Ivey. gowned In cream white, with Reese Brantley; Miss Kate Roberts, in pink organdie, with Oscar Smith, of MllledgevUle: Miss Willie Roberts, meld of honor, in a beautiful blue costume, supporting the bride, whose elaborate toilet of white waa aecentu - valler.VMr.g WSrK. U<B^11 groom as beet man. A brief followed the ceremony. The charming Camming Is a rising young bustnc and integrity of character. Foole - Tamltn. DouglasvUle. Ga.. June 21.— (Sped at)— One of the prettiest home weddings of the season was that of Miss Flora Mav Poole, of DouglasvUle. and Mr. James uuvtn Tumlln, of Tallapoosa, wnicn oc curred during the past Week, The hou* waa artistically decorated throughout. attended 1 As s race we bars gone complexion mad. Can anyone take up a paper nowadays without seeing In It one or tero wonderful recipes for making the skin a marvelous white, or for rellerlng it of pimples and spots? Moat of these recipes are so hopelessly ridiculous that it does not seom possible that any woman would take than seriously, were It not that they are for the most part saddled on to the name of some prominent woman. Take Mae. PatU. for Instance. She Is credited with using no water on her face, bat Instead creams and lotions whose names are legion. Why, if she were to use bat half of them, she wouldn't have time to entertain her friends in that delightful way others, or to do anything much the livelong day but plaster a new lotion on her face every half, minute. And the result would be, not the beautiful complexion she now has, but a face old aa«. wrinkled. As a matter of face, Mme. Pattl does wash , her face, although she does so rationally. She puts a few beautifying preparations on It, too— preparations she is convinced will not hurt, her skin. . If women would but understand It, plastering the face with all kinds of creams and lotions and astringents never would bring a good complexion. These things are all very well in their way, if their use Is net carried to extremes, but It's like giving a man who la sick a stimulant It makes him better for the minute, but he's a good deal worse afterwards. Wrinkles, liver spots, a muddy complexion, pimples, blackheads, all are the result of something much deeper than the skin. When you wish a good complexion don't try to plaster up those aggravating ■pots, but go to the root of the trouble. Remember that the skin merely reflects the physical condition. , Why, I have seen girls who spent hours each dsy on their complex lone, and yet had no end of pimples and blotches on their faces. In fact, their great complaint was that the more they put on their faces the worse were their complexions. These girls do not understand It, but the trouble with them lies in their generative organs. Nature haa provided the monthly Illness expressly that women may keep themselves beautiful. But unless that event Is regular and without pain. It Isn't doing the task thst nature assigned to it If It cornea on too quickly, It causes a sallow complex Ion; If It Is delayed, the face breaks out in pimples and the nose gets red. and in either case the event Is accompanied by pain thst creates nervousness and a fretfulness that brings more lines to the fare than any woman would believe possible, if she had not investigated the matter. , Organic Inflammation Is another great cause fot a bad complexion. If you will give a moment's thought to It fou wJH readily see that it would be impossible to have a clear complexion when there 1b some to* flammition of the female organs, or some unnatural discharge. The existence of either Indicates the presence of some foreign matter that of course, must affect the blood. And since the face is more exposed to the air than any other portion of the bod>, the blcod carries all theao impurities to the face and deposits them there, to break out in sll those eruptions we are continually fighting Give up fighting the eruptions. Don't bother your brain about those local troubles. Instead, start In to fight those diseased and unnatural conditions that exist In your generative ' organs. Take Lydla B. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound, and it will make you regular and stop unnatural discharges. If you do that before long your complexion will clear and the pimples and the blackheads sill rure •bems*lves. How many women are there who go down to the thirties and forties without having their faces overed wth a network of wrinkles, until they look like railroad maps? Not many. Yet all these lines and wrinkles, are quite unnecessary, and would never be there If women would be but rational. Oh. I know all about the troubles and worries and nervousness that you say brings them. But just atop and think a minute, and you will know that half yi ir worries are caused not by actual events, but by pains In the back and aide, and other achea that come to women so frequently. These pains make the daily life unbearable, un'il It seems almost Impossible to get through with it — and night finds the woman with a face screwed up to the highest tension, and a whole lot of lines that cheerfulness and good nature never put there. Do stop it my sisters. Oet yourselves Into proper condition. Look after tnose unnatural aches and pains. Take Lydla E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, and you won't be nervous and worried, and your face » will smooth Itself out and happiness will shine through the lines, and before long the linea themselves will disappear. When you reach thst stage, you can devote a little attention to a beautifying lotion, If you wlah. But don't put your faith in the wonderful - merits of any lotion to cure something that shows In your face, but really exists, In those organs peculiar to our sex. Come and inspect the gorgeous display of Silver, rich Cut Glass and exquisite hand painted China I am making for the June Wedding Season. Also be sure to see the Twentieth Century Diamonds on exhibition. CHARLES We CRANKSHAW, Diamond Merchant and Jeweler 33 Whitehall Street elegant reception by the parents ride. The bride is the youngest e of the most beautiful young w'verof sterling character and business Witty whose future to unusually bright. he bride and groom left Thursday nl»ht Daltotit Ga, ton. Ga., June 21. - (Special, ) - MI« Mauds Brown, of West Point. Oa.. Is th. *Mtos Mamie In Kettles, who has beei the much admired g >t of Miss Eva Laf - home in flylvanls, Ga.. Tuesday. Mrs. Pr. J. C. Blvings is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Stewart Marshall, in Misses Marie Flemlster and Estelle Nancs are visiting relatives in Atlanta. Miss Olive Head left yesterday for KnoxvUle, where she will spend the sum - Mr. and Mrs. B. L. HeartsMl are visiting relatives In Arkansas and Texas. Misses Dimple and Tod McCamy have returned from a pleasant visit to friends In KnoxvUle. Tenn. Miss Marvin TrevKt and Mr. it. Mortimer Jack, of Rome, were married - at the Thornton avenue home of the bride Wed nesday evening at 6:30 0' their home tn Rome. Mr. and Mrs. A. Trevltt of Cartersville, and Urt The af - . Jack left Immediately tor Continued on page Thirty - six. DIAMONDS. [ an offering absolutely tear white, perfect dia - than any other jeweler in the South. I buy for cash and at as tow cost as any one can possibly buy, and sell for cash only at a less profit than any other Jeweler will sell. The diamonds I offer are net to be compared In price and quality with any others except absolutely clear white, perfect stones which are guaranteed to be Just as I PMn fcsr.lKh, If von want it want to purchase a diamond call and Inspect my stock. KELLEY, Tha Jawalar,

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