The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 12, 1911 · Page 7
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 7

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 12, 1911
Page 7
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THE CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, OA* SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1911. • 'A 9. PROBE PROPOSED FORWIRE SERVICE Telegraph and Telephone Rates to Be Investigated. Petition* Pouring In on Inter - WHISKIES All That's Good In Coal Lett In, All Thai's Bad Lett Out" One - fifth more heat by government test — cleanly to handle, convenient to store— no smoke, odor, or clinkers. Scarcely any ashes — needs no kindling — holds lasting heat There are so many "corking" talking points about "CO ALETTES" it is hard to decide what is the best thing to say first. However, MORE HEAT, BETTER HEAT and LONGER HEAT for your money is good enough a plenty to open up the "COAL ETTE" conversation with. When you buy fuel, you are not so much interested in the BULK you buy as you are in the HEAT THAT TOU ARE GOING TO GET OUT OP THE BULK YOU BUY, AS YOU BURN IT. That's where "CO ALETTES" has the call on ANY FUEL ON EARTH; as by actual government test it has been shown to possess ONE FIFTH MORE THERMAL HEAT UNITS TO THE TON THAN ANTHRACITE COAL. "CO ALETTES" IS MADE, NOT MINED, and is a PURE CARBON FUEL, and after ignition is smokeless and odorless; positively leaves no clinkers and scarcely any ashes. It is constantly uniform in size, shap' and quality, convenient to store and cleanly to handle. ' ' CO ALETTES" positively BURNS THE PULL CONSUMPTION OF EVERY PARTICLE, and gives an intense heat. "IT IS GREAT FOR GRATES" as it gives a constant glow when once started. "COALETTES" is an innovation in fuel economics and convenience, unsurpassed in the history of heating methods and material. You . will shortly be able to buy "COALETTES" from your ' neighborhood grocer, just as you do apples or potatoes ; and is going to be a great convenience for small families having limited storage space for fuel, as they can buy in small quantities in stout 20 pound paper sacks, at no advance in price, just when they need it, and as much or as little as they may wish to buy at a time. "COALETTES" is now being manufactured on a large scale in Atlanta by the SOUTHERN COMPRESSED COAL CO., who will supply all telephone orders promptly. Phone FIRST THING IN THE MORNING for information, prices, etc. We Will Send You a 20 - lb. Sample Sack for 10c I Phone— Main 3787 | SOLE MANUFACTURERS IN ATLANTA OF THE FUEL SENSATION OF THE CENTURY— "COALETTES" For Heat "Coalettes" Can't Be Beat and That Body Realizes That Rate* Most Be Revievred - At tempt at Washington; Nbv»ss*er. UV— A thorough Investigation - ef, existing telegraph - and telephone ntM - U believed have been tiled with this " Interstate eommerce commission , in the form of petition" directing, theatlentifln of the commission "to tfie apparent' purpose" American Telephone and Tele - • 40 monopolise all fa ct the - graph Company .cilalleB.for wire coolnrunJcattCpV "The movements to.. compel action on the part of the commission, which :waa glyen Jurisdiction oyer - telegraph : ana telephone llnee under the last act' man - datory of the Interstate commerce Jaw, Is a conoerted one." .• The petitions. Identical In fora* prdfess to - set forth the desires, of individuals In several •n Rates Must Be Reviewed. - ' While no acuon haa been taken 'thus far . the commission. It la . said, realties that if la only a matter of a short time before the question of rates most be reviewed. .When" the commission - las tied its order assuming held expression telegraph conditions wouM disclose the fact that the people are now, and for a long time have been delibaeytely deprived of the advantages, bepfeflts and economies of low uniform rates by systematized violations of the law designed tor their protection and Betterment That exorbitant rates for unimproved service have been maintained either by actual combination or by 'gentlemen's agreements' and that strenuous efforts have been employed to prevent the Introduction of cheap tolls, wheth. er by competition or legislative meas "Your attention is Invited to the apparent purpose of .the American Telephone and Telegraph Company to monopolise all facilities for wire communication to the destruction of competition and the possibility of low charges for the use of wire service other interpretation than petlng companies. telegraphic art, the public Is entitled to that sort of service." The petitioners declare their belief that "carefully deliberated efforts being made by the telegraphic trus prevent the progress of Independent d they, therefore, urge to - investigate the op eration, business and policies of all the telegraph companies of the united States." ■'. PROGRAM FOR TODAY AT ORGAN RECITAL The Sunday free organ concert at the Auditorium - Armory will take place as usual this afternoon at * o'clock* under the auspices of the Atlanta Music Fes. rival Association. These concerts are regularly attended this fall by audiences of from 3,000 to 4,000 people. The auditorium has a seating capacity of over 0,000 and the general public la cordially invited. Dr. Percy J. starnes. c will render the following program Overture in Co. In B flat. Starnes — Impr at — March on i KJerulf — Cradle Song. FIVE VACANCIES ON PARK BOARD Election Will Take Place on First Monday , December. On the third Header ta December the sounct l wUleleot five snembers of the lark comnrsjaloa frocn the third, sixth. Event*, eighth and «^ wards. The commissioners whose terms expire are Gordon M. Bart el. X. at Harwell. W. P. Andeiwaa.^QeeraW. gggg JJ* Davis have resigned because they have moved oat et their respective wards. Before the election occurs in Decom position ee far. It Is bell Messrs. Hurtel, Dunlap, To banks and Andersen will s elected. ' FILLING COX JURY. Probable That the Case May Open Monday Morning. Miami. Fla, November 11.— At 1 o'clock this afternoon the clr YOUNG MEN MEET TUESDAY NIGHT Mystery Surrounds pose for Which Is Given. the M. and M. will X00 of At B. & WILLINGHAM SLIGHTLY HURT Fall, as He Was Alighting From Tram Yesterday Bartow S. Wnilngham, the noted prohibition leader, slightly injured while attempting to will "play night' •g la Mr. Pests' psoas, Tuesday night. lub. the chamber of Jury for tender exhausted, one man being provisionally be brought accepted, thus nil lag the box. but leav - 1 present. . _ — .. - r,!,, - , - < - h»J]enire for the! In order and two for the state Court 1 prominent and able cltisena considered iStnuroed until 7 o'clock tonight, when ">e most capable the Jury will probably be completed men of the city, the chamber of core* Paper. Company, and all preliminaries closed (or open - merce sent out a large number of let - Klein. Coledge log of the case Monday morning. SSsto ■ select a .Mr. Willlngham had gone to Gain ville to deliver a speech in the Interest of the former governor's race for governor, and was attempting to alight from the train at that point when be fell. The telegram stated that Mr. wmirnrham's face was scratched bj the tall, aad that he suffered a slight Injury front i secrecy rest whsi.'SWr^l.S. Play antra* a lss> iss The first night" was a decided success at •fl - aSk.' eve already, day another "play night" wi4 take that they place and will be under the direction whom they of Messrs - Milton Klein and J. W. I citizens considered sent ta to the game shower. The larg and talented yemenx ee* contributors were Ahe Hirschberg le chamber of eonW| Paper. Company. Montag Bros.. Mil ton sse numoer of let - | Klein. Coledge Newcomer. .Next rn Armlstead, assisted by a large number purpose of electing ■■■rsi Tolmatcheff has announced that only those seat - young ana rising men; ana tni Selected with Core GHOOSE yum wktokies with as much care as ycru would your lxiends. It's influence, for good or bad, is as great as that of a person, and often lasts much longer. Many men of many minds hare distilled many whiskies of many kinds. But we are always sure that any whiskey sold under an Oppenheim label k pure and wholesome, and smooth enough to tickle the palate of the most fastidious. Absolutely pure, delightfully smooth and erery drop uniformly good, they are pre - eminently the best whiskies obtainable for family or private use. Your money will be promptly refunded if our goods are not perfectly satisfactory. Rye ;oS. - :^::;:::::::!S At It It sturiMo*'. . » .»vi, - » « a - * « - - ♦"«*• • *« • **>* .. - ^mm, Maryland , » , ».» e saasxim 4 00 6 00 U* 4 00 OldVanSrefc............. 5 W . TiSf » SJ 4 7S Nt»b.Haas. .h..,t0Q 8 30 1I0» Stn i n a. in - i, imi ^ Cora WMa4cles . . ,C^1««.s:..,,,vss,»t« 3 49 6 7$ *00 » SweatirUafc. _,...,.»..... J «0 3 90 7 *» 1M 4 Oorj - . . . . ....,...».. «. 1 00 4 4S SOS 'tit'" % Otorvsr .......... ...... S» 4 7* 9 00 I M S rw.<Ma,.,.s^s>.i»iK4a 5 M WOi S SI 6 Barar. XXX .T^***"™**™** 40 IN * 6 73 ■ - 1 0 / ■ • r - J - sss^...*......,.! •» 4«; ^.4S . ^JL - . - nt NeSVa Peeeh . „~.T. w'. w."^ - . . 3 00 ' ££ ■<** «*W^ ■aw^AVfwS. .....a...... » 00 4 4S 8 Z* .Si S XNtaaer ............ .VT". «f B1*'\ ^J* ! - E i Ola^aaaa.. ............. 4 00 M00 3 75 7 i—pniii. n^"" Leacocfc ............ .T/S 00 S«4r « « ' :« Extra fluiiiilBi ..... ....4 00 11 00 J 75 7 All ar»oT« awtawa are STptisi ae^arsst. ^asessks sm tn mi aw isssw Sat t rtmmm aj,a,r'h(i We giiafaBtes goods ajjpa ssosapl. $4 10 , | 6 00 S 10 ' ' 7 so 5 SO " 7,90 iis Tio 6 60 1 1 9 25 7 60 11 00 *00 1S - J0 S »0 14 00 s so 6 25 7 00 • 10 o *„«. .1 IS in prompt shipnM iu sarisrfactioo. I. H. OPPENHEIM CO. rascsssraswwaSesjrl SCOV1LLE OPENS NEW HOTEL SOON Newman Chris - Miss France* tens the New Building "The Dakota." acoville has always Just Just opening or is Just about to open a new hotel. It Is also noticeable that they don't close. Scovllle's latest Is the - Hotel Dakota," on the corner of Houston and which will be formally opened next Thursday night. The Dakota starts its career under oat auspicious conditions, having ■en christened Its present name by women. Miss Frances Newman, daughter . of Judge W. T. Newman, of the United. States circuit court, of the northern district. A. number of names. ss the "Stonewall," as announced several days paper, before Miss. New: "Hotel Dakota.' It will be of "Dakota' EASTERN FINANCIERS PASS THROUGH TODAY En rente to Hew Orleans to attend the annual convention of the American Bankers' Association, a large party of prominent eastern hankers and will special November 1» York to Ke Limited, arriving In Atlanta at S p. i The special will remain in Atlanta on a few minutes, continuing oh to Ne Orleans over the West Point route. The bankers' special will reach Ne leave New Orleans November New*' York? ro in this [ On account of advancing age the the new hotel the . - ~j JS^^Jtfr™, WitlCkKSrtAM PA1 VISIT TO ATLANTA Attorney General Inspect* the Federal Prison in South Saturday In Atlanta cams to the city to m Uen of the federal prlsi Mr. wickershSm rtvod in the city.. He had previously visited the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth. A thorough Inspection was made of the Atlanta prison, after which Jar. Wlckersham went Immediately to the home of Captain William Q. Raoul, on Peachtrse street, whose guest he was during the evening.., He declined to receive a reporter last night - stating through Captain Raoul that he was very tired and had nothlng^to^ give Riverside Drive apartments, of New with basement, and contains fifty rooms, which are now being hand somely furnished by Johnson - Di w hotel will be furnished aad finished In the same complete style as the others of Mr. Scovllle's hotels, the Marlon, the Scovllle and the recently opened Imperial. DR. GILBERT OPPOSES PURCHASE BY CITY He May Refuse to Situ Vouch. er tor <~re Site. The president of the hoard of health, Dr. W. L. Gilbert, may decline to sign the voucher calling for ' I ,„„,, .nnum. I titular significance. !use0ttdwUlthe1 Gilbert has of this mones i from the 151 Be says that relief for the garbage es Dr. Gilbert, "and the 135.000 which council nas lett or tne 150,000 of bond Biscuits are always good S. Flour. when made ox & S To Suzanne at Twelve. r!r*ff?j|i^^~" j5is steel 11 — tt» ^'*LJ*^y£ijL^ ssr*aw. £ocomoi>He Concerning Locomobile "Service The sales of "The Best Built Car in America" in Southern territory have "increased so largely this season that in order to carry out the policy of giving the owners of our cars the best possible service, we have established in Atlanta a Branch House. This is our recognition of the appreciation ac corded the Locomobile by Southern motorists. * - « We are temporarily located at 236 Peachtrte street," pending our occupa - Dealers Wanted Iff at* / •/ .11 Company in Unoccujuthd UT^S^SS!mh of America. Territory in All CSHMhHHSp Atlanta Branch j *w*w.e»W ZZSEl | tn January. Sat tads is set so. and ail *sTsi - .,ef as* M.asahsaOs hm er -

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