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Orlando, Florida
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ORLANDO REPORTER-STAB FRIDAY DECEMBER 14 1917 ROSALIND RECEIVES. MANY OF AMERICA'S FOREMOST STARS ARE TO BE HEARD IN THE COMING MUSICAL FESTIVAL In contrast to the fast falling rain without, brilliantly lighted Rosalind Club rooms looked doubly attractive ESTES PHAR m. ulv. of the big events of this festival will V. .1 be "Ave Maria," i tS ave jiiarw, euiig uj imwoiu, yesterday afternoon.

A mimher nf ORLANDO, FLA. Orlando struck a high note musically when its Choral Society gave "Elijah" here, and Mr. Drennen is now holding the Musical Festival Cho- JQTSOUal with Elman playing the obllgato. There will lie five of these musical guests assembled in the rooms, to enjoy the delightful musical treat ar- rus 10 me oesi mai is in mem, so mis vems, one concert ueing arrangeo 10 ranged by Mrs. Florence Hudson high mark will not be lowered in the Florida talent Into prominence, ihalrman of tne hospitality i coming big events that he is plan tne musicians lor tms Demg drawn and her abIe gjstants, Mesdames from the big cities of the state, in- Waterg Howe Guernsey, and eluding Orlando.

On Sunday after- Mary Lengenbacli. ning. He says he has upward of two hundred voices in training for this festival, one hundred and fifty from Orlando, and seventy from Winter noon all the soloist of the "musical A program of rare merit well repaid Slinv rA SYMPHONY LAWN ring" will appear, Mlscha Elman also all who beared tbe raln Mi tWg wag rf-swt. vw sin rara; reuenrBiug nem on munuaj er. uumuum, 'opened by Miss Emily Perkins, Who night, and In Winter Park Tuesday, Mr.

Drennen says his people are wai niUslc.iiv introduced In Oriflnd for he feels that his plans for this doing most excellent work; they are at tna meetinsr of the Twentieth rn. festival are so ambitious that the best work of the society must be done, to do them Justice. aflJiitious and their sight reading of tury Clul)i MlBt Perkln won muic Is way up above the average, recognition there as pianist of the They will meet for reheareal on this hjgbegt order and her work Mr. Drennen, for the first time, an coming Monday night, and not again good her prevloUB Try our Mauna Laying Mash. It makeg 'em lay.

Orlando Grain Commission Co. 14 lit The farnoua "Red Cross" shoe. America's most popular shoe for Women, Is sold at Wilson's Shoe Store. it For Men Only. Special Saturday and Monday, Four pairs 35c value, Onyx Hose for $1.00.

Wilson's Shoe in charge. 18 15-17tr Mrs. Frederick Gilber and Miss Elizabeth Parker, of Klsslmmee, spent yesterday in Orlando shopping and while here were the gueBts of Mrs. Joseph. Bumby.

Fresh lot of Manna Laying Mash. Received at Orlando Grain ft Commission Co, 14-2t Mr. and Mrs. A Allen of Cleveland, Ohio, are In Orlando to spend nounces bis plans, whicn include the giving of two of the world's greatest un ine 7tn oc January, wneo tney win reputation. She gave her numbers in settle down to hard work for the fes- a magterly manner, selecting Chopin's oratorios, Haydn's "Creation and Rossini's "Stabat Mater," with full chorus and five of tbe shining stars of Metropolitan Opera for solo work, These are Marie Rappold, dramatic soprano; Jean Cooper, contralto: uvai.

says as Atiania nas -cut "Etude" In minor, out" Grand Opera this year. Orlando- MlfJi Gertrade HaUi ot oberlln. must do her best to supply its place ohlo mii9 beauUful selections musically, especially as this "cut out" for ner TOcal numbergi ung Xhe of cera made It possible to get the Swallows" by Frederick Cohen, and stars here. "Come to the Garden," by Mary Tur- The director says season tickets will ner SaUer) onjf gem, long to b8 M. te eleven dollars, which will include membered.

She was accompanied by the best teats for all five of the fes- her gigter Mrii peyton Musselwhlte. STATIONERY THAT IS DIFFERENT. Many have solved the eternal question of "What to give" by coming to us and selecting a fine cabinet filled with the best writing paper possible. Prices to suit you, from 25c. to $6.00.

ESTES PHARMACY The GtcaJUL Store Reed Miller, tenor, and Henri Scott, basso; with one of the three gteat violinist of the world, Mlscha Elman. Elman dividing with Ysaye and Kreis-ler, the laurel crown. Elman will give both solo work and obllgato, and one tivui events, and these seats will be transferable, so that tbey can ba pur-chased for family using. Mrs. Florence Hudson Is always abreast af the times, and her reading on "Food Conservation" was splendid In selection and rendering.

some time and are located at the Or- DAUGHTERS OF CONFEDERACY ENJOYED A I Mr. Henry Ward has ft rich, deep PLEASANT MEETING WITH MRS.ROBT. HOWE barltone- an ve u. 494 the CreUnyMn-atJd the Education of children yet to YUng'" land hotel. 7 Th's new shop will carry an ex elusive line of Novel garments and Is equipped In a very neat and artistic manner and Is well worth a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Phillips, of Rochester, N.

are among the late arrivals In Orlando. They are here for an Indefinite sojourn nd are registered' at the Orlando hotet. Mr. W. I Tilden, one ot the prom lnent citizens of Oakland, spent several hoitrs in Orlando today looking iter business matters.

Batter have your lifts for Chris t-sbas reserved sow. "Gat It At Allen's Jewelers. 11-14 tt Mr. Will prong and son, Dale, ware In Orlando yesterday morning from Winter Park, en route to Cincinnati, Ohio, to look after business matters. Oat It At Aliens-Buy your Christmas gifts at our Jewelery, store.

-11-14 tt Mr. P. Mundee, Florida agent of the A. n. A.

Railroad, with bead-quarters In Jacksonville, spent today In Orlando looking after transportation matters; Alligator Goods, Smoking Bets, Toys and Novelties, Brlshara hill. Oppos It' Phillips Theater. m-w Vr. J. M.

Cook and several of his assistant! went up to San ford this morning to unload a car load of Bulcks. They returned this afternoon driving through. Messrs. H. C.

Terry and G. Robey of the Bentley-Gray Dry Goods Company, Tampa, were in Orlando yesterday to attend the funeral of Mr. John W. IUnaldl, a highly esteemed coworker. SPECIAL 8 ALB of beautiful Hand-painted Baskets, Saturday, Colonial Ian Gift Shop.

Wa pack all articles ready for shipping. 12-12-3t Mr. and Mrs. E. C.

Swift, of Nashville, accompanied by Mrs. Ada-line Griffin and Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, hare arrived In Orlando to spend the winter and are nicely located at 208 Lake street Dr. J. C.

Howell, Osteopathy, Electrotherapy, Physical, and X-Ray DIag oals (Harvard). No charge for con sulfation. 3 N. Orange Ave, Phone Mr. W.

H. Reams, one of the well known and substantial citizens, of Winter Garden, transacted business in Orlando yesterday. He was accompanied by his two Interesting children, Check This List For "HIS" Present irum me reman uaraeu, in mosi artistic style. Mr. Ward was accompanied in his songs by Mrs.

Florence Hudson. The attractive program closed with two splendidly given piano numbers, by Miss Alia Soloofian, Moscowskl's "Gondoliers" and "Momento Glojosso" by tbe same composer, fully testifying to the youhg lady's skill. A particularly pleasant meeting of the Daughters of the Confederacy, was yesterday afternoon at tbe residence of Mrs. Robert Howe. Mrs.

J. T. Fuller, president of the Annie Coleman Chapter, presided, and after the usual business was completed, a delightful program was given. Deaconess Harriett Psrkhlll. whose memories of tbe war and (he ante helium days, are alwsys a joy to her bearers, told of ChrUtmas in the South before the war, and her word pictures were so Vivid one could see Mrs.

Robert Howe followed with a vivid portrayal of what Christmas wan during tbe war, when the whlth Deaconess Parkhill had described, bad been swept away, and tliyre was a struggle for mere existence and Santa Claus had bard work to f'nd the simplest things with which to fill the Children', stockings. Mrs. D. C. Thompson gave Christ-man after tbe war, when again the old brightness was beginning to glow and time, were taking on a rosy tint It Is to be regretted that the presl- Mrs.

B. Drew an dslster, Miss Lil lian Southgate, returned to Orlando this afternoon coming on the Tampa Special from Fort Thomas, when they have spent the summer and fall PATRIOTIC TIMER In tbe New Novelty Shop just In the Phillips Building, there is Mr. and Mrs. Fred Revenskroft and SUGGESTIONS FOR MEN Shirts Collars Neckwear Gloves Hose Underwear Bath Robes White Vasts Pajamas Hats Umbrellas Walking Canes Suit Cases 8atchels Full Ore. Seta Cuff and dent had not appointed some one toon ils Patriotic Skirt, display-antic'pate what the coming Christ tDe American colors to great ad-mas will be here In Orlando for most jvantaee, nd really makes a garment people seem prepared to lanore all tnat adnalred by all who have seen the old plantation, and hear the musk-of the banjos with the darkies sing ing in the fire light.

She made most realistic Christmas morning with tlie gift giving and hearty greeting and she emphasized tbe unity of interests It. between master and slave and the the Christmas cheer and the Christ-mag spirit and to ignore what the sea son should mean to all. Mrs. Howe served delicious refresh Mientti, but the Chapter voted that at all subsequent meetings no refreshments should be served. Annie Coleman Chapter will hole" MR.

LOUIS ROBINSON VERY ILL The many friends ot Mr. Louis F. Robinson will regret that, he Is dangerously 111 at bis borne on East Pine street ties of real love that held them together. People who remember what the old Southern plantation life was like, are fast passing away and these Collar Butto tops Tie bright and loving stories of Deacon ParkhiU'a, should be collected "and Ih -r next meeting January 10th, with daughter, Harriett, arrived in Orlando this afternoon over the Coast Line from Clayton, C. They will spend the winter with their parents, Idr.

and Mrs. H. J. Lobean, at 100 Irvine street, Mrs. Hernandez and her attractive little daughter, Miss Marie Eloise, who have been-the popular guests of Mr.

and Hal Lorraine, left today for Jacksonville and yater will return to Cuba where be husband Is a captain in the Cuban army. "Bostonlan" shoes for men, are the BEST values we have seen. Glad tc show you the line. Wilson's Shoe Store. It It See E.

Walker, special represents tive for Excelsior motorcycles with his Series 19 demonstrating outfit. If 'nterested In an agency for motor published, to-form Invaluable data tr Mrs. Wynn on North Oranse Avenue. SUFFRAGIST MEETING IN WASHINGTON Handkerchief Collar Rain Coats, Kakhl H'dkerehlefa And Mufflers. A GENEROUS GIFT There was a clarion call for help The local Equal Suffrage league are much pleased at the gain their cause A SOCIETY MARKET Tha Finance Committee of the Red Cros had a meeting last night with has made, as shown by the conceded the.

chairman. Miss Margaret of roemberg of bouge8 and they formulated several most at that wW vote for tbelr bln. tractive plans by which they can makjblv the meagure wi fa to carry thlg from the Publicity Chairman of the Red Cross, in the Reporter-Star, sever al days ago, and the first response was made by Mrs. Margaret Graham, who made a ccntillmtlon of one nun dred dollars. SHOES Regal, Stacy Adams and Thompson Bros.

Priced From $4.00 to $12.00. HOUSE SLIPPERS. take' money for the order. It is to year, but the steady Increase of favor able votes, Is most encouraging to the advocates of "Votes for Women." Mrs. O.

H. P. Pelmont, presided at Mrs. Graham Is a native Virginian. the form of a Society Market.

"The ladies w'll canvass the country people, the farmers especially, for chickens, turkeys, eegs, butter, garden truck, frui's and homemade preserves, Jel- cycles, he will be glad to cull and see you. Address Empire Hotel. 14-21 and has resided for some years In Tennessee, so she has the influence ot one of the meetings of the convention I at which Dudley F. Malone, the strsn- Rev. Florence Crooker arrived In hese two noble sister states to incl 'ies snd pickles.

The committee will, uons advocate of the women picket" I nn.ii. tt i low her generous Impulses. Mrs. Graham now makes her home In Orlando armnKe these thing, on the Court iWnte wag the Pur. Orlando htls afternoon on the Tampa Special from Amherst, to spend the winter with her brother.

Dr. O. C. I House irreen. a la.

a Dutch martet, hg the eventy-flv wom- with her daughter. Mrs. C. II. Robins- ann mere is a whisper' that some "FURNI3HER8 TO MEN WHO KNOW" ten who had been, arrested, marched son.

Her gift leads the way. Who wir iuth matrons and maids will assist Kollock, at No. 18 E. Concord avenue. She has been attending the Suffrage Convention In Washington.

follow. All cannot be o' generous, but tbe widow'. was counted high In making up tbe Heavenly lists In, carrying their banners and were received with storms of applause, TRY AN AO IN THE REPORTER- Mr. and Mrs. W.

T. L'vengood re turned to Orlando this afternoon on STAR. IT PAYS. Mrs. Belmont said In her address that The flame of rebellion Is abroad among women, and the stupidity, and brutality of the Government In meeting this revolt, has served only to Increase Its beat" A contribution was made by peo- AUXILIARY CIRCLES TO MEET Circles of the Woman's Auxll'ary ot the Tampa Special and Immediately drove to their pretty suburban home ot five thousand dollars, saying she "gave this In honor of Dudley F.

MaW one, the first, and so far, tbe only man to put freedom for Americas women before all other Interests. New York pledged twenty thousand to the cause, followed by Virginia with fifteen thousand, Pennsylvania with ren thousand, and Maryland with five thousand. Many smaller con! ribs tions from cities and Individuals were made. the Presbyterian Church will meet near Lake' Jennie Jewell where they will spend the winter. They spent Monday afternoon at three1 o'clock HEflSTITCEiNG AND PICOT EDGING! at the sale, which Is scheduled for Tie.

22nd. Another plan the committee has will depend upon the iclemeney of his honor. Mayor Giles, (and It is well known that his honor will do snyhln? for the ladles). This Is to be given the parking right, for Or-anse Avenue on Christmas Eve, so that every csr that parks on that thoroughfare on that date, must pay twenty five cents to the Red Cross. The regular finance committee will he ancmented for these occasions br adding to their list Mrs.

Mathers Smlfw snd her guest Mrs. Relnrke. who will add much to the team work power of the committee. pie present, Mrs. Belmont leading off the summer in Charleston.

West Vir as follows: ith a thousand dollars, which she Experienced operators. SaUsfacOoeJ gaV honor ot Alice Paul. Mrs. One Mrs. S.

E. Ives, Gore Ave. Two Mrs. A N. Goodwin.

Chimb ginia, Arriving; over the Tampa Special guaranteed. Dickson-Ives Co, Second Howard Gould who occupied one of floor. 11-lSlmo. tbe boxes, called out her contribution and Liberty. Three Mrs.

Geo. Porter. 303 N. this afternoon were Clark Chase, Mrs. Inez Campbell, of Bellows Falls, VL; Main.

and Mr. S. M. Nutting, of They will, as usual, make their Four Mrs. Wynne, N.

Orance Ave Five Mrs. I. Itellows. N. Hughey Touring Parties Taxi Service Si.

GOWDY'S AUTO HIRE COR. CENTRAL AND ORANGE AVES. Opposite San Juan Hotel headquarters at the SL James Apartments. Many of their friends are glad to see them. Miss Mildred and Master Buford.

Miss Mamie Simmons and nelce. Miss Pattlmay Richards, arrived In Orlando yesterday afternoon on the Tampa Special coming from Macon, C. They will spend the winter with Mr. and Mrs. F.

E. Richards, at their home on Crystal Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Klnore Yoke, end daughter, Dessa Yoke; arrived la Orlando this morning on the early train over the Coast Line coming from Parker, to spend their first winter.

They are friends of Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. Cecil and will spend the anajor portion of their time with that estimable family at their home, 509 HeLaney street, After having spent the past sewn sonths In Munrle.

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Cecil and daughter.

Miss Dnro-Shy, and son, have returned te Orlando and are again occupying their borne, BD9 PeLaner Street. They seeds the trip In their auto, and great If enjoyed It. They have many friends here who are extending them cordial welcome. J. G.

Bradshaw, who has been so seriously ill for two weeks, Is slowly Improving, but It will be some time before he will be able to be out again. eJoL J. N. Bradshaw, who came from Orlando to be with his brother, baa returned te his home, bnt his daughter, Mrs. Ernest Mansfield Of Green-rtlle.

B. and his niece. Mrs. II. 0111.

Orlando, are still at the Bradshaw ftntne in Roser rark. Independent, SL Petersburg. fist Blair Wood row, of Jackaoa-vQe, win spend the Christmas bolt-days In Oeak ss the guest of Mlas (Una Camp and at Lake Weir, as th a-tett of Miss Elotee fleery. MJm Henry la attending the Cathedral Ecfcact at Orlando this year, and wCl k- at hosts for the holidays, we 3 ber sifter. VIUs Cstherlcs Knrr, wbe eJoo attend the School Ocmle Baasor.

WALTER st, T. PSATT Pei'ifrt Tsser, v'1 tz- far ft G-M sirt j'iis tCt W. rrt l( tirt CtrirU erf TV-- in IMI154 Just received shipment women'f black English walking boots, lace. Standard guaranteed tires and tube at wholesale prices to consumers. WhHney Wright Tire Co, W.

R. Link, in charge. 1J 15-17 Rev. Smith Harding, the popular pre nine Inch top. Special price.

It Ml. Wilson's Shoe Store. it Night Phone 54 U8E AFTER 8:00 P. M. Day Phone 626 W.

W. WRIGHT TIRE CO. siding elder of the Methodist church In the Orlando district, is looking af ter business matters In Lakeland this afternoon. Rev. Hardin has been appointed as pastor of the First Methodist Church In Ocala and he and hit Splendidly Equipped, High Grade, Five and Seven Passenger Cars Driven By Courteous, Expert Chauffeurs OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS DRS.

BUCKMASTER BRUKDAGE Graduates at Kirksrille Under Feumdsc. m. Otflee Over )' Bank PHONESOFFICE. 571; HOW! 4BS estimable family will leave the first of the week for their new home. It is with deep regret that their many friends will bid them farewelL PHILLIPS THEATRE Mrs.

Nixon Butt and Mrs. met THE COLONIAL INN Special Attention to DINNER PARTIES, DANCING PARTIES, AFTERNOON TEAS, CLUB BREAKFAST, OO NO AY LUNCHES. Mrs. L. XL CcrriuV Proprietre, Center Oak and Orange Avteee Hurdea left this morning for Jackson vine.

Mrs. Butt w'll spend the boll days with her motier. Mrs. W. fh.

itr being Joined by Mr Today Faraaoent Offers MADAME FETE OTA FRIDAY SATURDAY 8. A. Lynch Enterprises Present Wit 8. HART THE COLD DECK. FVt for a aort tsrL Mr.

CUsJ t'ne, wh has tn a iret at tbe k-rs rf Mr. enl Mrs. PstL, Pe! Tt ttf? ta belr.f fc THE ORLAND HOTEL CENTRAL A0 CONVENIENT FOR THE TRAVELER. COOL, CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE PCR THE TOURIST. Cafeteria on First Floor, is west church HOEFLEK'S CAFETERIA CLEAN, WHCLES HCE CCCKSNX A Yti mJ ttt rt WrKt Yu WtH tt ftJ ti H.

ty as 'A ad Vr. C. A Ye-res to it tie ri a te tr i's wife, is ti.zt eTrU ntt ta LAW CF THE LAND. rrks: II tti II cnta. AAV Wsr Tu; Aia2ls is.

Mte II as I I U. Ew'tg s- I 11 N. Prles II ax! I Cest. Ni We Tat ti Ch i-tVs TVtVrti, AiHa 1 Ct. Tvs frrt hft rwt TM J.

F. MrJioncv Cc it f7 ft- II C-fj As VcA del Kc'zh. SzUfj Rzzzn, Pipe. Cini-, Trcr.zh FLSS. Ih'r Brushes c-J Co-nh, Boxes Pci'w for it pu, FOR THE BOYS IN CAMP Ph.

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