The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press YTHEVI VOL. XXXI—NO. 250 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND Blylhcvillc Cornier Blythevillc Herald Blylhevllle Dally News Mlsslssl|) P l Valley I-endcr .... ., nw , . „ .; MAI ni',VIU>K, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY M 1035 HOME EDITION Bill Barnes Sentenced to Die J. B. WhiJvvoi'tli Named To L S.TL Post, TUSCALOOSA. Ala.— .}. lj. \y]]il- woilli, hnad, baseball roach jntnl Bfskltfnt • " Ainitjull coacli : .i iho Unlversity of A!:il)iiinn. bus signed if. cniimict, [o Join (he coddling sttiff of Louisiana Stale University it was reported here today. 1 PROGRAM Attorneys (or Condemned wniwortii, ..a forme V . .1 131 A I |1 "" 1 lmi>1)!l11 '•'.•»• «l Yoiilh Plan Appeal Supieme Coin i mer fiiotbnll nmmnl sentence nt death by elcctiocution was passed lodiy by TiJdge Ncjl Killoiigh (ipoii Bill Dames, 21 foi ill's part in in" killing lost July of 0 A Mil un iVjcai oMBlylhcUlle taxi driveV foi whose inimlci Bill's fntliei Hank Barnes is itso Iv^I'mg 'execution. Bill B-unc- will probibly ic <ehe n stay or execution as his to [ high school, was n stm- performer in bojli football find baseball al the Uniuisliy of ^Alabama wheip '•" has remained ns conch*'«lmv the clo 'o^of his ))li>yliif> yeait •Utoinejs Hoy Nel'on Sim MunaU Inve announced that an app'il will be ijktn A leeflid foi the appeil 1ms been p esn\ed The filing of n pau) s oilli le ilulics Maicus Plot/ couit rr Toiler to Dieppe a mil or cy fee . It was tlie hist time that Judge Killoiigli had ever Leen called upon to Impose a deatli sentLiice ind tlie first time in male than sr\cn years service In this circuit that Fielz bad reported n case in- which the death penalty was ordered. lury Order? Death Pen-illy' Tlie trial ended late yesterday when the jury nfUr about an lionr and a half's deliberation, ra turned n. verdict calling for the deatli penalty, it was the second times Baizes hnd been tried for the dime riie (list ended in n mistrial unen the juij wis un- ibie to agiee upon HID penalty Barnes will be icmoied to death /iov" ,'pt ( Tuckei piKon Jann «hei* d Hrs" Sillier is nojc walling execution Aichle Baines biolhei of Bill also face? T mur- iler chaige foi his pail In the siting ot Martin but, it Is doubtful if lie will be tiled He is csp-eled to plea 1 jullty nndei an agreement calling foi n prison sentence Bill Bnmes, as at his first tilal, entered i pica O f oinltj, iliiis len\ mg to the Jur> oiilj to delennins Hie degree of the crime and thp punishment, to ) c imposed Crime Was Confessri) Young Martin was found fitalh injured Ins frit lured and his throat cut Ijing In a 1'Cld on a side road off Highway '18 n°ar Manila cirty one rooming last J ilj He had been hiicd us unidentified piss°n gers Tlie Barnes trio was -wrested in White county at the I ome of a lelathe after %\Iartms bloody car had been found abandoned n feu miles away. Removed to Little Rock the trio confessed the .slaying admitting llicfl of the car "as their Determination of Possible Benefits : From Legalization Voted UTTUB'ROCK, Jan. n. u" 1 )Kc)) J. A. Chrktlin, at Veil county, introduced j liquor logalira- tlon anil ronlrol liill in the liouse Two Mannf Men Killed at Crossing FORREST CITY, Ark.. Jan. 17 (UP)—Three pi'i-wms, two liien and u woman, were almost instantly killed when their iiuloijiobJlc wns struck by a MIssourl-Pucific Until near Ivcrc lodny at u in-nde crass-. Ing. . Those killed wrj-o Mrs, .Ifllin Mann, IM, of Ouldwr-ll. Ark.;. Simon Lowe, 55, and .Inhn o. Hull, both of Manila, Ark. The squnrely by loi-al struck'.' almost '01" Friends -.of nounce He Will Be Candidate for Reelection Mayor Cecil Shane will be a -.-,....,. > candidate for re-election for a sec- ton county. ond term nt l)w. April municipal election, his friends announced' to- dav, A number'of petitions have been cnculitcd and signed by Mr. Shines friends and were to be. filed today with 1 the county election commissioners, • asking that his name be placed on the city ballot. Mr. Shane was out of town today and could nol be reached but it nns staled by soiirce's close to the-mayor that he had'Said-he would mate Ihe rnce.. Mr. Sli'ahc several months ago Indicated thai he would hot 'be,a candidate .for re-election but liis supporters: said he had leeonsldeved.,, . hnnonnce- i<! Wpec"tea-ii!;"tiie'-near' tu-~ ttli-e. So far no other randidate foi cit\ "offices Imve 'nnnoimced tlicii olaiis. " '"• — fiepreseninlive Norlhciilt of Pul- In passing the resolution several representatives emphasized they did nol nreKwirlly endorse legalization of liquor and racing bill that |hey wanted a . fnh- determination of anticipated revenue ' Funds derived from these revenues would go to an old age pension, aid to schools, free textbooks and care of unemptoyables, the resolution sel out. ',.... Ask U. S. Aid Continued Bolh houses heard resolutions to ask congress and President Roosevelt for continued federal aid. One' lesohition sought sixty days additional care or imemployables aftsr February'-1, one sought sqh'ooK'ald Schwab To Testify In Munitions Traffic Probe WASHINGTON; Jan. 17' YUP>— Charles M. Schwab, head of tha Bethlehem Steel corporation, will Lc i witness, before -the senate munitions commutes when il re- si mes its inquiry..Into the. firms I nsmess it was learned iocla'y.' Disclosure of the committee's future plans followed approval by the senate of a resolution approp- ilntlng $50.000 to continue the in- le-stigtttlon. Cmmnan Gerald p. Nye (Rep., N D) sriighr $100.000 but hp was assured, he said, that more money would be available when needed. Oil :il 2,300 Feet PORTAGES, N. M. (UP)—A wild- oil the tl ^svai, u.v mil tSUriie.S, W"IIO 1 ' ' ™" >y lllll <-'-'* IUIIUII, 111 thC SOlltllT used nn iron roil that had been | weslern section of the county, had secured here. He againstruck Mar- a showing of oil when the drilling only motive. Young Martin was PORTAGES, N. M. (UP)- striick from'behind^nsjh'e'Uit'in the mt °" vvc ". being drilled driver' sseat,'-'by Biir&frhes, wiio'! T - A - Wilmes much', in th — in me House Mumi'isy uy local train. No. :!60 of this afternoon. I at n crossing near Caldwrill, Eevcil The . senate ndjniirneii at a:30 miles north of here H vvns rle- iintll Monday. Imollshed. ...'.- ';•:-• ^Tho. county coroner nnd rallro,i(l an Immediate In-' Hit senate and houne resolution lodny asked .a determlnn- A n ., niittce today asked 'a determination of anticipated revenue Jrowi legislation on proposed "liqtioi control, horse racing, and certain luxuries.". The resolution was offered by vestigation. No information concerning the victims of tilt! Forrest city cross-' Ine nc'cldonl could be obtained this afternoon either here or [nt Manila, At Manila II was' be' lieved that If home ' there or In thai vicinity they must, have moved there recently. Security Commit tee Offers Flan tor Old Age Pensions aiifl Employment Insurance HV FIlKDlfliKJK S'l'OitM nllril I'l-fss Slnll Coricsimml .WASIIINOTON. Jan. 17. President, ~ compcnsiitlon, old aue scnnltv nm for ..hilcii-en wblcJ , v dw Allotment, However, [s Made in Heavier Bales •asl Year ^^ws.r^- i w'^^rsi WASHINGTON. .Ian. 17 (UP)Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace today sel :i Ilankhcad tax free cotion )iroduclion limit for '""' of 10.500,000 bales of 500 !•« net. welglil, each. The allotment is little than Last States would administer unemployment compensation. Tlu> mm- luluee recommended thai the un- Hint for tle year's quota v.'ns . larger em te liiauguraicd by Immediate congressional ennctinein of; 1.— A uniform pny roll tax on employers to whom the net, would be ap))licnble. crease over . bak'.s ol 478 pounds net. Tlie In...... " Hie 1035 hankheari quotn is ctiiml to 82,1.012 tales of 478 iiounds of lint. In addition to the (n.i exemption ccititlcQie.s for the iflan quoin certificates for about 700,000 balei remain from 1534 allotments.' "It is Improbable," It wns '. snld. innt all of the certificates car- lied over from the imt season will 'if. used in loss." New Extension Granted on Auto License Tags ! LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (API-Acceding (o the expressed wishes of Ihe House of r?ptii-(iwi>inui.«,. 0...... of $2,500 evvalualJon or less was asked In a constitutional amendment by. Rep. B. P. McGraw, of Lin- coin county.; ft wos referred to the.constitutional committee Endorsement of the Townsend old age revolving pension plan, now oeiore congress, was sought i n n resolution by Mrs. Ella's."mirsl, of Washington county. Propose chain Store Til.v Senators Ellis Pagan or :, and J. L. Wilson, of tn- .„_, , - ™u. ui liupt in- (reduced'a'bill that would lax all stores. The rate would be- sin-l- s ores, S3 annually; two to rTvc stores. $10 annually; five to ten d1i4 2 °, ; . ten '° ta "tv'stores. S 30 d Slap for each store over twenty owned, by-one corporation or indi- vicinal. House committees were by ---- , — ..^j jvcic itiiintw m' Speaker Harve Thorn today siibjec't annolln « ti helpless in his grip, .after-Ihe (.'river had fallen or struggled out of the ear. Then the.unconscious boy w<u dragged into a field'whore the,elder Barnes cut his throat before he returned to the car. Archie drove the car away but did' not, strike Martin. The Barnes, living near Hayti, Mo., were going to Oklahoma where feminine -'members of their family were involved in alleged •criminal difficulties, when-'(lie stay- ins occurred. . The jury returned Its verdict more quickly than had been' generally anticipated. They had hardly been out on hour and a half when one or Ihcir number motioned to a slicrin-s deputy that they were ready lo reporl. Judge Ken Kiltough and prose- cut ng Attorney Denver L. Dudley had stepped out O f the courtroom lor a few minutes and the hirv remained in JU room ,„« I «,{. ?,„ , c i returned. H was only „ f c t,tiln Ules however, and in the meantime court officials cleared the b«ncr->s inside the bar railing of spectators ordering all but officials to move back Into the seals In the aiidllor- lum proper. Sister Hysterical The youthful defendant was moved from a bench where he had sat between relatives throughout ihe Inal to a chair nearer ths bi>n~h Keprasentntlve o. B. Elgin. Cra ig- '™* ~untJ--insin;ancc, levees and Representative Eugene Baker, of tin, while his fuihcr held-the.youth operations Imd reached. 2,30fl feet, jB <*son county—education and taxation, state lands Representative Ivy w.' Crawford Mississippi cotinly_ tevees „„£, niif clary - hishwa - vs - d Mouse Passes P.igc Hit! Administration lenders forced the first bill through (he house today to Bpeccl induction of Treasurer- elect Earl Pass into • ofrice . ° C of . bill of Funeral Services Will Be • . "" •« •./> i_/\_ji-•••, ..ULI.IL. u, iiviJif^triimuYCS titQtC "*""" •"• ju»mu iu LUU USSCEiS])lCIll Held for Inlin T • fnl 1^™"'° Commissioner Earl R. T- llc committee opposed exemptions i. „ .-•' ', '- U1 j.yvtseman late Wednesday waived to'-any sBsclnod Iudii9h.|i>s imi i-i»- llllS, 1'ormer Sheriff '. 'P eimltl(v s "nlll Feb. 1 for talnm-to John - T. Collins! ci. for ' - Collins hnd been In ill iiealtk lor a number of months, his condition growing worse recently." His death w as attributed" to cotnnlica- tlous resiilllng from cancer. ' Pimeral services will be held tomorrow a t. . • the First' Bapt Isf. church at 3 o'clock with (he Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor, officlaling interment will be made al Maple Grove -cemetery. The Cobb Under- is in charge o! funeral arrangements. Mr. Collins, a native of Kentucky, came to this section nboiit WD5. He was a logger at Armorel, when that community was still a wilderness. He came to Blythevllle from Armorel and served as a law enforcement officer of the th en ., mal , iown for several years, having a reputation as a fearless and efficient, officer. Mr. Collins made nn unsuccessful rnce for sheriff about 1912. being defeated bv less than 10 votes. In 1915 Mr. Collins was appointed sheriff to succeed Sam Maiden, who was slain on an island near Osceola. Mr. Collins served out Maiden's unexpired term and was elected as sheriff for one term, ion to 1910. He also fanned actively and later ran a coal and feed business here for several years. He made an unsuccessful race for sheriff 'In 1928 in attempting a political comeback. After thai time lie was engaged in the coal business. lie Ls survived by lite widow, Mrs. Cleo Collins, four children, Miss rb Collins, of Memphis y, and t! . y Kerlfr stood beliind the chair as the iiirJ m«l i'Ho the courtroom. j,,"J c KUIoitgU warned against any demons ration. regardless of the verdict The folded pajwr on 'which tli" verdict hud been written was passed to judge Kllloiigh wlio turned it over to Addlson Smith, d-nutv circuit clerk, to be read, smith only' recently conducted into office (continued on Page 3) y*i^flti»,i Vicky Thatcher, so- duly lioaiity, made up her mind to marry a rich lin.sbfliid, ,-uul' ,<--ot linr snares for Brian W c s f m or o. Vicky's .scheming causes plenty of (rouble in "Silken Spindles," new serial beginning- lodny on Page Six. W. R. Ha!] Dies While Visiting; in San Antonio W H. Hall, father of Mrs. Lyle Boyd, died suddenly at Sail Antonio, Texas, yesterday where ho va.s visiting a nephew. Boyti. who ts in this ..., -— her daughter. Mrs. p. c ncthroc!:, Mrs. Rothrock, Mrs. Ben Cooper of Keiinell. Mo., nnd claries Hall, of Cnnilhersvillc. uncle of Mrs. Rcthrock. will motor to Newburnslde. III., tomorrow for ie funeral at the old home of ie eiccjased. Mr, Hall lived at Caruthersvills until lour years a^o when he <vcitl (o California where he was x-ilrtliiK. at tlw lime of his d?!Uh. Herbert Parker Named State motor vehicle licenses. Wiseman .said members' of the Legislature hnd agreed not to ask' for;further extension of (line fo? Fcb, l was the "n , »w, mi, u..,,umn; uuuull! Oovernov Putrell''asked 'for lne first 'extension, which Wiseman ,"1' 2.—Three pensions rn month. of $15 u week, categories of nl IUHH.T recommended thai thn m\ «,, . * ^.«...n j mji* v. «. ,,. c resttssSS "•»¥•"'" "" =»=«=£ . ^-legislation mnchlnery i ey for fcderul participation in administration of unemployment, compensation. . . Slides would administer tlic; com- peiisntlon system assisted by the federal government. Calls for Payroll Tux Tlie committee recommended a three per cent pay roll tax to be effective Jan. I, io:iO, but said slates could assess- It, nealnst employers alone, or against employers tine employes with or without contrl- bntlons from the stale. H general economic recovery in the first two ycnrs beginning next' 1 Jan. l IB nol satisfactory, the committee suggested a lower, iox •!«(<• but said It should attain three per cent by 1938. Employers who had employed four or; more persons- : during any 13- week psilod of Hie taxable year would be liable to the assessment for, nny specified Industries but recommended a separate : nationally administered system of unemployment compensation "tor railroad and ..maritime workors;.'' "Employers who paid, Unemployment .compensa- tloh -contributions tp .•itflle- authorities under state' law'Voiild be given o credit .against the federal tax cent, . ri '°'n Jan. lo lo j'qn, 19. On. the .basis of three per rant MA, V. K i. °' by • ''•"solwUpii ' by 'contributions,, ihe .' committee bc- woitncutt 01 Fulton, requested the i "evert the maximum' benefit'period commissioner" (o mate the. second could not exceed .10 weeks ind should bo reduced to 16. it.said workers , long employed without drawing compensation •; might' ba given an additional weelc for each months of employment,'.during extension. Stuttgart Man Denied :„ C' C i . ' nx montl ? s °f employment, ' in Big Estate winch they iu, t i no i received n's - coininlttee recommended , .. —Robert, Byron (Price) - ,. mne Conn.. Jan. 17 (ur>! ft walling period of:. four weeks be- Palmer,, twcei1 lo ?s of n job and first pay- nlp "* n< «n,«» n ..^^,i_.. . ------ ,-,,. ,, " • - . iw/ iuj|j|i;i Stuttgnrt, Ark., was <lenlcd a share in the S2.000.000 estate of the late Louisa Palmer. New London, lo- - -»• »».<.-.xmvnb WOUH nay when Supeiipr Judge John '' ccel ve ant! invest all social Insur Rlchr.rds Boolh declared him not ance fullds ' A social •- ment o( compensalion ; b!>n"fits U. S. Would Handle Funds The federal government would . _-,,. U s.u.»,^ u 11 LI [| (JU[, .«..«-. | V .TV/L.U1I JIltllEi [111C tJip son of Charles T. nnd Audrey board wol! U be created' within th Calmer, as claimed. labor department, lo administer th I he court dlsiincfl^i fir n,« tvir ifed^rfll jmp,>jMiAi.T>.nnf «^ n . nn «—«,_ insurance the the ' . ------ . — J.-' mil in- iu null ill lUMtT ll\K court dlsiwsed of Hie liti- 1 federal unemployment compensation gallon by stating: i act and part of the old age security the I am sallsliod by the prepon- system. Ucrance of the evidence that in' To supplement the latter, tne each action the appellant b Hob-; committee proposed that the gov- cit Byron Price, the- son of Wll- «»menl sell to persons with S n- nani A. Price and Elkabclh M ^ lllal incomes of 52,500 or less dei ncc, nnd not the son of Charles fcrrwl llf e nnnultles on a cost basis T. Palmer and Audrey Miner """" "'" 'The plea to the Jurisdiction is therefore sustained." These would guarantee the purchaser a detinue lifetime income prdbnbly beginning at- the ace o! 05 years. Chamber Will Entertain Young Men at Dinner Young salaried men of tlie ciU bolng Invited . to attend 'he' Chamber CHISELER all by former marriage.*;, and u'o vvi "' 'Deduced dues in an effort stop-sons. Burl Miller of Memphis llavc m °re men of Blvthevlftn and Fred Miller of California. Identified willi ih P organfeaiion — I W.i. \vunderlich. president of th^ChDinbcr of Commerce, will meeting Funds Allotted for Rebuilding; of Bridge mill A dispatch from Little Rock- to-1 ( day said that John E. Buxton,'. (f.iate supervisor of lilghwny main-! "' Highway 40, near West nidge, in tins county. The bridge to IK rehiilll was nol Identified, but. Zal Harrison, county Judge, snld this afternoon that 11 might be the span over Little river, nt the west end of the blacktop snrtaclns on Highway 40. There !s no other bridge of'con- sequence In this countv near West Ridgo. Dies at BIytheville Hospital Mrs, Cox Giant Apple VAKIMA. Wash. (OP)- A " UTTLE ROCK. Jan. 17. (UP)- Iferoert Parker of Joncsboro was named superintendent of the state bond refunding board today, succeeding the late J, Prank Beaslcy. mnc ouncos and was 16 3-4 ir.'-ivs In circumference, grew on a Ul-ycar- o!d Rome Beauty tree in' the rjcrothy Louise,' i. the largest ever lM^uccd'stoke5 0 au^hef r mo'h^'ita 8a J*!S« T . Stokes, M, itui^v illuut 1 V.OX. ,>t, WUC of Hubert Cox. musician, died at 3:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the BIytheville hospital, n .',ho t lime nfici- fi,,, had been admlltcJ H ^r dcalh «n'\ nttritnlrd to pnsu inonla. ftioticah, Kv., tomorrow where ser- t:crs will b? held and liiicnncnt will Iw made. The Cobb Undertaking company Ls in charge ol fmvral airtiiscincnts. She Is survived by ncr husband. *. iol .V H " btl ' t . s - s '"' n dnngliter. """""" " ". is also Robert Thatcher evaded government regulations, mistreated employees and lavished all liis affection on his spoiled, pampered daughter. Thatcher is an im- iwtant character in the now serial, "Silken Spindles," beginning today on Page Six. The cnllif unemployment com- ensation structure Is founded on " ,.. . The com"J " Ce «™""'"™W establishment l'crninnciil national f illation of private employment nnd provision of public employment for nil ablo-boilletl workers whom In- ti',?!f y m " M nl "P lo y al any given OKI Ag« Pension ]<lan s Pi o vision tlie Jobless, Molhcfs arid Cliildt-en Proposec! c WASH/NOTON, Jan 17 <UP>- 1 .f S !- C " 1 ' Roowvelt ' 'o'l»y submlt- ~""igrrs.s (i dcdnlte ptogram foi Iho security of men women, nnd children ngnlwi, hazards nnd vicissitudes of life second phase of llic- New Deal, de mum tso n month. , niaxl . AH would be applicable on retirement or the workei-fi at the age (Continued on Pni;c Four; Hauptmann Lawyer Raises Question as to Identification of Body FLEMINGTON,. N. ,7., jni, 17 (UP) — Bruno Richard - iimiin's. defense; todny inslniinted that the body found In the Sour- land mountains and Identified ns that -of Olinrics A. 'Llndbergli ji mleht have been that of a child from n nearby orphanage. The suggestion! came, from c Lloyd . Fisher, VrrissoclBle ."defense CBiins'ol, during Ills cross examination of Orrtlle Wilson, n tnic^ driver, who,;, with William Allen, a negro,- discovered (lie, body ' In a shallow: prove: near the Mount Rose .road. ••••.••> • x ... , Fisher's' suggestion came as a surprise for the defense hiid said It would not question 'Col. Charles A. . Lindbergh's Identification of 'ihls own son. .. - But after .Wilson liatl described the drnmnttc /hiding of the body Ihe Plemlngton nttbr'ncy' asked him abruptly: "fn what county, was the body found— Is. that not near SI. Michael's orphanage— do, you. not know that (here were children of varying ages In that orphanage?" Those facts were admitted. Louisiana Man Slain by Missouri Trooper SIKESTON, Afo.—A man, tentatively Idsntlfied ns Arthur Holmes. 31, or Welch, Lo,, was shot and Instantly killed Wednssday by Troop- children, Hllla Aie Introduced Legislation (o en) ry out President Roosevelt's piogrnin of hccmlty for the aged and Insuianco pajinenls Foi the unemployed v ns Introduced In congiess today. Bills embodying lecommcnda- tlons of the incidents committee on economic -.ecurlty were piescnt- ed by Senator Robeit r. Wngnei IDem M y.) nnd Repicsentnllvc DaUd J Lewis (Dem, Md) Ihej faced Ihoiough study by the senate finance committee and llio house wnji and menns com- mltlee with prospect of sc\ernl. changes befoie being icportcd by the committees and enacted Into law by the house and senate The bills provide\ 1—Thiec kinds of old nge pensions which cover both the man who woiks with his hands nnd, the 'white collai ' office norkci. 2—Unemplpjmonl Insurance un-' del a fedeial bubsldy to Ihe states, the cvact form and manner of the Insuiancc payments to be determined by the states t— Federal subsidies foi mnter- i,nl and child hcnHh, cars otcrlp- I'lcd childitn, nnd promotion of public health Pension Plans for' All K Tho old age pension provisions aic split Into several categories. They are aimed nl nldlnff nil Americans when, no matter nlnt thoh station In life, they io^ h the age of 65 For those who reach 65 without money there will be a pension up o $30 pei month This can be put Into effect within the- Km As tlie system woiks out thoso who rench C5 after,being emplo\ad s eidily for jcais will ,ecehe pensions up to $100 pei month noi those nol Included in', fho classifications eligible for pensions of cither t/pe there will be 1 the, opportunity fo purchase federal annuities which, returning to them n their old age, will enable them o be self supporting in the declining jears of their IHes Caruthersyille Girl '• Missing from Home •-- j -i 1-- CARUTHPRSVILLE Mo—Pollc" cr italvln Dace of the Highway Pa- In inrious cities have b°cn askpd trol at a gasoline nlling - station lo be on the lookout for Mte Amm one-fourth mile west of SIke.ston Mnc Edwards, 14, grand ctaUMter on H.ghway GO when he drew n of Mi and ^frs Frank FxlwiiTds gun on the trooper ns tjje latter of this city The jouii" ladv was sought to question him al'ft-r stop-1 last seen at Paragould ^Ark she ping a car in which the man and has dark brown hair and e>cs a companion were riding. Tile- troopjr pulled one man, who gave his name as BUI Jones, out of Hie car and was searching him when the other, driver of the car. got out on ' the opposite side, reached under a blanket spread acros sthc scat, drew a .38 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver, and pointed It at the officer. Tlie trooper fired two shots, one going through a glass In a door of the car In which the man hnd been riding, nnd entering the driver's chest. The oilier clipped his left ear. A Jury called by Coroner H. J. Welsh held lhat the slain man came to his death through "justifiable homicide." . Tlie man giving lite name as Jones told offlcerfl he hailed the other man al Morehouse nnd had ridden as far as slkeston with htm He admitted he also is from Louisiana, but denied that he knew tlie other man. compacted, is about the fe-t,' Uo or three Inches In height flenderlv email black mole over "glit eje. occasionally visors gold- rlmmed glosses When she left home, she was wearing a green crepe dress, black coat and no George Crocketts in Rochester Hospital An- and Mrs George Crockelt, formerly ot this city and now of. CaruthersMlle, &ri pt St Mary's hospital, Rochfotei, Minn, where Mr Crockett underwent an operation and Mis Crockett Is rtcov- nms from injuries receded in a fall Mrs Crockett fractured a bone In hei right leg between the Knee and hip several dajs ago Early Trial Predicted for Batesville Slayer DATESVILLE, Ark., Jan. 17 (UP) — Robert Rofc, 24, heavily maiiflcled, pale and nervous, faced a special grand Jury here this monting which Is expected speedily to indict him foi' the murder of Deputy Sheriff Everett Wheeler hero January 8. Officers carefully guarded the crowded but orderly courtroom. The jury started deliberations at 10:30 a. m. His trial Is expected to start Afonday, | while a,t Rochester with Mr Croc- j.kctt. who was. at the Mayo clinic. (Mr Crockett will undergo a jec- ' ' , - .kctt. who was. at the Mayo clinic. Mr Crockett will undergo a j ond o'piratton In ten 'days. Masonic School Tonight The local Maconlc chnptei ^vlll nave a school 'of Instruction In all degrees nt the hall this evsn- Iil3. 7:30 o'clock. WEATHER Arkansas — Pair and colder tonight Friday partlj cloudy, cooler. } Memphis and 'vicinity—Falr'oiid coldoi tonlsht. Friday partly cloudy.

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