The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE fWO fARK)' COURIER NEWS', : TUESDAY, 1937 ] FLAPPER FANNY • : ^—-@WNC*9tllVICC.M& T.M. Soda! Calendar _ (Simplest Way Proves Best . in Play of Slam Contract WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Junior-Senior P, T A meeting at 3 P M, following executive board meeting at 2 30 P. M Church 'Of Christ Bible study meeting with Mrs. B. ; L. Cook, 2 30 P M H. A.'s meeting First > Baptist cluircb, 3 30 P M Delphians meeting ut Holel Noble, j:3Q a.m. Mrs Harrj Kirby !n\ing Wed- ncsdiy Bridge club Jewish ""Aid meeting -at Temple Israel, 8 p.m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS MId-Week Bridge club meeting with Mrs.- J. 'Louis CHciTj 1 , Mrs. F. B. Joyncr having Thursday Contract club. •'Children of Confederacy hostesses 2:30, o'clock, when 1 U. D. C. meets with Mrs. James B. Clark". Armorel P.-T. A. meeting 2:30 Bingo parly at Social liall of Church o[ the Immaculate Conception 8 p m FRIDAY'S EVENTS Music department of Woiivn's club meeting nt club liousc, 3 p.m lOolden Rule Sunday School class, First Christian church, meeting with Mrs. Russell Phillips, 7:30 P. M. BY \VM. li. McKI'.NNliV Mrerctary, American Bridge I,caB" c Bridge players are apt to ' be dazzled by opportunities lo discard losers in one liarirt on winners in the other, as Prank K. Perkins, of Boston, pointed out In discussing n slam contract played In > a ' recent,national tournament. Btit before hastening to dtscnrd, the j eoocl., player stops oulli 1* Chen nirlhrl-ij Virl) :MIss Mary Frances Slacy vva; '' * guest of honor at ft party given last night by several friends wlic planned it because It was her bir- th'day. , It was at the home of Mrs, Jcssr M.. White and the ten guest; showered Miss Stacy witli gifts anc' a .'decorated birthday cake. An ic< course \vas served aftei Tupol had been phjed \ Methodist. \Vonicn Have Social Meeting; Hostesses of the Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church,' for the meeting Man day afternoon nt the church >>ac a;, springtime motif for their refreshments The refreshment plate carried out the pastel shades Mrs Harr> Knby was leade of the program which followec the devotional 'Missiomiv "Ach levcments Through -Evangelism was the program theme Mr= Jesse Tavlor spoke on Lvangcl ism Through Olubs and Classes,' using- a piper vviitten Ly Mis. Juanita Brown ft former collig mate of Mrs A B rail field Mr * Hurry KIrby talked of the evangelism, .through •• other home mission groups, A rchaptoi of-the mission book Out of Africa' vva. given 'by Mis Filrficld In the business session pie sided over by Mis A O Hudson plain were made for the Bishops Crusade to be held Apnl 23 will a banquet here The-hostesses, were Mrs Klrb) Mrs W J Pollaid Mis Dvvlghl Bovvcn, Mrs J E Patterson. Mr* Henry Humphrey Mi) Taylor , Mrs Hugh Harbeit Mrs Eve ret B Gee Mrs John rcatherston and Mrs b J Tailkerslj Included in those present wa' one visitor, 'Mrs aim Bartling \\ ' * • Business Women Have Guest Speaker J Louis Cherry, guest suciker of the Business and Professions Women s club in Its meeting Monday night at the Hotel Noble dis cussed 'Money and Money Man ngcment" He brought out the aavmlages of Social Security and annuities. In a business session, presid-d *A V None « A0743 ' " " 5 * A Q 10 98 7 3 Duplicate—All vul. West 'North Easl 1 * ?N.T. Pass Pass 3 A Pass Pass 5 4- , \ Pass Pass Pass . Pass Opening lead— fit 7. 13 mt asks lilmself whether the Will serve any us'cfiil Today's Contract-Problem South is playing a contract of six hearts. JJo wins the second trick with a. trump. in his own hand. Should ho rely on a diamond .finesse to (jive him the needed twelfth trick, and draw three rounds ol trump immediately? ', ( . ... VK10G5 * 0 7 5 3 . (Blind) AAQJ'l V AQ,J7 « A K J 2 , ' * •» . ; ;'. .. N. Ci S. vul. Opener—$ K. Solution in next Issue. ' 13 with the the declarer who Bits of News Mostly Personal isnirds urpose. In the vast majority of hands he Blmpicst line of play is the cst. and lodaj the simplest play,]!'." I tlie C10SS lltff If I'*" 1 l-1,nl,l*l'. "I Til, then llic question ig losers on dummy's high cards; an be considered, South'could hot'read the open'-' mnde his contract -laid down .the ace nnd another diamond.'• Easl overlook West's queen with-' king, as he knew that, the (Spelling load was a singleton. With eight .diamonds played oh the first two tricks, South had no, further worries. He, rutted East's spade return with n high .trump, ' O. W. McCuldien Is al the Mem-, pills Baptist hospital where hs will undergo treatment and possibly an r.peralioii. lie will probably bMhcrc tor ten days. Mr. ami Mrs. U>y Welch will leave tomorrow for a month's motor trip through the west which will take them to Phoenix, Ariz., where they will be guests of Mr. Welch's two 'brothers. They . will Join them for trips to Mexico, California, New Mexico 'and other points of Interest in the west. Mrs, Dora Nelson, of Tcxarkana, nnd hsr daughter, Mrs. Franklin llorton, of Hope, Ark., returned home toduy after a visit with Mrs. Nelson's daughter, Mrs. Marlon Williams, and family.'Mr. Morton motored up last night for them. Mrs. George R. Crockett and mother, 'Mrs, Margaret, H. Minor, formerly 'of here and now of Ca- mlhirsvHIc, were guests of Mrs. T,' J. Mafian ami family during the p. K. O. convention and the weekend. They were joined Sunday by Mr. Crockett who accom- .panied tijcin home. . Mr. and'Mrs. C. J. Cox..spent Sunday' in Dycrslmrg, Term; Mrs. A. M-., Butt. Mrs.: Keck nnd Mrs. parnsvvorth Black uc in Memphis today. c.spent then led another diamond aiid ruffed In dunmiy. He returneU to i his own hand with n'trump, led ami- again Now Ills last diamond • was established, the Iritchps \vcrc ' , y drawn, and the contract fulfilled. 13 lead as a singleton, although' was obviously a short suit lead: e could draw trumps and d'lsJ; n'd two diamonds, but he would ill be left with two. losing dfe ends. '• •' . : Ji ' . i After winning the opening trick By playing (he han'd, • in the simplest manner, South - did ; net have to bolhev with spado .discards, Others who overlooked this slniple plan failed to fiilnll (he slam contract, AS they were cfll with a oslng diamond. (Copyright, 1037, NE/CScrvicc, Inc.) 'lie afternoon circles line! refresh- 1 •cuts after the programs. •' In circle 1, Mrs. S. E. Vail wna istfss vvhbn Iho 1C present In-: udcd the president, Mrs. C.' R:' '(Lcock Mrs C M. -Gray gave, le Bible study and 'Mrs. Vntl, tlW •ogratn. Mi's. Babcoclc, Mrs.' allies B, Clark and Mrs. Frccf ^Wlefwr- gav* reports 1 'of Mho CM" ^nt niLeltng of- Arkansas erial ilii Little Rock. ; . • • ' There Were ten "members prcs- nt at Ihe meeting , of circle i 2( it the home "of Mrs. G. W. Dilla- mlj ' / Circle 3 met with Mrs. H. H. Toubhins ; vvhen Mrs. P. A. • Lnslcy, Little Rock, was a giicit. Mrs. ) t 'R Allui gave the Bible les- in. , The 21 who attended, the mcct- ig of elide 4 included v three ucsls, M^rs Babcock, .Mrs. 'Alleii' (id the Rev Mr Salmon. -After upper Mrs, Allen gave the. Bible •sson and Mrs. Babcock reported be Presbvienal meeting before Irs. Salmon led the": program". • • • - "nurcnc - Children live i Vrognm The ',. Junior Missionary. Socifltv if .the First. Church .of the Naza- cne met Saturdij afternoon with °n liicmber's present. Eniestinc .Sinlth : and Mrs over by the Mrs.; Jess men were "announc ncyv. vice-president these chnlr- • for the-new chb ;ear Educhiion, MISS Olar finance, Mrs Frank Transportation. Mrs. ice Little"; •Wliilworth; J. I,. Ncvvsom;- Health. Miss Katii- ryn Donnellj, Research Jiiss Thelma Worthington, Public Relation-:, Mrs. s s Sternberg, In tcrnational Relations Mrs Wlllhifi Berryman; Legislation, Mrs, J G Barnes;:. Program, : Miss Cora L-( Colcmah, Publiciti, Miss Eula Epperson, Membership Mrs Clal cnce Holder, Wrlfa.e Mrs E F Belt Miss Willie Ncbhul vvKo moved here from Memphis March 1 to b« connected ,«Ih the Phillips Motor company,-«aa voted a new mem ber Plans ^cre'made tor .ittenduif the state cohvejilior mccthiB ir Hot springs April 21 24 when Mrs Horncr, Mire Epperson. Mrs Berryman, Mrs C H Km" MISE Donnelly Mrs Barnes, Mrs H U Reynolds, and Miss Thelma Wells' -will attend; Guests were Mrs Odis Sbcp- 'herd, Miss; Louise Simon, Miss Nona Crews;''and'-Miss'Zola' Crafton. * * * Jewish Aid Man Meek n |f Mrs. I. Rosenthal and Mrs. Wolf Arian will - bo hostesses to the meeting of th.e Jewish Aid Wed nesdaj night, nt the Temple Israel, 8 o'clock . Ophelia McGregor, led in prayers the lesson on The -Sin of Adrin ind Eve' wis given by Rjiby Col ler. Mrs. .'McGregor read a story 'Our Boys and Girlg" from "Ou •Sheep." Tlie meeting was dismiss 'd with pra\ei bj Harold Thbmp StGele-Gootcr ' Society — Perscfnal/V Keiser News Miss Uotly Rogers o[ Kciser lint! .oy Walker of Hot Springs were larried In Memphis on March 7 nnd Mrs. Walker :irc nf'h'unie V Little Hock. 11 •- "••• • (' '•' V ! 'M - '• V'J '•• -J ' Mrs. pris .Childs entqttaincdjhi "Thursday 'Bridge clutf^'and r twc u'csts, 'Miss Margaret nobliisoh d; Mrs.- : L^ M. "Grcsham of Wil on. ; High, score prize wns won by Irs. E. ,W.'i Pigg and gurst pri/.i y Mrs. Grcs|iain. ^ • •Mr. nnrt Mrs. C..'E...S5Impkins.o Jlytlieville have mo'vcd into th louse vacated by' Mr. and Mrs, Ellas Meade. Mr, Siinjiklns, nn- tl recently employed by the "Arkansas .Grocer company, ai Bly- hevllle, is now employed by the lew- C. B. Ford Wholesale grocery. Spcncc Willinms* lias been in St. "most of the past week on ''You'd think she could keep her house cleaner, Faany." "She's the tind who goes out and dishes ilirt instead of tending to tier own dirty .dishes." Misincss. , Miss Jfargarct Robinson spent he week-end In Memphis. Dr. and ' Mrs. J, T. Polk and Mr. and Mrs: W. C. Walls had dinner at the Hotel Pcabody Sunday night." Q': F. Forcl hns rtpencd tlie first wholesale . house in-:, Kelscr. Th'e neiy firm Is located in the B.' H. Moore building. C. B. Slmpkins is head salesman. Tlic 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Encst Fore fell while .crossing n .ditch -and broke his ' leg. The family 'lives west of Ketaer. X-ray. treatment, was given at'the olllcc of Dr. Polk. Mr. nml Mrs.' Wil Ik James .announce the birth" of a son Friday afternoon. B; R.^joiics lias returned to work at the-' Keisbr Supply company. Mrs, Edgar Borinn, who lias b'scii nuilc ill since Friday, is-slightli mprovcct today lint will be [ft beV lor some .time. : F. B. Joyiier is attending tc^bus- ,ncss in Sik'cston today. Among tl'.ose who alKnde'd,tin llslrict pnrent-Teiichcr Assodiatloi ncctiner hi osccola yesterday were Mrs. .F. B. Jbyner, ;MVS. E. P Woodson, Mrs. Max B. Rcid..Mre H: H. Brooks, Mrs. RusseH':Farr Mrs. 7,al n. Harrison, Mrs. W..I Osbornc. Mrs. O. J. Rogers, MiS5 Mary .outlaw. Miss liosa M. Hardy aiul Miss Wiunb Virgil Turner. W. ,E, Armstronn aiid Eddie ;B. David will go to Little Rbbk Siin- dny wf-ere tlicy arc to attend a State Police School for a;jiionUi. The school, to be .conducted,, ^at Camp Pike, will have 54^ c'n'roiSed with n -faculty of well known police in charge. It is under the direction oi thu state rangers, with which Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Di- vld arc no\v. connected. , ., r •. Mrs. W.'T/ Burns!' who wbilt'To Meinplib Salurduy, consult *i)bcSalist about an' infection 6n,^i |ip. is feeling better.' 'Miss Betty Lee McCUtchen. iwho back was injured when she fell from a truck a week ago,- has been removed from the hospital at r Orlando, Fin., to the" infirmary nt Rollins college. Winter ' ''' Park, Fla.. where she attends school. Her back was'strained in the fall but physicians say X-ray pictnrcs-'reOca' no other Injuries. Miss McCiit'chen was riding on the back of a truck used to move scenery for 1 a Little Theater play when a liml of a tree struck the scenery and both Miss ' McCutclicn and tlir scenery were knocked from the truck. She will be in bed for two more weeks. Miss Florence Craven. Miss Alma Britton and Mrs. b°ah strife havi returned from Little Rock, where they took examinations'of the state beautician board. i -• Mrs. Jawcl Willis l:ns returned from several days visit In Pin Bluff. ..', •"••,'•.:. • {-• -Mrs. Howard^'Collins. of M(!m- phls, is- the "guest of her parents, Sunday for the services at tlie Temple Israel were Mr. and Mrs. Hy- irniii Kurtz, of LuXora, and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jaffee and daughter. Miss Frances, of Oscebla. Morris Zellncr is in-St. Louis for a. brief buying trip.- • Ben Bowers, of -Memphis, attended to business here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Knox Webb spent yesterday in Memphis. E. D. Ferguson will attend thi; convention of Southeast Missouri Lumber Dealers in Cane Gir.irdean tomorrow. - -, Morris Steiner, of St. Louis, attended to business here Mondnv. The Rsv. and Mrs. George Bell and children) of Ridgely, Teniv, re guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. K. ;arrctt." -, • Mr. .and Mrs. W. V. Alexander verc in .Memphis yesterday witli VIrs. Alexander's sister. Miss Elec- ra Buck, of Osccoln, who mider- vont an. operation for appendicitis ievei'nl days ago. she will be able o be ;taken to her home within a few days. Mrs. J. Allen Webb, of Wriglr Illy; Mo.. Ralph-Tipton, of Memphis, and Ed •Johnson, "-visited ii mall, Ky., Sunday . with .Dr and Mrs.. J.' G. Saniuels aiid in 'ant daughter, Ola" Mae. ;•• ville. Ky., is here for a visit of two weeks -with her grandmother and aunt, Mrs. W. B. Fliumigan and Mrs.- John W. Edrington: Mrs. N. L. Lamb and daughter, Bess, of Memphis are the guests of her daughter. Mrs. D. W. Laird incl Mr. Laird at Carson Lake. Judge and Mrs. S. L. Gladish and Miss Ann sem'mes Barbicrs visited Mr. Glaclish's relatives in Jackson, Mo., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lovewell were Memphis visitors yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Kearney are moving to Greenwood, Miss. Sees* Youth' Playing Increasingly Important Role In Years Ahead ," .'Csceola 1 Ark.—Youth will pliiy [in increasing part-In tlia affairs cf the future; Miss'iV/illb Law-oil, cxecu- tfvc secrclary o< Ihe Arkn'nsns'E-Jii- cation Association, told 155 r;pi : e- «r,tatives • of ; Northeast Arkansas Ai'kaims I'arint-Tsachcr. associia- tbivi ;in 'SBskrt liera .'yesterday, .. She .. quoted../from.':-'rcsjlutfons adopted ; and slatemanLs^mxdii at the .Michigan 1 :yc'uth^Adult coiihi-- ehcc.and tile National student Fed- eratibii of 'America inectlng fo show the point of'view which' the yomis p&qpla of -the country are"'taking. "Resolved: that yoiith" be" reprb- sente'd-on all boards'and br'ga'niv.a- tion's that regulate'-the world In which youth, lives; that lit''cose of threatened 'war.-a referendum; of those 'who must flsht be taken before war Is declared.", was [one ox- ample. "Vou cannot have schools with the service motive dominant in i =ocietj wheie the p oflt motive rules." was another. Mrs. Curtis Stout. Little Rock, •state P.-T. A-. president, outlined Hie plaii of work for: the year ahead. G"oige Deer supeiinlend"iit of Osccola schools, outlined [he mca- dose of the district conference tin Osceola'P.'-T.^A, efetieS the follow. V ing officers for next year- Mrs .W. W. Prewitt, president;' 1 Mrs. J-I M. Hlieiibush, first vice-president; George H. Deer, second vice-prcsi- I dent; Mvs. C. .IJ, Driver, ssci tary; Mis. J. S. Ijau^las, treasure; Mrs. J. S. McOanu, historian. Hungary Invites Tcurisls BUDAPEST (UP)-To facilitiite Hie great volume of tourist'travel from America, the Hungarian government will penult -all those.-' inlding U. S. passports -to cross the boundaries .of Hungary .with- «: out visa. The customary fee'will he eliminated until. Sept. 30, 19:17. COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE i'honc 10B MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP Services Helcf at Steelc" L for High School Student STEELE. Mn.—Alice Avon W DO!blight, 14, died at her horn; near this city last week after a short Illness of inflammatory Thautn'i- tism. She was a, high school student here, having graduated from the eighth grade last fall. Funeral services were held at the Church of Christ by Elder'Thomas C. whitfield and interment was inade in the Holly cemetery. Surviving arc her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everetls Woolbrijht, four brothers, Trevan, Ivan, Bill, and Charles Evcrette. one sister. Doris, Ilid her grandmother, Mrs. Nclltc Brent of. th'is city. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: '1. Outside of tlie classroom should boys and girls rise when addressed by their teacher? 2.'Should school children hold up tfcir hands for permission to talk when another person is rc- \ ;3.'' Dc-e's it al^ow appreciation of a fi'iod assembly program to" stamp feet and whistle? . 4. Should children greet their teacher witli "Hello"? 5. Is it good manners to laugh at, another child's mistakes in class? What would you say "if— You were a boy or girl answering a teacher— "Yes. Ma'am"? "Yes, Miss- Russell"? "Sure!"? Answers •Yes. No. No. Appreciation is sliovvi su - pa^ed by the 1937 ger»ral in fulfillment of the legis- lativs'projrain endorsed by the Ar- kansas'Congress of Pavent-Tea'chei associations Entertainment ••'. features of the piogram mclUd"d i safety plivlet by the filth grade of the Osceola school, iiistrumciital numbers, a solo by Eugene Packard, and a skit by the Wilson P.-T. -A. aemoiistril- ing the fundamentals of newspaper reporting. Awards were given tlie Cross county couhcll and the DyeJis Colony unit for Hie greatest mileage traveled. Lepanto was selected as lie meeting place for 1938. In a brief business ssssion at the "Yours- for the -Asking" Mr. and Mrs. Marcus l.imbaiigli 'md Mrs. _L, E. Cooper spent. Bun- lay In Naslmlle, Tcnn.. as guests >f L E Copper jr.. uho 'is at- xmdlng Vanderblll university.' B Bailey taking a Memphis' hospital. Mrs M rcalmtnt.s •Villis Lee niackvcM fell at the ionic of his grandparents':.uiKiir last week ami; sprained,, his Mr. and Mrs.'Ben Stecplelpn. [Etl Jonos. who underwent an 'operation at a' Mcmnhls hospital 'ten weeks ago. Is resting very well at his homo here. . Misises Hclei' CU?an and Essie Bevtll have returned from Memphis, where they spent the Weekend. . .Mr. and MrsL;. C. E.,Coulter had as their guests' Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. B. D." "Coulter. Mrs. \yare and son. of Memphis. ', '.Miss Mildred Ld'u Hubbard. who attends Southwestern University at Memphis, and Miss Dnrinuc Coulter, \vlio attends Miss Wine's School of Business, spent the weekend witli tr.eir families. _ Mrs. Max Bcrovvsky anrl son, Miss Beatrice IIol'l" wiio" is' em-' Benjamin, of. New York city. w ho ployed nt tile 1 Brown Shoe com-' lm becn visiting William an^ Mas •vny, has gone - to • Carulhersvllls I Borowsky and thsir families, at here, she .will .stay at the home I Manila, visited here Sunday alon; Braggadocio Robert Brooks has accepted a position with the Mid-West Dairy E 3 roduct-s company at Caruther.s- villc. Until recently lur was manager of the J.' B.~ Dye drug store. ,.. Ncwi;cr.ry Johnsoii ' Fresbjtcnan Circles Begin Year's Studies. Circles of the Woman's Aux Sncc. Mr ind . nvo arrived home 'alter' -spending several months In Ft. Myers, "la Mrs. Ethel Jenkins, who' has been tvprking . ;u Manila, Ark., rt as ''returned to this city to make Mr j home. -••• Miss Eula Gray has relumed .to her home in this rity' from a business visit in St. -Louis:' ' illary. of the First.; Prcsbytcrlai cliurch had meetings Monday with the first three groups meeting in ihe afternoon and, the fourth group having a "supper meeting at the- home of Mrs. Stuart H. Huffman News'- Mrs. Mary Merrill left Saturday for St. Louis to be with her son. Vcmpn, who is ill jvitil piievi monia. Misses Virginia and Hiznbctl Mcrritt arc gucsla of their sislcr Mrs. Henry Chandler, while tl\ei mother is 'In- fet. Louis. Mo Mrs diiiuc ; In all of the groups the programs weYe on "Advancing With Christ" and the Bible study *as taken from the Book of Matthews Mrs. S Millei of .Cooler. Pearl -Hei'isOiV and Farinle Coiwland were gueste Suhday of r Mr. a B. H. Green. J. J, Williamson and Will Mood of Tyler, Mo., were here on bus; ness Monday. f Mr. and.Nir.s. Hc,ln . Paul White has gone . fo St. oiiis, Where'he'has emp'oymCiit. Jeff Fran White Has cone to Cansas City, to visit H sister, Mrs Villlam Alston. i Mrs. J. F. Bennett .nnd .(laugh-i c'r, Viola, and Miss Nina riu'ckaba I 1 rove to Wyatl Sunday -tovvisili ilr. Bennett.' Tlie Ksv. Earl Goocli, paslor, :ond(icting : a revival last week at .he Baptist ichnrch, -at .whicti 1 Frank 'Adams was in charge of I the song services. with ths Bcrowskv fainilie:.. 'Walter Rnscnlhal lias been hi si. Louis on a "buyin'g trip since Sunday. . , , Among out of town peopb here The United Kingdom juiiilsh- d the greate-sl nmrkcl for Canadian .exports rturiiis last Qi-.tober with the United St'atrs srroud ; nnd Australia. BelRtu im. and Italy following In respective order. Have You Visited Our \ev> r Motk'rh Service Station'.' While Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires ! VVHIard Batteries Road Service On - Gas - Tires . - '.Wrecks ' 21 HOUR SEKVK'.K Call 033 For Prompt Sfru co Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Osceola Society -^— Personal the Osccola members of .he Progressive club • who are in Marion today for the council meel- "ng of.the Forrest City district of women's clubs arc: Mrs. R. H. *nes, Mrs. John'W. Edrington, Mrs. S. M. Hodgos,- Mrs. -W. E. Hunt,' Mrs. George Abrcy, Mrs. A. P. Spiese. Mrs. R. c. Bryan, Mrs. George Edrington. • • Mrs. H. •}. Hale, Miss Louise Hal» : and A.;\V. Bowen are in Ca- rulhersville. MO.,-this afternoon for the funeral of an uncle-. George L-. Wilkcs. Mr. and Mrs. "George Grimes ol Rlpley, Tenn.,. were, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Presson Sunday. ..Miss. Jane. Plannigan of Louis- la) (b) l:y careful attention, and applausi at the end of the program. 4. No. "Good morning, Mis* Russell," is preferable. 5. No. Nor in any other place Best "What Would You, Do?" solution—(b). (Copyright,. 1037, NBA Service, Inc.) Aithe first Quick! —the unique aid for prevciitin^ colds, EspcciaHy designed for nose and upper ihrbatr where most co/(/s stait. PERMANENT HOIJDEHS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS Get one of fhcsc convctilcu holders- on your next Irli to the Line. They're Free! Just Turn To The Left Al LEFT¥ 9 8 SERVICE > STATION drknnsas- Missouri Line I'or Your; mcnl and Comfort 30c double quantity 50c D. & P. L. NO." 11"— PLANTING SEED . (A Pure. Strain) Original • seeiV' oblaincrt : direct from the lirceilcr ami planted by us for two years. No other cotton planted or ginned on (Ills farm. Reasonably priccci In even weight 100 Ib. bags. Special pricis on carlofs. Inquire F. A. Rogers, Manager, CLEAR LAKE FARM Koulc 2, Box 81, Illythcville Phone 1SOO-F11 HANNA FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic service at moderate cost. Ambulance Service >; Phone 5S >; "BEKN'AT" KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles . . Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS. LESLIE IIOOl'EIl 1109 Cliickasawba Phono 102 v 1H N. 1st "'•' (Less'State L Tax) Last ivcck .T. C. Walser vvau called fcr.tlic S50.CQ—Hut In' was nnt: | present—Mahiriff Bank Deposit Ic llijlil S75.00! —ON THE SCUl^EN— Also "Foreign Sports" aiitl Comedy— "Inlawfiil" "Matinee — 10 •: -Niglll— IG , 2Gc 3l!e i m m m m m CAlil) OF THANKS We arc very grateful lo everyone who was M kind to us during onr sudden tragedy. Hie dcaUi of our son. Especially do we "lliank the people of the school, OIB hospital, the physicians and the ministers, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McDermoU. All Now Located al 101' North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU '''•'• -DON FDWAUbS,'.Vroprlctor m»»f> c,; Rebuilt Typewriters, AdJlnjf Machines ami Calculators—Rcriirlng—Paris—Kibbbnj FOB SALE We liave on hand several tons ot .Stoncvillc No. 4-A one year from., brceacr. state tcstcci. A few tons of D. p. L. No. it. Beans,- Laredo, Virginia, Delsta. and Mamiiiolli Brown. Pras— mixed. New Era. and Whips. Peas 'and Beans reclcancci aiirt graded by us. will trade for cotton seed.. L, R. Matthews Gin Co. Collon, Cotton Seed anrl fo*t. Telephone 1511-F-3. Yarhro, Ark. The Saveon Gasoline Tank Oar Station at Holland, Mo. is now open and selling high grade gasoline for .13 per gallon, tax paid, as the opening special to convince you . that they have better gas at lower price Also Cigarettes at $1.15' per carton mi^.Lii.: ws-Jilmff?' HSilg"" With BinR C'rosby,'l5nli Hums', 1 Martha, Shirley T{OSK, George Karhicr, r,icf Erick- snn and' Grady.Sutlon -i Aisn Paramount.. Ncw's, I'ictoriali . arul Comedy - : —Admission— iMatihrc—*10 .t NiBht-li Ailmissinil—Always' 10 & ?.(!c i Malinccs Friday. '.Saturday, Simtlay Show every iiijht., Friday aiii! Sunday JIaltncrs '.start at 2:15. Saturday rvfalinre at 1:15. •,. 2 Adults -Admitted for Trice of 1

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