The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAY 31,1948 Voluntary Step Taken by Condon i Subject of Loyalty ^Dispute to Withdraw Frorii Atomic Matters By I.yle C. Wilson Uniitd Pr*»s SUfJ Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May U (UP)_ Energy Comtnisslon check on him. Dr. Edward u. Condon, lias put himself under orders to k'ecp clear °J_ tli_i«Ks_atomlc until the Atomic completes a This was disclosed yesterday by Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer—just 77 clays after a House UnAmerlcan Activities Subconu mittee accused Condon of being "one of the weakest'links in' our utomie security." Condon Is director of the Commerce Department's Bureau of Standards. He is an authority on nuclear physics and during the war helped this country get started on Its atomic bomb project. When the House Subcommittee first aired its charges against Condon, the Atomic Energy Commission said the scientist's quallfic:|l- lons for access to secret data were under investigation. He hud the commission's Army's Manhat- cleared by predecessor, the , ,.tan District. When Die commiss- took over the atomic project, it Instituted checks of its own. Although it has been nearly 2'/a months since Condon was accused of being a weak security link, the White House and Congress are locked In a dispute over how. whether and when the bureau direct- ~. v«i or shall get a fair hearing in public, kansas. In"*" speech bVfore' the Passed Loyally Exam House of Representatives ° a M i-l Condon, meanwhile, has passed cently he hoped farmers' ol the Commerce Department's loy-lern Arkansas would take -ally examination with flyine co-age of the Rural Electrllimiio-i lors Sawyer said that Condon's program to modernli* their far n decision to shut his eyes to all 1 operations. " " d .-[ praising the operation of the Ru- Draper Backs Fund to Buy Japs' Cotton WASHINGTON, May 11. <UP) — Army Undersecretary Wtlliam C Draper said • yesterd«y that Jap»n melted millions of her economically- vital cotton spindles to make bullets during the war. Draper appeared before * House Armed Services Subcommittee. He supported » Senate-approved measure to set up i. 1150,000,000 revolving fund for purchase of raw natural fibers,, mainly wool »nd cotton, for occupied «re» industries. He said the Japanese 'cotton mills' output was down to t 1-2 per cent of the prewar figure when the war ended. Draper said there Is now a 'tremendous market for Japanese cloth In the Far East. He said that the proposed fuud would help put the Japanese textile Industry on Its feet and would cuU occupation costs substantially. , . Sen. James O. Eastland, D., Miss said the proposed purchasing program would benefit Arizonj/Texas and California, but not the Deep South. He said scarcity of raw materials last year made the Japanese cotton Industry, cut its Output Pwbyiirian* Draft flan to Merge North And South Denominations OINOIMSATI, O., May 11. <UI>> — A plan for the merger of Ihe Northern and Southern denominations of the Picsbyterinn Church, split since the civil war, has been drafted by a special committee or the two groups meeting here. Dt. DunbHr'H. Ojan, of New Orleans, committee chairman, said general assemblies' of both churches will hear the plan at their respective meetings Mny 16. It then will BO to the churches for study, and held by them until the 1SM9 session. Another year would be required for Presbyteries to receive the merger plan. Dr. Ognn safd the merger would unite 2,250.000 members of the Northern group ,and 625,000 members of the Southern group, ami combine their college, hospital and missions work. JBLYTKEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ORD1NANCK No. 4fi:l AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION ONE OV ORDINANCE No. 402. ENTITLED "A . ZONING ORDINANCE, PRESCRIBING CERTAIN PORTIONS OP THE CITY OF. BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS, WHICH SHALL BE, EXCBI'l' IN SPECIAL CASES. RESERVED FOR RESIDENCE PROPERTY, AND PROHIBITING THE EtlEC- , cu s Ouput ""'-' rmjnimuilli I HE EI1EO- Op per cent and forced Korea to! TI ON OP BUSINESS BUILDINOS shut down completely *">*> omr*»¥*->rnTTT-i-r^ xmm-ir... ...... — He said the proposal would save u. S. taxpayers "millions" of dollars. Use of REA Facilities Gathings Urges WASHINGTON, May ll.-Hep E C. Gathings, First District o[ Ar- ing conclusion of the commission's checkup was voluntary. The secretary also said he was convinced that Condon is entirely loyal. He disclosed that the commission's Personnel Security Review Board, headed by former Supreme Court Justice Owen J. Roberts, Is looking into Information Condon got when the Manhattan District was In charge. "Meanwhile, Dr. Condon, realizing the .Importance of the matters involved in the public Interest In the security of the Atomic Ener- f roeram, has voluntarily agreed pending the commission's re- he will restrict his activities and contacts so that he will acquire no new information with respect to atomic energy," Sawyer said. Sawyer said the Commerce Department's Loyalty Board reported that "no reasonable grounds existed 1 ' for suspecting Condon's loyalty. - "I have read the complete file on this matter and concur in that opinion,'; Sawyer'said. He added that ' he agrees witn his' predecessor,-W—Avereil Harriman, -that the president's top loyalty review board should go over the case again. The presidential board has indicated HhaT- it will take no actio mmtil the UnAmeri- can Activities Committee finishes Its investigation. I NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed-by law apply to tho.Commis- sioner of Revenues of the- State of OR STRUCTURE HEREIN WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION OP THE CITY COUNCIL." BE IT ORDAINED, BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: . SECTION 1. Section one of Ordinance No. 402, the same ueing a Zoning Ordinance, Is hereby amended to read as follows: "That hereafter, It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build, construct or erect any gasoline and oil filling station, automobile repair garage, automobile sales agency, farm implement sales agency, parking lot, apartment of move than four apartment, hotel, hospital, clinic, restaurant, lunch room, lunch counter, sandwich stand, fruit slnnd, or any other building or structure designed Intended to be used for business maintain a similar business or other business In a building or structure already erected in what Is commonly known as (he residential section of the city of Blvthe- ville, Arkansas, being that section of the City which is 1 mentioned in a succeeding section of tills Ordinance, until after having first filed an application wilh the City Engineer lor a permit to do so, along with all plans and specifications therefor, and the Payment ot a fee None •; Nofi ce i s hereby given thai the mitteislgned will witWn the lime fixed by law apply to t|, e Commissioner of Revenues of the stale of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer "t retail at 37B Si Division St., iUytlievJlle, Mississippi county. The undersigned ^t«lcs (hat he Is a oitlzcn of'ArkansHs. of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moj-nl turpitude; Unit no license lo sell beer by the uinicr- sgned has-been revoked wlt'kn live years last past; and that the undersigned hn s never been convicted of vlolailng the laws of tills slate, or any other stale, relating lo the sale of alcoholic liquors ELZOIUA G. JOHNS Subscribed and vorn lo before me Ihls 10 (J«y of Mn.v, 1948 ,„,,.,. w - M- 'Williams, ( ShAL) Notary Public. My Commission expires July 11, 1950, Nolle* nf Klllug- U f Application for Liquor Permit Notice Is hereby given llmt the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell mid dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage ut retail on Ihc premises described » s 117 South •Second St. BlylhcvIIIf, Arkansas Application Is for permit to be Issued for opcratloil beginning on the 1st day of July, 1018, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1019, • Filinore a. Qlpson NOTICK Notice Is hereby siveii l|, R t Hi* undersized v,'lll wllhln Ihe time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenue., of the St«Us ot Arkansas for a penult to sell beer M! r , f" i nt 1II » hw »> 1 "., Mississippi County. The undersigned stntes Hut he Is a clllnen of Arkansas, of Kood mornl elmrnclcr. Hint lie hait never been convicted' of » *1ony or other crime Involving mortil turpitude; Mint no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; slid that tin undersigned has never be eii col ,_ veiled of violating the Inws of this state, or any other slate, telatliiB to the sale of alcoholic liquors Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209'i W. MAIN ST PHONE am Ulythcvllle, Ark. ' ; BuUcrlbed n» thU 1th (SEAU d »worn lo before , or May, 194«. ,Bry«n Heart), Notary I'libllo; My CommlMlim expires 11I-16-91. j You Are Cordially Invited to Vitit ral Electrification Administration Mr. Gathings declared he • would "continue to do all In my power to proviae the necessary funds for the ur iiitciiuen u> ue uscu lor operation of'this program." He gave I purposes or to established, operate i.ns House ii tali sties on the oners. ^ r rn °'"***'" « *>i»»ii«»- i...-:.. — — tion of the REA program In Eastern Arkansas and praised tha aroivln of tilt program In tliat area. Read Courier News Want Adi. Muner 01 Revenues of the- State of ull:lci " l » arm me payment 01 a lee Arkansas for a permit to sell beer' 0 ' Ten Dol!ar s ($10.00) to cover nil at retail at 905 North 6th Blythe cosls of P rll 'ting notices, etc., said vllle, Mississippi County fee to b* PaW I" cash to the City violating the of this state, or any other state;'relating to the sale of alcoholic" liquors. J. J. HAHGETT Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10 day of May, ' 1948. Elizabeth Mason (SEAL) ' Notary Public. My Commission expires 4-28-50. KEYS MADE j For Anything i LOCKS OPENED I _ and REPAIRED • ! For Service Call or Come to' ! Bill Godwin's j SPORTING GOODS ! Glencoe Bldg. Phone .1352 \ ordlnnnce. a real need has arisen Tor alteration and amendment of the Zoning Ordlnnncc uucl it will be to the advantage of the city and Its Inhabitants If the Ordinance can be amended forthwith. The Immediate passage of the Ordlminco is necessary for the pence, health nml safely of (he Inhabitants of the City of Blytlicvillc and it slinll be in full force and effect from and after It's.passage. • ' Passed and approved Ihis the 12tli day of June. IGK. B." R. Jackson, mnyor Attest: Frank Whltworth, City Clerk er n- ( , eitrim.O,sMI«rsCoiporal™.ChrysltrBmWn8. New York FOR REFRESHMENT AT ANY TIME! Our Restaurant Has Been Redecorated For. Your Comfort JOHNS CAFE 409 Wcsr Main STUDEBAKER ... Originated the "New Look" in Motor Cars! t • First In Style! • First In Vision! ' • First by far with Q Post War Car! Guaranteed Used Can and Trucks See Chamblin Sales Co. for Complete ServicoJ CHAMBtIN SALES- CO. "**"' fri *™tiY Studebaker Dealer" K.K. ft Ash Stt. 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