The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 2, 1914 · Page 6
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 6

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1914
Page 6
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THE CONSTITUTION. ATLANTA, ; - GA., MONDAY, KOVEMBEB .2, 1914. Page »"x Edited By Big Games on Tap Next Saturday Sports Dick Jemison 1 TOUGHEST BATTLE \East 's Bi88est Football Game rnn Tiir | iW rro Scheduled for Next Saturday; I ■ u, m^nunuv Crims on Plays Nassau Tigers Auburn Champions Here ! Next Saturday — Jackets | Hope for Low Scor I Crippled. AUBURN STAR - Both [I Sikes and Preas A re Guilty Of BreakingS. I, A. A. Rules; Wherein Is the Difference? scheduled f, Princeton defeated this ' Salurday'i from furthe This will ,m.n. Harvard V ctorief, and tile dope Poln ' fo ani - ther one ?tl» year. Saturday at Caijn Neithor team'tias »een nenwfll be flimlnated *ln«>l« chkn - ;. - i - ..n.hip Itlon In prsp ranks him to be ruled out llefje da>5, be - NORTH CAROLINA LEADS THE SOUTH In Scoring Points — University of Tennessee Is Close Behind, With Virginia in Third Place. 3 their early eeanon «on, ui , ' 1877 — Prlncetoi 1 goal, 1 touchdown formidable a machine thin "pa»on; Harvard 1 toit - h; downs. oonahue tiaa biuii " _v 'J"„" fnat 1S7> — Princeton l touchdown, Har fen.e. His system teems to <>• - ™fl vord • , a wondertul^uereii!^ 'J^J^ h„ Si IsTit— Prlnwtoji l^soal. Harvard 0. ^VH^unrrnftes'^e'not bM»"««w2j dOWJjT^p^^l eoaLT'touehdowi? IV - J ,. actl .'ff'SSir'bS IV will show. ••..vrginK^lower and ,,f forwards will .un;.uri - /! - fl will be pleasantly surprised "'"However, the Jackets J,"J'ehtj11flt"pt1^ . ts'sav^hat ^he'e'ls Salways an end to .• —:■ th i r.p and thev at - poln^ - Ir. there prepared to fight and .en so successful agains his season. This has 1 splendid interferences Rob'l'nson. greal'end that he lo, will get plays especially for ' the Aubur eleven's benerlt. With Auburn scout on the side line. Saturday In the S« Against Auburn everything In th might plunges i>xcluslv.I>. though they hav a few. men In their baektleld who ca: ■ ircle Arnol.l^ben.b'^the star otth. ' Teeh Improving. aJrej D the showing that their team la making play is getting smoother with each at able, to ;.;.> - i .. f,.rr - ...I.U - le Hne - ug lng more ..lass game, Patten, i trouble'0 K'V<> ' this year ought mid football funs are, convinced of play, willing to TESREAU SUED. Breach of Promise Action by Miss Young. trial '\v thv ,iUonie>h for Miss .'lam Toung. th - I - erryville ..Vol girl who la.sulng Tvsreau tor S:;.?l>v lor failure might learn his present financial ct dltTon and his so. - ial standing - . ^ Miss ^Youns^trante.1^ to^ know f ji without mi. n so tends she suffei than If - Big J , cepted board and »^:fV2mP™;fde,S,Wn The i I - ., Wf»i % ,M ' 'Z*J7\ZJZl ^"llZZlTc, »« r - Urs ».r iT - irc^'*^ s.: dope favora Yale, due to the defeat I ■ Winiif our statement that eh. tWwaa and t rore »• ever entered tne e. l. a. , ^.^or.?,','"*4 W*OMy " ,M V Bikes*™"™ 'identl^andlo'e. "to ntn '{v^esent Sikes' i The Carlisle Indians will have a stiff I I • *^SBJ ^^j. II Mi * d,scut"">n to try to P™*8 oult own argiunient. ^J*TSM comnirctea^oi. i r meeting! P0UD>. *J J "{„ te^bou't a standoff I I ^a^H LB . ' he Is noily trying to protect Vender - that Vandy would withdraw , football S in points scored." with Princeton hav - Cornell will have her hand, full I l - ^^M B °»i *™ captain, just - me same as preas is ineiigiu.e to »^"' - ' J24 registered to date. Tennessee is bJSSL 'Sy ffiSS^STi&ra Ceen^ak^Sg4 II ■ 5LSS8£ K?* wT w^^e^'po.. | S»l fact ^r%n»>S.k?.vS,"i'|. S,,^!rS T^ tr^Ve^ope^i '^n.« coUege. during the preaen, sea - H l finTiSS. ^,2 'r)"nS lo "*h0* SS2l ^ Si»SSL?ftA . ^,S^ ,SwJri^«"ffi Srm.7^ore.i 1 „«■„• ^e^ameVvS SSVA ■ Bfl 1 S,J?,e wPefelkbax?ed",ht.htat,he?fto,r'm.r'n,. ^|^^l«>*eirtr^S& *A?«ai <,ne11d - ,?,°nnc,,?on"o!lf being • bark in fine sh.ipe and defeated the ^^HBHHfl ^Hf " n>al<«s no difference as to the mv Sikes waV onl'v - technical - *re the scores through Satur - 1 Savy. principally through the trick. ^■H nature of their offense, The lyTBhu^ty^ He \%ew b?tte>. and what . ^» - . they i«»rn«d in thla game. ■• t. K' SjJ. h(^,vcrr,J |*JJp ath^|teJ '"rlSSt " ^J^&Jn^ 17 otIJ'S <i "'ruZhZSOa' • ti.» Tvtt^V^TvMhlniwn and j.t - ■n^H|^^B i^d.hjr^iavl^r ^?V^.boJ/n,0^ei1 nf»ywt3*out ^ott't'JSuty of r?ui5 « :::: :: :v Virginia M?Sieo. - ':: : ::":: * . ferson game Is one that will bear con - I ■B^ilH|^^^H^B T»e Broke aHuli violation. Slkee to the^nton. ^ |» ;;;;;;;;;; ^ *,1f,e(?Jr°07lBtll ;;;;; J ' ?:,t/*o'" • K'1 f - oiP* rtr<""l!e - e arl."'?!'. PrBl ^M^^B»BisW Regardless'' of "the 'specific act of do'l'ng hfm^a grave' InjS.tlce8' to har' JJ T'™''* « : • - o - <.'. - " that l - v<. ueen j.tirr.nK F ^■JFW, WMBK^KU »"d Stket. the fact remains, him and we commend the executive i «J v.nd.rbm i ■ Jn.'iis up in the easl toia season and I .^BMWW03B^^Mm SjlT'the'^ aKE ub^t^' *b"l ""'i" "ed* C?n?r,!"h<" ^ *" re ; '« . Ds Tvldioa 1 ."f.' - Med Cornel? and f . 1HkS» - «llx^sK4t ' I .in that the cases are a parallel, Mr Iaeoo.totent Bullag. j *M "i? the ndlans. while the W. & J eleven UHH|^H] o^'mftt.^ o^'th /'i a a ".' - T'S But their riles uf. have a Tie to their credit with the Har - l\V^LV^HsiSPI^B.HH*V, ommlttee of the S. I. A. A. and the lf sike3 can be reinstated, why not • Tennr^ee. yard Crimson slipped the |j|>ja^HBB^H|^HB*M hole world lo the contrary notwlth - rreas? . ■ » Carton and Menu • hooks into the Yale Bulldogs without l^DHpi|^^^n>f| **^d>ne, k s . , rreaa never ought to have been ' IS Kin,. I "d 5' 1 These teams are due for a high rank - M M ta^^KSsWF J '* ota1e that "iny v>hy" Jol"s "° and oa«ht to hJve been ""•»t"fa Prompt - «' Ijouhw.ll. e reason and the « . | i - ^HK»<^/ I f";,'^11 be declared 1 neligmle ?° ^r - ( ly the same # as - Snte. w^. aa, U t. . . ... •c*„1'^* J 3.' Princeton" .. : furnish^ ...^for^jj how high a I'WT^gBB'X, . ^.?ST ».tW«fct 1 ""Ift ''^'In "«? .'"a.'a! ^.St ■ ^ — V J. H. THIGPEK. fVrt JSgSj™ - * ^J?SW^S C\rWrWWIWnJ „ ^tJ^Ua. . Auburn s all - «onthern guard, who admitted his Infraction of the rules, I There's something "Inside" In tho 105 Mercer e I Yellow Jackets a! Grant field next Sat - thought Vanderbllt was going to sever spotl ght would help. If "shown - in. " aeweaee' I utdav Thi«»n I. .,.■„ nlavlne hl> connection, with the S. L A. A. and thcuKh th* teelli c« of some of the sewanee o n Tigers will be the next . Hemson ^def ea^ed ^thetn. 14 to 0. prac - | JJJg^,, J ^^J' in the line heP«i*,b"S no"8 thlf" when1"".* «o bY L "* g the scores made by the Tlglrs^ave'bee'n'^improving during the . f°r "" D°"ahne* - — ; = Jt * Auburn. iPinSBURG LEADS MOVING FOR PEACE ANOTHER TOUGH 1 *~M=i W INTERSECTIONAL EASTERN TEAMS IN BASEBALL WUKLU UNE rUK VANUT; s - ^m^= i I— u"r" - "!S3 - Prlncte°Ui «.° H»r™rd TSS4 — Prlncelbn 3i, Harvard G 1S5« — I'rlncet.'wi Harvard 0 18S7— Harvard 15, PriT, - - .on Prlnret.ti 18. Harvard li ' iSS — Prineet.n - II. Harvard 1 iill— i'rincettS s.'Harvard 6. 1 « 1 ?.— Harvard The Yale Bulldogs Clemson Will Give Georgia A Hard Fight on Saturday] SEWANEE WILL GET ANOTHER BEATING! GAMES ON SATURDAY1 "igers Line Up Against Alabama in Birmingham on Next Saturday. The Sewanee Tiger, are In for a. other trimming next Saturday whi they go up against ^the Lnlver.ity The Tiger, had - a. - chajice with JUl .f^thelrlS slon for Sat Michigan Plays Pennsylvania. Notre Dame Tackles the Army Eleven. Formidable Pennsylvania Eleven Has Not Been Defeated This Season — Yale Stands Second. Tech. The^Jacket. pu day's g0ame.0if' Alabama defeated Tech.^^though^they j thev^ wanee 'me't'ind It to ntwaibljl ;that |e - i ^^Th^ JifiesI "thev show 'more diversity of : urda! r.lny than they did agaln.t Tech. theyi intersectional battles will I . lot to do with the com the East and the We.t. irslty of Pennsylvania will Arbor to play the Unlver Igan. The Wolverines have ow leads the Easts Chairman Herrmann Has a Plan for Taking Federal League in Organized Ball. Confers With Weeghman. University of Tennessee Eleven Threatens Their S. I. A. A. Honors Next Saturday. Chicago, Kove cinn&tifl is said lzed baseball o: This Nashville, Tenn, November 1. — (Spe - \ lal.) — Eliminated from a high rank - . TenJesiee": .. Tulaao ... atlon with Charles Weeghman. it of the Chicago Federals, and onferre* with P. B. Johnson, I it of the American league. ! dllion. including who has not play hrerT§atHrd1aybau!' NO SUCH LUCK, Say Zim of HU Trade to the Giants. Georgia State League Will Reduce Salary Limit for Next Year Yale. Maine - lleve I could have any aucn lucl Heinle Zimmerman, of the Cub., d clared this afternoon. ^ln speaking McUraw. "I don't think any fellow who h been brought up In New York has team./' °sald Helnie. "lf I lived of those far - away burgs. I might sla: up. and It is probabie^that a Ihere has been considerable WORLD RECORD BROKEN BY CHAMPION UHLAN Richmond, Va., November 1. — Uhlan, lng ' 9l£r' nounds.nlwith C°:K.r' QCa'Bil - lios - s. own. - r. in t'.i, - t.i. - i.lle. i.j«:iv t.roito the world's record nude by him for one - eighth of^ alt™j]pK 1vli^ dtot»"ice'"n 1^ aVcnrndsnffa"aThe former record of n' - j was made last summer "i! tho l - :': at Sor:it..t - a, »r..i the i'ilson of New Tor] FRED MERKLE PULLS ANOTHER BIG BONE vev York, November 1. — The Giants and ^'ah11* CK11*itJdsetrie1 - r andTookt'd 2x"™ed'.<l »3r.0tlieTne'oS|'ants. accustomed i . ; u'.ling down a losers e:: - . le.tst J2.4U0. could hardly oeheve their . . The laugn of the .eries. how. ever la o:i Fred Merkle. Two weeks KgO. when the question of a .eries .. - ,;n the - - I'Jl - .lrasf. Merkle was re paid Mike Donlin I the lin - I figure. . : Mississippi '_ '.. irgies last IE as high as 11.500 igue w'lli alter toeing ad nued th througl eated i Clas. C or gi'.l prominent ,i - r. club. At eligible. to develop dent of the.i iderajble dis - j S^nt^j understood. not offer for re - nn. of Thomasvlll ■■:.:■} .rlty of the directs - .. „ j't p?edicTjr»rwhohwm ! Applications for admittance 1 will be kc probable SOME GOLF MATCH. Bender and Coombs Play Rice and Mathewson. BIG CONFERENCE GAME ON NEXT SATURDAY CHARLEY SCHMIDT MAY MANAGE THE GULLS Fort Bn - .li cial.)— Chai Mobile Southern a telegram from that team loni^ht iu come to Mobile at o: that the message means Schmidt lias been elected to manage the Gulls next year. He leaves Saturday. A TRIP THROUGH The John U. Moore & Sons' grinding; r.lar.t .,»!.' ..»»» the value »'■ chances for the "Big will hinge on the outcome ■ of Minnesota.^ ^ ^ i'cago last Saturday, whom to 0. they are the favorite, ilnjr game. Minnesota was ojrlasees. Most ^corn! reet. Grant building. — (Adv.> TEXAS BOY IS KILLED IN FOOTBALL CAME ,. - />':.'.:: - .:. ;[;.;. :^o co urtiy, * reeul ted ' ' :l - - ' : - ' ' - laine. but before doing so are going to op off In New York and play a match ante of golf against Christy Mathew - jn and Grantland Rice. Bender i. kid to be an exceptionally good golf - INTERCESSION IS MADE FOR BELGIAN MINISTER Washing! terceded In behalf of Paul official dispatches todi oioi cave Mexico, but the" tn itended until Monday, du THOMSON GIRLS WIN BASKETBALL CAME Thomson, Gl, November' 1. — (Special.)— A feature of the MoDuifie county fair wu tH* interMUnar hasicathall contest between - the Thomeon school and the Washington hJffh school teams. The Thomson girls won at i MT. _ Wash - IMoah" fries - Faoella, Mexico int^nd^ D Bele - ium. but is dls the diplomat personally in cooiiMUon wUh*Bel. Ington was dsUto outclaased from - - L - s. tnoufn iney pis.y»»a a raat game. No crtidlt for the victory ia due nny^one player, but tooths team work. Mae °Ware, . Janl^^atloexr 'canters! Mary Thrasher. Nanie Kate Shields: sruards, Allene deer. Sara Bowdsn; referee, J. A. stringer. subject of peace being consider It of this game will de - ! ter.d^the^ ran King of ^ both leamj* ln iJu^e points Lq\ close, hard fight i h:s. iherc Is little itiai one'ean fir.fi1 nooga have been eliminated by | The Volunteers poseees a splendid and even . THIS YEAR'S APPLE CROP iS LAHGtST IN YEARS] EUROPEAN REPUBLIC MAY FOLLOW THE WAR (Prom Tho Memphis News - Scimitar. While we are talking ^^^J' - om* of'our people it might be well rop of vegetables. (From The Rlchmo that significant "if extended. If Germany — if England j HUBSitt if Austria! If E - J. - - r.p - - bfco a series of republics: It isn't sue ■ great, such an impossible "if." imagination has stretched farther the European war was not an affair of Ob am hers and lawmaking eUapp?eras aPfood product a matter of fact, the appii atable foods th table, and it many way* tha ipple, the stewed ■vaporated apple, baited apple. ys ln which ap. pies may be prepared. SUDf ^J1^'1,,^0^ being acceptable itisene would cultivate the apt hat tn^°coat oVllvlns would go dow rhey would also discover tha^t th ipple itself Is capable of ellmlr nd driving itfllae^fn a useful^way^ and this s(^mB arge major?" o? 'people. ?? Is w.thln he memory of the older people when he tomato was cal'ed a "love apple." ind was considered a rank poison, ither vegetables were similarly under he ban, and would be there yet had Bring the apple Into mot and give it that respect Hon to which It is ent!t'< NEW WORLD'S RECORD FOR BALLOON FLIGHT St. Louis. November 84 miles today with fou basket made by the b ■aid to establish a new world's record for a continuous flight with four passengers. The balloon rose from St toward popula has made leaps LANDS TO BE RESTORED j TO THE GOVERNMENT j Washington. November 1. — The department of justice tonight announced an agreement with the American Smelting and Refining company by which title to sevt Qit may* not happen — yet. I toward . popular government in all < parts ot But that creatly deflected fron ndivldual t candours. Civic Common Sense. •ram The Milwaukee Journal.) fields, i i »so,ooo their work. The 1 piece of work to experience with 1 it. need., but ev plays, hut we are g SSS.3C real'y conelderinjs .'netaMly em - I •h* has ha? no n candidates fort s cnleflv asked ; of SKak'espeai e's I tample of a city rill open I rough estimate plae* nd (100,000. iB under way In th e time. The presen the company, "not ii NOTICE. hereby gl Railroad Company Ita - aovalelpal building their subjects, drawn from a real col - leao Of business The chief etudles will be English, accounting, statistics and elty government. The fees will be moderate.* the aim "will be to benefit the students by preparing them for better^ work and the city by providing an abler corps of employee., and the incentive will be flrm«i«noy of position under the civil service. It is about time that cities recog nised the need of employing tn where they have not already beer manded— the public service. The slon of New York to educate Its ployeee may o ell be called civic men sense. Nos. 33 and 31 now operating between ttlanta and West Point, Georgia. Thi. application has been assigned or hearing, before the Railroad Com - oeetmg of the°Coenm"selOn"o be held ? Novm ber It, ^°|J0 .lsslon will afford alt parties I the cpmml»si*.?r0?naAt^^ life wlTh^tlv^Ve^ufrements^of the^Railroad it "vTlSiTa °4 TOn POINT RAIL - sra - P.O/.t> COM PA ICY. ».l By J. P. Billupa. Gen. Paaa. A«t,

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