The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Roland's "Commissioners" Hit. . ' AVi'nning • Stride; Pastime Loses Again City naKk Team East Arkansas Terry's Station Roland's Bnoti'i' Pnsllme League W. L. I'el. 2 0 1.000 1 I .500 ) I .500 (I 2 .000 IiV J. P. PltlEND Enst Arkansas Builders Supply climbed into undisputed possession of finst place h) the City I.eii|>ue haskcthall litlc chase by swnmp- inu Terry's Service Station, an-li (it the National Guard armory lust night. In tlie (irst game Jeff Roland's np-and-'comiiiB Roolery cagers loured It on n linptcss Pastime crew and went Into a ' tie with ^wry's Gassers. Tlie wore was 2R- Pastlme throw n mild .scare Into the "Commissioners" hy holding them even at thc linir. Bootei-j' took a commanding lend with Bernard McAfee, Mnx Clirlstlan, l.ce ^fedlln and Mai-shall niachard ccntribulliig materially with timely bnskcLs, and were out. In front 11-5, at the close of the first period. However, 1'iistlmc lightened ihelr defense,, allowing no more ccoi-ing until tlje half, ami added the necessary six points for , n tie os the Imlf ended. The Eoolery offense was not to lie denied, however, and pulled nway from the cue artlsl.s in Hie last stamns. iNfcAfce, with four field jjonls tind a pair of free tosses, led In the point making. Lee Medlin manufactured eight jxDhils. Ernest. Barnes, in hj s n ra t appearance for •Pastime, played a prominent role in the laser's piny, ire scored six points. ' Builders Score nt mtl Scoring almost at w i|| t| lc league leaders had n Held dny at the expense ,of the slale liners They were out In front, 14-0, nt .the-aid of thc first period nnd t!Mi a 20-4 advantage at the half. The Gasscrs were not able to cope with (heir steady offense and conld -not penetrate the scoring P. Biogdon, "Hub" Second Gam* E. Ark. Bldre. Pos. Terry's SB Webb 6 Potter e BpJI C > Holland 10 Wilson 10 F P c o o Burns Brogdon 2 Northern 2 ttfarsbnll Undscy Suhstltutlons —Teri'v: Besha'rse Diitm. Ensl Ark, nidrs.: rillbert neferee: BmcKard. By ' Harry Grayson Goose Goslin speaks hLs mind, no matter how painful. When the big back-lo-the-fann aiKflclcicr was traded by Washington to Detroit he caustically reunite! (hut Joe Cronln oiiKht to » president of the American -ensue. Thnt wns (jnile nil right, or Cronln wns ihu lender of a rival oiitllt. Closl ID'S latest blast from his :ome at Salem. N. J.. chiefly has o do with Pete- Fox, u teammnte, lowcvcr, antl r.oesn'l, llgiire to add o (he happiness of Hie nctrolt amily. Ooose predicted that the 'risers vonld win the pcnniint this year n a ivalk, that Clevelnnd would ivn them Uu-lr .sllffest comiictl- ion—and added: "We could use a sturdy long- range hitler In right. llcM. PelV Pox Is a good outfielder, but his niiu is nothing to mve about n w | ho is not a consistent hitter. Understand, i haven't anything a^air)sf Pete. In (act. I've done all I could to help him. bui we would n« much 'stronger with a nm-chus outfielder In his p!act>." Now, that isn't just exactly wlia n gentleman farmer should fay I regiml to his fellow worker Afte nil, success of a ball club depend » Steal de»! on [lie harmony [tin cxlsls among the players. That point was brought out I the Roecr Peckinpaugh-Wcsle Ferrell combats in Cleveland which Indirectly resulted in Pec Betting the yl ,t e ,, s mnn i, B(;l . „„ ferrell being S( , n i, [ 0 B m [ m Yes. sir! The comment of th poosc Isn't going i 0 p rom olc mud harmony in Ihu Tiger ouirteld (hi yenr-iiiui , ve wonder what Mlslc Mickey C'ochranc hits to say. The Casi! »r Ynrnsz Le-s nieclcrninn, I'llt.sbiirgh rrex. orls wrllcr, went d_o\vn to Mon"ca, p rt ., home of Teddy Ynrosz middleweight, champ, just nf i c .leddy had been sent to llurclenn of mercy, nor was it his Intention Demons' The to render condolences nnd sym pathy to the champion. He ntdely place in " " handled he , champion. He simply wanted lolrVhri: To hm "cr Tmn v?hey get the Impression of a champion '"L" crown In PhinLI y , W °," who hits been knocked out In « I ' , Zt , LH™> ' ' Bnd "'' non-tllle bout. Am. «-l,nt <h> you think IhontliU w,.,o ? Well, ||,c ' lon B. C011 »l- kid „, 11 ( Ucnipscy uuvo everything he lind ret cif fans ----'/'Iillbert Kan his moneys worth, ,.,, ' ;tljt ' that ifi Die answer to the mm VP never tlogKcu It H, me rinf; ul.iilly th.U K'as his (hen ami i he and I've never set up an iiimi for .reason, even now llml he i" ,",' '•' my fights," ••---•••• Score Tied For Three Pcr- I ""Is Before 1934 Champions Go Ahead lllllt?" (me ever bus hop f Welner high defeated DlylhevMIe : high In the finals of u,c district lunsketball lonrnainent last year 'aim duplicated the feat In tho . rsl clash between the two teams I this season at .Wcincr last nlrht ; emerr;,! g will, the bis end of a' '"ml (von, as Ifl. 2() triumph. '''n7'*£:'^ ™t«»W Idolatry! j^on . to ^th^'niythcvlllc "liuln't! *Jie Hill tiiiure, tlieir lu^t fuj • Rcinoj/ibej' I,}HI is suteu, mill they lire con- iniiiii Jim Flyin t lo ride iilotus w iu, t | le ni . w \, m i ng 1Lsplr S4 rader until such us so,,,,. 0111 ,j _!_±_ •thing, wade In there and mix it - - ii ubhj to '.vitJi evf:rvo)H' c ni-i-v t* oiii sntiT,!""' '.""T 10 " l ° "".ryoBrt-yoMr shonlde, 'anT onr u c' wl de sallsfnctlon, Tnddy. Pans always 1 open for all comers -'" •" mrni' 8 ),".""" 1 Wl i Jl " 1C c ''"""- ' ll |)ays "'vl'IcndV, though and ""HI Hef,s «„ the floor, and'should put a n 8 liu-r on easy urc ni'Miswl mo)) members, j In liis old n E e y «nd his -quint out In front by five poinU; as the game ended McCiilley was high point scorer of he night w}lh 13 -joints, taclll ™ Sthfow ' BO! " S 8ntl ° no foin Jones, Weiner center who has '» !' SIOPI " >(1 ' iy ""I* "PPOSJ- nils year, found the going exceedingly tough with Kochlcr lanky Hlyilievllle cejiter, cover 1115' him like a blanket. He registered o»!y mm ncld goal. Kocliler and Ptirllo or Ihe niylhevllle club accounted foi- six iwlril.'i each The two teams clash I,, the national guard armory here late this month. With Jo^boro. aU'f I once beaten by Welner, Ihe lW o cubs are believed to represent he Sleeje Bulldogs Split IC-reen, Substitutes- Two With Braggadocio! -Eili'e and Gal- „ ; 'nmuhout. 'n, c score was tied at ' " Ml " *'"•'" «« first half ended tll1 o "" p " made their only field goals. John Holland and Bud Wilson chalked up tcn ponils cacli foi- leadership In the scoring, cinrencc ,, t, bb ',, Dick PoUcr n11 " Kenneth liell all had six cnch. The lineups: Ro'olery Ciirfstlnn,- a nrogdoii.; McAfee-ld'- l'i«t Ciam Pos. P : :• F o , '•• a : o Pnsllmo '• Onreskc -i iaiikenshlii Uarnes u WiBRins i ett '4 Substitutions—Bootery Wee ,1,.'Pastime, Cavnnaiwh. ' neferre:. \v. G. OilDerl (Texarkana Jr. ,"-"-—• ! HOXY Wed. : and:Thursday MAT.-&.KITE-10c 25c THIEVES!!' dkmL ^jx CRIMINALS ! labe nisko. Dlederninn was not on a visit Last Time Todaj Mut. 2:30, 10-25c Nile (i:45—10-35c Ke'stagt'Hat'savt'd'lti ~-GREATEST "YOU.for. DETECTIVES ^ •M1NISJ6R I'iiramourti News Comedy Hoy Seoul Nit;li( . Toniglil LOVERS! Thursday & Friday HATEAU A VliTenil Plclnrt », CtAIR? DODD ALICE WHITE OS€OOD PERKINS GEORGE E. STONE JACK-LA RUE Fo\ News Paramount Vanities Pictorial No, 4 (tail, oldest antoniohlle jlnry in Ohio umt Ihi thlsHhc oldest ""- ' Cluy McCiilley,^ Welner ace who "!__ forward jwsitions on the to class of the season. The line-ups: lilytheville Moslcy, I Pintle, f iKoclilcr, c Tipton, g IJIackwell, g Totals Welner ' McCiilley, r CJIhson, r Jone.s, e Hart, g Senleney : '. • Ihiffman, r ' tar this FG IT PP TP 2 0 34 2 2 2 5 a 2 3 o 0 .1 2 1 _1 1 1 3 ' 6 11 . 20 FO FT PP TP G 1 2 13 o o :i o STEETjE, Mo—The Fltt>0T/> Pull 'c ' . c aieeic nun- £,.,, B iiii<ro unvc lowns bv thn > ^ogs divided honors will) the Brae-'of Asliland. but this is thn n (,-adocJo teiims on tdeir conn Fri- cst. of nil. The town has a noS dny nielii. In Hie B | r l s game ( | 10 tion of 341. Ashland, R V ,' ,.,. local team played their |»jsi came largest, wiilj a population" or oo Ihis year. The undefeated llrageii-,074; Ashland, O., ims liiii \ dodo team winning In a SCO re of Ashland, Wis., has 10,1)22.' ' i In the boys game the score was la close race throughout, and Ihe local boys won ih n .jcorc of 20-19. Lineups: (Girls) Steele-Moore,, Clanton, Jenkliis, Yeager Curry I Copeland, Substitutes — Taylor'' Wright. McDanlel. Braggadocio- K. Bryant, V. Bryant, Huckaba C,' Crowe, Denlon, Davis. Substitutes -Dye, croppage, Fnrrls, Cannon, Bmce, llatrey, aibbs. Hoys—Steele—Burns, Prod Alexander, Brodcrick, Fi-nnk Alexander, I'atterson. Substitutes - Gnu- i Kins and Veid. ,Braggadocio-! Holmes, N. Crowe, JJ. Crmve Webb i CD-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL RIIPEKIOR COAL i MINING CO. J'hone 700 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor U) makes O f ,eo um Typewritm, Wdlng Machines and CalcnUton Repairing—Parts—Hibbons 'The N«w Standard Chevrolet Coach Th» N«w Moilir Do Luxe Ch.»rol«t Coach THE NEW STANDARD CHEVROLET '$ 465 AND UP. List price of New Standard Roadster at Flint, Mich., 4465. With bumpers, 1 spare tire and lire •lock, thc list price is $20.00 additional. Prices subject to change without notice. THE NEW MASTER DC LUXE CHEVROLET 560 AND UP. List price of Mailer'De Luxe Coupe at Flint. Mich.. $560. With bumpers, spare tire and lire lock, the list price is $25.00 add! 1 - ' tional. Prices subject to change wKhoiil notice. ("Knee Action op-- tlontil at small additional cost) T h c world's lowest-priced six . . . powered by the new Master Chevrolet engine . . . giving- remarkable performance together wifli exceptional gas and oil economy | TKRK is America's great family car . . . JLJ, i, t .;uitifnl 10 look HI . ... llirillin" to ilrivi: . . . very economical to opcralc . . . nnd (lie world's Icwcsl-priml fix. This New Slamlarll Chevrolet lias a fine, roomy Fisher Hotly'. Ti is powered t»y llic same, improved valve-iu-licad engine wliicli powers Clicv- rolri's new Maslcr models. It is amazingly CHEVROLET quick . . , flexible . ; ; spirited ; ; ; the finest pcrforining Chevrolet ever built. And yet g«s, oil and maintenance cosl^ for this car arc even lower llian for the thrifty Clicv- rolcts of previous years! In all ways, ii'» (lie. big dollar value of this new year. Visil your Chevrolet Dealer—see and drive Ihia New Standard Chevrolct-iorfnj.' The Fashion Car of the low-price field . . . combining graceful new streamline beauty with the improved Knee- Action* Ride and outstanding operating economy TONGF.R ; ; ; smartly lower in appear- gives remarkable gelawav-poirer and -I-J ancc...l)cavitiftil!yatrcamline()...ilie speed. Chevrolet's highly rpJined Knee- new Master DP. Luxe Chevrolet fully Action Rule-ami longer whcclhase-oivc deserves its title-the Fashion Car of the even grealer comfort thm, ever before. And low-price field. The interiors of the hig, . Chevrolet operating economy, loo.'has hcen roomy Fisher Bodies arc as handsome as thc increased. Sec your Chevrolet Dealer for exleriors-and thc performance of Ihcsc cars full infornialion regarding these new Master will «naze you. Chevrolet's nw and Do Lttvc raocicls-al your earliest COQ. improved Blue-Flame valve-in-liead engine vctiieticc. MOTOH COM VAN v, DETROIT, MICHIGAN. Compart Charvlet', lorn Miitrei prita anJtayC.M.A.C.Iermt. A General Motor* Value SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO, Blytheville, Ark.

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