Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 4, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1896
Page 3
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. How iriany days ( (working days, Union labor clays;) do you suppose r / V it would take a:-woman to >(S3&$'f count the packages of Pearl- it is, .all figured out for you. 1,388 8/9 days, about four years. Now if you'are one of those poor, plodding women who are trying to get along with the old-fashioned ways of washing, stop and think what all that , - PeaflineU".'^) means.. Don't you suppose most of these millions of women who use it are just las careful and particular as you are? And if Pearlme re not what we say it is, or if anything could be urged linst it, would women be using it in any such way.' ^ aainst end Back Ahti-li standard '01' Mcellonce, Ifiinj • users ' . ottlie"Hiinson"corisiJerlt. • Xou will llnd It a v;iluab!s asslstaut In jour of- llce. Addreo's foe patUonlara „ LTHEMUNSON TYPEWRITER co MAKUFA'CXCKERS. 340-344 tVe»t lake St., Clilcugo, 111. To the Ladies. Those who are Interested In dermatol- gy should call on Mrs/Stringhnm, who i located In the St. Elmo building on troadway and be convinced that der- latology Is wbat every woman of In- •lllgence and reEnement .needs. It U weeded by our best minds that a beau- Sul.complcxlou Is a necessity ot tbt Ineteeath century, and which clvlJlza- onmtist have: and every worthy bus, and or brother .will take Interest In - i • .tad those who are suffering from any Ikfcutaneous disorders such as eczma, if ""tetter, freckles, acme, Hver spots, birth$'•." marks and auperfluous hair are auceess- |«-fully treated. Bright .energetic girls- I 'wishing to work for $10 a week should " call and sell Mrs.; Stringham's preparations. r CatberiDe StriDgbam: DERMATOLOGIST. CHAS. L. WOLL, .:-:'-' UNDERTAKER >'•. N». 417 Market Street.' ':' : Calls attended to promptly, a»y or Onion and Mutual telephone* No. IB; Roildence, No. 121. KROEGER&S AN, Undertakers & Embalmers. ':•• eio BROAD WAT. DR. S. H. WARD. HOh(EOPATHIST Offic« 309 Fourth Street. Oier T»)tlors Jewell y store- Mulu»l Telephone No. !00. Residence 918 North Street. , Whien you come in hot thirsty,—HIRES Root-* beer. ^^^^«^«»"B^ ',' _»_* •*""*"* r?_' .i_ iii_..*«.»*trl -. D*HAO nnlV AI-HO ;:;V::.«inip«jro $-.-•'•-', ! °' for -the Journal, 40 cent* ?$Tper month. ;, --. •.•:'-'•.-;''•'••>'': ' '. ;-|:i '"• Oea^Harrliion ha» the finest line of; ;;••.•*'• bfuttmockA •In. ths/'City. • '•'.-! 'l^vi;. PR BaiuQeld has fitted up offices overj S'^'.^BeBlUslicir's drug store. ../.•.-. .,'-{ ^;;;,Bound. irlp rate to 8t. » A GOOD ROAD SUGGESTION. Pick up and| Remove all Small Stones In the Streets. While Hie aytoKJou of pood roads throuslrouit t.he comnuT .is be,iii« pusueil, the people of tilic didles should not for- i.'C't rhat rhei-e a.i'« insuiy IMle improvu- Ln the ci-ry's hl^Jiways tlial (.-onhl Lvc unfunded to by .the', property uwiuew \vi.r:li'.™l.. mut-h expanse-, and wbtclt would result 'Ln vasuly improvotl stiwfs.'iiM ondy for bicycle rklitig. but .for t-.irmi-'t' travel as well. Tlicn-o is liotliiiiuR mwv .•I'liuoyiu^ to the driver of-a veJiiele tilura to run-over (S-mall srones lui tiui s*ti--e<jb?. T-u be co.ii- sfa-ntly jolted a.nxl jostled about by these sumiJ] obstruehbiiK is wearying to s;iy the leant. To 1ihc .wJicel rider the bunUU'is at' from two to t'oiu- iiiuluvs m diani-titer :av the baoie of the rldefs exi-ste-nce. TJulis is a inat.ter which, can be very easi-ly remeilM, if the whcol- meii \vi-l joiu lia,iKls wlti"the-property omwrs a.iul use thek luiuds wi-th effect. It is »iif:sref«l • tlia-t every wheelman •take -ttie trouWe to pl'ck up t'bc smaM stoue.-; on the smreeit in front o.C life place of ri»'iiileiuce.' Xlwsn if property owners who :u-e not wJieetaou will assist the pood work by doliis a^ much, for their iwrctoa of the streets, flie- obstrnctions will soon (Usai>pea.r and tihe atawete' will present a more sighUy appearance, will went- umc-li Icuisrw ^aid It will be a pleasure to nlde wiidiwut fear of.-splitting a rl-nvoiu a boulder'o.r i?masbfng !i wheel by a'colltslom. T-ry tihto meOiod of rank- Ing betitt-r roads at home. Mrs. Uhodle Noah, of this place, was takeu hi the night, wi-th cramping paius and the next day dlan-hoea set in. • She. took half a bottle of Blackberry cordial but got no relief. She.then sent to me to see if I had anything that would help her. I sent her a bottle of Chamberlain's .Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy aud the first dose relieved her; Another of ournelghbors had been sick for about a week and had tried different remedies : for diarrhoea, but kept getting worse. I sent him this same remedy. Only four doses of It were required to cure him. He says he owea h'ls recovery to this wonderful. remedy. —Mrs.-Mary Sibley, Sidney,.Mich. For sale by B. F. Keeslin?, druggist. - MILWAUKEE EXCURSION. Low Hates Xlu-ough Chicago vJa'Penu- sylvan'ia. Lines. , Excursion tickets to • Milwaukee will be sold v;ia Pennsylvania 'lines July 14th, 15th-and 16th, accpunt the B. Y. P. U. meeting. The low rate wiM- be open to all. Tickets will be good return-lug leaving Milwaukee July, 20th, 1st, or 22d., Extension of return limit to Aug. 5th 'may be secured by depositing tickets--wiltl! Jotot agent .to;Milwaukee on or before July 20tli. ' The Penn- •sylvaula -is i.c-'i^rect route to Milwaukee through Chicago with solid trains to-Chicago -Union 1 ..Station) without change from principal dtles and towns m Western Pennsylvania; Ohio arid •Indiana'. For ra,tes, and tt'mc of trata apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ticket agent , ' '-...,. THOMAS B. REED TO SPEAK. Congressman George W. Steele has returned froin'a business trip East and while there he tojok occasion to call on Speaker Thomas B; Heed -and talked with Mm relative to the campaign; Mr., .Reed will probably .assist in the .-cam-. •pafeu to Indiana,.and-W. he"makes but * speech! in tic State;" It will be ti> tlui, people of the Elerenitli .district. [3^3'-^^, .-'•-.... - -..•...- -..' •"'-,« ( MAOi * i'SvYand^Uft/stoaon:, ^uw^^tui;- • f ^ n ~ f ]'l. •'•'. DISSOLUTlbN':NOTiCE, ; I have this day-withdrawn- from, the firm o.f George Strecker, Jir/, : :& Co., and any and all debte made'-by^-sald firm" Is to be paid by-said G.eorge.Streci'er, Jr., as I .have no further Interest in', said firm r of George Strecker,- Jri, fc-Co^and all claims due the said flrni are to be-paid .to George Strecker; Jr.''. '--.'•' . .'-' GEORGE STRECKEB, JK. . e -jiin»"«f"—• . , '. :• *;• t',\ ?t v««iti* s** 0 *^: Reduced Rates .^'fcir Numerous Meetings. BIGGEST TAXPAYER General News of Railroads' and Railroad Employes. The roads «istr of Chicago have agreed "to sell tickets at minced 'rates tor the - following. uicctSuRS, etc'.: WlnolosnJe saddlery .association of the Untofl. Stiites, Buffalo, N. Y., July .1430; Hohi'Jil .I'lnuililtuire d<!iilniB' assocln- *lio«, Xew Toirk OMy, -Tuly 14-10 (Mr: Myo.r S.-' Bmiricli, Clvl'ca.pO', 111., will sign certificates); Ancient owltti- of HI-' bci'ulii-us, naiuiial ean-vi'in'Ho'U, Detroit, Mflc-h., July 14-21; Inta-Jiaitiloiial Order oC Twelve, ICnii^Ms wad Daughters of Ta.bor, Gnlcsbuirg, 'III., Am*. 4-7; German C'liirisliHia Eiidiwivor societies, Geii- e.ral vorotu, BiiiTaJo, N. Y., Aug. 5-0; •I-'ree Jfelilioditet ctnwA camp' meeUiiff. M'iiiiMigo, 111.. Auis.. 0-1.3: Soi-le-t.v- ot .Vnn>ri«m tin-lists; Olevekind, O., Aug. IS-il; .iiwodirhtou of .the Deseundan-ts. on' (Vcwjre a.wl JJiidia.t'J..JIm'lan of the (.'iu!t;cd Sliiite, Bicliiuoiwl, I ml., Aug. 10- I'AYS BIG TAXKS. i's -li.'.gl'w'fit taxpayer is Uio railroad, wJiioh Wwtncs- ilay iiu -tihe i)0iv*oin ot. (rat 1 of Its clerics, up to tb-e wnaidow uf Tax- Ke- Honey's otlic-e a.nd laid down a uhocl; foil- ,<i2(!l,025.43 a« Us share of flio'lsixus of ISOli. Tlills rei>njsaiiit-i'a v-alnaitftau of about $20,600,000 on. die wa-I esbk-c wi tluvt caty rnvned by the Mac -t'lvlil cllt.y raite, anid Imt a small'por- Biiqm -Jls assessed ait '-slit* two-rhirds sub- ttrbaiii rate. The Broad »t-r«'t station ,-MKl iJi'c elevated' structure to tho Sciliioylkll awe. assessed at JS^-'iS.OOO, tlio aid Thlin-ty-secoiwl a-ud Market- tfitrecihs prop&rty' a.t $2,000,000, the old liavy yard nit $1,010,000, iJic abandoned Foiu-tib stroet! offices, 'wlii'c-h v.-ere formally 'aaiossed at $400,000. a.t $200,000. and Hue BU4l:uloli>U»a, WillmUigton & BaMuiow stofeUwi at Bi-ofld street a.nd Waslilng'ticni avenue at ?40fi,000.. KA1LKOAD NOTES. Sliucc .Tnjii 1 the 'Peainsj-lviiinia kive hawlled 7,302,1*4 tons of coal, ft of 455,288' tons na compared with, the fliist alx momtJis of 1805.' TJnere to aoiw. WtWe pTObabffity tha.t tlie roads, im'tine Jodnt.Ti-affle'ussocln- tlon \vi3J come to am iigreement to adopt a 5,000-mJle iuito-ohaugeable ticket. The maittar af iiiaklng a cluw^e for cawying Wcj-cto wffll come up for con- OTtton at We irioatithg of tJie Western aissoci/aanxi to be held July. 7th. ' . .'. : / ..'. Tlie report .of'the earntags .of the . onmsylTaiiiui system for May :uid for the fiiwt five months of the'present j-.ear, wMle It does not shbw-;.any- lii-rge increase In eaimtoss, Js.'euooitraglng.fwra dhe fact that whiil« maiuy .'other trunk Hues are losing money -the renusylvamia IB still eanmlug enough to more tiian meet all expenses. P. M. Artliiur, chief .'of .the ;Broth«r-. hood ;0f Loeomative Engtoeea-s passed cltjy- yokel-day en'nwi-te to He 'luas been, to Ka.usas Olty to aititend a ^uailon meeUug o£ raJl- road meii t Ghilef Arthur soys, the order Is In' a flouwfcflillng oxMtlon, and. that a good, standard of wjigts -b •maJ.iital'ned. The eMef declines to talk polities on.be- UalfVof .'*he. order, but Is a Eepublican and approviee the.St Louis platform. DEAFNESS .CANNOT .BE CURED by 'local applications, 'its they, .-cannot- reach 'the diseased portion of the ear. There-,te.only.one'way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies.. Deafness la caused by. an Inflamed condition of-the mucous llhlnjg of .the Eu- stachlan Tube. When-this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling .sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It is cu- tlreiy closed deafnesB Is the result; and unless the Inflammation can be. taken out and this tube .restored to'Its' normal condition, .hearing ; will -be destroyed by cata/rh, which Is nothing, but an Inflamed condition of-the mucous surface's.',. ,..-'. ','••'_:•:- ' '; ::-. .; ' We will give One -Hundred, Dollars for any case-,of .deafness (caused' ;: .by. catarrh)^ thatcanncrt^bercured'byiiaall's' Catarrh Cure.,: Send lor elrculais^frije; Sold by Draggists^TSe,;"': aUNDAY-EXCHBSIpN TO ' July : 12th '-flj trip.; : Spiealal trato'ltares -5 -a 1 , •hi.', 1 -cen-:' triil time; Teturnlngileaye :i)ayton':,6"p m. '- .;. tiii> .Soldiers' -Home, '"tiie. ; ;m«st 'dellglitf ul and- a ttraitiive/spo't ''.' of •/ 'Da jj.toln, :; ;;Eake . si i de!Patk:,iis.aW;ppei; ; :''E'ye^tiiliig' 1 af-': ranged- JJorVa pleasant : Sunday outing, i'v SUFFEBERSi '-:-' Wejnave 1 obtained .;.itlie : agency"; for ,.'a .'! ' for- ' ; il; French'Iio»i-,ln;"M»di»»iMi!ar Booth Kefutcit a Statement 1'hat It Hud Loit Two Foitt. Balliugton Booth, head of the volunteers made addresses in Philadelphia the other ufternuou and evening-, and on both occasions spoke to large and sympathetic audiences. In the course of his afternoon address he said, 1 "Mrs. Booth and myself had intended, to re- tlre.into private life for a much-needed rest 12 weeks ago, but backed by assurances from all : over the country, we started the movement. It has been asserted that the volunteers had but five posts and that two of these posts had intended to go back to the SulS'u-tion Army. The volunteers have not lost two .posts. .On the contrary the posts at Naperville, 111., and Cedar Eapids, Mich., are stronger than ever. We have OS of- flcered, organized posts and a number more waiting for staff officers in order to organize. In our war office 43 officers are employed, and we have a paper with a paid circulation of 10,000 per week. - "I am not out of the Salvation Army of my own seeking. I love thoold movement, and both Mrs. Booth and myself worked for.it with untiring- devotion. I \vus driven from the old movement for expressing iin opinion as to its government in this country. I have come to the conclusion that-any orgaui/ation that is to benefit this nation must be sepurnted from the jurisdiction of afor- eig-n government. I should have been in the SaJvution Army to-day if the Salvation Army were American. We must have regular rules and organizations formed by 'those who recogni/.e the laws and institutions, of our country." THE COOPERATIVE PLAN. IiMUnce of Its Suct'cssful Working In GorumnT Reported. Mr. J. C. -Mouogrhan, United States consul at Chemnitz, Germany, in a report to the state department shows that cooperation between employer and em- ploye on- lines that have frequently caused much criticism wben tried in America has met with success in Germany. He says that of all the schemes in behalf of.the working- people none appeal so powerfully to common sense and good judgment os those being- tried in a paper factory in Crimma, Saxony. The firm -lets tenements for from $15 to $20 a year. The interest on capital invested in these tenements, however, runs up annually to from $45 to $53.. A corporation store sells all kinds of goods at a small advance on. cost of prices. The net earnings of this store amount annually to n-bout ten per cent, and rje divided among the patrons. After working a certain period of years eacJi employe gets a sum of money, and other sums at various periods. There is a- pension fund and a sick fund, and persons compelled to serve in the army get full pav during the term of their enlistment. '"The thing is an established fact and a suc'cess," says Mr. Monoghah. HE IS A GOOD INDIAN NOW. UMila. the Wicked Nuccepwor ot Ueron- ' Imo, Killed by Scoutt. •- Gen. Wheatou was notified the other day that Massia, the renegade-Apache chief, bad..been slain in southern Arizona; by Indian scouts. Massia killed three scouts before he gave up the ghost. . • . ; • The passing- of Massia will be heard with delight by all of the inhttbitan'ts of southern Arizona and New Mexico, for he was .a. red-handed murderer, treacherous and powerful with the disorderly element of the San Carlos redskins. He was one of Geronimo's braves and succeeded to that old chief's authority among the renegades.. Mossia's specialty was attacking remote ranches, slaughtering the white men and women -and driving cattle over the Mexican border. IjTe was captured with Geroni-. mo In- 1S3G and started for Vernon Barracks, Fin,, where, by order of the president, the band was to be confined. At !st. Louis'Massia escaped from the train and he was never recaptured. . PLATE ARMOR TOO THIN. Defects Discovered In the Construction of the Bottle Ship Oregon. A: Son Francisco Call apecinl from Washington says: Certain- defects in the construction of the battle ship Oregon have been investigated by the navy department. It seems that the.contract requirements have not been fully met as to the thickness of the plates used in making up. the protective deck, and that Tlie deck has been made to appear to lie of proper thickness by single concealed plates 'in the body of the deck. It farther appears that these defects have been called.to tne attention of the department by: dissatisfied employes of the contractors, the Union iron works of San . FranclBco, bnt the latter have promised to remedy the defects. CoolneM of m French Crew; A gun cartridge exploded in the cen- M-al powder • magazine of the French ^ronclud Admiral Du'perre at Toulon recently, blowing- out the magazine door to o. distance of 30 feet. The magazine was closely, packed with three tons of explosive shells, but.no further harm, was done, .The crew of the vessel stood to. quartere and pumped water into the, magazine, while Admiral die Cuvervill'e: vent in to find'what happened, all'ex- pautlng to be blown up. , Suwdo«t Brlcki. Sawdust is turned into transportable fuel in Germany by a very simple process. 1 It is/heated under -high steam' pressure till the^ resinous- ingredients "become sticky, whcri it is pressed:into bricks. One maji.iwith fl two-horse;! power nia'chlrie ;Can 'turn put 9,009 bricks'-a'day.;":•'..;'". .-. • ,.-.-.;..--:•. •'.,• v\. ' ,.' •'.':' >, A-Or«eo Diamond. .-; • .!•„-.. '..'•'•• The finest• existing green diamond it. JnHlic.CreeTi.vaiiltatDresdia), in which are''.'preserved''-.tte-'• royal'vtrea'surpa of Sowny. '•'•;.•'..;•''..••••'•.-."•'•"..'.•.•'.'- ''. : : •:.":•"..',.-! ' Clearance Sale Commencing WEDNESDAY, June 24th, and .continuing f.o>;10 ; -• days, or until closed out, wo will sell for CASH.-ctiolw of/an^^V'. in house, consisting of TECKS, CLUB'HOUSE, FOUR IN^'HANIV 7 •''• DE.TOINYILLE, BOWS, etc./for - ; .. ,- - ; 38 CENTS;' : " ••:'. /.': '.. ' • •' 1 •' Cheaper lines of TECKS, FOUR IN HANDS, BOWS, etc., wli, .^'^1 be sold as low as .' •'-'.'..',••' ,.'-^l," -'v-' 19.CENTS . :\- :: " : ""'-\.7 : -i IQ order to close out Call early and take advantage of'this gtwifv^;;^ TIE SALE while the opportunity is presented, as you are sure of', getting a BIG BARGAIN, no matter what you buy. '• '..••';' STRAW HATS Commencing on same date, we will sell any straw hat' In atocfc'ifevjj^ ut cost to close them out. Here is your chance to get good value* tot-'-^. ;^i|| little money. . '.'"•'• '-,. SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do from 9c price. not forget the line o C knee pants that we arc clot';- .;-. '•';. i>^fcj >c to 19c per pair. So me excellent things to bfi C .-.'..' ;; ' : ''.'.'%*$& All Goods Charged Hust be at Regular Pricu: JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. ;,22 MARKET STREET. Mentors Cut TMs Got for Future Sltetches of .-ill kinds prepared for decorative aud commercial ,,„«.---- -, Mechanical aud prospective drawings of Electric, Pneumatic .and Agr cultural devices prepared for the Patent office. ' .... r ";.; Desiguiujr :\ specialty. • . .' .;-.••'. Claims f or Letters of Patent prosec uted. . ... ..,-^. ;; BYRON B. GORDON* | Draughtsman & Patent Attorney; Spry Block. Logartspoil '& Wabasli Natural and Artificial Gas Bilisdu0theFi|^ of each month, ten day'sfcrace. AH bills jaay able at the office of the Company, 317 Peat Street.' • •' ". • - ; -' '."" ;v." ..• ;'•'.' ^S^ Spscial—Low ratesjon heaters during 1; months of'May. June. July, August and Se tember. YOUN G PEOPLE'S SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ENDEAYOR. 1 . Washington, D, C., July 7th to 13th, 1896.— For. the above occasion tickets .will be sold ..'by' -the Wabash Railroad company at rate of. $16.75 for the round. trip. Tickets will be sold July 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1890, Good for continuous passage in both directions. Arrangements can be made extending time of tickets returning ..until July. 31st. Side tripe from Washington have been planned at .greatly reduced rates.— C. G. Newel!, Agea't " .--; ; .'--, ,• ' ' ' ' • D. & ' C ~StJMMBB~SBRVICK TO ;- - " '• '-. :MACKINAC.., . ' \ Their new 'steel passenger steamers are In commission,- making four trips per week between Toledo, . Detroit, SIacklnac ): Soo, PetosJcoy, Duluth; If you are coatemplatlng a summer, outing pend 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet; Address •"''.• • ••,."•. . ••..•' -,' • '•'.•'. ' A. A. SCHANTZ, G. '.P. A. :.. • '•'.; ;',-'•'- : .'.' Detroit, Mich/ FOURTH! 7 OP JULY EXCURSIONS " - . . . . Tickets :'vilil be sold on July 3d' 1 and 4th good- to return.- July 5th, • ,1896;- inclusive - b'efcwben Jail' stidons wjtbin two. 'hundred; miles .of initial 1 point, at one fare '.for 'th'eV^uiKMrlp. Tickets ; win' Ford, General Passenger Agent,/StX^sja Louis, Mo..; • "...- . . •;.- ,''> : 'v;l^T EXCURSION TO Via, Y.-P. V U.llUiW.lil-Jrtluiaj'iya.iaiWi;; "rB^»C July 4th r 7th. Oil July 4to : t<>;:Z;th; ; ^;£||| Yaudalla Line will sell excursion ['tt'fti^'Amm ets to Washington, D. C.', the round trip, account.3T.:,P.- S.. p.- : 1 convention^ Tidcets-jgood to returii' «"*'^S til July. 15th, .Inclusive,'; wT'" _' of extension until July 31st.; particulars; call on nearest Line. Ticket agent, or; i Ford, General Passenger ',1 Louis, Mo. EXCURSIONS TO CINCINNATI::^ '. • •' PENNSTLYANIA LINES; f^ , July 5th and Ctb, for ' B ™^ T0 ^|^Kl!lf^^ Protective Order [ol'ElteBy-.i?"''-'*^^''"*"" trip .rate";excursion! tickets ;. : .i1 natl will be sold via T>»Tin«vivt return coupons valid until SraOajm^i^ixMs '-.' We are, anxious to do ! a Bt thls^wbriii: ind can .thlpk of .n. % erbr l)ett«^way?to do Jtithai ffijndirigO>e Minute *^ preventive.:^: p and other ^lousl low i

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