The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on September 16, 1900 · Page 3
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 3

Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, September 16, 1900
Page 3
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1 THE OOITSTITUTIOir: ATLANTA, GA, StJlTOAY. 8EFTEMBBB 16 1900 fUNDRED AND FIFTY BODIES BURNED IN ADAY; GALVESTON PEOPLE HAVE FAITH IN THEIR CITY GThe exodus from Galveston continues, growing In number* a* the i (or getting away rrom the Ity are Increased. Boats left r more frequently than on any the storm, some proceeding dl - ouston via the Buffalo bayou, i making connection at Texas A* Great Northern railroad long those who departed today n and Per of the horror was given to the eneral MeKibben will communl the war department on his ar ia Houston, and thence proceed to ntonlo to tr!,aact official business. |t requiring his attention. Before he was solicited by the authorities l*tBTO sno «> ao w wiuhb :h was printed here this share of a personal tele President Huntington, of jeotbem Pacific, fhat that road is t* abandon Galveston, baa created In M M«i«fartlon and has materially ac - gptfeatsd the moven ^lafi telegrai t four oi | - fk» lltWS WhK the speedy re Ity. Mr. Hunting A' H. Belo, of The and Dallas News, and said: » retvirted that we exoect to We t Galve &E||furrher from our thoughts. :. ^»ct to resi .. „ can. a assure the people to that effect" yf. H. Blunt, state health officer, printed a statement showing that ^apprehensions are Justified that sick - aMi wBl result from the overflow Just widespread epidemic of yel ls* fever, a severe storm occurred at falnafon to the early days of October, ■arittBC to a deposit over a, greater por of the city of 9llmy mud. Nat only ai ao atelmess result, but the cyclonic cut snort tne yeiiow rever epi - aad but few cases occurred there after. In 1875 and In 1S86, when there me severe storms and no overflow, no i^l me to sickness occurred, gtrcral thousand men are at work clear lip/way the debris on the beach. One feated and fifty bodies were discovered B At wreckage and burned yesterday, jbittempt is now being made lo identify ■pa ml bodies. Indeed most of them M found naked and mutilated beyond rKftgaltlon. A New York relief train ar real last night with a number of physl - aad nurses and a large supply of :h were distributed today. effort Is being made by the postal to receive and distribute* No ry has yet been arranged for , who expect letters are required to postofflce. No mall is being from letter boxes. quarters of the city today the company was serving custo - i on the second stories. This is taken « (aalcatlng the rapid headway being sal* ■ potting the plant again into oper The British steamer Norna and ■ siwlnn steamer Alamo have been Mat The British steamer Roma Is in i tad way on Deer island. The British sanatr Kendall Cist'e is bard aground k shallow water at Texas City and the British steamer Hikreus is still ashore to Be westward of B:>u>Tir. but it Is thought lai can be got off with comparative ■ ait The British steamer Taunton is Maskers at Cedar Point, but It Is be - , can be floated without I pit difficulty. t Ae street railroad company suffered a a quarter of a million dollars and i system Is torn to pieces. An ef Ifert is to be made temporarily to operate .gecan with mule oower. CMenei W. J. Moody, one of the repre - n who was in I h* fork when he received the ftrsrt news a tat disaster, has arrived here and has o restore confldence. I k«n interview, Colonel Moody said: - R.V~.or, «HH ho rvhllllt Tt will be I tniftr and better th \n ever before. On I «fw»y home I stated I would restore my ■ tatrty, whatever the damage might be. ■ •■ucsjy as money ana I believed and understood what the feeling said that n.unlty of Galvest gf the late hours of the evening; I tamrovement was made in the I *ri condition. Electric light wires had W Strang tor several days as rapidly ft** ttnemen could work, and in the pck=a=Bye Baby are sweet words, but how muck go*B suffering they used to mean. It's now. Since Mother'* Friend has ******** «"uwn expectant motners nave ifi*?!. much ?f the »n»?i»n °f chl,d" 1^ externally. It is rubbed thoroughly muscles of the abdomen. It jives •no strengrn, ana wnen tne nnai In comes thev respond Quickly and i?2 Without pain. Mother's Friend is ■*Jf»*en internally. Internal remedies ■•■Mm* do more harm than rood. If a | evening the current was turned on. The lights ware small Incandescent globe* and yUch up on poles, but they were numerous and relieved the city from the darkness that has hung over it for the laat week. /[ Street cars were run on two street* during a part of the late afternoon and bicycles made thgir appearance for the first time. The streets heretofore have not permitted of their use. In different parts of the city much progress was made In clearing up debris. The beet work In this direction waV done along the skore line of the gulf on the south side of the r. During tne day bodies were found frequent Interval* and just at sunset en were found In the ruin* of one house. It Is expected that more will be found tomorrow, aa the working gang that today found the seven bodies will clear up some debris where it la known that fifteen people were killed. Will Rebuild at Once. The residents of Galveston are plucky In the extreme In their determination to rebuild and make Galveston a greater and better city than if ever has been before, but in one direction at least they have suffered a loss that is beyond renalr. and that Hes in the extent of territory wrested from them by the storm. The waters of the gulf now cover about 5.500,000 square feet of ground that was formerly nan of Galveston. This loss has been suffered entirely on the south side of the elty. where the finest residences were built, facing the gulf, and where land held at a higher valuatlo n than In any, other part of the city, with the ex ception of the business district For three miles along the shore of the gulf this choice residence property extended, and the shore line was ao chang ed by the storm that at low tide the water is 350 feet' higher along the entire tkree miles, in the eastern part of th* erty there are places where 350 feet is less than the actual amount of ground taken from the city. It Is a fair estimate, however, for the entire distance. The foundation piles of the Beach hotel, which was burned two year* ago, now stand In the water. Before the sto rm there was beach in front of the hotel site nearly •30 feet wlda There Is no possibility of any of this land being reclaimed. Every hour brings Galveston nearer to normal condition* and the Improvement of each day shows a decided gain over that of the preceding. It will be weeks and possibly months before the city will be I* good running shape, but matters are fast condition, which,, compar ed to the existing chaos in the early part of the week Is comfort and happiness. The great Immediate need of the city t present Is money— not subscriptions. but cold, hard cash. It is needed in every direction and for a multitude of purposes. most important of these is to pay men who are cleaning up the streets. Adjutant General Scurry said today: Tehave not a dollar to c - av th. men whn are working In the streets all day long. I work.' I have not th* monev to maka good the promise. I hope and believe that the country will understand the situation. nust have this city cleaned up at any and with the greatest speed possible. ^ «jppuea witr. this spiencoa ani J*»need never fear rising or sweUlnf, re w"'to usually accompany p*wg - a larra hotel in Tampa. "My wife had an awful time rt child. Durlnc her second fcMothor'a Friend was used and »» corn easily before the doctor '»sscnamiy great. r ; V ■ytether't Friend et the V tier*. »1 per bottle. . 3 REGULATOR CO. itkatA,0m. , only for the sake of this city but for others outelde of this piece that I urge that above all things we want money. The nation haa been most kind In Its response to the appeal of Galveston, but from what I ir. rooa ano aismrectants sufficient for nporary purposes, at least, are here or could visit Galveston, the awful deetlto - u Hitiouiuj acre \ji an me poor peo here not one has anything. A major of them co old not furnish a single im in, which to comment* house keep : ,TYe° though they had the money to >uild the room. Then* runnl* ban splutely nothing except what la given them by the relief committee. They are in a condition of absolute want they lack everything^ and save for the splendid generosity of the nation they would be utterly without hope," The city water. Which was tuned en yesterday afternoon for a short time, was on again this morning, in full force, and win remain so from bow on. The waterworks, never badly damaged, have been nut Into a condition that affords an abundant supply of good water on every hand. The mains were thoroughly flushed this morning, and for several hours the hydrants were allowed to play Into the gut ters, the effect being one of great im provement. Ever since the feionn there hae been a mass of dark, foul - smelling slime over parts of all the streets and i a menace to public This has now been almost entirely cleared away, and the Intense odor that filled the city during the early part of the week has in consequence been greatly re - The work of burning bodies is still going on, they being hurried to the fires as soon s possible after being taken from the ater. All of last night and all of today there have been numerous great fires along the shore, and in every one of them there were anywhere from three to twenty bodies. There is no longer the slightest attempt at identification. No effort is made to ascertain whether the body is that of a white or colored person. All of them hare been* so long to the water r a blazlns sun that It would be ex ceedingly difficult to determine the iden tity of anybody unless by the clothing, and in most eases the bodies are entirely destitute of garments. Pull them out - of the water aa soon as seen and throw them in the flames as soon as taken from the water la the order, and It Is most effect. uallv carried out The residents of Galveston are of the opinion that there are more dead than the outsiders coming in are generally willing to admit It is beyond all possibility that any actual count will ever be had, but the best evidence obtainable, and allowing for those bodies which bare been cast up by the waters after being once thrown Into, the gulf and twice counted, and for thex numbers that were carried out to sea sad will never be heard of, a total list of the dead cannot be far from 1.000 and Is under that figure rather than over it. The people of Galveston say that they know that tt will amount to anywhere between 6.000 and and the estimates are for the most Bart in the neighborhood of the larger figure. General McKlbben gives the of 1.000 in the city of Galveston alone. All no and down the coast there baa been loss of Ufa that will not be learned of for weeks sad months. If ever. Tffca total number of dead from the storm in this state cannot be far from Adjutant General Scurry, who m a most ed in placing the gangs of laboring saea like order, and the work of cleaning up the city is progressing mora systematic manner than at any time heretofore. The results are consequently greater. For three days he has struggled. In addition to the other manifold duties that have been thrust upon him. with the task of get the laborers to work according to previously determined plan, and he has at last succeeded. Forage for the horses Is badly needed. There have been tons and car loads of supplies received from ail parts of the country for the suffering residents of Galveston, hut not a wisp of hay or a bushel of oats has come in for the ani - uds. General McKlbben said before leaving this morning for San Antonio: "I am not an alarmist and I ft - not predict a pestilence; bat I think things Die unless prompt fa Iron and there Is nothing that will be so effective as fire. The water mains are working now and there will be no trouble in' controlling the Provisions continue to come in from all points, but there to need for It all. The supplies are handled In an excellent manner and there is no waste. Stringent orders have been given that all people who attempt to procure more than their rightful proportion of the supplies shall be punished, and there have already been several arrests for the offense. Several car* of supplies came to this morning from point's In Texas sad two barges laden with government stores came to this afternoon. as well as the flag. They were our broth - post, every member of every corps, to contribute something. Remittances sad supplies from the Grand Army of the Republic should be made to Colonel ». G. Rust, ant quartermaster general, and from Metcalf. both at Houston, Tex "CHAHLES b. feck. "ANNETTE VAN HOBN, '•Department President" WHOLE FAMILIES ARE LOST. FORTIFICATIONS AT GALVESTON Board, of Engineer Officers Will Make an Examination. Wathington, SeptentKir 15,— With a view to the restoration of the fortifications In th ; harbor of Galveston. If such a thing is pofetiblc. General Wilson, chief of engineers, thi* morning organized a board of enelneer officers consisting of Colonel Henry M. Roberts, stationed at JNew York; Major Henry M. Adams, stationed at New Orleans: CaDtaln Charles S. Rlche, s tat lone 1 at Galveston, and Captain Edgar Jadwin. statio^d at New York, to meet at Garveston at the call of the senior officer, about October 20th. The board is Irstructed to make a careful and critical examination of the jettita and fortlflca - tlcns of Galveston, and to report to the chief of engineers what action Is neces for the repair ana restoration oi uw fortifications and harbor works. Acting Secretary jaeisuejonn na» rotcn ed a telegram from Mayor Jones, of Gal - ston, saying: The peoplfc of the 2lty of Galveston de - ■e to return to you their heartfelt thanks r vnur aaaistanca in their hour of trou ble and affliction." He also received a dispatch from Representative R. D. Hawley, thanking him for sympathy expressed and aid furnished by the war department. After describing conditions, Mr. Hawley says: "The destruction is so great we have bten compelled to make our conditions i «™ „atr fnr th» svmoathv and aid of mankind. If you deem expedient no greater service could be done than to use such agencies as you may have for universal information concerning our unhap P A dispatch was received from General McKlbbln stating that there are plenty of doctors In Galveston, but that disinfec tant* are badly neaaea. BELIEF WORK IS GOING ON. Say er s Leaves the Distribution to the .Local vjommiiiew. Austin; Tex., September 16.— The sfl - iM. reachlrur the rovernor today are to the effect that the relief work Is being thoroughly systematlsed In Galveston and storm - swept point* along the coast. Governor Bayers will leave the work of relieving the situation in Galveston largely to the local committees there and will honor the drafts of the chairmen for amounts as they are needed. In the meantime the governor will place himself In touch with the needs of the various other small places requiring assistance and In this way tne money so noeriuiy aonora will be made to go as far as possible. Re ports reaching the governor today from Galveston Indicate that the relief work is progressing very well and that tne worn is about over. EIGHT THOUSAND LIVES LOST. Mayor Jones, of Galveston, Makes an Estimate for Bayers. Austin, Tex., September 16.— Governor Bayers last night received the following official report, from Mayor Jones, of Gal veston, as to conditions there: y 'Galveston. Tex.. September H. - Hoi Joseph D. Bayers, Governor: After the fullest posstDle investigation nere we teei justified In saying to you, and through you to the American people, that no similar disaster has overtaken any community or section in the history of our country. The loss of life 1* appalling and can never accurately determined. It Is estimated 5,000 to 8.000 people. There is not a home In Galveston that has hot been Injured, while thousands have been destroyed. The property loss represents accumulations of sixty years and more millions than can be safely stated. Under these conditions, with 10,000 people homeless and destitute, with the entire population under a stress and strain, difficult to realise, we ap n«i riirnctlv in the hour of our (Treat emergency to. the sympathy and aid of ""Waiter Jonas. Mayor: K. B. Hawley. Member of Congress Galveston District; McKlbben, commander ueparimeni The Information reaching here from an official source states that reports of promiscuous shooting of vandals at Galveston has been exaggerated. APPEAL IS MADE TO THE G. A. R. Assistance Is Wanted for Veterans n^.,.»An To*. September IS.— The fol lowing appeal for aid for Texas storm Army of the Republic and Woman's Re lief corps, uepanmeui vi "The appalling calamity tnai lien Galveston ana me coast country has smitten hundreds ot our comrades a instance's portions or whole families are tn a hundred others houses are «trpyed. George B. McClellan post, of efforts are all inadequate. Systematic „_„iu»t assistance alone can avert dls - efforts are all lnaoequate. systematic organized assistance alone can avert dis - ^r^d^s" Htfurh^eaarinJMS; ilng with which to ma ip them they must aba homes, their all. II the principles of our order - fraternity, charity and loyalty— are of any avail, it is time to show It Fraternity means organization— charity means Loyalty v - tas standing by our comrade* Reports Reaching Galveston Show More Deaths. Galveston, Tex., September 16.— Theo - BehL whi . lives twelve miles down the Island, reports the following killed: JOHN SCHNEIDERB whole family. HENRY SCHNEIDER'S whole family. FRITZ OPPOR'S whole family. WILLIAM BCHROEDER lost his wife nd seven children. BAM KENT, colored, lost his whole fam lly. rgxra BotvMXi B wire, ANDREW BOeHL lost wife and three daughters. mai tin ana wire. DEAD OUTSIDE OF GALVESTON. Texas Towns Near the Coast Present Death Rolls. Houston. Tex.. September 15.— Following is a revised list of dead outside of GeJves - At Arcadle; \f - RS WTT.Hm/U at*#ar nf tho \*\««— Johnson. On Chocolate Creek: MRS. G1LASPEY. Santa Fa wreck. Total 4. At Marvil: 1 MR. BUMPA8S. J. H. RICHARDSON, JR. t MBS. JULES A. TIX. of Galveston county. Total I. On Mustang Creek: J. M'LAIN. ~ At Arcadia: MR. WOFFEl eight mora names Total (. At Brookslde: PERRY CAMPBELL and three unknown negroes. Total 4. At LHrJtlnaon: unknown men. Total 10. At Hitchcock: WILLIAM ROBINSON MAR McNELLA. MR. PALMER, wife and five children. UNKNOWN WOMAN. UNKNOWN BOY. UNKNOWN BOY, aged fourteen. GEORGE YOUNG, wife and four ehll - r. w. vuy«Hu« ana wire, or Aivm, BON OF JAMES BODECKER. SON OG JAMES BODECKER. HIRAM JOHNSON and wife. WILLIAM ROBINSON. CHILD. MRS. JOB MYERS. 8XVBRAL UNKNOWN found on the xriitiiti uiNrk.rMUVY« touna on a ience. Total «. At League City: W. A. WILLIAMS. MISS LETETIA SCHULTZ. MRS SOPHIA SCHULTZ. LOUIS BRACIQUAL. BILLY JONES. Total 1. BLANDRUM, wife and five children. JUJkaXHH w MRS. SLAT SIX BODIES nicked ud c unknown, but believed to have float, over from Galveston. At Rosenberg:' J. L. CANTRELL. REV. WATSON. COLEMAN NORMAN. MRS. ROBERT DAWSON'S Infant CHILD of MRS. GRAGGLI88. CHILD of MRS. KIRKPATRICK. CHILD of MRS. PALMER. Total. 1». At Richmond: Eighteen reported lost, names unknown, At Saody Point MRS. F. PFLINGER. H1VEW HTLHKNNT. CHILD of RIO DAVIDS. MRS. DR. NICHOLSON. MRS. JANE WOOD LOCK TWO UNKNOWN. ^WO^II.nRRN of aTRg WRTfTfTT MRS. LEON CLEARY and three chll Three negro men and two negro wo - , unknown. FOREMAN KIRKY, with fourteen white men. Total. 18. At Velasco: REV. FATHER KEENE. LEW. PERRY. 8AM BLISS. MRS. PARKER and granddaughter. DESCRIBES GALVESTON FULLY. Description of the Flood - Baked City Is Given. Dallas, Tex.. September IB. — The News tomorrow will print tne louewing graphic account of the Galveston storm, written by Mr. L. J. Worth am; "I have seen Galveston Island since wind and wave touched It* ewery home with disaster and put into the soul of everything that survived the hideous holocaust of a living sorrow. My trip to stricken lsfand was replete with as many distressing Incidents and scenes as can com* to the experience of a single individual of impressionable temperament. "Th* train which carried, me to Texas City, from whence I made my way acruss the bay on a limping schooner, was crowded with men and women hurrying from almost as many places throughout the country to GaJveston to quett of families and relative* from whom no speculated and hoped, but m it e there wss more of apprehension and lei of comfort with each mile of progress ti ward the wreck - strewn bay. Some si □ re<* - n either companionship nor solace, gaied out upon the mainland where had been flung bf the pranks of wind and wave th* battered and brokeii floUsn^^ tbrtr death. I walked and rode all over the Uland under the escort of Sealy Hutch Ins, who ha* passed his life In.Galvestqn and belongs to one of the best and wealthiest families of hie native city. He showed m6 the physical evidences of the wrath of the tornado and flood. The west end or tne island ana *n< the grewsome labor of deciding which suffered the greatest wreck of life and property. The contest hae not been set - tledT It will never be until the sea shall yield up Its dead, uimumoerab'.e and unrecognizable to the living, and the mainland eh all restore H» wreck. These thing* they will never do. From Twentieth street to Market, a distance of about five Mocks. It is estimated that there must have been 800 lives lost. Houses were tossed about by wind and water like match boats and smashed into tinder. The wonder is that any living thing survived the maelstrom. At the foot of Twentieth street the mos - aulto fleet finds anchorage. This consists of vegetable and produce boats that Ply back and forth between the mainland and the city. They provide for many men and Involve the support of many families. They were lashed together in pulp almost without exception. Entire districts embracing the most populous residence sections of the town, are laid waste along the beach, extending well toward the center of town where the - division line runs between the east and house stands, ana marg tne or |two Is left, grief stricken and with the everlasting element of panic In their ever be done. There are or were «3.000 people on Galveston island last Saturday when the hurricane leaped out of the northeast. What the assessed property valuation was I do not know, but It wao larger than of any city in Texas. Men lookin* upon the scene will question this been destroyed and twice that number ■till other thousands naered are clerks, than those AlrenrU mechanics and laborers out of employ ment. and therefore without the ,Dr0Sl,ee,t •* MotWT them with which to repair their homes _and make them habitable. The stronsTand ready hand of charity must reach out to these. The work of relief is coming and should wM ■ery quarter of bulldin* Galveston is at once the unbending; purpose of G - alvestonians and the may have faltered, it Is miraculous thai the stoutest .have not done so. The rail - SSffi."? rebuilding, their bridges to the ^LiS a th* eIevator companies are re - bn dama - Kes' the wharves are being reviving under the one universal impress to wine out as speedily as possible all but Ji,%nUieIn?rr ot the eaiamltv which has shocked the great soul of humanity. LEVEE PEZIN TO THE GROUND. Troopg Will Re Unable To Fast the Winter in the City., Pekin, September 8. via Shanghai, September 15.— It Is announced that owing to the impossibility of getting the railroad through before winter sets in. all the Russian forces will be withdrawn end will make Tien Tsln their headquarters. This is causing speculation as to Russia's policy. The occupation of Pekin during the winter Is practically impossible, for a large body of troops, unless railroad connection be re - established Some favor levelling Pekin with the ■round before retiring to Tien Tsln. Gay* a Day's Fay to Galveston. . Norrouc, va.. September 16.— The movement to swell the relief fund for the Galveston sufferers Is bringing good* results, up to tonight about J2.S00 having been received. The riggers employed In the equipment department at the Norfolk navy yard today unanimously donated one days pay to th* relief of the Galveston sufferer*. It is probable that other forces employed in the yard will follow thle example. There are 2.500 men employed in the yard. Omaha Bends Fonda. Omaha, Neb., September 16. - Mayor Moorcs has sent 14,000 and forwards tomorrow another a.000 raised here for the relief of Galveston and says he has several thousand dollar; In sight and expects before closing the fund next week to be able to make a total of ~' - El Bono Helps Texas. . Bl Reno. O. T., September 15.— Kl Reno today sent $550 and a car load of flour and clothing by a Rock Island special to Galveston. Cincinnati Gives 87,000. Cincinnati, September 15 . - The Texas relief fund here Is now over $7,000. Lexington. Ky, , today sent ILJOO to Galveston, City Sends 815,000. Kansas City. September 15.— The Galveston relief fund here amounts to $15,000. besides car loads of provisions and clothing. Lynchburg Raises Fund. Lynchburg. Vs,. September 15.— Lynchburg** fund for Galveston ha* reached nearly $800. It will be forwarded Monday afternoon, by which time it Is probable the amount will be $1,000. Briton Gives $5,00O. dispatch here states that Robert P. Hous - frcm Liverpool, has contributed $6,000 to the Galveston relief fund. VIRGINIANS LYNCH A NEGRO. into the ere of a rei^^Sber^ the mysterious currents of that wondrous telegraphy that knits human souls together in frightful ordeals - ot woe and Crime Is Proven and a Hob Overcomes a Strong1 Guard. Richmond, Va„ September 11— Yesterday, near Arlington. Nelson county, a negro criminally assaulted Ml as jcuen Bosworth, a school teacher of that couff* ty. The assault was made to the woods not far from the victim'* home, and the negro left her for dead, having choked her into int - enslbillty. The negro was arrested, token before a magistrate and committed - He wss then started lor the county seat under guard, 'but was taken from the guard by a mob and hanged te the limb of a tree. 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A. Brown "Shot Wbils He Was in Be*. Columbia, 8. C, September 15— <Spectol.) A tragedy, carrying with It a sensation un equaled In year*, was enacted in Rock Hill this morning at I o'clock. H. A. Brown, an Englishman and an artist, son of the leading artist of The Spectator, lives in Rock Hill. At neatly 2 o'clock a carriage drove to the door and a well dressed young man' alighted and knocked. F. P. - Nell, brother In law of Brown, responded and was fold by the visitor that he must see Brown on urgent business Immediately.^ Nell, leaving the stranger below, went with a light to arouse his brother In law. On entering the room and awakening Brown, he discovered that the stranger had followed The man rushed to the side of the artist, put a pistol to his body and fired. A second shot shattered Brown's arm, the pistol being knocked aside by Nell. The stranger hastily descended the steps, entered the carriage, In which another man was waiting; the driver lashed his horses and they were gone. Brown lingered a few hours before dying. Three times when asked who shot him he replied, "Paul M. Bratton." Brat ton to a resident of TorkvlUe and was rbls afternoon, with his driver. David Col well, arrested. Colwell say* he drove Bratton through the country twenty - one miles to Rock Hill and returned. The Identity of the other man is unknown. Brown was In Yorkvllle yester day and had hot! words with a younger brother of Paul Bratton. The Bratton family to one ot the oldest in the state, and tn war and peace have held the highest positions. Paul Bratton is a son In law of Colonel Anbury Coward, superintendent of the South Carolina Military CBTJISEB ATLANTA IN SERVICE. Battleship ~aa Beam Overhauled and Place d in Commission. New York, September 15.— The protected cruiser Atlanta, which has been under repair for almost three years - at the navy yard, was placed tn commission today. She has oeen practically rebuilt, and is now somewhat after the type of the Baltimore. It to expected that she will be ready to leave the yard for service within the next twp months. Toons; Girl Clears Up Mystery Sur rounding the Deed. New York. September 15.— The mystery surrounding the suicide of Henry Qroe - vecor Barbour, son of the 'Rev. Henry M. Barbour, rector of the Church of the Belovea Disciple, this city, has hem cleared up. Young Barbour shot himself Thursday evening at a Brooklyn hotel, his body being found Friday morning. He had come to the place with a young woman who was described aa being beautiful to a degree. She disappeared and the events leading up to the affair might have remained hidden had she not been found today In Seney hospital. Brooklyn! with a bullet In her breast. This wound, she says, was inflicted by Barbour. The young woman In the case to Miss Helen Southgate Forbes, nineteen years of age. When a child she was adopted by Bishop Horatio Southgate, a distinguished Episcopal missionary. Accord Ing to her story, young Barbour was drinking and proposed a double suicide, she accepting the proposal. Barbour shot her In the right breast. He then killed himself by Sending a bullet Into his mouth. She was only wounded and quickly left the room and hotel and proceeded to Seney hospital. The physicians there are In doubt as to her recovery. Let Contract for Pipe. Birmingham, Ala., September 16.— (Special.)— The newly formed Irondale Water, Light and Power Company, at a meeting of the stockholders today, let a contract for the pips necessary to baMd waterworks for the towns of Irondale, Gate ' City and Woodtown. The Dimmlck Pipe Company was awarded the contract and wU! fill it at once. The company also figures on extending Its mains so a* to supply the towns of East Lake. Avondale and East Birmingham with water. All these are suburban towns. PILES, FISTULA, RUPTURE, STRICTURE AND VARICOCELE Cure guaranteed by painless math od. No detention from business while being: treated. Have been i n Atlanta 20 years and am responsl - ble professionally, financially an d individually. Consultation free. jCome la and let's talk it over. B efer to beat business men of city. Telephone 228 and 1648. Honrs 9 to 5. DR. TUCKER , 16 North Broad Strttt

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