The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on December 30, 1897 · Page 3
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 3

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 3
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THE CONSTITUTION; ATLANTA. DECEMBEE 30 189T s this t ||S TO PLUCK FROM THE PUBLIC f Commissloiers of Bibb To Meet On Tuesday. baby's ,aud when he. I began giving hit* first bottls 1 ■ninaasTs ir years old, a of tfcsn s cured be ■ fur which I (eel Tttr a his good health > thU «res» ms*. . terming. ITOFFICE PLACES TO FILL H jr, J, Harris Introduces General I Gordon Last «ignt. BRUNSWICK BANK SUSPENDS Or FEES OF AID BY OTHER BANKS Depositor* Will Probably Be Paid in Poll— Closing of Bank's Doors Caused No Excitement. Brunswick, Ga.. December 1 I UBS. REID BE TRIED AS ACCESSARY ? Its stock is beU by solid I and institutions in Georgia, principally Savannah, Valdostat Atlanta and Brunswick and New York Fifty per cent of this stock could respond immediately, if called upon, for 100 cents on the dollar. Officers of the Merchants and Traders' are J. M. Madden, president; W. B. Cook, cashier; directors. A. G. P. Dodge. A. H. Lane, C. <JK*. James L. Foster. M. Isaac. J. mmS. Th officers .to be eleTted by 1 ma? ♦ i " **° ^ W" I * _ 1 ^ are the fa lowing: Clerk of the board, hands. Since then, the bank men claim, I - mcientand 1 « position a: present held by Mr. Stuart confidence has been falling until the quiet I " ^ — - fl JSfptace: ^^y.^P^'n t0xneP' p^^n^eupe^ - 6 311,118 ^ Lane'<>of the^CTtJsens^Bank. 8a - lnht*JYehou'd G'C* M * ,W n ^° To ^^1*0"°™ m" ™ad* 3<>lntly by tn* Brun8*"* r™** ana '» ^ p «ice Chan^ "rafc Johnson telt on a ^pedSl ^^^rac t eftF^w "^^r.^"'^' - - '1' ^A^/^.^^ wte at *a Today SpweldentP Madden refundeC all •aayl^nol**pfia^S "m^***1 p''"^"'™ Rudtotl^has ' individual depositors will not •exce*d>T«,O0O. ' register c.« - rk r.a Mr Frank Brar.non. additional currency reached Brunswick to — . — ; • ^ was a supernumerary, succeeds Mr. be used if needed. ' ^f^srss as assi. - itai/t mailing clerk. Mr. J. Information, tonight state* that J. M. 0. Bell has h. en made supernumerary. Madden has been appo; ued r'.ccher of _ Merchants and Traders' Bank, S. C. At II ftrt ft GENERAL GORDON IN MACON. Vinson, attorney. (Willi O ^ jfc I, Introduced to a Large Audience Columbus Liquor License. roT ^ Col?alel HarriS - Th^cuTcouncil ^onUthfLmd tt^&tfc r cCT ' : jj^oon, c - a., December 29.— (Special.) - Gen - 9ale and _ , ,nj John R Gordon lectured tonight at the ; wholesale license was form II J academy of Music on "The Last Days of ■ fl Hp IMWm fg Confederacy." He was greeted by a j To Sail Down the River. I II ft II VI . ■ iiie and enthusiastic audience. The lec - Macon, Ga., December 29. - <Special.) - The hire was delivered under the auspices of City of Macon, the new boat of rOILET LUXURY, SSSt *x$pg£SZ 8?£g - ^JS5&5£. le of dement j !hS we« .the bc^u of directors ^JL^ probab'y «° M to M tUa . Sitae library as foUows: President George ter of a Century. X Smith. Dr. R. B. Barron, D. L Abbott. IT Morgan, R. A. Nisbet. Clem Philips, Will Dane* the Now Tear In. Oram Fuller. Monroe Ogden, A R. Tins - Maccn. Ga.. December 23. - <SpectU.) - The ks\ Axel Freeman, Cosby Smith, Blanton Young Men's Sodality and St. Joseph's Ca - WiMhip. Sam Weichselbaum and J. R. dots will combine and give a grand New ■ HsMtey.^Also ^m^the ^j**^**™ Mayor v.eftr's, bal1 al 1116 armor* of the (Macon 111 I/O J1 ' ^^^^S^^. T^rs. E. H. Prior, Gainesville, Ga. I ^{j^^'^^^^^l^" ^^H) mata^'wlll' beC?nterredlefn ^fa Vtata.6 c»y I i^^K^^aS^wl^a^S ! Miller - Gordon. n I noeptlon was tendtred tlt - neral Gordon. ' W'aycross, Ga., December 29.— (Special )— ■ »w Caro Lowis Gordon and Miss New - City Marshals. ^F.^ MUle^r. of^Waycross. HL iW - The Criminal Dockot. J Bab^Mciatfng^ M1I,woo<1 - 'Rev - w - r - P?^F*m ■' /H^HBUeoo. Ga.. December ». - <8Declal.) - The I Sj^ed3 d!^^^h|u!seS™rrtth:rd 1 Accident to Captain Johnson. I S2f"Mra.bC^Ses R^d^ch^e^Pv^h^ald" ^ Si^tin^'som * V °k"*""° I ^now***^!^^ three - year sentence cldent occurred. The broken limb was set ■ |a^tbe penitentiary. Dennington^^will ^ be by Dr. U Walker. his^fam!ly physician. fSBy^ Cteorgia Fine for Europe. I _ uird car of these If Stoves, for Coal, Call or send for ■ affidavits where t kept a continu - i 40 lbs. Coal! I in one season • Estate Oak." hd Coal Vases f Price. >dS IOC. I Vases Si.oo. I them with y< a tors $8.00. j ■•tors $0.00. s $ ! nicalGastleatef* ■ell as ornamental IbaveBrass F ire Coal Hod kffin Dishes. Five » ill close loads of doors made of Georgia ! Rotterdam and one to Hamburg. | I Henry Home Will Not Return. Haeon, Ga., December a.— (8peciaX>—Hon. Beary Home says he will not bo a candi *ate for president of the Macon chamber street. Miss Kathleen Middlebr»ks was united in marriage to Fits EL Heard, Rev. L G. Walker officiating. The wedding was a quiet home affair, friends being present. ^ . Striking for Chilkoot Pan. gheon, Ga.. December 2l. - (8peclal.> - Mr. 1 Rfefeok Harris, of Macon, has left Tulip 1 Mb now far on hie way to the Klondike j B John la at Work Again. | sascon, Ga.. December B. - (Bp dai > - co:o - m John R. Cooper has^returned from his im spending the Christmas holidays. I The Gay Hotel Clerk Promoted. son, Ga., December 29. - (S?ec!al.l - Mr. 11 Eddlng, formerly bookkeeper at the Macon Society Notes. t. Ga.. December 29. - (Special.) - nt in society tonight wae the recep - ted in receiving \ ihruton. Mrs^Ander Jewel Ranges CUTT : iHflii ■Plumbers, Steam »ts of Colonel i t Bonnyiirae.118111' ian. of Utiea. N. kg with Miss Mar and Mrs. Gordon Dead Child Found in a Creek. Carrollton, Ga.. December 29.— (Speclal.) Some negroes crossing a bridge over a small creek on the edge of town rate this babe in the stream. Word was sent back to town, and the marshal and other parties went to the scene. One of the party went Georgia and Alabama Bailroad. Savannah, Ga.. December 29.— The following board of officers of the ^Georgia and Alabama railroad was re - elected today at President, John Skelton Williams, Richmond; vice president and general manager. Cecil Gabbett, Savannah; second vice president, J. W, Mlddeodorf, Baltimore; secre - . W. Macail, Savannah. new directors, Henry j 1 an admirable condl - Fraternlty Officers Elected. Lawrencevllle, Ga., December 29. - (Special.)— At a regular meeting of Pulaski lodge No. 63, Knights of Pythias, last night C; Warren Grlce nd 8.; J. D. Little. I. Ferguson, grand" lodge r shi'. - r National and purported to bear the X. Thigpen, ex - tax coilec - aty. It was for S65. Both to pass a bogus check on Assistant Cashi< HIS IS TO NOTIFY OUR FRIENDS, PATRONS AND THE PUBLIC : have moved our offices from 45 Marietta to 39 MARIETTA $J. Book Store). We will be pleased to have you remember us when placing your Ef - erders for fcOAL, COKE AND WOOD MNN & FRANQS. LUNATIC S WIFE LEAPS FOR LIFE B11 Screamioi From tie Htsse, CUised by tlii Mtdmarj. OFFICERS DRIVEN BACK TWICE Crazy Kan in Gainesville Stirs Dp the Town with a Chop Hatchet HE IS FINALLY CAPTURED BY POLICEMAN Taken to Jail, He Spends His Hours of Horror in Alternate Prayer and Purious Threats. ^tnesvOle. Ga.. December 29. - (8peclal.> - ders. of the revenue service, Chief of Po ice 01 Gainesville James A. Lyle and Po - hastening into the city from the 1 being enacted in a manner quite Interesting. The officers responded to the call and in a »hort while they appeared armed tcited. As soon as possible around ^hls^head^ and speaking in wild and driven her out of the house, and had man^to dine with him, and almost befon "he would put out his light," and the mat had to seek a refuge in the woods. The officers advanced on Makinson. but to get to and secure him was next to fcm - After a great deal of insisting. Deputy Dan - safety. He seemed and Landers and Brown were admitted. But no sooner had they gained entrance than they had to beat a hasty retreat, for the man with the hatchet seemed eager for th«r scalp. ^Captain Lyle was finally admitted again. for thirty minutes. Makinson was finally got out to the front yard, and all three men grabbed him and bound him. At this time a friendly wagon came up. The crazy man was dumped Into it and hustled off to the jail, where he >f the saddest and 1 ASBERRT SURRENDERS TO LAW ACCUSED OP BJCFLING A THDHX Declines To Talk, Having Been Ad wised To Keep Quiet by Attorney Toomer. Way cross, Ga., December ». - <Speciel.>— W. T. Asberry was here under arrest this morning, charged with" hiving rifled Mia* Orelia Key Bell's trunk at BJaekshear. He employed Colonel William Toomer as counsel and got friends to go on his bond. Mr. Asberry and Colonel Toomer went to Blackshear this afternopi 1 befor - oubie. 9 said 3 talk. be was not prepared It is understood that so: velopments are expected In the case. Asberry is at J. W. Leigh's, just south of SAVANNAH'S COUNCIL ALOOI. Will Not Join in the Board of Trades Fight Against Deveaux. Savannah. Ga.. December 29. - (Speclal.) The city council refused tonight, after a meeting which adjourned at 12:30 o'clock, cotton exchange and board of trade, and condemning the appotnt - arly the appointmer As has been stated, the present council was elected largely through the negro rote, the Liberal Club having secured 800 ^J^Vhereas.^ The ^cotton _ exchange and ted to this body certain resolutions with reference to the proposed appointment by the president of the United States of a negro to the office of collector of this port, tag of tbe^two^omme^aT'b^es^eM their ^request to the utmost consideration; "Resolved. That the mayor and aldermen of the city of Savannah In council assem bled, prompted by a high sense of duty. the appointmi reiWor^hold - ied to municipal affairs, and which the citizens, at the least expense to the •ty politics, religious municipal goverami taxpayer, takes The commissloi were named as stated li patch to The Constitutl oeption that E. C. Gleas police commissioner Instead of Captain W. resterday's^ dls - . MacKall. ^ Cox - Lockhart Waycross, Ga., December 29.— (Special.)— dr. John M. Cox. a broker of Waycrow. and Miss Will Ella Locknart. a teacher in GORILLAS ELECT OFFICERS. An Interesting Meeting Was Held by the Order Last Night. The grand wilderness of Atlanta, missing link, Disorganized Order of Gorillas, met last night in the hall over Maddox - Rucker phorhyneus, or Imported Afri goat (warranted deodorized), i hlbitlon for the nrst time. brought to this country and is finest in the history of the G< treshments were served and 1 evening spent. The following c Hall, UtUe'gorilla; E. B. Flshe Lewis, guardian Smith, first monk; H. E. onk; J. 8. McCrary, buy Dibble, Darwin; G. W. CHRISTMAS AT OAKLAND CITY. Entertainment Was Given by the Union Sunday School. A delightful Christmas entertainment was given by the Union Sunday school of Oakland City last Monday evening. Instead of the regular Christmas tree there was a fish pond for the small children and amme was rendered, recitations by Mrs. Walter Fuller, Mrs. Youngblood, Miss Leila PChndreas 'saW^I - he6 ''Alabama Coon" in an enjoyable manner. Miss Eddie Mor - "Come Whereh<t'he8 Ll5es Bloom," aocom - panied^on the piano by ^ifiss Morgan^ ^ tee' composed of Misses Eddie Morgan, Hat - tio Tucker, Jennie Shannon and Mr. Al - posnrrj as "old dog tray." Queer Story Told by a Guard About Two Prisoners. two^ri2on'easPirj=UthoSl^sa1d^ne of the guards yesterday afternoon, "and it Illustrates a very old adage^ OiaOTO The Drtfoners are Lon Carroll and Will Stocktor Lon getting Into t The guard stopped a moment to s chew of tobacco and said; "Now. this is queer. Isn't it, that t The young men n .were bound over by ago for going int< keeper the other pit Terred to by the guard Sale of Fowler Cycle Plant. Chicago, Deceinbcr 29. —The plant of the insolvv - nt Fowler Cycle Manufacturing y>., wh'ch Is Inventoried at «S,000, and k~ - .1t a/wMints amount ns to I73.0JO. were sold today to Frank T. iy. The price paid was WHO. Restored to Citizenship. Washington. December ».— Tho president bee granted a pardon to L I. Rosencrans, a state penitentiary for violating ttu b president of the conTpa - sued to r WILL ANTAGONIZE MR WALSH Election of Police Commissioner DjP dicatea Policy of Kerr Hen. Augusta, Ga., December 23.— (Special.)— The city council tonight elected H. H. of the Kerr men hi council to antagonise Mr. Walsh and to elect supporters of Kerr for all offices. When Mr. Walsh was elected a majority of the council was for Ken aid it will take another year, when five Walsh can get a majority of council. The election ton.ght proves the Kerr majority and shows the hand of the opposition. The ordinance providing for a commissioner of public works at a salary - of 14.000 was passed tonight. The electlsn will come on January 8th, and it la generally understood that Nesbitt Wingfield. of Atlanta, la stated THEY ARE MINING PGR GOLD. Some Bright Prospects Ahead In Northeast Georgia Gainesville, Ga., December 29. - {Speclal.) Mining i* quiet, but some work is being done in this section. Messrs H. D. Jaqulsh and 8. H. Gtleon have secured control of the McCluskey mines, four miles from the city, formerly operated by the Southern Gold Mining Company, and yielding good paying ores. Work will be rushed, dred' Ja£Q11*h 18 doln* good work with his from Gainesville. He was in the city a day if uTVven^m^that ^e"™6 Vki" '^od Mr. A. Williams has opened up a tunnel G^esville,awlt^oodPp^ospec'u.alm0,,t ln J. C. Mlckler 1 White and Rabun its. They have settl ^id are arranging foi TOU^esT^of lirwortTthe AN OLD MASON DEAD. Professor John J. Bishop Pound Dead in His Bed. Dawsonville, Ga., December 29.— (Special.) Professor John J. Bishop, of tHfe county, was found dead ln bed this morning. It Is supposed that a second stroke of paralysis eight years ago, but continued going nty y. •as th. the Method!; around some t had been a Mason MOTHER'S FRIEND K 'J^L X takes married thrwhole^od fort It is used externally and it relaxes the muscles so that there is no discomfort It prevents and relieves morning sickness, headache and. rising the mother's girt WforsF.t. t MB * copy of our illus - f J (rated booklet ~.WB . J about ^SHMsitr MOTHER'S FMND. The BradSesi Saftttstsr Co., Aitasia, Sa. hOT MORE IATER IN WARRIOR RltER Great CnreitivB of Alabamians To Se cure Greater Depth in Stream. WILL MEMORIALIZE CONGRESS An Appropriation Is Needed To Insure Perennial Navigation. GOVERNOR JOHNSTON PRESIDED AT MEETING Strong Claims on Congress Will Be Advanced for Successful Culmination of Deep Water Plans, s Tuscaloosa, Ala.. December 2» - (Fiieclal,) The rivers and harbors convention called by the Tusoaloos* Business A - so^laton for the purpose of memorialising ibe na - Uonal congress for an appropriation suf - fl„tOTt tn rnmnlete the work c - f cpering the Warrior river to permanent fud con - is11 attended by about ISO iel - sgues from Mobile, Birmingham, Demopolls, J uttw, Montgomery, Livingston. Jasper, Bessemer, Knoxvfile, ThomasvlUe, St. Stephens. Stewarts. Greensboro and other points along the banks of the river. The convention was called1 to order by Mayor W. C. Jemison, after which there A* M? McGehee, of the Tuscaloosa Bus - welcome. Hon. Richard H. '"lark trended ln a characteristic address. General Joseph W. Burke was Introduced as temporary chairman. The chair apr - flnted as committee on permanent organisation C. Colonel Horace Harding read a vrry arte paper on the Warrior's osal fields and the national benefit of the opening of !ue river to continuous navigation. The p«»per was ordered a part of the •proceedings of the s excellsucy. Gov - r Joseph F. Johnst Judge A. P. Smith, of EutaW; setrrd vice president. R P. Knox, of Demopolls; secretary J A. Rountrje, of Birming ii - m; assistant secretaries. Z. M. P. Inge and The following committees ure recommended, the members of which « re to be appointed by the president: Memorial committee, to consist of eleven members; committee on resolutions of five riembers, to whom shall be referred nil rosolu.ions busness; one. en - >ilmt>it .if t' - 'Otgates: Governor Johnston Takes the Chair. FINE SHOES SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS. Patent Leathers For Men, Evening Slippers For Women. LARGE ASSORTMENT. LOW PRICES. R. C. BLACK, 35 WHITEHALL ST. Baking Rich New Year's Cakes Is what the busy housewife has now turned her attention to for her New Year's table. The ingredients for these should be of the choicest selection. Here we bob up again serene 1 nd smiling, and offer you the freshest eggs, the finest butter, the best flour, pure spices, selected dried fruits, jams, jellies and nuts, that you can find In Atlanta. A. W. FAKLINGER, 326 - 329 FUCHTREE believes that he people of isulting a l wealthy state gathered together with the rue iur pose of advancement. Governor John - ten's was frequently applauded. He always deals in some pleasantries in his speeches, and riaT' con^m'ttee"11^ HL* ClarkT'chabroa'n; J. W. Burke, E. A. Smith. Kr„'ta Craighead. Jamos Bowran, R. H. Pearson. T. F. Howsee, H. Harding. B. M. kong, H. Austell, A. B. McEachin. The convouilon adjourned to 7 o'clock T. H. Garner. Executive Committee— A. M. McGehee, H. B. Foster, Zlmrt bhirley. F. Y. Anderson. J. A. Vanhooae, Thomas F. Howsee, of the murdered man. left for Bessemer torn. He was accompanied by Howell's sister. Accidentally Shot Himself. William Gade a young farmer, shot himself accidentally near Catherine, Ala., this morning and . died from his wounds. NO INCREASED DUTY ON PIKE. Argentine Chamber Declines the Government's Proposition. Washington, December 29.— The lumber and other interests which might be affected by reciprocity treaties are watching closely, through their representatives here, all that concerns their special interests. The principal representative of the lumber men Is Theopllus Tunis, chairman of snty - flve hundred 1 ble at the mines of the Dayton Coal ana Iron Company, where 300 miners are oat The men at Dayton are out because Of s demand of the company that wages shall CHABGED CRIME ON OFFICERS. Sensation at Meridian Growing Out of Bobbery, of Sheriff's Office. Meridian. Miss., December ».— (Special.)— Several nights ago the office of the sheriff of Kemper county, at DeKalb, wae enter - > ed by parties then unknown, who robbed 1 I days rvlews wltl states that yesterday Deputy Sheriff JF. - J. Scott and his. brother, Frank Scott were arrested, charged with the crime. They were given a preliminary hearing before a ted to hail on the sum of 11.500 each, which The burglary with the arrest following 3 defendants have been prominent ln county . t'o'knn Bu - li tn ind Thomas F. Plowman, Mr. James Brown and Congressman Joe What Congress Ought To Do. Chairman Clarke read renort of corrm it tee to memorial se ^ongr - jBS for in ipuro - prlation sufficient for the deepenn - 'of ItbWto harbor to 100 feet, and Tombigbee and recommending ihe tpjody to;isiruc - tlon of same. The report was replete with facts and figures stating ments to be derived t work The memorial »p«*vi project carried .>ut uy the s lve and able report msli'nr a \cry strong presentation of the ftcts of 1 ow as may cheaper fuel and iron than has ever before been^known. ^After^ hearing the re - Unknown Han Struck by an Engine. Montgomery, Als.. D camber 8. - (Sp clal.) well - dressed stranger 1 /Utog Wly oif^n Killed Himself Accidentally. clal to The Advertiser from Selma. J says that Mr. Will Cade, a resident Paducab. Ky., was found dead near house of his son in Wilcox .county BRILLIANT WEDDING AT SELMA. KJss Wenona White Married to Mr. V. H. Hanson. Selma, Ala.. December 29. - (Special. ) - Miss Wenona White » parties. The wedding guests balled from Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago and various Alabama cities. The bride Is one of the most beautiful women ln the state and is extremely popular. Mr. J. R. Holloway. of Atlanta, was best man. The bride and groom left immediately after the ceremony for Chicago and the northwest on a bridal Funeral of J. H. Howell. chamber. Respectfull; "JOHN A. KAS30N. that the Brazilian gove low are chiefly apprehen - KLOKDIKE CAMP IS ABLAZE. Fire Caused by a Drunken Han Ovsr - i San Francisco. December 29.— According j mining camp has twice been In danger of destruction by fire. ! Or. November 22d two log houses were destroyed by Are. One o£ them was used as a lodging house on one floor and a C The lodgings contained food, o ttflts for ten men. and nothing was Steps , The Are was caused by the overturning , of a lighted candle by a drunUen man. A i fire from a similar cause broke out on ! November 25th. and the opera kouso and ; two saloons were burned to the ground. The snow on the roofs saved the rest of the front street from dastruc'.ion. A large ued at «0.000.Pin Dawson, - vas ? - .r,treyed, 1 , On November lOtli the Yukon f rise toe the winter, and since about 4,000 persons have started over the ice betw - en Dawson and Selkirk Many of them are without nd - p< loubtful if they MINERS' STRIKE DECLARED OPP. REFUSES TO SURRENDER JONES. Until Louisiana Officers Swear He la ; the Right Man. : Denver, Col., December 29.— Governor Adams today received a requisition from Governor Footer, of Louisiana, for Joe Cladney, a convict whose term in the Colorado penitentiary for a robbery committed at Pueblo, in 18S4, will expire January ltth Cladney was sentenced under the name • several times committees from s8ee - for the murder of William Maddox in n 01 parish of Claiborne, in June, 1888. He claims lors never to have been in Louisiana and to he waa in entire ignorance of the crime with which - : 1 at " Governor Adams telegraphed to the gov* !ttee eraor of Louisiana that if he would furnish 1Iive an affidavit thast Jones Was in Louisiana The in 1888 he would deliver the prisoner to ally Snerifl Kilpatrick, of Chubume parish, at , lginally 1 en accepted the n Dynamited the Cxiurthonse, Ral egh. N. C. December 28.— (Special,)— ' house0 "of Wilkes county, dau»g1iig i foundation and superatructure and wre I A beautiful 6 - sheet art calendar given away free to purchasers of FAIRY Soap. This calendar is 10x12 inches in size, is designed by some of America's best artists, lithographed in 12 colors, and can be secured only through your grocer during the holiday season. Ask him for particulars. If he does not sell FAIRY Soap— pure, white, floating— send us his name and we will tell you where yon can get a FAIRY CALENDAR THE a K. FaHHUNX COMPANY. Catesfla, *t Leek - ■ssfYsffc testae. Wasissiili Roseocrans to citizenship.

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