The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1956 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1956
Page 19
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THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1988 BLSTMV1LLI (ARK.) OOOTH* OTWf FAG* OUR WARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY SAD, BUSTERS 1 CAN'T MASINE K>U ENTERING HAT MAT CONTEST FOR—® W- ER_ FAT MSN.' — *-> WITH MY RICH BACKGROUND, OP OLYMPIC FEATS AND [•JOVJLEOSE OP •JUJITSU, IT WILL SE MSRE CHILD'S FOR SOTH OP YOU, EVEN iF YOU DO CROwO THE PLACS OP A LITTuE/ / TRAINING J. (?A65LlHS 60UT YOU WAS f?l6HT HEWS TABLE—YOU PUT we ARto; LOCK: ow THE REST CHOPS. JS>O WE D&TgCT A T|N6= OF ANIMOSITY-? 3i «,«.,«.,— ^... ly J. R. WillifliM THIS is BAZ KAREN • I'P LIKE TO OOMK OVER AMP RUN THROUGH A FEW TEAM YELLS-^ TAKE THE V BUS *wt> SET Off AT WHIPPLE—THERE YOU'LL SEE A CANp STORE ••-THer HAVE SIMPLY ZOKCHY STUFF- S/HEM YOU COME OUT OF THE CAMOY STORE WALK ONE BLOCK EAST TO •footer's BURSER. STAMP. MAKE (AINE IAEWUM--- MO ONIONS -THEM CALL ME FROM THERE — £>1»Mbv MCA Teleriiion - Tonight, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WREC - Channel 3 WMCT, Channel 5 Thursday Nighf, Mar. 1 6;00 Jungle Jim 6:30 Dtnab' Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 You Bet Tour Life 7;30 Dragnet 8:00 Uncommon Valor 8;30 Theatre 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Esso Reporter 10:15 Assignment 10:45 Weather 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off Friday, Mar. 2 fi:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather 7:30 Today ' ' 7:55 Today In Memphis 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News ifc Weather 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Storyland 9:45 The Cathy Show 10:00 Home Show 31:00 Ernie Ford 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12:00 Mid-South Today 12:15 TV Movie Matinee 1:15 Modern Romances 1:30 Homemakers 1:45 Date With Life 2:00 Matinee Theatre 3:00 Channel 5 Theatre 3:30 Queen for a Day 4:00 Pinky Lee 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Adventure 5:30 Interesting Person 5:40 Cartoons 5:55 Weather 8:00 Wild Bill Hlckok 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Truth or • Consequences 7:30 Life of Riley 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Stories of Century 9:00 Sports 9:45 Confederates 10:00 Esso Reporter 10:15 Badge 714 10:45 Weather ' • : ' •10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off WUBQ, Channel 13 Thursday Night, Mar, 1 6:00 Little -Rascals 6:25 Learn To Draw 6:30 The Lone Ranger 7:00 Bishop Sheen 7:30 Stop the Music 8:00 Star Tonight 8:30 Down You Go 1 9:00 I Spy 9:30 Foreign' Intrigue 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Pattl Page 10:25 Late Show 11:55 Weather Friday, Mar. 2 B:45 News &; Weather 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Hollywood 11:30 Stu ErwVn 12:00 Weather 12:05 News 12:15 Theatre VOO Miss America 2:00 Film Festival "4:00 Autry-Rosers 5:00 Mickey .Mouse 6 :QO Little Rascals 6:25 You Know Why 6:30 Annie .Oakley 7:00 Ozzle & Harriet 7:30 Crossroads 8:00 Dollar A Second 8:30 Mobil Theatre 9:00 Confidential File 9:30 Foreign Intrigue 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Sports 10:15 Paul and Ford 10:20 Late- Show 11:45 Weather WREC. Channel 3 Thursday Night, Mar. 1 8:00 News & Weather 6:15 Douglas Edwards 6:30 Sergeant Preston 7:00 Bob Cummings 7:30 Climax N 8:30 Playhouse 9:00 Johnny Carson 9:30 Senatoi Anderson 10:00 Lone Wolf 10:30 News & Weather 10:45 Late Show 12:15 Sign on Friday, Mar. 2 6:55 Program News 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 7:00 Good Morning 9:00 Garry Moore 10:30 StrlKe It Rich 11:00 Valie-nt Lady 11:15 Love ol Life 11:30 Search, Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding light 12:00 JacJc Paar Show 12:30 Love Story 1:00 Robert Q. L«wli 1:30 House .Party 2:00 The Big Payoff 2:30 Bob Croeby Show 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Tour Account 4:00 Early Show 5:30 Range aider 8:M News & Weather 6:15 Douglas Edwards. <J:30 My Friend Rlcka 7:00 Mamfc 7:30 Our Miss Brook* 8:00 cniMder 8:30 Playhouse 9:00 Ttie Lineup 9:30 Person to Person 10:00 Secret Files, USA 10:30 News <te Weather 10:45 Lute Show 12:15 Sign Off 3-1 "H«y. Butch! I found that missing marble!" "Jessica dated him and said ht tried to kin h*r, but, you know how Jessica boasts—«v«ry boy ah* fOM »ut with i» a terribl* wolf!" J I 3ESPSCT YO£ tfEASOWS 1 f DO M?U FOB 3EFUSWG TO OiSOJSS [ SUT TEU. UE, CL»', WHAT DO YOU THINK I HA€ K'O JISHT TO A» TMS, 5WT WOULD JM HAveCONCEliLBDA E reo* YOU, oe THE CONDITION OF HIS HEALTH? The Bureau of the Mint originally functioned under the secretary of state, being established us a separate agency in 1799. Illinois contains 19 species of oak trees, eleven of them black oak varieties and the others white oaks. Paint Closcout MMIJ Types And Colon i Price Hubbard Hardware WE'VE GOT IT! Ov«r 33,000 different Item* in stock! HUBBARD HARDWARE ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions Mendola, Minn., claims the smallest town jail in the TJnitea States — a. five-by-five-foot stone building. Uranium _ in the nite. beds Dakota. has been found in coal low-grade coal, or Ug- of northwestern South GUARANTEED More than 2000 types of lutes »re made by master craftsmen in Great Britain. KOREAN LESPEDEZA $9.50 per cwt. FARMERS SOYBEANS CORP. "Home of Sudden Service" Blytheville, Ark Phone 3-8191 JusfV Cbrpse at Twilight XXIII I WAS half finished with breakfast when Al Purdy, of the Welfare Commission, walked in. H« told me that Van Horn wanted to perform the autopsy m Osborn today, instead at tomorrow, when he had another f. M. Scheduled. "All right. Did O'Connor «ay anything about getting a paper I «nt him?" "Nope." -He'll probably get it in the morning^ then. Listen, Al. . . ." I told him quickly about what had happened since my first visit, to the village of-Beech Tree on Friday afternoon. When I had finished, I turned my head so that he could see the small bandage .on the back of my neck. "That'i when he nicked me." -Yip««," Al breathed. "That's fettinf pretty personal." •Yei," I »greed; , "What're you going to do?" "I don't know yet.. The.sher- iff in Betch Tree is making passes at it, but I'm afraid his heart Isn't I'm 'going up there thi: morning," "W»rit me to go along?" I ihook my head. "Thanks, Al, but there's nothing you can do, maybe nothing that anyone can do. But I've got to take a stab at it." "Take care of yourself, Jim." He put on his hat and cocked it over one eye. "See you tonight?" "Yes, Jiut I-don't: know when, If 'the autopsy -I» late, I may not get loose until nine or ten, maybe later. And then I'll have to write a report for O'Connor." "If you need me,.pass the word. I'm starting at Allegheny Tool, "'on the ijouth side. Three claims to check—probably take me until noon.' You can trace mt from Inert, 1 ' - •••.'••• . : ',. • • • IT wasn't until I'd reached the WiochMtar IM and wai about M turn into the drive that I decided o talk to Sheriff Abner Cornwal- iis again. Something had been working in the back of my mind. A man in overalls was putting a new lock on the office door. The sheriff was behind nil desk fiddling with a screwdriver at one of the drawers. When he saw me he laid the screwdriver aside, owered his thick black brows and peered at me closely, taking n my blue suit and my cordovan, shoes, which were shined for a change. A white stubble of beard showed on his leathery cheeks and his mean little' eyes were Bloodshot. "My, my," . he said sneeringly, "ain't we all prettied up." "We're going to a funeral, aren't we?" "Oh, yeah. 1 almost forgot.' He sighed and pulled a hand down over his face. It made a Eaint rasping sound against the white bristles. "I'll have to shave and put on a clean shirt, I guess. 1 He picked up the screwdriver and prodded viciously at the lock on the desk drawer. "Gotta have a new lock here, too." "Did you get any prints?* "Prints?" His expression was outraged. "How can I get any prints without the equipment? The county don't even appropriate enough to pay me a living wage or give my prisoners square meal. Anyhow, what good would fingerprints be?". 'They're routine in most departments," I murmured. "Blah." • -' The fat man by the door said 'She's all set, Abner.' I've gotta do some work for Maude Dorn now, but I'll fix that desk lock tomorrow." ' "All right, Lew." Th« fat man picked up hls^tool box and left. "They won't even buy mi t secondhand sate," the sheriff said "I KM M kM| portant evidence in my desk, and see what happened;" "What'll you do now?" He banged the desk with a fist 'I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to question every- >ody connected .with this mess— _ grill 'em and search 'em." I said curiously, "And who would they be?" He held up a thin mottled hand and began to count on the fingers. 'Miss Lucy Dorn, Mr. Wilbur Tweed, Doc Jarrett. . . ." He caused, shifted his sly gaze from lis fingers to me. "And Mr. James Bennett." I wai startled. "Me?" "You're darn right. For a stranger in town you're'awful interested in Alice." He chewed :he cigar, watching me narrowly. "I think you're holding out on me." 'Sheriff, you're crazy." • * • "NO offense," he said smugly, showing his teeth in a kind of rodent snarl. "I been doing some figuring. You claim you found Alice dead, and all we got is your say-so. Doc Jarrett pointed It out to me—there was nobody there but you and Alice. Right now I'm Just trjing to do ray duty, and it's a—* "Matter of principle," I finished for him. "You forgot at least one person, Sheriff, in your' list of suspect*." .• ,• "Who?" he snapped. "You," I said gently. "You had a yen for Alice Osborn, too. You didn't want her to marry .WUbur Tweed or Dr. Jarrett or anybody. And all of you were there the night Frank Osborn died, you and Lucy and Alice, and Nellie Tweed and Wilbur." He rose from his chair, glarlnf at me, chewing furiously on th« cigar stub. "What h»» that jot to do with W v . "Maybe nothing, maybe a lot." 1 paused, watching him, and I added, "I intend to find out, one way or the other. And don't try to »lop me." "I'll itop you from .breaking thtlawl" he cried. "H you're itiU flfiirlnt on dolrtf that .autopsy tomorrow", forget It I wont let you do it." ' Cullison Bicycle Shop We repair all makes B'icyclct & Tricycles. We carry a complete line of parts for all make bikes. Phone 2-6122. Across from Kroger RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 508 Cl. L»ke Aie. Ph. 3-6911 CAN'T YOUT JUST SEE iJ THE FLOWERS POP INTO -THE BIRDS' » PLITTINQ-, FROM THE rTREE TOPS. I'M CDIMS- AN ACTIVE N / Ol THe WHITE COLLAK WORKER FCK "PEEPER" MAGAZINE, ANPI HAVE K. S00#£tf5 PERMISSION TD ASK M3U SOttE v_ QUESTIONS J HOWWOULPVOU \ PESdRIBE WORKIN* ''-THE GENTLE BREEZES SOFTLY- \/ MUST HAVE BEEN RUSH iTHE MR. BOOMER IS THESALTOFTHE EACTH.6ENEKOJ5 IDA FAULT, KIW? iSENTLE,ANP WARM-HEAETEP.' t«fi tw HE* SUrric. 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