The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on September 9, 1900 · Page 3
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 3

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1900
Page 3
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THE COH STITTJTIOJf: ATLANTA, QA^ BUKDAY SEPTEMBER 9 1900 REPUBLICANS OPEN IE, ACCOMPANIED BY HEAVY HERE IS HEALTH CAMPAIGN IN OHIO 10 OPEN CAMPAIGN III WISCONSIN RAIN, BLOWING ALONG TEXAS COAST F Depei, Fofato, Itui ud Rash Start til fork in Earnest Special Train Carries Democratic Nominee from Milwaukee in Ninety - Six Minutes, and Telephone fires Are All Down and Accurate and Reliable Hews Is Scarce, INITIAL LABORS HAVE NOISE Trumpets, Drums and Bough Eiders' Hats Are Called Out. HifORHARRlSON GOES ALONG Count) Democratic Marching Club itli a Band In Line. REPUBLICANS SEVERELY ARRAIGNED jUfgg&ct* Between the Two Politick Jarties on the. Honey Question Are Shown by the Ne - traskan to a Large Crowd of Voters. astoaakee. Wla, September S— wlmam I Bryan made a record - breaking rail - «ty to open tl to Milwauki a the democratic national cam - , in Wisconsin. Ninety - six minutes 0g flU ipecial train left Chicago he m tt the depot here. Mayor Harrison, if CMcno; the Cook county democratic BSgjg c'UD" wltn De°augh'8 band. EJ| with him. The special was met at Em Union Junction by Mayor nose . - jw leading citizens. After a brief bum at the city hall, Colonel Bryan E driven to the residence of W. G. greet, ehalraan of the Milwaukee city ssj county democratic committee, for Ipcheon - Mayors Harrison and Rose » National park to pitch a baseball pat, the Cook county marchers were Bfct In street cars to National par*. g tie speakers arrived at 4:30 o'clock. Alts a long delay ex - Governor Peck an - tntieed Mayor Harrison, who apologised Bfltapsrt In Uie delay, pleading the tat at the bail game. 1* J. a, candidate for governor, follow - t Harrison, speaking until Colo - tn was ready to begin. Colonel pM as he walked to the front strorm. He waited for the cheer | gj tt abate and then attacked the re sts party ana us vimw» ""^ a Hid. In part: i republican party U on tha defensive sldon on :he . other question u» on* metal. For how e l*sh7..Vt tl I JtjM tt exoept a : theory that the ndard when other I^»yMhau%rS?dlntnputUhU own s?gn£ VOL (Applause.) ■ and the Platform. Igfchl ls.ll I with Its platform. (Laughter.) aM rtat their platform said at Philadel - ever stated that post of the fifty - sixth con - rency* on" g^ld%asla I ■» axBething tha ■KM "declare our i*»2*a«os*t*rn)0n I*«aUa» democratic p *■■*» has undergom l.^" republicans M 1^ If toerV^fnj (ft*W«y. 1 want*toa«Kw ^rou the fig! btt. Germart who, "you al^know^is "•laW'w* aimyh back re^ubll0*n *Ji»^tln0yo^rlIpocket,^t (Laugh" S?be« y'ears o? a^oung •asa devotM them to an army." and »«S leader .Up. him on the .boulder • """ever mir.d your boys, pmyided Itve <he people are the i have his rights re - JjjfX responsible f, Metjbronght^th 5 sW i tk. It ii ■^■aadud. i» u thTfnn ■B KL^?™' your Head for If your •What i which ) Days' Treat/ IMPOUND. XlYKTbJlUndreTeiE Dinner Pail Hot Always FulL * «~*ta this ineralars^ naner rtj - umican raper. down at Chicago, an artl th* i describe, a thrextenel strike in the III . i „ 1 'yiawgens; r And that the average dally wages received by miner. Is SI 35 90 eiSa'S.r**'8 ,tovday mtn at mln»» »ork atPthU^ni> N,g*ty eenu * S5.40 a week for a man to «ux>Dor?y it five, no chance for a man ti Take the sUt(atl< failure, than the' same * hod by Dun » 19 ' will and. tf ■« Age. that 'ast i 000 ton.. You will And t f|therw?geg 0^1 tscrarged 10 ot willing to admit the truth. N < for fear I was goirg to be el< r prom lee in the way of money? Nothli get, we gut not because of the republic wltlout regird to them. Did the re party ms - over gold In the Klondike? There is (■publican »o»e the fainti famine li Europe and*we < hat provided for the coln - nubllran party was responsl - the benefits that the ceived by allowing tru when he comeu to birj > Let th* 1 "will tad" Tor* whorl fouid n t die despotism that the republican party clothing." (Appla\ United States, n > took i Twenty - five the a empire - (Applause.) Support of Standing Army. only took about S2S.000.000 to support si CO, 000, 000 to support an army of 100. - C00. A large standing army can have but exploit with t cured by eflt of those whon lUght publican party now speaWof™' them that Ptheynare (Laughter.) We have had expan - After referring to the Porto Rlcan tariff, Mr. Bryan said: ill take the colony tax proclama - expanded the limits Ion Issued by King George III, platform, and li the proclamation of the kins and th. ilde of it the Philippine plan ublican platform, the chance Applause.) Let me ask of yea beings 7 Spain round Benjamin Franklin said that tl flag was raiasd oyer Cuba the mother who loa id buy It with you ■ ready to be raised In tt down ^7.000 Why? Because they have hauled in Aiasaa. (ureat applause.) it our financial policy 1. goo*. II fOV prefer to take the republican financial pol - SECOND SPEECH IN MILWAUKEE Bryan Talks at Opening of Wiscon sin industrial Exposition. Milwaukee, September 8.— William J. Bryan made his second campaign speech In Milwaukee tonight on the occasion ot the opening of the Wisconsin Industrial exposition. Colonel Bryan said he would not make a political speech. Looking around, he told his hearers "to beware of anything that strikes at that - competitive principle and robs society of the stimulus that comes from endeavors to excel any one else." Be closed by wishing su< to the exposition. Colonel Bryan return ed to Chicago tonight. Briton Declares He Can Carry a Voice Over Water. Bradford, England, September 1— At today's session of the physical science section of the British Association for afle Advancement of Science, Sir William Henry Preece, consulting engineer tc the British postofflce, made the Interesting announcement that as a result of hii experiments with wireless telegraphy he bad found it quite possible to convey speech six to eight miles across tn< _m_. ,ut wires. He added tha* it * practical commercial system and snla*t be extended to communication aw* ghips and tha More. YOUMSTOWH THE CENTRAL POINT Leading Cities of tha Buckeye State eenu Large Delegations to Hear Toungatoem, O.. September 8.— With the blare of trumpets and drum, the tramp of thousands of marchers from every section of the state In rough rider hats and oratory from such camu&lm speakers a* Senators Depew, Foraker nd Hanna and Governor Nash, the presi dential campaign In Ohio was opened in mis city today. The weather conditions were nerfecL The day wa» made almost a holiday. v - oiumous. Cleveland. Toledo, Arkon, Canton, all sent, large delegations, while the nearby towns contributed their share of visitors to swell the throng. The streets were crowded with spectators. Many towns sent attractive or unique Industrial "exhibits. One sent a mammoth work in g man's dinner pall, bearing the inscription: "We want four years more of a full dinner pail." Alone the «ntlre route there was arreat enthusiasm. The decorations were pro - iuee throughout the city and the route of the parade was a mass of bunting, flags and banners. When W»"k park, where the speaking took fflace. was reached by the head of the procession fully 20,000 people were !n waiting. On account of ah - i Immense crowds two meetings were held at the same time. Governor Nash presided at the principal meeting, and besides his brief address, speeches were made by Senators Depew. Foraker and Hanna. Mr. Foraker said In part: ^Consider now the Philippines. There was a acquire them, but all were agreed that Spain should relinquish her sovereignty there. - If Filipinos themselves said that it we stmpiy r - portunlty least fall. valley, new markets for the products of tMs industrial center. The aacUica::on of the Philippines gives a market of lu, 000,000 of people. Our port at Manila is nearer ly hundreis of miles tiian any Etiropeau country to the coast of Asia where reside two - thirds of the inhabitants of the globe. China Is about as large as the United States, and has *OO.COO,M>0 of ptcple. They are an Industrious, sober, producing class. There are nearly 4M> miles of railroad in China, while there are U0.0OO in the United States. In the next twenty years enma win be grldin i of t done more there m! les of Impeachri t the majority, of was left In charge of nothing less. If he t >f power: If he had d< wKo'sni ' Bcw^'teaSssj0 1 more Imperialistic and bloodthirsty i Cpres"ent McKlnley has ever e< o behave himself. Thi risking trouble. Well, w< ldent McKlnley and If they could gain possession of Manila juld horrify the work mi with a tribe of renegade Apach the United States. Axutnaldo i ! George Washington and i In holding wha it of the Rocky mou leading democratic enegade Apaches" and "w ibangeT It is easily explained, is patriot, then: they speak al . Their Inconsistency is so man - forget.. He could B# >SWM the Filipino, had already c president wa. a declaration that until the In - surrectlon was ended nothing else was in orddr; anttatte second place. Mr. Bryan was awar. that the president had already. In the hope ol avoiding any clash with the Filipinos, sa lted by General Otis In the previous De - ^Th1!?' proclamation set forth a liberal and flag Zki government would be upheld could haws opportunity leeialata This hoped to win tn their revolt ran: !»TanV ■hould be (hed. the the war; and I do not know bow the SfssHssS can do more In that belief than he has already done by the amnesty proclamation which he has issued, promising pardon to all who have been engaged m the Insurrection who will surrender and respect our authority. The president has ae authority ^to go beyond tbis^Only lion, and congress ass had two rears of op to speak, but haa refused, or at 1 to make any such promise. iv, among other things, said: with r cars, the wire must all be brought from Colonel Bi proposes would be to build a wall wtthll workers would suffocate and starve." ROOSEVELT CLAIMS ALL THINGS Bough Eider Tells His Audience That He Is a Dutchman. Holland. Mich.. September 8, - Govemor Roosevelt began the closing day of his flying tour through Michigan by address - Insr an audience composed almost wholly of Hollanders and their descendants. The governor evidently took pride In beinir able to address them as fellow Dutchmen. President Kollen, of Hope college, and a delegation of Holland citizens met the governor at Grand Rapids and came through with him. In the Holland city park i„crowd of 2,000 was waiting. President Kollen presided and referred to the fact that Roosevelt came from Holi^nJ stock, like themselves, saying: "Governor Roosevelt was born a Dutch - In acknowledging this sally. Roosevelt, with a laugh, opened his address with "My fellow Dutchmen." This set the crowd cheering and some of the did set tiers yelled Dutch salutes. Colonel Roosevelt's speech was devoted principally to the prosperous condition of the country, urging that the only threat to the welfare of the country was the election of Bryan. He predicted that if wc reverse our present condition a commercial crisis and business paralysis would follow. He appealed to all citizens who loved their country ana their flag to stand by the administration. TAKES THE PABT OF THE NEGRO Roosevelt Says Black Han's Bights Are Trampled Under Foot. Kalamazoo. Mich.. September 8.— Colonel Roosevelt made a 'speech here In which he sharply criticized the democrats for talking imperialism in the east ana silver in theJfeSt. Speaking of the Philippines, he said: "Another question that we hear 4 good deal about Is the consent of the governed as applying in the Philippines. We hear nothing about it from our opponents as applying in certain sections of our country, where they deliberately trample the doctrjne about which they talk so mucu underfoot They loudly proclaim that no man has a right to govern another as long as eie man in an American and another a Tagal bandit. But they have not a word to say when it Is a whits man that governs tfcs bjack man without his consent, although the black man In all probability was born free and equal; a fellow citizen with Mr. Bryan - He ought at least to be consistent without any question of policy. It cannot be sincere to Invoke a doctrine for those on the other, side of the globe and trample lii under foot in our own country where it la to be applied to our own fellow clti - FREIGHT AGENTS IK SESSION. Complaints of Lumber Dealers Discussed by Railroad Hen. Chattanooga, Tenn., September 8.— General freight agents or their representatives, of all the railroads south of the Ohio river and east of the Mississippi, met today at Lookout Inn to discuss the complaints of southern and western lumber dealers who claim that the existing schedule rates, are entirely too high and There was a large llscuseed. Two sessions ' disappointed and say that another meeting will be held at an early date and that If something Is not done the railroad com - lnvoked to take^ nan.?. —•d whl be Dr. Buford Safe. Cartersvllle, Ga., September 8.— (Special.) Relatives of Dr. O. H. Buford, reported to have drowned near Fort Bt Philip, have received a telegram which says: "The storm is over and we are all safe." It Is presumed they made their way in some manner from the capsized boat to a place of safety. ualnet ■pain. FresMeat necuniey that civil and municipal government "oself from" .'Inhabitant, o? the Island, Mcarb^sh^^^tC1^ nf our anti - expansionist, would not be enviable. The first shot fired against the American nag metTriunrectkinX^fore 1 those whoasdv7sed ratification and now oppos. thlV there'has been say imperialism it was in accepting oar title to the ranpplnes and the as**rtlon of our authority and power then tn the first instance, and all that had th. approval of Mr. Bryan. Since this policy was entered upon nothing more has bees done than to prosecute it with rigor. U It was right to Ush a proteotorate, surely we must seat end The Cause of Many Sudden Deaths. prevailing In this because so decep tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by it— heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure or apoplexy are often the result of kidney disease. If kidney trouble Is allowed to advance the kidney - poisoned blood will attack the vital organs or the kidneys themselves break down and waste sway cell by celL , Bladder troubles 'most always result from a derangement of the kidneys and a euro is obtained quickest by a proper treatment of the kidneys, If you are feeling badly you oy taxing ur. runner s There Is a disease country most dangerous II corrects inability to hold urine and scalding pain in passing it. and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day; and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp - Root Is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. Swamp - Root Is pleasant to take and sold By all druggists in fifty - cent end one - dollar nave a sample this wonderful covory and a book that telle all about it, both by mall. Address Dr. Kilmer &. Co. GALVESTON CUTOFF ENTIRELY Do Train from Ocean Front Tim Are Eipected Toiaj, lite men aid boisterous Damage to the Cotton Crop in tha Interior la Sail To Be Decidedly Large, but 80 Bar Bo Deaths Have Been Report'ea. Houston, Tex., September 8.— A hurri - ine, accompanied bv a heavy rain, has been blowing along the Texas coast and or a hundred miles inland today. Tel graph and telephone wires are down along the coast and no accurate news Is obtainable. There are an sorts of rumors. nothing authentic. Galveston Is shut entirely. Communication Was lost at o'clock this afternoon and no trains have been operated today and none will be run until late tomorrow. The last report from Galveston stated that the gulf waters were encroaching rapidly on the beach and that the flood had extended nto the residence portion of the city tor leveral blocks. The waves were high and boisterous In the bay and considerable damage was being done to small. craft, though none of the big boats were then n any danger. The rain has been heavy 11 dav and traffic was entirely suspenoea. There had been no casualties and but little damage except along the water •ont. The Southern Pacinc wnarves, 1 .r construction, had been damaged le extent of 126.000. At 4:30 the wind as increasing In velocity. Inland there has been much damage to v. cotton crop, the lint being blown and beaten from the open bolls, and the rice op has suffered severely as it was near ly ready for harvesting. CITY OF GALVESTON CUT OFF. All Texas Anxious as to Bate of the Metropolis. Dallas. Tex.. September 8.— All Texas Is In the keenest state of doubt and un certainty tonight concerning the fate of Galveston island and city, m everybody's mind is the dire suspicion that an awful calamity rests behind the lack of information from the gulf coast. It is reported here that Immense destruction has befallen Galveston and other places. It Is said that the bridges leading from the mainland to the island have been swept away by the terrible force of the wind and the rolling up of the water In the bay. The bridges are four in number, three for railroad uses and one the Galveston county public wagon and pedestrian bridge. It seems hardly creditable that all these bridges could be swept r without the cltv suffering tremen dously In the loss of bulldisgs, general perty and Hves. ot a wire is working Into Galveston, either telegraph or telephone, and as all bridges carried wires, the fears that all the bridges are gone Is strengthened. The Postal Telegraph Company this evening started out a repair train from Houston. - but it proceeded a few miles only before it had to stop because of storm obstructions and had to return to Houston fwsthout making an improvement In the Postal service. The Western Union Is equally as bad and the telephone lines are also down. Considering that all that has been learned so far of the storm is from the mainland and the bay. a dread is felt that the wind may veer around gulf ward, in which event Galveston will be in direst peril. special late tonight from Houston says there is "an unconfirmed rumor In that city that she hurricane raging along me kiui coast nas played smash with the town of Rockport, on the lower coast, and that the great clubhouse built by E. H. G. Green near there has been blown away with the loss of life, as there were several guests In the house, but their names are not Known here. The cam port says that a cyclone raged through Live Oak county, but It could not have done much damage, ae that county Is not 1 meaiy seniea. The storm on the Texas coast has a fierce one, and there are ail son rumors ss to the damage done. The telegraph and telephone wires are down in every direction, and there is no way of confirming these rumors or of getting any accurate news as to what has really The wind has blown a hurricane all day. and has been accompanied 1 driving rain in Houston. Considerable damage has been done, but all of a minor character. Galveston Is abut off from the re the earth. Not a train has come in or gone cut today, and none will get through tor 'ght, A partial report came through by wire thla afternoon, tt to said the low streets on both sides of the city were Inundated, and that many p# had been driven from their homes along the beach by the encroaching waters; the rainwater was standing in the stree the depth of three feet, and could not run off. The storm nasi caused the li sjisst water for ten years. This morning the surf was breaking over the beach from Bast Broadway around 4o the foot of Twenty - fourth strtet and the water crept' In several Kecks, and In low places had crept up the streets a dozen blocks. The water to quite high on the bar side, hot a strong wind prevents any damage to that direction, if the wind shifts to the street east, there will be considerable Inundation; but serious damage is act likely, be - i nfiM ^^^^J^^^^^^^^ssT ^^^^Bl - ^^^s^^^B^^^^M s^s^^^^sB^ esses or Inflammatory condition, of sase, threat sad inns. The treatm.nt i» free. You har. only to wrtte to obtain It plained sjSkaSSy «« BSSStla setows Its .mosey Is a By the .Tsttm d.vlssd by Da T. A Sboceic, the •peotah.t In pnlmonary and k E. of the .lex bod j can be .applied by the FOCEn ■sewn ss The cHeenss Sreteoa. According to the exigencies ot year case, fully expsstaee la Ike treats*, gives free wSSt See ESS. medicine, yon may take one, or any two, or tkree, or all fear, In wsMnstiln. 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Southern Distributor, Is prepared to furnish BETHESDA EFFERVESCENT WATER and BETHESDA GINGER ALE and invites readers of The Consti tution to see the "BETHESDA ARCH" in a window of his DEPARTMENT GROCERY. PEACHTREE AND IVY. ;, while the waves are high, they have little force. The shelving of the track breaks the force of the waves' ac before It reaches the town. At noon the wind, veering to the east and the r on both the bay and the gulf was rising slightly and growing more bolster There Is a report that the steamer Charlotte M. Allen has gone ashore, but nnot be confirmed. Damage to the Southern Pacific wharves. Just being built, has been great, and there is also some damage to small craft along the water BICE AtfD cabs mif amn>. Beported Drowning of United States Officers Proves incorrect. New Orleans, September 8.— Owing to the prostration of the telegraph wires. trickled into this city tonight very slowly, with respect to the twenty - four hours' storm that swept the country last night for miles around, but the wires brought at least one cheering piece of in formation, and that was that Dr. O. H. Buford and Sergeant Quinn, of the United States military forces, who were reported drowned, bad been miraculously saved. and had turned ud safe' and sound at Fort St. Philip today. The damage dene about New Orleans was trifling, amounting only to the cost of fences blown down and truck farms on the outskirts flooded. At the resorts on the lake shore, where it was feared there would be considerable damage, none of any serious character occurred. Wharves and revetments both withstood the fury of the blow, and in spite of the shallowness of Lathe l'ont - chartratn and its choppy sea. no siu - r craft seems to have succumbed to the gale. The most costly damage June by the storm baa been to the rice end cane At the hotels tonight there were soma forty Louisiana planters from various sections of the, state. .They gave altering estimates of th* damage do. - .w bu. both In the southeastern and southwest ern portions of the state the cane seems to have been badly blown down and the rice fields damaged. Both the young cane and the maturing stalks suffered, end many thousand acres lay flat this a ing. With favorable weather the damage to cane will probably be materially induced. The damage suffered by the rice, however, to likely to be considerable. There wag a large crowd at the depot ot the Grand Isle train when it pulled into the station tonight. These present expected dire tidings from below. Superin tendent Landry aad other official, of *he road, however, said that the news they had to bring was both good and bad. It good In that definite informatlof came of the rescue of the two army oflfa rs, and bad in that It had been learned that very heavy damage had been done :o the growing crops. The Grand Isle •oad - traverses some of the finest sugar and rice plantations in the state. As far an be learned tonight, the storm s to have been attended with prsctic no loss of life. The owners of the telegraph line running from here to Port is - were able to get communication as down as Fort St. Philip. Gangs have been sent out to restore the broken com - unl cation STEAMER. UT AN OLD FIELD. ea Water Backs Up Into tha BUa - sissippi River. New Orleans, September 8— Advices from Fort St. Philip late tonight say that " the sea water backed up Into the Mississippi so rapidly that it went clear over levees ana luggers were carried lt - to marshes by the waves, and with the reced'ni; waters were strewn along the river bank high and dry for a mile. A stern - wheel steamer on the "way to Koloxl, Miss., now lies on dry land to the back of a house, five miles above Fort St. Philip. The boat was carried a distance of two miles across the marsh in ten minutes. Most damage appears to have been done on the ras: bank nf the river. of the Jetties was damaged the crop destroyed. LOSS OF LIFE HAT BE HEAVY. Latest Reports from Galveston Indicate Great Destruction. New Orleans. September *.— A special from San Antonio. Tex., says: Possibly the last dispatch out of the flooded city of Galveston waa received In Ban Antonio tonight by Jerry Olrard, manager of the Southern Turf Exchange, announcing the death of his brother by drowning. The message left Galveston at 8:15 p. m. by Mexican cable and came to San Antonio via Vera Crux. City of Mexico and Bt ; Paso. According to the message the entire lower portion of the city to deserted ' and thousands of people are huddled On the higher ground in drenching rain and blinding storm for safety. Girard's brother was carried ont to sea and drowned while endeavoring to rescue a family in a shanty that was being dashed to pieces by the waves. Outside of this the sole authentic statement of the news of the floodd city consists of such pieces of Information as passed over the wires between Virginia Point and other interior places. Virginia Continued en Fourth Faga,

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