Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida on August 27, 1949 · 2
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida · 2

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1949
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mm Hi ORLANDO EVENING STAR ;pphont; 3-44K$S Saturday, Auouit 27, 1949. I Child Aid Dance Slated Amnflement art belm com-ttllit (Ms WMk (MP i dance to Iw liven Wednesday. Sept. 21. far the benefit of the Harry-ABU Children Home, 1' ma til-la The affair will be under mt-pira of the Elks srid will bt heW In San Orlo Club on Htffv IHar IT. jackets, at $1 each, will be on sale br Elk Iodte member in both Sanferd and Orlando. The dance it to start at a4 fAI latt until 2. The home for crip-ltk iAUHmt, at ' VnwttBa, II maintained bv the Elk of the State of Florida. Knoulion Orchestra, featuring Cherry Owens at the drums ill furnish music The orchestra. s well as the hall for dano-inc. is beta provided without chance hv Ted Greer, onner of San Orlo. prominent in Elk Loige affairs. Greer ts Bavin all expense of the dance so that all funds derived mav eo to the Ham-Anna Home. Red Cartoons Moscow fV- Since the etui of the war, the Soviet film industry has issued cartoon comedies and cartoon films in large number. Moat foreigners here who have seen them agree thai they are of high quality and well-produced There have been issued full length cartoon films. One of the hest liked of these was called The Little Hunchbacked Horse, ll took its subject from a Russian folk tale. like all cartoon films here it was in color. Russians have also had look at a foreign cartoon film Walt Disney s Bambi was shown here and was liked by both children and i"'!irliW I 1 . " m: . 1 ;. iw, ' i1" 1 "i i. 1 1 . i ',, " 'j;- t "ataaaigu! --'bPllt t 'I' the ONLY TREE DOWN IN THE MID TOWN oreo was the one (obove) thot spans Mom Street between Washington and Jefferson Srt. It completely blocks what little traffic enters Mom St. Obituaries MR. K W. ;OUDBKR4i Arrangement are being coin pieted by the Carey Hand Funeral Home to forward the body of Mr. Benjamin W. Goldberg 57, 319 E Church who died in a local hospital Wednesday after a brief illness, to New York for interment. A retired attorney from New York and a Winter visitor for 15 years. Mr. Goldberg had been a resident of Orlando for the past three years. He is survived by his wife Jp 3eanette A. Goldberg. MRU. AN ME V. MKXOTTK Mrs. Annie Virginia Melotte. W, died early Friday morning at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Gabriella Marie Yates, following a lingering lUnes. Mrs. Meiotte came to Orlando about 14 n fum hn:ivi!V. Ti. Mie ws a memwr or tne FakeU.S. Bills Lead To Death London Detective combed London today tor counterfeiting plant which has turned out hundreds of fake U. S bills. The Scotland Yard forgery squad, apparently acting on a tip from V S. Military Police m Vienna, tuncentrated on the wet end of the citv. Kriedricli Ohendorfer. 61 year! old naturaliied Briton, leaped to hi? death from a fourth story hotel window in Vienna yesterday while being questioned In connection with the case. him on a charge of trying to sell two worth of the notes. Ohendorfer lived in an apart ment house ia the West Hamp- -. .. . -J , .. 4 f I 111. neighhors told polite At made frequent trips to Holland. Austria, Switzerland and France. REPORTS THAT MKMBKRS of a counterfeit gang had been offering notes at cut rate lots to for the I'm ted Zones of Ger many and Austria put Scotland Yard on the alert some time ago J 1 ' . Mm m - . m ml Mid-Florida Loss Light Otherwise i .in in, i, a frtim I'age t littered with leaves, small I branches and moss and that In some spots a few large oak treea had been uprooted bv the hurricane winds A neon sign in front of O'lleir Fine Foods Store was blown loose from Us mooring. Power failures were -said to he scattered. 0 0 0 TITt HVIIXK I NllKKWKNT onlv a small amount of damage as a result of the hurricane wind, felt onlv slightlv latt night Probablv the greatest damage will be to the citrus crop, but as vet. it is still too earlv for an estimate. Police and Fire Departments were on the alert throughout the night, however, no personal injury or extensive property damage has been reported Only a lew metal roofs were slightlv damaged. A small number of residents took advantage of she safety ! shelters and there was scattered I traffic on U.S. Highway A1A all during the night Tile skv was still overcast. and the winds brisk this morning, with rin and general squally weather, ooo SO AKYERK DAM AUK M no injuries were reported thi morning by Red Cross Disaster Headquarter Shelters were opened Jute last night ami man residents moved in. laaaiiiimlBb ! vf!bf.' mm I . i 4Hlani. " JtLmmumf ANOTHER TYPICAL PICTUtB AT A HURRICANE SHELTER during Oflondo's "bifl blow," Is expressed here by little wx-yenr-old Anne Server, os she evidently enjoys her "midnight snock. Greyhound Results Last Night's Retuka Tonight's Entries down and the roads from Paola to Lake Man, Oviedo to Five Points. Ijortgwood to Santando, are temporarily blocked bv fall-en trees. Disaster Chairman Vlalix)lm .viacsesil warned citlwns to-Hum um stay clear or fallen wires. So far, i-elerv seed be1s are undamaged and most. If not all, isnt cs ltT Ct - I1WK. M T ia. s h eu nt sat T ns M s S Owsr O II au - iimm s.i. i Sj.,:s bun ti.m i iu Miller s OB nsrtiitt I auiuat " inn' c otn Msrt e.i sscoie unci - s isit ss.w tkm at s Sisrn rm n u so Sell i se i e Oeitj . IIM U 1 Svtulum Meet isi. . T.m 11.1 ' M 1 fsHssss aner CM TMiaa aaci niu e sacoM os MgW !. -. a. evt' I ermceu Mieu I Saiur SsH 7 UUie Mutff I emirs erlr rOUSTH cs ; a UN e 1 tfateeai Ktrf Qin.s S IUSO i tw. m.i 1 ISWl M.4S Tnm. Ul f r! Tie its ias:? i Vne K m M, e-.. T T Tre t 41 I Verses KM sou new SACS Fir it' sisea OrwrrMrorrfr" rror !rin!l Third Sniniualist Chun-h of ' fled h.m as a journalist and said nourj or orurcwy morning. Philadelphia. She Is survived by i he was born at Nuernberg. Her-j rta hotel Tuesday. He was arrested yesterday morning hv Military Police investigators Thev s-iid he had 12 of the counterfeit m hills with htm and two mbre In liis lug two daughters Mrs. waunita Sohafft of Veadon. Pa and Mrs. Gabnella Marie ates. at whose home she died Funeral services will be held Sunday r 2:30 p.m. from the Fairchild Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev-Page, pastor of the Spiritualist Church at Cassadaga, officiating. Interment will be made at a later date The faroilv request that friends omit flowers. " The surface temperature of the sun is estimated at 31.000 de- aieioourne ttseif hecame a bee-hiv of activity yeaterdav with hotels and trwinr murn and tourist home lam packed with persons who iad fled the'ltf,,, lower Fast Coat arwl near by : s awkiint vacation spots. osmmi u-s Hurrkane, weather in this Hfft of Brevard County was k.M.lAM.bJ V,.- m,... . . . 1 .t the face o Mrs Rose Bryonr and sne potiently wait out UD . -, m.in, t,mir ,w the humcone at o loco! emergency shelter, during the wee ding to the 1 S Wpather Bu reau here, with driving j rams that prt ented vision for ' :nr than a 1pw ' e-f hari in before the storm Chmn. MacNeill commended the ritv on the fine clearing job done. Kmergencv crews worked aU night, right through the storm and city streets were practically cleared early this morning. The outer edge of Florida's tropical hurricane which tore through the central Part of the State !at mght and p.iriv todavlsiayn sacs am its damage m South Brevard "" "M . Count v although no injuries have been reported and propert Qvis-et -' ui i iiamage was comparati-. el , .... , , I astUM Bwi s S... 'i "f . im r t ss is os-". a. t , , .... Wv. ,M IU 1 C4I .- T H444 1 C. eiriM WIM nut i itm . - r - T.4 Ml I Mmtu n I - L-. 54l tSS 11 M IM rut t K...T P. i s s.ts attss a " IV :s r. tSSi .JP . 1 vi-t S Trisi T-. 4 J 0 ISO t M t N 1 I Mut e a. i rui. I 4S -. SIJ I C41 t on i n.m i s ntt AN EXPRESSION Of ANXIETY PICTURED AIOVI ON M t .. 4. )M t Hurt aiioit tiSHTH as.es t USttS sWMtlus I j , BssaM. rr I Cwane Tempest Heads For Tallahassee Gen. Bradley Attacked By Left-Winger ?t not the atom homh that frced i the Tanan to surrender but Japan's : The winds -uhsided before knowledge of the overwhelming a m "" ih rains have not strength of the I'SSR (Russia Moscow i.Jf) Prof. J. D. Bernal British physicist, told the Soviet Conference of Peace i-eI. o a o went to war against Japan a few KI.KITKIC PttWKR WKT vs before the surrender, aft-! out in this city shortly after mid- the atom bombs wore drop-! ngtt but in most areas it was rt Kaf.ir aieihf tr t, , ,-irHinit vii itiui c mziajtrit m tit, at. tjii t k to Hortda Power and l.lght Corp. officials. Minister i I S. Highway 1 has been de- i-n t CB i.4 1 S'Ker CssOs rtr rerl s l la s Osw slsasint I T Turn tnsssis si-is S 144..1 J... iini.ii r4 t sn S w;s iiwu '-" iis t 4 tl MS 1S 1 in 4IMYM , S ISOi St U 1 Tslwtaese nmm Itimri 0tir l totmr aw tMvkm 1 i 4. Mscrm " Kaet On tmi. t H 44.1 X..4f ped on Hiroshima an! Bernal haileil Prime Nagasa- iiiiiiiiiii iiii I ill"' 1 m CoBtloued friim Page 1 Ponents tndaThr Ce.T Su!i " W , rtared officially closed between Proponent tnda that Gen . . . .. Melbourne and Sebastian. IS Hospital Notes Orange Memorial Hospital ,4mslwloaa Mrs Clara U Allenard. St. Cloud. Cabell Durer Winter Park Thomas S Kline, MT F. lake Como 'r , Orlando. William R. voss. Winter liar- 1 ! CM ) ate kwu s OlsOs Ana 4 Ktran Wal4t 1 H.m Msihii 5 tj44P. Sa taHiairioss m 1 lasai nasi t Mils is won by the funeril director whose impartial terrice meets the netdt of all amOies. f Al R CHILD Ollla c aOtiJ w.-catna. itsot aofaot eowtu , .,;,. sa. SI is ;km r Stlnn St Omar X. Bradlev ooenlv de defender of peace and science rlares Ameriians are planning and was heartily applauded. The attack on Gen Bradley tpredd also In Berlin's Soviet-'ontroiled pres and m arica-1 urcs postefl in the Orman city overnight. He was pictured there as a warmonger. (Postcard-size taricatures were plastered In the Western sectors of Berlin, showing Brart- p- rvnspd 'annipnn-.f v!i urtth Florida the rest of the day. ' put almost exclusively to use in hand in tunic viewing "an array of bombs labelled Kngland, France. Germany and other Western KuFopean countries. ered on the East Coast south of to bomb Rimian cities. Such Melbourne and around lake a'k. Bernal added, is disgusting. Okeeehc-bee. Southeast storm Bernal was among several warnings went up from Mel- British left wingers who were bourne lo St. Augustine. j denied visas bv the American The Weather Bureau advised j State Department when they caution against hurricane winds ! sought to attend a Communist in the Apalachee Bay area and , led peace conference in New said heavy gales would continue j York last Spring. over the remainder of northern Bernal said science is beintr - . i . i ,j i . .. .. r Hurricane warnings are now m t,n imrfer canita. up east of Carra belle to Cedar sim jn the Western countries. keys, with storm warnings elsewhere from Fort Myers to Panama City on the West Coast PEE GEE DDT SUIT 4H, aIMT. MILLS IN- iters oh contact euaasN TCIB. OAOta 4OW SB-OSS CHAMIERUN I G0K3RTH axoatc 2 (in EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD the ease and convenience of ordering Sentinel-Star Want Ads. Simply Dial your ad to W411 and say "Charge It" gfj HOLLO WAY THI OSSLV aflNSOICB LOCK aSMUFSCTUB in essrrsuu. ruaie BLOCKS BY aOIXOWAY ARE agraroRCED at the ceh- TES TO W1TH5TX0 ADDED strtss ajtd rmAm. rwt COST NO MORE THAU ORDI-StAlY BUKKS faXAMA AVE., witfTta iMW HON I: OgLANDO J 5 7 94 t W'NTU PAtK 4 5151 r-c ou .s aaacsev wstck. mm tt a. ckMa iswiiiMisaaTp- n. W-1 any SUM, Jr. He contended a group he called Anglo-American imperialists Is planning mass destruction of millions of peaceful people, ooo THE PROP K ft OR COX-tended it was not ma.-. bombing of cities that won the war, but rather heroic efforts of the Soviet army. And. he said, it was Temperatures of 150 to ISO degrees have been taken in the sun along the coast of the Persian Gulf in southern Iran, but these are unofficial record since official records must he taken in sheltered and ventilated locations. miles to the south, herai!1- of wash outs according to the Florida Highway PatroL Some I V) telephone lines hase been reported out in Melbourne i and another nut of use in Cooa. In addition, all toll lines , south of Melbourne to Vero Beach are out as well as all ; toll lines from Fort Pierce' south along the coast. Col. Harold Turner, deputy j commander for Army at the Joint Long Range Proving Ground re-1 ported that there had been "ap- preciahie datnage'' at the base j but he had no specific report as : yet, Maj. Ernest M. Brown air ; installations officer, had taken i a crew to the base area for an ! inspection. - 0 HOUT Mi I h t U'.l I RE- suits of the storm are leaves, i moss and branches from trees llias-hargaa Mrs PatritUl Andrews Mrs Sybil Bvrd. llenrv Burnsed. Ralph Cooper .lame O Dean. James Grant Mrs Mabel llearn Mrs LaVaughn Moffett Tenna Ann Powers. Raymond Reynold Claude Roosevelt. Mrs. Jane Roland James Savage. Mrs. Jnhntiie S'ile. Mr Ellen Stewart. Mrs Rosemarv Stmer. Thomas Stuart. Joseph Vintng Mrs K-telle Wair, Irette West Eugenia Wright. PONTIAG PRICES ! n- , Orl4aa ItlVlRS - ROMTIAC W. ilall 4-aa III il iMIIIII MIIW ' ' A ' asskaaasssaaat" JsaaRaaaaBalRl .;4wp " ' ' " . tSKSi ' WijysB" JaTSPS lfflgB. atsSEfc mjti-' ' '" I'W'"- '"-mmmmHSm''' ' mmmmmWFmmm'm, SjLmjp " -i, tm wffirffiJft mJmWmmmmmWmiL I sssSHstaaal 1 -- -- HaSnHK ' -" Wr-SRs ',- S which have littered the street. In two or three case, entire trees were blown over by the strong gusts- Adequate storm warnings In-; dured peop' to Uke rlown awnings and hanging signs, and fas- ten down movable objects which resulted In little or no damage along this line The local Red Crw chapter Is still on active duty handling shelters at school-houses and remaining prepared tor any emer-gency. 1 Fringe Of Storm Felt Here tCaalinued fnim Page 1) hv falling trees huf rltv .m, ployes were on the Job quick lv to saw up the fallen treea ,-.,) oeii the streets to traffic The Orlando Air Force R,. ieKiried this morning that hi,-ricane wind last night blew down a,nroximately 25 trees on the military reservation ami caused some damage to tar pap, T roofs on temporary hulldings well as Wowing away a fw screen doors. Col John 0. Williams, hist rommaiider, remained overnight at base headquarters where hp established a command post in mairtain the security of the h, , and to assist nearby civilian communities with emergem equipment r'.. THK tiRI.AMMi HKII CKOKM Chapter waa furnished with .'. mattresses for use of refugees and arrangements were made n. provide the Orange Memotiu IIospli.il with emergency stami by power in the event of a a er failure at the Orlando uti: tie. The oase reijorted that r. , -ivatien's were held at the m iurv hospital during the lugi-.t with none evacuated to to! The lalaiue of the patients wpm retununi to their units nc i night A MAJORITY or MKR chants decided m open theif t stores as usual today althougi they admitted that so-called j normal business day was nm expected. One large department store did not open until noon, however, because of trans per ! niton problem for both entptoxes j and shoppera I As far as can he determined all groceries and super mark, is ; are "pen on a regular srnedui Restauraits all opened up some of them even earlier thai j usual. H& I lawal dairtei made deliveries i this morning but mail of them j were about two hours behind the dailv routine. Spokeni said thev ordinarily load up amt start, on their routes about Jfc fMNf Ustf igfit- -trUyed vttsUl tJsWt I a jrv kgr Umi early morning winds and raia, Rusiness at Orlanrto banks wi i iii-nat rurtailcti lodav. ln-n K Allen, prident of Fir-l Natl mat Bank said thai hli e tahllshmeiu would he closed. There will be someone on dutv, however, to rath checks if thev are eesent itl. A report from Carl Hal!. dent of Citizens National Indicated that this bank will nnen :or emereem v ntismeas uinuaU of Huntia iMiamio saw tnat tne iw I oarttsllv ni:i t tea ihojat wh had necessary buJ- immm lo tranaact Bus service bv Orlando Transit Co will he resumed as toon as t goabead signal is given bv Orlando Public CtUltlea, No mall deliveries are made today, according to Postmaster D II. Hon i also no air mall ts being re ceived or dispatched out of Or-Undo. Otherwise, all postal windows were open this morn-Ing, closing at the regular Saturday hour of 12 oekrk noon. John Harrison, resident on the west shore of Uike Conway, re ported that a 100 foot seawall of concrete reinforced with ttee.1 was pounded to piece bv the gale winds last night, Harrison alto sahl his boat dock was washed awav. The sea wall was erected at a cost of M00. ooo RIR. Mt.R. JOHN f.AV.Kl. of the Orlando Senator an nounced at noon todav that the Senators scheduled game with l-ee-burg hetc tonight had lieen ooatpnned because or rain and wet grounds. Ganzel reported that tt Tinker Field the wind picked up the dugout and set It up on ton of the runwav leading down from the grandstand to the bleachers along the third base line. None of the light pole at the field were blown down, out light will have lo he straighten ed and sditisted. he said. Also bleacher seats were twittered nd part of the roofing on the clubhouse was hinwn off HOW'Oi 00 IT? A LOT OF fellows would like lo know how Frank Kemp got J e a n n i e LAKEFRONT DREDGf till rsst praparr? cfalrklt, aanoomli-all m iratlai aarsasarf. iralBllia la Ssnt flaac-ass. tilllM snt Saara Uaa tmrenvsmaata, WFBB DREDGING CO. I tlOi tt. Tat. 1-ltJI In Aziria. IJbla. the liter- mometer registered IW degrees Woodbum into this glost con- Sept. i;t. iwn. Bgwiiaj MOVED To 392 H. Orange Ave, Villi aor aaw ntners. BURT RUTLIDGE Oat-csf Ml N. Orsais Asa. et, l-WJI tomer ot the California State Foir in Socramento. Kemp Ult grms and says, "lt Q trade secret, boys." So, make the best of if. TRUSSES CINUIMl RlOliTIRIO Keepsake DIAMOND RINGS City Ltffftrf It Jewelry Co. Carnat at Orana ft Charafc Js tlattic StKkiats 4 ' tick Room Sutflltt I SCHMIDT'S PHARMACY I HI V M.ln - Paaas imi MINIATURE Hcseriiit Aits Hsanat Test ttim a Sonolaaa II 9. Caaac Matcalt Wf. I lltl entltief:l MOVESIMERCHANDIS! ui i n W it. ANTS? City EMPLOYES ARE. PICTURED AIOVI AT ! work cutting down o tree ifhot blocked Cloy ! Street aoHy thi morning Qfy Engcneer Pot Hemdon hod his crews olerted ond they wem on the job in o hurry when the tracts began to fall The men are Robert Howord (IfftJ and Fronk Woshbum. UM "CHALK LINE DOT (BAY ON" NATIONAL KOOUCTI 00. oeuusec. eta. mmm K 4 KISSAM CONCRtTI (LOCKS ARI ro withstano wiar and WIATHIR. FRORIR TWTURI TO OlVt IYI ANhUL Sub Rescue Is Hailed Haramerfest, Norway W The rescue of 84 men from the explosion-ridden U.S. submarine, (,'iK'hino ww hailed by veteran Norwegian sailors today at a masterful feat of seamanship. Most of the 3,000 citizens of this north cajie town, seafarers among them, turned nut In rain and wind to welcome the survivors and the men of the submarine Tusk, who saved them from death when the Cochlno went down yesterday In rough Arctic teat. Seven men were lost. These were a civilian technician aboard the Cochlno and tlx or the Tusk's complement, Norwegian sailors know the power of those winds and waters. They praised t'mdr. Robert L. R. Worthlngton of Oakimmi. Pa., skipper of the Tusk, for hit tkili in maneueung ihat craft along side when a second blast anoaro the t'ochmo made it evident she was doomed. Thev talked too of the handling oi the rubber (mats, dispatched one by one (rum the Tusk in the heavy seat and darkness with medical supplies at the first sign of IM Cochlno'a distress. " 0 6 - IIKHNTK THK DAMiER OP buckled plates. Informed source said worthlngion moved in close enough for the Cochlno'a men to tump to the Tusk's narrow deck Minutes later, the Cochlno went down. Co, Kai Rasmussen, C S. military attache in Norway, said the two explosions on the to-chino occurred H minutes apart. Thev were believed to be In the battery room. The two submarines, tOfttJaeY with the Torn and Corsair, were on rold waier training maneuvers off Norway, and American ally under the North Atlantic Pact The Cochlno was one of the I'mtPil Stales' newest stiper-tuhmarmet. She was equipped with the snorkel breathing device which -enabled her to stay under water for long periods The Tusk t tlx men who were lost were washed from a rubber boat Crash RrusseU, Relgium -- The Belgian Sabena Air Line announced f!e persons were kllf ed todav in t forced landing of one of its planes near IopoW ville, Belgian Congo. Three crewmen and two passengers lost their lives All were Belgians. The other U passengers and a native steward were luted at injured or slightly Injured. Tne plane was on a regular it net ween r.iizarwinvuie. in ith of the Belgian Congo, lllraa IEEEEEEEE P 44 Wtlaf ajfSr''' mmwWm ' ' ttMMmmV mm. , v-.!asEgaaBBEgatsSaBBtT lj ' $ --j ! '', ' ' .iflr"sw?.sffW4skwRs Ijgg'riEEiaBEvVasta aM(CtBMtjREattE -?--!Bsc5ttWa lLl" Jjg ,1" - - vV'r 4 -:: Pag 3 ORLANDO EVENING STAR Telephone: 3-4411 Saturday, August 27, 1949. Hope Fades For Boy McGregor, Minn. W) Hopes faded last night for migg Ing three-year-old Larry Colt man. National guardsmen and vi: lunteers slogged through mire and muck along the drained creek bed no;ir where the hoy disappeared but failed to find any trace of him. Meanwhile, 100 of tha 125 guardsmen were ordered to re turn nome. t ne oraer was issued after Col. Harlan Bynell, assistant adjutant general, informed the governor there appeawd little need for keeping the full detachment on duty. Searchers concentrated their efforts yesterday on the creek bed running through he farm of Larry's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Coleman. Dogs used in the hunt led the searchers to the creek bed after picking up the boy's trail near where hi disappeared last Saturday. Grabbing: Claimed Belgrade, Yugoslavia IJP) Yugoslavs charged today that Romania and other Cominform states are designing to carve up this country and annex parts of . It to their own territory. The charges were aired in the newspaper Borba, Communist mouthpiece of Premier Marshal Tito's government. It said Romania is trying to grab the rich wheat and corn district of Banat. Vatican Attacked Moscow () A dignitary of the Russian Orthodox Church sayg Pope Pius XII is "anti-Christian," "the agent of American imperialism." and "an ardent enemy of the U.S.S.R" Metropolitan Nikolai told Russia's all-union conference of y peace proponents yesterday that the Vatican's "true face was shown in the "unchristian" de- $ cree excommunicating Commu- i rusts. Visitors Received Belgrade. Yugoslavia (JP) The Yugoslav press reported today that Premier Marshal Tito granted an interview to a group of five American educators and clergymen studing con ditions in Eastern Europe. Tha press described them as members of the Progressive Party of Henry A. Wallace. tne sen WATCH n Dinner Date? Dial WH0O-Monday Night HERE IS A SCENE MADE EARLY THIS MORNING AT THE wf,r. UD bv .u. Red Cr0 D(SQSter Committee under the Leg.on Holl where mora Ihon 200 rtorrn refugees spent the , . . vieChairniMi Harold Cond.et. Hiah oraise was mght wh le the winds howled outside. I he disaster shelters j .- forthcoming for the fine work done by the Red Cross workers during the alert period. POCKETBOOK VITAMINS is another name for Sentinel-Star Want Ads. They strengthen weakened finances. Dial 34411. Lessons Pay Off Kuutown. Pa A moth- mWmmVim mmtit mm im w applMng artificial resplrsilon tha learned In campfire girls and Red Croat courses. Charles Esser. 15 month-old son of Mr, and Mrs Jacob Ester, had of hit parents' home yesterday. Mrs. Ester who had not seen the bov for 10 minutes, found him unconscious floating face down in small pond near the bouse. She dragged him from the water and began emergence first aid while her husband summoned a doctor The child revived 10 minutes later and was taken to a hospital In nearby Reading mm I ksk I 11 U Ief tlitting Off Youth for Christ meeting. heduled to be held today at SO pm at the First Bspilsi Church, has been cancelled due to uncertain weather conditions. Tllf l all parpota hautrhalil rlrsnirr ao at vnui srewft SLICK An 8 ot, bottle 39c On hoola rspfnl In tat dithpin teas all vnnr cUtnwaihliii. PttMOSTgSTION 4T O. W. At STtNt I a ltr STOKR AU. DAY SATt HDAT UP IN A Jlfft NO NAILS NO TOOtS NO I0AS0S COSTLY STORM DAMAGE TO PUT! OLAIS STOItl R0NT. UsiaW )( teattcH atatt Mft lallat "i wrttltt ptauurH. reset I FledaVs want Ktrrietstt. Ptvajahll fans-lech eM, Mdise stf Itaa brack.!. Me 24 Iht fcrttlst. eett. sura, istrfy t'Hsrtltai let Haft front, tnt nitiur, wMavt. II suti lARmCAOt TMI SCIfNTIPIC WAY. ONLY r SO MR IIT OF THRU Tktr Itsl lar iters. 0s sat pratacN vt It atetra fttt a . WINTFR tAMt Thomas Lumber It SUB(M J 784 N. Qrt,r.,e Tel. Ill You're Invited Ts tsa Hi Mld-tast Capitrae-i Cemtn's Modal Hom at CtKM laMcli Otn I to S Dailv and Suadar . . . Tha titrituliints at this hama were camplttaly desifnad kr Ur Ralth, csur Ham Beteroling Caetviltint and mtnulteturad ay es, Wt'rt Pnui tf tor Rats lilt Nand Crafted Furniture l it net erdinanr lucnitHre it it mada Mtetiallv fsr ytu to blend with ytmr Buildft tnd dtcerttisf plan. tea its for cornels home lum-hhlnat. ROSS MATTRESS ftManufacturingGo. 11M W, Churth V. Ph.2-mi "Yr Comfort ft Out Conwtl,' Ai nvs A ict Cat Hit Washington JF Cen eral Omar Bradley yesterday as sailed as raise economy an attempt to chop out of the arms aid program funds to boost Western Europe's munitions output I lie administration proiioses to spend $155 million on this. Hradlev was reported to nae lestified that the money would retool existing planus and enable them to provide s.mi million worth of armaments. The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff appeared before the Senale Committees on Foreign Relations and Armed Serv ices to oppose an amendment bv Sens. Vandenberg ID-Mich 1 and Dulles IRNY). OOP leaders proposed to rut $10.!WXW off arms aid including U55 million Item to encourage European munitions manufacture. Envoy Leaves Southampton. Eng. (aPI V. 8 Ambassador lwls Douglas left on the Queen Elirabeth todav to take part In V. S.-Rrit-ish dollar talks in Washington Sept, 7. He was accompanied by Hen-rv E. Stebbins, first secretary of the embassy. Meanwhile,1 Mrs Douglas will i flv lo Frankfurt Monday to vis it her sister, Mrs ,lohn J, Mc-Cloy, wife of the tt, S. High Commissioner to Germany. Miss Sherman Douglas will join her moihor there next weekend. By MICH.4KI, Hell hath no furv like a arucat-i er Khorn!" I thought when 1 heard the newt. Randolph Mao-; dell, onetime card sharp, had died In an asylum in Hawaii, driven insane by the fantastic re venge of a cheated man. Phy- i slcally, said the doctors, Mandell ! was a healthy specimen, nut he i labored under the delusion hfe! suffered from an incurable di-l sease. The story of how Roger i F'orbes planted that thought in ! Mandell s mind is a psychology- cal classic. In the States, Mandell had pulled one swindle too many, ! and the law was hot on his trail. Hp flpd to the islands seeking freedom and finding death. To the canister, Honolulu's a ( heater's paradise. Inland planta tion owners, come to the city to tell their produce, w ere easy victims All were lookitip for excitement, all liked a bout with the pasteboards Sucii a one was Roger Forbes. Mandell met the planter at the hotel bar. scented easy money, and suggested a game of draw. Forbes; was more MacllOrC than willing Several profession al shllls, introduced as local business men. were pressed Into service, and the game began. - .fgf- ..4t -djf i IX AS HOI R OR SO THK planter had dropped all his casn. and S 1.000 in I.O.U.'s At last lie quit, not because he knew he was being cheated, hut because he had lost more than he could afford. "I'll see my banker tomorrow and pet enough to cover those note? Is that all right with you?" Mandell. who of course was the big winner, nodded agreement. Hp accompanied Fotbos hack to tho hotel, bought him a good night drink, said lie was ,il-vvavs available for a return engagement. They parted friends. It was the hanker who told Forbes the truth. "You've been taken for a sucker." he said. "Mandell Is a notorious cheat; hi? friends are paid confederate. If I were you. I'd refuse to honor those notes" "No," aid Forbes. "A debt is a debt, I'll pay. and I'D coi'ect." 6 0 0 0 0 0 Russia Charged Athens iff) A Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman said today about '17.000 Greeks were removed by Russia recently from the Caucasus to Siberia and are held under appalling conditions Hp i-lim-eod also that thev war ...till i .1 i, t 1,, I C") 1. '-Irttl- Jliliu I niii un'ii"i, v,'iii iij- tlon for properties thev left behind. PONTIAC NtW PRtCIS Causa ... r hj . , m' , , mhh, , 'niiu,. Oaar taaan 4 ator . i .. OativsraB In Oisanaa STIVIRS RONTIAC U W. Calanlal OtlanOa 75c BRAKES ADJUSTED AND INSPECTED Any Malts Car or Rick Up Truck ACME AUTO SERVICE Cttait liMitm Trail at Charch V I GRADE "A" HJTVT JLW 1 mm w PASTEURIZED atActtJLl & mm j . Aiu'.JM w a & mum: i m mm ma, uvmmm iwa5"' it mmS ' ' J$$&&rK$iir' m& m W M lit r Wj6L, m 'mm- 1 tataiT k I sirrs sitae HSU iciisTtrv.'stAm svNOicATt sr. . ir"W.-'- KSejviJM- HE DREW HER TO HIM, HER lASSrOHATl.Y. He took the cash and left he sought mrt Mandell. -My banker tells me I n drawn, he told the cheat. "How ever, I always keep some cash at the plantation for emergencies. Would you mind driving out with me today? I'll put you up overnight and drive you back in the morning.'' Mandell objected faintly, said he was willing to wait for the money, but Forbe; insisted and finally the card cheat gave in. it was iae afternoon car turned TiHJlifc-erracl into a curving driveway. In the distance a gleaming white mansion reflected the rays of the huge blood-red sun. "Never," thought Mandell, "have I seen such a beautiful house." Then he caught sight of the lone figure waving hello "And never," he thought, "have I seen such a hrautu'ul woman." The car came to a stop, the vision in white came running out, and Forbes introduced her. 1 'This Is Astar. rav wife. ind this gentleman, my dear, is Randolph Mandell, our guest for tonight." OOO OXE THIXt; PUZZLED MAX- dell the lack of servants. Forbes himself carried in the bags, and showed tb.2 cardman to his room. The evening meal was cooked and served bv Astar. As far aa the visitor could see, no one else was in the house. The worker's quarters, he knew, were far away, concealed from view. Mysterious, he decided, but no concern of his. Evidently Forbes and the entrancing Astar wanted privacy. Dinner over, Forbes left t o give Instructions to his overseer. Alone with Astar, Mandell tried to establish friendly relations. She was a gracious Iks' ess, but reserved, and she ignored his subtle advances. When the host returned he pleaded weariness, suesested they retire earlv, Mandell went to lied, hut not to sleep, He was tortured by thoughts of Astar, J Suddenly he jerked upright Someone was fumb'.ing with the j window fastenings. He arose j tiptoed over and parted the curtains. On the veranda, he saw, : clad in a fumy negligee, raven-black hair streaming over ter shoulders, Astar. OOO MANDELL OPENED THE window, stepped outside. Ther'; was no need for conversation. He drew her to him. kissed her passionately. A cheat in all things. Mandell felt no pangs of conscience. U was past mid night before he crept back to bed. too tired to sleep. He tossed In fitful slumber till dawn. At breakfast. Astar was aloof as ever. Twice, when Forbes was momentarily absent Mandell referred to the night before. Rut Astar shook her head in bewilderment, seeming not to understand. Strange, thought Mandell Perhaps he had Imagined the whole thing. Or perhaps it had been another woman. Came ilane to leave. Mandel'. had been paid, the car was readv Through the open door ay he saw- Astar can-vine a j tray of food upstairs. Curious. rcroe. i uiuu. Then know anyone was living with vans " tua aaM ijuutlMur , ... Then Forbes spoke the words which were to poison Mandell s mind, eventually rob hint of his sanity, send him first to an asy lum, then to an early grave. "The breakfast Is for As tar's twin sister," he said. "We keep her isolated in an upstairs room You see, she's a leper." Coalition Claimed Shanghai iFi Announce ment of a coalition government which will be the permanent vernment of Communist Chi- naNhas been set for Oct. I, it was reported today. The report came from a local source which appeared reliable. It could not. be confirmed through any official source here, however. BUY B. P. S. PAINTS FROM WILSON LEONARD HARDWARE 316 S. Orangi Bios. T, Ph. 14117 RENT A TRUCK iTtrytklna hsratrstis-t aSt 8. bsi, star er wtsfc. HERTZ DRIVURSILF OTTtM lit. 375 N. Orastaa pfc, 2-4064 DYN-O-CIDE HOiSSf MOLD 4 LAWNS RoachM Antt, ftto-MoJi Oickrta. Army Worm antf Chinch lust NATIONAL PRODUCTS CO. ORLANDO, tUt, Permonenf-Ecommicof LAWN SPRINKLING SYSTEMS rati suevev a nT'sMTt tar Camatata Installatiens EASY PAYMENTS mm I MAI 3-4411 ha turned to 6?o to S on DIVIDEND - PAYING STOCK Rtprantia( latest mant la Georgia Power Gulf Power Alabama Power Mississippi Power 0II Saaiestd, profitahlt Pewtt System Inttgrated and lnttr-en-naetad, Sarvlnf 5, 000,000 topa-lation In 94 000 a mit of moit rapidly dtvalapinf Industrlol-AtTl-turhiwl traa in U.S. 1949 Itrn- iaat tara Jutyl 70 ukmn XHf, foilv incraoia in j.--jtnd aipacttd 1 1. yialrf 7 t 1 Sstliet "' Sll. Ak daraila. Allen & Co. INVESTMENTS SIJ Metealf RMff, TX WTTt Flnatt troinino obtainable for foo-flioht secretarial and steno graphic positions Special intensive instruction -tor thost who wlsn "brush up counts. Nat all Sccnatcrial Schools hovt adopttd tht vry latent in shorrnaeaj Tim "New" Gran System. Sal-Mass at bints) up esursat in, ceuntinf, Day and Evening Ctot-sas availabU. Call or srtita ft frat IMastTOttd printed matter, FLORIDA Mid-State School oi Commerce IMH W. CINTRAL AVd Vpatslrs H. 1.SU1 ltd Trptsi a

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