The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 11,J94« BLYTHEVI1.I.K (AUK.) COURIER Selling of Many Homes Predicted Lots of Houtti Bought in Rental Shortage Is Seen WASHINGTON, May 11 (UP)-1 f" Af \ s l»kesm all sald yesterday that when economic condition' change, many wage earners will have to sell homo, which the short- to buy re " tal l>TOPerty f ° rCed tllcm Boris Shishkln, secretary of the A*l, s Housing Commiltee. told the House Banking Committee there is pressing need for more rental lions'"?• H « f al <» too many houses are being- built for sale, a situation he described as "ominous." Too many people are buying these these houses, he aid, because they c?.nl find apartments and homes to rent. And when economic condt- MOPS change, he said, they will JM|be able to keep them. ^lie committee is starting its second week of hearings on [lie One Reason Housing Costs So Much Shlshkin endorsed the measure Earlier, Sen. Ralph E. Flanders, H., Vt., accused (he House of attempting to cripple the measure. According to Plander.s an dottier backers of the T-E-w bill, the house U lifting out-and passing separately— certain sections that are pleasing to the real estate interests Thi s technique weakeas the bill, they said, and may result In the death of its controversial nub- Iic housing provision. Program Offered To Lower Cost of House Materials One of thi Middle West's lare&t lumber dealers, seeking mean/ or reducing home construction cos is fias announced a program designed to save ao per cent of the cost of millwork in .a new house The program entails standardiza- *y™ Sile v- and "»"«"» of doors, JBIows, kitchen cabinets, fire- TPVes, trim, storm »ash, screens and combination doors. An ofticia! of the company declares that had such H pig,, been In effect for all the dwellings for which permits were issued in Chicago hut year Hie savings would have amounted " items are shown on the chart. Interior Color Affects Family's Mood; Sets One Home Apart from Another ve to 12,000,000. He explains 1 that and can use color lo make .small rooms appear larger and large rooms smaller. Will, (he trend toward less duller and less crowded furniture arrangement, color enables you to (III your rooms lo avoid a barren sparsely-furnished appearance Subtle oft-shndes. rather than pure primary red, blue and yellow are most satisfying, s ay interior designers. Will, the growing US e of lighl-colorcd woods and fabrics in furniture, darker wall tones are loc '° br ' ng Iu rnlture Inlo Combination* like these have been successfully ,, se d wllh blond wooa furnishings: burnt orange or dark gray wilh white Irinr kclly green wilh matching trim on walls 1 _ V ^ y _ sel °" wittl almost any j arliricial°light. furniture \s dark mahogany or^aS medium greens or deeper shades of blue provide an effective seltlne Oiange-yellow, chartreuse or a rich beige also combine well wilh hcavv furniture. Highly-figured wallpaper* oi: one wall arc often used lo accent a room's furnishings. A bright ye low should not be used So a bold-colored chair. r n the other hand, the yellow will pleasantl. ac cent, a green chair. Before deciding on your wall color scheme, get from your paint or wallpaper dealer generous swalches at least Iwo feet square, of Ihe color., and patlcrns you think you want. Hold these swatches against each of the f 0 , lr walls behind the furniture you expecl to place there to determine which color U " d " deral Agency, Public I _ . . gency, » Buildings Administration. Office the Div . ce of the Division Engineer, 550 Post Of- '' 5, 1948. are mass produced. . reportl lively short time. Many of the other buildi customarily used in homey me processed by modern mas., f,ro- duction methods which ehminace economic waste. Hardwood floo"' ing, for example, is manufactured hi specinc widths and thickness™ ?£"* are standardized the industry. While sufficient variety i, permitted to suit different r h ;rirv h Y an ' !e is «•«;, in the limits which make its ura . duetKm conducive to large volume »-*-« i &u a\j lint, UILICC 7fi -i nJo i j L for furnishing the" materials'" an'a performing the work for hilerior and exterior painting aIKl niiscellnne- |ous repairs al the U. s P o Pie gotl, Arkansas in strict accordance with the specifications dated PB- general conditions 1942 and addendum May 15, 1944. Specifications "Tnd" other data may be liad at the office of the custodian of the building the office nt the division engineer Irving D. Porter, division engineer' 5JIO-J1-18 Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time f xed by l aw apply to the Commis- :;r.'. — •*- I s '°,' ler of Revenues of the State ol itil 3 p.m., May Arkansas 'or » permit to sell beer ihiii-u, opened, I at retail at 424 W. Ash, Blytheville Mississippi Couvjly. The undersigned states (hat he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has liever been convicled of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license t osell beer by the , , raw , any) mentioned therein- and h* n ° Cense l O6e " **'* ^ the dated s™t If \ m «f™« ntd "«» "een revoked with- m Iherelo^l/ri f r Ve - yeBr5 ' B3t past: ttnd "^ the cla Is suld children gain weight faster hi autumn and winter, and height chiefly In spring and early summer. Head Courier Newa Want Ads undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of tills state, or any other state, relating N. S. ROSSI E Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10 day of May, 1948. Ellzabelh Mason, (SEAL>- Notary Public. My Commission expires 4-28-50. Head Courier News Want Ads. Blylheville Resident Saves $98.39 On Insulating and Weathersfripping 'An ouUMown salesman selling insulalion and weatherstrip called re- • cwilly .1 (he home of a BlylheviHe cifizen and qmLed $30<) for insula(in(r • the .(tie ,nrl wwlhentrippln, (he windows and duors. This c iti«n wa. wise enough („ get , figure from , home dea]er He ^^ ^ ^ ^^ MAN FROM THE LUMBER YARD" gave him an estate of $220.50 but toW him it wouldn't run quite (hal much on a ma.erial and labor basis. M'. *«. given (he job. II was don€ wifh lhe best of ^^.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ <>*« workm.HUk« manner by horn, town labor *nd (he total bill wa. f20«.U. It was fin«nced by a local finance company ,( , U .97 per month. DIAL 551 for "The Mqn From th. Lumb.r Yord" Save all you can and let's keep the money in Blytheyille As Long As We Can E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. School Room Of Tomorrow Is Exhibited A preview o( U,e "school room of tomorrow" was » feature of tile re...l 00 ' Lighting Institute ^ui" E™ nlbll, the first of 11., kind ever held In the united Stales and which wns conceived by Dr. ixxils J. Colnian Director of the Prevention of S' fhe e B..nd Vkl °"' M< "' Wa OOUIW " The conference was bold »t Mir . or Lake Junior H| K h School, one mlf of which has been remodeled o show the contrast between prop•i and Improper classroom envlroii- iicnt l n K cooperative effort hy Members of all si, Pclersbui-R mi. on crafts and merchants and nmti- ilnclurers who doimled siipplics for .he demonslratlon. in the twelve rooms renovated, ShllriB, color energy and venUlft- loii were all given proper consld- iiatlon. The entire West wall of one •ooiii VV ns removed and replnced with prismatic Ughl-dlrcctlng K l ns ., blocks especially designed for school jse by research engineers of nn- lonally known glass nwnufncliu-lng ^orporalions. The prism,, in these blocks ab- Flooring Out-put Hits New High in 3-Months Period CHICAGO, May 11. _ Olllmit of hardwood lining | U lhe ,^",° * of ';?"" *'"»»««' «na ,, B r- iw or ]»« reached mi urnncco- denled tol,,l or 180.800.000 taml H w 11*"* lt ' l>ortt '' 1 '"'"'i' ">' "»' -y aVoTif'T™ 1 '' 0 ' 0 ' »'« NMIoii- ^°ation. 100tl " B Ml ''»"»tu» M . As™* rt0 "" ni1 '»' ml| l» In ill* Southern and Antialiichlnn regions, which Ply"™ 1 " >0 ? 1 Cf l " e »«ltoii'*«rp. DJy, WIM rni Increase of 50 ix-r co it over production In the mil liiree months or J9J7. Cir/ Killt S»lf SWEfrnVA-llSR, Tenn., May lt tyi') - S«venteen.)-ear-old Ixils Moore, rotniL-r drug store employit was dead lodny Ironi »liol8un board feet In the <iurirlcr soil! ti soi! in. sironft simllHlil from |he exertor ,cncclln B H .wta/i '™_ me set of prisms otl „,„ |,, (l!| . lo| . I. liri'S' H ", l "" 1 " lc cl "-«™°»> » w n I'l "° 01 "'" vvllh <">yll«til III neither B | nic „„, ,, lc ^^ heat encountered with onllmirv Llnn^ 0 !! 1 !,,*' 1 " 10 *' 81 Sl)ccinl «•'"""•on facilities mid „ v i.,| on sm|1 , u incor in the conslructL. Jusl ended wus slightly higher than Die iill-llme |x>«k reached In the "mil qunrler o( last year In the week ended January 10 the Industry established u new weekly production recent by turning out is,«M,ooo \Vllllt>s sam tiut with coiiUnued favorable weather, labor conditions nml umber supply. l|, e Industry «lu«il<( IK nble to produce nufnclenl mrdwood flooring the remainder of l Us y«ir to narrow considerably Hie gup between supply mid demand. Considered almost essential n lioinu coustnicllon. hardwood MuurhiK hns been mnong the ncnrce bulldiiiK mtilci-liils for sbvcrnl ycnrt I ho ni-celiM-iiled production whicli ho nsci-ibcrt partly to Increased pliuil incHlUm, Is uxpccled lo provide nur- (a-lnnl hardwood HoorhiK lo meet residential Inilldlnt: needs In 1918. 1'olloivlriK Ihc usiinl pnllern (he Industry's output consisted inlncl- pnlly of oak Mooring, the type used most extensively for homes Also Included, however, were hard mn- ! Pic. Iwcch, birch »ml iwcan. All nre producrri hi Uolh iinnnlslied and IJi-B-ltntshcd form. that MEW HOME... This is the imporUul time . . . mH km K fin,, planSf nlllk| gure every(h| w just .« y<MI want „, es peci«)ly (he electrical work. You will wan com" CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Street Phone 2993 It's BLEMDED as Cartfull/ as a Doctor's Pnscription The World's Best House Paint! • Th« Cheapest t« U«« • Go«» Farther • Stayi Whiter • Laits Longer Call Us For a Free Esfimafe! ARKANSAS PAINT *^^ WALLPAPER COMPANY woundk which Police chief Owen »»ld were Oweu uld t W lt WJJ Complete Laundry r ^W^" 1 ^- f" »"! . J ^_ Ji. »h« Mgldoira Fully —WASHER— — with "I.ivc-Witct" tction. AH to* <lo ii put in clothn tnd HMD, i« th* <li»l, ind forget it I Filli and emp- tics iiself >utom»tic«IlT. Jn lets thw half an hour your dotht* h»v* bcm washed clean, rinsed twice and damp. lined , , , ,ome ictAj (ot ironingl 1 liai i oiiljr part of the jtoty. Von'* nave 10 Jte this revolmionarr >«w waslur yourself. th. N*w FrlghMr. IRONER It irons clotliet f« >W| Mn: ncaitr; til without lifting, btclucn*' pliysical «tai n . Tin open mdi.-ml lake slicels «nd nbleclodu i . , (wilr t Ithai inatiytonveniencefwtum, luch «j scleciive heat control, foot-tr«dl* action, iwo ironing ipeedi, roll-xoB loc picsiing and a 30-inch joHj th» N.w rrlgtdair* ELECTRIC DRYER— 'l'lii« it jiut wlut you'tt wiih«J for many limes, eibecially on winor or rimy <liy». No hetvjr clothe* to kan> out or take down. It'j automatic^ Jiisr put in cloth«, let th« (utooutic iimcr . . . and forget ic. la 15 M 25 minutes » whole watktrfiil of doth** Ijji bten fluff-dried hy circukrinr ff«li-air.action"— jendjr for iroaiaf »••£! Th... N.W AU. « Uurniry A|iHi.Mii. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. A Complelt Service l)ept. in Conntclion 2W-08 W. Main PKon« 2071 Vie .Sell «nd Krrvlrt All Typeii SmjM AppUanc* 2071 for Repairs! RADIO A PHONOGRAPH Service—BotK AM «nd FM REFRIGERATION SERVICK }loiisehold-Cammcrcial and Aid-Conditioning Gail A Electric WASHERS GASOLINE ENGINES ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY J. W. ADAMS, Mir. 206-08 West Main P»)IM M71 Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You c»n save up lo 50% on all your auto body citf repair »t llorg BODY SHOP. PAINT JOBS—W5 A Complete Hphols(ery service ... HeadRghtg ... DMT p*Mh ... Floor Mafs ... Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low overhead expens* ami har* that oM car repaired now. Any model from 19U to 1H». HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly PlMIMMM

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