The Nashville Graphic from Nashville, North Carolina on June 24, 1937 · 3
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The Nashville Graphic from Nashville, North Carolina · 3

Nashville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1937
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THURSDAY, JUNE X4, 1X27 THE GRAPHIC, NASH COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA PACEj THREE e v m a. v ft m j-bi aar -aaer a , - m l I4saer' i a 1 TODAY'S QUOTATION "For he that wrongs his friend Wrong himself more, and ever beam About a silent court of justice ra His breast, himself the judge and Jury, mad himself the prisoner at The bar, ever condemned." Tennyson. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sugg spent htst week-end in the valley of Virginia. Mrs. C. B. Ward is confined to her home on account of Malaria FeveJaar Mo last Sunday. !4 Miss Josephine Goddard, of Roe-' ley Mount, is visiting' in the home of aunt, Mrs. A A. Drake. Mrs. X L. Davenport has returned home after spending- several days in Durham visiting Mrs. S. T, .Rogers. Assistant County Agent . F. Sfcearin, who is attending strmmer school at State College, Raleigh, .spent the week-end here. Mrs. Hettie B. Ward, of aUIeigh. has arrived in Nashville to spend the summer and is making her home at the Carolina Hotel. LiHle Miss Mary Ann Bass, of the A ven ton section, is spending some time here visiting her aunt, Mrs- W. W. Ward- Mrs. M. C. Galley and daughter, Mist Rebecca, and son. Master A tie returned yesterday from AlbermarUj where they were guests of Mrs. Gul-j lvs sister, Mrs. T. C. Splude, for tea days. . Mrs. Homer Cornwell, Misses Pat and Irene Gordon and Miss Lena .Robersoa spent Sunday afternoon in Raleigh, going especially to carry Mieses Dink and Jeenetee Gordon who spent the week-end in the city. Mrs. Evelyn L. Harlow and little daughters, Mary Ellon and Dorothy, left Wednesday for Illinois where they will make visits in Chicago, Peoria, Champaign and other points, returning te Nashville about Sept- lst. Littls Edward Bass, sen ef Mas. -John Sykea, who has been eea&ned to the Park View Hospital in Rocky Meant uniting treatment for in juries sustained in a bicycle wreck: three weeks ago. has been rsmovtd te his Betas here where he is retu-pereung. Dr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Jenkins and -daughter, ef Westminister, Maryland re here en a vacation te -$r. Ian-kins psmta, Mr. : ana Mrs. jL B. .Jtnauas. Mrs. C H. Joyner has retmmejl -to her hone in Roxboro after spend- i ing a week here visiting her. mother, Mrs. W. A. Collin. J LEAGUE SPONSORS ICE CREAM SUPPER The Epworth League of . the KasJtvilSe Methodist Church ;!will : sponsor an ice cream supper wnlich will be given on the lawn of -the church at 8:00 p. m. next Monday. Home made ke cream will be served. The public is cordially invited. RECENT BRIDE HONORED Miss Rachel Griffin paid honor to Mrs. David Griffin, recent bride, at a pretty party at her home last Fridt.y evening. Six tablet' were arranged in the living room, parlor and hall for four progressions of contract with Miss Adele Downey tallying high and receiving a Yard-ley compaox. Miss Griffin presented Mrs. Griffin a pickle fork in Feirfax,, her chosen pattern, ana to Mrs. Joe Sugg and Mrs. Frank Jessup, abo recent brides, guest towels, and tc Mrs. Garland Taylor, of Virginia beach, and Mia. Carlton Combs, of Richmond, who are guests in the city, attractive sport aandkerchieff. During progressions the players were served iced fruit drinks and at conclusion individual ices and cakes. Guests for the affair were; Mrv Griffin, honoree, Mesdames William Corbitt, Joe Sugg, Frank Jessup. F. B. Cooper. Jr., C. P. Johnston, Garland Taylor. Carlton E. Combs, W. W. Ward snd Misses Vernon Batchelor, Mary Harrison Benson, Agnes Strickland, Elsie Mne Drake, Vinrinia Brida-ers. "Virginia Strick land. Marion Coppedge, Isabel RotaJ Trmipine Sills. Pat Sills. Ruby Mae Vick, Jane Castaway. Adcle Dow ney andyElenor Benson. SALIU NEWS By Lou Harper Mr ana- Mrs. Robert Morris and . children vWtod relatives near Pine- top Swaday. Xte. an4 Mrs. Joan Cockrsa ef j the ixoroe of Mr. and Mrs. W. Skinner last Sunday. Miss Lola Harper spent the post wesk-end with Miss Lucy Harpar of Rocky Mount. fir. and Mrs. Joshua Pittman of near Whitakers visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Harris last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Greene wer-. quests with Mr. and Mrs. Coley o; Mrs. J- L. Gay has returned to her heme after spending some time with Mrs. Edgar Joyner of near Zebuion. Linda Gray Greene of Rocky Mount spent last week with relatives in the cowmurJty. Miss Bessie Harper of Weidon and Mi-s Lucy Harper of Rocky Mount spent last Sunday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Harper. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reid and children spent a short while with friends in- the Philadelphia community last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Moore spent last Sunday with relatives near Tar-boro. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Fraxier and son Willie Greene of Philadelphia community stent la.-t Sunday in the home of Mrs. Anna Greene. Mr and Mre. john Skinner, Jr. of whitakers were guests of relatives ! here a short while last Sunday. Mesdaraes F. W. Doiier, G. R. Skinner and J. H. Respass spent Wednesday of last week near Zebu-Ion with relatives. e ee-e CORINTH NEWS By Virginia Joyner e eeeeeee e Miss Annie Bell Edwards of Rocky Mount and Miss Lois Winfrey spent the past week-end visiting Miss Ethel Edwards of Spring Hope. : Mrs. S. J. Winston of Washington D. C. and Miss Elsie Mat Adams of Faquay Springs spent a short while Pridav afternoon with Mrs. A. H. (jKappelL Mrs. Luther Strickland of Rocky Mount spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L W. Strickland. Among the visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Walker. Senday were Mr. and Mrs. Temmie' Lsyton Hana children, of Justice. . Mr. and Mrs. Bob Parker of Peachtree and Mr mni Mrs. John Walker of Elni Qtj. - '! j(rj. Ber.nit Joyner and children , of Louisburg spent a snort wrote Friday afternoon in the borne or Mr. and Mrs. Ed Joyner. Mr. end Mrs. J. W. Mangum and family spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jske Joyner of near Elm Grove. SANDY CROSS NEWS By Bertha E. Griffin Mrs. Frank Stokes of Middlesex came to preaching at Sandy Cross Sunday. Prayer meeting was held at Mrs. Stephen Winstead's home Sunday I SUNDAY DINNER I By ANN PACK COOKING for twe day at a Una la mil helps to ketf the kitrbea cool at ! every other day. Cookinf ui ha aan aa Satarday to ktep Sua- day aa aaa day for tha hoaatwifa toe. siac her fam lac aar laaur If tka twe dar staa does not work. aUa saaala taat aaickly cooked aaay u arapara faoda, ftataring salads aad trait If the bodct peraiita. A rood rala to kaap ia aiiad, howaver, - la aavar te sanra a steal withoat aaa hat diah. whathar it be aoop. beverage, aia diah ar dasaart. U will ktlp kaap away naau indi(atiea aad Uinf ,P?aaraaa baea bat littk ehaare ta the averse sricaa ef foods dnriag the aat weak. Saaaonabl foods aaaka Bp the following staaBS. Lew Cost Diaaer Cold Meat Leaf Potato Salat Pickled Beata tewed thunplmr with Shreddad KnaaoDla Tea or Cafes Milk Meaissi Cast Dasher CaaaanaM Cold Mixed Vegetable Salad M It Braad aad Batter Baaaaa Ice Craaat hjeerCeCee Tory Special Dinner Prait Cap Celery OHvea r Baaed Haat CeadieaTs Roi-a i fsafis.V"l night ) Mrs. Hubert GrjfKn went op to j Mr. Younts and took his tv o daughters, Ruth and Tbalma back to ! preaching at Sandy Crosi Sunday. The Epworth League of Sandy Cross Ohurrh net SiiTiday night n) j planned a weinnie roast ior Friday i r.ight. Our poster. Rev. C. B Peacok is hMpir.g hoid a revival meeting at lArarreT!ton. There w?s some hail Gross last Friday, bat, i! any danmge. at Sandy iid not do UNIQUE PROGRAM AT LOU1SBURG , i 6 . igue program of higher education in North Carolina ly i:ch it hopes to serve in a more traetical and comprehensive manner the your.? men aad the young woroen of the state. Recognirinit that the sinail college nust se.-ve in a specific and prac- , ?' , IZ CZ t v. 'that thy muA invst southing in veloped one of the best, f not the;the way of fitlans. very best industrial arts programs . 3 m mentInus; in the State. It m also expands fuU its courses m Agncu!ture and Home .R ta operltjon o cxonoimcs, aoo pw- gram this summer it is ouuaing dairy farm, poultry farm and a swine I arm. By these res U not only hopes to give student work to enable them to complete theu- coUege courses but the CoUege also hopes through such a type of program to better equip and prepare the students wno come to it for guidance and preparation for life. Already developed is a self-help program, closely medelled after thi Berea College, Kentucky plan, whereby every needy and worthy student who desires work to help him through college may get it. CIRCLE DAMES WIN BALLGAME (Continued from page one) of the game. Mrs. Delp, Ruby Coo per and Ester Edwards, aith three for five each, also led in the hitting attack. Virnia Strickland Len Roberson and Minnie Lee Bridgers featured in the game for the Las sies. Roberson hit four times for five times at bat. BOX SCORE DAMES Warren, c Bunting, as Vaughan, lb Delp. p Cooper, Sb Scott, Sb Johnston, sf Green, If Edwards, cf Baker, rf A3 4 5 R 2 H 0 S 3 S s 0 1 0 s 3 0 0 I 1 I 42 19 20 6 . i 0 2! 'I 2 LASSIES" Strickland, -e S t 4 2 S 2 0 0 0 0 ft . 2 4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 0 0 0 2 Griffin,' lb Roberson, p f... Bridgers, M. Bridtrers, Gordon, rf Sills, ss Batchelor, sf Thorne, cf Drake, If Taylor Fletcher 0 0 56 13 22 TOBACCO BOARD BEGINS ANNUAL RADIO PROGRAM Rocky Mount, N. C, June 25, Announcement was mode today by the Rocky Mount Tobacco Board of Trade that its annual radio program h.oo-.n on Mondav. June 21st over radio itation WEED (1420 kc.J. The program is on the air every day except Sunday at 1:00 p. m. heat- ures or tne program win mciuue crop reports, conditions of the markets, and other information that will be of interest to the Tobacco Farmers of Eastern Carolina. Invitations are being issued to every section of the tobacco raising bands and other artists to appear on the fifteen minute programs. Announcements of various meetings, benefits, and social functions of a non . . I.. 1. commercial nature will be gladly used over the air. A contest already announced will officially begin on Monday June '.'8 th. and close October 16th. Many valuable prizes will be awarded, and every person is invited to take part in this contest. The Rocky Mount Tobacco Mar ket in its ever desire to co-operate with farmers offers this daily program, dedicated to the interest to the farmer. It is the hope of the Mar ket that the farmers will show aa in-1 terest by using the program to their advantag. EXAMINATIONS AN-NOUNCED FOR BUREAU OF PRISONS The United States Civil Service Commission has announced open competitive examinations for the positions of chief of probation and parole service, $5,600 a year, super visor of probation, $4,600 a year, and asefattaat sepervisor of proba- tioa, fS.SM a year, la the . B areas MANN SPEAKS AT CO-OP MEET (Conitnued from page .-ne) three and one-half million dollars annually. "It is my opinion," he declared, '"that before a truly 100 per cent centralized co-operativo can be a "uccess. the agricultural leaders of the State must be of one mind and 100 per cent back of it. He said this co-operation is a realtiy in North Carolina where the two cooperatives he nianr.ges havt a combined membership of more than 25, 000. "Securing members is the smallest part of the program," he added. '"Holding them and keeping them active is the important thing. As the four foundation stones for and maintaining active mem'ber..ip rart:c:pstion, menrber..ip rarticipstion, Mr. Mann 1 listed thi following: I 1. Th co-operative must be so jorgEniied thtt it commands the 1 trust and confidence of i:s asrabers. 2- The i.erxbers and piospective nu.t be impressed with the fact that ft is their or,?anir.atio i an 3 that they aive certrj responsibilities and i th ceo-operative and co -operative and the member I must kr.W that he : ottm IKc -w ....... facts and that there are no secrets ,K i.;. , The C0H)penitive musl , edliCjltionaJ is eao ( pf ; . . . . , ,7 . . . d thnn a are still young what it will mean to co-operate with others down through life. MARRIAGE MART AT STEADY PACE (Continued from pae one) Evans; William Ray Bamhili and Mattie Gray Mitchell; Curtis O. Bacon nnd Marguerite Williams; Tom-mie Melton and Frances McNeil!; Negroes; Elijah Anderson and . Alberta Brogden, Negroes, Sam Congers and Rebecca Jane Pierce, Negroes; Arthur Briley and Mary Ar-netta Robinson; J. Henry Hunt and Margaret Cuthrell; Robert L. Parker and Mrs. Viola Harris; Hilton Farmer and Mary Newsom:. Lon- j wood Collins; Alex Shaw and Annie Mc-I Arthur, Negroes; Herman Wilkens E and Mary Anna Pinch, Negroes. 0 I This brines th total in thirtv.faur license issuances this month. MRS. LUCY PEtrCTOrt Dr. W. R. Cullom was in charge of the last rites and burial was in Pine-view Cemetery at Spring Hope. She wjt a mmhjp nf Uativp j Bantist Oiurrh mi vu a daurhtor of the late Wright Batchelor. Her husband, J. F. Proctor, died about eight years ago. Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. F. S. Rackley of near White Oak; three sons, John J. Proc- jtor, mayor of Spring Hope, Walter Proctor, Spring Hope, and Wright j Proctor, Spring Hope, Route 2. She - alsi Wth tun Kmthn Anil fntir 2-:.A. T I- X---1 :n j Route 2, Wright Batchelor, Rocky j Mount, Mrs. Jennie Battle, Rocky Mount, Mrs. Kansas Barnes, Rocky Mount, Mrs. Nan W instead, Nashville, Route 2, and Mrs. Fannie Win-stead of Nashville, R. F. D. Certain specified education and experience are required. Senior steel plate engraver (pic ture and vignette), 121.12 a day ($.96 an hour for overtime); script and letter engraver, 15.39 a day ($2.89 an hour for overtime); steel I plate engraver (picture and vig- - If" overtime,; p.ate printer (. liahed price rates) ; Bureau of En graving and Printing. Associate plant pathological in spector (plant disease control), $3,200 a year; assistant plant pathological inspector (plant disease contra!), $2,600 a year, Bureau of Etomology and Plant Quarantine. Principal experiment station administrator $5,600 a year, Office of Experiment Stations, Department of Agriculture. Full information may be obtained from the Secretary of the United States Civil Service Board of Examiners at the post office or customhouse in any city which has a post qffice of the first or second class, or from the United States Cml Service Commission, Washington, D. C. (rawiaff jf saaawwl By taking Cardul. thousands of women have found they can avoid much of the monthly suffering they used to endure. Cramping spells, nagging pains and Jangled nerve can be relieved either by Cardul or by a physician's treatment. Besides easing certain pains, Cardul aids in buUrSng P the whole yteni by helping -om-en to get more strength from tbeir food. REMINISCENCES OF THIRTY YEARS AGO Jeae 27, 1N7 Work on the new school building has been temporarily suspended on account of lack of building mater ial. The building committee has ex perienced considerable trouble in getting ferick delivered as- fast as the workmen can utilize them. Mr. G. C. Collins has leased the handsome new residence recently e-rected by J. I). Overton and will move into the same at an early date. Miss Flora Ross has been spend ing a few days in Locisburg where she viJted friends. Leon T. Vaughan sper.t Tuesday in Rocky Mount on professional usiness. Failing to make connect-ons" with the afternoon trail on its !:partui5 he jr.aie the return trip thiough the country. Jackie, the little daughter of Mr. id Mrs S. F. Austin has been quite sick for the past few days. OF TWENTY YEARS AGO Juaa M, HIT At last the air compressor which will be used in taking the water from the deep well and furnishing the supply for Nashville's water system, has arrived and is being installed this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Bridgers are receiving, congratulations upon tne arrival of a fine daughter in their nor. .e on Tuesday evening. E. S. Swindell, who for the past several years has been the profi cient and courteous prescription druggist with the Nashville Drug Company, has accepted a position in Louisburg. One of the most enjoyable enter tainments ever held in Nashville was given last Monday evening at the lo co! school for the benefit of the Red Cross. Those appearing n the pro gram were: Misses Madeline Strick land, Pauline Rouse, Sadie Jenkins, Gertrude Mason, Bertltal Odom, Ma- NOTICE Public notice is hereby given that I have applied to the Board of Coun ty Cdnunissioners of Nash county for License to operate a pool table. Thi the 23rd day of June, 1937. NERO E. BASS, 6-24-2. Red Oak, N. C. Tbllkmsaess, sour stomach, bilious in digestion, flatu lence and headache, due to ooasdpadoo. 10c and 25c at deaten SUPEIt SUDS m tmi aia soV mad specially for DISHES te leap aWi SOFT AND LOVELY eue raict Red-Super Suda (for wash ing dishes) , 3 for 25e Octagon Soap. 5 for 23c Octagon Powder, 3 for 14c Octagon Granulated, 2 for 17c Octagon Chips, 2 for 17c Octagon Toilet, 6 for 27c NASHVILLE GROCERY CO. Nashville, N. C. FOE?:- VesetSasi limit. Awn-mga, Trtta, Trtack aad Trailer Carers of Quality at Reaseefcte Pricee CaU or Write CAROLINA ATTTttNG 4 TENT UFG. CClirfANY, Rocky Mount, N. C. Estimates Ghrta Wttkeut ObUs-atiwB. Mini ofififri tie Gay. Edith Eissette, Lucie Bis-setts, Mr. A. C. Bernard, little Misv es Myrtle Carter, Elixabeth Strickland and Master Randolph Baker. OF TEN YEARS AGO Jeac 23, 1SS? Mrs. J. I. White delightfully en-; tertained members of the Friday afternoon Book Club at her home last Friday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. Progressive Rook was played with Mrs. A. A. Ross making more po;nt and receiving high r-riie and Mrs. A. R. Philips consolation. Mr. Curtis Crissmati and Family hve movei to Rocky Mourt where Mr ! Crissmcn will be ingsged in the la-' surance Business during the sun-mer months. Mr. Crissman has been prin-i eipa of the Nashville High Schooi for the fa:t two years Signer Griff.n lvs rrtarnfd from Hickory where he spent several days Work Seems Easier Aad Life Pteaaanter WIvm Yom Are Free From CoMtipeJiea The bad feelings and dull-ness often attending constipation take the joy out ot Ufe. Try a dose of Black-Draught at the first sign of constipation and see how much better It Is to check the trouble before it gets a hold on you. Black-Draught Is purely vegetable and Is so prompt and reliable. Get refreshing relief from constipation by taking partly vegetable OLACK-DnAUGIIT A OOOD LAXATTVB New la The Ttsae Te Take Ua The SLACK la Year Wsewkehe The busiest trouser stock in town ia ready for its Slack season . . . and Just wait until you see the Slacks this year . . . they'll make your last summer's finest took like last year's crop of kiasen. New shades and material! . . . new Idnka in designing' . . . linens as light as lace . . . flannels that nearly fits with freshness. Some washable ... all wiahable . . . aad in every price marking thera is that marked Rocky Mount Shoe A Clothing Co., difference. SLACKS START AT THEN ON TO THE SPORT COATS. . . ARROW SHIRTS - DOBBS HATS Reeky Mount Shoe & Clothing Co. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C SAVE! and the wolf will never howl around your door IF YOU would know the pleasure of security . . open a savings account and plan your expenditures so that you can add a substantial part of your earnings to it regularly! The wolves of want and poverty never howl around the doorstep that is guarded by a substantial Savings Account. It's easy to start . . a dollar is all you need. Why not do it tomorrow- QUARTER BEGINS JULY lat. 91 c4 INTEREST ON 2 O SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent $2.50 and Up Peoples Ban!; 6 Trust Cczp:ny NASHVILLE, N. C F. P. Sproill, PreaidentJ. A. Reagan, Vfce-President U E. Walston, Cashier. FWerei Depec with f fiends." Mr. Sorsby Gay and Miss Lucille Collins have returned from Stewart, Virginia, where they visited Miss Weese Wingate. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administrator of the estate of Mrs. C hristiana Moore, deceased, late of Nash County, North Carolina, this is to notify ail persons having claims the etate of said deceased to exhibit thera to the undersigned - Chad-bourn, North Carolina, on or before May 27, 1SSS, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. AH persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 27th day f May. 1!!?. JAMES R. MOORE. Administrator of 6-3-t Mrs. Christians Moore, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administrator of the estate of Mrs. Mary Clee Cooper, deceased, lat? ot Nash county, Xoith Carolina, this to notify ail peisti!? having claims against the estate of said deceased to present them to the undersigned at Nashville. North Carolina, on sr before the 21st day of June, 1988, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted te said estate will please make immediate settlement. This the 21ft ?ay of Jlu- "5T. LEE F. COOPER, 6-24-6t. Admin.sU-ator DR. VIRGIL H. MEWBORN Owteeaetrast Office Over Baker's Drug Store Nashville, N. C. TUESDAY. AUGUST S, ltJT Eyes Esaaniaed CUaaea Fitted. At Tartars Oftce every Saterday cheats COLDS FEVER Try, World's 665 C3

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