The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 11
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN ARKANSAS OUTDOORS _.,,¥£ Game frft* (Wfesto LITTLE BOOK—The aH hunting ieaions in Arkansas are now In full swing, and the Game and Fish Commission would like to caution hunters to be extremeAy careful during this peak period of hunting pressure when more hunt- «rs of all types will be in the woods and fields. Death fe no respecter of persona or hunting classes, and anyone who take* a gun in his hands is vulnerable. Hunting safety should be respected by everyone, whether he be deer hunter, quail hunter. Minimi hunter, or rabbit hunter. * • • MORE THAN half of the hunting accidents which occur could be prevented and their victims spared if each hunter would take that extra split second to follow the advice, "Look Before You Shoot!" In war, the soldier looks before he shoots, to be sure that his target Is a human being and an enemy. In hunting, the hunter should look before he shoots, to be sure that the object which moved in .the show or distance was legal game and not a human being in line of fire. Where a rifle or a shotgun with a slug or buckshot Is being aimed, the hunter should take particular cnre to be sure that there is either an adequate backstop behind the game, or sufficient clear area for the missile to expend its energy without strikng a person, a bulding, or the livestock of an accommodating and friendly farmer. THE ARKANSAS Game and Fish Cimniission urges aU hunters to take that fraction of a sec- ond to look before they shoot. As a hunter, it you don't look before you shoot, you may have the very unpleasant duty of Informing a friend's widow or son of a tragedy for which you are responsible. It's true that you may lose an occasional shot by pausing, but needless to say, it IE much better to lose that game than to kill a human being. This is only one of the precautions which you should take on your next hunting trip. You can't go wrong: If you remember and I) met Ice these all important TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SAFETY. 1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun. This is the cardinal rule of gun safety. 2. Carry only empty guns, taken down or with the action open, into your automobile, camp and home. 3. Always be sure that the barrel and action are clear of obstructions. 4. Always carry your gun so that you can control the direction of the muzzle, even if you stumble. 5. Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger. 6. Never point, a gun at anything you do hot want to shoot. 7. Never leave your gun unattended unless you unload, it first. 8. Never climb a tree or a fence with a loaded gun. 9. Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or the surface of water. 10. Do not mix gunpowder and alcohol. Know and practice the TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SAFETY. Let's not let this peak hunting: season in Arkansas also become a peak season, for hunting accidents. Podres Must Wait For Draft Decision BROOKLYN (AP) — Johnny Podres, the southpaw with the pain in the back who became a pain in the neck for the New York Yankees in the World Series, probably won't know for 10 days or so whether he'll be drafted. The 28-year-old lefty, who won twice for the Brooklyn Dodgers In ttw series, including the decisive seventh game, went through not one but two physical examinations yesterday. After an Army doctor and an orthopedic specialist finished their probing, however, there still was no decision on his draft status. It's probable the doctors' reports have been forwarded to the surgeon general's office in Washington for the final decision, which will be announced by Podres' Ticonderoga, N. Y., draft board. His home is WIfcherbee, N. Y. Wearing: Brace When the second examination was finished, Podres hunched his shoulders and said, "I don't know a thing more." Should Podres, who was listed as • unfit physically for military service in 1952. now be accepted, he'd have a two-year tour of service ahead. Podres was unable to touch his toes during tests yesterday. He was wearing a foot-wide harness around his middle because of a displaced disc in his back. Fights Last Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Providence, R. I. — Tonie Hall, 194 J / 2 , Chicago, outpointed Ezzard Charles, 197, Cincinnati, 10 New Orleans — Charley Cotton, 148, Toledo, Ohio, outpointed Andrew Brown. 148, New Orleans. 10 New York -*• Bobby Courchesne, 128. Holyoke, Mass.. outpointed Miguel Bei-rios, 128, Puerto Rico. 10 Bosox' Higgins Voted Manager Of Year in AL By JOE REICHLER NEW YORK (AP) — Mike (Pinky) Higgins, freshman manager of the fourth place Boston Red Sox, was voted today American League "Manager-of-The-Year" by the Associated Press, winning the award in a close race with Casey Stengel. The big, soft-spoken Texan, who more than made good his two promises — "we won't finish 42 games behind the pennant winner again" and "we won't lose 20 out of 22 to Cleveland" — nosed out the New York Yankees' pennant winning manager by four votes. Of the 99 members of the Baseball Writers' Association 01" America who participated in the AP poll, 39 voted .for Higgins and 35 for Stengel. Walter Alston, only championship, won the National Brooklyn manager to win a world League award. Marion Third Four other Aij managers re- received recognition. Marty Marion, who had the "dark horse" Chicago White Sox in contention all the way, picked up 16 votes to finish third in ihe balloting. Lou Boudreau, who surprised by piloting his Kansas City Athletics into sixth place, got four votes. The remaining four ballots were divided evenly between Bucky Syndicate Buys Richmond Club At Tax Auction RICHMOND, Va. iVP>—A six-man syndicate now owns Richmond's International League baseball club after a surprising deal in which the only big loser apparently was former owner Harry C. Seibolri. The syndicate purchased the team's triple-A franchise, equipment and player contracts for $2,000 yesterday at an auction held by the Internal Revenue Service, which had seized the club's assets. The government put the team up for sale to satisfy tax Hens totaling $79,218.68. Not only did Seibold lose his club, but he still owes the government S45, 315.97 on the tax claim. Applied to the original lien were the S20.000 auction sale price and $13.902.71 received for recent player sales. Seibold, who operated the club since Richmond received the triple- A franchise two years ago, did not show up for the sale. The syndicate is comprised of J ENJOY HENRY CLAY'S FAVORED WHISKEY! The. greatest name in bourbon—historic favorite of famous men-now in a lighter, lower- priced 86 Proof bottling as a companion'to the world-renowned 100 Proof Bottled in Bond! NOW-TWO GREAT BOTTLINGSt aePROOF BOTTLED IN BOND 100 PROOF Kentucky Straight Bombon Whiskey th< mMt fom )-ou on itk fat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisker C<Un»d Old Go.... pn«d thin th« ino Proof BotlW in Bond OLD CROW *** Richard S. Reynolds Jr., Frits Stt- terding, E. Claiborne Robins, Dan Friedman, Milton Market and Jack Bernstein. All are Richmond businessmen. The purchasers must still satisfy additional debts totaling some $48,000 held against the territory. They also must be approved by the International League. enow M.I M.MWI <* UMUWM, WHLUEM FMOUCTS COR?., FRANKFORT, KV, .arris and Al Lopez. This marked the first time since the AP managerial poll was inaugurated 10 years ago that a fourth place manager won the award. Observers who watched the 46- yeear-old Higgins during eight seasons in the minors and his freshman year in the major leagues credit the silent and sincere South- westerner with parlaying baseball knowledge, sufficient skill as a psychologist and ability to instill confidence in his players as the reason for his success. In Pennant Race The Red Sox didn't improve their position last season but under Higgins' able direction they won 15 games more than they did n 1954 and, from the time they ;ot rolling in June until the last month of the season, they were right in the middle of the pennant race. The Red Sox players themselves FISH STORY ON GOLF — Gladys Hadley heard that largemouth bass were striking at balls sailing into a water hazard on the way to the ninth hole of the Ida Cason Callaway Gardens course at Chipley, Ga. Miss Hadley took her rod along and the big one was found to have been on a golf-ball diet. Add John Easton to the list of baseball players who went from the campus to ihe majors. The 19.35 Princeton captain went to the Phillies this spring after graduation. will tell you that Mike was a prominent factor in their upsurge. "More than .anybody else, Hig gins was the one man who made UK into a winning club," said Frank Sullivan, the club's leadini pitcher. "He gave us the feeling he knew we were big leaguers. He believed .in us and he didnit blast us if we made a mistake." Sooners Strengthen Hold on First Place In AP Grid Rankings Oklahoma, Maryland and termine the nation's top college win but you have to win big to These three retained the posi- tio they assumed last week in the Associated Press poll of sports writers and broadcasters, but easy- winning Oklahoma stretched its lead while Maryland, the leader j two weeks ago, barely clung to second place. With 204 sports experts casting ballots, Oklahoma's margin over Maryland jumped from 51 points to 167. Maryland's second-place edge over Michigan State dwindled to just eight points. Scoring is on the basis of 10 for each first- place vote, 9 for second, etc. 103 Firsts Oklahoma came first on 103 of the 204 ballots for a total of 1,844 points. Maryland, with 46 firsts, tallied 1,077 poilts. and Michigan State drew 37 firsts and 1,6691 points. Notre Dame took over fourth from UCLA by a margin of j 1,193 to 1,164. j West Virginia, sixth a week ago, j polled only 109 points after taking a solid 26-7 beating from Pittsburgh and fell to 13th. The teams behind the Mountaineers each advanced one place so Michigan, Texas Christian, Texas A&M, Ohio State and Georgia Tech round out this week's first 10. The scores show the obvious reasons for the changes in the balloting. Unbeaten Oklahoma racked up Iowa State 52-0 for its 53rd consecutive game without defeat in the Big Seven. Maryland had to come from behind to beat Clem- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Michigan State again are the Big Three in the balloting to de- football teams, proving once more that you not only have to stay on top. nesota 42-14, while Notre Dam* trampled North Carolina 27-7. The leaders wit'i first-place vote* in parentheses: 1. Oklahoma C103) 1,844 2. Maryland (46) 1,677 3. Michigan State (37) .1,669 Notre Dame (2) son 25-12 and stay on top of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Smell of Roses Michigan State, scenting a Rose oowt possibility, concluded its Big Ten campaign by assaulting Min Terps May Miss Tamburello In Season's Finale BALTIMORE Ifi — Unbeaten Maryland may go into its last 1955 football game without the services of Prank Tamburello, No. 1 quarterback. The husky Baltimore junior was thrown for a loss by a bug over the weekend, and doctors at University Hospital here said he might miss Saturday's game against George Washington. Dr. Thurston Adams, surgeon and team doctor, said Tamburello was suffering from ceUulitis, an infla- mation or infection of cell tissues, in glands on the left side of his neck. Tamburello became 111 Friday night and played only briefly in Maryland's 25-12 victory over Clem- 5. UCLA (6) 6. Michigan (1) 7. TCU (2) . .... 8. Texas A&M 9. Ohio State (1) 1,193 1,164 861 705 557 484 10. Georgia Tech 272 The Second 10: 11. riavy 12. Auburn (4) ..... 13. West Va. (1) 14. Mississippi 15. Pittsburgh (1) 16. Miami (Ohio) 17. Tennessee 18. Stanford 19. Oregon State ... 20. Duke 208 152 109 90 80 66 49 33 27 16 Don Baddy, former University at Michigan baseball and basketball star, started a triple play in his first full game in organized ball \vith Des Moines of the Western League. Eaddy is a shortstop. son, while Lynn Belghtol started at quarterback and carried the burden most of the way. Hospitr.1 officials said Tamburello's throat was swollen and sore and it will take a couple of days to determine whether he can play Saturday. Eiyoy theJull model year... buy yourFoi-d now! ITVE REASONS WHY Now is the time to buy your '56 FORD Every day you wait, you are missing the added protection of Ford Lifeguard Design! Every day you wait, you have fewer days of being envied for owning a new '56 Ford with Thunderbird styling! 3. 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