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5, TOR OF THE CHORAL AND ORCHESTRA. ATTRACT. IVE PROGRAM FOR 1911-12. Mr. John Robinson, the -well kiiowa contractor, was seriously hurt, lata yesterday afternoon bv- a nlata Editors Iteporter-Star.

Editors: If you will kindly permit me to trespass on your in- A cherry letter from Mr. E. P. Gates, ex-president of the District of Columbia Union, and now Illinois field secre-1 tary, hag Just reached our office. Mr.

Gates is much interested in our Intro I dulgence, by requesting you to publish glass, being put in the upper windows ductiou department and thinks it is The Mendelssohn Club is entering a splpendld way by which student En- upon ita third season of activity in its the following statement in your estim- of the DeLaney Drug breaking able paper, I am sure that the fact and falling on his arm, the esh being contained therein, will be highly ap-jcut to the bone Just below the elbow, predated by those of your readers The wound is very painful, but' it la who are interested in fraternal mat- hoped will not prove dangerous. We made mention yesterday of the fact that Jenes' Larson had secured the contract to erect two buildings on the Orange County Fair grounds, and this morning Mr. Larson Informed us that his firm had been awarded the work oferecting Mr. J. H.

Barton's eight rofm house on East Jackson street, across the street from Hon. M. Robinson's. The building will be a haJsome one with all the modern conveniences and will add to the appearance of the section In which it is located. The erection of handsome homeB is the rule here now, and many a good one is under construction.

In the history of the City Beautiful there was never ag much improvement going on as Is being done today. Let the good work continue. WINTER GARDEN HOLDS ELECTION aeavorers leaving Florida for higher musical worK unaer circumstances learning" in other States, may be put most encouraging. into1 good society, that is. Christian The following announcement by the Endeavor society.

However, this op- president, A. P. Curry, shows that in portunity for helpfulness does not rest each department splendid things have with tho State Superintendent in In-. been planned for the season, terlachen, alone. She cannot intro-i Tne "Artist Concerts" will be of a duce Endeavorers to the leaders of higher grade than have yet been other States unless first notified by presented.

V. A. Curtis, chairman of the local workers of the society from Artist Committee. A male quartette whence have gone "absent members." jf vocal and stringed instruments te'rs. and may prove of much good to those who are not as yet affiliate 1 within the fraternal cause.

The following facts and figures are' taken from the report of the 87th annual session of the I. O. O. F. which withstanding the seriousness of the-, wound, Mr.

Robinson, as soon as it had been dressed, was back at hla.r post, his services being in sucu great' demand at this busy season as' to require every moment of his time. The Curry Smith Cigar factory completed moving today and will begin work tomorrow morning in earnest Twenty-eight men -will be at work to start with, with plenty of room and a determination to supply their trade if double that is required. These gentlemen have made the Lucerne Circle, El Capitan and Smith's Blunts famous, working up a demand requiring three or four times a many men as when first started with a prospect, If these already famous brands continue up to the standard, of having to double capacity in near future. Both Mr. Curry and Mr.

Smith are practical honest, conscientious anj thorough business men and it is predicted that their brands will not only be demand in the 'Southern States, but all over the continent, as soon as they have been properly introduced. If you have never seen a first-class, hand made cigar produced, you should not fall to visit their new, up-to-date and handsome factory on Church street, convened in the City of Indianapolis on September 18th, 1911: ENZ FORD CAR BEATS Membership of the Or Our calendar fop October bears the be the opening concert the flrst part der, Dec. 31, 1910...... For the relief. of 2,023,731 5,711,049.41 17,804,771.58 When Frank Kulick with his Ford car lowered the track record of the Michigan state fair grounds track to 50 seconds, which was one and two Total receipts for 1910..

of December. The Grand Opera Singers giving their program in costume, come in January, as also do the Ernest Gamble Concert who gave such a pleasing program here two years ago. The Gambles will receive a cordial welcome here. Odd-Fellows Homes, not including 11 in course of construction a onn fifths seconds better than Bob Burmai ') 4,00,41.04 1 vi. tii(f vuum uu iu ui0 1 cat, iubAcu During the last 40 years 3,856,431 members and The Rounds Orchestra, the big at-j Henry Ford presented Kulick with.

$1,000 bill and told him to get his. can off the track and give somebody lsej a chance. jr. There was talk of a match race tween Kulick and Berman for a purse but Burman declined the Is- sue with his present car. The race followina good thought: God helps flhse who help themselves." We cannpt expect Him to do the Endeavor work which could be done by us and society, district and State union coworkers.

For thoso who were fortunate enough to see Dr. Clark in Atlantic City convention, we will say that his picture in Christian Endeavor World is what might be said, "a splpendid likeness." Probably to many of the loyal workers of the United Society scattered Endeavorers, the best thing in the International convention was meeting every one of the loved old anc new leaders of Tr'-mont Temple, M-s. Clark, and son, and mau of the other workers we have known 'on paper," so long; Mr. John R. Clem-ants, for exampple.

iracuon 101 reui uai iue rauu jjictusoo that the "Artist Concerts" will be the very best the club can bring to Orlando. The monthly musicals by the club members will alternate with a recep- GEORGIA CITIZENS MAKE QUICK WORK OF BLACK FIEND i tlon to the public each month. Mrs. 318,294 destitute families have received in relief $136,698,396.08 Who will undertake to estimate the amount of good that this and similar institutions are doing for the cause of humanity? Reader, if you are not with any Fraternal Order, give these statistics your serious consideration and try to realize Just what they mean, and what a glorious world this would be if fraternal bonds held all men bound. yrouauij never will IHK6 place, as in experts who were at th Detroit track were of the same onlnion thaf nnbodr On Tuesday, Winter Garden held a city election, a mayor, city clerk, marshal and three aldermen being voted for.

Col. Pierre d'A. Pratt won in tho election for mayor over his opponent, Joseph Elwell, who has held the office for two years, while Mr. E. W.

Ewing was elected clerk arid P. H. Hickman city marshal. C. B.

Baker, W. H. Reams and T. N. Sewell will serve the little city as aldermen.

All of the. newly elected officers are splendid gentlemen, and will fill the offices to which elected with credit. Col. Pratt, the new mayor, will have no trouble whatever In filling his new position, being big, both in body and mind, a whole-eouled, congenial fellow with the interest of Winter Garden always at heart. WfllllH hpftt ICllllnlr In rntnir arnnnl a "i A.

B. Whitman, chairman, expects to make this department very attractive. The Study Class with Mrs. 0. P.

Likins, chairman, will take up a plan of study, questions, answers and programs, as recommended by the National Federation of Musical Club. mile track. Burman's heavy car Eastman, Oct. 5. Frank Mack, a negro chauffeur, from Dublin, was lynched near here late last nignt by a mob of unknown parties for attempted assault on the wife ofa well known planter of Dodge county.

The negro was frustrated In his attempts by the arrival of several negroes attracted from a field nearby by the woman's screams. County officers were notified and after a chase of several hours -Mack was captured 11:1 begin to negotiate tho turns jin the clever manner displayed by the Probably the Lake and Sumter die ft nimcie ord car, which Kulick hel trict convention will be held in Weir-! Tn choral department will be the straight to the rail with perfect ease dale, where the zealous workers have It is said that Kulick has circle! best ever, as the club has been most fortunate in securing a fine director, the Detroit track in 45 seconds. Th i aooui nve miles norm oi nere. wnne Mr. Editor, the above inconvertible facts and figures speak louder than words, therefore, will not further trespass on your valuable time and patience.

Thanking you in advancec, I am yours, Very respectfuly, JOHN T. DALE. is probably true, as he evidently liafi quite a good deal of speed in reserf a IT IS THE4PIONEER during his flight against time Tufs- extended a cordial welcome. Since Marion and Citrus district ceased to exist in organized form, the Endeavorers of Weirdale, and Juniors in Ocala Christian Church have tried to keep fellowship with the nearest district, that means, Lake and Sumter. For the annual convention of Ver Mr.

W. Steacy Holmes, of Cincinnati, Ohio, who will arrive here the 15th to begin work at once. Most interesting plans have been made by the committee. A popular opera will be presented to the public before Christmas. A heavier work will be taken up ttfen, and be given seme time in March.

uay. At cnat one of the judges caug 'fit JA his mile in 49 seofnd instead -of 50; returning with the officers he was taken in charge by a mob at Gum Camp. The negro then was tied to a pine tree near the road and his body rid died witfi bullets. The coroner's Jury returned a ver diet that Mack came to his death at the hands of unknown parties. The Detroit Jfes came near'to ing the finish Kulick as a racing DEATH OF MR.

OSTRANDER mont, at Randolph, early in Any one desiring to join the club and KILLED BY IITTLE BROTHER unver. ot inai ne was ciose to mishap. On the contrary, his car't'y performance was so near perfectloii'J) that 'his driving was mere Joy riding. But after his recordVbreaking Mr. Ford told Kulick to stay out ot the other races.

But the-Judges tcefc Have you seen the scenic panel treatment going up in the DeLaney Drug ice cream parlor? This treatment, like the best of every thing in wall paper effects, originated in "The Pioneer" Paint und Wall Paper Store. This firm Is always ready to furnish materials for and to estimate on high class decorations, and in fact, every thing in the wall paper and decorative line. They are headquarters for wall papers, mouldings, gold leaf, bronzes, paints, enamels, artistic stains and a full line of varnishes and brushes for every purpose. Mr. Fin- the following message was sent for the Florida C.

E. Union. The following lines copied from The Advauce eeem Just right here: Don't Quit. Don't quit, there's nothing but defeat in quitting; If you are daily standing for the right, Exalt the truth emblazened on your banner At his home on the south shore of Lake Minnie the spirit of Jonathan Ostrander left its house of clay and passed into the great beyond, Wednesday at 3:30 p. m.

He was a native of Michigan, but lived in Tennessee a number of years where he was married. They came to Orlando a year and a half ago and carried on a small truck farm up to the time of his a hand there and dranded that Jhe i A Trenton, Oct 4. Edwari Volk, four, son of Michael Volk, who lives on tho Pennington road on the outskirts of Trenton, died today In Mercer Hospital of a bullet wound Inflicted accidentally toy his six-year-old brother, Robert, while playing with an air rifl-last night. ora car continue, as entered. To -J i avoid suspension Kulick wait 'llod by Mr.

Ford to resume racinglbut wfcti And win the fight. death. He was a sufferer with pul- told to do no more fast work, monary troubles for many years. Hls hn a fnrre of a dozen decorators 1 1 a year in tms iBivorida union a neip State Conven 8IX AUTO 8 FOR PINE CAST1E rainy opened up ne expects 10 na. "Don't win again," sair" who regards Kulick as otv friends.

"If I tell yr know you'll have to booK So Kulick went or mile handicap at though he was as many more, if you want tne have the benefit of Mr. Holmes' instruction should hand their names to Miss Alta Wright, chairman, or the president, A. P. Curry. Many will hear with pleasure that the Symphony Orchestra has been reorganized to begin rehearsals under W.

Steacy Holmes, who's recommendations as an orchestral director are fine. The old members have each come back into the club full of enthusiasm to make the orchestra a big thing. Marion B. Ives, chairman of the committee, will be glad to have the names of any who will Join the orchestra. Mr.

Holmes writes that the most of his time will be given to the choral and orchestra and be his ambition to build up and perfect these and make for each a national reputation. Tim rehearsals will be made so interesting as well as instructive as to be a pleasure to play In the orchestra. This choral and orehestrai9ve-ment will not only lead to the development of local talent, but will be the means of acquainting the public with the best music. Further, It will help to shorten the time for the erection of every thing in decorative materials and skilled labor it.uiay you to sen "The Piouse?" Pine Castle is getting to be a regu lar automobile town, Mr. C.

H. Hoff-tells us. Messrs. E. L.

Sphaler and Frank Llvlngood have each bough one In the past week, making six in that town. only 25 seconds bL" sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. A. A'.

Patch, reached his bedside several hours before the passing and are a great comfort to the bereaved widow. Mr. and Mrs. Patch are from Watertown, where he Is bookkeeper for the large mills of the East Coast Lumber Co The funeral' took place'at the residence yesterday afternoon at three thirty o'clock, and the Interment at the Orlando cemetery. Services by Dr.

J. S. Chapman of the Methodisi church. A FRIEND. each fortwa Flanl 4ri, c.u, Hf -fvy impur.JTood makes a muddy.

in the ragpr ItTwaa rn the tfMev Rnn, that Kulick had caught afidr'iv DOrO.f both the Flanders cars. Burf'u? didn't "pass the Case, driven by pinif.jy complexion, headaefcf, nasea, IndVgestlon. Thin blood you weak, pale, sickly. Burdock's Blood Bitters makes the blood rich, red, The first regular meeting of the D. A.

this season, will be at Mrs. W. S. Branch's at 3 p. Saturday, the seventh.

nure restores perreot neajtn man. Kulick came in behind VL but he had outstripped al cars entered. Including Case other mwwuwwwwwwvwww tion," and then follows 362 days when we endeavor to follow out the good resolutions that were made. Probably also in Vermont come days of faithful service when you "Don't quit," but fight It out, in every problem, in every common-place, eeemingJy almost unnoticed by any one duty. It is indeed good to know that such service, botn in Vermont and the South, will in the end enrjtle us to "win the fight," in all battws of "right against wrong." We are anticipating a fine convention for Northeastern district, in St.

Augustine, November 17-19. Southeastern district folks are enthusiastic over the soon-coming convention, to be held October 20-22, in Lakeland. A recent copy of the Reporter-Star prints a bright letter from that kind of a young man, Jenkins Dolive, a Pros byterlan worker of Orlando who has spent some months in Eagle's Nest, JC. But his society friend.s failed tosjotlfy the Interlachen department when he lft them. Interlachen, Oct.

6, 1911. GRACE A. TOWNSEXD. Cace, driven by Jaggerersbergeji NOTICE FOR RENT Hotchkiss and the Flanders one of which dropped out bfo Sanitary Tax for the fourth quarter of a big musical hall where the best nnisb. now due.

Call at the Marshall CornerStoreRoom music can be heard to the best ad vantage. ice and pay up. A. T. Scruggs, Inspector.

2 6t. The wealthy citizens of the cit have been aroused to the importan or good music for Orlando and G. AMMANN Decorator Contractor Office Charleston Block ORLANDO, FLORIDA Telephone Connection. Shanibarger, Bicycleg and STrie8 1 OuitI N. E.

Cor. Church and Court Sts. 1 Orlando, Fla, In splendid repair, having just been thoroughly renovated. modern convenience. Rent veryt reasonable rlnht Und ni.

tenant. Annll -I' rr 1 up stairs over ttorf You haven't forgotten anything? IN MAYOR'S COURT Mr. M. W. CroReley was fined in the Mayor's court this morning the sum of $5, the offenBe being his exceeding the speed limit in his auto.

The policemen tell Ug that they have their eyes on several parties who have been driving mighty rapidly and that they had better be a little "keerful." Merchant Roberts was fined $2.50 for disturbing the peace and dignity of the city. OR SALE How about a pair of School Shoes, for the boy or girl? We have just the right kind oi Shoes for the childrr" work accomplished In the short time the club has been organized is in keep, ing with the spirit of progress that pervades the commercial life of the city. We have set out to make Orlando the musical center of the state and with the combined efforts of the members ad tho public this can be done. The coming year will be one of the most important in the club's history, heavy responsibilities rest upon the shoulders of the officers, Curry, the new president, is not only a man of pleasing address, but is a good musician, and has had experience in club work. Mr.

Curry has only been a resident of Orlando a few years arjd his recent election shows the prominent stand he has taken in musical circles. The club members should rally around their new president and help to make this season a banner one. The membership dues remain the same as last year, $3.00 entitles on to all privileges of the club, and general admission to all concerts. The treasurer, W. F.

Armstrong, is ready to Issue the membership tickets The members should get them so as to be entitled to the privileges of the club at once. Mr. A. B. Johnson, chairman of th membership committee, will be glad to receive all new members' application which has been endorsed by two club members.

So Acres, 101-2 In grove, 625 bearing 18-room house. Two barns and servants house. Located 4 miles from Orlando. 1 noire PASTIME THEATRE Enoch Arden, part 1 Drama Blograph. Enoch- Arden," part 2 Drama Located 4 1-2 $3,000 10 Acres land, seven acres bearing grove, 650 trees.

Miles from Orlando j. They have good soles; nothing but the best of leather used in their making! The uppers are cut from good stout leather and the lasts are made so as to give a growing foot comfort. In and Ar 40 Acres good land. Beautiful lake front, five-room house. Located Blograph.

mnd Havana, Cuba. Edison. rgy Man Was Fed. Comic Jf Edison. 21-2 mllej from PRICE Hw th 195 Acres good land, 3 1-2 miles from railroad PRICE $1,560 E.

G. Duckworth, Feet Fitter WINTER WOOD We are making special prices to those desiring to lay in winter supplies. Barlow's Wood Yard, Telephone 375. 6 tf. J.

E. CRAWFORD, Orlando, Fla. I 1 STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. Biggest and bestdisnlay of candies seen in the city for yr can be The Orlando Pressing Club at Edgar Robinsjn -Jhurch stree 6 ltt the eather Fair tonight and Saturday, moderate winds. the World Growing Better? Many things go to prove that it is.

The way thousands are trying to help others Is proof. Among them Is Mrs. W. W. Oould, of PIttsfield, N.

H. Find-In good health by taking Eleceric now advises other sufferers, to take them. "For years Light Is now prepared to do all kinds of Cleaning, Pressing, and Repairing on Short Notice." Ladies' Work a Specialty. The best possible service at the lowest rates. All work, called for and delivered promptly.

ir FOR RENT "Ivanhoe Place" one ol Orland Hotel Cafe MILLER EM ERICK Proprietors. Have been unable to ourelp here enough to accomodate our increasing1 jde. However, we'll give better and quicker service Iifedays. Regular meals 35 Cents, Buy a meal ticket. Our Motto: 'Just a Little Better Than Others'1 lando.

Large veHinda, fifteen rooms with stomach and kidney eight acres of ground, facing two writes. medicine Price $600 per year, -idress Oscar lus "au ummg oif Phone 359 11 East PineSf. ters. But this great remedy helped, outiuj-vnm, iuu or tttii hi c. Hand's furniture 1 9-29-lm.

me wonderfully." They'll help any woman. They're the best tonic and Get your oysters from the oyster 1 finest Hver and kidney remedy that's handled hy men, of experience, made. Try them. You'll see. 50c at OPPOSITE ARCADE' BUILDING house, Waldecker Fish Co.

tl. I JUClVb 0 UlUg OWITS, -ir- tter A On Savings Deposits. Draw out when its. Draw out when Oils Tin ou need money. You a 1 1 ri 1 work for the money, why "fl JOIlIf flV Try this plan.

We com- A A 1(1 I I an account. UIUIU CJuUll Ul 'A ULlUo not let it work for you pound interest 51 opens ly. 51 opens 0. X). y.S I 'V:.

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