The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 8
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BLYTHBVTLLB (ARK.V COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 11,194* Home Insurance Plan Desirable Policies Arc Available To Keep Up Mortgage Payments in Crisis A. complete Insurance program is « must for all home-owners, not only for fire and other disaster loss, bill also iiicliidijig coverage so mortgage payments will be kept up, »nd protection provided agaliwl public liability for injury occurring on the property. All mortgage lenders require that a disaster policy be carried, but usually tills covers only'the outstanding value of the mortgage. The home buyer's equity is not protect- ed, hence l.» needs additional coverage lor piolectloi] jf tin home li destroyed. An important innovation In recent years Is ihe mortgage insur- KiiL-e plan developed .by several companies .wherqby small Insurance premiums are paid with eacli Jiioiitlijy mortgage payment. Such insurance keeps up payments o :1 Mie home in ewal of loss of employment, .salary reduction, dis- obillly or death, and eventually cau- <•>.•> the mortgage. This plan mates j it unnecessary to dip into proceeds from standard life or health In- l surance policies to meet, mortgage f payments. I Injury suffered by visitor, on | llier property Ji»j put lifetime liens against many property-owners, bill this danger can b* eliminated by low-cost liability Insurance. Several insurance companies Inclu.fe liability protection in a "package" along will theft, water damage, explosion, gla-ss breakage.'and oilier LMJT, lntxpcMslv* IntUllatitx 4«)«k, lulil Com. In tojay. *«r acmpl.t. a'.liih eft how yet* too c*rt coot your Kom. viffc tli. ».w AUNrEH Z«ptair 9 . p^ F.n. Hvnt.r't o2 of Ian •«B.riinc. IJIVM yoy • fin tKat taV.t up pr.cllctlly n* room, it lAiy .nd jn.i ••nliv. 1« intl.U, «rvd ^Wii you •ftieitnf coofr'nf for m.ny*. Delivery Quick ln»tallaH« n t ,«*»r . AftrtctN. lourr* •lo*« whtfl f*n i« f,9t 01 Blytheville Willys Sales Co. "Wh«r. Courtesy U Not a Memory" ( , T*lion« 554 New Burners Designed for Fuel Economy How Anierimnn home-owners can save on their fuel oil bills by replae- n* old-style oil-bnmeis with .new rnmiern designed for fti« conservation «-u the tlieme- of UK recent National Oil Heat Exposition of the Oil-Heat Institute of America In Chlcsgo's Coliseum. The Exposition, honoring the silver anniversary of the Institute, displayed In [Li many exhibits the ye-v latest in automatic flame-control burners, boilers, oil jstorage tanks controls, accessories, »nd other equinment designed to help tite liome-owner conserve fuel oil. Ojie of tlie tmmcllons was a coordinated boiler-burner automatic combination for low cast, dependable, home heating and domestic liot water. Operating In a hot water heating system, this boller- ijiirnnr unit with improved flame control is available in three sizes. The smallest si?* is only 28 Inches wide, 37 1|2 Indies from front to back (this includes burner, and 35 Inches high. This 35-liiel] lielgnt nna proved to be one of the most popular features of the unit, since it is adaptable to almost any location in the small house. Every drop of oil in the burner goes Into heat lor the home. Another oil-burning unit has « Dollar, expansion tank, and hot water heater nil In one compact low- cos', package. Such compact unr.s are becoming increasingly populH;- as they arc particularly suitable ffe the small house. New types ol firing heads In burners Increase the efficiency of the sil-burning unit, giving a cleaner Ilame and rigid control of Ilia amount of fuel oil used. In one type, the smallest unit burns one tfallon of fuel oil an hour, while the largest burns five gallons an hour. Asbestos Overcoat Gives Smithy 'New Look' Reprisal Aimed At South in Bill to Cut Peanut Duty WASHINGTON. May II. (UP)_ Echoes of the angry nleo tax repeal fight bobbed up in the House again yesterday. Rep. Noah \r. Mnsou. R.,, Ill said he has Introduced R bill to cut the import duty on peanuts. And. he said sarcastically, he ex- peels Dixie Congressmen to support it since they want to cut trade barriers. •They shouldn't Ihlnk they can eat their oleo and hang on to the advantages they now have on cotton, tobacco mid peanuts." he said The Southerners led the House fight to repeal the oleo tax because cottonseed oil is used In the margarine. The legislation, which would knock out the present 10-ccnts-a- pound federal lax o n colored oleo, now is .before the Senate Finance Committee. Mason's bill would cut Import du- Tt 1 5 expected to pass the Senate, ties Ironi seven to two-cents-a- pound on shelled peanuts and from <'-; to 1't cent on itnsheltcd peanuts. Southern- Congressman mre certain to fight (t. than y thit il is P«m>n« n tl y ded >sb«to« cement shingle. and completely r«mod«led inside, "Anvil Cottage" i. »ood for another lilttimt of service NOTICE Notice U hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to Hie Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 2023 Rose, Blytheville Mississippi county. The .undersigned states that '&• Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the under. i signed has • been revoked within . [five years last past; and-that thdl undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to liie sale of alcoholic liquors. Gateway Beer Garden ROBERT PEARSON Subscribed and sworn to befor* me thli 10 day of May, 1948. Elizabeth Mason (SEAW Notary Publlo. My Commission expires 4-28-50. Anderson Quits Cabinet To Run in Senate Race WASHINGTON, May 11. (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Ciinton P. Anderson bowed out of the cabiiv t yesterday with the blessing of President Truman In his campaign for Senator in New Mexico. Mr. Truman formally accepted Anderson's resignation effective at.' I he end of the day. But in consenting to Anderson's release, Mr. Truman said he hoped "that the period ahead is but a preliminary to your re-entry to the halls of Congress— next time as a member of the Senale." Anderson, a former member of Hie House from New Mexico, has been in (he cabinet since June .30, 19K. Anderson seeks the seat' of Sen. Curl Hatch. Democrat, who is not scfking re-election. llo permit the Legislature to enact) a law providing for a registration I of voters. Said constitutional amendment shall read as follows, lo-wit: "BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OP AR, KANSAS:" "The General Assembly shall have power to enact laws providing for a registration of voters prior to any general, special, or primary election, and to require that tlie right lo vote at any such election shall depend upon such previous registration." Piled In the office of Secretary of Slate an the 28th day at March 1947. Witness my hnrid nnd seal of of- nce on this the 12th day of April, C. G. HALL,\ , Secretary of State S'4-ll-18-2,>-6Il-8-15-22-29-7|B-13-2a- 27-8 : 3-10-17-24-31-9i7-14 - 21-28-101512-19-20. TW MUDOnut MSUUNa COHMKT OF AMERICA MOM OHIO *— -"*• Real Cstate, Business, Farm and Auto F. H. A. and O. I. Loans on New and Existing H LOANS For burinr, refinancing-, building:, remodeling. >Fara lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. INSURANCE AGENCY Ingrain Bldy.—Ground Floor A. F. "Dee" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" Phone 510 ATHLETES FOOT GERM HO\V TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, IF KOT PLEASED, your 35e K acfc KIrby Brothers Drug Co. Rend Courier News Want Ads. typos of coverage. All policies are paid for in one premium at considerable reduction in y&tCOttytt IDENTICALLY MATCHED COLORS FLfiTLUX GLOS-LUX FLAT WAIL FINISH , FOR WAU5 an j CEIL|NGJ SEMI-GLOSS FINISH FOR WAUS 0 ,W WOODWORK ALL HIGH-GLOSS fO« WAU! • WOODWORK • CUPBOARDS FINISHES IN IDENTICALLY MATCHED COLORS Perfecf Co/or Match witbouf Mes.y Mixing Look how »hi, .implifi for folder showing mo der PATTERSON 204 N. Second St. pho LUMBER CO. Vets' Pay Deadline Hiked WASHINGTON, May 16. (UP) — The Senate yesterday passed and ! sent to the House a bill to extend \ until February, 1950. the deadline ' lor filing applications for veteraiis 1 mustering out pay. rROPOSKD CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 39 SUBMITTED BV FIFlT-SfXTH (lENb'KAIj ASSF.MBI.V BE TT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OP ARKANSAS AND BY THE HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES A MAJORITY OP ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: Tlmt the fallowing is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the state of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the Slnte lor approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, ihe same shall become a part 0 ( the constitution of the State of Arkansas to-wii: ' SECTION i. That the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas be amended by modifying Section 2 of Article 3 of .said Constitution so as If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here'i How You May Help, Whether You Eat 500 Pound* or 2000 Pounds of pood In i Y« r JS! t you »nil othfr «nd Wo flHB n , - •• o UB 5? i L"! m I™" "'"* ' MT * »<^»T. , ess Tome htln 6uUiJ eturdr u««lib. This is it! COOLER WANTED WITH T K t s t EXCLUSIVE FEATURES CONTROLLED AiR DIFFUSION ADVANCED ENGINEERING CONTROLLED HUMIDITY SMART DECORATOR STYLING • Knjoy the copifort of A properly cooled borne with .1 modern iVbrs.ilii Air Cooler! Attractively styled in lwo 5,,,.,,., ,1,3^ of brown, the Marsalis Cooler com™ in both 16 jnd 1'8-inch fan sizes Insullaiion is simple—no messy drains — docs not: disfigure window or build- in?. Come in tochy — see «li< Mjrsalis Air Cooler <lenioi\strjt<-d. AVA11 ABLE NOW—j00 00 Streamlined Exterior! 2JJ3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5 cfieak... 9 to know you're healthy! . TT'S GREAT to ba healthy-and great J- to know itl That's why thousands of famaiea today are having their chests X-rayed. Fathers and mothera want to be sure that they are not endangering the future health and happiness of their children. They also want to know that their children are per- fecHy healthy, and that infection does not threaten them. You're doing a favor to yourself, your family, and your community ^when you have your chest checked. Feel good by knowing that your health fa good! Make a date to have your chest X-rayed. Do it today! Blytheville Water Co.

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