Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida on November 5, 1920 · 1
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida · 1

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1920
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PAGE EIGHT. THE ORLANDO EVENING REPORTER STAR . TODAY IN WALL STREET NEW YORK, Nov. 4.Vall St-Wide openings in Southern PacifK end Reading, the djniinan' if sues of the previous day were the katures at the outset of today sto-.k market s-Bsion. A block of S,iK0 South- em I'aiiiic chau.t-fd bauds at 1U 1-2 4 111 14.. agilnst yesterday i - teal prie of 114 while t.'XH) Readius soU from 103 to 1W2 the latter figure representing an overnigh loss of a snnll fraction. Other active rails, eniliraiing ihe Pacific Granger. Coal and votion groups were higher by fractions to 1 joint, accepting Ca-uadlas Pacific, which lost one point. Hipping! and equipment also improved by Meican Petroleum Cruel, ble steel. International paper and Sears, Rroebucy denoted pressure. The reaction assumed wider pro--portions at midday when prom In industrials, esp fially the lndepen dent steels showed losses of 2 to i points. Hails also continued to yield and the heavier specialties included industrial alcohol and bide and leather preferred. The closing was irregular. Sal.s approximated 1,100.000 shares. How to Tint Your Gray Hair at Home If your hair is graying or is faded and steaed, do not let it become any more unattractive. Xo matter whether its ortgntnal youthful color was gol' :. or black, or any. shod? c! bro n, all you need is a bottle of Pre - natone . to instantly restore its be: ty In a manner that defies lo- Allis- Chalmers American Beet Sugar ... . . . American Can Americas Car and Foundry Amer. Hide n1 Leath., pf( American Inter. Corp. .. Americia Lk "motive .. Amer. S.ndt. ami Ref American Sugar American T. and T. .. .. American Sumatra Tob. .. American Woolen Anaconda C- pi : Atchison At!.. Gulf and W. Indies . . . . Baldwin Locomotive Baltimore and Ohio .. .. .. Bethlehem Steel. "B " ;. .. Canadian Pacific Central L ather ... ,. ...... Chandler Motors Chesapeake and Ohio . . Chicago. Mil. and St. P.iul Chicago. R. I. and Pacific . . Chino Coiper Colorado Fuel i.ud Iron Corn .Products . Crucible Steel Cuba Cwi Sugar Erie General El ctric Gen. ral Motors Goodrich Company Great Northern, pfd. .. :. Great Northern Ore Clfs. .. Illinois Central Inspiration Copper Int Mer. Marine pfd. .. . . Internatiitnul Pap-r Kennecott Copt" r Louisville ai4 Nashville . . Maxwell Motors Mex'w Petroleum Miami Coptter .W.iile S'ales Oil Mid vale 3t el Missouri Pa-ific Nfw York Central X Y. K. H and Hartford .. Norfo' and Western No rthern Pi ciflc . . . Ohio Cities Gas . . . . . ikiuh i:a .' o.ir. and Ret . . Pan Amer. Petroleum . , Pennsylvania People s Gas THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1920. i PUtsMirg a. id W?st Va. . . '. Ray Consolidated Copper . Het Jro : :nl Steel . , '. . . ' l .t.:ll. N. t Shell Trans, and Trad. . ,s Mi i . Oi! Si utliern Pacific. . . : n:hrrsj Railwnv i (i'.atidui1 1 Oil iii N. J.. pl. .. ; "Sr.: ' ' Tr-r -fnTtvratlim:T-r tfntei.lt t' p r .. .. Texa Company .. ...'..'. . Tu. and Pacific ..low's .. 84 , . . M4 . . 501, . . 113i . . 46 . . 66' ..125'. . . 39i; .. 7 . . 67V; .. 42', .. . . ss , .. i .in . mil . 4SK . 88'; . Ti' 4 . 41 . 68 . tid jsat !lTs . 3 IMS . 19 14U . 37, . S7a 101 . 91'. . i 4 .. S . i3 . 42 'Il,'i 14 Tobacco Products . . Transcontinental Oil . . Union Pacific U. S. 'Food Products .. V. S. Retail Stores . . V. S. lnd. Alcohol .. .. lttod States Rubber . . I'sited States Steel . . I tan Copper , Vest;ngbi4Use Elestric Willy s Overland .. Atlantic Coast Line .. oca Cola I Gulf States S'oel .. A aboard Air V1- -Uoss. Sb.'t fill '. fitted Kt.i't . :rgii!ta '-V.lio. Amwcii ? ' Amer can i:i ,' and Iron .'l.em (CO .. .. . 5'.s . II .at . 46 - 71t . 82 7l - 87', . 101 . 4u- .104 . '--. i7'u . 414 6-'WL- . 63 0! .17'2 . c : Reports of reer spat offariags in the Carolinas ud rumors of bearish private ginning reltjins ld to uiore aggressive selling ariy in the i.fier-noon which s nt c4 into eew low-ground for the da . Dec nnlier sold off to 20.76 and J itiaYy to M 24, or 36 to 61 points nil iower. Buyers of lato y 'Sterday were evidently disappoint u uy thj failure of Liverpool to show greater Jtre:igtfc on th? coal strtk.' settlement and after opening at a decline of 3 2 to 20 points active nio. tns s-iid 30 to 37 points net lower. Liverpool was a seller here and th re yis scatt3:-i.ii Wall Street liiiuida.un. nut oiferi-igs .-7 14 I; ! ,M5 . :i'-. 'ii1 '.v r. not heavy or to rebuts of a f t a the South and .irk', 2.it for Oec.Mtbrr nary on covei lu(. NEW ORK NEW OR. N tures opened t a.i January, 20.50; a. 30.10; July, 18.72. 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M.6S rarch 2042 May 20.02 Jllly .....19.73 NFW ORLEANS COTTON. NEW ORLEAN'S. Nov. 4. Op?nin2 steady; November 1999: nomina': December 20.2$; January 19.80' bid: .March. 19.63; Mav 19.40 bid: Julv 11 JOfJSJ. The cotton mar'-et clos 1 steady at net declines of 43 to 50 points. H.-h nsramhsr lnuny . March ... Mav ..... 'uly ..... 20 ill! 19.9t! .19.7'', ,1.M 19.2ft THE ARCADE TODAY A Thoroughfare from Pine to Church Streets Here y6u can have your clothes clene!. pressed or uudo. Buy ?ood fruit or groceries. Plumbing work or hr'.r cuttlr.e. Good meals and things for the home. Heal estate bargains or hotel accommodations. See the New Arcade. Plumbing Gas Fitter, Etc. All Work Guaranteed Chas. h Reicken Unchr New Management Arcade Hotel and Apartments All rooms refurnished, painted and decorated. Sanitary Throughout Capt and Mrs. H. Roberts, Props. D. Rike Bros. Restaurant eed's Bakery Home Cooked Meals Fresh Bread and Cakes Dally Tropical Ginger Ale Cigars and Tobacco T. J. 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Open K'gh Uiw Cie i Dec, ;.44 s.mi MW4 2.04 Mar. LM 1 .57 l,9S 1.94 Corn inc. .siai .s.i Mar .ss .S8 Oats Dec. .53 .541;, May .5M ,89 1$ Pork ' Nov Jan , ., Lard Nov. 19.00 19.00 Jan. 16.30 16.32 Ribs Nov ...... ..... Jan SEAHOLM THE TERRIBLE SWEDE VS. JAS. PIERSON. THE CAMPION AT LUCERNE FRIDAY NIGHT. I Vlx Seaholra. "the Swede Demon Wrestler." arrived In Orlando last H.iSliBt.f ..:! frvtnt hid awnnar-iunn rHl (. vj Jas P:.r..: h llht b'-avr. weight champion, a hard mat fight ton'onow niiM. t the Luc rti The-n'-e. -v ! If hi ws .n irood Ua f '. a 'jat.'i tonight, he remarked that his w.r.d was pj-'ect and oth rwiaj ae a always In condition, realy to give and take a severe match on H OW Much Do You Men Want Pay For Clothes Nine out of every ten men wi'l an;wer, "the least price for the RIGHT quality." Then the next question is where will one find that right Quality? 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VOLUME 43 ORLANDO, FLORIDA FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1920 ASK ATTY GENERAL FOR . FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OF RECENT 0C02E RIOT MONTANA'S FOUR NEGRO ROY HID AWAY 5 OF TENNESSEE'S ELECTORAL VOTES I FOR 48 HOURS WITH- I 10 SEATS IN HOUSE lUDUIUHAHUINU UUT Fuuu OR WATER I if . ...... PRESIDENT WILSON 0FFERS CrTATAn ninniiin rrnn nwi GO 10 REPUBLACANS nmumh UM, W NEGRO ORGANIZATION IN NORTH CLAIMS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD DEFEND A CITIZEN'S RIGHT TO CAST HIS VOTE. HARDINft Ull I t. cr c .u m.m, i t V1 - ""T" RIMEW NOTHING OF THE TROUBLE ELECTORAI VOTFS nccm.rcv BATTLESHIP FOR HIS TRIP nt 531 VOTES OF TORAX COLLEGE. .nC cicu- UNTIL HE ARRIVED THERE WEO ! NTSDAV MORNING AND TOLD TO' I EEAT IT. , Chester Piumner, a 17-year-old n?-gro boy, who it was feared had been BOSTON', Nov. 5 Federal investigation of the lynching of July Perry and the burning to death of five other negroes at Ocoee, Fla., on election day was asked of Attorney General Palmer In a telegram sent him by officers of the National Equal ' Rights league today of which the Kev. M. A. N. Shaw Is president. The telegram declared Perry and his associates "heroes in the cause of freedom" and "victims of an election massacre prepared" by the Ku KIux Klan for every colored citizen who insisted on casting his ballot." The demand ou the attorney general was based on the claim that the federal government should defend) a citizen's right to vote. IEETINQ OF WOMEN'S UXIL- I ARY ORANGE GEN. HOSPITAL. MM .NEW jYORKi Nov.- 5. With the 1 size of President elect Harding's electoral vote virtually settled at 404 out I iv. a j.uBBiuie oji tana tne complexion 1 ' 1 "' Ule new senate set down as 59 ""led in the Ocoee riot Wednesday ALICE RORERTSON ONLY wjs: ZTLt STttrr. CONGRESSWOMAN ELECT IN U.S. IS A FARMER AND CAFETERIA OWNER WAS ACTIVELY OPPOSED TC WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE. The November meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Orange serai Hospital was held Thursday of Tuesday, as the latter was C. McLean acted as chair- masTl)" tein, as Mrs. Christ is ill In the hospital. It was unanimously - .w w nil ' . i .. Ai vre. w ocuu ."ih. iii i i ti nuie oi greeting from the Auxiliary. There W - attSakaT of new members elected: Mrs. L. C. Massey. Mrs. A. R. Hogue, Mrs. A. J. Nye, Mrs. t f. Itlankner. Orlando; Mrs John Match-ett. Pine Castle, and Miss Lillian i-.ii..- i. iiin.' jewen. Mlis Wrisht stated that the driveway fund had reached the sum of $1,171.28 which Is $171.28 more than the amount pledged by the Auxiliary. The work on the driveway hus begun, the curbing partly In on the sonth side, it begins to look as if some day the sample of Flakier county roads will be done away with and the drive made to match the pood roads Orange county hrags of. There have bajaj severs! donations for this work, one letter read yesterday from Mrs. D. C. Wheeler containing a chock for $2.00. Mrs. Dennis and Mrs. Lloyd sent tn books unl mactzlnes yester-day. Mrs. J. W. Simmons stated that the Wedne-tday Hridge club Intended taking Olln as their protegee this win-tori The committees for the "At Home" at the hospital Dec. 4th. Sat i rday. 10-12 a. m. and 2 4 p. m. herns; the hours. The people of the towns and couna ty as well as Oiose in Orlando are urgently requested 'to attend. Saturday being a day when a great many people have to be In town, and they can surely apend an hour of the djy visiting the hospital and see for themselves what is being done, This Is to be donation day also and any and every thing In the way of jellies, frulta, vegetables, fresh or canned, chickens, aggs. and furniture, or washable rags. Don't forget that the MUSKOGEE, Okla. iliss Alice Robertson, farmer, cafaterli owner and the only Cougresswoman-elect- in the U. S., sat in her little restaurant here tonight planning the menu for tomorrow's noonday meal. I "1 think I should celebrate my own election tomorrow by preparing some extra fine salad and chicken, '" p she aid a!s she wrote .out the bill of fare on her typewriter. Then turning again to politics, she shook hands with many who came to congratulate hp,- nn hor -1 ,-..,-ii ........ iiif . W. W. Hastings Who has reiireapntori the Second district since 1914. "Miss Alice," known over the state HQ the tllOdl ,,ln.i,nnnnn..A .L... 7 "v I ' - t'li. ..- jij' cuaracLer In Oklahoma, made the race for C-tigress despite the fact that she was opposed to and worked actively na.'UBi me woman sum-age amendment. ' The men forced the vote on us, BmW I'm going to see if they mean II," she said when she announced he rcandidacy for congress. I "1 guess they did," she concluded, ' when the figures telling of her eec- ! ft-ltn Ivc.n kM...kl . - ww v.. ii- wiuuiil iu uer . The story of Miss Robertson's life which began in a little Indian Mission ten miles from here 65 vears aeo en returns on e Bht mituat. .u j states to fix the exact size of the Re- I ' -n- y r.AClUIVe - icf th&seight undetermined seats in fWiVteair house the Republicans had ;2?(i members to 17 DeairK-rats and four of other designations, a nlnral. it' of 149 the greatest ever held by any party In the house. The nearest approach to It was in the r.2nd congress when the Democrats had a lead 0 148. lUiiublicanii appeared to be as. rured of l. otter than an even brcak'ou the eight outstanding seats which 1 would Kive them a record nariv mar. Sin in the house . The seats still in doubt were the fourth Maryland district, 8th Minnesota: nth MissonH: nming after his life had been threat- mul -. Plumnr was employed by J. F. Hodges of this city, who Is owner of. the Coca Cola Bottling Works. Early' Wtdnesday Piumner in company with Chas. Munn, who operates a delivery truck for Hodges, started on their usual rounds of the country, not knowing ihat anything unusual had happened a-. Ocoee. When Munn drew up In front of Ewin's store at Ocoee, a number of II 1 S '!''' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . I r ... ,,,,,.! nil ..... .u..uv.u limn, an ailllt'U "LALtD ,N THE REPUBLICAN v-uluiyin; TAYLOR LEADS ERTS EY 4C0CO. R0B INSTRUCTS SECRETARY DANIELS Tfi HAVE IN RFAniNircc f in as s vpi ....... inc. mriirLUWLK run vuiAGE TO HAMPTON ROADS JAPAN WILL OFFER PROTEST AGAINST ; CALIFORNIA VOTE MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 5. With Tennessee definitely In the Republican electoral column returns gathered by newspapers indicated early today that th? Republicans had captured 5 ui me states 1U seats in the lowsr house of congress. Two members of Tennessee's present congressional delegation are Republicans, in the 'fourth district ori the face of re- j turns, still incomplete, W. F. Clouse, ' nepuuiican, was leading Represent-.JAPAN nve nui!, Democratic national com- iiin,.maii tmn i HiinoEunu h i -"7" Mjr iras t Vl n O Art A a. ..j. - " "wBfli!f iCnuclB ;.;i.. in the district claimed complete 8e- (By AssociatedPrels Lease Wire) turns would show Clouse a winner by TOKIO, Nov. 4. - When confirma-at least one thousand votes. Incom- tion has been received that the peo-plete tabulation nf tho - - , ' " " '-("""uia nave voted in ravor with KUIIs. A renin rk - mMr,. ,.i .. ; ''til d!?trie rl i n. a o .- .. . . . KU .!.. . . . " 1 T. "'V"L" - . OCULl, V. Hit: ,Ull)SI'l 1H1I lllW 11 that lath. 21st, and 23rd New York: 1t the neim l.n. !.. h h.a I Rennhlinm ...ii.v. ij . . ' ... w " lnat I HAS REACHED AfiRFF. MENT WITH SECRETARY COLBY BY WHICH JAPAN WILL STCP IMMIGRATION TO U. S v.r- hinisdf ..d ., gcarce Qr fae ,,0llldn,t last long. Munn inquired the trouble. .North Dakota, and Binia. A further possible rwmncratti n set appeared possible in the fourth.111 Defore the answer came Piumner Tennessee district Where W. F. had disappeared. He teemed to have orx zLrx&si rrr thFor seveida; hour: Munn Hull, earlier reported elected. searched the suroundings about the The Senate majority was settled store but no trace coM be found'. " -'" nisui waajB oeiaiea returns from the mountain regions-of Ken- On returning to Orlando Munn informed Mr II, ,1 .1. - i , tucky gave the Republican candidate' J.. !",M'"8 0uy Rlabard P. Ernst, victorv over' Sen: a"d & searching Pa""ty was sent to look for him. Thursday All day Wednesday and the search was continued wr iiacKnam. DmncrM , iMontana's four electoral votes fell definitely into the Harding column ot ,f i,. ..! , ;.,'"... "f" BO" that Piumner had been killed publican candidate lrt I North Dakota'sfive electoral nlm where the body could be found. voles countod last night when Demo- Hodges immediately left for Oeoee cratic leaders admitted they had glv- Unon entering .h h en up nope of carrying the state, the Mr Pu,ln , , " adoption of Montana brought the ' 8tatlng h,g mislon. Haridng total up to the 404 mark. 1 Piumner, who on leaving the truck, Vesterday'g count In Oklahoma as- nad dodged around the back of the sured the nation's new women vot- buildings had managed to soueese him era one representative in the lower 8elf nA.r nagea t0 squeeze hlm- house - Miss Alice Robertson of r lt tne spBce beeen the Muskogee, a farmer and restaurant r and "r0UId being barely enough owner. Miss Robertson was an anti- for llin) to force his way Slowly he the" ?9Mrn'nLlfthei0Pil0n."f made hls wa towari te front of the Ik the story of a sacrifice by a woman congressional race to see If the men "ju"dlng where he tav irom Wednss- ""m nt-u luey laruBi me vote wao mm u uut, ai UB " hours), leaving his hiding Dlace after bearine Hnd He was so weak from exnosiire and want of nourishment that he was un able to walk. Whpn nalrort uh h had ml .... . . . - - " . c Daiu lie had made up bis mind to atav there returns wasnmgton, pointing out the measure had indicated tho "vu w uut" wajwiijiB wnn Japanese treaty right- .Hull ana Drowning. ... , according to the' YorMn Choho, an f The election in the third district independent organ which quotes a of Joseph Brown, Republican, over foreign office official to this effect John A. Moon, Democratic incumbent, Formal negotiations, the newspaper has been conceded by the Democrats, ,1!1 follow and an agreement ahile i in the first and second districts lWmantly removirnfie cause of Republicans were elected. . til traMe. ' tJiZT 1U frm Practica'-lyi n& Hochi.Shimbun reports that' mc entire state, benator Harding con- M. Shideha tinned today to lead Governor Co, by in Washing VrZZZ.Z'ZT" ! OP- ' L;,!'i m BB-SBBBBBBa-SBBBBl 1 vflH 1 m .0 'm 'H J la ' 'aaaaal II huiue wuru reacnea air "'""""' yuicb, wnue tne i n iv ha.ro uj & . . inaloritv of Alf Tuvin rQ,n.i- hinh in . ... . : . ' -w-T - .ecu Ritiwi, -t ... iuu..i.aii fFau win siop immigration and that Mr. B. E. Ewin could inform ' candldate for eovernor, over Gover- to the V. S. in return fnr whi.h nor Roberts, Democrat, was nearly America will accord Japanese now in 40'000- j America the same treatment as other Figures compiled by the Commer- foreigners, cial Appeal from all but forty scat-' Marquis Okuma, former premier, tered precincts In the- state gave interviewed by the Yoruzu Choho, de-Harding a majority of 9,400 and Tay- clares that only thoughtless people lor a lead of 39,542. The. vote was: have talked of war between Japan Harding 202,579; Cox, 193,179. land America over California. Taylor, 211,143; Roberts, 171,601. j "tt Japan fights with arguments of j dignity and impartiality,'' he Is quot- AMFniPAW HRIIC ied as saying, "Americans will act HiflLlllUHIl rmlflO st'y " The defeat of Gov Cox is attriDuted by Marquis Okumo to the of the Indlmi for the betterment tribes here. Miss RoLert son's" father came to the Old Indian Territory In 1849, when the cry of 'Gold'' was heard from California an dthousands of peoi le rushed to the far w'e.. But his mis-i slon was not one of seek.';-: wealth.' "Mv father cm 1, mm tn hu miA citizen tor the new country," Miss Uobertson said. Mlsa Robertson's .." ' victory over congrossmi n Hastings was made possible by her own efforts. When a man or woman came Into her csfeteria. she sst down at the table and talked lt over. kiipy IDliCTCiii ciiTtrno niuiv Hnnoitin en icno PLEA nF NAT mill TY - wa I WW Ik. I 13 CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTING unt" he died un'pss Hodges came for TO BRING STOLEN SECURITIES bim- as ne thought him the only one INTO THE DISTRICT FROM N. Y. aole 8ave his life. I had heard my jfathfr say a man could live nine days WASHINGTON, Nov. 5. Jules w.l w,tnout tooi 0T water, and I was go- (Nicky) Arnsteln entered a plea of 'n nr TRY TO CANCEL BRITISH ORDERS CUT IN COTTON ORDERS WITH BRITISH FIRMS MAY RUN UP TO TAn Ull I inu baiuihii STERLING. 'We of nations which he declares even democrats dislike." He does not anticipate the republican administration will rise the tariff owing to economic difference. not guilty hen arraigned here to i There were several men present Lt iifDihinri iiavrn trii ww n t re I - r I msi h ULIli tfllf HULL mnivLij SAFE GET-AWAY FROM ADVANCING SOVIETS HAS SUCCESSFULLY W4TH0RAW-EN HIS TROOPS TO CRIMEA; CAPTURED LARGE NUMBER AT SALKOVA. t day b.-fore Justice Gould, of the Dls- w&en Piumner made his appearance trlct oi Columbia Supreme Court, on an ! from unaer the store this morning, and Indictment chargim; him and others with conspiring to bringetolen securities Into the district from New York. Arnsteln reserved ths right to withdraw his plea within a week and to make such other motions as be might decide noon. Justice Gould refused today to decide the question of bail. One phase of the Arnsteln case Is now before the United States Supreme Court and as the Justice has been Informed ihat an opinion from that court U expected Monday he said he would wait until Monday before ruling on the appllca-l commended the boy on his good judgment In staying In hiding. There was no demonstration made agalst him, LONDON, Nov. 5. At a special meeting of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Thursday, says a dispatch to the London Times from Manchester. American firms were accused of attempting to cancel orders' for cotton goods as a result of the recent heavy fall In cotton prices. It wag said that the loss to Man-1 Chester If the cancellaMnna ororo nor. ELECTED SHERIFF OF MICH- TOWN, HUBBY IS APPOINTED DEPUTY (Hy Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, Nov. 5.-President Wilson today directed Sep. Danipla t place a battleship at the disposal of President-elect Harding for his con- tPmi,kln,l IT ... .L. n , im iu tue ranama jCanal Zone. The President, also instructed Mr. Daniels to offer Mr. Harding the use of the presidential yacht Mayflower tO COnvev him naiil k. - his part yto Hampton Roads to go aboard the battleship. w-.oiaij uameis immediately telegraphed the offer to the Presidentelect at Marion, O. The telegram follows: "The President desires me- to say that, havina: heard that . plate a, visit to the Panama Canal Zone he had directed me to place a aiouUi ai your disposal. I am also-authorized to offer in ni8 name the" use of the Mayflower to take you to Hampton Roads where the Bhip will . wait for you, if that suits your con- venienpo I .iii . . .. .. .. I -r . 6ive me pleasure to make arrangements as wUl be suitable to you." , . The Secretary did not announce what battleship would be placed at the disposal of Mr. Harding and his party, but indicated that it will be one of the newest of the super-dreadnaughts. Hardina Expected To Accept MARION, Ohio, Nov. 5.-Senator ' Harding is expected by his advisors here toda yto accept President Wilson s offer of a naval vessel for his voyase to the Panama Canal zone The president-elect himself, however would not make a positive statment on " the subject this" al'Urnoon pending actual receipt of the message from ijecre-tary Daniels mailing the offer in the name of the president. MRS. JANE JOHNSON BELIEVES SHE IS CAPABLE OF TAKING A "BAD MAN" IF OCCA8ION AVB. ES. sJrvB. ROSECOMMON, Mich., , , . ... iti irtm iiii,r kiiii i, . . . ..rTt - nniicii oulil be between Snn.Onfl tn 2,000,000 pounds sterling, but the lat ter ngure was considered nearer the cimuren ana snenrr- elect of Rosecommon onnntv ir,j mm ror nis protracted fast and uncom fortaWe bed. Nov. 5. Mrs. Jane Johnson, 65 years old, mother of three rhildren nH ui,.,,-,ft tlon. Arnsteln was here In custody of a United Statea marshal from New SEI1ASTOPOL. Nov. 4 fUnenl nursea aa well as patients have to be Baron Wrangel, head of the anti bolted aad cared for. . suevlk government of South Russia mere snoina oe a room rurnlsnefl has successfully withdrawn his troops York. It had not been decided when specially for the nurses when they to Crimes before the advance of soviet i Oie prisoner was taken back to a ho-mre ill. Cannot some one take up armies south of too Dnieper River. He tel whether he would be returned to is master of Perekop and also Salkova. I New York and brought here again this work, for lt Is greatly needed? At Salkova, General Wransel has Monday or be held in Washington LUCERNE THEATRE, l:W P. NIGHT. TO- captured thousands of men of General Budeny cavalry. The spirit of bis troona Is rood hut thev -. wnm ml h their long fight, which has lasied for Vlx Seaholm, the Terrible Swede months, and ar glad to be ss-rrestler, announced this morning that luro ' s rest In Crimea. ;t would take a good big strong sliest ler to put his shoulders on the mat this evening at the Lucerne Theater. Asked (or a statement, Jim Plerson, his opponent, said he wss sure Sea-holm was s dangerous man, but reminded the writer that he would show the tans of Orlando what an bonest-lo goodness wrestling match looked like tonight The main event in tbe boning pro- Art Fighting Hard. CONSTANTINOPLE, Nor. I Pan) cii turuu mangel, wnose rorces nave been driven back into ths Crimean peninsula from Russia proper by boi-ahevlkl armies, has broken a silence of four days with a characteristically laconic message to Baron eea Wrangel. His telegram said: We are fighting hard. In Mil hope. The Baroness, who has spent many David W. Sullivan and Wilen W. Basterday, Washington broken, named with Arnsteln in the indictment were arraign-, d with blm today and also entered a plea of "not guilty." Both are at liberty on bond. grsm will s surprise and a real treat slwpless nights sine? the bolshevik of for the fsns when Tooag (Benny) fensive began, aald today: -AIM waat Leonard and John n la .Armstrong start u lT - matter how bad it Is on tnerr v-rouns on, D.lk kv. -.11 1 K MM rt W bwu vii wm wr i..ui v mtm sal th winner has hmm promkaaj i - r twi. navi t "wtjEj.... BRATES WITH FISH CHOWDER GENERAL BLITCH PRAISES HUGHES FOR VET PROGRAM . . t out inert th ,,i.,i r, ., ,. .vi.v A resolution was passed that no w, e i ,V aV v? Bne cancellation would be agreed to, in -I run . k. a .1 . . . , ....... m " " a "u iiiau, or a nan case the terms of the contracts had woman mvself If r,...- ... Auntt U iurrKtSS A 7? . ,ATT Chambw "but M a of i-i "''LL V I IlLOO n of Commerce in London has agreed appoint my husbsnd deputy In the PORT ON OF EVIDENCE TT hF- s,rr-prMMent ,ntervaU 2 I UllllUn Ur Lf lUCnilCl of tbe Manchester Chamber of Com- caring for prisoners. I will look after . merce. asserted that some American , my children-two girls and a boy- JUDGE ANDERSON DEFINES NA- flrm" wer 'n. responsl- and the domestic dnH. m ,h- J. billty. Mr. Stockton edded that i.n I Hfi MA Mi-R PflUPD m mw I nvl?IL.I IWfflall IU laaaa Vj imiL. a AUKtt U XUHPKtSS A TURE OF INVESTIGATION Whith WILL BE MADE IN GENERAL'S CASE. ATTORNEY IN INDIANAPOLIS. lnd., Nov. 5-Fed- ral Judge Anderson declared In U. S. ' dUtrict court today that the investiga- .,, . lion tn h mad. h. , FRA2IER JUMPS TO LEAD of Attorney General Palmers connection with the soft coal conspiracy cases would be for the purpose of ascertaining "whether the attorney gen- ral can make an agreement t suppress a portion of the government s evidence." I The statement slppartntly was ....uclrce ln me Mrs Johnson added in M u s a illty of trade either between In- .hould become ecesry for her to a ;; UDteM the bad man- he will know some tracts are maintained. one h. ha-..-w- n Tbe sheriff-eie6t gained h.-r ex perlence from her husband, who has Hauan ekIM m aria.-. . . NORTH DAKOTA T "uc"" ,ur Past stx years , and whom She married to prompted by Washington dispatches quoting Mr Pslmer as saying he was unable to understand what Judge Anderson is proposing to tavautiiatsV: The court's explanatory ststemeat was made today when attorney hi a recurred from M) r s letter hUshed profit. Veterans Re- f"srtarfrti Vnvateihite COMMANOER OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS THINKS PLAN OF tN-TERTAINHENT EXCELLENT: Mat! WILL arrive IN ORLANDO civil case asked that It he set for early Tuesday hearing. Declaring he uma unable at t hi set s date for the other caae m of the pending ceal asjasja. "1 am Gen nl Blitch tits morulas- r'"Ovrag aram for the Caafe-oatoa to be VM Is ii "n aa. 1 s ZTT ' " ffwvernasev: tr. th. trial of (hat hsdM FARGO, N. D.. Nov. 5 -After trailing behmd in the vote since election night. Gov. Lynn J. frailer, republican candidate endoraing the Nonpartisan league, swung into th- lead B ' The annual nHeting of the Orlando Chapter American Red Cross will be held st 8 o'clock this evening In the lecture rooms of the Presbyterian Church. Aside from renort nr, "itul,1 PreParat'ons For. Vacation .ilARlON, 0 Nov. 5. - In linal preparation for his 'first real vacation in month8t Pre.sident-el' t Harding today disposed of the last renaming business of his campaign here and virtually abandoned the headquartere building which has housed his office and Campaign assistants since July. With Mrs. Harding and a party of friends he leaves tomorrow morning for a month s vacation trip that will take him to southern Texas and probably to Panama. As Mr. Harding began his last day's work in Harding campaign headquarters, workmen were cleaning from the Harding lawn next door demolished standards and burned-out red Are ton-lies of last night's celebrttion in which several thousand of his neighbors In Marion and nearby cities nald him a tumultuous tribute as the sue-eespful presidential candidate. In his speech to the cheering crowd q,.-,-gathered for his jiost-electlon front porch speech the new president-elect pronounced the league o' nations de-MMssJk although by an historic co-tnclderce a crowd was gathered at I mme hour on the White Hoyiie law n it, v hshington acclaiming tm league In the presence of President Wilson, s'oon after his vacation Wuvth he has promised thro.miii ut Mr llardmg ie expected to take ste n ' toward a consultation of ststesr n whlo hl.e las promised througho.t tbe campiign for formulation of American program toward a 'peace sa.yl . '. a. Wr thrr he actually will issomble Mch a counsel before htr inauguration, however, Is rsrn-dc ss doubtful GOOD WOMAN PASSES AWAV; early today In the gubernatorial race. 1 m..- lnf Mr Tho "int passed away at being more than eight hundred vote. Z ,JZ T. el'n ' -Ine street, at . , . . octoca last night, aged 45 years. an ria?!!.., S 11 '" R" E35i tluring armUtlce weak. IfteaMlng, wZ 8 ,atWl" n Mrs. Fllat Is arrived h, tar hs work of this organization Is requMted.i . . M or?r nit democratic opponent J. I. O Conner. Returns from lSSz pre tacts gave frailer 14.48 and O'Connor liMti FYarler's re-ele; Mtj hat been conceded by the Fargo orum. which supported O'CouDer. to be present at tonight s meeting. In controversy with I hive a can for II la a as the winner has heaui promised a Ha -in thai. House again a run. ' JM& T ' . ."'TZLT.i I 1 "-taar, -d of the protfra-j tj, JTnZJZ Kl LZj 7 l' Z'l Jl dO NO ISSUE OF REPORTER-STAR TOMORROW. Pere will be no issue of The Reporter Star tomorrow afternoon, and thereafter on Saturday after-noons. Instead of the Saturday afternoon issue, The Reporter-Star will publish a Sunday mornintr paper, whifth will ttem with news of intend from all TTUIIU Vail 11 Will H mnVPVOrf in I F nnln COmriKte tlerranKi,- Mmi4 saf tV... worid event a staff of local and county wrretposV dfnts will jrive the readers a complete rume "f the 4"f Ih Tnsss 4alHfsi Ouruyksl Sh aa , WUl, Mrs. W. V. flasji FU.- ajn i snag heoui a saagaagf it Church and I reed her re- THE WEATHER 1 rGE TWO. IE EVENING REPORT! nmed and Published daU Sktnday sA THE MhlC-STARK I PyAW II4C, a BAZILB BROSSl President and General J i'LKMENT BROS! 8tcr- -ai -" -tatart-r and J031AH FERRIS r Aatoctate Editor. r" 4ie SUBSCRIPTION PRIi ORB YEAR SIX MONTHS. THREE MONTHS....... ONE MONTH............ WEEKLY Bntered as secoud elms tUltaodo, Florida, Post The Evening Reporter saeiiiber of tbe Associated the J sgpeiated Press le exel titled to the use for repub the news dispatches credit) otherwise credited in this also tbe local news publlsl Ail sights of republican rial dispatches hereto if- . IWIftML ftM Reporter, having b the toceptlon of Orlando as later comhloed with the S tng Thft Evening Report played Its part In the devel Orlando, Orange county ai Florida. Its columns are oi pbuUdlog of this section a rancement of clvUlsation. move so rapidly now-a-dayi man who says Ii can not b Interrupted by somebody mm FRIDAY, NOVEMBER S rson Ebony Snov Many folks won't hear fjs bis bore because of their ?tBr''.- ;".';'" Article Ten will nver rected. The scramble or polit has' started in with a rush. ' 4 :T -;-;; SSS hSlll S fl""' X ed out of last winter's overt Railway travel southw: freatly increased within the days. t Tbe westber man is certaii his level beet to furnish thli vith a brand of unexcelled Kow that the campaign is i 11am Jennings Bryan has i the power of speech. Our Idea of a sorry Demo one who waa too lazy to gi The spellbinders will now go way bsok and sit down popnll Is In tbe saddle. -s) ' The Solid South" was ci little in the laat struggle, rapid way in which lt will urlll prove surprising. Everybody Is falling in line If weliome the Confederate ' to Orlando next week. Our be honored by their presence. 4 It has beea safely said th the fourth of March that tb be no more Democrats in tl dt ntlal chair for the next foil 4 a- Now that the election is c of the principal questions cos many people will be the pric keys. Tuesday waa the birthday ren O. Hardin and the A people made hlma birthday 4Wl! worth while" Only Julv C. ''"! i will also rime In ahsre of the glory. 4 S. LUllau RnsseU in rg1sterk hr age as 41 A mean maj Eastern aaper has figared It i tb h- .-j-itia UllUn was '.a rl-d when ibe waa only tbre old No merchant aau to k sales a secret. He waits. know whe he is afxartig cepttoul bargam He sua t hi lea uUsna by isssst j Read whatitey hav to aay

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