Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida on November 4, 1920 · 1
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida · 1

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1920
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lities 0., . 7 '1 W El H ll l in PAGE EIGHT. THE ORLANDO EVENING REPORTER-STAR WEDNESDAY, NOV1 tvm result in either senate or house tut increase of republican membership and decrease of tha democratic usually follows a marked change in political lineup. Taxation, tariff ami other ritw-al measures ill be main iu charge of Senator Penrose, chair man of the' senate finance commit lee, and Keptv. Kordney, chairman of turns in the Atlanta penitentiary. The the house ways an dmeans .ommittee. fanner-labor candiuaie. raney c. in i- , ONE OF THE GREATEST VC- TORIE8 EVER RECORDED. (Continued Prom Page L). rutlected three New York socialist assemblymen who had been expelled. The first woman socialist ever elect- id to the New ork assembly. .Marion H. Lang, also was successful. Rnc-m. Delis, the socialist Dresi- dential candidal, received the re leaser.! oi sail uaae inj, un ..... . . been located at an early hour today. or ausoriu u. . - Senator Harding lth the receipt of.tieudf to continue as chairman of the ballot tldloss- on hu 5ith ""hi.-,,, senate ,ilitarv committee and clav announced plans for a vacation ,. . b,j'-ni:iR aex: Friday He will sp -.id under the seniority rule. Keptv. Kahn several days near Bror.svflle, Texas. j0f California, also returned, would N tbeu tout; the Panama Oanal Zone.' to M lor the Governor fox also is panning a .a- cation trip on a limiting trip iu VN- house committee. Most of the lm-sissippi. . .ortant senate committee chairman- Hardinz and &?ortH B T York. Illinois and Pennsylvania fur- not Involved In yesterday's election. hished the largest Republican plural- 'jj, j0feat D Senator ilronna of North ties, that of New York, where Cover- primaries Senator Nor- nor Suuth. Democrat, and Nathan L. t'-ou iu cue pt Miller,flepubllens wer nwk an. Iris of Nebraska Is next in line to neck iii the gubernatorial fjht - waslheact the agricultural committee, close to the million mark. Ohio was , . mo nrftii1i. around. 15.UHH): Illinois at the present Senator Cummins of Iowa probaaly . . . .. , . . . ... .. .. .. . i V, ., In. ratio auout SVU.ooo and Pennsylvania ill continue as onairmou ui auoiu f w,wv. both of whom were reelected Sena- In t'alifornia. where Senator I ne- terstate commerce committee. Among Ian. Democrat, was trail:,. far ha. prospective changes In house com. hind Samuel Shortridge. Republican. and .v ith senator Hardin; even ar-ther ahead on the ticket, adoption of the alien land -law' amendment, relating to Japanese land tenure, had a wide majority. Pmhtltili.in mrm imUuS n.ir rn. fleeted upon the face of returns, but representative. VOW lead. Republican, MHHttwout, autnor ot tne proamnion enforcement law. was in a close; race. REPUBLICANS WlLt CONGRESS. CONTROL (Com inn 4 from Pas,' J'i-.-inf-On It Ohio rormtr Governor Fr:nk B. mills y,-, wxl'njtcl S -na-to,- Harding 'at the Chicago con'wnY Dt locrafs, Senator I nderwood ,.f Allien, -was ipon if it: t Ji lead oi 'the. ftb.ma, minority leader.; wa rWJ-ct-' ed and Representative H-fiin eJicWJi ,- to succeed jf'he late Senator Rankneaid. ..c 1 mittee is probably promotion of Reptv. MeFadden, .Tennsylyania banker, who clashed with John Skelton Williams, comptroller of currency, to the ehairmanalhp of the house bank ing committee, succeeding Reptv. Piatt of New York, retiring. -4- EIGHT DEAD AS "RESULT OVOEE RIOT. OF 3-m. ' r ;.-Ai)evr fa.ee la : OCrMtlc side a ' Caraway of Arkansas, who iVf-ac:...-or Kirby in' the Pfiwr! was elected yesterday Among-Republican lad?rs re-vlcctc 1 (Continued Froth Page I.) to v. port at police headquarters in uniform. .. Negroes Heavily Armed, vVkhta tcir minutes after th -se ri- quest' wfere Hashed, dozens of men hcavHv armed; bo-an rushing to the iBtitffllW cif-the coei.fitiiens. From .juart-r to quarter the, negroes were chased. Each hous? set on fire revealed hundreds of ihcliWof .animu-. nitton. It is said two thoasand rounds. of carrrldBet were exploded In July d, Perry's - too.-.-.-wMfci- fwm. ;lv rhwV: ?' dred to a thousand rounds'. exploded in the church. Aptaatly d Bun.).. Dn.. CX , ,.mm 1 1 ' 1 ( . I u .AnA,.m.-.a In " s ham and Penrose. In the house. t:iost which Included a school housn and a of the veterans, both Republicans atd'ehurch. ' r Democrats, were re-elected. int!ud:ng Givts Names of Thirty-Six. -Speaker Gillett. now hol llh the rec Uu'Ja Wtkfn."a 17-year-old negro ord for continnoui sery:ee. and M.ct-j oy, who was captured as he was ad for his fifteenth term, Former) fleeing from a burning barn. wa,s tak-Sp-aker Cannon who has served 22 en to a farm house on Whitfield s lernii, hut not continuously, also 3i. frove. here this morning he gave lected as was Representative Mann; the names of -thirty-six negroes who of Illinois, former Republican "leader, j were in th houses from which came Chairman oQod.'of lhe appfoprlition the shots which killed McDanlels and committee, and othe ;.ro:n.!n-xt com- Borsard. It Is-auppos d that these mittee chairmen. ' Wf.rp rine leaders. None of them have been captured, but it was stated hv n Tirnminen' Ocoee citizen that thJ Comparatively few chan?e in com ; search' for them would be k-pt up Few Changes in Leadership :. :-t-:- 'a'rln',ns!ii: s a-- r to'un'Tth MfflffM. Ttl" none ocr i ! .13jfe a :: ! I I I John E. '" "CHI ' iHRmir': la, who. (jfy Meridian, t x-.: ' J.l W'fwlre''"' to make . 1 'aSp-'' sh claim I ir I Register. vfll '-isir -'"' ' -HBi' ' '" m atock fnlinfls&i&f tnui jBji ; j I m n THE ARCADE TODAY A Thoroughfare from Pine to Church Streets Here "vou can have your clathea clesne-1. preaaed or made. Buy good fruit or groceries. PPimbing work or hair cutting. Good meals and things for the home. Hal estate bargains or hotel acf-ommodatlons. See the New Arcade. Plumbing Gas Fitter, Etc. All Work Guaranteed Chas. V. Reicken Under New Management Arcade Hotel and Apartments All rooms refurnished, painted and decorated. Sanitary Throughout Capt. and Mrs. H. D. Roberts, Props. Rike Bros. Restaurant eed's Bakery Home Cooked Meala Fresh Bread and Ca-es Dally Tropical Ginger Ale Cigars and Tobacco T. J. FOSTER, Booth 2 Arcade Barber First HaM Work Only Shop Raymond L. KILBEE. Manager FANCY GROCERIES, FRUITS & PRODUCE Minnie B. 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It is not anUcipat-d that furthfi trouble will arise, thong"! a heavy gwl la bein .Talntain! H prevtat the ngro-a from congregating or organ i i log. Business at a Standstill. Buiin'-sa at Ocoee today la -artly- d. Hundreds of botes of citrus fruit Ii la the groves with oo oo to move the. Mach of the orange picking aa wll aa tha heavy work bad dosa br n-rrocs. and R is doah'fal of Boraaal eoeaitleM wOi fee rea- .r d -wn. la the masrt!me the afeJper mu? deii- sofnc oth"r nsetfeo! f pi'.liM an! haa'.tag the frail froaa the ft-Ma to 'ha pa king hoae-a. art A r. tow ieiahig to raa tail aiifta ardlB on th" League of Nations has had no apparent effect upon President W'iison's health, Rear Admiral Gray son. his phialcian said today, after a vi-it to the pr-'id nt at noon. Dr. Grayson said he found Mr. Wilson un affected by the result, he added the president had sp nt a good night. Mr. Wilson. It was sal at the Whit-House. dW not vary from his usual routine attending to official business and reading the morning newspapers. He spent some time on the south por tka. THE WEATHER For Florida Fair tonight sad nr-i LTririsin:i Gases Soaracea Attel of Hoard A B. Chairman of Board JOHNSON. Seretary lMlJSo-m 1. ELECTION HUD LITTLE EFFECT ON PHESIOEKTl 1 aaAaj. J rutaieaw PirpttattM taat a ewsa aa f" a tMet a two of Pape's n-rrp" & . ach dj.U a4 hy rvrtj wi aaa. Iwaa s Ihaaepwa always pta IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that this order for election ahall be published In the Reporter-Star, a newspa-per published In Orange County. Florida, aaid Special Tax SchoA District Thursday; sjightly cooler In north . Bn Dllbn.hed )n .aid east nnd aouth portion tonight; getv Special Tag School Dlatrlct, for four tie to moderate west to northwaat anccaslva weeka preceding the date of said election. "lnai j The Secretary of the Board Is hv atrontAd to Issue a notice of ssld eiec- RfSCLUTIONS CALLING BOND Hon In accordance with this Inslruc-ELerTTJN IN SPECIAL TAX Hon. ",C"OOL R'aTRICT NO. ML OR- Done and ordere.1 this Sth day of AN".E COUNTY. FLORIDA. October, A. D, 120. aussiu rnrvTV nmnn JAMES A. KNOX. OI' PUniJC. I N'STRUCnONS . IN ..Aim. FOR. ORANGE. COUNTY, FI OHIDA. has h's day passed a res- oli'ikm. wherein it appears that bonds of SPECIAL TAX SCHOOL DISTRICT - "' Nl Mi-Eli NINETKBN. of Oraae NOTICE OP BL1CTION IN SPECIAL Cojatv. Florida, known as tha Got ha TAX SCHOOL DISTRICT, NUM-Splal 1 i School Dtstrict In the BER NINETEEN. am of TWO THOCSKND DOLLARS (!; ' ft" for the parpose of enlarg- Notice Is harefey given that an elec- ln. si I furnishing tha school houses tion will be heM nt the SCHOOL In Oothn aad Windermere In aald HOUSE IN WTNDERMKRE. FLOR-Sriat Tax School District, for the IDA. - id- feeing tn SPECIAL TAX e use of th runnc f-ee aeaools SrilO.ll. DISTRICT Nt'V HER NINE within aaM Special Tax School Dla TEEN In ORANGE COl'NTT. F1X)R tret, shall V tamed. IDA. on the Sth day of November, A NOW THEREFORE, it Is ordered D. 1M to determine whether or not at aa elect ton fea bead on the tta ther. .hail fee laaaesl fey aald DI3- dst of NoveaBber. A D. 1ISS. to da- TRICT. boada to the anna of TWO terahse ahrthet or not ther. hoaM THOUSAND DOU-ARS (tMSS.SS) be iwd fey sll dtatrlct. fennds In for the asarpoan ot enUr-'Inr and for tfe. sua. nf TWO THOUSAND DOL- aishtoc the acbot hoa to Ootha ad LARS t$aawai aa provided ta Mht Win.l-rr.ere. In amM Swectal Tax OwtHrt, Tai School Dtasrict who are free Srclal Tax Scfeor.1 DtstrVt, at swan o'e i tat FLORIDA at rate of at re to fee it ANGE COUNTY. FLORIDA, on the 5lh day of October, A. D., 1M. which aald reaolution la being publlahed In accordance with law. THE POLLS WILL BB OPBN AT EIGHT O'CLOCK A. M AND CLOSE AT SIX O'CLOCK P. M. Frank Smith and W. O. Hsnahntr and L. L. Bray are appointed inspectors of said election by order of the Board of Public instruction In and for Orange County, Florida. A. B. JOHNSON. Secretary of Board Of Public Instruc tion In and for Orange County, Flor- 1 K 13 20 27 11-3 rvaaaaitoai- sa which esectton only ana School Dlatrlct. far tha etciaaire whiehll BUILDING OF , ALL KINDS WE ARE CON- TRACTORS Operations now under construction by us: Judge Massey's residence and two other houses on Lake Lucerne; also Fuller House WILDER A MOORE 1 i THE E V E N I N G R EPORTER-STAR FORTY-THREE YEARS OF CONTINUOUS PUBLICATION. VOLUME1 43 alto ' - li. Pinnai i ORLANDO, FLORIBA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1920. RETURNS NUMBER 6827 CONTINUE TO SWELL REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE SENATOR LODEE CALLS G.O. P. LANBSLiDE AN AMERICAN VICTORY SAYS ONE OF HARDING'S FIRST ACTS WILL BE TO DRAW UP AN ANTI-WAR AGREEMENT WITH NATIONS, . ' ""T5 . ' BRITAIN SEEMS TO BE PLEASED G. 0. P. WON IN ELECTION VIEWED WILSON'S ADMINISTRATION AS "ONE MAN RULE" DOESN'T WANT US TO MIX IN EUROPE'S AFFAIRS. FRANK JAMES CHARGED TENN. MAY DIVIDE WITH KILLING DAVID HER CONRGESSIDNAL ' S. PAUL, IS JAILED HONORS EQUALLY BOSTON. Nov. 4. Senator Lodge in comim-ntiug upon the election today said the republican victory was bo large he could not grasp it. "It Is dhrtin tly an American victory, ' he Aid. "We shall not bring any mlUanlum to the country," he added. "We don't promise it. One thing we oan do is to bring the government baik to its constitutional form and limitations under which we have lived and progressed. We can remedy the present tax laws and we can revise tha tariff so that duty on imports will be made1 to pay for some of the taxes which they don't do now. "We on make peace with Germany and remove what is technically a state of war. "Lastly we have brought to an end the attempt to enter into the league of nations which Mr. Wilson brought back from Taris. That la not the only league thaat can be made to promote the peace of the world. One of the first duties of Mr. Harding will he to draw up an agreement looking lo the praearyatlBs- of the peac of the world. ( Cell It 'entente.' 'assr-elatlon' or what you will not an alliance." LONDON,' Nov. British provincial 4. The leading newspapers con- PAUL, A BANK MESSENGER, WAS RECENTLY FOUND DEAD, WITH $40,000 MISSING. , CAMDEN, N. J., W. :4. Prank James, motor car salesman of this city who had been under detention in the mi r uie mecuon oi o.-naior ran- n Camden county Jail since Oct. 17. the day after the body of David S. Paul, to the presidency that the electorate the Journal calls aa an indication is tired of what "one man rule." The Liverpool Post says: Senator Harding go a to the White House as the representative of a profound belief, long miturins among the larger part of the nation, that i Wilsonisin is alien to American tra- j ditlons and that America shoiild not entangle herself in the affairs of distracted Europe. The Yorkshire Post considers It a good thing in the present difficult phase of its national history that the United States should have elected the candidate it did. "Senator Harding's aim, at Last, is .UJ. a . M T 1 .. . . . I U . . .. I.M uiieau ueuueu. ne wmmtsm w uu,u , Cam the world so far as he can honorably ' do with the approval of congress and without compromising Anieriean In-' terests, says this newspaper. We be-1 a bJnk messenger, was found in a shallow Kiave in the Jersey pines, has been lodged in the Burlington county day that Tennessee may equally di-!!1 formally charged w ith the kill- v: le its congressional delegation being of Paul. tween democratic and republican The warrant on which James lgc parties besides giving Senator Hard-held was sworn to by Ellis Parker, In 5 and Alf Taylor, republican can- ALL QUIET IN WEST ORANGE; NO FURTHER TROUBLE LOCKED FOR CORONER'S JURY RETURNS VERDICT ON JULY PERRY S DEATH MET DEATH FROM UNKNOWN PARTIES. .TiEMI'MS, Tenn., Nov. 4. With the defeat of Representative Moon in the ! Quiet prevails today in both Ocoee Sth district and representatives from and Orlando, following the race clash the 4th and 8th districts indicating j which occurred in the former city that an official 'count likely will be Tuesday evening. Captain Preston necessary to determine these con- Ayers, acting as commander of the tests, the possibility loomed large to- i ex-service men last evening placed a RECOUNT MAY BE NECESSARY IN EIGHTH DISTRICT. HARDING LEADING COX BY 10,000. Burlington county detective. Parker AH tte for governor, majorities in rcf.ises to make any statement as to ihe evidence, if any, he has connecting James with Paul's death. James 'Will be given a hearing next Thursday."' Paul was taking $40,000 in cash and $30,000 in checks from a Carflden Trust company to a Philadelphia bank when he (nSappeared Oct. 5. It is alleged James drove Paul to the defeated election. Reports from the 4th district stow the unofficial count close, with Representative Hull, democrat, incumbent, claiming victory over his republican opponent," Wynne P. Clouse, by only four hundred votes. In the Sth district the contest between Gordon Browning (D.) who Simms in Representative n ferries that day. James has the primaries, and Lon A. Scott, re- repeatedly denied.! knows anything publican, still was undecided today, of Paul's disappearanace. Eleven with neither candidate conceding de-days after he vanished Paul's body feat. Prior to Tuesday's election the was found in a newly-made grave in Tennessee congressional delegation lieve we interpret European as well Bur). , . . . , been was composed of. two republican and as British opinion, it adds, when we cru8ne(1 and thP j40 coo was JJi8Sing. eight democratic representatives. The The checks were found fti a coat two districts which previously repre- pocket. OHIO WILL SEND ALL 6.0. P. CONGRESSMEN TO REPRESENT HER 18 FIRST TIME IN HISTORY EN TIRE DELGATION TO WASH-TON HAS BEEN REPUBLICAN. COLUMBUS. Ohio. Nov. 4. For the first tinii In history. Ohio will have a complete Republican congressional del nation as a result of Tuesday 's election. Returns yesterday showed election of 21 Republican congressmen and tabulation of Ihe third district today showed that Roy Fitzgerald, Republican, had defealed. W. O, Pickerel, his Democratic opponent, making the entire delegation Republl- say that an American govenun ni which stands for its on country first, last and for all time, will b understood and appreciated In this old world of ours which has lost its illusion" and is no longer to strain after visionary politics. In its comment today on the United States presidential election the Manchester Guardian says: 'The main political motive for the electors' choice is by general assent accumulated dislike of Wllsonism and not love of Harding and his party. The national repudiation marks a tragic change from those weeks in the autumn of 1918 when the material WOULD HAVE COAL v EXPORTS LIMITED THE SECRETARY WOULD HAVE OF COMMERCE HOME TRADE protected; new fields may be lost later. . WASHINGTON, Nov. 4. Limita- power of America was deciding the world war and her . foremost mind was leading the world toward such a peace as might have given us a ORLANDO GIVES COX MAJORITY OF 482 Orlando went Democratic by a majority of 483. though the Republicans had 153 more votes to their credit in precinct one than the Democrats. Tbe vote, being: Precinct t$o. 1. Orlando Democratic electors, 3897; Republican electors, 3108; Democratic majority, 638. Precinct No. 2, Orlando Democratic electors. 2744; RepubUcane, 2897; Republican majority, 1S2. Democratic majority in Orlando, 483. Winter Park was the only precinct In the county, outalde of precinct number two, which gar a majority for the Republicans. The Republl-caaa have a majority in Winter Park of three hundred and atzty-nlne. Orange county la aarely in the Democratic column. Fletcher received Id Precmet No. 1. ft; Cheney B2. In Precinct No. t Fletcher 441: Cheney 481. Majority la both Orlaav do for FletcheY 9 the amendment carried Is Orlando lions on the export of coal to insure an adequate supply for home Indus- tries and to direct the trade to countries that are natural markets for American coal and to these to which American ships sail in ballast vywe advocated today by Secretary of Com- trahquil, , swiftly ct'.'.aUscent world jmerce Alexander in a discussion of a instead of the pres.-it world's fart of national coal export policy, spllea, greeds and f isplcions between When conditions return to normal nations and disunion inside each of the secretary said there is IRtle po3-them. The soiled, scanvd old world sibllity of American producers obtain-ot international politics s?emed to bejing a permanent foot hold in Europe onthe eve of redemption day when and competing with the mines of Eng-the news came that Germany would land, Oermany and France. For South surrender on the basis of Wilson's' America coootrlea, however, be de-fourteen points. jclared, the United States is the logl- In what preparations a want of , cal aad natural sdurce of supply, dynamic genius in Prealdent Wilson j "Our national prestige In theio and an lrredeemabls vlclousness of countries would be increased Mr. spirit in other poUt'clans contributed to darken that opening proapect we cannot tell yet. It ta gone now. Alexander contlnued.c'if the United States were looked to as a friendly and certain source tor such lndlspen- Europe ia snarling, grabbing and gable raw material, ami our influence jockeying in the old altme, while all j would be om-epondlngjy Injured It the remaining effect of Wtlsonlsm iu ' any drastic actid&e:1a)ealiLi-America ia the decision ot the preal- ed to hinder the free movement of dential election by an overwhelming coal to these countries. ,. j balance of public antipathy to it. The story Is that of one ot the moat pit- WEALTHY CLUBMAN 1 Iful of all failures in the execution jc MYSTERIOUSLY ot a U nooiy conceived. SLAIN IN BEDROOM NEW YORK. rio ' ji 'nArder sented by republicans, the first and second returned republican majorities for Representative J. W. Taylor and Carroll Reece, who won over Representative Sam R. Sells in the primary last August. In the fifth, ixth, seventh and tenth districts unofficial returns show democratic victories - by good margins. In the presidential race figures compiled by the Memphis Commercial Appeal from 93 of the 95 counties of the state gave Harding a lead of almost 10,000 votes over Cox and indicated lection of Alf Taylor, governor, over A. H. Roberts, democratic candidate for re-election by mpre than 37,000. The two missing counties, Marion and Bledsoe, returned a republican majority of 800 In the 1916 presidential election. The swing of Tennessee to the republican column" in the presidential race marks the first change for democratic align since 1868. QUANTITIES OF NARCOTICS ARE TAKEN AT JAX. j cordon of men about he city, prohib iting both white anil colored from : leaving or entering the city who were j acting in a suspicious manner. The citizens of Ocoee have the lit-I nation well in hand, and it is said j further trouble is not expected there. Winter Garden reports that conditions there are normal, while Apopka Is guarding all roads leading into the city to frestall any trouble from eith- er the colored element or whites, who I it is feared might attempt to stir Up trouble there among the colored' Ijgoj igtriDute pie. ttsji Coroner's Verdict. The coroner's jury which handled the case of July Perry, who met his death Wednesday morning at the hands of a mob, returned a verdict that the deceased had come to his death by hanging at the hands of unknown parties. Officer Smith Overpowered. Officer Smith who wsa on duty at police headquarters the night Perry was lynched stated, that he had been overpowered by a number -of men who demanded the keys to the cell which housed Perry. Hundreds of men had been entering police headquarters the night of the trouble, and Smith thought not bin gof it when the room became well filled with men until he was appraised of their mis sion. -.. Negro , Almost Dead. Dr. Childs had just finished ad-misistering medical attention to Perry when the crowd demanded him. He . said that his wounds were serious and that he would not live long. The street fropting the jail was well filled with cars containing people who had come to demand the negro said to have killed McDanlels. As the crowd moved down Oak street on their way. to the Country Club road where Perry was htnged, Chief ot I Police Vestel and Prosecuting Attorney Joe Jones came from Ocoee where they had been in an endeavor to assist Sheriff Gordon control the situation. As the street had been crowded about the jail for hours they thought nothing of it, and were not aware that Perry had been taken until tbey entered police headquarters some minutes later. . . OKLAHOMA AND TENNESSEE n SHIFT FROM DEMOCRATIC u TO REPUBLICAN- COLUMNS HARDING CERTAIN OF 386 ELECTORAL VOTES; COX HAS 127 EIGHTEEN STILL UNDECIDED, WITH HARDING LEADING DOUBTFUL STATES. SPECULATION AS TO FLA. APPOINTMENTS UNDER NEW RULE REPUBLICANS OF STATE WILL COME IN FOR 80ME FAT JOBS TO BE HANDED OUT. (From Palatak News.) When it wis freely predicted that the Republicans would win in the national election wesks ago speculation began as to how patronage Would be in Florida, as well as other states, there being several fat federal offices to be apportioned among those who preserve their party loyalty in the hope that some day they will receive one of the plums that drop. George Reean, of Tampa, will split the pie' this time without the interference of Joe Lee, deceased. ' Mr. Bean is national committeeman from Florida, and has been chairman of the national campaign bureau of Republican activities among traveling men. If Mr. Bean is'nt given a job in Washington, or in some federal department, he will, undoubtedly, succeed J. F. C. Griggs as collector of customs. This position pays $6,000 per year with traveling expenses liberally allowed. Judge John Cheney, or Orlando, would come in for a fat appointment if he wants it, but probably will not accent one. The next man in re publican ranks entitled to appointment is George Gay of Palatka and the office which is next to that of collector of customs Is collector o internal revenue. Mr. Gay will, in all probability, be given this appointment if he wishes iL showed PilMFR GOVERNOR AL SMITH BEATEN IN RACE FOR N. Y. GOVERNORSHIP .... GOVERNOR AL SMITH 24 ...... SEND8 CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE TO HIS REPUBLICAN OPPONENT IS BEATEN BY 63,275. ORANGE pOUNTY GETS $2.10740. my,,,ery- Daffl,nK ,n motlTe- ton'KQt confronted the police, Investigating of School th,e d,u,h of W;fphn Waters, wealtfeagMpeMv'Mani MjjjM Yurk fHiv.,1 rarlv tulAV la A rnitm in ftltaiHA8SBE. Not. 4. Follow- the Plymouth Hotel her, tttSmm Semi-Annual Distribution Fund ItSS. FEDERAL AVTHORims ARRE8T TWO MEN ONE TAKEN IN . JACKSONVILLE, OTHER WtsBaH dMKTA. ' vat ' ' . ATLANTA, Gm, Kov. 4. Arrests tn Atlanta aad Jacksonville and confiscation of .Narcotic valued' St., $100,-000 were ennouVed today ,by' ,D. J. Gantle, federal, prohibition " enforcement officer for the Gulf district In-cludina efforta to break un what was ,), ..,),.! o. f ,t, M. Am.r lunicv General Mitchell Palmer was (R) a plurality of 63,275 over rings in the South. JMiaad. in, telegram from U. S. Alfred E; Saalth In the gubernatorial Aceordlne to ewernraent officers. PWMudge a. H. Anderson today that contest The vote was: Miller (R.), 1,319,586; Smith (u.), 1.2..MU. NEW YORK, Nov. 4. Governor Smith today conceded election ot Na than L. Miller, his republican op-, ponent for the governorship, and sent Jhim a congratulatory meseage. Haa Large Majority. NEW YORK. Nov. 4. Revised returns from all except 121 of the fl One ,.f II,. mmn t n Hi, 1 a CA ww !:. IS. in I , ,,. . 4. At-'oariy today, gar Nathan L. Miller 'S CONNECTION WITH COAL CASE IS TO BE' INVESTIGATED Gov. man rlvina the name of J. A. Jonea. an mvesugaupn pi the attorney gen wno was bound over before TJ. S. eral's connection, .with the otsaj All of the missing districts are to Cotnmisetoner Cdoultt Carter here against 125 coal mine operators aad"' up state counties. If Miller's ratio of ing is the semi-annual apportionment suited frm,. a fractured skull, caused, today ia alleged to have been plying nilnere would be made when, the case gala is maintained, he will have a a gigantic trade to Narcotics while called for trial to the federal coart i total plurality of nearly louuu. working aa a Pullman conductor, run- here on Nov. 8, r. Palmer was fp-1 Returns from all but 143 district! ; hf'.wn .,,. aco and Jackson- vRed to be present on that date. . I give Senator Harding a plurality of CHAMP to CLARK I OSES G O. P. OPPONENT ST LOUW. Mo Nov 4 WTlh the tor aad fawr, the ooly election fjriattona In Missouri today lay In tar riati fight la. in City. a tea fcaed. bat made by W. N. Sheets of the 1 mill police Relieve, by blowa from Wats to the various counties. The tan' owe cane, wielded b a man who amouat for distribution was SIM,- accompanied him to the -hotel last Ml.ll, aad the rate per pupil was 45 night, aad wao raahed frok the room, cents. mil carrying tbe walking stkk, a orange county Beta ai.'o jo. few afgonda before the body was Tbu Ii conaideraMy lata than a found .He left, as duea upon which 4 - . ue to great Jaaraaaa to av- the pottae are working, finger prtata eraae aueedanc aader the oompnl on a aaferor, ia the roona, aad the sory StteHire tow. aad over ll 4.P00 aaae " James Dunn. Milwaukee,'' upaa mgmm fund th hotel rufctotat. vllle. Atlanta waa his district, ao Judge Anderson assured the at-, 1.0B9.5Z9 over uov. vox. me reiurna - - iaaii"e ifcjt Aka aia ... kfTF I . a. m . . a wa a 1 a a tn ih nfftrera nri hAd- lomey general tnat the case or the laouiaiea give naraing ' $m mm to the lead oaOy o have aa aad aaaa m hr ea Saaat. IwJaK Kta Tt.m PROCLAMATION OF HOLIDAY. In cxunmcmoratioti of die great aacrificca which were ma.1 - aad heroic deeds ccompltahed hy the hoe of men and women of the Great World War, we. the ciiiam Julv thankful to Alm.rhtv GoH for the many 1 MWaw aa a Trait thereof. It it therefore Httinr and proper ": l 1- Wt iu-aaldt Kja rlnia alaMir-MhBil 1, fcajca C Ihirk worth a Mayor of the Cm mm Tkaawday. NeiiagU 1L A. D 1920. . iaaxl i day aa daa Haatcet ea d i nay aC ?Nweaaher A. ad daii aaaaawAto dan th. Haaarwaf aaa Ci- a&. ''Ok al'QKiSTla Cert Clark ouartera waa located In JackeonvUle. ; al miners and operators would ha Cox, 782.6M. aa cantured to Atlanta, it railed on the date sel, although to Belated flgurea from up state dhV waa auted. while to tha act of tell- only the Indiana operators and trlcta have increased the plurality qf tog opium to a government agent . minera and those of western Pena- '' S- Senator Jamea W. Wadaworth the CLAIMS FRAUD. No detail aa to tbe arrest to Jack- syivania wno voluntarily surrendered over i-ieui. uov. waiaer aoove on Mile were made public. .we ta tbe uriadiction of the Indiana ' 4O0.000 mark. The returna, with district court 207 districts at 111 missing, give: No Indication as to the scope or Wadaworth. 1.014.30 Walker. 4M.- nature of the Inveatigatloa to ae tta. atuw waa gtvan In the telegram, bat If Wadsworth's ratio of gain le A8HEV71A. N C Hot. 4 -laban j. waa believad that Dan W Simma maintained his total triuralMy in the U Jenkins, republicae. defeated can- special assistant counael for the sute will exceed MM MM me ivn gorernment would be called to m ..a 7: 1 Mrs. Sarah Palen M wooa .en imi Newport didau fee the election particularly tn Ue cast of the rejbllran at plain aa alleged proposal tn regard . . T . - I . .. Za . TL Kt Serah Palen aad daughter. hm aaw edataa aaaae aar womaa NEW YORK, Wov. 4.-Tennessee has swung into the swelling Republi-can column, shattering Democratic traditions of a "Bolid, South," unofficial, but nearly complete returna . -.'.': :h- 7 uuw me volunteer state early today. Her shift from the Demoratle ranks, coupled with a similar upset in Oklahoma, reported late last night, assured Warren G. Harding of 386 electoral votes as against 12X defi-nitely. in the James M. Cox column and left in doubt but 18 seats In' the electoral college divided among Arizona (3) Montana (4) Nevada (3). New Mexico (3), and North Dakota In all of these states a kw Mexico Harding was in the lead on available returns and even in New Mexico Republican managers were Claimi.ni 1 Harding plurality thou-'h returns showed a Cox lead. Tennesfee; on the face of returns tabulated by the Memphi.3 Commercial Appeal from 93 of 93 counties, with fifty precincts missing, gave Harding 199,759, votes and Cox, 189,-782, a Harding plurality of 9,977. Governor Roberts (D) was swept out on the Republican slide aad Alf Taylor, unsuccessful CandkL.ta for governor against his brother in 3.886, was elected. No further actual upseli were reported from the "solid; South' al though several towns in Florida and Louisiana and several counties :n Georgia and Alabama broke precedents by piling up Harding pluralities. The Republican congressional sweep assrmed larger proportion as belated returns continued to come in. The victory of Samuel D. Nlciolaoa, Rcpr.blican candidate for tho senate from Colorado, assured Presidentelect Harding a majority of at least ten In the upper house, and of five states where senatorial choices had not been determined, the Republican candidates were in the lad in four Arizona, Orgon, Nevada and North Dakota. In the fifth, Kentucky. Republican leaders still olun to the hope that late returns would overcome the advantage held by Senator J. C. Beckham over Richard P. Ernst, his Republican opponent. The Republicans had secured 254 oeata in the bouse of repersentatives to 131 for the Democrats and four for other parties, giving them a lead of 119, with 43 contests in 16 states undetermined. Thirty-seven of these contests were In states which gave Hardin; niural-Itlea of whose uncompleted vote showed the Republican candidate In the lead. Late returns also Indicated possible turnovers in cases of some Democratic representatives reported elected. A notable instance was in New York, where three Republican candidates reported defeatedRyan in the 15th district. Anson? to the 21st and Rosedale to the ' 23rd, had forged ahead of Dootlng, Donavaa and McKinney, earlier ra pp elected. Tbe house will i.ma one socialist member Meyer Lon-don, of New York, who defated Henry M. Goldtogle, fusion candidate to th 12th. The prohibition party lost Its lon a, leStteeetatlve, bet an Independent probtbttuinia: Milton W. Sareee, fM elected from tbe tta ivnnaf Wants district Several notable uneata oe- ta the congressional race, theta. the retirement hy Mis souri aatera ot former speaker Chimp Clark of the Heeae. aat tha hr aus voters at a fejtetfaartacive-Harry Warabach

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