Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida on November 3, 1920 · 1
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida · 1

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1920
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ai;f. six. THRLANDQ EVENING REPORTER- STAR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1920 S. R. O. SIGN OUT AT BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday was a Bed Letter Day in the history of ttK- Uaptist Church of Orlando. Hoth morning and evening there were large audience, R was J case of standing room only before OCTOBER EXPORTS SNOWED INCREASE OVER SEPTEMBER 7:30, t At t slagel KreisK Dr. TOW r 1 Wond of JKI' III 1 lime of ihf morning se mdered o: WASHINGTON, Nov. 1. 'tn tht? and fht rt slum s a fi Asia. Import se coutiiiems South co cry i noted rther rt - Export-Auteri. :i shov ui one sur. t-veninir thft wvi.' with a sons service the tike manv h:id nvei- iif.i Th ed :i full opened f whivbi :s to U12.I rope for the uion as compared with August 191.(1 Imports from 291 compared oi ong rose and fell under the ahleiw"h 1 1 .701 in August. This left 1-adershlp of Brother Wolslagel until every person in that 'vast anriiamu, a Balance or trade in favor of the I'nited States of approximately 1212.. as responding. Thev sav the sins- l" ,or Ptetnhtf ing could he heard for blocks. Mrs Exports -to South America in Sen. WolslageL played as a violin olo .tember '"IW WM'Mi -compared lantina, by Raff. Several musical vjiius laier pronounced tier work as I "0 IWH.:,2K2 . m August, while ' " " "ii- i.uinii ;i I jti ' i " exquisite, and we ii:iinton iieoiJle sty comparad vvltb l'. '.01.1!'l.. There. Amen. I thus was a balance of trade of ap-- Brother Wolslagel sang .as a solo Intimately $$.000,000 In favor of "I Am Satisfied' With Jesus,'' with s!M,ta Auierica during .the month. I wuuueri.ll RinnR Dr. AdciK-k presented a strong me, sage fritm "tha text '"ThJjl.ui Who Ha to Wait.to See How jcLhers Voted.' Truly a personal nieseagc lo' eft s one of th-: vast-solfeBtt a pun oi a. .-.ill dav. Kroth Shipments to Argentina and Brasil sjicnrelf : aturflier increase in Septem- i 1i a f I sang for th? furrowing rgi tip ..a of the church: Bible 8c: Baiacg Ctasx Jr Dept. an 1 P. V. I The Home Coming Meeting' VWi.mup 4,irOHC3. .m 111. ill , -m ha.e tiqe ..-to come spi-.ndid combination. Vv -tings, begfna 7 ; 30 aj)d i , proafptiy. at Si$0. 'W nisht- the Church, was ' filled 'ami everyone enjoyed the it iW- . .' '-- ' Pt. Aiccme and Brother Wolsl, sar.g a beautiful duet which ' tJr? u'ul exPOrtl to the lortner ho. -? ?ii.TSJ,S:,3 as compart I i'is1' -ti th -month before hoi t to' Brazil belu'g '$'";i 17.. iust.tl4.S20.291, Jijvrt' (from;, Argentina, however.) eas-d nearly M,000.000, the total it ?2.2".S5ft. so that Argentina! . a net (r.vde balance for the' ith i f ap'iroximateiv it nairmA.4 anUhear '-.t'ris I lt;.o'rt fwm -Rnitil decreased more' jtVtn the total .in Septem..; -LLpij'ifr flly:ilACiJ,2fii. ,;lntL.thatj: i eimntry.onnd pp tie month with a I .-! ,;; ! !i(!an;e of nail, a. million, dollar I r.Jasa'Btfe.'fhe' t'nited tStste. -' I i i'vports tT Asia in September were' fel -vaiiied . (rt :ffr.8T4,iS compared with i O'J in August while . imrorts I trid'. add d fresh- laurels to tbUrwonuerill and exceptional team of Christian. ''Hi? (i!er. , w Tonight E. L. Wolslasel and Broih er Henry - S.' Symond will sing i (Ju.t. -Ra-fiecting His Glory, and" a treat is promised. . 83,733,"43 compared '7 J21 the month before. with The balance aaainst this mnntrv 'or the month waa. approximately (e.i'Oti.oOit. Japan cut her -imports toirt "this country in September tn rlv half those in Anniit the fl;.. t liar Dr Adcoek speaks tonight on th ,e: beia, g9.M4.MT for September ttae y topic 5ft Who Was d- Wo,l9 for August. Japan . Elated But Couldnt fake Hi, Stand." ,hl;IllH, to'jta ,.nlted mm M The meeting will , close promptly at vahlM , 9MMun compared with a.o, which will eib every one to $inr;9 4 ' get the first of the election returns i t 'S. , . . . 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Let us show you. for The Living Room Soft lamplight and festivity are fet'twes of one's living room in autumn evenings. So dp restful colored rujrs, comfortable and roomy chairs, embracing davenports, all. combine to make one's living room a desired place to live in. The beautiful settings now being shown for your living room illustrate exactly how the furniture and furnishings help to produce that desired charm to the living room. Beautiful lamus nnrl living room furniture in a rare assemblage. Whether it is rich mahogany or fibre you will find our showings of living room suites are verv complete and interesting. ':yf ill FURNITURE ANNEX YoweLL-raEwfe During the latter part of this month the dinine room cornea in for more than the usual share of attention 'IW Tne . enjoys a meal there three times a day but at tSJw g : Ume it takes on greater signif icaw'e And of And your bedroom may be arranged with a view to distinction and unusual charm as our showings offer a wide variety of ideas for the arranging of happy, airy bedrooms. Whether you prefer the darker finishes or thfe light you will find an almost unlimited choice. And all our showings of furniture, rugs, and f other home furnishings are supremely satis- 1 fying in variety as well as quality. FURNITURE ANNEX il Kuroix?an countries in Set temher r.it.j. . " re: . -1 tember ailroad. ha. been a through service South that ha. ,ver bm offerod J:-at liritain .-xports 42.48.-. 08:: 14 of aginea, baggage cars, coach., .S19 n Aa. having Orlando ,iM p.m. IMt; in.ports $34,231,801. compared Arri JackaonvlUe 1:10 p.m. ith S43.4t4.C7S in August. Arr,ve Waahlngton :30 p.m. Franco: Eijorts $4T.2n4..;64. com- n"xt eveint. Boston the folio, inc also carry through cars to St I'ftirsbiirg and Tampa. The trtla will ye i comt-lMe nw (wiul kmwnt dlnfng cars and Pull mans, and will he equal to the beat In the country. " wit., $::x.321..;o t A,1K1.., im:firts ll2.3S4.g7t , in August. Italy; ExiMtrt $5 lared with tl7A'.2.' imiwta $4.'n44S ( $;,388,S2 in Aovust gainst fUMtf morning. The Atlantic Coast Line I nas finally competed arraugemcnts to do this 374,773 com-1 On December 1st, the new tMin ta August: known the KvergUdes Special mpared wlthjl make Its flrat trip. The train l!l have th. . ... , ?ir,t throuirh car from Boaton to the ATLANTIC COAST LINE INAUGURATES NEW SERVICE " ' For many year the dream of rail r. wl man.r. of north and south L YufiCI LAI Ual RHEUMATIC PAINS STOP CATARRH! 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VOLUME 43 ORLANDO, FLORIDA WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1920 NUMBER 6826 HAR D I N G E L E C T E D EIGHT KNOWN xHARDING WILL SPEND A P' : FEW WEEKS IN PANAMA AND TEXAS RESTING TO P DEAD AS RESULT OF OCOEE RIOT JULY PERRY STRUNG FROM LIMB OF TREE AND SHOT TO DEATH AT EARLY HOUR THIS MORNING; NEGROES ARMED SHOWED FIGHT WILL NOT RESIGN UNTIL GOV. COX'S TERM EXPIRES TO PREVENT APPOINTMENT OF k LEO BORGARD AND ELMER McDANIELS SHOT IN DEMOCRAT-WILL NOT BE ACTIVE IN SENATE j THEIR TRACKS WHEN ATTEMPTING TO ARREST AS HAS STANDING PAIR WITH UNDERWOOD MOSE NORMAN, THE INSTIGATOR OF AFFAIR. MARION, Ohio, Nov. 3. No longer a party nominee, uui iirusmeui asm As the result of lah ItPtwppn Governor Loses Home Precinct. . .1 , tl. ', . .1 . hivTiiN Nov S.-4Jovernor Cox, blaois anil whites last night at Ococe ot the UnlUd States, Warren O. Hard- the defeated presidential candidate, l 0 Borgard. of Winter Garden, and ing turned ms thoughts towara resi touay wireu mo tuu6iui.".. j;;iuler .Mcuaniels or ucotL tie aeaa in and recreation today before formula- Senator Harding, the president-eKcl . tinderlaklng Parlors, while tion of his aduiinistration machinery pledging support as a eltlMO to the unaertaiting tors w and pollcks. He plans to take a real j executive authority in whatever t-m- sam Salisbury, a former chief of po- vacation tomorrow which will give ( igency m.ght arise. lice of Orlando, John Turner and sev- tolm a two weeka Seclusion on the His message, the first act of t.ie He- other8 rec3ly;;(, flsh wounds Texas coast ana a weet 01 acowiinai r ifa m tauuiuam waj, icom. la the Panama Canal Zone. A tew tag ends of the campaign remain to be cleared away front his desk first, however, and he will de SOLID SOUTH MAY BE BROKEN FIRST SINCE CIVIL WAR ONE OF THE GREATEST REPUBLICAN VICTORIES EVER RECORDED IN HISTORY; COX JETS 11 STATES VOTE OF SOLID SOUTH STILL IN DANGER; STATES AND CITIES WHICH GAVE WILSON HUGE VOTE IN 1912 VOTE FOR HARDING. In the spirit of America I a-pi which will not prove serious. the decision of the majority and ten- gjx negroes are known to be dead, .iT ve having peen created in houses vote the neTtwo or three iays J w .upVtort "to The Native autiionty In which they hud congregated, while la whatever emergency nug.T arise. one, July Ferry, met nig aeam at Fr had FORMER ORLANDO RESIDENT MAY BE IN NEW CABINET JOHN WEEKS PROMINENTLY MENTIONED MUCH SPECULATION AS TO WHO WILL FILL HIGH POSITIONS. REAL SURPRISES COME FFOM TENNESSEE AND LOUISIANA; HARDING GIVEN A TREMENDOUS VOTE. HOW SOME OF THE STATES BALLOTED roundina out his affairs here. He probably will leave Saturday morning not to return again until about mid-December. One of his tasks today was to read and acknowledge hundreds of telegrama of congratulation that had been pouring tn alhce the balloting began yesterday. During the night the Marion telegraph offices wera flooded beyond capacity and today the messages continued to come in. The aenator was not at hia office until Uta In, the forenoon, however, having been kept awake until long Marion. 0., Nov. 3. Although noth- NEW YORK, Nov. 3 Naw York State went Republican in the election yesterday by the unprecedented plurality of approximately l.OuO.UOO voles. With the single exception of the contest for governor, which is still in flnuht ...'ill t.nvernor &mitli ieatiin? ATLANTA, Oa Nov. 3. A real .. .. , ' , l thB fH,. f actual rornnw imr surprise in the presidential election ; r " , as the potential figures for the missius in the South has been furnished in, nnSTnv K,'etV nvprnnr ,., districts indicating the election of his Tennessee and Louisiana. BOSTON, Nov. 3. Governor Cool- Rlmhli..,n ol)D0nijni Nathan U Mil- Returns from 66 of the 95 countiea' Idge, called Senator Harding by long F"g?eyggffw. m ,! In Tennessee and newspaper . estWljtence telephone early today and g Senator Jamog w Wad;orthi Jr mates for the remainder of the coun- extended congratulations. I extend Republicani was eleclea by a substan. ties give Harding a lead of 2G8 votes you my hearty greetings, said Cool- jgl pluramy OVPr Ulg Democratic op- ana KepuDiican state leauers exprs ; iuge . , oonent. Lieut. Governor Harry C. ed hope of breaking the "solid South' for the first time since reconstruction exiena me same to you, governor. Walker. The Renublteans will con- From early last night the governor the Qf , posge took him ing authorittative has pome from Mr. DemocraUe Itojtowe?, Governor Cooldge8 ' i t Z nZT Zl a 'two thirdsToie id no illusion auout ttie unai n-.uii - , Harding or an yof his close advisors an(H th OV u . 1 . (lanflrliinl (lint Intno iC1 1 Jlin J "J , CI M.-J . . . , rntU ... .a. but he refused to make any stat ment. from me county jau ax an ear.y. uo probable cabinet selections i rn7 n, rt HvrTnL;::.,, '".X , .B".'eu' Deuaujr ana electea represen atives to His newspaper extra aiinounctn ; a this morning, carrying him to a point f Ule administration, campaign toral vote to Governor rnv IU w!' T. a. . .... l'fi"' 5" ,wm Heals runU , ! Democratic column.! give niy regards to M raH.srdi'aonly2' MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 3. Vic-vvnile Louisiana apparently was' 'its fine of you to call me up. 'tor Berger, unseated socialist con-safely Democratic, the Size Of the Mm HarriiTUr will ar.nrM.lato vnnr rr8sman from the Fifth ltlatrict. nJ Republican landslide, Harding whin norn vn tn? road leading to the gossip has included repeated mention nersonal expression " hut otic t at Country Club, where a rope was plac- of several prominent republicans for rw." ta ?hT.;t he manifested ed around his neek. At 8:15 he was eablnet posts. In this current of un- Znreven1 - 1, Uiier and the last hour .pent at his body removed after tt had been vie-w- are thoBe of Harry M. DoUgherty and office was devoted to comforting din- ed by a coroner's Jury. I John W. Weeks, of Maasachusetts. consolated consolators. Ma never lost Mose Norman 6tarts Trouble. ! Throughout the campaign Mr. his smile nor did Mrs. Cox. who spent ... . Daugherty has been more closely as- k hi. niiont fllA,'rh annRa with him. To all friends lne tW9m a PW" aoeiated with Mr. Hardlne than anv townsmen, who chose his lawn as the who came with condolence he added Mose Norman, who Insisted that he 0tner party manager, making many forum for a succession of celebrations these worda to his smile. be allowed to yote after this prlvl- trips here and taking a large part In oer the. honor that had come to "I'm proud of your interest." Ap- . . jMhi r i nlm on the thte formulation of the nominee s Marlon and to their neighbor. They parently be mane good nis campaign - campaign strategy. This close con- brought every variety of noise ma king aasertlon that for him the result was ground that his poll taxes had not tact thw w,lh tne senator's oft- y.teP0.U!diby.Hrd!,ng ca?e !f a.?H 004 wishes, the senator answered. Hp1 "ISt 1 hope to see you before long. device and both Mr. and Mrs. Hard- Impersonal. Before midnight his been paid. Norman left the polls, repeated nralae of Mr Dauehertv's a lead of 213 votes over Wm. L. Staf ford, with less than half the districts -f '11 h ..Aaaa. 1 o ,1 tn - h .n.r 1 hfiflrfl frfllfl fit 4 llrlncl. thltl I 1 i I HI I 1 1 L' wVloniTdl.Trlrter t.tlr2 C0D- time, Senator' Harding said . j The official count may be necessary gresstonal district and received ma-' .. .... . , , . . . a.ia ...it Th0 .. . in otpht w, n.t.n. it' unina i n taKe a neeaea rest ior w " " n-Mni,. i-NfT ei."8 f 'ia while, though.'' i Berger, 21,325; Stafford, 21,112. aoeiated with Mr. Harding than any ! dentiai unVlnn wt vnt ZzJei Tonight a results ought to brace! . leans alone was 17 090 to 31 402 for any one sai(i tne Bvernor. "Ij NEW YORK, Nov. 3. One of the Cox, or tnore than the total Hughes I do feel nne over ,t" most sweeP'n8 Republican victoriea received in th entire state tour' "''m at your service at any kind, in party history today stood recorded years ago. All of the other Southern : 8ald Governor Coolidge. "We've got for Senator Warren G. Harding, for States appeared todav to havo rni. .ia real Job ahead and we'll tackle it president and a Republican congress. up the traditional Democrat!,, maw. together, said Senator Harding. Tremenous and unparalleled Republi returnee: later in me anernooii services has led to guesses in many w.n uemocratic leaders in lnBn uiu sain gooauye . J J , . 1 . t ... ... ,1,,,, 1 ... 1 a ii... T Q (' Q 1 ing responaea 10 every serenum. uy niuaaam mnt aia wwn . , comtnig out and shaking hands all;uon. unce wniie laiaing over me . . ' , ul: . ..,. ,u.t i.m- a... .m in th. North Carolina claiming th. i.,.o.t -wwr - - COunctm his olfice w.lD wn a anov 8 . - - " "m majority there in th, hlstorv of th. 1 i?e national neaaquaners ai iew tomoblle and began to maKe mreais r-w whiio i J.. " 7i I ion ne BUBwmM enaiort namaaat . . ..a ..n,. a. ii.a around. Witehas Congressional Return. Sattatied of his own sweeping vlc- I ran nliiralitiea heirlnnlni? with thft first count of ballots in yesterday's election continued mounting today. Defeat Jn their fight hoth for the r.AV r.K r .... b .. i . . ; l. . Whtlp tn mm. ... ...... . .- In ! t awmm. mm 1 . Yot he Informed Senatorf Harrison ... h n rRfUaaa to allow a'- e i a mwyar una uaa ueen A, ha n"' ",l p ",m ' lauuiovu., ivy., Nov. 3. Ken-, presidency and congress was con- of MfaWslppi chairman of the Demo- a,n8t those who refused jo allow ( ffientloea ag a poagMne choic9 tor abama and 0r.PMtan tucky gave Governor Cox a substan- ded early by Democratic national cratlc speakers bureau, during tne nun 10 voie. .oivC1. auorney general. , 1 nn A .v. , ual raajoriiy, re-elected v ,S. Sena- leaders tory, the new president elect care- campaign, that he was ready at any m Norman waa knocked down when on' the basis of the crushing C. W. Beckham, Democrat, and Republican vote and despite the ab- Mr. Weeks, a former member of Xi X.r' ' "n le..lace tor J fully watched the congrssional re- tim to go on a hunting trip to the . . d, , hl8 UI1 He was the senate naval committee, Is men- had not mad anvVnnLiZt tn. on the face of returns chose seven' sence, even early today, of final and turn, to etajrium.- now great wouki senators home state, tiutside ttt- m.a hi. ti.ni.-d in the undercurrent of polltl- though the flehi In th. nli,a t uemocratlc and three Republican con official figures. . be the parttUngth in senate and governor's newspaper plant there intercepted and finally made his get , H wlth the JElgM " W Ttj-jaaai in the Eighth congrea- With the presidency and congress names which are house. Throughout his campaign he j irathered a crowd to watch the re- away. From this time excitement be- ghln navv 1 J 1 A 1. ju . .u.. ' - '- 1 . ta . . .... e v ..uc .... j mm aw.wrou w um uui. : w. ( .utiiB, uui iv. wo, mxmn a.m e intense w was reported that Among many Hiriit V Ullirao tunc WWB lU ur- uiMptTHVU IJflUre II' ill HiltT I9 ,, , . .U---vJ U v aaoaa.aailaait aa J n.KI publican congress to insure t am ceiving little cheerful new. Not far the negroes were congregating in H if , JPilfiPi work in the federal government and dlsUnt in a nearly street anoth r colored section. 1 2 ' he expreaaed gatlflcation today at the; throng stood about Republican head- N.oro oMn Fire 11, Z ES .I7, .v SSf assurance that the votera had re- quartera and made merry until the Nearoea Open Fire. of Henry CahoA Lodge. Elihu Root, ponded to his appeal. early hour of this mornina. Its shouts Fing that trouble would betlr- phlladen C. Kx and Charlea Evans With particular Intereat he scanned reached the governor as he l?ft for red up by Norman, a number of Ocoee Haghea. Whether political history the reports of the various senatorial , home shortly after midnight. citlsens went to the colored quarters wU1 repeat itself In the selection of elections because of the Important; Dayton itself did not acctpt the gov- .... Will H. Hays, chairman of the re-part he expects the next senate to" ernor's candidacy with great favor. 10 arrest him. Sam saitroury, a war puDllcan national committee as post- play In tne rormaiatlon of a foreign Me lost his own pr cinct by 12 votes vet-.-ran, started to enter ine nousu ma8ter general ia another question r. r:s deficit for paste months more than 200 million policy. It Is no secret that th? ma- but incomplete rp'urns from Mont jor concern of the Republican leaders gomery County, Including the city was over the local fights made on a aave him a few hundred over his op-numbtr of Republican senatorial nom-, ponent. Inees and Mr. Harding volcel in a ' measure hla delight that the outlook! rar the retention of a party ma-j Jority In the upper branch of con-' greaa The vacation trip to be made by! ( tie new president elect and his wife will have as its purpose not only rest and recreation but avoidance of many MijlM anaail annoyances that aJ-1 wfa fell to the lot of a coming chief executive. Office seekers already tkaaaav h.mn th.h- itlt of tha auc. ceaaful candidate and in Texas hej WASHINGTON, Nov. I The rail-hopes to get away for a t.me from ! roads sustained a net deficit of $206.-Lh! "E.'Lr IV J ' M.000 during th. six month, period In which Norman waa supposed to he hiding. He was met at the door with a bullet which entered his left arm above the wrist, passing out just below the elbow. Leo Borgard and Elmer McDanlel who were standing in the negro's yard, fell dead, the former being shot in the temple, the latter in the abdo men. When this neas spread hundreds which the gossips have busied them selves. The name of John T King, national committeeman from Connecticut, also has been mentioned for the post. Herbert Hoover, former food administrator, has heen talked about most frequently for assignment to the treasury or Interior departments. Gen. Leonard Wood or Oen. John J. Pershing ma ybe asked to take the war portfolio, according to another theory in circulation a. , . fc 1 nauvuw 11,011. luuouonoa ireijueni- mshed to the aid of the few men who ,y ,n connectloIl wth tne attorney were caught In the negro quartera. generalship Is that ot former Senator The district waa surrounded and the Geo. Sutherland, of Utah; George W. houses riddled with ballets. Ju y Wlckereham of New York and Sena- lug for him. Point Isabel, near,;"-" ""'"" " I perry the negro who waa lynched " "? ' 7 B Brownsville and the Mexican border. Kealdea this sum the treasury must " .U . htvg k(u.d one nmtl ,t,1 have been talked ul U to be his vacation ground and pay them $406,000,000, the amount of nere' to ,uPpo,M, tohMe 0n: " secretary of war. OI tne OOys. wnue nruij oi.. - rw Becreiary oi agriculture, tienry e-r ?orr!.hhme - Ue tranapo, remains there. jUtloa act. Part of the deficit is After that be will maate the voy-j charged to lacreaaed pay granted to gt l, n.' fto ' railroad worker by the railroad week about the canal famlliartxing .... UMtat With the detail, of govern- j !ab"' board meat administration aa well as the' When the period of federal guar- practical physical working of the aB(N , earning, to the road, ended waterway. He probably will land on . , th return trip at New Orleans De on September 1. the Increase passen- cemhar S aad on the 5th he is to ger and freight rates granted by the at a celebration of tha order t r ha .ft...-. Th.a. da. (signed to lneraaaa the groaa revenue of Klk. at Hedford. V., Mr. Harding remains a member ot th United 8tatea Senate bat aa hla plans no shape ap he will probably not make more than a short visit, at to the national capitol before at ion day. He has a standing with Senator UnderwooaV m the Ihmocratk: aeaate lead and Ha friends say that unless le emergen. arise he Hi let arrange a. cm protect the Rei uh Ilcan majority tn the ,,..,-r., aohnni (ca. h. r hi .aid to have Wallace of Iowa and Senator Ar fired the bullet which killed the other. c,aPDerDof Kan"f; been . I I . . . -,v suggested. Representative John J. Perry just oerore ne mmi um Ech o Wisoonsin. is one of these denied that he had done the shooting suggested for secretary of com- but accaaed Spate. Th men turned merce n din general speculation have Perry oer to Sheriff Gordon, who rushed htm to th Orange General Hospital for medical attention, and later removed him to the county Jail. Negroes Show Fhjht By this tun th aecroea had shown a determined front Havlag twew nemorratln inrnmh.nt t v 1 slonal district, King Swone. Renubli- went loss to the Democrats of gov- Brown, was close Full return had can incurabent, apparently waa losing ernors .state legislatures and other not been received from the eighth T ? .hf 8 Democratlc opponent, Judge "tate and local candidates. The break, ninth and tenth North p.,nHn. at. RalDtl w- Gi'be". Last unofficial even threatened to extend into the tric'but nd catfon. were hat ?he fiBures from " n three-fourthi' rdar states hirtherto solid South rw. . ... ".T; . " .e . .nat.tneiof the votinir nr.Hnot. i .h with Republican gains in some South- '7u,ul"lllt canuiuaies would be elect-' , n. " r,T' , ' T "!er states laraer than anv since the rhan 65 000 f Civil War. Senator Harding , vie tory in what Governor Cox of Ohio, hla Democratic opponent, and other California's Vote. Democratic leaders and many Repub- San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 3. An llcans balled as the solemn referen- gressman from the fifth district of ' apparently safe majority for 'Senator dum upon the League of Nations, waa Wisconsin, at noon today conceded bis i Harding the outcome of the senatorial impressive. In the absence of final defeat by Wr. H. Stafford, R? publican, contest still doubtful and the antl- j figures the swelling tide of hugh alien land amendment seemingly Pluralities eariy toaay gave aim as- adopted were indicated in California trance 01 aes votes in me eieciunu ed. Berger Defeated. MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 3 Vic tor ia. Berger, unseated socialist con. REPURLICANS WILL CONTROL CONGRESS returns compiled early today. For president 1732 precincts out of 6154 gave Harding a lead of 141.451 votes Over Cox. The vote: Cox, 67,-620; Harding, 209,071. . u Returns from 1220 precincts tn the rEL,!NREA8E IN MAJORITY Senatorial contest gave Northrldge 'A',??" S 3J3 SETS -w , . . . ... W IF, .1... '.J. college as against 127 for Governor Cox, with 75 doubtful inclusive of states where the Republican tide was running strong. The unofficial results pressaged a larger majority in the electoral college for Senator Hfrd- lng and his running mate. Governor LEADERSHIP ANTICIPATED. NEW YORK, Not. S. Republicans control for another two years with tween the IT. S. and Japan, had The California anti-alien land amendment which haa been the subject of diplomatic exchanges be- 435 for President Wilson in 1911, during the Republican "spilt." The Republican congressional swing was as strong Increased majorities in both ! senate and house being marked up. lead ot slightly more than two and , Early today victory for virtually all an Increased house majority and a,eaa 01 w,nuy more "an two anu , tuany toaay victory tor vinuauy au ,, . majority ana aone ah, QQ6 Th ToU from 353 ntteen Republican senators for re- prospecuve increase in the senate ,,recincts was: For adoption, 19,225 1 turn was spelled by the returns, while was a major part of the election aeainat 7.114 sweep. A net gain of 20 votes in the house was shown with complete! Harding Going. COLUMBUS, Ohio. NOV 3. month. Ob January 1 when eiecOoa figure, tndloate that win be .uoceeded ia .uoceeded Harry L Davis. Harding probably WtS Of at this state by Mr of the carriers by $1,500,000,000 anna- Wm: " I trapped in their f j fir oa the crowd ot men who were I bent oa caatartag th marderer of TILL COUNTING THI BALLOTS two comrmdea Finally th house, war set oa tire, aad It U ' M . . M laaUsjataS that from thirty to forty The inspectors aad clerk, ar .till - --. at r 1, , , , busy la Prectact No t, counting th w ha I Int. naal In lh. ,.lrlln- mlarilii known l!HTIf ' 1' Hth-r killed In or met death from the rath, r thaa lae tha ballets To negro women oa aad 10 b tn wtfa of Ml Tim, t U- other aaM to a Cat h rratA t swaawMd to aw oUits who ffJSfS and tH. amaaaMa m.m that ih... will UTtr.or. Plt h tally asttl about 9 o'clock tonight The atnendrajt while Sen ator FVtcber ateou to ha aJetely oatdlataocod Jadge ajaamra a tjatiof55 .WaaatJkM aa'te ThU ''' two Rp- Reh Ortaeale. ! Oessa At c ) a aacaajat '"' rta' UsJBsw Ota lar Van 0H. (Cmisai I Pa t . appeared the names of Senator Al bert B. Fall, of New Mexico; Myron T. Herrirk. of Cleveland; Walter 8. Brown, of Toledo: Raymond Robins, of Chicago, and Senator Smoot, of Utah. The possibility that a woman may sit in the cabinet before the next administration Is over haa been suggested b yt he senator's proposal for a new department of public welfare Secondary to the cabinet gossip, and of the aam Indefinite and unauthoritative character la tha speculation as to who wttl have tha Important post of aecretarY to the new president. Geo B. christian Jr has hoan Mr. Hard tng'a awretarv since 4 entered thtj aenat. hot so some of hla friends have stiggetted that be might prefer to take some other place tn the att administration Reeleos his name, those of Fred Stark, ot Ctocla oatl. and Richard Wa.hharn Child, of Nw York, hare been mentioned uriea. - , ; .-. , ( returns from 17 states, bnt with most of the Democratic strongholds re- The noon tabulation on the Ohio presiden tial vote showed Senator Harding about a half dozen of the 19 Demo cratic candidates were battling against Republican leads. The first trial of woman suffrage contributed largely to the Republican majorities and also was a factor In delaying the count in many states. porting. Eight of the fifteen Repub- leading Governor Cox sy 258,946 on. Tnmiilions of women's ballot, also ik-an senatorial candidates had come rPlurnB lrora precincia oui oi . , .. 1 7145 1 nthe state. The vote was Hard- tn winners today, the seven others mg glo,74; Cox 551.800. Returns had substantial leads, while In ten j from $676 precincts gave former Gov-other states ell of the Heimhllcan I rnor Willis a lead of 158,368 votes entrants were reported in the van. ! Z, tr'XL, Ml.WT " !- S 2? mm For the 19 Democratic Senate seat? nine of the minority party had boon returned winners all from Southern 8tates while la the herder and Western States the others were fighting an nphill battle. The general Republican landslide would seat several more Republican senators waa predicted confidently by Repahllcan campaign managers, whose claims included a majority ot 8 to 10 la th next senate. Both th Republican aad senatorial ticket, presidential tickets were reported early today aa sJaaad ha California Nerada, Missouri. Colorado. Soath Dakota Idaho, Ohio aad Wash- swelled the popular vote recorded beyond all records. Senator Harding accorded his victory without exultation, stating that he was ' more given to prayer to God opponent ior unitea states senator , . . av ctin th y CCe, ,frt,,n?,. TW,i? WM: ; next vice president, he sent the fol-Wlllls, 537.14; Julian, $78,796. Iow1lig message stating: "We've got a real Job and well Maryland For Harding. i tackle It together." BALTIMORE Nov. 3 Virtually Governor Cox also received his de-complete returns from Maryland give feat without untoward show of feel-Cox 1TS.1S8; Harding 124.201; Deb, ing He withheld any com meat after 404. Senate. Smith (Dt 161.222; Wei- remaining at hti newspaper office ad lers (R 178,106. Oaly 21 precincts, narton Ohio, until slmost midnight ofthe 821 are missing snd these are sad seeing his own paper lass aa widely scattered. NOTICE TO EX-SERVICE MEN: Csptain Ayere requests every ex-service man JJJaaH mil possibly do so to re pon at police headquarters in uniform at seven o'clock TONIGHT. Cause is St Potcraburg Go. Rapvblican. 8T. PETERSBURG, Fta.. Nov. 1 Harding carried all seres precincts ....i a ani svati B WJ aa Uianuj VI early extra edition recounting hla defeat Senstor H.rding. Governor Cool idge, WUI H. Hays, Chairman of the other Republican leaden Tkl. la . .. , I- .1 . K .. AZ - J IT' "ZZI telegram, of cwirratulatlon. iwwb Krpaauvaa ruajw. m iaa j. .aj u. SBkaat w-- . w. -.1. iwu. . Harding commended Sir. May go Republican. . a poll MM Uttt he wo d expert htm to -play a fall pan !a the com lag BONO AMENDMENT AfPARrNTLY publican admisfrtratlOB " The lm IS DEFEATED. -

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