The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT- JBLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 THIS &mr CLBB Rajah Threatens To Actively • bad His Olct Gentlemen T|]l< i'l tlic ICIh for 1937. BY ]IA«UY~?.IIAYSOX Sumls' Kdiloiy NKA Service , Bas'fb.illers formerly went to Hit 1 ficulhern and Pacific- Coast l.eaf^ lies to prolong phiyim: careers. Now they |iO to lhe Browns. The Browns uuiy well Iw called Iho Old Gentlemen of, St. t.ouls this .season, with hl:mdbys crowding 40 and \vt'l! ftionq In their Ms --Jim Bollouilcy. Sheriff make, Aluhoiitf Thomas, l.ou Knupiil. Earl Caldwcll, Eion Hofr-ett, Jack KnOtt, Russ Van Attn. Etlmn Allen, and Sam West. fircat Rogers Hornsby. who will be 41 on • April 27, actually has rctilrn?il lo second base and Pii'mlcns to sinit the campaign nt lhe position whore he became famous. Hornsby tnuifd himself into fjUlt.2 a bull club by culmiiialiiii; ;\ lone serhis of .swaos with fine which brought Joe Vosmlk. nil! Knickerbocker, and Oral Hildc- bi'and from Cleveland in exchange for Julius Bolters, Lyn Lary and Ivy Paul Andrews. Because (he 37-year-old Al- phcnse Thomas hacjijed U (jfnnrs .in Ifrjij and on Ihe Ihcnry Ihal a jjitc'ti i dx nt knin how'Lo pitch mil 1 'r h 3( Huinsln dragged in t'te 37-year-oM Blake Koupal from Bhike, wlio toiled for (lie Cubs for. eight years, dropped 17 en- i;ag2menlK. or three more Ihiui lie won for the Orioles, bill his curve caught Ilormby's eye. Koupal, who hus had whirls -with the Phales. Dodgers, and Phillies, ranked second in effcclivene^i; in the Co;ist Icon-Ill winning 2:i and losing 11. More. Kiilhllsiiinn Under New Ui-1 Hornsby is optimistic under the new Amerjran -League setup at Spoilsman's , Park. The-80S stockholders of Browns' shares htudcd by Uonalcl Barnes are preparing lo handle a crowd cf 25.0M when the White Sox op"ii In SI lour Apiil 20. For several ^evom the lowly Urowils went through tlie motions of thi <mt"i> I'M ft Wo > a mere handful of iddict, Th"ie is vastlj mcr > pnthi'iisin ill the way Hi" line IToriisby rhould field n hard- Inlime outfit putit.utot'ly if hi can slick Ifi here himself. The Rajah hasn't performed lo any. great extent since he returned to the Cirdmnls in 1933 (o get in 4G. coiifesUs. An Achilles tendon Pitt him in the. Cubs' dugout in 1932. Naturally, Hornsby isn't as agile as he was when lie was hitting nnd.'second-basing the Red Birds lo .their first puniuint and world championship, but a .400 average., which 7 he Jias comnlled in exhibitions, covers a multitude of shortcomings in the field. Ready lo Ep?!l Hornsby nt sec- cud are Nig Lipscomb, louled as the test second sackcr in -ilie S^utl'ern League in 193(i, and Tommy Carey, Hcllomky al First Harry Davis, n Fancy Dan in Ins'.field, appear to have crowded the (indent and honorable •' Bol- tcmley off first base. ' Davis returns lo the American League on the strcnplh of n .2S8 batting mark established in Toledo. Hank Grcenbcrtr hit too lony a ball foi i:im in Detroit. The left side of the infield compares quite favorably" \vith any In Ihe game. Shortstop knickerbocker hit .317 in 1934, .298 in '35, and .554 last isrni. Third Baseman Harbnd Clifl turned in n mark of 302 in 1D3G. Honisby failed lo land Chf Bolton. who boiled the Nationals for tbe second time, but has one of, lh» finest catchers in the land in' Roily HetiiBley. Tommy Healli was recallsd from Toronto. Angclo On The Outside ; -Looking In By "DUKE" Lcachvillc Man Scores MONDAY, APR]!, 12, 1037 ia'>ly hrlglilci'. with a farm sys- built and lo spend. bll of I'.V ItlCHAltn MctlANN NKA Service Sjinrls Wrilfr l-Avoiild ,beem dial neprraenta.- livtt Raymoiyi J. Cnnnon. Die nirm- icral. mit'.or Wlsrr.nsin. is uolmr o tat, for. taiichall players with The n.cod' Irgls'ator, you know. 'in:; nskcd Attorney Homer '-'.. Ciimnihil'S lo imestisale or- ganised biisebnll, cluugln 1 : that 'In reserve clause, contiilnrd in very player's contract, scores u icuhlo-pVi;/ asainst the Inw. WYt\. H-j may interi'sl Mr, Can'(ii lo l-noiv that some 15 yrars •••jr> Ihn ir. F. sntjreine- court niii: 1 Hint oriuini/ed bnsebnlt wns lo monopolist- the baseball business by destroying (he Federal The supreme court of the Dis- tr^cl of Columbia roheld !3alli- morc's claims nnd awarded a verdict ol S'J-in.HOO damages. The court of appeals of the District cf Ccliiiubln, however, reversed this di'Clsisn on Dec. C. 1020. Wild the score 1 lo 1, 11 '\\-nf then pitched into lhe. lap of the United Slates suprcm; court, nnd UK; nine old men there affirmed the judgment of the appellate Net Kvrn :i Commerce Justice Holmes, speaking for the res', of ihe boys, said thai basc- .Soullimi Teams "Hoi" lav! I S UnlV 1 CllltS Illjin spring exhibition games some Welch Appears 111 »l Hie 'Southern association ball clubs would have some wins to be very proud of. Of course they're pleasing, i-vcn as exhibition vEc- for the minor loop. .Famed Surgeon HOBIZONTAL 1 Pictured man. Answer to Previous Puzzle Tonight; i2c«ed. SuiuJiiy Tourney . x* . i Uire.Malch myilnvilh BC Ic.-s In 1 a (l?-l:l ilru' a: I'rj exi>;n"3 of tlie vl'iiihr: ilnytl ')'ilf team Sunday, defsatlni: UK' AIt->')iiiluns In His first lo'ur- uev of tie year. 41 to 2. Kven th? t'lVfi points s r :v^tc-]-,e:l nut by the visitors were netiinHy •coral l>v a I/.-i^hvll 1 ' 1 m-in, 1:1-1 Hoyl, who i»|!iv"rl n»' l 'ir tji-i ba: 1 .- ncr ol the llnvtl club. ]j;^h sroi'i'S ufie the onl^- 'if d:iv lti"s«."|] F'i'-i 1 wo 1 ? m-ylnli'il with n IK and next In 8Q stroke's. I !!)• 3. f. .FRflCN'f) After an absence of more than For Instance Little Uock bowled ] l«'o months. Roy Welch, the Ca- thc world champion New "aJlan Wildcat, returns is local York Vanki-es Saturday nnd followed with a shulout triumph over the Cleveland Indians yesterday, lioli Feller, the Indians' scn- sitional fasl ball rookie, was lhe victim of yesterday's- Indian loss, hard one being smacked for ring scenes tonight In the main attraction on the weekly wrestling program of the American Legion. He will tackle Joseph Oraivlec. the powerful Pole, in the first match of a two star bill. bi'l'rlun nn!"h winners of Individual s-jon John I.e'i'i lerj'v Ki" v '^bmy .V. ,1. I'ollnrd ... i. I'ato '• A. l.vnfli l":ldli! Dull '.lurry W. llnlnvs "O'lnis flre-nwi' ••' ]i. (:•••• J::y;> Mils .... r:. M. iivc'k ..:. W. J. !>et'k ... ". H. A'-tou . .. Gordon Wrl'jlil. p ob UIIMI?S ... M Rnmn Charles Criugcr liobt. Mehrlc .. O. O. Caudlll . A. L l''laeta-{ . Rr-rccl] Parr Out In Tl. n, H. . 'in . 44 . 4!) ..45 .' 43 . 41 I 4G .. J5 .. , r ll .. BO .. S4 .. SI ,. SI M tn 82 in 85 <n 9'! Sli Lamar Thompson 51 I.n«-reiif" Wells . Willacrl Ray .... CLt'tt shnns Jess Ciwinii .... H. R Kirshner . furl Ifoyt •I'l 41 41 47 •1(i 47 '4'I SI 47 4li 41 p*; 52 IOG 4!) l(in 55 I0r>' nn inj 57 112 41 HI! 52 105 45 ai f>« H'l 40 78 53 ll)t 48 88 40 10'i 33 80 homo run by Hooklc Jim Tabor lnst week will come togelher in an- llie base.s i olllci ' 9 " minute time limit, set to. Thev arc Dago Baker and Rex <Tex) Mobley. ,, r lhe Travelers liVvih^vllh Mn " • l0il<lt '"' W|ltch °" ly i! ° es l " KllOW f"Uo'"': Uii'l it can hniipcn to any of 'em, (•Viler had pitched n scoreless Klllce Welch last showed here he Innings bsfore the minor league hns b ° s " cavorting in Ihe Lone Star rankle .unknown cracked down on sla '' e ancl Arizona. His opioncnt. • Orawisc, will be makhn his Eec- Mcmphls Cliicks (ltul "Ppenrance. Last Monday he sniBcd n courageous uphill battle' ^ owetl '° ihe skilled Mobley In an Ir. beat the New York Yankees out] cxcel 'e»t. match. fane will be watching Baker and his Norwegian back-breakjr a»ainst Moblev. Boker us:d it to subdue Lcavltt, the French-Canadian, in straight falls. Whether lie can apply it effectively on Mobley. a much 13 Biblical down 17-To depart. 19 Sea eagle.*20 Little devil. 21 Sells. 23 Ocean. 24 Placards. 28 Most expensive. 27 Postscript. 18 Tatt-er. 29 Court. 30 Ventilated. 32 Devoured. 33 Bordered. 35 Ovum. 37 Lifelesf 0 I n i u j i-i lhi> ninth Innine. 7 to G. after | sulfeiing from a bad case of jitterii: (lie first Inning when i Yankees scored live ruiis. ,l)aylighf Ilaseba We understand llial 11: Giants :ie niythe- „ >un; wiuiiL.'i wiji probably play . uiore iluyllght games than any r) | other Icnnr In the Northeast, Ai-k- iinsiis league this season. The tl« reason is said to be Hill Terry's desire that prospective j Wants set In plenty of the day- ' light ball. These days most minor li'iisuc players piny so much nlp,ht ball that th6y have to adjust Hirmsclves later to the daytime pastime if they climb higher 0 41 42 . better and faster gruppler Is a matter of conjecture. Matchmaker Mike Meroney will parade some local boxing talent in the preliminary. Action will begin at 8 p m. ' • We don't know any other rea- Honolulu Jurisdiction •-' Extend.} for 900 Miles HONOLULU (UP)— Gcogrnphle.- ''lly. al least. Honolulu Is tlic larg- 'tl city in die world. . When boundaries were set after the Islands became an American territory, it was specified that, all islands of the group not included 'n any other country were to be under jurisdiction of and n part •f Honolulu. This ruling extended the city i". a tvtifl ;'iul lira! Ihe re.-erve. r--.*e in the player's • contract ,\:'s necessary and le^al. 'Il!ln clause, as you mny know. !s n scrt of slave pact. It is most ciK-sideO. II. plves tlie club the 'iy;hl to renew the conlniei when t exiles if the club so desires, "ul the nlnyer has no such choice, u see. at the end of Ihe lime sinned up for tlie player can- nbout st'lllm his services highest bidder. slnte lines (the subtle way. is referrin p'avers ttavcllng from 'iot to Ihe No Tntrr?tate C'eitimcrt'e 'file supreme csurl's dceislon in "10 n'aller. delivered by the late .Iiirtir" Oliver W-Mid'll flolmes. held I but bfi» leasrue baseball was 'in. IntiMslatb commerce and did «ol represent an alt!m)>t to moii- or.oll"i; within'Die Sherman nnll- Irust act. II was rendered on May '29. in'.'S. in a suit l-rounht uy the Federal':m baseball team of Hi-.liiii7C)io avainst Hie National nml American Irntucs with Hen Jchnson. American president: -'e-lin K. Tcnrv. Nnlionnl ]>resi- drnt. and l^ irman the t Herrmann. deumrl Na- lioual Baseball Commission, as defendants. The Federal Toa°ue. c::nskl-:red nn outlaw nrtumiz-ilion. was formed in March, inn. and operated for thvee sfa.-ons. In addition lo Baltimore, lhe cities r;prrso-nt- ' cd were Pitlsburjli. Ilrncklyn. Chiraw. St. l.ouis. Hullalo. Kansas Clt.v. .iiid Iiidlannnolis. slate commcrco la\vs brcause it i: u bi'sln?ss of plvlns exhibitions "whleli arc purely state affairs. 1 "U is Irue." -said Justice Holmes "that in order to attain for these the fjreat popularity that, they have achieved, competitions must bo arranged between clubs from dilTetent cilies and states. Hul tlic fuel thnt in order to plvc Ihe exhibitions the leagues induce frco persons lo cross . in tils to ball lawn to town) and must arrange and pay lor their doing so. Is not enough lo change (lie character ot the business. "This court lias held., .before that the lrans|iorl is u mere incident, not the essential tiling ifor violation k of (lie /anti-trust laws)." Nor did the Justices consider 1'Tscbnll u trnde or a commerce "hi the commonly accepted use cf these words." " rITort." said Justice Holmes, "not related to production is not a subject of commerce." In ether words, if I make a bat that's personal effort, \vlth prodncion: bul if I make a base hit that's personal effort without, pro- due! Ion." The eourl saw nothing wrons in Ilie contract which nil players must sli:n.-.. "The restrictions b\ contract Iliat prevent, the plalntlll [Baltimore! from gelling players lo break their bargains and the other conduct charged nsalnst tlie defendants (lhe majors) were not •an interference with commerce among the slates.' The- lower couit went further on this point and went on rec- nppveciatini; tlie of this reserve clause... "H the •eserve clause did not exisl," salt! Ihe appellate court, "the limit 1 ! to Palmyra Island, 900 miles south, and to Ocean or Kme Is- and, approximately 1.100 miles io he northwest. sou Terry might have for Insisting that n Kood sluirc of Blylhe- vllle games be played in the dav- tmie. Certainly lhe club is due to .'infer n lo?s of Kate receipts as a result. Soft Hull's Fuluie A definite decision as to whether boys' soft ball will or will not be played here this come out of tonight's meeting the city hall. monev there's little " or summer should at Woman, 67, Masters Technique of Trumpet PROVINCETOWN. Mass. (UP) —Miss Abby Putnam, descendant of one of Provincetown's oldest .'iiniilies. believes one is never loo Id to learn. At C7, she has mastered the ruinpet. A retired librarian, she received •. congratulatory letter from Waler B. Pitkin, author of "Life Be:ins at 40." "Your achievement is so striking hat I frequently hold you up (in 38 He is lamed for " less" 52 Dove's cry. operations. 53 Grief. 41 Work of skll).55 Hardening « Ashing bag. VERTICAL 44 His native land. 46 He is an orthopedic . 50 South .'Carolina. 51 Secreted. 40 Doctor. 54 Withdraws _^_^^^ 10 Scandinavian. SITIOiRrVI " Earth's divisions. 12 He treats • children. 15 Irish, fuel 17 Big. i 18 To build. 21 Whiskers. 22 Surfeited. 25 Attempted 30 Seaweeds, 31 Deposit at river mouth. 32 Prize contests. 34 To infer 30 To depart. 38 Newly we-1 1 Track for toot womaa races. 39 Two. 2 Harvests. 41 Dry 3 To total. 43 To jog. * 4 To accomplish 44 Onager. 5 Ogles. ' 45 Definite G Level. article. 7 Dwell. <!7 Obtained. 8 Road. 48 To possess. •9 Before. 49 Wooden pin. one of my prize cases of the art of learning! You have my heartiest congratulations. Next year I a member of a full-fledged band," Pitkin \vrote. -omplele anonymity, so far) as shall expect to hear that you are j Read Courier News Want _\ds proposition no chance that soft ball can be a success this year with Blythcvllle having a team In orgnnlzed baseball. But it does seem that soft ball Cfuncs can receive enough pal- ronage to met expenses niu] provide some 75 lo lot) players with the opportunity to play if they v.Tint to do so. Spcrrt limit Snl for Calls ' MANSFIELD, O. (UI'V —Trix'l :moiiny cflirtals. cooperating with Police Chief M.>a:lj K. Bates' in'a, have agreed In'Install governors on al! cabs to hold their maximum spjcd -lo 30 miles an hour. FOR SALE SOY 1IEAN HAY ITANTINO SEE1) STONKVIU.E 5A STON'EVILLK ^A 1st year from Stoncville Station i) DOZ. PURR BRED WHITE ROCK PULLETS Fresh Heifers with Bmall Calves H. C, Knappenberger tils Kill,) Farm ' . . , Oil. (UP)—Prank Gil- Han has a grouch against pheasants. He reports, he saw more than 200 of them eatinj up hi s barley cro!) and die law' prevented him from shooting them. ; Every Monday Night • 8 KM. ROY WELCH vs. .TOR OUAWEIC DAGO BAKER vs. HEX nlOHI.EY American Legion Stadium Wanted- SCRAP IRON teams raided the National Giuliani is. still around.-—and • and .-\meiicau Leagues for play- Benny Huffman, whom Hornsby; (is. fioutins: the reserve clause Uught at Ray Dean's Hot Springs school, has shown sufficient promis.r: to be carried. While Joe DiMaggio obtained the publicity. Roy Chester Hell really war, the outstanding major league pengreen of 1936, Tlic Beau of Bell ville- hit .3-14 and balled in 123 rims. Hildetraiid Seen ,T- I'ltching: Ace Ethan Allen, who came from the Cubs via the waiver route, seems if jt S1(ve " la j to have the jump on Sam Weil i j t t .. iv '-, jj s i];, i cai'siir; die t\vo mnjor leagues -o end of worry. At one time. for instanco. i> looked like the i'rral Walter Johnson would jump over lo the Federal. Only a tremendous pay increase, part ot it rlrnalcd bv lhe Chlcaso Americnns. kept Walter in Washington. skillful iilayers would be absorber by the more wealthy clubs and Ihus some clubs in Iho lenguc would so far outstrip others h playing ability Ihat the contests would be uninteresting, and the public would refuse to patroni* diem." F:ircd Vcotlv Finnut*i:\Mv The Federal Ltnyoe. lui^'ovrr, v ns fnr fiom a reusing surce-s.^- majors a headache .rkcrs one. too. Pitiif ks of th lca?iif naumoun io ,, ln , vood , qn , k foi Vosmik to return lo his .Mitt 11EM v -, ls tnc fac , ,„„, mdianaixilis ° lu ° « <xxll!MK ' s batting form Of 1R3.V MeJvin i snrrrndrrrd it*; fr^nrtiitn tn ^sseni, who hit .295 (or Sanj^"^ £ n ^£> * Antcnio. is the fifth flychaser. i , cnnanU because the ciub was | Uormby , already lias nominated io.sii\w money Oliio to Si nek Kncooons NORWALK. O. (Ul'v — Slat Conservation Gemini S.M one r I.suv rence WooddcH lias' niinon Ih^t as soon us \vealbcr ijcv 500 raccoons, reared during th last ycav nl tbe Milan Gam Farm of the Ohio Division of Conservation, will be released in per ton IHCHEST ridCES ALSO PAH) KOH METALS, HIDES, WOOL ' Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Hlylhevillc, Ark. "Cict Our Prices Me fore Selling" ws \Va,it Ads HSldebrand - as bis pitching Tliu chil wiir among f.nd Jim Wftlkup. who came up mol camr , 0 nn C1H , j u "ooccmbci'. from San Anlonio \ast fall, is tlic mis. W hrn the so-calUxl "Peace talk of the camp. Lcs Tietje 1m been Agreement" \vas reached \vtth tlic i a disap-; icagcc btiua dissolved. All tlic pomtment to date, but Homsby (corns ngrccd. except Baltimore, hasn't lost faith in him. Knott, Baltiir.orc refused to accept the Hogsett. and Caldttell have dem- aaictmcnt and found Itself with oitftratcd that they can make a n U-,-,r,i that didn't have any- 60 of It with a bit of he'p, and body lo play «nd a franchise in Hornsby. holds high hopes for a league that didn't exist. Julio Bonetti from, DCS Moine.s, fio Ihe Baltimore owners filed J-ick Jahucki from GaUwton, and suit, charging that the National! Howard Mills. ' nnd American Leagues and Ihc Na- Tl)? Browns' oullonk (•! consW- lional Commission had conspired Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work Tiorty & rriulrrs 'A Specialty • BARNETT AUTO SALES SSSR The Saveon fksoiine Company Tank Oar Station a I Holland, Mo. is now open and selling high gnuk' gasoline for ' .ItS per gallon, tax paid, as the opening special to convince you that they have better gas at lower price Also Cigarettes at $1.15 per carton 1 SHIFT TO THRIFT Now is the season when drapes come down, rugs come up, and porch and lawn furnitpre emerges in spring-time spledor froin cellar and attic. House-cleaning days are days of change and renewal —ancl an ideal lime to acquire bright new habits along with bright new furnishings. It's a good time to shift to thrift! The first step is easy — read, carefully, the advertising in this newspaper. Bargain news on inside pages you'll find as exciting, as stimulating,-" as i'ront-page stories. Thrifty shoppers, adept in getting Aill value from each dollar spent, know that the best goods are always advertised'—because best goods make the best advertisements! They read—and reap! So put on your Spring thrift campaign . . . now. We'll do our share — by printing newsy, helpful, interesting advertteements of things you need at prices you like!

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