The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1935
Page 3
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, JAlfJAiyy 16, IQSf. Huey Long Hopes to Charm Nation's Voters With Sweet Music By NEA Sen-Ice 'BATON ROUGE, La. — Huey Long may he (he (list man lo try lo croon his way lo the presidency. , in 'The Boss of the Bayous 1ms gone' musical In n big way, and an iinmml nation may soon hear ihe voice of the junior senator from Louisiana Intoning swecl .songs over the air via his -stale rndlo station, which he Intends .sliali "cover, the Untied Slates like Die dew." i . Here'are the -fruits of Senator Long's assault on the UK yet un- cnjxjucred world of- music: 1 COLLABORATED with Cnstro Caru'zo on a song, "Every Man a King," Published It. . HELPED introduce a song, "Follow Long," by Ills musical collaborator, which Is to be hts campaign ditty in the presidential race of 1936. Published it., PREPARED to open one of the biggest radio stations In the south, bought for "Ills" Louisiana. State University by "his" legislnlure TRY THIS ON YOUR PIANO Here are the words for "Every Man a King"—the 'cover doesn't tell whether Huey wrote the words or the music, or 'whether he look a. hand-la both. It's just "Words and Music by Huey P. Long and Castro Cnrazo." Huey once said he wrote the song in about 10 minutes. Why weep or slumber, America- Land of brave and true— With castles, clothing and food for all—All belongs to you— CHORUS: Ev'ry man a king—cv'ry man u king— for lionaire — But there's something belongin others — there's . enough for" people to share can be a mil- all "There's too much noise in most music; too much blare; too much hullabaloo," he said. "What the world needs is softness and gentleness." On the train lo the Vanderbilt When it's sunny June—and December, too—or in the winter time or Spring— There'll be peace without end— ev'ry neighbor a friend— With ev'ry man a king! HUEY GOES ALL THE WAY Now when Senator Long goes game in Nashville last year he musical, Tie goes Ihe whole hog. organized a de luxe orchestra of It is just another j-lng in his his own. He chose the tentlercst growth which began with green pieces in ihe L. S. U. bund, piit, -•• J -— the boys under wraps, and drilled _. them for hours untlf they played g's as softly as an April shower, d- A PERFECT ORCHESTRA Hls-fific ear still told him some- pajamas sinrt dunking, and came up through politics and football. This is no new fancy of Long Years ago. he showed his fond ness for lils'lcnor voice. When Al . ,- **'-> " ii «; <-"* .11.111 luiu mm some- Jolson. came lo New Orleans, he thing was'wrong, so he lelegraph- nnd. Huey blended their voices — --••- - y "Sonny Boy" ernor —~ told _ _ "Pnt this caption on' that"piciur 'Two. Singing Fools'." (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Huey Directs Student Orchestra Sparks Ignite Shingles S|»rks Ignlled dry shinnies on ,he roof of u house at Franklin mm Sycamore Tuesday riiovjihii;, "ushig n $ID loss. The house, owned by Mrs. C, M. Neal, Is ticcuplnt 'by u Oswell mul f Huey Long's fine car .- . . lold him something was wrong ... so he telegraphed for a hanfo pltiv- er, seized the baton himself, and gave concerts ns the [ootbnl] train stopped at stations. Ihe girl entertainers. He got a big hand for that. He first began to go collegtalc m a big ivay by leading the L. S. U. band. Through many, miles of streets, and at many football Barnes, Long as governor and ihen as .senator, drum-majored the boys to bigger and better blowing. SHOWS CONDUCTOR HOW Ills musical appreciation grew more refined, and last year, when Castro Curnzo was conducting his highly polished opening concert orchestra in its in New Orleans' largest hotel, Long sprang from his seat, .and snatched the baton from Caimo's hand. "Lcmino show won liow this should be done," he said. He rearranged .Hie orchestra, and injected .new Interpretations into score. , ccl to vicksburg for banjolst, — -— -~—< ... \-u iu VJLKOUU|£ 1U1 U UillJfOlSl and Long-then gov- ami incorporated him into tin - Photographers, orchestra. With arms nailing an Today's Markets Breaks Finger Leo Mi'dlln broke the lllllp (Inner of his left Iminl In « bnskol, bull Bnmc last ntnhl «l (he armory. Ills left Inuiil was ,il™ Injured whim hi> fell 011 it. WATSON, snsk. (UP)-A lowly alley cat saved Fred aiierer, an elevator company employe,' from beliiR hew up by two gunmen. Slwrc-r says the two eanie Into his olllwr, Rims in band, slicrcr slammed the door in their faces mi 1 ^Inched Ihe cat's lull. The an- Ir "" lU " lP " " w '"">- Want Ads, FEWER COLDS HUP5 PWtNT MANY COIDS New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 16 (UP) — Collon (.teed steady. open high low close .Ian 1222 1222 1222 1'JMb March 123S 1249 1229 124:1 May 1213 1254 1232 1241 July 1241 1254 1231 124H Oct 1227 1237 1210 'l221 Dec 1230 1243 1223 1231 Spots closed steady lit 12CO, up 5. New. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 10 (UP) — Cotton closed slcafly. Jan — - - — 1225D open high low close March 1234 1248 1230 1242 May 1242 1253 1232 1245 July 1241 1253 1230 1248 Oct 1224 1235 1215 1220 ' Dec 1230 1239 1225 1231 Spots closed steady at 12G2, up C. Chicago Wheat Mny July open high May . 95 3-4 06 3-4 July W 7-8. 88 3-8 . low S5 3-8 86 7-8 close % 1-2 88 1-4 : eyes starting ecstacy. Huey from Long his gave head I concert i .--o---j> —~.". trLiuucy, rnu:y L Laler, melody,' .'overcame him ; in at each station a night-club,-.and he. stopped the Now he has' taken the L s u show while he crooned ."Let Me baiid of 125 pieces under his wing lap.. You Sweetheart" to one, of, as he did the. football team, an SALESMAN SAM .:_<:.:•.•• •:, - v < PUU./rOGETHKU. HOYS! , SmaiJ LisSEAJ r £l{jEte'g/5 -':?{ A«J, per VOU^<3-' FetCft ^- { V KM010 TH' TROUBLE I DO see ROTT6M Is telling Ihe world he is golnc lo outdo Sousn. . He is scraping Ihe cnlire United Stales for. musical liilent among high school boys, end'the lad who can thread 'his way among the bars without knocking over a sour at ,., WI note has a inightv slim chance cf I follows- escaoine-thp Iniui ' - I • . Chicago Corn 85 1-4 80 1-2 high 0(j 3-H 81 r>-a low close B4 7-8 8G 80 81 M! Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 104 1-4 Anaconda Copper 10 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 30 1-8 Chrysler ;JB 1-4 Cilies Service 13-8 • Coca Cola '.... 1701-2 General American Tank 3C 5-8 General Electric ai 3-4 Genera) Motors ;n 1-4 International Harvester 3D McKesson-Robbtns Montgomery Ward .' New York Central Packard !., Phillips Pclrolemn ...'... .. Radio Corp 5 Simmons Beds '.". U 1-4 Standard of N. J 41 3-4 Texas Co .' 10 7.3 U. S. Smelting 109 3-4 U. S. Steel 37 i-i Zonllc 4 5.-H 7 1-tl 27 1-4 18 1-2 47-8 14 3-4 Who's Who Contest Held at Steele Hig STEELE', Mo. — Winners of Who's Who contest at Stceic his school have been, announced escaping -the baud. He has put Ciistro Carazo at the head of that, band, and charged him with organization, of musical programs for the college radio. Garnzo has shown 1 himself properly appreciative of Huey's genius, and there isn't any danger of Ills giving Long the cold shoulder when Hie senator feels like Conducting-or .singing. . "I'm' going lo give Ihfi world the greatest 'music it has ever heard," said Senator Long. The 100 pianos of L. S. U. have been polished and tuned, and wjll be deployed in battle array when the mike is ready and Senator Long shouts, "Take it away" HE'D BEAUTIFY LIFE "For better and more beautiful lives, we need more music," said the senator. "It fj|£ S ,| owll t he rough edges of life. It abolishes coarseness. .-...; "It lifts your thoughts to a con- cmplalipn of the Iruc, the beau- :iful, and the good. There ought o be more singing. "Men ought to sing more lo their wives, songs like 'Let Me !all You Sweetheart," And the misic, 'all music, should be gen le." ' • The plans for the radio station re rushing ahead. Long says i rill have 50,000 watte. The an louncement about the radio came hortly after his 'announcement he is gunning for the prcsl- cncy of the United States. Senator Long has introduced nany political innovations. It was e who showed what could be done lib. n sound truck." With a real ndio station he may croon his vay right into the While House. Itch Is Contagious f any member of your family has he ITCH, slop It before nil the amily Is effected. BROWN'S LO- r !pN Is sold, in $0c nnd $1.00 bol- Ics for this purpose. First bottle old with MONEY BACK GUAll- NTEE. Thousands of bottles ave been sold for the relief of TCH, TETTER, IMPETIGO, INGWORM, ATHLETE'S FOOT, OISON IVY, and ECZEMA. Slops IAD FOOT ODORS in three ip- llcatlons. Don't use messy salves nd bandages. For sale by Klrby rug Stores. ticdav do«(,,', new pw «rful n«iian,l ingnili,,,,, wW»tn, trmm f.t ljuw, lon L««f. Gil ,t ,|| Freshest Preshfc, Virginia Moore silliest sophomore, cleo Ozinen Jolliesl Junior, Minnie Tnylo most dignified senior. AVII Mar shall; most studious senior, Col illo Kearney; best athlete, Uoroth Moore; best sport, Minnie Tayloi best liked, Minnie Taylor; qulctes Marie Clanlon; loudest, Cleo Oz ment; most popular, Jane Bog nnd Pally Jordan; most benutifu Ganell Weaver; most studlou Corillo . Kearney; bcst-aJl-nrom Minnie Taylor; biggest flirt, vii ginln Chapman; most ambitiou Arabella Stanfleld. Freshest freshie, Bert Wells; si best sophomore, L. M. Harper jolliest junior, .Basse Steele; mos dignified senior, Ruble Burns; mos studious senior, Fred Alexander best nthletc, Ruble Burns- b«< sport, c. G; Penney; best' like< C. G. Penney; quietest, Htm Burke; loudest, c. c. Penncj most popular, Fr e( | Alexander most studious, Harry Burke- mos handsome, o. G.. Penney; best-all around, c. O. Penney; biggest nir Ruble Burns; biggest book worn Harry Burkc;jiealcst, Bassic Steele most, ambitious, Fred Alcxandei most worthy sltldciif in SC boo n scoo Ruble Burns; couple. • deepest ii ove Talbert Kclley and Ruby Lc Williams. Courier News Want Ads Pays It Has IWpfd Thousands Men and women who are occasionally upset by constipation h one way or another, such as slcl headache, biliousness, dizziness poor appetite, gas pains, will obtain refreshing relief by taking Thedford's Black-Draught. "I found I had to have some thing for constipation tor it wa making me feel dull and tired 1 writes Mr. J. L. Britlan. of Mc Adenville, N. c. "I had heard s nuch about Black-Draught, I bc- ?an taking it, nnd after n dose o two of Black-Draught I fed fine. — x-. i TIIEDFORD'S BLACK-DK.U.'GHT FARM FOR SALE Immediate Possession 55 acres, all In cultivation except 8 'acres, with good government cotton contract, located G miles north of Blytheville. 2 houses and 1 barn. Can give possession Immediately'. $500 or more cash down will handle, balance to suit. Price $2,500. G. G. CAUDILL __.„. Phone 797 HESS, Inc. CLOSING OUT Their Entire Stock to the "Bare Walk" In a Price Slashing, Gigantic REMOVAL Blytheville, Arkansas DAYS ONLY STARTING THURSDAY JANUARY 17th. Ending Thursday Jan. 24 Every Item IncludingNewArrivedSpringGoods MUST BE SOLD AT ANY PRICE REGARDLESS OF COST! As We Will Open With An Entirely New Stock, New Class of Merchandise, New Low Prices NEW LOCATION SOON the Old Kroger Building- Red Front MAIN Orp Opposite ICES ^B^^^^^^^B^Bl^^^tf J ^^^^^^^^^^^^H LOW Ritz Theatre Unbelivable In Print - I !• ll»»l» .••^^••••^••^^^^•^•^•^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ Our Windows The st Sale Seen Prices Till Nothing Reserved - You Have Never Come Here -- Buy -- Save! Watch & Grand Opening

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