The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1948 Press Meeting Results Lauded , Information Freedom Conference Termed Success by Delegate! rurnan Greets Acme Lensman BUTHEVTLI.E (ARK.) COUR11SK NEWS -- Information and the .press made "remarkable" and con- .structive achievements, the six U S. delegates to the recent conference said yesterday. of U ci a i dC ~ ll<!<1 "I' 01 '* to Secretary TIC ? George G. Marshall, the U.S. delegation, headed by former Assistant Secretary of Slate Will • n,!" Be "¥> n - Hsted many co.icretc Mcomplishmonls of the Geneva ' conference, despite thtt black pessimism that preceded it. "Taking into account (he malacl- : justed woiid in which the confer- ' fnce was held, the U. s. dclefiainn | can point with confidence to the i record of constructive achievement i or the Conference on Freedom rt i Information," the delegates I "This was the case both in the post- • live sense of extending the concept ' and the practice of freedom and in the negative sense of combatting in. ^mrsions upon freedom. . . in tho fpice of ihe difficulties, the record of constructive achievement of this 1 conference seems to us remarkable." Supporli 41 Decision* The delegation pointed out that: 1. Of Die 45 decisions of (he conference, the U.S. delegation sun- ported 41. 2. With the one exception or including limitations of freedom in the covenant of human rights, every proposal the delegation wanted adopted was passed by a very large majority. 3. Wore Ihaji a score of proposals and amendments which t!ie delegation^ thought would cripple freedom The delegates emphasized thn the conference marked a decid=d change in the general political attitude* of mast of the nations of the Western world during the last lew month!, and said Ihe confer- NEA-Armr b ,., ^resident Truman a Pictures of the Year 1 Rritannica and the I r > Tl ±" Tllom ' )so » f conBralulatcd J,i' Won lhe B " h annll; <] "N ^ y "™' ^^^", the Knoyolo e Moscow and Its' Inhabitants Look Better Than They Did on V-E Day Senafe Okay On Educational Compact Seen WASHINGTON. Mav II ,UP> _ Sonthirn Scmuors believed lodny tnm tiioy have enousli .support | 0 win Srnale aiiprovnl of u region il iducailonal coinpBoi iwrmiitini, ion. h Sen. spcssr.rd b, Holliind, U Ki n ,'airi he was confident (he compact would win out if advnrnifs of aml- .seeres.Uion nnipudnieiiis rtn not, re sort to "obstructionist" tactics. H>- made the prediction » s Hie bcnale prciiaied 10 resume deba'e on the bill to authorize the pact relieved the barrciin<«s of many o t Moscow's fcnlrm streets and bo'ule- Scaroely a major sum j s w |th- oui some sort of building or housing project, usually of major nr,|. |X5i lions. ' Household furnishing are avn able again—things like mattress Rnrt lump shades and pots and pa —to make life easier. RefrlsenUors are on sale, and radios, and bU-v- ' cles. J | The fond is good and the vod/,,. "nd champagne nre plentiful ,t Moscow's sevornl c «res where the bands play until f om «. m . iiudor whioh 15 Souther* • sl»ls,, could pool iheir rr.sonrce.', to .s«t up regional schools, The House *i- ready has aunroved the comp«l. Wlini It rcncliM Ih. s,, ia> lloor. yens. Irving M. ives R M y Wayne Morse, R, Ore., and Homn- l".'iBU.,on. K.. Mkl,. Hiu,.kp,| ii .,., 11 mst, to pct'tx-tunle seRreuaiion. It-s proixinenis ronieud (he mn.\l Issue wan "only Inetdenllnl 1 '| 0 | n , jxunpacl. They .said nolhlUR would b« gained i>y adding,. jlion provisions because the Smith- j em slate constitutions (irolilbil ] mixed educRlloii ot whiles mid He- jSiop.i. Ttmy suld the only result would Of "no comiinri." nmJ tlic r|»s(n« ol Mchurry Medical Collrcd lor Nc- j grorti M'Niwhvllle, Trim. Meharry 1. w , ~~. « '« be the first Mhool »ch«K , , flh| * * hale >"««"«* i* io benefit under the compact. I feet ln '"ngth At seven months it " ly ' fW>m * len * th Trim by Jury WM O i, 8 o< the lundamenui rights wrested by the Kn.lUh P.OPL. rrcn, Kln, Johl) „, About i known ol wood >ra timber tiad«. i chanp-e. Dynamite Blast ears Hole in Bus Depot Roof MINDEN. L«., May 11 (UP) _ Dynsmile blasted a hole in the roof of a. closed Southern Trailways bus depotat yesterday in an apparent renewed outbreak of violence in the year and » h aif old i, LS strjke No Jnjunts were reported A hole two feet across was torn in Hie roof and windows for blocks around were shattered by the Windows of tajticarxs parked near the closed terminal were, also cracked, The bla.t. is the fourth reported in recent weeks. The first was the dynamiting of the Shreveport terminal of Southern Trailways about • month ago. it was followed bv dynamiting of empty busses at Jonesboro, La., and at Hope. Ark. Taxscab drivers stationed nea' »i« terminal said they saw no one » or near the building, or even [-1 ihe vicinity. Evidenc« of dynamiting was lemnd. police said. Slate Trooper ton "'** assiglled to By Waller Cronkll^ Unfle.l Cress Staff Conesponrlrnf MOSCOW. May 11. (UP)—Moscow's man-in-clic-strcct aud ttlc city in which he lives look far better today than three years ago when the (jcrmans surrendered to end the \\ar in Europe. The average man has gained weight and is better dre.s.serj Tie city is cleaner, brighter, gayer and Mid-way during the third year ot peace, the government announced Miat ilw production ot Soviet in- fvnm ,') £ " le V°»>«Un8 it took lorn thn German invaders, passed its pre-war 1940 record, u was pro- it ever had In histoi v ' E ' ""' Tliat story is told" in the official f.gnre, of iron ami steel product n-ari " °' alltomobil « anil these days—evidence n[ the Jiealthv improvement of private automobile transport, soviet factories are lurn- '"8 out enough small and medium sized cars now so they can o(t«r them to (he public for sale Hu.i- oreds of th*m are on Moscow .streets. Dozen, of mile public a. rv | cf , have l>eeii resumed. Several thei- 'crs have ticket delivery service 3,tid Ihn aii'liiie \vill Rrr+nt *•* & . •"' tut*, n in itt-ccpl iCKcrVH~ -stores are now neatly wrapped? and a drive to improve the courtesy of sales people has paid dividends Huililingi Renovattrt Many of tbe buildings have been Moaned and painted. Restoration , work on the age-old Kremlin has been continuing almast miinter- j ruptcdly. The shop windows »r« ! cleaner, Julier and brighter \ ji Courier News Want Ads. which tbe visitor ),er e call ^f,"^ w tbe faces of the people or MOSCOW and in the appearance of tliD.r I have lived through two years ol that rcamstruetion with the R lls • people. During that time the improiement has been like the movement of the hands of a dotf; —imperceptible at the moment' but well-defined at the end of the hour Street Scene Jirif;hler -Today's-Moscow street scene'bears lu.lle resemblance to that of two years ago. New suits and coats rn longer are a rarity. Many of the women have discarded their shawls j und are wearing new and becoming There are many new streamlined • street, cars and buses. There still ; are rush hour Queues at some of the busiest points, but no more «o than in many Western cities New Uxicabs are available. The /ood situation has improved considerably in recent months ant particularly since the lowering of j prices and the revaluation of th° ruble last December. At some of Moscow's busiest in- teweciions thfre are traffic Jams liquid tho* poll»h per bottle Soybean Recleaning Let us reclean your soybeans. Our new modern cleaner double cleans, removes splits, faulty beans, dirt, trash, weed seeds, for better germination and purity. Blytheville Soybean Corp Phone 856 1800 W. Ma in St. Phone 857 PlTWlrlra wtpm books, A Good File To Have in Office and Home » .,,,f c „)„„ ,„,. liam ,, wtl(s r( ,_ personal records, cash, account , , books, Ictiej*. Insurance policies Jewelry, precious rtruss ullicr valuable,! hVn'T 1> " (o ' lll ' tl "'vincible Coucoaled Safe Unit K.\'c)usj!vcly l!v COOPER TYPEWRITER AND OFFICE FURNITURE, INC • 7 Kiiuth .Second SI. |. ho . |. hone S . : , 22T Bui/f os Qe/i&emfe eces TWO COMPLETELY NEW 1949 >N A CHOICE OF MAGNIFICENT BODY STYLES AND TWO SEPARATE PRICE RANGES 10////.W (!,« subtle, difrercnce thai Ir)M11 , pnr . echo,, »| le moment )(n , calrh .sight of ,|, r , c new U19 l.mcolu tars i,, your I ,!,„;„]„ dealer's sliow- rooin. Jlere- i.s |], H I,,,,!; ,,f ||, e ,,„- j 1)(lVe |,,. ril wailing [<„ ITI.c liisl IS),|!J i.;, rs i,, !lriy | iH( | 'Hie mojl Ihrilting news in (he culiru fine tar held (or many a ynarl «»//. the nrw F.iiKol,, a ,,<l |) 1C new I.i, K 'nl,, (.n.Mnnpn]il,in Inivc low, liigg-lltu-io:,,) lincs- lih ""'»l promise siirc-r,, 0 | C< rn cn | ri< , ss j linc|if)11 _. A „<„,; pn-Jn-t ,,, s i llr 1,:,., ,, nvi . r |, or ,, ))1 , i | 1 , Cntuplclcly ,,cw, J32-l,orscpowcr slrotig, S-uyl- ind '"'or, V-lypn, (|.|, !IS hrr-n tlrsignecl with the pre- Kio/i of HII lira (for i engine. /lite/ «•/.,„! hc.n,l!f,,l ,•;,!!„!> comfort! Pcrfnct t.:ihiiH-« and ,,, 1(r vol.)us siippr-!, : ,ll oo ,, tfrc? takn sway ,m( ol nu-vcs. Tlic l.inmlns were ),,,ilt to cradle" you gently, «,,,| j,, |,i g |, slyle ,,,. \iiuve never sc.'ji ^ i..,-,,,.l,,,i , , , ) SL<.JI MIMIU.I npliolstcry null c-olor ".••iliiiiiilions, nor appoiutiucuts ui liner taste. ti''cffir»l)e<irslit,jn-i;,, K {[iewM 1U I!) Lincoln ears. 'I Iml's \vl,y. hcloie you make any t.u tlcd- siou, you should luuk at Lincoln I Nothing cov/c/6e ftner- or UNCOIN COSMOPOCITAH iba & Company SEE THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THE FINE CAR HELD AT YOUR LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER'S Phone* 3479-4333-4334 Still & Young Motor Company Lincoln-Mercury Dtolcr 1st i Walnut

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