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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 3
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 3

Atlanta, Georgia
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'SWELIDME BRYAN Bbbbs sod leave me next that 9.500 RICH IN GIFTS The little cottage Which he was born is LOCATING THE LINE THE SKILLFULL SPECIALIST ore: the spring irom wwen he urana Newsy Kotes. 'riTtoP from ts dry, but the rnsmory of the man la INpTRAL CITY fresh in the hearm ms menas ss was AND IN LEGACIES once Ms crystal waters. TO LOGANSVILLE AND HIS NEW DISCOVERY. Right here may oe or interest to men rounty uuT There stood until 1 year a church build i night of the Yesterday wU1 'tk ls Young 41 in. To rope around iron fire upon I were flred juletly toft Lnd shortly against then the steel rod to Will kins before 1 1 1, It fill Bi mi i firwt Reception by the Georgia laws i EAGERLYHWAITING THE LEADER Baceives a Hwiri jr om. Ir. Bryan, as to the Date. SPEJC ON CURRENT POLITICAL ISSUES Conatfctit coa, Kills, I ahrth jbmgr w.J. tit in the Banks of Bibb Unswerving Democracy the Chieftain. I i Bureau. Brown House, trch 2. Mr. Roland presidential elector for the tricnal district, invited Hon. to visit Macon on hie pYesent ke an address. Today Mr. El the folio wing teiegrara from cratlc candidate for president: nd Ellis, Macon. Qa. Shall Wednesday af ternooa, the 9th, J. BRYAN." i. therefore. Mr. i one of the possible for the Academy the great multitude that the distinguished Ameri probable that the address will bo trains at re low the people in try an opportunity Bryan a grand reception and i tremendous demonstration. Us will be met at the depot by a large concourse ot citisens and a brass band, and a triumphal his hotel. It i will be extended to all the govei congressman irom Nebraska. Atkinson in Macon. Judge Spencer Atkinson arrived le electioneering vli lotel Lanier. During for the dem as always pleased isun Club in Macon at an early day, and Jge Atkinson will be Invited to address club. Judge Atkinson left this after lend that Mrs. Generous Offer. Only $Suu has been subscribed paying oil the mortgage of trustees will receive the 17.000 do by Mr. T. B. Gresham and his Mre. Minnie Machen Gresham, with Denny, the architect, comes tomorrow to meet the building con lan. and wUThave plans drawn building in order to have It 1 ise outside of the $3,500. and ill nlse 32,000 more to build I ward sufficient to aceom patients. I will not call on woman taterestms: union tsUatfe eervi be for the bC by the night Rabbi Marcusson the synagogue on eloquent lecturer Mtractlon offered by evening the congregation ot to Rev. W. W. Pierson and Donnelly and Qlrard. In "The Geeser." .58. attractlon at the Academy of Mule tonight. The anniversary of the death of Robert rWrtahmanot INHALED NAPHTHA OAS. An Accident Which Almost Had a Fatal Result. Savannah. March 2. (Special.) A break in a did to the phtha pipe leading irom tne taswi phyxlatlng several of the workmen Liberty and East Broad morning. The trench is twenty feet deep at the volatile fluid before the workmen were ire that the pipe was broken. The first Ous Nelson tumbled over in a heap several negro hands followed suit. The i were entirely helpless and had to be led out with ropes. The gas which he and work had Arrested for Vagrancy. Savannah, March 2. F. lulsberger, of Chicago, was arrested here onight on the charge of vagrancy. The barge is a nominal one, and is only nade to hold the young man utll the ar ival of ms father today. Hie father is member of the Schwarzschild Sulz merger Beef Company of Chicago, and la aid to be a very wealthy man. The ar est was made at the Instance of the agent the company here. The cause for the irrest was young Sulzberger collecting a He thought it was all right. Death of Dr. Starr. Naeoochee, March Dr. E. P. Starr, for a long time the most prom day. He was loved by all who knew and noted for his uprightness and nty. He was elected from White county to the secession convention as a union dele gate, and was one of the three who refused among the first, and He never asked His loss is a sad 1 Public Schools for Dahlonega. Dahlonega, March Ii the election held on the subject of publl schools the qualified voters deckled by i vote of 78 to 12. to establish a system public schools for Dahlonega. Tt is expected on July 1st. and as these schools will graded they will prove valuable adjunct to the North Georgia Agricultural The trustees of. the college are moving for ward actively in the matter of a dorratto the beginning of the fall term. Barnesville's New Theater. Barnesville, March 2. by the Frank S. Davidson Comedy Compa. ny with a good, clean show, "Farmet Hopkins." Mr. J. Kennedy, the ownei of the house, has just had the entire remodeled, with new scenery, new open seats and electric lights. Barnesville is now ready to patronise gooc Kennedy opera house. Adopted the Form Book. Athena, March 2 Mr day in Athens. Whllt to adopt Mr. Blount's Georgli and Manual of Practice iiiglne exploded in Hog The man killed was tamed Mauldin wai The others The Son Has Gone. March 2. Ezcklel, who Esekiel is fifteen years old and well deveiopea He got Into a dispute with his day and after using abusive ed him down. Then he left ho The Normal School Opens Athens. March 2. BUte Normal school state areTalready here. Columbus Sleets Fire Chief. Columbus, March 1 George 8. Burrows was tonight re elected chief of the Are department by the council There was talk that he would have lively opposition, but It did not develop. Of perfect purity. Made of the best vegetable ingredients. In three oonvea lent sises for the toilet, the bath, the FAIRY SOAP prrBS WHRB FIOATUra Br the soap of the century. THE N. K. FAIRBANK Chicago. Pt. bonis, New York. Eatontoi Is Oil of Gurglt'i Stroigest lam Ceiten. WAS BORN OF Alt INSPIRATION Her Sons Hare Served in Every Wax of the Country. FURNISHED STATESMEN AND JURISTS ALSO Material Work Accomplished and Enterprising Citizenship. Eatonton, March The old historic town of Eatonton was laid out 1807 and named for Major Eaton. Rome and that It was named for one of them. But how few of the natives of the little city know who was Major Eaton. From the days of the crusades until the first years fthls country Algerian pirates lcvuo wacKroaH, captured ships and enslaved passengers in the Mediterranean despite of the fleets of Europe. But when they Interfered with vessels of our yeung republic and its citizens, quick work was made of them and a final end of piracy on the middle sea. In 1802, to punish outrages as above, the gallant Decatur was sent MAYOR R. A. REID. with a few naval vesels; and Major Eaton, then United States consul at Tunis, raised a force, almost entirely by his personal and while Decatur Invested Tripoli by eea Baton did the same by kand. The cfty surrendered and the world was forever relieved of the ravages of Algerian piracy. His Name Was Honored. Filled with admiration for the services of this distinguished soldier the energy and from the first wielded an lnflu trlotlc. A few years after its settlement the county sent two full companies to the war of one commanded by Captain Adams, of General Floyd's brigade, distinguished itself in the battles of Antoseee and Calybbee against the Creeks and British. for the Seminole war, and the Georgia battalion was commanded by an Eatonton soldier. Colonel Mark A. Cooper. In the late well known, placing In the confederate the lands beyond the Ocmulgee were Putnam sent forth her citlrens. She it to Macon the Hardemans, the Sparks, i Naplers, the Comers, the Holts, the 1 Ml fro one Texas, a SIR. ROBERT aerator and justice of the United Statt supreme court. The late Chief Justice David Clopton. of Alabama, was an Eatonton boy. The present chief justice and one ot the associate justices of Missouri are from Eatonton and the old town Is still holding her own. Judge Turner, of the convict commission, and Speaker Jenkins, of the house, have their homes here." In the Literary World. In the literary world there was born here gentleman wnose reputation fined to Georgia but whose familiar In 'he homes of 1'iuc land and continental Europe as it is in those of his native place, Joel Chandler Harris. He has made his way to eminence. Hie schoolmates here talk much of him tell of his invariable good temper and amiability, of his keen wit. book and old or new newspaper could get; always modest and retiring as a boy, as he is now at tne height ot fame. Some years of his youth were spent at the home of the late Joseph A. Turner, who Is editor of The Countryman, at his place. Turn wold. Mr. Turner hlnself was a great lover of books and young Harris had the pleasure of reveling In his favorite that of reading. Long hours In the library, long sunny days on the plantation, long talks with tab old negroes, until he knew every tree and flower, the notes of every bird and cry of every animal and peculiar trait of character and speech of the negro. Here he garnered here ing a MR. B. W. HUNT. Ing, owned by and worshiped In, for over half a century, by the whole community of all denominations. For years it was used for Fourth of July orations, political mad and a resolutl tog That convention ed chairman. This ter Deca The Town Is. Growing Eatonton has never been on a boi for the past ten years It has been growing, which Is very noticeable, was a few years ago the hunting gro the Nlmrods of the town is now the beautiful residences. Many improi attractive. last year in now adjoining board of edu i good schoolhousei was opacity of 1 in i slate 'which telosed arc light. The plant is situat a con grind 200,000 bushels of grain a Factories Now Ahead. These improvements have ooene and beaded by i Is Mr. Robert Young, he north of Ireland of sturdy rlsh ancestry, he possesses all llgion: In be has end ore highly with the community Is Mr. B. W. Hunt, cashier of the Middle Georgia bank. Born to the earliest colo dalry production and fine stock, and trained city, he has followed his first to Import blooded stock, both rsehardly a. or horse inthe attention ressed Sent Free to Men The State Medical Institute Discovers a Remarkable Remedy for Lost Vigor. Free, samples of a most remarkable remedy are being distributed by the State Medical tInd 11 years against the mental and physical suffering of lost manhood that the institute has decided to distribute free trial packages and all men who suffer with any form of sexual resulting from youthful of parts can now cure themselves at home. The remedy has a peculiarly grateful ef the desired location, giving strength and from years of misuse of the natural func one of their free trial packages will be complied with. The institute is desirous of reaching that great class of men who are SZft, ployed. The institute makes no restric tions Any man who writes win be sent a tn? sample, carefully sealed to a plain package so that its recipient seed have no EE a anlniessiwiiil nr Fatilli it i Readers are resetted to write without delay. The Subttrd Air Uie People tpeiti. Up a Iif Country. LINE FROM LAWREiJCEVILLE Will Go Through, a Rich Country to LegsuwvUle. AND 6IVE ANOTHER ROUTE TO BUFORD To Be Followed by an Extension to Covington, Which Will Give South Georgia Connections. Seville. March (Special. engineers of the Seaboard Alr oad are locating the Loganville llroad to be built from this Mint Loganville. They have located the line om Loganville to within one mile of this light from Loganville to within three miles ver. will be Quite expensive! as there will considerable grading to do. esDeclaHv in and about Lawrencevllle. They expect to ition is to run an accommodation laboard Air Line town. The Loganville people the grading and furnieh the ral of Buford's enterprising citizen! 3 that ulace. which the Seaboard Air Line will do if the Buford people wil oposltlon made ates charged at that point by the South rn railway. They are shipping consider ble freight, it le reported, from eastern points via the Seaboard Air Line to Da point to Buford through the country, a stance or about ten miles. They claim to ve money In this way. The several nneries and harness factories at Buford nsiderable item and It is not at all un tely that the anticipated railroad from It is almost a foregone conclusion thai Georgia railroad and i railroad. i only eighteen Victabunr. partly cloudy! 4i Paul, cloudr Ut' Lou" cloud nmaha, ortly con and Cov Loganville as a prairie, besides being an. excel arming section. This will be a great sr to the Seaboard Air Line; besides It Georgia points. By this short cut, from eight miles, they would save having thst this nal school has ever enjoyed, and THE WEATHER. The forecast for Thursday Is: Fair, ept showers on the coast; colder. Local Report for Yesterday. Total rainfall during 12 hours Deficiency of precipitation General Weather Report. Dally of New York, sn Savannah, clo Raleigh, rain. Charleston, partly cloudtyj J. MARBTJKT. Tyv.l Official. Forecast for Today. Washlnston. March For Virginia: FalrTcooler to southeast portion; nortber Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia: Thursday on the coast; colder; northerly winds. Eastern Florida: Thursday showers; becoming northerly Florida: Thursday the The Eminent Physician and Scientist Who Has Proved That All KIDNEY AND URIC ACID TROUBLES CAN BE QUICKLY CURED. You May Have a Sample Bottle of the Great Discovery all stampedt study of our owi ir a peculiar locate its orisln of the body la si If the kidneys Sent Free by Mail. it and I the falling tey look well to their health and strength. If the kidneys are no clean and healthy conditl in a perfectly many times during sleeping kidneys are sick. As they reac unhealthy stage, a scalding and or dun ache in the back makes neglected now the disease advances til the face looks pale or sallow, puffy THIS MURDER NOT POLITICAL TRUE STORY OF THE SELLING Three Drunken Men Had Got Into a Row Freeman Tried To an Peacemaker. m. March 2. The to give a political coloring to of the late Postmaster Freeman it crime, which occurred on the wghl edge of Dooly county, was the out The Facts Brought Oat. The Constitution correspondent has seen the official papers of the hMlueat and interviewed the coroner and other reliable citisens of the community in which the tragedy occurred, and the facts seem to be about as follows: She'p Odom and Ad Kyab came to Freeman a store about midnight, where they were Joined by Henry Poavy. All were white men and these last three were Odom and Peavy engaged to a quarrel, and the latter, who was a guard at the stockade of Greer Bros, who work m.sde meanor convicts, left the store making threats and soon returned with his win cheater, and entering Freeman's store, opened fire presumably on Odom Freeman, however, received the bail, which en tered Ins body six inches below the nipple on the left side, death to a The Coroner Found the Facts. In the confusion Peavy escaped and not been yet apprehended The verdict ot the coroner's jury was that Freeman to kds death from being shot with to the hands of Henry Peavy whil oalr recently served ot chaingang and at the time was employed by Greer Bros. as a convict guard. An Incident of the Inquest. Inquiry discloses the fact that the wife of the murdered man objected to Mr. Al me being Dakota, sitting on the Jury, and he did not so serve. that Freeman had been appointed poatmaatter to succeed Owens, and bad forwarded bis bond. hut had net been commissioned, nor had be taken possession of the office. Kit a Drunken Row. brawl between, Odom, ityaai and health and strength than any deranges of the kidneys. Swamp Root is the great is needed in cases of kidney and bladder disorders and uric acid troubles due to weak kidneys, such as catarrh of the bladder. ability to hold i promptly overcomes that sity of being compelled The mild aAd the extraordinary effect of this gnat remedy Is soon realised. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures, and Is dispensed by druggists In £0 centa end tt So universally readers are advised to write for bottle and to kindly mention Dally Constitution when sen Peavy, in which Freeman, as an innocent witness, suffered the loss of his life. There seems to have been no polities to The News in Washington. Washington, March At the postomce department nothing more has i looking for appointed, and far claims, he was murdered. Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Brtstow said today that if It was found that Freeman i see that tt Coles Anderson. wklnsvMe; AT THE CAPITOL. Governor Atkinson Issued as order mtsvlUe. Hawk son Banking Company, of Jackson. Ga. Mays requested that he be relieved of the liability for causes set forth In his communication and President Etheridge requested that the favor be granted. The order directs that the bank execute bond as a state depository to the $90,000 within the Valdosta and Western Railway Company I and is to run from Jacksonville to I at. About forty miles of the road have Trim completed and the remainder is hi coarse of construction. The application was Basse by Attorneys Alex and Vector Smith seal tariff No was applied to the new road The state board of pharmacy will bsM its regular meeting Tuesday, March 8th. in the senate chamber ax I o'clock in the About eighteen applicants for license will appear before the board sad take the examination. Attorney General Terrell left yesterday for Green He will be gone only few daye. State School Commissioner Glean left yes terday artemoon for Macon. He wui to Atlanta to the course of a few da;

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