The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 5
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MAT 11, 194$ • Dewey, Sfassen To Stage Debate GOP l»r«id.nti«| Aspirants to Argue On Anti-R«d Proposal OUWt "B ( = current campaign that two candi- ™* ™ , for ">« Republican p re5 i_ ted tS """'nation have wmml . ted themselves to a verbal clash on the same platform. Stassen announced he would return Ip Oregon Wednesday Instead " t nd his 0reBon «mK . Robert Elliott, proposed g»geii ' arena ha. been en- tot the occasion. The proposed date Is subject to •he approval of the Dewey camp. At present the New York governor's schedule cells for a radio talk at Pcndleton, Ore., that day Dawey wired President Peter Oge- fiard of Reed College last night his acceptance of the offer to discuss •ajaie Communist question with Stns- Stassen, who made the proposal that American Cpmmunists be outlawed,- wired from Washington yesterday that he would accept the invitation to a joint appearance The Communist proposal has been the foremost campaign issue between Stassen and Dewcy in the Oj-egtm "presidential primary campaign. They are alone in the race {or the state's 12 delegates to the National Republican Convention. Bald Knob Man Held In Stabbing of Cousin ' BAUD KNOB, Ark., May II. (UP) —Cyrus Queory ot Bald Knob was being held in jail here today pending the outcome of knife wounds \a n\s cousin, Earl Strickland — . Swan Gives Bus the Bird lts ycn lo te a traffic cop presumably cured ' Grand Jury Suggests Legal Gangling And Spurs Florida Political Battles By Frank Eldge, Jr. , MIAMI, Pla., May " 11. (UP) — , ., ay . (UP) — Gambling pains still "were shooting through Florida's golden fool today as Southeastern Peninsula citizens argued polities and the reports of their crand juries. The jurors recommended legal bookies. For the first time, a Dade County (Miami) grand jury advised that bookmakers should be licensed by the state and th to you want He adds the Palmer Chancery Court Judgeship Dispute Goes to Tribunal LITTLE ROOK, Anc May '1 <UP)_The special Little Roci Divorce Chancery court was back In [nmlliar surroundings [odny-ihe Mate Supreme Court-where tlie high court would be asked to review the method of electing tho special chancellor. Attorney Arnold Adams filed an appeal yesterday of tha Fjrst D|i . net Chancery ruling Dial onlv 'iilnskl County electors were ellui- o e to select > chnnccllor /or the divorce court. Adams filed on behalf of state Dcmociatlc Central Committee Chairman Arthur L. Adams of Joncsboro and Central Committee lecrelary Harvey Combs of Little They had been enjoined by Act- ng Chancellor J. H . Carmlchael rom certifying Att. Gen. Quy Wil- Inms us * candidate for the dlvorc* chancellorship in White, Prarie »»d xJiioke countlu. three, with ulaskl County, make up the first Jhnncciy District. Williams contended thai since the llvorce court was a division of the •irst Chancery District, nil the vot- ra of the district ought to name lie chancellor. On the other hand, Mr. Ruth Hale, the oilier candidate and for- ter divorce chancellor, argued that he divorce court's authority is lulled to Piitaskf County and hereforc only voters in that coun- y ought to name the chancellor. .ewis Wants to Finish Contract Negotiations ""or Miners by July 10 <"•-•« repeatedly; "Do! WASHINGTON, May 11 (UP)— clean Dad e County?" United Mine Workers President rr±J.°._:™'>-^ **» \ Lew,s 5 ,stc 4 rday P no 1 tmed 1 nmnrnclte coal operators that he I Wants to COmntpfn nn.y,\f:., I !„.,„ ?.._ ' G ° rBe w " shl "Eton repcatcdl >' : Hiii " Do recommendations .^w. niiu lucir ujJLou'uto in»i~ in bets canceller! through the Police said Qucery stabbed Sirjck- . .,. U i. ku v.«in.i;j|[;(.i LlllUUgll XllEI tOllrlSI Kl parimutuel machines. Th e Brownrrl'surecstrn County ffrnnf! inn. i.i=( ._ n,» n. ' .to 1 -^ 11 -" plained their stand at length. They legal bookmaklng Three Injured in Auto "' ' Near Prescott • or bad for son, the method on /rlend of hM^ fin^ i. moral ".I l Z * StM(e -' ' -^..iv, t,ui*i *J|n:ittLur5 vliav tlC wants to complete negotiations for a new contract by July 10 Lewis asked that ncgo'tlatlons for the new contract begin May 20 His request, was presented In a letter lo Ralph E. Tnegart, Phlla- lelphln, chairman of the Anlhrn- 'on ? 1)crators ' Wngc Agreement In his letter. Lewis did not out- Inc any points of bargaining that COURIER NEWS ~ Police In Pint Bluff Charged With Brutality -Kc^^^h^»»V v "''"P I" police brulnllty were le « lod«y after the civil National Assciao "IJourned to al District Postmasters t-Mguc Holds Meeting iS?S«™ : ?- ! m w ; Askew of Washington »."±'i TK5,« f "': FEMALE GOMPUINTS .. —~ UU | DU by dlfttrens of limctloiiKl periodic illsUirb- "oin ]>»ln. feel so llcirouftrrififf Jlnkh 1 ' "•'"<." Thon "° ">' i-y'Ha E. --- — K amWI,,,, ' »'OUM forbid b of teT™ hnn ^ ''«»">' Po'"^ of bargaining that graph, radio and otber ™ ' tclc ' " e dcslres Ior thc 80 ' 00() miners In tlo« to bool-ie^s a st t h6 pnT mU ' liCn - th ° llnthr "= ! '« --egions. He asked throw out public oaSalff.T° r to mCrC Y for a Jolnt inference to ° " 8 '° CB ° tlUe °" wascs ' ho1 '"' ro ,, Partners any 'hotel owcrf*,,"* 1 H Cnllh space to bookie OTncrss renting, tlncnt sana two' "nouns /lew.sjjapers and sei the Pitts- j radio stations are keeping the orporatlon! sue hot with advertisements fr corporation' ou<: " UI - witn aavertisements from a sales meet- 'he two candidates for sheriff who . Tha others s ° int ° th e runoff primary May 25. Marriage Licenses ivo ijin; wiy^ufti, ijuiiiicai rjaine in this area ot a lackadaiscal campaign Negro Deaths Mineral sr services will be held at U a.rn. tomorrow at the Nemfan Temple for Henry Jetton, 7s Ne- E°A W ^ 0 , di . e , d at nis h°^e at 117 East Coleridge, Saturday night. bnri i^ in r u° nes wi " °«Mate, and bunal will be m the Lame Ceme- ^iS' 1 "/ 3 ', Jett ,°" iE 5u " 1 ved by his »if«, Lula Jetton; two brothers and one sister, all of Murray City, Tenn ^in:, incii ui u lacitaaaisca] campaign lor governor on down which put 400 names on Florida's longest first primary ballot last week. [ Incumbent Sheriff Jimmy sulli-i Ellen Ariam van polled the most votes in the Vernon J first go-around with his "running on! and M|« mv rppord" rj«tfnt-r« n.^a.-**i n v.« my record" platform wherein claims he has enforced the law as ordered. Ex-Mayor Perrine Palmer, Jr , his opponent, uses the irritant ad'tac- j n lJLUn he Yarbro. Enrcie James Earnest o: The Home Home is In charge of the arrangements. After Graduation Away They Go! FOR HER Chicago, III. ot McQhee, Ark Ann Milhorn Df date for a new contract was, In effect, putting the union, on record 60 days in advance. 4 Killed in Rail Wreck VENICE, May 11. (UP) _ Pour persons were killed and 60 injured last night when the Trieste-Venice express jumped the track on a hairpin curve near Treviso, la miles North of Venice. Plenfy of Towels And fresh uuitons tool Smart Mother Takes Ihern to "U-Do-lr" Laundry Wash on our modern MAYTAd . Open 7 a.m._ciose 5:30 pm Close Saturday at noon. Open Tuesday and Thursday until 9 —— Finwator V». Noisewoter mI ! A >' ET T EVn 'LI5, Art., May n (U. '.)-Snm Nolsewater ami ) is brother, French Nolsewater st water, Okla., Indians, were fined io each in Municipal Court, y • "' of drutikcness. foot Of . Farmer Finds Monty At Foot ot Tombstone ^ BUDORA, Ark., May n, (U P )_ » P°t contalrdnt A Budora Jarmer w«s convinced 'to- '-? nc ? ot 1S7<> >* PACT rrv»; F/Ats Lodge 50 Years Old « OT SPRINGS, Ark., May 11 (OP)—The Elks Lodee here will tomorrow. Quests of honor will be Gov. Ben Laney and Hugh w Th. country over, truck operator, whos. bu,in C8 , I A f ° ruh * aVy dut y tru <*» 8-. th. call to CMC And with rood «.„„, CMC. .r. fi rst among th. h..vyw.,,ht. » T hey |. ad th. fold in haavy duty design .tructur. and mechanical! Over the year, they hav. introduced many of th. The GMrT C0m r n V '" hMVy d «"V The CMC heavy duty line today offer. vanety of cha,.i. in weight rating . of 90,000 pound. . . . four gasoline and two Di.a.l •ngine. . . equ.pment option, that exactly meet the n..d, of every job. And many CMC hTavy duty model, are now for quick delivery^ THt nUCK Or VALW mMUtl ,., •"Bin*, ffuck, OMC-, «f „,.„ "Army Worf,),.,,." . h«ivy duty ,i, M . n».Kid many >|Mclalli* r famoui CM 7-cycl. BI.«J •"•inM I* | WO ^. ww ^ LEE MOTOR SALES OLDSMOBILE—GMC TRUCKS Prion. 2056 Graduation Gifts That Last Through the Years! FOR HIM F|. tl HAM, 1N tUOOAOi How simple travel can be With handsome new Luggage No winkles, worries, tears or smudges . . . Clothes emerge sparkling, fresh and ready to wear ... S o simple when you travel with the right kind of luggage. Tamp« Tan . Mariner Strip* No need to worry about valet service . . . j ust take Miss Whitsitfs Shop Knocabout A patented spartanized frame protects two suits and accessories . . . holds its shape indefinitely. Light and handsome, a perfect companion for the male traveller. Stag Groin Cowhide Aniline Cowhide . Miss tPhitsitfs Shop "Icrc Are 5 Big Reasons Why You Should Own A '« Convenient Modern Automatic Your modern electric water heater require* no attention. It's completely automatic, controlled by a thermostat, automatically provides plenty of hot water whenever you want it. Electric Water Heat-- It'* Economical AH the hot water you need for only a Jew cents a day. Special "off-peak" electric rate makes an electric water heater really economical to operate. Electrlo water heaters are clean—inside ind out. No smoke. NO soot. No dirt. No mess to clean up. 4. An electric water heater has no flame; hence, no dangerous fumes or smoke—no worry atout explosions. S. It'* Dependable You can depend on plenty of hot water—when you needit.Around-the-clock around - the - calender— this dependable hot water service is yours for only a few cents a day. See Your Friendly Electric Appliance Dealer Today Ark-Mo Power Co.

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