The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1953
Page 3
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.TOTAT, APRIL 17, 1953 BLYTHEVn.,LE COURIER NEWS Fred Allen and Jack Benny Still Feuding After 18 Years HOLLYWOOD Wl—The feud that, len Is the envy of his fellow corn- launched a thousand quips is still going strong alter 18 years. Fred Allen and Jock Benny have been mining pay dirt from their alleged dislike for each other for nearly two decades, and the end is not in sight. The comics will continue their tiff when they appear on Benny's TV show Sunday. It will mark their first TV appearance together. I dropped in at CBS for the first reading of the show. Allen was there when I arrived. He looked as pleasantly sour as •^, ever. Since health is the prime * topic among TV comics, I asked him how he felt. "Pretty good," said the Boston wit, who suffered a relapse in his battle with health a few months ago. He was forced to give up his proposed TV quiz show to Herb Shriner. Allen indicated he would resume the helm of the show next fall. "It's a quiz-type show," he explained. "It's not the comedy kind of show that is killing comedians. You don't have the lines to memorize or the machines to contend with. The machines have taken over the comedy business. They'd better watch out if the actors ever get control again." Allen was kidding about his current estate. "This shows you how^ far I have fallen," he remarked. "I used to have my own show and was on a par with Mr. Benny. Now I'm working for him!" Envy of Comics Despite his own comments, Al- ics. He has been playing the guest- star circuit and raking In much moola without the headache of having his o w n show. Allen claimed, however, that he was merely the middleman in the transfer of the checks to the U. S. Treasury. HOW long has he known Benny? "About 30 years," he remarked. The .origin of their feud? He couldn't remember. "I'd have to consult my files," he said. Benny breezed in, accompanied by his three writers and others. He and Allen exchanged greetings that would indicate their feud is only script-deep. They posed for a photo together, and AUen mentioned that he would have to rent a clarinet for their TV show. "I don't usually carry my clarinet from coast to coast. Hoping someone will ask me to play," le commented. Benny played his role as the itingy comic to the hilt: "Well, don't rent one until we find out f we really need it in the show." I dutifully asked Benny how he felt. "Pine," he replied. Illness Rossellini To Drive in Italian Race ROME W) - With the grudglni approval of wife Ingrid Bergman movie director Roberto Rossellin made ready today to drive his ca (n Italy's tough, dangerous 1,000 mile auto race. The famed director, an avid racv ing fan with a long-time yen to drive in a race, said he had entered his 12-cylinder Ferrari car "just for fun." Rossellini's was not the only famous name down for the April 25-26 classic MilJe Miglia thousand miles Prince Aly Khan, px-husband of icreen actress Rita Hayworth. also las a car entered but officials said was not expected to compete personally. Miss Bergman said she was "resigned" to her husband's participation. "Forbidden things are always so desirable," said the blonde Swedish actress. "I thought if I said, 'yes' he wouldn't enter the race. Now I'm surprised." , forced him to cancel a telecast six weeks ago. Benny had a better memory on the feud's origin. "It was 18 years ago," he recalled. "Allen had a boy prodigy on his show, and the kid played •The Bee.' Allen made a slighting remark about my violin playing. I answered him back on my show, and that started it." This Cow Acted Like Some Bull Re-Distribution of State Police Announced; Will Start July 1 LITTLE BOCK W) — Arkansas ceiving their orders directly from state troopers will be re-distributed > state headquarters, the district among the state's seven police districts according to district needs, the Department said yesterday. The shifting of personnel will begin July 1 under a reorganization plan approved by State Police Director Lindsey Hatchett. The plan calls for the moving of 84 troopers, 11 sergeants, 8 lieutenants. 2 captains and 1 inspector. This number is allowed under an act passed by the last Legislature. Officers will be shifted to districts on the basis of population, area, traffic flow, accident experience, miles of paved highway, motor vehicle registrations, and "special problems," said Captl Prank McGibbony, an instructor at the State Police training school. To Change Command The" re-organization 'plan also calls for a change In the chain of command. Instead of troopers re- NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL BONDS Leachville School District No. 40 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, hereby gives notice that it will sell • to the highest bidder ifor cash its proposed issue of $33,000 In 3.23% school bonds dated April i, 1953, interest payable semi-annually, and maturing serially on April 1 of each year as follows: $1500 in 1954 to 1957, inclusive 2000 in 1968 to 1973. inclusive These bonds will be payable in the first .instance from the proceeds of a building fund tax of two mills annually on the dollar of the assessed value of the taxable property in the District, beginning in the year 1954, which will constitute a continuing annually levy until the principal and interest of the bonds are paid in full. They will be further secured by a pledge of all income and revenue that the District can legally pledge, Including the surplus revenue derived each year, from the building fund taxes previously voted for payment of bonds now outstanding. The buyer may name the place ot payment and trustee, and may have the right to convert the bonds to a lower rate of interest, substantially i In accord with the Universal Bond Values Tables and subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Education. The buyer will be expected to pay the following expenses of the issue: the printing and trusteeing of the bonds and the fee of Townsend & Townsend, Attorneys, Little Rock, upon whose approving opin-: ion the bonds will be issued. The bonds will be callable for payment] prior to maturity in inverse numer ical order of par and accrued interest, as follows: From surplus in tin building fund, on any interest pay ing date; from funds from any source, on any interest paying date on and after Apri) 1, 1958. The sale will be held upon sealec bids at 10:00 o'clock A.M. on the 12th day of May, 1953, in of the Superintendent of Schools in Leachville, Arkansas. Each oidder will be required to file a certified check in the sum of S660, payable to the District, as liquidated damages if he is the successful bidder and fails to complete the purchase. Other checks will be returned promptly. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. For further information address the undersigned. GIVEN this 15 day of April, 1953. Leachville .School District No. 40 of Mississippi County, Arkansas By Norman Bailey, President And Luis Welnberg, Secretary 4|17-24 5|1 troop commanders will issue orders. The commanders, in turn, will be responsible to the state director. Commanders for the seven troops in the state are expected to come from the 19 sergeants and lieutenants now in training classes at State Police headquarters. Also from the class will come seven assistant troop commanders with the rank of sergeant, a safety education director and safety education sergeant. The commanders and director will be lieutenants. The weignts division, recently shifted'to the State Police, will be a separate organization under the new plan. There will be 12 roving crews of two men each and four men at each of the 14 permanent weight stations in the state. A division supervisor and assistant and four field supervisors will complete the weight division set-up. Recruit training for state policemen begins June 15 at Camp Robinson. The program ends July 18. Refresher courses for troopers begins next week and will cont'nue; for three weeks with one third of the troopers in training each week. HAGERSTOWN Md. UP) — Florist Henry Bester brought a young cow in from the country to eat the grass around his greenhouse yesterday. But it looked like there was more bull in the critter when she: J. Snapped her halter and moseyed into town; 2. Led three policemen on a chase that led to the city park and into the middle of a lake; 3. Flipped an uncautious cop and a pedestrian with her horns and charged a boy on a bike. That was enough for the bluecoats. They killed the maverick with six bullets. Bester is thinking of buying a lawn mower. PAGE THKEB Burning British Freighter Drifts LOS ANGELES W)—The burning British freighter Monestheus Is a derelict today, adrift off the Lower California coast 600 miles south of here. Its skipper and 80 crewmen were rescued early yesterday after fire broke out In the engine room by the American ship Navajo Victory. A Coast Guard patrol plane was to leave San Diego at dawn today for the Menestheus' last reported position. The plane will attempt to guide a Navy salvage tug to the scene. The Navajo Victory is due in San Diego tomorrow afternoon. There were no casualties among the Mene- stheus' crewmen. The stricken vessel, out of Liverpool, was carrying to 'the Par East. a general cargo NEW YORK - (NEAl-Next to wagering on horses and predicting weather, making records is the biggest gamble around. So along comes Archie Blcycr, starts a company, makes one record, and presto, a hit. "This was no gamble," says tall/ graying Bleyer. -People were asking for i! before we made .11." The record is Julius LaRosa singing "Anywhere I Wander." It's on the Cadence label. Second offering will be a LaRosa version of "My Lady Loves to Dance," and it look's promising. Bleyer is musical director of the | Arthur Godfrey shows. And LnRosa is the young Godfrey discovery whi Birth Control Practice Used As Grounds for Annulment Suit narriage is sought on grounds that ler husband practiced birth con- rol in opposition to edicts of the Catholic church. California courts have not here- ofore decided such a question, her .ttorney said. The complaint was filed by Mrs. essie W. Reed of nearby Venice s guardian of her daughter, Jo tan Bonner. The husband, Richard Rex Bonner, 24. said he married Jo Ann Aug. 21, 1952, in a prates- wife has been converted to Catliol icism, Atty. Howard T. James, repre senting Mrs. Reed and her clauRh ter, said (hat before the "marriage Bonner said he opposed birth con tvol. Bui since then, the complaint alleged, Banner's "practice and conduct" have been in direct opposition to rules and edicts of the Catholic church and faith. Bonner said he would not oppose the suit. Playing of Strauss Music Brings Attack on Violinist Jascha Heifetz JERUSALEM, Israel tft—An unidentified assailant attacked world famed violinist Jascha Heifetz with an iron bar early today, shortly after he played a sonata by German composer Richard Strauss. Israeli officials had warned Heifetz that Strauss music is banned in Israel because of the composer's Nazi associations. The blows struck Heifetz's right Jane Wither Has Hubby Trouble SANTA MONICA, Calif, (/pi — Jane Withers, the former child actress who married a wealthy Texas oilman, has sued for separate maintenance on cruelty grounds. She says William Moss walked out on her Wednesday. "I don't believe in divorce. I never want to divorce Bill because I love him," she told a newsman. Her complaint, filed yesterday, BALTIMORE (/P)—Johns Hopkins said Moss inflicted "force and vio- I University last night announced lence" on her. The suits asks no "'at its Walter Hines Page School Lattlmore's School to Be Abolished specific sum, but said it would take I of International Relations, headed S2.057 monthly to support Miss j slnce 193S b y Owen Lattimore, will Withers and the three children in : be abolished at the end of this the style to which they are accustomed. Miss Withers. 27, and Moss 32 Dropped Light Bulb Kills Man BEND. Ore. M>j_A dropped light bulb killed Melvin H. Brown, 38, yesterday. Tho/bulb, which was on an extension cord, exploded when it hit the pavement where Brown was draining gasoline from his car. Gas fumes were ignited, and Brown was burned fatally. were married here in 1947. Four-Year Walk Ends NATAL, Brazil I/PI _ A young Peruvian now is Hearing the end of a four-year walking tour through South America, the news agency Meridional reports. Claudio Rodrigues Pando, 2 n . now is heading for Rio de Janeiro and the conclusion of the tour he .started on Jan. 1, 1949. He already ha traversed Venezuela, Colombia, pan ama, Equador. Bolivia, Paraguaj Argentina, Chile, Peru nnd th North of Brazil. In Rio, he said h plans to present to the ministry o education a Peruvian flag he ha carried on his journey. academic year. Lattimore is on leave of absence'[ f'-om the university pending dispo- ' sition of perjury charges against him. The former State Department adviser was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he lied when he testified before a congressional committee that he had never aided the Communist cause. Dr. Detlev W Bronk, Hopkins president, said the move to abandon the school is only one of a series of steps to simplify Hopkins' academic structure. hand but a doctor said he suffered no injury. According to rumor, the famed American violinist's hands are insured for $300,000. The attack was made as Heifetz stepped from a taxi in front of the King David Hotel, after receiving an ovation from the capacity audience attending his concert. The violinist said his assailant said few words to him, apparently in Hebrew, which he did not understand. Police searched the area but were unable to find the attacker. Heifetz had played the sonata twice before during his Israeli :our. He was applauded the first :ime, but after the second playing the audience sat in stony silence. In answer to complaints of Strauss's alleged Nazi associations, had declared that only artistic considerations should be valid in ! drawing up concert programs. Chinese Attack Unoccupied Hill SEOUL </!>>— For 30 minutes Chinese Red infantrymen attacked the Western Front hill with rifles, ma- chineguns, mortar and artillery fire. Allied troops watching from other hills last night said it looked like a major assault. The Reds had it all their own way, but that wasn't, surprising— there weren't any Allied troops j there. 12-PC. Luncheon Set 4 Cups — 4 Saucers 4 Dinner Plates By Anchor Hocking Complete Set 98 C DHEIFIIS Meet Dreif us . . . Wear Diamonds 316 WEST MAIN ST. STORES IN MEMPHIS, 6LYTHEVILLE AND DYERSBURG F"•» Different Colors FOR FAMILY FUN N-lncolor,will twinkle on tennis rotirte, over the lawn— everywhere the family enjoyfi spiru. For foot comfort and speed — these famous Keds features: Scientific Last, Shockproof Arch Cushion and Cushioned Ititole. Breathable, washable uppers. Men's, hoys', women's, girls', children's in: red, blue, white or brown; faded blue denim. 'o s lvnls tie She ofC&vffo from 2.98 YOUR FRIENDLY SHOE STORE SHOP produces swoons wholesale on CBS-TV. "f tried to interest two of the big companies in Julie," says Bleyer, "but it was no go. So I signed him myself. He had a ready-made audence." Bleyer had toyed with the Idea of turning manufacturer for n long time. He wanted to make classical records. But that takes money. The popular end of Cadence will, lie hopes, underwrite the classical releases. Bleyer hopes to promote the serious works of his teacher, Tibor He's a studious type. Not the kind who'd gamble. Except on a sure thing. * * • THE POPULAR SIDE: As of May 2, Vaughn Monroe will give up his band and become a sing!" perform er—he vaughnts to be alone. Gisele MacKenzte and Hele: O'Connell giggled so much whet they were recording (heir slap happy "Water Won't Quench th Fire of Love" for Capitol that the- had to do It 17 times. . . Guy Mit chcll will make a Paramount pic lure, playing opposite Rosemary Clooney in "Red Garters." OX THE CLASSICS: Upcoming oral treats on RCA Victor includ Carl Sandburg, reading poems am singing ballads, and a compleu. "Macbeth," by the Old Vic Theater Company, starring; Alec Guinness and Pamela Brown. . . Remington has signed the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. . . Jussi Bjoerlinu ;he Met tenor, is the pet of the SCA Victor recording stall—he's always in voice, once recorded 14 nieces In five hours. —DICK'S PICKS- Health of Australia's Senators May Be Vital Political Factor CANBERRA. Australia Wi— The health of Austnuiu's c>0 st'nntors may bo a vital factor in this country's politics for years to come. Australians will elect 32 senators May 9 and the prospect is that the Senate then will he split 30-30 between the Liberal and Country party government team and the opposition Labor Party. With power o evenly divided, the death or llness of even one senator could upset party control. Australia's upper house is elected by the proportional system, introduced in 1949 to replace a previous system which reacted so violently to slight fluctuations in political opinion that the Senate opposition once was reduced to only one member. The new system noes to the other extreme because Labor and non- labor voters are fairly evenly bal- government originally had a 3J.JS anced. In the present Senate, the majortty. This has been reduced to a 30-28 majority by the deaths of two government senators. The senators retired in hatchet of 30 at alternate three-year *le» lions. This year there win be tm> extra vacancies caused by tha two deaths. The Australian Constitution provides that If a vote In the Senate is evenly divided the proposal li eieciuu dftf<1 " ted - Thus 30 Labor senators representation I™ 11 " 1 hc able '° «Ject any leg!,, lation introduced by the government. Sen. Nicholas McKenna, Labor party leader in the Senate, put it this way in an interview: "With evenly balanced members, the absence, death, or resignation of only one senator could alter the whole course of Australian politics." pop SINGLES: "Last Stop" (Dorothy London, RCA); "Big Mamou" (Pete Hanley, Okeh); "What Should I Do?" (Felicia Sanders, Columbia!; "Anna" (The Three Suns, RCA: Silvrtna Mangano, MGM; Ray Bloch. Coral I. POP ALBUMS: "This Is Glenn Miller" (RCA) contains his top Instrumental!, like "Tuxedo Junction"; "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (Columbia) is Doris'Day with the good okiics; "Hot vs. Cool" (MGM) s an interesting: pairing of Dixieland and bop musicians doing the same tunes—not, good, but interesting. CLASStCAL: Opera lovers will find nice excerpts from "Aida" and "Faust" nn iMGM) and from "Der Hosenkavalier," "Die Tote Staclt" and "Turan- dot" on a new (Remington) disc; Bartok's Suite for Two Pianos and Percussion 'RCA-Victor) by Stokowski and company; has best percussioning since "Big Noise Prom Winnctka"; George Copclnnd Plays Debussy (MGMl has the Incomparable American discoverer of Debussy's piano music playing favorites; Liszt Piano Concnno No. 1 in E Plat RCA-Viclorl is .Jose Iturbi,at his best; Wagner's Parsifal RCA-Victor) has a loving Stokowski rendition of an old fa- orite. Bird Smugglers Do Bigger Business Than Dope Peddlers, Attorney Says SAN DIEGO. Calif. W')—A U. S. attorney expressed belief today that bird smiiRKlers are doing a bigger business in this country than narcotics smugglers. Morris Sankary of the federal legal staff here said that virtually all of the birds of quality In the parrot and parakeet family are smuggled into this country through Mexico. He announced the arrest of three persons he said were members of an international smuggling ring, "in a million dollar operation handling 70,000 birds annually." The three—Mrs. olive Spicuza, 36. and Chester W. Vosbllrg. 30, of San Diego, and Fred w. Steiner, 50, of Los Angeles—were released on S5.000 bail each at their appearance before the U. S. commissioner on charges of conspiracy to smuggla tropical birds. The birds can't come Into the United States legally—except as not- for-sale pets and then only one pair lor each owner. The commercial ban is due to tha danger to humans of psitticosts—the parrot fever which can be fatal at a high rate to humans. 20-Story Escape MIAMI, Fla. lift — Miami's "escape-proof" Jail is on the 20th floor of a skyscraper. An accused killer disappeared from, it the other day. The fugitive was recaptured, explained that he had found a garden hose, slid down it to the 19th floor, entered a window, waited fiva minutes for an elevator which carried him to freedom. New Twins WATCHED FOR WALLS AND TRIM Rubberized SATIN FINISH WALL PAINT Enamel \ FOR KITCHfNS, BATHROOM* I AND WOODWORK COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8151 Blythevivlle Just wipe VENUS on. VENUS' own fidffl cleaning ngcnffl remove dull film nnd grime quickly, easily, yel gently. No rough abrn- si'vefl! Already, your job is half done! VENUS polishes easier than any wax you've ever tried! .lust wipe liRlilly. nncl VENUS becorm-s a sparkling, lustrous finish. V ION US gives diamond bright, lasting wax proteclion! Get VENUS from your dealer today! SERVICE STATIONS • AUTO SUPPtY STORES GARAGES A product of R. M. HollinQihood Corp. • Uodot In Malnl.nant% ChimUnl. U.S. Koylon Foam Mattress & Foundations • Doris Cabin ef ^ed Room Furniture • Empire LR, PR & BR Furnitura • Tell City Chairs • Down i _Ru 9 s & Carpets . Serta Mattresses & Box Spring. Halsell & White Furniture Co. MAIN .& DIVISION IN BLYTHEVILLE PHONE 6096

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