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The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois • 2

The Dispatchi
Moline, Illinois
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A2 BRIEFING THE DISPATCH AND THE ROCK ISLAND ARGUS MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1998 PEOPLE ERIE A' ft i Av IS I 7 it Me- 1 of Proverbs: "There is honor in a great name." "He still has a twinkle in his eye, and he is so genuinely warm inside, I think that will be with him forever," said Steve Gillespie, the boy's father. John Gillespie said his grandson was "awe-struck" by the meeting in California on Friday. "He shook his hands, and he almost had tears in his eyes," the elder Gillespie said. "He said, "Mr. President it is an honor to meet you.

I am Then he said, 'Oh, you have a fish aquarium. I have one just like it except The former president cocked his head, grinned and said, 'Well, thank you very John Gillespie said. Katie Couric agrees to four-year contract NEW YORK (AP) Katie Couric, queen of morning television as co-anchor of NBC's highflying "Today" show, has agreed to a new four-year contract that will reportedly more than triple her salary to $7 million. "We're thrilled that she's going to stay with NBC," news division spokeswoman Kassie Canter said Sunday. Couric has been making just over $2 million a year, Newsweek reported in its June 29 issue.

Canter would not comment on the terms of the deal. ,91 A. ,1" Jaleel White is ready to leave Urkel behind NEW YORK (AP) After nine seasons, "Family Matters" is through, which doesn't bother Jaleel White, the 21-year-old actor who made the show a hit by playing the whiny over-the-top nerd Steve UrkeL "If you ever see me doing that character again, put a bullet In my head and take me out of my misery," White says in the July 4-10 issue of TV Guide. "Call Dr. Kevorkian.

Because I'm obviously trying to commit suicide and just don't know how to do it" White, who is attending the University of California, Los Angeles, wouldn't even mind not acting anymore, saying he'd rather direct and produce entertainment projects. Prince Charles takes time to visit bridge LISBON. Portugal (AP) Prince Charles marveled at a new 10-mile suspension bridge over Lisbon's River Tagus during a royal visit to Portugal. The sleek, white bridge, named Vasco da Gama as part of this year's 500th anniversary celebrations of the Portuguese adventurer's discovery of a sea route to India, was designed by the British company Trafalgar House. The prince's motorcade stopped halfway across the bridge Saturday to take in the panoramic view.

Today's birthdays Movie producer Robert Evans is 68. Actor Gary Busey is 54. Comedian Richard Lewis is 51. Former U.S. Rep.

Fred Grandy (R-Iowa) is 50. Rock musician Ian Paice (Deep Purple) is 50. Actress Maria Con-chita Alonso is 41. Singer Evelyn "Champagne" King is 38. Actress Sharon Lawrence Up," "NYPD is 37.

Actress Amanda Donohoe is 36. Former Beatle wins throat cancer battle LONDON (AP) Former Beatle George Harrison disclosed Sunday that he has been battling throat cancer since last summer and is winning. "I'm not going to die on you folks just yet. I am very lucky," the 54-year-old singer was quoted as telling the News of the World. Harrison told the Sunday tabloid that he first noticed a lump on his neck last July while he was gardening at his 200-room mansion in Henley, 35 miles west of London.

He shares the home with his wife, Olivia, 47, and their 19-year-old son Dhani. He had surgery in August to remove the lump, followed by two courses of radiation therapy at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Britain's leading cancer treatment center. "I got it purely from smoking. I gave up cigarettes many years ago but had started again for a while and then stopped in 1997," Harrison was quoted as telling the paper. "Luckily for me, they found that this nodule was more of a warning than anything else.

There are many different types of cancerous cells, and this was a very basic type." In January, the singer went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, for tests and was told that the cancer had not returned. He returned to the clinic in May for further tests, the paper said. Asked by the News of the World if the events of the past year might be reflected in his new songs, Harrison was quoted as saying; "Maybe I'll record a track called 'Radiation Therapy." Boy named Reagan meets ex-president Ronald Reagan, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, doesn't do much entertaining anymore. Still, he turned on the charm for a visit- Associated Press Jazzy celebration Igor Glenn whoops it up at the Cedar Basin Dixieland Jazz Festival Sunday in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Glenn and his band, Igor's Jazz Cowboys, were part of the musical segment of Sturgis Falls Days, a festival named after the founder of Cedar Falls, William Sturgis.

41) FROM PAGE Al point, no one knows how long that' will take. "We have called neighboring fire departments to get their portable generators to run the sewer substations. We have guys moving those around to keep the lines clear, but they have to lug them from site to site because we don't have enough." Erie residents wandered the streets in disbelief. The sounds of chain saws and portable generators filled the air as neighbor helped neighbor remove fallen limbs and branches. Mayor Donovan Hannis said he could not begin to put a dollar estimate on the damage, adding that the biggest problem residents faced was finding a place and a way to get rid of the debris.

"We have been on the phone all day, trying to get help," Mayor Hannis said. "We are hoping to get the Illinois Department of Transportation into the area to help clear some of it away. "Right now, the best I can tell residents is to get it to the curb, and we will try our best to get it taken away. That's the big thing in the short term." Mayor Hannis guessed a quarter to half of the trees in the village were down. Damage at the cemetery was "heartbreaking," he said.

Massive pine trees were uprooted, pulling gravestones and some burial vaults to the surface. Police stretched yellow tape around the cemetery entrance to keep gawkers and would-be vandals out. "I have lived in the area for 18 years, and I have never seen anything like this," said Jim Murphy, who woke to the sound of rushing wind and rain as a tree landed on the roof of his home at 1055 8th Ave. "There was no time to be scared," he said. "It was over before you knew what hit you.

This morning, I got the bike out and went for a ride, and it's like that all over town. I have never seen so many trees down in my life. It's everywhere, on every block in town. It just picked them up and laid them down. "It's just a miracle no one got killed." Lyle Klooster was sleeping in his bed when a tree landed within a few feet of his bedroom window, covering most of his home at 930 8th Ave.

"It wakes you right up," Mr. Klooster said. "Everyone has told me how lucky we are, and we are, but I didn't feel too lucky last night." Sherry Cowan, 930 8th said she woke to the sight of her neighbor's trees being pulled out of the ground and crashing all around their home. "There was constant thunder and lightning. It made for a wonderful light show, but when the wind start- ij if i tn The "Today" show is going so strong that on some weeks it draws more viewers than competing shows at ABC and CBS combined.

Couric, paired first with Bryant Gumbel when she joined "Today" in 1991, is now with Matt Lauer. A trade publication hinted this month that Couric was ready to jump ship if she did not get what she wanted from NBC, but network rivals never seriously believed she would leave. The contract promises Couric a major role in NBC's 2000 election coverage. ing 10-year-old named after him. Reagan Gillespie, a boy from Appleton, who sent Reagan a framed photograph of himself, was invited to meet the 87-year-old ex-president.

Not speaking much, Reagan still offered a handshake "like a grandfather would give," the boy told The Post-Crescent of Appleton. The photograph that sparked the invitation for three generations of Gillespie men was accompanied by a passage from the Book Todd Welvaert staff Lyle Klooster of Erie stands near the tree that toppled onto his home, just a few feet from his bedroom window. Mr. Klooster said he has never seen this kind of devastation in 30 years in the area. ed, it was terrible," Mrs.

Cowan said. "I walked to the window and watched as the tree in front of the house fell and just missed us. I've lived in Erie since 1972, and the tornado we had here and in Cordova a couple of years ago was nothing compared to this. I was a nervous wreck this morning until I got up and walked around and saw everyone else. We got lucky in comparison." Rick Tyler lost four trees around his 109-year-old Victorian home at 523 9th Ave.

He spent most of Sunday cutting logs and dragging them, to a trailer. "My wife woke me up, and the house was literally shaking," Mr. Tyler said. "We got up and headed for the basement. It was strong enough to blow a window out of the basement, and I thought for sure it was a tornado.

"Our daughter's boyfriend was up here, spending some time with us, and he called his father and he came all the way up from Macomb to help us out. "We had four trees fall in the only direction they could and not cause damage to the house, cars, or cover the street. It was amazing. I can't get over how no one got hurt." Prophetstown farmer Kevin Baker said neighbor Gail Goodell's farm lost 500 acres of corn and a machine shed due to the high winds. "There was also some damage to a tool barn, and a grain bin got dented up pretty good," Mr.

Baker said. "We also lost a roof on a couple hog buildings, but there is a lot of corn down in this area. I would hate to guess how much in the county." Mayor Hannis said the long-term problem facing residents will be returning Erie to the way the village looked before Sunday morning. "We are already back on our feet," Mr. Hannis said.

"How long it takes to get Erie back looking like Erie, I don't know. "The community is pulling together like it always does, and I am sure we will get back to looking like a nice little village instead of a war zone, but I don't know when that will be." THE WEATHER ii! c3 The AccuWeather forecast for noon, Monday, June 29. if, Bands separate high temperature zones for the day. si: 70S TUESDAY Less humid, high around 85. THURSDAY Partly sunny, high in the 80s, low in the 60s.

WEDNESDAY Partly sunny, high in the 80s, low in the 60s. TONIGHT 30 chance of rain, low in the upper 60s. Storms across South Thunderstorms rumbled across parts of the South on Sunday as muggy conditions lingered over the Plains and Southeast. Flash flood warnings were issued in eastern Ohio and western West Virginia after the region was hammered by heavy rains, and authorities evacuated the Ohio communities of Chan-dersville and Frazeyburg. As much as 2 inches of rain was expected in Texas, and the Plains and Southeast saw extreme heat for at least the fourth straight day.

QUAD CITY WEATHERVANE High yesterday 89 Low yesterday 68 High a year ago yesterday 89 Low a year ago yesterday 64 Today's record high 104 (1936) Today's record low 50 (1923) Peak wind yesterday Humidity. 67 percent 29.91 steady Precipitation yesterday 0.40 Precipitation this month 6.04 Precipitation this year 24.99 Sunrise today 5:31 a.m. Sunset today. 8:40 p.m. FRONTS: Hi COLD WARM STATIONARY 1998 AccuWeather, Inc.

Teeing off in 8 days! Pressum HL 0 0 El SOS HIGH LOW SHOWERS flWV T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Via AMOdited CLASSIC ACROSS THE NATION a At 9T '1 MOON PHASES First Full Last New D3 E0 Julyl July 9 July 16 June 23 if. i If- I RIVER STAGES Clr-clear; cl-clearing; cdycloudy; dr-driz- Denver .94 53 clr New York City 78 64 cdy zle; f-fair; hz-haze; m-missing; pc-partly Detroit 88 68 .07 Oklahoma City 99 76 clr cloudy; r-rain; sh-showers; sm-smog; Duluth 75 58 .33 cdy Omaha 87 68 1 cdy sn-snow; sy-sunny; ts-thunderstorms; El Paso 107 75 clr Orlando 97 72 cdy w-windy. Flagstaff 89 48 clr Philadelphia 80 65 cdy HI Lo Pre Otlk Grand Rapids 87 68 Phoenix 110 79 clr Albuquerque 101 67 clr Great Falls 71 43 clr Pittsburgh 80 66 Anchorage 67 55 cdy Honolulu 83 72 cdy Providence 72 56 cdy Atlanta 94 73 clr Houston 88 76 .59 San Diego 70 64 clr Atlantic City 74 63 cdy Jacksonville 97 70 cdy San Francisco 65 53 cdy Baltimore .78 70 .07 cdy Las Vegas 109 78 clr Seattle 77 53 clr Birmingham 96 71 cdy Little Rock 93 76 cdy Tampa-St Ptrsbg 94 74 cdy Boston 67 57 cdy Los Angeles 84 63 clr Topeka 95 77 .09 cdy Brownsville 95 82 cdy Louisville 92 77 cdy Tucson 108 72 clr Buffalo 86 62 cdy Miami Beach 92 76 .01 cdy Washington 75 70 .18 cdy Cheyenne 85 48 clr Milwaukee 86 66 .60 cdy Wichita 105 75 clr Cincinnati 91 76 cdy Mpls-St Paul 83 61 .05 cdy Temperature extremes: High 116 at Cleveland 87 67 cdy Nashville 92 75 cdy Thermal, low 28 at Randolph, Dallas-Ft Worth 99 80 cdy New Orleans 91 75 cdy Utah, Jackson, Wyo. and Stanley, Iff 1h ML 9t IU Flood Level stag today Chang MISSISSIPPI LaCrosse 12 7.2 .8 McGregor 15 9.6 .3 Dubuque 17 10.6 .1 Camanche 16 11.9 .2 LeClaire 11 Rock Island 15 9.5 .4 Muscatine 16 11.2 .1 New Boston 14 11.5 Keithsburg 14 12.2 Burlington 15 13.6 .1 Keokuk 16 11.6 River temperature 79 ROCK Joslin 12 10.9 2.3 Moline 12 10.3 .6 I AROUND THE WORLD IN THE REGION Todd Welvaert staff Three Prophetstown and Lyndon firefighters help Lyndon firefighter Chuck Gorman to the ambulance after he was overcome by chlorine fumes Sunday evening during a fire at the city's sewage treatment plant.

HI Lo Wthr Jerusalem 84 62 clr HI Lo Pre Otlk Amsterdam 66 51 cdy Madrid 98 66 clr Chicago 88 68 cdy Athens 93 69 clr Manila 93 77 cdy Des Moines 84 70 .27 cdy Belgrade 95 71 clr Nassau 82 75 cdy Green Bay 84 67 .25 cdy Berlin 77 55 cdy Osaka 89 80 cdy Indianapolis 91 74 cdy Brussels 69 55 cdy Rio 75 62 cdy Kansas City 90 77 .16 cdy Dublin 60 48 cdy Rome 93 62 clr Peoria 92 69 Helsinki 73 50 clr Seoul 82 66 cdy Rockford 85 66 cdy Hong Kong 87 78 clr Sydney 66 48 clr St Louis 95 77 cdy Istanbul 82 68 clr Vancouver 66 53 clr Springfield.lll. 93 77 CITYLINE, 757-1000, offers weather information. Enter category 2000 for local, 2200 for national. HOW YOU CAN REACH US ing that can't be replaced, so pulling back while the building was still smoldering was the safest thing to do. "It might take a while to get the new blowers installed, I imagine the ones in the building are destroyed, but we can do it It will be time-consuming, and things down here might not smell too good until it gets done, but it is nothing we can't handle." Chief Jacobs said it was the fourth fire call for the department that day, with the volunteer department handling two barn fires and a tractor fire.

FIRE FROM PAGE Al cylinder detonated, but were forced into a retreat when several firefighters were overcome by the fumes. After regrouping at the fire station, they returned to put the flames out City public-works director Larry Griffiths said the chlorine is used to treat the city's sewage and can be dangerous if inhaled. "It's a real concern," Mr. Griffiths said. "There is nothing in the build The Dispatch (USPS 358400.

ISSN 1064-9220) is published daily except for Christmas Day by the Moline Dispatch Publishing LLC 1720 5th Moline, III. 61265. Established 1878. Periodical-class postage paid at the Moline Post Office, Moline, III. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Dispatch, 1720 5th Moline, III.

61265. Weekly subscription prices: city zone, motor route, $2.95. Heat contributes to 5 deaths LOTTERY NUMBERS Monday, Juno 29, 1998 ILLINOIS Saturday Pick 3 Midday: 6-7-1 Sunday Pick 3 Evening: M- Saturday Pick 4 Midday: 0-9-9-5 Sunday Pick 4 Evening: 3-0-7-S Friday Little Lotto: 0S-12-20-22-2S Saturday Lotto: 0346-18-24-28-26 Estimated jackpot: $1 million THE BIO GAME Friday: 20-28-3041-47 Money Ball: 5 Estimated jackpot: $15 million IOWA Saturday $100,000 Cash Game: 08-14-16-22-31 Sunday Cash 4 Life: 11-32-73-78 POWERBALL Saturday: 07-10-3041-36 Powertjall number. 37 Estimated jackpot: $41.7 million For nationwide results, call CITY-UNE, 757-1000, category 2900. CIRCULATION 797-0345 Hours: 5:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

weekdays; 5:30 a.m.-ll:30 a.m. Sun. Aledo office 582-5138 East Moline office Geneseo office 944-4678 Milan 787-2321 Toll (800) 660-2472 DELIVERY PROBLEM? Call before 11:30 a.m. DRIVE-UP PAYMENT WINDOW 1727 6th Moline Hours: 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. weekdays; 8 a.m.-ll:30 a.m.

Sat. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Home delivery Motor route Mail 12 weekends Senior citizen discount at age 65 (All mail and motor route subscriptions must be paid in advance. No senior citizen discounts on mail or weekend plus subscriptions.) ADVERTISING Classified Toll free (800) 562-0746 Display 764-4344 Fax 797-0321 NEWS DEPARTMENTS SPEAK OUT 797-0331 NewsLife depts. Send e-mail press releases to: All other depts 764-4344 News, Obits, Sports fax 797-0317 QUAD-CITIES ONLINE Quad-Cities Online offers news, local information, e-mail and Internet access 24 hours a day via computer. Call 757-7514 at up to 28.8 kps to connect.

Call 757-5037 for details. HOMEPAGE CITYLINE CITYLINE (757-1000) offers news updates and information 24 hours a day via Touch-Tone telephone. GENERAL SERVICES Molino office 1720 5th Moline. Hours: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. weekdays; 8 a.m.-noon Saturday.

Fax 797-0311 Rock Island office 7864441 1724 4th Rock Island. Hours: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m., weekdays; closed Saturday. Fax 786-7639 HEARING IMPAIRED TDD. NEWSPAPER PHOTO REPRINTS Available in 7 days or less. Call Customer Service 7644344 Associated Press Five people in the Chicago area died from heat-related causes over the extended weekend, the Cook County medical examiner reported Sunday.

The heat wave reached into the mid-90s over a wide stretch of the state and the National Weather Service had a heat warning in effect for the Chicago area until Sunday morning. Officials said four of the fatal victims had suffered from heart disease. Two of them were elderly women who were found dead in their homes on Friday. The other victims were two men and a woman, who were found in their homes on Saturday. In addition, the Peoria County coroner said an 82-year-old woman was found dead in her home on Saturday.

Coroner Dan Heinz said it was very hot in the Peoria home and that it appeared the heat contributed to the woman's death..

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